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Troubleshooting Remote Desktop

Ever since the release of Windows XP, one of my favorite features as always been Remote Desktop. In case you re not familiar with Remote Desktop, it is a built-in Windows feature that allows you to connect to your computer remotely by using the RDP protocol. For example, if you are at home and you need to access something from your computer at the office, you could use a Remote Desktop session to remotely control your office PC from home. Remote Desktop is built on the same technology, and uses the same protocol as the Windows Terminal Services.

As handy as Remote Desktop is, it can sometimes be problematic. While the sessions are usually solid, there are a number of things that can go wrong during the connection and authentication process. In this article, I will explore some various troubleshooting techniques that you can use when things go wrong with Remote Desktop.

The Remote Computer Cannot be Found

Probably the most common Remote Desktop problem is that Remote Desktop has trouble locating the remote PC. There are a number of things that can cause this problem. Probably the simplest cause is misspelling the name of the remote computer. Therefore, if you re having trouble connecting to remote computer, just take a second and make sure that you ve spelled the remote machine s name correctly.

If the remote computer s name is spelled correctly, the problem may be DNS related. Remote Desktop uses the RDP protocol, which piggybacks on top of the TCP/IP protocol. As you probably know, TCP/IP does not use computer names as a mechanism for identifying the systems. The only reason that it is possible to specify a computer name is because a DNS server resolves the computer name to an IP address.

If you find yourself having name resolution problems, there are a couple of different things that you can try. One option is to try using the remote system s fully qualified domain name as opposed to its NetBIOS name. This won t always help you to establish a connection, but in certain situations it will help.

Another option is to specify the remote machine’s IP address rather than its name. Generally speaking, using an IP address tends to be much less problematic than using a host name when connecting. Even IP addresses can be problematic, though.

The biggest factor that tends to make connecting with IP addresses problematic is the use of dynamic IP addresses. If you are using Remote Desktop to connect to a server, this probably won t be an issue, because most servers use static IP addresses. Workstations, on the other hand, almost always use dynamic IP addresses. Therefore, the IP address that your workstation is using today will probably be assigned to a different workstation tomorrow. If the machine that you are connecting to does use dynamic IP addresses, then you will practically have no choice but to specify a host name when connecting rather than specifying the machine s IP address.

Another factor that can make it difficult to connect to a host machine using remote desktop is firewalls. The Remote Desktop Protocol is designed to work across TCP port 3389. If you are attempting to connect to a remote machine that sits behind a firewall, then the firewall must allow traffic to flow through TCP port 3389. Of course blindly opening this port on your firewall can pose a huge security risk. You might choose instead to enable port forwarding so that inbound RDP traffic is forwarded to a specific IP address, rather than someone on the outside being able to attempt an RDP connection to any machine on your network.

On many networks, you won t have a choice but to use port forwarding for RDP traffic. The majority of networks use private IP addresses on their networks, and only the router uses a public IP address. The router uses Network Address Translation (NAT) to proxy traffic between the Internet and hosts on the private network. If you are trying to establish an RDP connection from across the Internet with a host that sits behind a NAT firewall, then you will have to configure the firewall to forward RDP traffic to the target host.

Of course this assumes that you are attempting to establish a connection directly from outside the perimeter network. If you are connecting to the private network using a VPN or a dial up connection, then you will have to worry about reconfiguring a NAT firewall, because your VPN or dial-up connection provides you with a connection to the private network. The remote access server that is used for establishing VPN or dial-up connections almost always sits behind a firewall, and you ll have to insure that this firewall allows RDP traffic to flow to the private network.

While I am on the subject of firewalls, I want to point out that Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista both contain a built-in firewall. If you are attempting to establish a connection to a machine running one of these operating systems, you ll have to insure that the Windows firewall is configured to allow RDP traffic.

Authentication Problems

Establishing the initial connection is by far the most problematic aspect of Remote Desktop, but there are other problems that you may encounter. Many users are surprised to see that they can attach to a remote PC, and enter their credentials, but are stopped by the following error message:

The local policy of the system does not permit you to log on interactively.

Windows displays this error message if the user who s logging lacks the necessary permissions to log in using the Remote Desktop Protocol. You can correct the problem by adding the user account to the Remote Desktop Users group or to the local Administrators group.

Data Encryption

One of the most cryptic problems with Remote Desktop involves receiving the following error message:

Because of an error in data encryption, this session will end. Please try connecting to the remote computer again.

