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A t Dopps Chiropractic at 6820 W. Central in Wichita, we have provided chiropractic relief of neck pain, back pain, headaches, and many other conditions. for over 35 years! Dopps is Chiropractic.

We provide an integrated approach to your health care needs. We believe chiropractic care along with diet, rest, and exercise and educating our patients, so that they can figure out what daily activities are causing their health problems. We work to provide the highest quality care available.

We believe health is the natural state of your body. So let our friendly and experienced staff help you start enjoying more out of life with less pain and more vitality, naturally! Contact us today for an appointment .

Yours in Health,

6820 W. Central


The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame,
in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
–Thomas Edison

Dan is the best atheletic chiropractor in Wichita, KS 67212. Specializing in sport injuries with Wichita professional athletes and Wichita’s hopefuls. Providing families in the Wichita are with drug free back treatment and affordable spinal health care. Our chiropractic office is located in West Wichita, Kansas. We are close to 67205, 67235, and 67209 zip codes, but are located in the 67212 zip code. Dr. Daniel and Doctor Rory Dopps are the best chiropractic physicians in Wichita.
Exam, x-ray, and therapy are provided for back pain, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, running pain, hockey injuries, and golf pain. We provide treatment for adults, teens, and children. We offer services for for scoliosis, pregnancy, sciatica, whiplash, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bone spurs, stenosis, headaches, and rehab. We treat pinched nerves. We work closely with insurance to provide care for auto and car accidents and injury. We work with area doctors for referrals, spine evaluation, physical therapy needs, surgery prevention, and wellness care. Our office uses digital xray, electronic health records, online scheduling, text remind messages. We accept all insurances and have contracts with most major insurance companies.


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Service Technician Scheduling Software #service #technician #scheduling #software


Technician Scheduling & Dispatch Software

Technician Scheduling Software

The Fastest Way to Take a Service Call

Immediately access up-to-date customer profiles, contracts, equipment information, and service notifications – complete with visual alerts – as well as parts needed to optimize the service call process. Miracle Service’s field technician dispatch and scheduling software will streamline your business processes, create efficiency, and improve your customer’s experience.


  • Schedule a service call in seconds, increasing efficiency
  • Improves response times and the customer experience
  • Reduces risk of callbacks

Key Features

Immediate access to customer equipment and service contract information
  • Create service tasks on equipment, schedule equipment installations, track in-house work orders, automate equipment drop-offs, or just track helpdesk calls.
  • Intelligently sort and schedule service technicians by priority and technician regional coverage.
Service history details
  • Quickly access all service details for your customers.
  • View by customer, equipment and contract information.
  • History details include:
    • Call date and time
    • Work completed date and time
    • Caller and previous call history
    • Service request description
    • Service technician call notes
    • Parts used with cost/sell price
    • Parts included in contract during call
    • Response time to call
    • Preventative maintenance performed and dates
    • Callback or problem alert status
Dispatching Technicians
  • Automatically assign default technicians based on customer, equipment, contract or region.
  • View all service technician schedules to determine who has time to do the job.
  • Assign emergency calls to technicians who have the parts in their vehicles required to perform the service.
Drag and Drop Visual Scheduler
  • Manage your service technician team and the entire schedule faster, easier and more effectively with drag-and-drop ease.
  • See all your technicians’ schedules in daily, weekly or monthly view for a detailed list of upcoming jobs.
  • Drag service calls from one technician to another to reassign them, or drag items to change the scheduled time or duration of work.
Multiple ways to send a service ticket
  • Print, e-mail, or SMS the technician.
  • Send to a wireless device (with the Field Technician Console).
  • Send to the customer.
Routing and mapping

See optimal route and directions to customer locations, open jobs and assigned technicians.

Automatically set labor and travel charges

Estimated Time to Repair (ETTR) per service ticket. Unique Labor and Travel charges can be defined for equipment or contract.

Warning Lights
  • Technician Scheduling software module incorporates warning lights to inform users of preventive maintenance due, equipment under warranty, call back details, problem alerts, last call comments and more.
  • Remind customers of upcoming maintenance etc. (threshold due).
  • Add additional billable calls to service technicians’ day.
Expected service target date/time
  • This is automatically calculated based on customer or contract priority.
  • Schedule service calls based on the individual service level agreements (SLA’s) for your customers.
  • Based on the customer’s SLA, the system will schedule any service calls to meet it. (The dispatchers can change the scheduled date/time, but will be notified that it will impact the SLA.)


