Grand Larceny In The Third Degree: New York Penal Law #call


Grand Larceny In The Third Degree: New York Penal Law 155.35

Grand Larceny In The Third Degree: NY PL 155.35

Maybe you were arrested for Embezzlement after you stole $10,000 from your company by making unauthorized transactions on a credit card or by withdrawing cash from an account. Maybe you were at Macys and tried to walk out with a dress, suit or other clothes with a value of $3,500. Even worse, maybe you had access to artwork and stole a painting worth $35,000. What charges will you face? How much prison or jail are you looking at? Is there a way to “walk away?” Make no mistake. You will certainly need the assistance of a New York criminal lawyer experienced in theft crimes.

In the above scenarios, among many potential crimes, the theft or larceny offense you would be charged with is Grand Larceny in the Third Degree (New York Penal Law 155.35). You are guilty of NY PL 155.35 if you steal property that has a value north of $3,000, but no more than $50,000. Grand Larceny in the Third Degree is a “D” felony.

In addition to the collateral consequences to your career and immigration status, a “D” felony is punishable by up to two and one third to seven years in state prison for a first time offender. Fortunately, however, a first time offender can receive a non-prison or jail sentence. If you are a predicate felon, then there is a mandatory minimum of two to four years in state prison and maximum of three and one half to seven years in prison.

Because of the potential for serious incarceration, if you are charged with Grand Larceny in the Third Degree, trying to resolve the case prior to indictment is something you should consider. A fairly intensive conversation about with your attorney about your defenses should not commence after an indictment is handed down. The New York criminal lawyers and former Manhattan prosecutors at Crotty Saland PC have successfully represented clients investigated and arrested for NY PL 155.35. Whether mitigating the allegations or facing them head on, implement your defense as early and assertively as possible. Waiting to do so can compound an already serious situation.

For an enormous amount of valuable material on New York’s theft and larceny crimes, please review our website. Additional information, including analysis of statutes, relevant case law and cases in the news can be found on the NewYorkCriminalLawyerBlog.Com and the NewYorkTheftAndLarcenyLawyersBlog.Com. Once you have educated yourself with a basic and general understanding of the law, contact Crotty Saland PC so you can begin the fight to preserve your future.


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Kegel Exercises For Men #kegel #exercises #for #men, #pc #muscles, #kegel


Most adult men do not have full bladder control and experience leakage of urine in amounts that vary from a few drops to large volumes, twice or more a month.

Only one-third of people with bladder problems ask for help from a health professional, but with the right advice 70 to 80% of those affected become dry or significantly improved, and the remainder learn to better manage their bladder problem.

The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system that produces fluid for semen, which helps to transport sperm during the male orgasm. The prostate is made up of about 30% muscular tissue; the rest is glandular tissue.

Normally, the prostate is small about the same size and shape as a walnut. It is located in front of the rectum and just below the bladder.

The prostate wraps around the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine out from the bladder through the tip of the penis. more on — prostate

Kegel Exercises for Men are used to strengthen the PC
or pubococcygeus muscle, just as they are for women. The muscle is similar in both men and women, stretching from the pubic bone to the tail bone and forming a hammock-like floor that supports the organs of the pelvis and contributes to the function of the sphincter muscles.

The exercise is recommended for treating prostate pain and swelling that result from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate gland. It is used as a first step for treating urinary incontinence. It may be beneficial for reducing pre-mature ejaculation, and other sexual benefits have been reported. Overall, the exercise is good for you.

To begin, you must first be able to find your PC muscle. You can do this during urination. Once your flow begins, try to stop it completely. The muscle that you feel tightening is the PC muscle. If you don t get it, you may try inserting a finger (use lubrication) into the anus and try to grip your finger. If you are able to do that, you ve found the right muscle.

Once you have become accustomed to tightening the muscle, Kegel exercises for men can be done anytime, anywhere. They require no special equipment, although several aids are available, including Peristal and the Prostate Massager .