This error message is almost always related to using an outdated remote desktop (or terminal service) client. When Microsoft released Windows 2000, they created an add-on called the Administration Tool Pack. The Administration Tool Pack included a client component that could be used to establish a remote session. Although this client initially appears to be compatible with Windows XP, it isn’t. Using the Windows 2000 version of the Administration Tool Pack to establish a Remote Desktop session with Windows XP will usually trigger the error message that I mentioned above.

Windows XP comes with its own Remote Desktop client that you can use to establish a connection with other machines that are running Windows XP. If you prefer using the Administration Tool Pack though, then you can always upgrade to the Windows Server 2003 version, which you can download at:


Although Remote Desktop usually works fairly well, it can sometimes be difficult to establish an initial connection. In this article, I have discussed some of the most common causes of Remote Desktop problems and some possible work arounds.

Brien Posey

Brien Posey is a freelance technology author and speaker with over two decades of IT experience. Prior to going freelance, Brien was a CIO for a national chain of hospitals and healthcare facilities. He has also served as a network engineer for the United States Department of Defense at Fort Knox. In addition, Brien has worked as a network administrator for some of the largest insurance companies in America. To date, Brien has received Microsoft’s MVP award numerous times in categories including Windows Server, IIS, Exchange Server, and File Systems / Storage. You can visit Brien’s Website at:

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    Remote MySQL connection fails (10060) – Server Fault #mysql #remote #connection


    When I am trying to connect to a MySQL database from a remote computer I get a prompt saying: Connection Failed: [HY000] [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver]Can’t Connect to MySQL server on ‘XXX.XXX.XX.XX’ (10060)

    I have created a user account in the MySQL Administrator and added a host to enable remote access, I have also made an exception for my Windows Firewall on port 3306 but the connection still fails.

    What is the problem?

    Check the mysql configuration: /etc/my.cnf

    and comment out:

    Now it will be listening to TCP/IP ports, however you have usually blocked direct access to MySQL via the firewall anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem. You can now SSH in over TCP/IP as ” localhost ” to the MySQL server.

    e.g. Windows bat file, PuTTY tunnel:

    If you have XAMPP/MySQL running on your local machine, change the above port to 3307. ie:

    But that’s not a good idea. If you are going to access the database from another remote server, why don’t you place a file inside your site with some security such htpasswd protection or some authentication module.

    If you are going to get data of a mysql server to another server, be precise with the requirement.

    If it’s just for data synchronization, go for db server concepts.

    answered Apr 30 ’10 at 13:04

    The error 10060 means that you are not allowed to access the web server remotely. Therefore

    1. Make sure that you are using the correct IP-address of the MySQL server.
    2. The rest of the parameters of your connection are the same.
    3. Use the % wildcard for the host part of the user account to allow connect from any host (see Adding User Accounts article).

    answered May 29 at 9:28

    The likely culprit that people often forget is:

    This step is needed to be able to connect from the computer 123.456.789.123 More information and a more complete guide can be found at Holicreature’s link.

    answered Apr 30 ’10 at 13:07

    Permission gives a different error code. jweyrich Apr 30 ’10 at 13:08

    I had exactly the same issue communicating between a MSSQL Server database on one (Win2008) server and a MySQL database on another.

    I had already created an ODBC connection between one MSSQL Server and the MySQL server a couple of years ago; primarily to allow me to create a Linked Server object on the MSSQL Server.

    When trying to create an ODBC connection from a different server I receive the same error:

    After following some of the suggestions in the answers found here, I decided to check the firewall rules on the (Win2008) server hosting MySQL.

    I had an inbound rule set up that locked port 3306 down to be accessible only from a list of IP addresses. Once I added my latest server’s IP to the list, I was able to connect.


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    MobaXterm Xserver with SSH, telnet, RDP, VNC and X11 #x #server,


    In order to install these plugins, just download them and put them in the same directory than MobaXterm executable.
    If you need to enhance MobaXterm with extra tools and commands, you can also use the MobApt package manager. type MobApt (or apt-get ) inside MobaXterm terminal.

    CygUtils.plugin. Collection of core UNIX tools for Windows

    Corkscrew. Corkscrew allows to tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies

    Curl. Curl is a command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax

    CvsClient. A command line tool to access CVS repositories

    Gcc, G++ and development tools. the GNU C/C++ compiler and other development tools

    DnsUtils. This plugin includes some useful utilities for host name resolution: dig, host, nslookup and nsupdate.

    E2fsProgs. Utilities for creating, fixing, configuring, and debugging ext2/3/4 filesystems.

    Emacs. The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor

    Exif. Command-line utility to show EXIF information hidden in JPEG files.