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Free Employee Scheduling Software DRoster by Kappix #employee #scheduling #software, #free


About DRoster Employee Scheduling Software

You’re here because you’ve had it with manual employee scheduling software. We’re here because we hear you and know what you need.

At Kappix, we know how much time and effort you invest in ensuring that your business is properly deployed to give your customers quality service. We also know you have more pressing issues to check off your to-do list. You just can’t afford the time you’re putting in to scheduling your employees, factoring in numerous employee scheduling constraints, and painfully trying to avoid conflicting shifts.
That’s why Kappix wants to provide you with all the benefits of an automated free employee scheduling software but without the hassle involved in using complicated scheduling software.

Kappix’s DRoster employee scheduling software is designed to:

Relieve you of the daily pressures of creating shifts, coverage for absences, rosters and scheduling duties.
Allow you to easily manage staff scheduling
Enable you to respond instantly to your employee’s scheduling requests and business staff scheduling requirements on the fly.

What do you gain? Satisfied, motivated employees leading to higher employee retention, a smoothly functioning business; satisfied customers generating higher business value; more time to advance your business goals. Visit the scheduling software products page to learn more.

Watch the schedule software tutorial. The tutorial will give you a clear idea of how to add your employees, positions, duties and schedule shifts. It also shows you how to manage your scheduling. So,set aside a few minutes of your time, grab a cup of tea or coffee, relax and get to know DRoster employee scheduling software. Well worth it!

DRoster Premium Edition Trial. The advanced employee scheduling software with added functionality for a more flexible customised scheduling experience. Easy to use! Download a Free fully functional trial for 45 uses. Only takes a minute to be up and scheduling with support at no cost! Learn more about DRoster Premium Scheduling Software and Get your free DRoster Premium Edition trial download ! NO credit card info or sign up needed, no risk download, be up and scheduling in 60 seconds!

DRoster Employee Scheduling Software – industry neutral flexibility for all your employee scheduling needs

No matter what your business or organization – nurse staffing, medical staff, hotel and hospitality. restaurant, academic institution, delivery services, cleaning and maintenance personnel, trainees, help desk employees, transportation services, flight attendants, real estate, travel agency, retailer, convenience store, construction, volunteers organization – You need to run your business smoothly, efficiently.
DRoster’s unique industry neutral design coupled with its rule engine flexibility enables you to customize DRoster to your industry-specific and department-specific employee scheduling needs, regardless of your organization’s size.

Another DRoster benefit: DRoster uses a non-proprietary Firebird database. This means you can integrate all your scheduling data with your payroll software or any other data source. Seamless integration gives you an accurate up-to-the-minute picture of your work schedules as well as total control of your workforce for crucial instant response. DRoster employee scheduling software is easy to install and use. Upgrade to DRoster ‘s automated, computerized staff scheduling rostering solution today at no cost. It’s about time you got your free fully functional copy of DRoster employee scheduling software .

Essential Employee Scheduling features

Customisable Properties. Benefit from DRoster’s scheduling flexibility by defining your own schedule properties to make DRoster schedule the way you want it to.

Unlimited Positions and Employees. DRoster can schedule unlimited number of Employees to deploy.

Templates. Employee Scheduling Templates for recurring shifts.

NEW! Create minimum/maximum weekly hours and the DRoster Validator ensures zero overtime!

Click screenshots to view the complete gallery of Scheduling with DRoster Software


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Call Center Management Benefits from Capabilities Delivered in Workforce Management Software


Call Center Management Featured Article

Call Center Management Benefits from Capabilities Delivered in Workforce Management SoftwareA disarray of complicated tasks within the call center can make for a disorganized environment that yields few positive results. When call center management implements workforce management software to automate specific tasks, an immediate impact is felt and measured on the bottom line.

This recent Monet Software blog highlighted the benefits included in this call center management move, including accurate volume forecasting, optimal scheduling activities and daily performance tracking. Monet Software shared some insight on the key capabilities to consider when call center management must compare workforce management platforms.

Key capabilities include forecasting as call center management must be able to run simulations to determine a precise forecast for upcoming call volumes, agent requirements and average handle time for any given time interval throughout the day. Historical data is often used from the ACD to put this information together.

Scheduling is also critical for call center management as the scheduling engine should incorporate all non-call and call activities to generate staffing schedules that will optimize a wide range of factors, such as agent availability, work rules, holidays, skills, service levels, breaks and center budgets.