In order to improve strength of the muscle, you use a squeeze, hold, release pattern. You squeeze the muscle, hold for several seconds, and release. Gradually, you would like to be able to build up to a hold of 10 seconds, repeating the squeeze, hold, and release ten times.

When you perform the exercise correctly, you should be able to feel or see the testicles lift. This takes time for some men. But, if you practice the routine regularly, you should notice an improvement in 4-6 weeks.

There are many things that you can do to support the health of the prostate and reduce your risk of urinary incontinence, including the use of herbs and nutritionally supportive supplements. The risk of problems increases with age. One out of every 10 people over the age of 65 has some problems, although women are most often affected.

Since kegel exercises for men help reduce your risk of problems and reduce pain in the prostate, why not give them a try? They are easy to do in the privacy of your own home. Tell your younger friends about Kegel exercises for men, too. There are many benefits. more on — Kegel Exercises for Men

Urinary incontinence is the accidental release of urine. It is not a disease but rather a symptom of a problem with a man’s urinary tract. Urine is produced by the kidneys and stored in a muscular sac called the urinary bladder.

A tube called the urethra, which is surrounded by a special ring of muscles called the urinary sphincter, leads from the bladder through the prostate and penis to the outside of the body. As the bladder becomes filled with urine, complex nerve signals ensure that the sphincter stays contracted and the bladder stays relaxed.

This interaction between nerves and muscles prevents urine from leaking out of the body. more on — Urinary Incontinence in Men


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How To Restore Windows 10 To An Earlier Date #how #to


How To Restore Windows 10 To An Earlier Date

We have already discussed about creating a manual system restore point as well as system image backup in Windows 10. In this guide, we will see how to restore Windows 10 to an earlier date with the help of a previously created restore point.

NOTE 1: When you restore Windows 10 to a previous date, your documents, pictures, and other files will be preserved.

NOTE 2: Programs installed after the creation of selected restore point will be deleted or uninstalled.

NOTE 3: Programs updated after the creation of selected restore point will be restored back to the previous version and will not be uninstalled.

Restoring Windows 10 system to a previous date

Step 1: Type Sysdm.cpl either in Start menu search box or Run command box and then press Enter key to open System Properties.

Step 2: Once System Properties dialog is opened, switch to System Protection tab.

Step 3: Under Protection Settings section, make sure that the protection for the system drive (Windows 10 drive) is turned on. Next, under System Restore section, click the button labelled System Restore to open System Restore wizard.

Step 4: Click Next button to view all recently created restore points.

NOTE: If you recently performed a system restore using a restore point, you will get the following screen instead of the above screen with an option to undo the system restore. You need to select Choose a different restore point and then click Next button to view all restore points.

Step 5: If all restore points are not visible, click the option labelled Show more restore points to view all restore points.

As you can see in the picture above, latest restore point appears at the top and with date, time and description.

It’s a good idea to know what all programs will be uninstalled when you restore your system using a specific date. To know affected programs, select the restore point that you want to use to restore your system, and then click Scan for affected programs .

As you can see, Windows will display all programs and drivers that will be deleted when you restore your system using the selected restore point. If a program is updated post creating a restore point, the previous version of the program will be restored.

For instance, if you were running Firefox 42 while creating a restore point and updated the same to version 43.0 after some time, Windows will restore Firefox 42 when you restore using the selected restore point. Not a big deal as you can easily update programs and drivers to the latest version with a few clicks.

Step 6: Select the restore point which you would like to use to restore Windows 10, and then click Next button.

Step 7: Finally, click Finish button to begin restoring your Windows 10 to the selected restore point.

Your PC will automatically reboot to begin the restore process. This might take up to 20 minutes depending on the number of programs and settings to be restored.

Once done, you will see “System Restore completed successfully” message on your desktop. That’s it!


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Welcome to Open Campus! #mcse, #mct, #mcp, #microsoft #certified, #systems #engineer,


Our Mission.

The mission of RCCD Distance Education (formerly Open Campus) is to extend access to learning through distance education. Objectives: To facilitate learning at a distance, Distance Education provides:

  • Educational technology to the colleges, faculty, and students to support the delivery of online-based courses and services
  • Professional development and training for faculty
  • Expertise and experience
  • Blackboard management, production and problem solving.

