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  • Bed Bug Control
  • Pet Safe Pest Control
  • Planet Friendly Pest Control

Royal’s Integrated Pest Management Approach for Controlling Bed Bugs

Royal Pest Management’s policy for bed bug control is defined in 4 separate sections:

Most bed bug jobs are different and present unique challenges specific to their individual locations and type of structure.
However, Royal has created a Bed Bug Control Program that we have found to be a highly effective process to treat for bed bugs.

Royal Pest Solutions is planet friendly and PET-FRIENDLY. Before we perform any pest service at your home, our Pest Professionals will talk with you about your home, your family, and your pets.

Royal understands that your pets are part of your family. It’s important we know the type of pets you have, where they eat and sleep, and if they have recently been treated for any pest problems.

Here’s an example of how Royal cares about your pet. Say your dog brings fleas into your home. You may take him to the vet for a flea treatment, then put a flea collar on him, and then have a Royal Pest Professional treat your home to eliminate fleas.

Truly Targeted Pest Control

Beneficial insects and other creatures, such as honeybees, birds, praying mantis, and (our favorite) butterflies, need to fly, pollinate and fulfill their essential functions to the planet without fear of the unintended effects of pest control.

Royal Planet Friendly Pest Control provides a much greater margin of safety, presents theLOWEST POSSIBLE IMPACT to the environment, and ensures highly effective control of a wide range of insect pests.

Royal Pest is full-service pest control company serving Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia. Royal uses the most advanced methods and materials in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) to provide customers with pest control that is the safest and most effective in the industry today. Royal s services are a truly planet friendly way to protect your family, your home and your lifestyle from annoying, destructive and harmful pests. We re able to solve practically any pest problem from the most common ( ants, termites, spiders, etc.) to those other pest companies shy away from ( bats, snakes, rats, raccoons, etc.). Our Protects System is designed so that our customers can choose the level of protection best for them and pay only for what they need. No other pest control company delivers Royal s combination of customized service, safety and guaranteed results.


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Auto Accident Lawyer Philadelphia Steven L #car #accident, #philly, #philadelphia, #lawyer,


Personal Injury Attorney Maximizing Your Recovery

Drivers never anticipate that they will be involved in a traffic collision, but the odds are much higher than most people suspect because there are 6 million crashes annually in the U.S. These crashes claimed the lives of more than 33,500 people during the most recent year for which data is available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA also reports that an estimated 2.26 million people suffered injury. Whether you are a pedestrian struck in a crosswalk by a distracted driver or a motorcyclist who is run off the road by a drowsy driver, motorists who are inattentive or careless can cause crashes that result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

Philadelphia auto accident attorney Steven Chung provides effective representation to victims of the full spectrum of motor vehicle accidents, including auto collisions, semi-truck crashes, motorcycle accidents, SUV rollovers, pedestrian accidents, bus crashes and bicycle-vehicle collisions. Steven Chung regularly works closely with accident reconstruction experts to analyze police accident reports; analyze evidence like skid marks, body damage and/or vehicle position; potential environmental factors; and witness statements.

Whether Mr. Chung is tenaciously negotiating with the other party’s insurance company or litigating a case at trial, he conducts the appropriate factual and legal research to present a compelling case to maximize his client’s recovery. His experience as an insurance defense lawyer means that you have an insider helping you navigate insurance company traps and legal pitfalls. Mr. Chung has successfully obtained millions of dollars for his clients through his commitment to providing exemplary legal representation while vigorously protecting his client’s interests.

Who Can I Sue for My Auto Collision?

While every auto accident is different, the most common party responsible for causing a crash is the other driver. The other motorist might be intoxicated, drowsy, texting, speeding or otherwise driving unsafely. The at-fault motorist’s liability usually will be based on negligence, which includes committing traffic infractions or otherwise driving in a manner that creates an unreasonable risk of foreseeable harm to other drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

If the other driver lacks insurance or is underinsured, Mr. Chung explores the possibility of pursuing a claim for damages against other parties, such as:

Vehicle Owners: If the owner of the vehicle entrusts his or her vehicle to someone that the owner knows or should know lacks the skill, experience or maturity to safely operate the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle might be liable.

Employers: When an employer permits an employ to drive a company car or enlists the employee to engage in a task that requires driving, the employer can be vicariously liable (strict liability for employee’s negligence) for accidents caused by the employee while performing job-related tasks. The employer also can be negligent for authorizing the employee to drive despite a history of accidents or traffic violations.

Public Entities: Sometimes roadways are not properly designed, constructed or maintained. When the roadway constitutes a factor in causing a crash, the public entity charged with responsibility for the road can be liable for injuries. Lawsuits against public entities involve special procedural rules and deadlines, so you need to consult with a Philadelphia car accident attorney promptly.