    FVWM2. A light but powerful window manager for X11.

    File. Determines file type using magic numbers.

    Fontforge. A complete font editor with many features

    GFortran. The GNU Fortran compiler.

    Git. A fast and powerful version control system.

    Gvim. The Vim editor with a GTK interface

    Httperf. A tool for measuring web server performance.

    Joe. Fast and simple editor which emulates 5 other editors.

    Lftp. Sophisticated file transfer program and ftp/http/bittorrent client.

    Lrzsz. Unix communication package providing the XMODEM, YMODEM ZMODEM file transfer protocols.

    Lynx. A text-mode web browser.

    MPlayer. The ultimate video player

    Midnight Commander. Midnight Commander is a feature rich text mode visual file manager.

    Mosh. MOSH has been included into MobaXterm main executable in version 7.1 directly in the sessions manager. This plugin is deprecated.

    Multitail. Program for monitoring multiple log files, in the fashion of the original tail program.

    NEdit. NEdit is a multi-purpose text editor for the X Window System.

    Node.js. Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. This plugin does not include NPM.

    OpenSSL. A toolkit implementing SSL v2/v3 and TLS protocols.

    PdKsh. A KSH shell open-source implementation.

    Perl. Larry Wall’s Practical Extracting and Report Language

    Png2Ico. Png2Ico Converts PNG files to Windows icon resource files.

    Python. An interpreted, interactive object-oriented programming language.

    Ruby. Interpreted object-oriented scripting language.

    Screen. Screen is a terminal multiplexer and window manager that runs many separate ‘screens’ on a single physical character-based terminal.

    Sqlite3. Software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.

    SquashFS. mksquashfs and unsquashfs tools allow you to create/unpack squashfs filesystems from Windows.

    Subversion (SVN). Subversion is a powerful version control system.

    Tcl / Tk / Expect. Tcl is a simple-to-learn yet very powerful language. Tk is its graphical toolkit. Expect is an automation tool for terminal.

    X11Fonts. Complete set of fonts for X11 server.

    X3270Suite. IBM 3270 terminal emulator for Windows.

    XServers. Xephyr, Xnest, Xdmx, Xvfb and Xfake alternate X11 servers.

    Xmllint. A command line XML tool.

    Zip. Zip compression utility.

    Snaphat also bundled some other plugins (Python, Cmake, Graphviz, Lua, Readline and CGDB) that you can download from his website .
    Rthomson also bundled a “Tmux” plugin that you can download from his website .

    Sources for each plugins are available here.
    Each license can be found in the corresponding source package.


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    Shipping: Shipping cost are based on method you choose, weight and destination zone. All shipping costs can be quoted on our online order form prior to completing your order. No shipping is done on Holidays or weekends. International orders are shipped thru the US Post Office Priority Mail International only. We reserve the right to alter the shipping method due to excessive volume or weight. Allow 2 to 4 business days for Priority Mail thru the US Post Office. Allow 4 to 7 business days for First Class Mail thru the US Post Office. Allow 4 to 7 business days for delivery thru UPS ground. Allow 15 to 20 business days for International shipments.

    Warranty Information: All items on our web site are brand new. All items carry a 1 year factory warranty, unless posted on our web site as �non returnable�. If the item you purchased from us fails in the first 30 days, you may send the item back to us and we will replace it at no charge. After the initial 30 day period, the product is replaced at no charge, but the customer is responsible for shipping both ways. Also, experience tells us that most items returned with claims to be �defective�, are in fact not defective. Some items we can test while others we cannot. So, if we need to send out a no charge replacement item for a claimed defective product, and it does not work or solve the problem, then the shipping and handling charge will be assessed on the returned goods.

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    LIRC – Linux Infrared Remote Control #linux,kernel #module,remote #control,multimedia,rc5,recs-80

    #Commercially available:

    • Anir Multimedia Magic
    • ATI/NVidia/X10 I II RF Remote
    • Bluetooth mobile phones
    • Creative iNFRA CDROM
    • Creative Infra Receiver/CIMR100
    • Creative LiveDrive
    • Dangerous Prototypes IR-Toy
    • Iguanaworks serial port transceiver
    • Iguanaworks USB transceiver
    • Y.A.R.D.2 Do-it-yourself IR transciever kit.
    • InnovationOne’s COMMANDIR USB Transceiver
    • IR Blaster devices
    • Ira (InfraRed Adapter)
    • IRdeo
    • Irman
    • IR Trans
    • Logitech/AST
    • X10 MP3 Anywhere RF receiver
    • Packard Bell receiver
    • PCMAK
    • PixelView RemoteMaster
    • Pinnacle Systems PCTV (pro) receiver
    • REALmagic by Sigma Designs
    • Remotec Multimedia PC Remote BW6130
    • Sasem OnAir Remocon-V
    • Silitek SM-1000
    • Sound Blaster Extigy/Audigy 2 NX
    • Soundgraph iMON
    • Streamzap PC Remote
    • Tira
    • Windows Media Center Remote (new and old version)
    • X10 MouseRemote

