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Your Healthcare Solution

Our Practice Management philosophy is simple. We aim to improve effectiveness and efficiency within a healthcare provider’s practice, by removing tedious and non-productive tasks from the practitioner’s schedule as far as possible, leaving the practitioner free to give their patients the care they require. At eMD we strive to ease the management and automate all repetitive tasks, such as submissions and orders. Whether managed care is your goal or you work on a fee for service model, or even a combination, eMD is the only powerful integrated platform which allows one to work today without limiting one’s options tomorrow.

Practice Management Software

Healthcare providers need specific and focused solutions, with intuitive workflows and rich specialty specific content. With eMD Technologies, Healthcare Solutions is at our core. Trusted by more than 3000 practices and more than 87 provider types.


Providers have to watch over different dimensions simultaneously, balancing quality care delivery and moderating costs by tracking workforce and their financials. Keeping a record of all these dimensions is impossible without using a centralized system.

Debt Management

Our dedicated collections and billing specialists are equipped to provide an unmatched level of service. Using aging reports, electronic claims processing, and monthly status reviews, we customize your billing and collections process so it’s quicker, easier, and simpler.

Information Technology Consulting

The changing healthcare environment means that healthcare providers need to respond with rapid transformation. Learn how we can help you increase organizational flexibility, agility and responsiveness, while reducing costs.

Healthcare Advisory Services

The eMD advisory services team work interactively to understand the unique fabric of our clients’ organizations. We formulate solutions that ensure your vision becomes a reality. At the eMD Group, we design your tactical solutions through well-developed project plans.

Training Services

It is vital in any area of business to offer continual staff training to your employees. This not only helps your employees improve their position in your company but will also enable you to draw the full potential from your workforce, and unlock the full effectiveness from your practice.

Electronic Medical Records

An EMR contains the standard medical and clinical data gathered in one provider’s office. EMRs go beyond the data collected in the provider’s office and include a more comprehensive patient history.

Mobile Web Application

With our new web based mobile App you will have a birds eye view of exactly what is transpiring in your practice at any given time and from any mobile device anywhere in the world, 24/7.


Our Practice Management philosophy is simply. To improve effectiveness and efficiency within a healthcare provider’s practice by removing tedious and non-productive tasks from a healthcare providers’ schedule wherever possible. Simply put, the healthcare provider should only have to see patients. Our system will ease the management of tasks and automate all repetitive tasks such as appointments, claims and orders.

As an added value extension of eMD Technologies; we have introduced our eRecoveries Department. Our collection is done in an assertive and professional manner which includes the sending of highly customized debt collection letters and telephonic follow ups. We use a number of investigative techniques and resources to gather as much current information as possible.


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Home – Buckeye Plumbing West Palm Beach Jupiter Stuart Plumbing Company


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Service Department

Our service division has been in business over 20 years and is located in West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie. We have several technicians made up of Water Filtration Specialists, Backflow Specialists and Master Plumbers. Buckeye Plumbing can handle all of your plumbing and water needs.

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New Construction Department

The New Construction division is based on the knowledge and teamwork of an experienced staff that knows what they are doing – and what it takes to do it. Nearly 30 years of experience ensures our Customers a level of expertise and professionalism that is hard to match.

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Emergency Plumbing Assistance

Buckeye Plumbing offers Emergency Service Plumbing Repair for clients who need an emergency plumber dispatched immediately. Our Emergency Plumbing repair services cover Palm Beach, Martin, Broward, and Port St Lucie Counties.


  • Centerline Homes
  • Centex Homes
  • D.R. Horton
  • Homes By Jones
  • Kennedy Homes
  • Kolter Homes
  • Levitt Homes

Buckeye plumbing has a strong customer service record with all of our builders, and we are proud of our reputation in the communities. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our building division.
This division is made up of some of the finest leaders in the plumbing industry, and have a combined work experience of over 100 years.


  • Plumbing Services
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Plumbing Installation
  • Emergency Plumbing

At Buckeye Plumbing we believe in finding customers and keeping them. Calling Buckeye Plumbing includes our 24 Hour Emergency Service. If you contact our after-hours service, it also contacts the owner. We take care of your home or your business. We clean up after ourselves. We carry cleaners, shoe covering and clean mattes to use in order to protect your home and furnishings.


