The Incredibly Simple Guide to Getting Totally Free Flights and Hotels

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There is a way to book flights and hotels all over the world without spending your own money. It’s called travel hacking, and it’s something that hardcore travelers around the world do with almost religious like fervor.

Travel hacking is the art of collecting as many airline and hotel points as possible in order to travel for free. This is done through the use of credit card sign-up bonuses, mileage promotions, online shopping, point transfers, and much more.

The ins and outs of travel hacking can fill a book; in fact, I wrote just such a book recently. A lot of travel hacking begins with credit cards because it’s an easy win – you receive a large sign-up bonus, as well more points for your everyday spending. Since the majority of Americans have at least one credit card they regularly use, it makes little sense to have one that doesn’t give you points, even if you don’t travel a lot. Let the points accrue for when you do want travel.

My view is that if you are going to spend the money anyway, there is no reason to not get something extra for your spending. Otherwise, you are leaving free money on the table. (Note: If you don’t pay off your balance in full each month, do not get one of these cards – the higher interest rates negate any positive affect they have towards free travel.)

A lot of people worry about the fees associated with these cards, as well as hurting their credit. While most good travel rewards card have yearly fees, it’s usually waived the first year you sign up. When that first year is up, you can either cancel the credit card or, in many situations, switch to a no-fee card. They will often waive the fee if you threaten to cancel.

Secondly, if you are opening up one or two new cards, the ding from the credit inquiry is very temporary. Within a few months, it disappears. Additionally, one of the major factors to your credit score is the debt/credit ratio, which having a new card increases. I have opened many cards (I currently have 17), and my credit score is currently 791. Use your credit to your advantage.

The payoff for all this work is the ability to travel for free – from family vacation to first-class international flights and suites in five-star hotels. To get you started, here are a few tips for ensuring that some portion of your next vacation is free.

Free Domestic Flights for the Family

Looking to take a family vacation? Travel hacking can help. For a family of four, there are a couple of easy ways to get enough points for flights within the U.S.:

Get the British Airways Avios credit card. With a current sign-up bonus of 50,000 miles (up to 100,000 if you meet certain spending requirements), this is a great card. Avios is a distance-based reward system, meaning the further you fly, the more miles it takes to redeem. Luckily, round-trip US domestic tickets can be as little as 9,500 miles so you and your family can fly for free without much effort or risk.

Get another airline credit card. All U.S. carriers have branded credit cards with bonuses of around 50,000 points. Most U.S. carriers charge 25,000 points for a domestic round-trip flight, so if you and your spouse each get a separate card, you should have enough miles for four round-trip tickets. To get the bonus, you’ll need to meet a minimum spending requirement (usually $1,000 in 90 days) so depending on your monthly spending, it may take a few months to get a free flight. Don’t spend extra money just to get the miles – only use your regular spending.

Shop online through airline portals. Every airline has an online shopping portal that allows you to earn on average three to four miles per dollar spent. All you do is sign up with your frequent flier number, and go through the airline’s links to merchant. There are no added costs, and bonus miles post within 60 days. With Christmas coming up, this is a good way to earn triple (sometimes a lot more than that) points per dollar spent instead of the normal one.

Sign up for newsletters. Airline newsletters feature mileage deals and promotions so you can jump on those quick deals to supercharge your point balance.

Get creative. Airlines offer all sorts of ways to get miles. Look up current deals and offers on an airline’s website. You can get extra miles for signing up for Netflix to renting cars and even opening a bank account. Get creative and you’ll get the miles you need.

Free First-Class International Flights

All the above can be used to jumpstart your mileage account, but to gain even more miles for a first-class flight, here are some other tips:

Do mileage runs. While this is not free, many travel hackers book what are known as mileage runs – super cheap flights purchased mainly to accrue miles. You can find cheap fares on Flyertalk forums.

Get a general rewards card. Chase and American Express’s membership programs allow you to move travel points to many airline partners. These programs allow you to stay flexible and transfer points to multiple airlines and hotel partners to maximize rewards. By getting a branded airline card and a non-branded airline card, you’ll be able to merge the two balances to get a free flight faster.