    • Remote controls bundled with TV cards
    • Miro PCTV receiver
    • Technisat MediaFocus I

    • IrDA compatible hardware
    • Built-in IrDA ports (SIR mode, available in notebooks)
    • Actisys Act200L
    • Actisys Act220L(+)
    • Tekram Irmate 210

    Supported remote controls

    Linux Related Links

    1999 Karsten Scheibler Christoph Bartelmus

    What is LIRC ?

    LIRC is a package that allows you to decode and send infra-red signals of many (but not all) commonly used remote controls.

    Recent linux kernels makes it possible to use some IR remote controls as regular input devices. Sometimes this makes LIRC redundant. However, LIRC offers more flexibility and functionality and is still the right tool in a lot of scenarios.

    The most important part of LIRC is the lircd daemon which decodes IR signals received by the device drivers and provides the information on a socket. It also accepts commands for IR signals to be sent if the hardware supports this.

    The user space applications allows you to control your computer with your remote control. You can send X11 events to applications, start programs and much more on just one button press. The possible applications are obvious: Infra-red mouse, remote control for your TV tuner card or CD-ROM, shutdown by remote, program your VCR and/or satellite tuner with your computer, etc. Using lirc on Raspberry Pie is quite popular these days.

    Supported remote controls

    There are some config files for remote controls at the remotes database. This is about 2500 devices and counting. These devices should work with the general drivers or (if it lacks timing info) the driver used to create them.

    If you can’t find your remote control here it does not mean that your remote control is not supported. It’s just that there is no config file for it yet. All remote controls that are supported by learning remote controls i.e. almost any, should also work with LIRC.

    Supported capture devices

    Besides a remote control you also need a capture device to read the data from the remote. Former versions focussed on home-brew capture hardware connected to the serial or parallel port. Descriptions how to build such hardware can be found here. Current versions of LIRC also support a broad range of other hardware. As a starter, you can use the kernel built-in support for many USB dongles and similar. Besides this LIRC supports basically any conceivable way to capture your data including serial devices, parallel ports, sound input etc. You can see the complete list in the left pane.


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    Sagacious Consultants #epic #consulting, #ehr, #sagacious, #sagacious #consultants, #healthcare, #epic, #best




    Within its first five years, Sagacious Consultants ascended to a Best in KLAS* consulting firm and landed on Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work. Sagacious Consultants is now part of Accenture, expanding its breadth of services and geographies served.

    As EHR systems have become more widely adopted, Sagacious Consultants has increasingly focused on strategic projects that enable healthcare organizations to meet their biggest operational goals. Using proven methodologies for revenue and clinical transformations, Sagacious Consultants helps clients improve KPIs, enhance provider efficiency, and increase patient satisfaction.

    The team now includes hundreds of EHR-certified consultants, from licensed clinicians, former CIOs, and other experienced professionals, bringing diverse perspective and insight to clients worldwide.

    The Sagacious Advantage is simple: We combine technical acumen with intimate knowledge of the healthcare space to achieve meaningful results. Combined with Accenture, Sagacious Consultants delivers exceptional value to clients and contributes to the transformation of healthcare through technology with greater impact.

    *Sagacious Consultants ranked #1 for Implementation Clinical – Supportive in the 2013 Best in KLAS Awards: Software Services report. © 2014 KLAS Enterprises, LLC | All rights reserved.

    Simple and based on a single principle – our customers’ success is a direct measure of our own. To measure success we use three metrics: timeline, budget and end-user adoption. Other healthcare consulting organizations may agree on this, but the difference with Sagacious Consultants is we have the software expertise and experience to make it happen.

    We recruit only the best consultants and embody a healthy work/life balance, boasting one of the highest retention rates in the industry! In turn, our customers receive uncompromised results. Our employees provide in depth knowledge of Epic software, project management skills to keep a project on time and on budget and the experience necessary to mesh industry best practices with the organization’s needs.

