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Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorneys

Offering expert advice and bankruptcy help to consumers and businesses

The experienced attorneys at The Vida Law Firm, PLLC represent individuals and small businesses throughout the Fort Worth, Texas area in all kinds of bankruptcy proceedings. If you or your organization is facing financial difficulties, mounting bills, foreclosure and repossession proceedings, or harassing collection activity, you can rely on our skilled Fort Worth bankruptcy advice.

Although the prospect of bankruptcy may seem intimidating, a qualified attorney can offer Fort Worth bankruptcy help to guide you through each step of the process. The attorneys at The Vida Law Firm, PLLC can represent you and your interests to creditors, the trustee, and the court, helping you reorganize debts and make a fresh start.

Bankruptcy in Fort Worth – We specialize in cases like yours

With nearly 70 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have the skills and experience to guide you or your business through even the most complex Chapter 7. Chapter 11. or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Fort Worth.

Behrooz Vida and Richard Venable are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as specialists in consumer bankruptcy law. Mr. Vida is also a specialist in business bankruptcy law, and is the recipient of Martindale-Hubbell’s prestigious AV peer rating. indicating the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards. Carla Reed Vida is an exceptional Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney with strong capabilities in all areas of personal and business bankruptcy in Fort Worth. and a Master of Business Administration degree.

Fort Worth bankruptcy help advice – We have your best interests in mind

At The Vida Law Firm, PLLC, we meet with you personally to examine your financial situation and explore all possible Fort Worth bankruptcy options. Once you have decided what is best for you, your family, or your business, we move quickly to ensure that you can begin rebuilding your finances as soon as possible.

Call us for bankruptcy help in Fort Worth

To schedule a free initial consultation, contact The Vida Law Firm, PLLC today. You can call us at (817) 803-3365 or contact us online for bankruptcy advice in Fort Worth.

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation Companies #credit, #card, #debt, #consolidation, #loan, #student,


Credit Card Debt Consolidation
This site is a quick and easy way to find out information about consolidating credit card debt. If you are searching for a company to help you consolidate unsecured debt (such as credit cards), we can help you find the popular online companies that offer these services.

Credit card debt consolidation is a fairly simple process, but it does take some time. It is a process that is perfectly suited for doing online. The companies that we list on these pages all specialize in debt consolidation and are all reasonably well known.

We don’t perform credit card debt consolidation, but we can tell you the top companies that do.

Free Debt Consolidation simple debt consolidation service, not a loan, they actually reduce your interest and payments.

DebtWave do you have past due bills? Get a free debt help quote and work to get debt free.

DebtWave can help with your debt problems.
DebtWave have helped many people settle their debts, avoid filing bankruptcy and build strong and secure futures. With their debt settlement system, they will negotiate on your behalf to actually reduce your debt allowing you to make your payments.

If your credit report is all messed up, you need to get it fixed. You can either try and fix it yourself or find a company to help you out. Lexington Law are experts at correcting bad reports.
Find out more .

Check out our entire list of debt consolidation programs.
If you have too much unsecured debt, you can consolidate your current debts with home refinance and relief programs, but be careful before you guarantee your home for past unsecured bills.

Credit Card Debt

DebtWave will help you regain control of your unsecured debt. A popular choice.

If you just need a little help making it to the next pay check, applying for a short term loan online may help by providing you with a fast and convenient solution. It can be done 100% online, with approval in minutes, and you can have your money fast.

It takes just a few minutes to apply for a payday loan online. You can get a fast approval notice, but they are pretty expensive in fees and interest.

Short term loans can be a fast and effective solution to your short term financial needs. Be sure to check all costs and compare your options.

Need help budgeting your money? Try Mvelopes Personal.

Before you enter into a consolidation program, make sure you get all the information on the risk factors to avoid.


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Charleston SC Bankruptcy Lawyer #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer,


Experienced Charleston, South Carolina, Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you face difficult financial challenges, life can seem overwhelming. Understand, though, that you are not alone, and we are here to help. At The Law Office of Lauren Clark, L.L.C. we work with clients in South Carolina who are dealing with issues of debt, foreclosure and financial situations that seem unmanageable. We want to do the same for you.

Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect you and to help you move forward to a more successful financial future. Attorney Lauren Clark will help you get started by reviewing your debt situation and advising you about your full range of options. If bankruptcy is the right solution for your circumstances, we will guide you through all phases of the process.

Contact The Law Office of Lauren Clark to schedule a free case evaluation. We are dedicated to providing high-quality legal services at reasonable costs to meet your specific needs.

Make Educated Decisions About Your Future With A Charleston Debt Relief Lawyer

The decision to file for bankruptcy is not a decision that most people anticipate making in their lives. Despite the fact that millions of people have successfully used bankruptcy as a tool for debt relief, there are still many myths and incorrect assumptions that dissuade some people from filing. You should not feel embarrassed about taking back control of your future. You have rights under the law, including the right to take action to get rid of debt, protect your property and restore your financial health.

Our law firm can walk you through every step of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and help you address related issues of foreclosure, repossession, creditor harassment and lawsuits.

Contact The Law Office Of Lauren Clark, L.L.C.

Learn more about your debt relief options by speaking with a lawyer about the advantages and disadvantages of bankruptcy. For a free initial consultation, contact us by filling out our online form or by calling 843-284-7405 (local) or 855-684-8149 (toll free). We advise and represent clients in Charleston and the surrounding communities of South Carolina.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Why Choose Us?

  • We take the time to understand your specific circumstances.
  • You get personalized service from attorney Lauren Clark every step of the way.
  • No matter how complex your situation may be, we can help. We handle all aspects of consumer bankruptcy.
  • We provide a free case evaluation to help you understand your debt relief options.
  • If you ever have questions or concerns about your case, we are always accessible and ready to help.

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Help for IRS Tax Problems #irs #tax #problems, #irs #debt, #tax


Help for IRS Tax Problems

Ignoring IRS tax problems can be a costly mistake. If you owe back taxes and don t deal with your tax debt, penalties and interest will add up and the IRS may resort to liens, levies, or wage garnishment to recover their money. If you re in this situation, there is hope. The trusted tax professionals at Frank E. Nute CPA, LLC, a Edina, MN CPA firm, are ready to find a permanent solution to your tax problems with the IRS.

For most taxpayers, trying to deal with the IRS is stressful, confusing, and ultimately unsuccessful. But when you turn to Frank E. Nute CPA, LLC for assistance, we ll work directly with the IRS on your behalf. We know their rules, understand their tactics, and can speak their language to negotiate a fair payment plan or help you take advantage of an appropriate tax relief program.

Contact us at 952-405-2082 now or request a consultation online. We ll examine your situation and recommend a course of action that will resolve your tax problems as quickly as possible while minimizing the impact on your finances.

Our wealth of experience in tax resolution means we can assist with audits, resolve payroll tax problems, file back taxes and more.

We’ll work with the IRS on your behalf to find the best solution for you like an offer in compromise or installment agreement.

Trying to handle tax problems on your own is timely and confusing. You can trust our experience to get the job done.


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Industrial standby generator #1mw #generator, #1000kw #generator, #turbine #engine, #emergency #generator,


Turbine Marine (TM) Compact Series Portable Generators

For dependable power in a compact, lightweight, easy-to-maintain unit

1.1 MW Turbine-powered Portable Standby Generator

Turbine Marine Inc. has developed the Compact Series 1.1 MW turbine-powered portable standby generator . It is emergency industrial equipment that is so small and lightweight it can be easily towed with a standard size pick-up truck, or airlifted by helicopter as its weight is approximately 8500 lbs. and its overall dimensions are 12 L x 5 W x 7.5 H. Its enclosure is sleek and aerodynamic to reduce drag while in tow or flight. The Compact Series 1.1 Megawatt generator (1,100 Kilowatts) is powered by military Lycoming T-53, 1,475 Hp turbine engines. It has the capability of using multiple fuels including, but not limited to; jet, diesel, gasoline and bio-fuels, without any changes to the unit by the user. A natural gas version is also available.

See what Distributed Energy Magazine had to say about our portable turbine generators

See the Advantages of using the Compact Series portable turbine generators.