  • Water Testing
  • Water Filters
  • Whole House Filtering
  • Well Pumps
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Chlorination
  • Carbon Filters

Our water technicians are highly experienced in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of your water. Buckeye Plumbing provides a full range of water services including the best Water Technicians around. We offer services for water testing, smelly or cloudy water, water filtration services, well pumps and carbon filters. Buckeye Plumbing can help you with all your water needs.


  • Backflow Service Experts
  • Backflow Certification
  • Backflow Repair
  • Backflow Installation

Our Backflow department technicians are dedicated to the accurate testing and processing of your Backflow Certification, Repair or Installation. Our Backflow technicians have a combination of over 30 years of Backflow Experience. They are certified in Testing and Repair. Our experience ranges from the standard residential backflows to large commercial devices.

Our Customers are the best. Here are some of the nice things they have to say about us

  • Tech was professional, courteous & considerate! He was methodical & efficient! Tech was thorough and worked quickly and cleanly with care! (great job Jay!).
Ms. H & Mr. M // 3/26/15
  • Mrs. K called in to say it was her lucky day, Jack was very professional, he really knows what he is doing, the service was excellent!
  • Service provider was great! My husband & I were very pleased w/the work (Louie) was very knowledgeable, courteous & timely.
    Ellen // 1/15/14
  • Amy handled my call professionally and swiftly and immediately put me at ease – he finally called the right company. Response time was outstanding and Jack was superb.
    Mr. G. // 8/29/13
  • I have used Buckeye before and I will again. The prompt, courteous service is appreciated.
    F.K. // 7/6/13
  • Wow! what service – I can’t say enough good things – a pleasure to have working at my home.
    Laurie W. // 7/5/13
  • Lonnie was outstanding, professional, courteous and understanding and timely early on a Sunday morning.
    Bob F. // 6/16/13
  • Thank you for the wonderful job that was done on my home & coming early in the morning! Thank you to Mary & Ellen also.
    Mary M. // 4/20/13
  • The office staff was very professional & helpful. ASAP – Technician was here within 2 hours. Delightful.
    Christine F. // 2/1/13
  • Bud and Rudy were not only great to deal with but also had the knowledge and expertise to get this job done.
    Jimmy A. // 1/11/13


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  • PE Church Net – Port Elizabeth Christian Business Directory #jesus, #christian,


    Full Page Ads in the Directory:

    Most Recent Additions to the Directory:

    The Port Elizabeth Christian Business Directory is founded on 4 basic principles:

    • As Christians, we need to support one another in business;
    • We promote and encourage business practices and ethics according to biblical principles;
    • We believe in paying a man a fair wage ;
    • We believe in tithing as a sound biblical principle.

    Our Christian Business Directory provides a list of businesses in the Port Elizabeth / Uitenhage (Nelson Mandela Metropole) area of South Africa that subscribe to these principles. It is a requirement for listing here that the owner, principal partner, shareholder or a senior manager in the business is an active Christian in regular fellowship and good-standing with a local Christian community.

    Download a monthly Condensed printable version
    of the Directory
    (May 2017 – PDF – 608kB)

    PE Church Net is largely financed
    through the advertisers in our

    Please support them as they support us !


    Your conduct is the most effective sermon you will ever preach



    • TRADE – CiM Projects. Automation/Geysers/Renovations. We specialize in the repair and installation of both gate/garage door motors and geysers. We also do water-damage renovations. Fast response time, service guaranteed, owner driven. Tel: 083 505 4579, Francois Raath.
      [ Email me ]
    • BUILDING PLANS AT REASONABLE RATES – We are highly experienced and therefore specialize in Residential and Business developments. We have been in business since 2003. Can call us on 072 789 7338 or view us on www.golden-eagle-draughting.co.za or FB Golden Eagle Draughting.
      [ Email me ]

    Retail of brand name PCs,
    notebooks, printers and PC components. Quality components
    at very competitive pricing!


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    TCP and UDP Port Usage Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager,


    TCP and UDP Port Usage Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 9.0(1)

    Cisco Unified Communications Manager TCP and UDP port usage

    This chapter provides a list of the TCP and UDP ports that Cisco Unified Communications Manager release 9.0(1) uses for intracluster connections and for communication with external applications or devices. You will also find important information for the configuration of firewalls, Access Control Lists (ACLs), and quality of service (QoS) on a network when an IP Communications solution is implemented.