    Sagacious Consultants understands that success brings social responsibility. We pride ourselves by delivering like no other healthcare consulting firm by providing a significant portion of profits to our employees’ and customers’ local charities.

    Sagacious Consultants is an innovative consulting firm dedicated to making healthcare better from patient to provider.

    Sagacious accomplishes this by providing the top echelon of Epic consultants to our partners, ranging from large academic healthcare organizations to local community clinics. Our mission to our employees is to treat each one as an individual, with the utmost respect, and to provide them with a culture that promotes personal and professional happiness, growth and diversity, and which rewards achievements.

    Our mission to our clients is to engage with them as partners, and to provide superior results by leveraging our consultants’ technical expertise in conjunction with our intimate knowledge of the healthcare space. With a strong focus on collaboration, both internally and with our clients, Sagacious Consultants guarantees to surpass expectations.

    Sagacious Consultants will continue to grow in prominence and expertise with a focus on sustainability.

    We will remain committed to our core values by only employing the best and brightest employees, fostering an inclusive, yet elite corporate culture, and providing superior consultants and customer service to our clients.

    Since our inception in 2009, Sagacious Consultants has been wholeheartedly committed to supporting the community, both near and far. It is because of this commitment that we donate a significant amount of money to nonprofit, charitable organizations which have a direct impact on the communities of our clients and our employees. These organizations support diverse causes such as medical research, support for animals, women’s rights and healthcare, early childhood education, support services for veterans, as well as many other causes.

    A new benefit introduced to all employees in 2012 allows each employee to choose a charitable organization for Sagacious to make a donation to on their behalf. As Sagacious has continued to grow, this has allowed the amount of contributions, as well as the organizations benefiting from these contributions, to grow substantially over time. Please see the graphic to the right for Sagacious’ annual contributions since inception.

    “This has been a very positive impact to our organization and I do feel that we would not be so successful if he would not have been part of the project.”

    “She hit the ground running. Her experience paid immediate dividends.”

    “As a former Epic TS, he was effective and productive for us from the first hour in our organization. He was always finishing ahead of time or on time.”

    “Not all Epic consultants are created equal and he definitely can cover a wide array of topics.”

    “He has a very in depth understanding of the Epic system and was able to apply his knowledge to help us with many issues.”

    “Her deep knowledge of Epic Willow has made her an extremely valuable member of the team.

    “Extremely efficient and thorough.” “Very efficient, effective, knowledgeable, thorough.”

    “He has been so willing to take on as much as we give him, with great outcomes.”

    “I was not expecting to be able to complete as many issues as we were able to.”

    “Willing to help on issues not assigned to him and able to provide details of issue that we would get from our EPIC TS. This saved us time on resolution.”

    “She was extremely helpful to everyone.”

    “He was constantly finishing issues that needed to be completed regardless if it was for Claims, HB, or anyone else that asked for his help

    Sagacious Consultants has worked with over 100 Epic healthcare organizations across the nation. These organizations range from the largest of hospital networks to smaller, physician practice only organizations. The projects range from full life-cycle implementations to upgrades and from big-bang installs to rollouts. We have provided clients with consultants in nearly every application. We are more than happy to provide referrals upon request.

    • Majority former-Epic employees

    • Certified in all Epic applications

    • Experienced with all phases of implementation

    • Senior level consultants

    • Success through collaboration: internal Sharepoint promotes synergy

    Sagacious Consultants has worked with over 100 clients across the nation varying in size, scope, complexity and business structure:

    • Pediatric organizations such as Texas Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Omaha, and Seattle Children’s Hospital

    • Religious organizations such as Bon Secours Health System and Baptist Health System

    • Higher Learning institutions such as University of California San Francisco, University of Colorado Hospital, and University of Maryland Medical Services

    • Private, Public, or FQHC organizations such as Providence Health Services, Harris County Hospital District, Hennepin County Medical Center, and Access Community Health Network

    Sagacious Consultants is painting the map red with over 100 clients and 200+ employees in 41 states.




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    Diy alarm kits #cabin,camp,camper,construction,storage,trailer,construction #storage #trailer,storage #shed,rv,alarm,security #system,cabin #alarm,cabin #robbery,camp #robbery,camper


    Be Prepared and Protect Your Property!
    Doing nothing and worrying only helps the criminals rob you and steal your property.

    We are an AMERICAN BUSINESS that manufactures and sells a unique 12V DC Alarm Systems at a
    reasonable price. Our Alarms have been protecting remote Cabins, Cottages, Sheds, RVs, Trailers,
    Storage Units, Construction Trailers, ISO / Intermodal Containers (Conex Boxes) and many other types
    of properties since 2004.