Buy it on the cheap. Alaska Airlines lets you purchase 10,000 extra miles when booking a ticket for $190. Buy a refundable ticket, purchase the extra miles, and then refund your airline ticket. Since the extra miles are considered a separate transaction, they credit to your account even if you don’t take the flight. For $1,900, you can purchase a business or first-class ticket anywhere in the world. That’s not free, but still a steep discount off a normal ticket price.

Free Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are the easiest to get. All you need to do is sign up for a hotel card and you’ll have points that can be redeemed for freebies. Quick, simple, easy. For example, Hyatt’s credit card offers two free flights, and Hilton offers 50,000 points, enough for up to four free nights. Starwood offers 25,000 points for new cardholders, enough for up to six free nights!

Additionally, if you have a Chase or American Express card, you can transfer points to one of their hotel partners too.

To stay up-to-date of the latest rewards and promotions, the following sites are the best:

Matthew Kepnes runs the award-winning budget travel website Nomadic Matt and is the author of the recent book, The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking .


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CRM FREE best free online CRM for small business #free #crm,


CRM FREE is the best free web based contact management (CMP or CRM), address book, calendar, document storage and sales & event tracking solution for small businesses, independent contractors, sales persons, human resource departments and anyone else looking to be more organized. Keep and share all contacts, calendars, employees, leads, clients, sales opportunities, friends, family, appointments, tasks, projects, notes together in one easy to navigate place online. Never be lost again.

Easy to learn and use. Get started for free and then decide if you want to upgrade to a paid version. CRM FREE is not filled with so many features you will never use that complicate learning and using it, rather the design is simple, allowing you to get going quickly. Enter a contact, add important dates, set a follow up for the next call or meeting on the calendar.
Take a video tour of CRM FREE.

Learn more and see screenshots of CRM FREE. Have questions on CRM-FREE or how it will work for you? Click the live support box to the right of the logo above and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Simple, easy to use, it’s the best online CRM to fit any need, user or office. Signup and get started in just seconds – for free. No long term contracts or signup fees, just an inexpensive pay as you go service if you choose to upgrade. Your data is safe, secure and yours. Easily import csv files or vcards. Export data to csv files or vcards, get a backup of your data at any time. All connections are through a secure server (even the free accounts) giving you the confidence to enter personal data without worrying if someone is watching. CRM FREE is brought to you by MSCC Corp, a leader in web based crm solutions for over 10 years.
Looking for free crm for life insurance agents. try VAM dB also from MSCC Corp.

Easily track Contacts, Sales, Projects and more.


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Las Cruces Attorney Estate Planning Probate #law #office, #el #paso, #estate


El Paso office Map:
4110 Rio Bravo, Suite 220
El Paso, Texas, 79902

Meetings by appointment only

Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law in Las Cruces and greater El Paso area.

Alan Gluth specializes in estate planning, gift and estate taxation, probate and trust matters, fiduciary litigation and tax-exempt organization matters in Texas and New Mexico. If you or your family has any questions or needs in these legal areas, Alan Gluth is qualified to help you.

  • Free initial consultations
  • Flat fee billing for most matters
  • Board Certified in New Mexico and Texas

Mr. Gluth is board certified in estate planning, trusts and probate law by the New Mexico Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of New Mexico and is one of only eight attorneys in the State of New Mexico to currently hold this certification in New Mexico. Alan Gluth is also board certified in estate planning and probate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of Texas and obtained this designation in 2003.

Mr. Gluth was named to the New Mexico Super Lawyers list as one of the top attorneys in New Mexico for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. No more than five percent (5%) of the lawyers in New Mexico are selected by Super Lawyers, and at age forty-five (45), Mr. Gluth is one of the youngest attorneys in southern New Mexico to have obtained this designation and one of only four attorneys in New Mexico to be named to the New Mexico Super Lawyers list in the area of estate planning and probate law.

Alan Gluth currently practices as a sole practitioner under Gluth Law, LLC after being a name partner in another law firm for several years. Mr. Gluth received his law degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 1998.