As of April 21, the Open Campus department has changed its name to Distance Education. We thank you for your patience as we work to complete the changes to website by the middle of summer.

What Are Online Based or Distance Education classes?

Online-based courses, also called Distance Education classes, may take two different forms:

Online classes are taken exclusively over the Internet. Please note that, while some online courses provide all instructional content over the Internet, others may require some on-campus meetings. Please see the course schedule or WebAdvisor for more information.

Hybrid classes meet both on campus and online. Think of them as a combination or blending of online classes and face-to-face classes.

In a hybrid class, you will attend meetings on campus during the dates and times listed in the schedule of classes. Since the on-campus portion of hybrid classes could take place at any of our three colleges (Riverside City, Norco or Moreno Valley), hybrid classes are listed in the schedule by the college where the on-campus meetings will take place.

Are there Face-to-Face classes that use the Internet?

Web-Enhanced classes are traditional face-to-face classes that are supplemented with course websites and the use of Internet resources. Unlike hybrid or fully-online classes, all web-enhanced class meetings take place on campus.

Where Do I Start?

For more information about Blackboard and support, visit
Students page


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Restaurant POS Software – RPOWER Point of Sale – Nightclub POS


Reliability and value have always made RPOWER a smart decision when selecting the right POS system. Now that it offers web-accessible, back-office monitoring and storage capabilities, it s my only choice.

– Regina Billups – Food Service Consultant, Lexington, VA

Running my business was tough times before installing RPOWER. It has given me the tools I need to control my business and keep track of both my wait staff kitchen staff’s performance.

– Jerry Lombardi – Lombardi’s on the Sound, Long Island, NY

We had nearly given up our search when we found RPOWER. RPOWER has helped us to increase productivity, profitability, and service our customers better.

– Simon Jacobs, President, Hale and Hearty Soups

I have two other point-of-sale systems in other locations and I think that RPOWER is by far the most reliable system of all of them.

– Lenny Paserelli, Owner – Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, Manhattan, New York City

RPOWER has wonderful adaptability, wonderful flexibility. For over six years, it has done what we ve needed, especially with the delivery component. And it keeps being improved upon!

– Bruce Sternman, Proprietor – The Manhattan Chili Co. New York, NY

No matter what niche of the food service market our software users carve out, RPOWER Point of Sale is built to handle the everyday tasks and the unexpected challenges of doing business. RPOWER configurations are tailored to meet individual POS market demands through flexible and user friendly design.

RPOWER is dedicated to POS users and their needs. As a result of years of listening and responding to feedback and requests, RPOWER has assembled an arsenal of innovative software features, all aimed at providing restaurants with quality POS systems and opportunities for success.

The old saying “Knowledge is Power” has never been more true in the food service industry. RPOWER POS supplies the essential clues needed to evaluate a business’s efficiency and potential. Secure access to cloud data can be the key difference in managing a restaurant’s profitability.

Reliability often gets top billing when it comes to RPOWER’s best software qualities. Ask any server, bartender, or cashier what they like most in our POS Systems, and they may say usability has the edge. RPOWER’s intuitive and concise interface has made many a server’s day because of its abilty to make them look good. Accessible features, flexibility, and speed are crucial POS qualities when tips are on the line. Abundant tips are a sign of happy customers, and in a social media world, happy customers are key to continuing and increasing patronage. Watch this tutorial and have a glimpse into how simple and smart POS software operations can be.

Become an RPOWER Dealer

RPOWER is seeking to expand and improve its distribution network by recruiting sound, technically proficient dealers for long-term relationships. We offer a premier, cost effective point-of-sale solution for today’s food service industry. Our proven, flexible, and reliable POS software allows dealers to confidently approach any potential hospitality POS client. Apply to be an RPOWER dealer!