    You’ll find our Cabin, Shed and Trailer Alarm Systems working hard protecting properties in the USA,
    Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

    Take steps to protect your property and don’t help the crooks steal what you’ve worked so hard for!

    Visitors to Our Site

    Sun Wind and Wire LLC / is a home based business located on the edge of the forests of Western NY and
    Northern PA. We design, manufacture and sell security systems for properties that don’t have power.

    We take pride in making and selling a quality product at a very reasonable price. We use our products to protect our personal
    properties so we know it works.

    Our Mission is to provide a quality product that’s easy to install and to provide protection where other alarm systems just don’t
    seem to work. is owned and operated by Sun Wind and Wire LLC. 3 Frink Ave. Jamestown NY. 14701 ph 716-665-4692

    Our Main Products

    TrailerAlarm Security System Kits

    Other Uses for these Kits

    Construction or ContractorsStorageTrailers
    Both the Shed and Trailer Alarm Systems can be used as security systems for Construction or Contractor
    Storage Trailers. Both systems were designed to run off 12V batteries you can buy at any auto parts store.
    These systems won’t draw power until they are activated.

    Barns or Outbuildings without Power
    You can use the Shed Alarm kit for Barns or Outbuildings that don’t have AC power. If you would like more
    sirens or switches, they can be added to your shopping cart at a minimal cost.

    Special or Custom Uses
    If you have a unique situation and you would like us to configure a Custom Kit please contact us and we’ll do
    our best to put a kit together for you. Other options like Remote Keyfob Arming, AC Power Supplies, Special
    Configurations can be handled using our On-Line Itemized Invoice System that can be reviewed and modified
    until we find something that will work for your situation. The Invoice can be payed using Paypal or Credit Card.

    Shed Alarm Kit
    PN 30003

    This Shed Alarm Kit is designed for sheds, barns,
    contractor / construction trailers, or storage
    containers that don’t have AC power. It doesn’t
    use power until its activated.

    The loud siren is designed to notify neighbors and
    the flashing strobe will remain on just in case the
    siren was missed. If someone breaks into your
    shed or outbuilding while you are away and
    nobody is around to hear the siren, the strobe
    light on your shed or outbuilding will keep flashing
    to indicate that you have had a break in.

    No Shed Alarm Security System can guarantee
    you won’t get robbed, but most crooks want the
    easy way out and this Shed Alarm System makes
    robbing and ransacking property that’s usually
    easy pickings much more difficult. Burglars don’t
    like loud sirens and flashing lights and this Shed
    Alarm Security System will blow their plans.

    Trailer Alarm Kit
    PN 30002

    This economically priced Trailer Alarm Kit is
    designed for trailers used to carry 4-wheelers,
    snowmobiles, motor cycles, tools, automobiles,
    etc. It doesn’t require power until its activated so
    your battery will last for months before requiring
    maintenance or a re-charge .

    The loud siren is designed to notify you of a
    break-in and the flashing strobe will remain on just
    in case the siren was missed. If someone breaks
    into your trailer while you are away, the strobe
    light will keep flashing to indicate that you have
    had a break in.

    No Trailer Security System can guarantee you
    won’t get robbed, but most crooks want the easy
    way out and this Trailer Alarm System makes
    stealing your property much more difficult.
    Burglars don’t like loud sirens and flashing lights
    and this Trailer Alarm Security System will send
    them on their way.

    This unique Cabin / Camp Alarm Security System
    Kit is designed for remote properties that don’t
    have AC power. It doesn’t use power until its
    activated and the loud sirens are made to notify
    far off neighbors and move intruders out and
    away from your property.

    Many people believe that alarms don’t work for
    Remote Cabins or Camps but opportunistic
    crooks don’t expect them and don’t plan on them.
    If this Cabin Alarm is activated it makes a lot of of
    noise (inside and out) and it will put the power in
    your favor.

    No Cabin Alarm Security System can guarantee
    you won’t get robbed, but most crooks want the
    easy way out and this Cabin Alarm Security
    System makes robbing and ransacking your
    property difficult and frightening. They won’t know
    who or what is coming next.