Repair Shops: Sometimes auto repair businesses do substandard work that contributes to a collision. A tire repair shop might patch a tire, for example, when industry standards dictate the tire be discarded.

Handling the Full Range of Accidents Involving Cars, Trucks. Motorcycles Other Vehicles

Because Mr. Chung has successfully represented hundreds of auto accident victims, he understands the unique issues involved in personal injury claims related to all types of vehicular crashes, such as:

  • Auto collisions
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • 18-wheeler crashes
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrians struck by vehicles
  • Bus crashes

Factors in Crashes Posing Greater Risk of Catastrophic Injury or Fatalities

While any collision caused by a negligent or reckless driver can cause significant injuries like spinal cord damage, head injuries, amputation of limbs, compound fractures, severe burns and fatalities, certain types of collisions pose more significant risks. When a motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian is involved in a collision, they have limited protection and can be more difficult for other motorists to spot. These risks often result in a higher probability of suffering catastrophic injury. Similarly, the massive size of an 80,000 pound tractor-trailer that outweighs a passenger car by 25 times also makes the occupants of the other vehicle more vulnerable to serious injury.

Some types of accidents tend to pose unique challenges in terms of special evidentiary issues. Motorcycle victims often are rendered unconscious and unable to provide information at the scene of the crash. Since motorcyclists usually s do not have passengers left behind to tell the motorcyclist’s side of the story, accident reports often favor the driver of a car, truck or SUV. Mr. Chung is an experienced Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney, so he understands this inherent bias against motorcycle accident victims. He reads accident reports with a critical eye to identify bias and/or factual errors.

Philadelphia trucking accident attorneys recognize that big-rig collisions also pose unique evidentiary issues. While truck drivers are required to maintain logbooks that document their hours of service, truck drivers manipulate these log so routinely they are referred to as “lie logs” in the trucking industry. Further, trucking companies often have rapid response teams that can investigate a trucking accident before the vehicles have been cleared. Sometimes critical evidence will disappear when damage to the big-rig is repaired, or information stored by the electronic data recorder in the semi-truck is erased. Mr. Chung recognizes the importance of prompt intervention and investigation to protect his client’s interests, so critical evidence is not lost.

Steven Chung – Seeking Maximum Recovery for Victims of Unsafe Drivers

When you suffer serious injury in a car crash, tractor-trailer collision, motorcycle accident or other vehicular accident, you should seek immediate medical attention and report all of your symptoms no matter how minor they might seem. If you can have someone gather witness information and take pictures, this evidence can supplement the official police report. Because personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits are subject to strict timing requirements, you should also seek legal advice as soon as possible. Philadelphia auto accident attorney Steven Chung offers a free initial consultation so he can answer your questions and explain the personal injury claim process. Call us today at 215-688-5777, so you can put our experience, expertise and skill to work for you.

Timing is Important.

Call us now! Waiting too long could result in the loss of important rights including the ability to recover for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and for damage to your car.

  • CALL (215) 688-5777
  • To discuss your case with an experienced philadelphia car accident attorney.

Choose the Right Lawyer.

You need a Philadelphia car accident attorney that will pay detailed attention to your case. By limiting the number of cases that we accept, our top rated lawyers can devote our full time and energy to each car accident client. If we accept your case, you are assured that an experienced lawyer will handle your case.

Get Compensation for your Injuries.

Serious injuries are frequent outcomes of Philadelphia car accidents. In car accident cases involving fatalities, the families of a person killed in a car accident can file a wrongful death claim. We represent clients with all types of injuries including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, back and neck injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, scars, and all other injuries.


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The Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package – Visit Philadelphia. #sherman #s

#hotel and car packages

The Visit Philly Overnight

Book the new and improved Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package and your car stays free. Philly’s More Fun When You Sleep Over . CREDIT: PHILADELPHIA MARRIOTT DOWNTOWN

Looking for an excuse to visit Philadelphia? The new and improved Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package is just the thing. The one- or two-night package includes FREE hotel parking so you can drive into town and not have to worry about finding and paying for parking.

And you can use it to book any two consecutive nights of the week: Friday and Saturday, Saturday and Sunday, Sunday and Monday, etc. So now your weekend is whenever you want it to be.


It’s the perfect package for a quick getaway.

You get:

  • 2 (two) nights accommodations
  • FREE Hotel Parking for both nights (up to a $100 value at Center City hotels)
  • A With Love, Philadelphia XOXO Welcome Gift

Stay Any Two Consecutive Nights

The package is available seven days a week, which means you can book it for any two consecutive days e.g. a Friday and a Saturday, a Saturday and a Sunday, a Sunday and a Monday, etc. So, again, now your weekend can literally be whenever you want it to be.


Enter your desired check-in and check-out dates below. Our hotel search engine finds you the best available Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package rates at participating hotels and shows you the results. You then select the hotel you want to stay at and click to be taken to book the package directly on the hotel website.


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