Call center management should also be focused on intra-day management. accessing a graphical display of agents schedules that are easily manipulated by dragging and dropping breaks, lunches and other exceptions that make it easy and quick to make any necessary changes. Assigned agents can receive real-time updates instantly and surpluses and shortages for each period of the day can easily be displayed for call center management.

Exception planning and real-time adherence are also critical for call center management to want in a workforce management solution. This includes an integrated exception calendar to simplify scheduling of agent exceptions, including one-time or recurring meetings, time off and other activities.

Real-time adherence compares planned agent activities against actual activities throughout the day. Real-time views on forecasted and actual call volumes are available, as well as other performance indicators. ACD integration allows call center management to collect data from the ACD and build a historical database. All of the center s workload and work time statistics in real-time are captured.

Call center management must also look at configuration and administration when it comes to workforce management solutions. The right solution must have the ability to build an unlimited number of center splits or groups of agents, each with its own set of service guidelines or objectives. Multiple sites and time zones can be managed and hours of operation can be set according to the day of the week and service level goals can be minimized to 15 minutes.

Finally, all members of call center management must have an eye on performance analysis. With the right workforce management platform in place, all agent activities are captured and reported on, including schedule adherence and key performance indicators. Call center management have the opportunity to review service level costs, results and revenue.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan s articles, please visit her columnist page.


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Work Order Scheduling Software #work #order #scheduling #software


Work Order Scheduling Software

If you work in the maintenance field, you know how important work orders are. From simple fixes to major repairs, the work order is the center of the maintenance professional’s work day.

Creating and tracking work orders can be time consuming. That’s where work order scheduling software can help. By automating some of the tediousness of work orders, you can save time and money… not to mention hassle and frustration.

What is Work Order Scheduling Software?

Work order scheduling software helps organizations of all types and sizes manage their maintenance work orders. It records all maintenance-related activities.

With work order scheduling software, you can…

  • Create work orders
  • Track progress
  • Monitor communication
  • Report on activity
  • Schedule tasks
  • Manage inventory/supplies
  • Document asset repair information

How Can My Organization Benefit from Work Order Scheduling Software?

With work order scheduling software, information is quickly and easily accessible. The work order management process is streamlined and simplified. Plus, the data gathered with work order scheduling software can be used for other things, including life cycle assessments, budgeting, replacement forecasts, and more.

The result is more efficient maintenance workflows as the requesting, approval, and assignment of work orders is automated. Data entry is reduced, and data reporting is increased.

Last, but not least, work order scheduling software can significantly improve customer service for maintenance departments. From automatic notifications to simple ways to request work, your customers will know what’s going on. Which means fewer phone calls for you.

Find Out More

Learn more about how work order scheduling software from MPulse can help make your maintenance department more productive and more efficient, whatever your needs.


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Aprima vs Practice Fusion – EHR Software Comparison #ehr, #emr, #ehr


Both Aprima Medical Software Inc and Practice Fusion serve private practices .

Having received meaningful use attestations from professionals in a variety of medical specialties, Aprima Medical Software Inc and Practice Fusion can be considered generalized EHR software and both are well suited to any type of medical practice .

Aprima Medical Software Inc and Practice Fusion both give you the option to either install the software on your servers or access it online. Both products either have a mobile application, or are optimized for use on a mobile device or tablet .

Average User Rating

Number of Reviews

Ease of Doing Business


  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Practice Management
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Practice Management

Show 4 more in common

  • Claim Scrubber
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Online Booking
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Speech Recognition
  • Document Management
  • E-Prescribing
  • Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Insurance Verification
  • Lab Orders and Results
  • Patient Portal
  • Claim Scrubber
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Online Booking
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Speech Recognition
  • Document Management
  • E-Prescribing
  • Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Insurance Verification
  • Lab Orders and Results
  • Patient Portal

Show 6 more in common


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Employee Scheduling Software for Call Centers and Help Desks #shift #scheduling,


Snap Schedule

Employee Scheduling Software for Call Centers and Help Desks

Running a successful call center or help desk requires getting the right number of agents in place at precisely the right times. Staffing too many call center agents needlessly drives up costs and staffing too few agents at peak times causes your service level to suffer. Snap Schedule employee scheduling software helps you precisely schedule your call center agents when they are needed while complying with constraints on their availability, work hour limits, and labor costs.