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    How to Use the Remote Desktop Connection in XP (with Pictures)


    How to Use the Remote Desktop Connection in XP

    How to Connect a Desktop to a Laptop

    How to Use the Encrypted File System(Efs)

    How to Reset a Windows XP or Vista Password

    How to Install Windows XP

    How to Fix the Volume on Your Computer in Windows

    How to Make Windows XP Genuine Forever

    How to Install Windows Xp Mode in Windows 7

    How to Speed up a Windows XP Computer

    How to Do a Windows XP “Repair Install”

    How to Reinstall Windows XP Without the CD


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    PROXY Pro PC Remote Desktop Software & Remote Access #top #


    PROXY Pro
    Remote Desktop Software

    Improve Remote Desktop Support with Proxy Pro 9

    With Proxy Networks, you can provide remote desktop and troubleshoot PCs, servers and mobile devices securely. Our encryption, authentication and privileged access management allows our customers to define their own security levels and flexible remote access policies.
    PROXY Pro is easy to use and designed to fit any budget, making it easy to meet even the most complex remote desktop management needs.

    Customized Remote access

    We provide remote desktop for all platforms, including virtual computers and Thin Clients, ensuring secure remote access instantly, regardless of the user’s system. Use our PROXY Deployment Tool and manage host settings anytime to create custom configurations to remote support your machines, or use our new Host on-Demand for all your on-the-fly remote desktop connections.

    Secure End-User Remote Desktop

    Proxy Networks’ software supports any system or endpoint, enabling IT professionals to provide remote support immediately and securely both on and off their network. They can also use Chat, File Transfer, Remote Print, create Screen Recordings securely and allow others to join the connection with our Many-to-One connectivity model. Proxy Networks incorporates the highest standards of security, using SSL and Windows Security Model for authentication. Set your own control permissions to user groups in your Active Directory domain, and control all of your organization’s remote access restrictions with one easy-to-use console.

    Remote Desktop Support

    Flexible remote desktop connections to any PC, server, and mobile device in true on-demand fashion lets IT professionals remotely support any device, from any computer. You and your IT support team can now easily remote support and manage connections, resolving issues more efficiently with the Proxy Gateway and Management Console.

    PROXY PRO 9 Remote Desktop Benefits

    What are the benefits for your IT team?

    Remote access and support any PC, server or mobile device, anywhere anytime with just one click. We support Windows platform, Mac, as well as iOS and Android.

    Unparalleled ease of use: quickly manage and remote desktop machines both on and off your network.

    Remote desktop complex connections across your organization, supporting various systems at the same time.

    Protect your organization’s data security with Proxy Network’s robust security system, allowing you to define your organization’s remote access needs.

    Process complex data to generate inventory of all hardware software, stop/start/restart services, terminate processes, and other management operations, while simultaneously maintaining secure remote support for end-users.

    With PROXY Pro, you ensure Always-On Service, remote supporting both attended and unattended machines, regardless as to whether they are within your LAN or external.

    Download Our Report and See the Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us!

    Our Customers

    Find Out Why Companies Are Choosing Proxy Networks Remote Desktop Software Solutions

    PROXY Pro has a small footprint, doesn t conflict with any other software we use, works over a wide variety of bandwidths and is incredibly simple to use. It s everything an IT professional wants in a software program.

    We ve used PROXY Pro for 20 years, to work remotely and for helpdesk support. We ve hired employees in other states who work safely from their homes, running the computers in our offices over PROXY s secure connection. PROXY is easy to setup and run, you don t have to be an IT expert. If you need help, I ve found their support folks to be helpful and available. We couldn t imagine running our business without it. -Blake, Woodard Insurance

    Our LogMeIn subscription to Central comes up at the end of the year. We had known this date was coming, and have been searching for a prospective replacement to LMI for a few months. The replacement had to meet a few criteria, comparable in price with LMI, and no loss of features that we used in LMI. We finally have found a suitable winner. Proxy Pro from Proxy Networks. We were able to not only keep the price close to what we were paying for LMI, but Proxy Pro also added many features. Features that would have only been available with LMI Pro, which we only had on some clients, Proxy Pro includes these features on all clients. The guys over at Proxy Networks were very helpful and great to work with. They also were more than willing to work with us on their price. Their list prices almost scared us off, but after talking with Sales, I quickly realized those were simply “list” prices, and the first quote was very reasonable. Once we worked out what version worked best for us, we were able to agree on a price. We went with the Private Cloud Edition. This version gives the ability for internal remote control as well as a web server gateway that allows you to use remote control outside of the network. With Proxy Pro we only rely on our networks, and will no longer be tied to LMI’s servers, or any outside servers for that matter. I am in no way getting compensated for this post, nor am I in any way affiliated with Proxy Networks. I am just extremely happy to find a good viable alternative to LMI. I am also happy to finally be away from that company that I no longer trust. Good bye LMI, it was nice while it lasted. – Derek, Smith Brothers Furniture

    The new remote management software tools in PROXY Pro are very convenient to use. It is very useful to be able to make repairs on-the-spot, without having to make any security exceptions or asking the user to log-off.

