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Welcome to Belize

And to a choice range of vacation options!

From island delights on the hemisphere’s largest Barrier Reef to adventures in the rainforest and the mystery of the ancient Maya, hundreds of Belize vacation choices are available to suit your individual style and interest. With few international chains, Belize hotels each have unique charm and offer a choice of amenities ranging from budget to luxury. There is a perfect match for any vacationer – honeymoons, weddings, family, dive groups, educational group, robust adventurers and more. For an unforgettable Belize vacation we invite you to.

Book your Belize vacation using a qualified Belize specialist!

Book Belize offers a host of knowledgeable professional and qualified travel professionals to help plan that special vacation or business trip! These agents will help you to select the right vacation for both your travel and budget needs.

Search our directory for a Belize travel agent located near you OR one that specializes in the type of activity YOU are looking for!

We hope you find the information useful and let us know if you have any comments.

Disclaimer: The agents listed in this directory have had prior experience in selling travel to Belize. While the Belize Tourism Board and Naturalight Productions cannot assume any liability for transactions conducted with these or any other agent or wholesaler, we are interested in your feedback on the service that you have received from these or other agents in booking your trip to Belize. Please click here to provide feedback.


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Welcome to Open Campus! #mcse, #mct, #mcp, #microsoft #certified, #systems #engineer,


Our Mission.

The mission of RCCD Distance Education (formerly Open Campus) is to extend access to learning through distance education. Objectives: To facilitate learning at a distance, Distance Education provides:

  • Educational technology to the colleges, faculty, and students to support the delivery of online-based courses and services
  • Professional development and training for faculty
  • Expertise and experience
  • Blackboard management, production and problem solving.

As of April 21, the Open Campus department has changed its name to Distance Education. We thank you for your patience as we work to complete the changes to website by the middle of summer.

What Are Online Based or Distance Education classes?

Online-based courses, also called Distance Education classes, may take two different forms:

Online classes are taken exclusively over the Internet. Please note that, while some online courses provide all instructional content over the Internet, others may require some on-campus meetings. Please see the course schedule or WebAdvisor for more information.

Hybrid classes meet both on campus and online. Think of them as a combination or blending of online classes and face-to-face classes.

In a hybrid class, you will attend meetings on campus during the dates and times listed in the schedule of classes. Since the on-campus portion of hybrid classes could take place at any of our three colleges (Riverside City, Norco or Moreno Valley), hybrid classes are listed in the schedule by the college where the on-campus meetings will take place.

Are there Face-to-Face classes that use the Internet?

Web-Enhanced classes are traditional face-to-face classes that are supplemented with course websites and the use of Internet resources. Unlike hybrid or fully-online classes, all web-enhanced class meetings take place on campus.

Where Do I Start?

For more information about Blackboard and support, visit
Students page


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