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Photo Transfer App #easily #transfer #photos # # #videos #to #


Download for iPhone iPad

Download for Android Devices

Download for Desktop

Help Pages

Mobile Devices

Desktop App


About Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer App for iPhone. iTouch. iPad iPad mini

About Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer App for Android Devices

About Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer App for Windows Mac

Wirelessly Send & Receive Photos Videos between

Photo Transfer App
for iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Photo Transfer App
for Android Devices

Desktop App –
Download Photo Transfer App for:

Photo Transfer App
for Mac

Photo Transfer App
for Windows

Photo Transfer App Easily transfer photos videos to and from Computer and iPhone. iPad. iTouch Android

Transfer photos videos over Wi-Fi Bluetooth,no cables or extra software required. Your photos and videos are transferred directly from device to device using your local Wi-Fi network. They are not stored in an external server and they never leave your local Wi-Fi network keeping your pictures safe !

Photo Transfer App for iPhone iTouch

Transfer from your Computer to your iPhone or iTouch & Vice Versa

Transfer from your iPhone or iTouch to another iPhone, iTouch, iPad or iPad mini

Photo Transfer App for iPad iPad mini

Photo Transfer App for Android Devices

Photo Transfer AppFEATURES

Photo Transfer App for Mac

Photo Transfer App for Windows PC

Cloud Gallery
is the perfect companion for
Photo Transfer App !

is the perfect companion for
Photo Transfer App !

is the perfect companion for
Photo Transfer App !

Backup Rocket
is the perfect companion for
Photo Transfer App !

Photo Transfer App
Easily transfer photos videos to and from Computer and iPhone. iPad. iTouch Android


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Novosoft Office Backup – Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Software for


Novosoft Office Backup – Data Backup Software

Office Backup is a backup software designed for automatic backing up data of PCs running Windows operating systems. It allows you to protect important data from loss or damage by regularly creating backups and storing them to secured storage media or servers. And then, if something happens to your PC, you will be able to restore all information in a matter of minutes.

With Office Backup you can perform both files-based and image-based backup of your HDD. The program has a simple Wizard-driven interface and can be easily utilized by users of all levels of computer expertise. It provides an easy way to enable backup compression, encryption, and to schedule tasks to take place automatically. Supported OS include Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 .

NEW! Grand premiere! Novosoft Office Backup 4 is officially released! The latest version of the popular office backup utility features the handy expansion of cloud backup features (explore backup to Amazon S3 and manual-registration-free Cloud Storage by Novosoft) and the hottest advanced backup options (MSSQL backup, Outlook hot backup, support of Volume Shadow Copy for MS Exchange backup, and more).

For details, feel warmly welcome to check the News .

In addition to FTPS and DiscHub, Office Backup supports backing up to the following media and servers:

Since some features of the utility are aimed at experienced IT users, we have decided to divide its functions into two separate editions: one tailored for needs of Home Users and another for IT Professionals .

Office Backup Home –
Solution for Home users

Office Backup Professional –
Solution for IT Professionals


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Business Online Backup in the UK #business #online #backup, #cloud #backup,




We provide enterprise level online backups exclusively to IT Support companies and Resellers in the UK, Europe and the USA. We have the largest feature set and list of agents of any online backup service included within our software.

You will be able to provide your customers with the ability to save their critical business data and information securely online and in the UK.

There is no requirement to purchase any additional software or hardware or increase staffing costs.

You will enjoy unlimited and automated online backups and restoration with convenient around-the-clock accessibility to your backed-up data and configurable retention periods of up-to 10 years.

None of our customers are on contract and can terminate at any time.

Our proactive Support team will respond very quickly to tickets raised online.

