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As it is my integral policy not to leave a single free resource :D. I am trying platinum gmat free test right now. I just completed the quant section and I must say it its quant section was much better than quant sections of many reputed test prep companies. The questions were not very easy though cant compare with gmat prep either. But the questions were representative of gmatprep for sure. I will update my score after I complete the whole test. Anyway, I recommend this site to anyone. cool questions out here !


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I have not tried it because there are many well know publish test available like kaplan and manhattan.

EMPOWERgmatRichC wrote: Hi suramya26,

Using these CAT results as reference, it looks like you have the potential to pick up some big points in BOTH the Quant and Verbal sections. While your immediate concerns are clearly focused on the Verbal section, you need to put some significant effort into training for the Quant section as well. Before I can offer you the specific advice that you’re looking for, it would help if you could provide a bit more information on how you’ve been studying and your goals:

1) How long have you studied?
2) What materials have you used?
3) Did you take the FULL CAT each time (with the Essay and IR sections)?

4) What is your goal score?
5) When are you planning to take the GMAT?

GMAT assassins aren’t born, they’re made,

Sir, I am now telling my my whole journey so far, I am a 22 year old who has completed my Engineering this year.

1) I started Preparing for Gmat in month of July. 5-6 days a week I go for my GMAT Coaching classes for 2 hours (4/5 days of Quants and 1/2 days for Verbal) as the schedule keeps on changing. Apart from that I study at home for 4-5 hours ( 2/3 in the morning and then 2 hours in the evening). When I started preparing for GMAT in the Month of July my focus was mostly on Quants and comparatively lesser on Verbal( mostly a few questions of SC). But after studying for a couple of months, when I started doing Verbal more predominantly starting from CR, not only I found reasoning out the questions difficult but also in consumed a heck of a time in the questions ( mostly of RC and SC). In order to know my standing better i gave the first mock test of VERITAS PREP in which the problems I faced were mostly of Time Management(I was able to attempt only 35 of the 37 questions in Quants) and in the Verbal section being the lengthiest of them all created a sense of panic and anxiety in me because not only I was taking time to solve the Questions. In the end I had 5 minutes and around 10-15 Questions to do so more or less I had to guess out the answers mostly without even reading the questions.

Realising that Verbal, particularly RC and CR ,were the major problems of concern. I started working on them. For RC I kept a stop watch and tried to solve as many questions in the given frame of time ,starting from 20 questions in 40 minutes and then to 30 questions in 60 minutes. I was fairly inconsistent with my accuracy some time going to as high as 80% to as low as 50%. I thought my CR is Okay( comparatively), as I have completed the Official Guide for CR and practised almost all types of questions.

After that I gave the Platinum Gmat test, in which performance even though was better but wasn’t satisfactory, particularly the Verbal part. Now I am planning to give Kaplan Gmat test this Sunday.

2) Sir I my study material comprises of Official Guide ,notes from my coaching institute ,GMAT club questions.

3)Yes, I took the whole GMAT test. In Veritas they had the separate IR Section, but in Platinum Gmat instead of an IR Section they had an issue based writing section

4) My goal score is 700 Sir. But I will be contented in a score around 680 also. But I am working for 700

5) Since I have to join the company I am placed in by the Second week of October, I planning to give GMAT in the First week of October.

Test Day is a rather specific ‘event’ – the details are specific and they matter, so you have to train as best as you can for all of them. The more realistic you can make your CATs, the more likely the score results are to be accurate. The more you deviate, the more inflated your scores can become. Since your second CAT did NOT include the IR section, that experience was NOT realistic, so we can’t assume that that score result is accurate. Working from the other score result (the 510), you have to raise your scores 170+ points to hit your score goal. Unfortunately, this will likely take far longer than the one month that you have left. You will likely need at least another 2-3 months of consistent, guided study to hit your goals.

1) When are you planning to apply to Business School?
2) What Schools are you planning to apply to?

GMAT assassins aren’t born, they’re made,

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