Snap Schedule Call Center Scheduling Capabilities

Easily schedule unlimited number of call center agents and shifts

  • Drag & drop to easily assign shifts, mark time off, move or copy assignments.
  • View assignments and schedule call center agents from three different views. Use whichever view is easiest and most effective for your call center scheduling tasks.
  • Create rolling work schedules – from days to years.
  • Software automatically generates work schedules using industry standard shift patterns or user-definable schedule plans.

Assign “off-phone” and “on-phone” activities within each shift

  • The Task Schedule Planner provides a more granular level of control for assigning call center agent activities within a shift.
  • Software lets you visually assign breaks and tasks (duties) of any length from 1 minute to several hours with a simple drag and drop.
  • Standard reports provide detailed and summary information on assigned breaks and tasks for cost control, payroll, and accounting purposes.

Track all training, vacation, sick leave, and other off-work requests

  • Define as many paid and un-paid time-off reasons as you like.
  • Simply drag & drop a reason onto the Schedule Planner to mark when an employee is off-work.
  • The Schedule Outlook shows who are off-work and why.
  • Available reports provide details on planned vacation, training, time off hours for any time period you select.

Quickly and efficiently fill a shift or find a substitute

  • Quickly find and contact a substitute agent to fill a cancellation.
  • Tell Snap Schedule your criteria and it will show you a ranked list of available candidates to fill a shift. Ranking can be based on many criteria including job position, skills, availability, labor cost, work hour limits, and seniority.

Multi-skill call center scheduling is a breeze

  • You can identify applicable skills and certifications for any agent.
  • The Shift Coverage Planner lets you know if there are enough agents with the right skills for phone and non-phone-media coverage.
  • The Staffing Overview graph displays the number of scheduled agents having a specified skill by location, shift, or hourly coverage.

Work around schedule constraints with ease

  • Define your business operational constraints such as non-working days, shift start times, end times and applicable days of the week for each shift.
  • Define each agent’s availability schedule, desired work hours, daily work hour constraints, and weekly work hour constraints.
  • The Schedule Planner alerts you to availability conflicts, duplicate shift assignments, overlapped shift assignments, and conflicts with scheduled time off.
  • The Daily Assignment Validation report identifies all discrepancies and constraint violations.

The reason that Snap Schedule employee scheduling software cuts scheduling time so many ways is because it’s one unified tool. Snap Schedule’s automatic scheduling drastically cuts the two to three hours a week that watch commanders took for scheduling. They had to do extra steps for time off, sick time, accommodating union-mandated seniority priorities and doing reports.

JK, Systems Administrator, a combined Chicago Area 911/EMS/Police Communications Center

Manage labor costs and avoid over/under staffing

  • Set overtime policies for your business.
  • Define hourly cost, overtime exempt status and work hour constraints for each agent.
  • Use the Shift Coverage planner to monitor under/over staffing conditions based on position, skill, and assignment reason.
  • Adjust call center agents’ shift assignment start time, end time, and payable hours as necessary to reflect actual work hours.
  • Standard reports provide labor cost details and summary data associated with the schedules you created over any specified period.
  • Export labor cost data for payroll and accounting purposes.

Easily publish schedules to agents and management

  • Print schedule views, lists, assignment calendars, and reports to communicate schedule information to management and your agents.
  • Easily publish work schedules, calendars, and any report in PDF and a variety of other formats.
  • Automatically email work schedules (in text or iCalendar file format) to agents and/or their supervisors.


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Field Service Management Software #field #service #scheduling #software


Field Service Management Software

Web-based Field Service Management Software for streamlining Scheduling, Dispatch, Customer Management, Vendor and Employee Management, Work Orders, Equipment Maintenance, Inventory Tracking, Contracts, Estimates, Invoices, Payments and Accounting entirely online. more

Field Service Software Benefits

  • Increase Profits Optimize Scheduling and maximize time in the field
  • Save Time and Money Reduce paperwork and errors with automation
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction Respond faster and more accurately to Customer needs
  • Ease of Management One software application to manage Customers, Jobs, Scheduling and Accounting
  • Real-time Secure Access Securely access your data from any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet

“Utilizing Bella Solutions field service software increased our client satisfaction, field communication and overall productivity. The implementation process is simple, easy to learn, and user friendly.”

Jason Brown, President – Potomac Valley Construction

About Us

By infusing cutting edge technology with a creative vision and a rock-solid foundation of experience, Bella developed a web-based solution for managing any and all field service businesses.

With only a low, month-by-month subscription fee with no required long-term commitment, we provide a simple and flexible application for streamlining your business. read more.



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