Simple Pricing (monthly)

Pay for the agents and storage you use. No quotas, termination periods or hidden extras




  • We provide a FREE 20GB quota for EVERY user account. For most desktops and laptops, this means we don’t charge for their storage
  • After the 20GB quota has been used, we charge 5p per GB. This is the compressed size of data stored on our network. We can provide further price breaks on backups over 500GB
  • We will price match against any similar service
  • No contracts, set up charges or tie-ins. Just some simple terms and conditions
  • No fixed storage quotas. Pay only for the amount of data you store with us


  • Software used to protect more than 7,000,000 devices worldwide
  • Store data revisions for up-to 10 years
  • Back up any Microsoft server or desktop application with 16 agents for Windows Server, Desktop and MAC
  • All data stored in the UK within ISO 27001 data centre facilities
  • 100% data durability as an options
  • Encryption up to 448 Blowfish
  • Parent company established in 1999


  • FREE remote installs using TeamViewer or RDP
  • Fast support response SLA
  • Disk SEED for backup or restore bulk data

How do we Support you?

We respond quickly to support requests seven days a week as they come in. All standard support is via email ticket only.

Contact us if you require a guaranteed support SLA, phone support or a managed service

Remote Install


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00 hr 30 min- Flight Time from Faletti s Hotel to

#flight hotel

Flight Time Summary and More Information

You queried for Faletti’s Hotel to PC Hotel Bus Stop flight time

Your Flight Time Calculations Start at Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore, Pakistanpc hotel lahore .

It Ends at PC Hotel Bus Stop, Mall Rd, Lahore, Pakistan

Do you want to know the road distance between and. Distancesfrom also provides the driving Distance from Faletti’s Hotel to PC Hotel Bus Stop Mall Rd !

If you are planning to take a road trip but are in need of the driving directions. You can refer to our Directions from Faletti’s Hotel to PC Hotel Bus Stop Mall Rd !

It is also important that you are aware of the driving time required to reach your destination as it gives a fair idea in planning further tasks. Hence, you might want to know the Travel Time from Faletti’s Hotel to PC Hotel Bus Stop Mall Rd to .

During your road trip if are taking night stop and want someone to plan your travel, you can use our travel planner to Travel from Faletti’s Hotel to PC Hotel Bus Stop Mall Rd to plan your travel .

Instead of a road trip, you would prefer a flight for long journeys. In this case it is important to know the Flight distance between Faletti’s Hotel and PC Hotel Bus Stop Mall Rd .

Do you also want to know the flight distance and compare it with the road distance? You can find How far is PC Hotel Bus Stop Mall Rd from Faletti’s Hotel .

If you are going to an unknown city, it is essential to know the routes within that place. This route planner will give you the Faletti’s Hotel to PC Hotel Bus Stop Mall Rd Route along with the halfway point of your jouney.

Planning a road trip from Faletti’s Hotel to PC Hotel Bus Stop? Do want an estimate of the Trip Cost from Faletti’s Hotel to PC Hotel Bus Stop Mall Rd .


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ECDL Training Course Online ECDL Certification Word Excel Access PowerPoint #ecdl


What is the ECDL Qualification?
Overview of the ECDL Certification,

The ECDL (Europe Computer Driving License) certification is a highly recognised qualification, it offers you a key recognition of your literacy in computer skills and is designed for novices or casual computer users and will get you to a high computer literacy standard. The ECDL Certification is the fastest growing IT user qualification in over 125 countries, with many UK companies setting the ECDL as a mandatory requirement, such as the NHS and the Police Service of Northern Ireland .

Without basic computer skills one can be quite cumbersome in the office, limiting their roles and value. Some employers or companies may not even consider you as a candidate without a reasonable level of computer skills. The ECDL certification training is designed for novices or casual computer users that will take learners to a high computer literacy standard by improving your knowledge on these key areas:

The approximate study time for the ECDL course (excluding the MOS Excel 2016) is 40 hours.

Our ECDL Online Course has been updated and is brand new for 2017 and features the latest version of Windows and Microsoft Office so that you are learning the most up to date features and get the most relevant information.

By gaining an ECDL certification you or staff in your company will become more confident and efficient in using computers and the ‘industry standard’ Windows programmes such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as greater employee motivation, increased productivity and reducing time wasted on solving computer related tasks. An extensive number of companies in the UK have already set ECDL as the benchmark for computer skills, including NHS. HSBC and Sainsburys.