The COMPACT SERIES is an emergency power generator manufactured using only the highest industry standard components, such as Stamford NewAge Generators (alternators) and Woodward Electrical controls for engine management and electrical current monitoring. The unit has a full digital control panel that is also capable of synchronizing multiple generator units. The 1.1 MW generator assemblies can be ordered in any Hz or voltage configuration that the application may demand.

The high-tech carbon fiber composite, fully weatherproofed enclosure, houses a self monitoring safety and engine shut down system. The enclosure also incorporates a dust / saltwater mist air filtration system for both the engine and alternator. This filtration system will allow proper operation in any conditions land or sea. The emergency back up generator assembly is trailer-mounted for easy mobility. The trailer is a quick- mount system that can be removed in minutes if a skid version is needed.

850 KW Turbine-powered Portable Standby Generator

Turbine Marine Inc. also reveals its Compact Series 850KW turbine-powered portable standby generator . This unit has the same features as the 1.1MW Series. It is also lightweight, portable, multi-fuel capable and is built with the best industry quality components.

All of our generators are easily serviceable throughout the world.


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IRS Fresh Start Program Offers Penalty Relief and Eases Installment Payment


IRS Fresh Start Program Offers Penalty Relief and Eases Installment Payment Eligibility Rules

The Fresh Start program was started by the IRS in 2011 to help taxpayers struggling to keep up with paying their taxes in a bad economy. The original program aimed to help taxpayers by easing policies related to tax liens, installment agreements, and Offers in Compromise. The IRS recently expanded the program by adding new tax penalty relief provisions for the unemployed and underemployed and easing eligibility requirements for entering into installment agreements.

New Penalty Relief Grace Period

Under the expanded provisions of Fresh Start, eligible taxpayers will be granted a six month grace period on failure-to-pay penalties that would otherwise start to accrue after the April 17, 2012 filing deadline. Normally, taxpayers are assessed a .5% penalty on unpaid taxes each month, with a cap at 25% of the taxpayer s total tax liability. Under the new Fresh Start provisions, taxpayers will be granted a six month reprieve from this penalty, allowing them more time (until October 15 th ) to pay their taxes without accruing additional penalties.

In order to be eligible for the new penalty relief, a taxpayer must be either:

  • a wage earner who was unemployed at least 30 consecutive days during 2011 or 2012 up to the April 17th filing deadline, or
  • a self-employed individual who experienced a 25 percent or greater reduction in business income in 2011 due to the economy.

In addition, the taxpayer s income must not exceed $200,000 for married couples filing jointly or $100,000 for single tax filers. Taxpayers who owe more than $50,000 to the IRS for calendar year 2011 are not eligible for failure-to-pay penalty relief.

Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements and wants to apply for relief must file new IRS Form 1127-A. The form asks for your 2011 adjusted gross income and tax liability and the reasons you are requesting relief. It is available on the IRS website at .

Taxpayers who are granted this relief will have until October 15, 2012 to pay their 2011 taxes. At that time, they must pay in full any taxes, interest, and other penalties owed to the IRS. No additional penalty will be charged for late payment during the grace period, but any other penalties must be paid at that time. In addition, interest continues to accrue at a rate of 3% on all unpaid taxes during the grace period. So, taxpayers who take advantage of the six month grace period must also pay all interest due for 2011, including interest that accrues during the six month grace period.

Finally, taxpayers must still file their tax returns on time, meaning April 17th. Fresh Start only grants a temporary reprieve from failure-to-pay penalties, not from failure-to-file penalties.

Installment Agreement Eligibility

Taxpayers having trouble meeting their tax obligations can seek to enter into an installment agreement with the IRS. Under these arrangements, taxpayers who owe taxes are allowed to stretch their payments over time instead of having to pay the IRS a lump sum. Under the new Fresh Start provisions, anyone wishing to enter into an installment agreement with the IRS will have an easier time doing so because the threshold for qualifying without having to provide a financial statement was increased from $25,000 to $50,000. In addition, the timeline for paying taxes owed under an installment agreement was increased to 72 months from 60 months.

For more information on the IRS Fresh Start Program, see the IRS website at .

Talk to a Tax attorney.


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