    Port usage for release 9.0(1)

    Cisco Unified Communications Manager TCP and UDP ports are organized into the following categories:

    Cisco has not verified all possible configuration scenarios for these ports. If you are having configuration problems using this list, contact Cisco technical support for assistance.

    Port references apply specifically to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 9.0(1). Some ports change from one release to another, and future releases may introduce new ports. Therefore, make sure that you are using the correct version of this document for the version of Cisco Unified Communications Manager that is installed.

    While virtually all protocols are bidirectional, directionality from the session originator perspective is presumed. In some cases, the administrator can manually change the default port numbers, though Cisco does not recommend this as a best practice. Be aware that Cisco Unified Communications Manager opens several ports strictly for internal use.

    Installing Cisco Unified Communications Manager software automatically installs the following network services for serviceability and activates them by default. Refer to Table 1 for details:

    • Cisco Log Partition Monitoring (To monitor and purge the common partition. This uses no custom common port.)
    • Cisco Trace Collection Service (TCTS port usage)
    • Cisco RIS Data Collector (RIS server port usage)
    • Cisco AMC Service (AMC port usage)

    Configuration of firewalls, ACLs, or QoS will vary depending on topology, placement of telephony devices and services relative to the placement of network security devices, and which applications and telephony extensions are in use. Also, bear in mind that ACLs vary in format with different devices and versions.

    You can also configure Multicast Music on Hold (MOH) ports in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Port values for multicast MOH are not provided because the administrator specifies the actual port values.


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    Nexus 1000V Port Profiles #vmware #management #port


    Nexus 1000V Port Profiles


    Port profiles are the primary mechanism by which network policy is defined and applied to switch interfaces in a Nexus 1000V system. A port profile is a collection of interface level configuration commands, such as port mode, trunking commands, etc. Port profiles are created on the VSM and propagated to vCenter where they appear as port groups, where it is then available to apply to a virtual machine’s vNICs. In Cisco Nexus 1000V, port profiles are used to configure interfaces. A port profile can be assigned to multiple interfaces giving them all the same configuration. Changes to the port profile can be propagated automatically to the configuration of any interface assigned to it.

    In the VMware vCenter Server, a port profile is represented as a port group. You assign the vEthernet or Ethernet interfaces to a port group in vCenter to do the following:
    •Define port configuration by policy.

    •Apply a single policy across a large number of ports.

    Port profiles are created on the VSM and propagated to VMware vCenter Server as VMware port groups using the VMware VIM API. After propagation, a port profile appears within VMware vSphere Client and is available to apply to the vNICs on a virtual machine.

    Virtual Ethernet Port Profiles

    A vEth profile is a port profile that can be applied on virtual machines and on VMware virtual interfaces such as the VMware management, VMotion, or VMkernel iSCSI interface. As soon as the network administrator configures a vEth port profile, its configuration is propagated to VMware vCenter and made available as a port group.

    A vEthernet port profile can be applied on virtual machine vNIC interfaces and is configured as follows:

    port-profile type vethernet VM_Data

    switchport mode access

    switchport access vlan 101

    port-profile type vethernet service-console

    Ethernet or Uplink Port Profiles

    Ethernet port profiles are used to manage the Physical NICs within a VMware ESX Host.

    Uplink port profiles are applied to a physical NIC when a VMware ESX host is first added to the Cisco Nexus 1000V Series. The server administrator is presented with a dialog box in which the administrator can select the physical NICs to be associated with the VEM and the particular uplink port profiles to be associated with the physical NICs. In addition, the server administrator can apply uplink port profiles to interfaces that are added to the VEM after the host has been added to the switch.

    An uplink port profile is one which applies to a physical NIC within an ESXi host, as follows:

    port-profile type ethernet Uplink-Management

    switchport mode trunk

    switchport trunk allowed vlan 100,107,109

    channel-group auto mode on active

    Features in New Releases

    To maintain a consistent configuration among the interfaces in a port profile, the entire port profile configuration is applied to its member interfaces. This concept is called Atomic Inheritance. When you update the configuration in a port profile, its member interfaces are also updated. If the configuration fails, the port profile and its member interfaces are rolled back to the last known good configuration for the port profile. When an error occurs in port profile configuration the interfaces are shut down. This feature is called interface inheritance.