*We are also offering our MOS Excel 2016 Course as a part of this package! Since the ECDL course will introduce you to the fundamentals of spreadsheets, the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel 2016 course allows you to build upon your knowledge previously gained at the ECDL level. MOS certifications are one of few certifications that are globally recognised throughout the world!

Not sure if this is the right course? Not a problem! We also offer a demo of the MOS Excel 2016 (amongst our ECDL modules) so you can have a taster of this course to see if it’s right for you.

or Free phone 0800 622 69 69 and see how we can help with your ECDL career today.

Have a question about ECDL?

Let our Lecturers and Career Instructors hear it or;
Explore the ECDL Certification now and unravel it yourself:

Careers and Jobs opportunities with the ECDL

The ECDL is a widely recognised office qualification and has become the computer literacy standard for many organisations, such as the NHS. Here’s a breakdown of the range of career entry opportunities new candidates may enjoy:

  • Office Admin/Data Entry
  • Healthcare
  • European IT Trainer
  • IT Trainer Microsoft Office
  • Secretarial
  • Bookkeeper
  • IT Support Administrator
  • Financial Auditor

Microsoft Office taught programs, as part of the ECDL training package – i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint – will help advance your career by giving you a crucial competitive edge for achieving success. Studies show that employers are more likely to hire candidates with these computer skills.

or Free phone 0800 622 69 69 and see how we can explore and map your IT career together.

Here at we want to ensure you get the best training experience for the best price. Our state of the art online classrooms make sure you get the best learning experience while finishing your certification the shortest amount of time possible. While working through your ECDL course we offer 24 hour support 7 days a week and incase you get really stuck you can call our tutors for a 1on1 chat whenever you need.

By becoming a student with us you gain access to the NUS Student Discount Card. Exclusive student discounts including Apple store, ASOS, Co-op food, Amazon, Microsoft softwares, Cineworld, Odeon, EasyJet, Matalan, Superdrug, The AA, National Express, Three Mobile, Riley’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, the list goes on!

After finishing your ECDL we send you a certificate of completion as proof of your new found computer literacy skills to your current employer or working with JobcentrePlus and our Recruitment Partners, we will work with you to help find the job you’ve been looking for.

Get on the right path to success today using an ECDL Certification from If you have no qualification or background in IT, the ECDL is perfect for you and we will provide you with the necessary training for the experience required. For existing IT professionals or ECDL holders, we can upgrade your ECDL qualifications and improve your career prospects with such as the ECDL Advanced and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) qualifications.

Is the ECDL Accreditation right for you?

Will it take you to the job or career that you’d like to explore? If you are unsure or have a drop of doubt, we highly recommend that you experience our trial courses and assessments to get an accurate insight into the ECDL and it’s modules. This is the perfect starting point to see which courses are best for you!

The right ingredients for your training is crucial for your chances to get certified and employment success.

Your future performance, interviews, decisions and abilities will be largely affected by your training experience. The ECDL certification training is designed for novices or casual computer users and will get you to a high computer literacy standard. The ECDL is the fastest growing IT user qualification in over 125 countries.

The unique training offered directly from us will ensure that you get the full comprehensive training, the right lecturers, labs and equipment and have everything you need at your disposal to get certified and create a career from your new profession.

In order to achieve the ECDL certification, individuals must pass a test for each of the 7 modules. ECDL Module 1 is a theoretical test of computing knowledge at a general level, while modules 2-7 are predominantly practical skills tests.

Upon passing your training and ECDL tests you will receive a course completion certificate which you can show to potential employers. The ECDL is recognised throughout professional IT industries and communities inside Europe.

Microsoft Office taught programs, as part of the ECDL training package – i.e. Word, Excel, Powerpoint – will help advance your career by giving you a crucial competitive edge for achieving success. Studies show that employers are more likely to hire candidates with these computer skills.

We have helped hundreds of students to reach their goal, obtaining jobs and certifications and an immense understanding of IT that some had thought unattainable. Do not allow your lack of experience or self-confidence deny you from a career in IT – it is a lot easier (and enjoyable too) than most people think.

We know where to plot you on the IT career map and how to set your foot in the door.


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