    PROXY Pro 8 has really paid off for us in just this short period of time. It s already improved our efficiency with just a few crucial uses.

    PROXY Pro allows me to quickly log into my 200+ remote computers to apply updates, change settings, etc. More importantly, it is costing me less than the 3rd party hosted service I was using previously. My favorite feature is the seamless remote viewing where I can connect without interrupting users. -Brandon, Systems Administrator

    “As a Proxy Networks user for over a decade, I have always been a strong advocate for their remote desktop software, which has provided my team with remote access and remote control for many of the desktops in our district. Now with the release of the new PROXY Pro Web Console, I can cost effectively deploy Proxy Networks to all the desktops and servers in my district and, enable support to these machines from anywhere, and at any time. With our move to PROXY Pro 8’s Gateway Edition, I am happy to say that we can eliminate the use of any additional remote access tools across our IT organization.”


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    CoRD: Remote Desktop for Mac OS X #mac #rdp, #mac #remote


    CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Microsoft Windows computers using the RDP protocol. It’s easy to use, fast, and free for anyone to use or modify.


    2013-10-23: CoRD don’t seem to work on 10.9 Mavericks. Check back next week.

    CoRD: Simple RDP Remote Desktop

    Macs interact well with Windows, and with CoRD the experience is a bit smoother. Great for working on the office terminal server, administrating servers or any other time you’d like your PC to be a bit closer without leaving your Mac. CoRD allows you to view each session in its own window, or save space with all sessions in one window. Scale session windows to whatever size fits you the screen is resized automatically. Enter full screen mode and feel like you’re actually at the computer. The clipboard is automatically synchronized between CoRD and the server. For system administrators, CoRD creates a simpler workflow by allowing you to save server information, then quickly connect to that server by using HotKeys or the server drawer. This makes quickly connecting to a specific server easy, even when managing many servers.

    Twitter Updates

    More Screenshots


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    Monitor private network, monitor internal network: Site24x7 #website #monitoring, #free #website


    Monitor your Internal Network via On-Premise Poller

    Site24x7’s On-Premise Poller

    Today’s workforce uses both internet and intranet applications to get work done. The Site24x7 On-Premise Poller complements Site24x7’s global monitoring network of servers by allowing you to install a lightweight, stateless, auto-updating software component in your internal network or private clouds and monitor your mission critical resources along with internet facing websites. It also helps you monitor ping network devices, servers, application servers, database servers, intranet portals, ERP systems, payroll applications and ensure other custom applications are up and performing optimally.

    In short, it can help you monitor resources behind the firewall and ensure that your VMware environment runs at peak performance every time. Site24x7 vCenter monitoring can discover your entire VMware virtual infrastructure through the vCenter server allowing you to discover virtual resources and categorize them into components such as Data Center, Cluster, ESX/ESXi hosts and more.

    What can it do?

    Site24x7 On-Premise Poller can help you monitor ping network devices, servers, application servers, database servers, intranet portals, ERP systems, payroll applications and ensure other custom applications are up and performing optimally. In short, it can help you monitor resources behind the firewall.

    This is possible by support for network protocols and services like HTTPS, SMTP, POP, IMAP, DNS, Port and Ping. Additionally, its flexible architecture can also help you monitor the end user experience of your web applications as experienced by employees at your branch office. This capability is complementary to the agent based server monitoring and public cloud monitoring capabilities of Site24x7.

    How does it work?

    The On-Premise Poller is a lightweight, stateless, auto-updating software component that you download and install in your internal network.

    This software then helps you monitor internal resources and pushes performance and uptime information to Site24x7 using a cloud friendly architecture (one way HTTPS). No holes in the firewall!

    It can also be installed in various branch offices and used to monitor user experience from that location. Since the installed software report to the central Site24x7 servers, you can view consolidated dashboards and reports.

    Why should I try it?

    • Monitor your public and private clouds with Site24x7
    • Add your own monitoring location in addition to the 60+ monitoring locations already supported by Site24x7
    • Be notified instantly about performance or downtime issues via SMS, Email, Push Notifications, Twitter and RSS Feeds
    • Easy to setup and maintain
    • Cloud friendly architecture ensures security of internal resources
    • Enhance the productivity of your Operations and IT teams using a simple to deploy software option
    • Free service to ensure your on-premise monitoring products are working effectively

    How do I get started?


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