    Removing Port Profile

    Enter the following commands:

    2. no port-profile profile_name

    3. show port-profile name profile_name

    4. copy running-config startup-config

    Port Profile Inheritance

    To apply the configuration from an existing port profile as the default configuration for another port profile is called inheritance. The configuration of the parent port profile is copied to and stored in the child port profile. You can also override the inheritance by configuring the attributes explicitly in the child port profile. Inherited port profiles cannot be changed or removed from an interface using the Cisco Nexus 1000V CLI. You can change a setting directly on a port profile to override the inherited settings. You can also explicitly remove port profile inheritance, so that a port profile returns to the default settings, except where there has been a direct configuration.

    Steps to Configure Inheritance

    Step 1. config t

    Step 3. inherit port-profile master

    Related Information


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    Monitor Network Speed and Uptime with a Server Uptime Monitor #server


    Server Uptime Monitor

    sMonitor is a server uptime monitor for your business. Since many businesses these days offer services based on application services to their customers, it is extremely important that network administrators know that all of their essential servers are up and running. sMonitor will inform you of this. sMonitor runs as a standard Windows application or as a Windows service. Since it can run as a Windows service, it can also run in the background even if no one is logged into the computer. It monitors all network servers and informs network administrators by using either an SMTP email service or a GSM SMS messaging service if a server comes online, goes offline or has its running state modified in any other way. This way, network administrators will always know about the online status of their servers in minimal time.

    The main sMonitor window, whether being displayed on not, is mirrored by a constantly updated HTML file which keeps a log of all monitored activity. This file is fully customizable from within the program and it may be uploaded to any remote Web server that uses the FTP protocol. A built-in script interpreter interacts with remote systems using either a modem or the telnet service to launch third-party software.

    Additional features of sMonitor include its support for ICMP, UDP and TCP protocols. It can also send protocol-specific UDP requests to ports 67 (DHCP), 123 (NTP), 137 (NETBIOS-NS), 161 (SNMP) and 389 (LDAP). sMonitor can also provide alerts of a server’s uptime status by way of alarms, both audible and visible. Network administrators can receive customized email messages from the software. sMonitor also creates log files in the plain text format and the universally supported CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. Files are sorted by servers and services. More advanced users may also create custom scripts and debug them as required. The server uptime monitor provides a wealth of unique features making it one of the top-end solutions of its kind. It has many more features and a wide selection of different notification features when compared to similar programs.

    The standard method of checking a server’s uptime using the Windows operating system is simply a matter of using the ping command. However, this is extremely limited and offers absolutely no logging or automated functionality, making it useful only in very specific purposes. When you need to monitor the uptime of one or more servers constantly, sMonitor presents an essential solution that every network administrator will find use for. Another standard solution is the PortQry utility available from Microsoft. It offers more sophisticated functionality than the ping command, but it is still limited and there is no user-friendly GUI provided since it is simply a command line utility. Neither of these solutions provide any functionality to automatically alert the user as to the uptime status of a server, however.

    You can learn more about this server uptime monitor at http://www.yarovy.com/smonitor. A list of features is available here along with screenshots of the working software.

    • Runs as a standard application or a Windows service.
    • Runs as a system tray application automatically on startup.
    • Supports ICMP, TCP and UDP.
    • Sends protocol-specific UDP requests to the ports: 67 (DHCP), 123 (NTP), 137 (NETBIOS-NS), 161 (SNMP), 389 (LDAP).
    • Allows server lists to be saved and opened as user specified files.
    • Alerts by audible and visible alarms.
    • Allows SMTP (SSL) mail and SMS notifications when a service is down, up, or its state is changed.
    • Allows custom e-mail and SMS message format to be created.
    • Launches third-party applications.
    • Creates an HTML status file which mirrors the main sMonitor window.
    • Allows the HTML file to be customized and to be uploaded by FTP to a remote web server.
    • Contains a built-in script interpreter which interacts with remote systems by modem and telnet.
    • Allows customs scripts to be created and debugged.
    • Generates plain text log files and CSV format files sorted by servers and services.

    Are you in need of a tool that can constantly verify your network connectivity? Try sMonitor. It is a dependable application that periodically checks your TCP and UDP ports. This smart piece of software can be incredibly useful so why not try it right now?


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    Taylor Marine Surveying – St #marine #survey, #prepurchase #surveys, #pre-purchase #surveys,


    Certified Marine Surveyior, Accredited Marine Surveyor, Best marine surveyor St Petersburg, Best marine surveyor Tampa, Best marine surveyor Palmetto, Best marine surveyor Clearwater, Best marine surveyor, marine surveyor tampa florida, marine surveyor orlando florida, marine surveyor fort myers, marine surveyor clearwater florida, pre-purchase marine survey st petersburg, florida, pre-puchase marine survey tampa florida, marine surveyor 33606, marine surveyor 33608, marine surveyor 33610, marine surveyor 33701, marine surveyor 33570, marine surveying naples, boat inspection orlando florida, vessel inspection tampa florida, marine surveyor st. petersburg florida, boat inspection st petersburg florida, pre-purchase marine survey st peterburg florida, marine surveyor ruskin florida, boat inspection ruskin florida, marine surveyor sarasota florida, marine surveyor clearwater, marine surveyor dunedin, marine surveyor palm harbor, marine surveyor maderia beach, marine surveyor longboat key, boat inspection sarasta florida, insurance survey st petersburg florida, vessel inspection st peterburg florida,catalina sailboats,hunter sailboats,tartan sailboats,boat botom inspection, vessel valuation, marine surveyor florida,marine cargo survey,themal imaging,sailboat survey,hatteras yachts, engine compression check,bottom inspection,boat repair,boat insurance, boat yard, florida boat yard, florida gulf coast marine survey,boat damage claim, orlando marine survey,Donzi.Grady white,sea ray,silverline,chaparral, four Winns, Jeanneau, Island Packet, Cabo Rico, Tayana, Lord Nelson, Slocum, Tartan, Morgan, Guld Star, Dufour,,formula,trojan,carver,bryant,monterey,bayliner,cobalt,regal,wellcraft,chris craft,century,crownline,volvo penta,mercruiser,hurricane,glastron,trojan,master craft,riva,larson,cruisers,master craft. recommended marine surveyor, Top marine surveyor,
    boston whaler,riker,maxm,contender,cigarette,eliminator,foutain.ski nautique,sea hunt,grand banks,stingray,tiara,master craft,sanger,black fin, chaparral, trojan, larson, Tiara, nordic,century,glastron,trophy,malibu,sanger,maxum,grady white,ocean master,key largo,pursuit,angler,trophy,tiara,robalostratos,sea fox, bertram, mako, contender, luhrs, sea ray, intrepid, seaswirl, egg harbor,cabo,

    Integrity Independence Experience

    Telephone Toll Free: 888-454-0017

    Copyright All Rights reserved. Taylor Marine Surveying Consulting, LLC

    Comprehensive Expert Marine Surveying & Consulting Services. We Offer A Wide Range Of Services For Recreational Power & Sailing Vessels Ranging From Small Fishing Vessels & Day Sailers To Boats & Yachts Up To 200 Gross Domestic (500 ITC) Tons As Well As Commercial Shipping, Commercial Passenger Vessels & Cargo. Services Provided Throughout the Tampa Bay and Surrounding Area including St. Petersburg, FL. Tampa, FL. Clearwater, FL. Apollo Beach, FL. Ruskin, FL. Bradenton, FL. Bradenton Beach, FL. Palmetto, FL. Longboat Key, FL. Dunedin, FL. Palm Harbor, FL. Tarpon Springs, FL. Port Richey, FL. New Port Richey, FL. Treasure Island, FL. Maderia Beach, FL. Largo, FL. Pasadena, FL. Redington Beach, FL. Indian Rocks Beach, FL. Cortez, FL. St Pete Beach, FL. Port Manatee. Port Tampa Bay. Port of St. Petersburg. Sarasota, FL.

    Marc Redshaw, SAMS-SA

    Jennifer Peterson, Svy App

    Principal Surveyor:
    Lee Taylor, SAMS-AMS


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