Civic and Personal Information

Mr. Gluth is married to JoAnn and they have four sons: Collin (18), Braden (14), Preston (13), and Peyton (7). Outside of his professional activities, Mr. Gluth and his wife are active in his sons’ extracurricular activities and volunteer at schools within the Gadsden Independent School District. Mr. Gluth and his family reside close to La Union, New Mexico.

Alan Gluth is responsible for the content of this website.


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9 Ecommerce Shopping Cart Features that Satisfy Customers #simple #ecommerce #shopping


As consumers enticed by convenience and 24/7 availability continue to gravitate towards online stores, they create a demand for more sophisticated ecommerce shopping cart software. Luckily, you can now choose advanced ecommerce shopping cart features that help you sell and succeed online like never before.

Ecommerce shopping carts are like engines that keep online stores running smoothly. You’ll be taking your customers along for the ride, so you’ll want to choose an ecommerce shopping cart that not only meets your needs, but theirs as well. While your unique goals and budget will determine which ecommerce shopping cart is right for your online store, certain ecommerce shopping cart features can help you boost customer confidence and encourage repeat sales.

#1: Payment Options
Most visitors to online stores prefer to pay by credit card. If you want to use your ecommerce shopping cart software to process credit card transactions with a real-time payment gateway, you’ll have to open a merchant account.

Although the majority of shoppers at online stores will make a credit card transaction, choosing an ecommerce shopping cart that also allows you to accept alternative payments will please customers who remain resistant to providing such information online. Offering options such as PayPal , Google Checkout, checks, and/or money orders allows more people to feel comfortable checking out on your site.

#2: Site Search Browse
Visitors to online stores have a need for speed – and it starts with time-saving search. Consumers expect online stores to allow them to search for a product and quickly find the product they want. Customers also navigate via categories, along with browsing by price, category and brand distinctions. If your ecommerce shopping cart does not include a search feature for your site, your visitor may simply decide to look elsewhere.

#3: Product Reviews
No matter how well online stores promote their own products, reviews by other customers will have a greater impact. In fact, 63% of consumers indicate that they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews, according to a CompUSA and iPerceptions study. Choose an ecommerce shopping cart that allows for product ratings and reviews – and let “word of mouth” work for you.

#4: Wish List/Registry
Customers at online stores often buy gifts for special occasions, which is why many ecommerce shopping carts feature a registry option that makes the process easier. Also, so-called “wish lists” allow customers to save items at online stores and return at a later date to purchase those items. In general, when your ecommerce shopping cart allows your customers to manage their items the way they want, the result is higher satisfaction.

#5: Real-Time Inventory
It’s a common complaint from those who frequent online stores — a customer goes through a lengthy process of placing an order, only to find out later that the item purchased wasn’t really in stock. Ecommerce shopping carts should allow for real-time inventory management, which ensures that what customers see on their screen is what’s actually available for delivery to their doorstep.

#6: Express Checkout
The checkout process at many online stores can be as frustrating — if not more so — than standing in a long checkout line at a brick-and-mortar store. When visitors are ready to buy, your ecommerce shopping cart must make it as simple as possible. Some ecommerce shopping carts offer registered users an express checkout option, which pulls up their stored payment and billing info when they log in.

#7: Order Tracking
An ecommerce shopping cart can help you keep customers informed every step of the way – even after their order is placed. Automated order confirmation emails and shipping notification emails build customer’s confidence in their purchase and in your brand. If a customer registers, they should be able to track their order by logging into an account created upon registration.

#8: Special Offers
Looking for a way to woo new customers – or existing customers you haven’t seen in a while? Ecommerce shopping carts can help you promote special offers like order discounts, coupon codes, free shipping and gift cards. These offers serve a dual purpose -they encourage customers to take advantage of a “good deal” while also helping you compete in today’s competitive online marketplace.

#9: Website Security
Choose an ecommerce shopping cart with built-in SSL data encryption for website security. When online stores display SSL Certificate seals on their home pages, customers feel confident that their personal information will be protected and are more likely to complete a purchase.

Ecommerce shopping carts are key to the success of online stores. When choosing an ecommerce shopping cart for your online business, keep customer satisfaction in mind and you’ll be rewarded with customer loyalty.


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Egypt Tours and Travel. Egypt travel plans made simple. #find #cheapest

#egypt travel

Egypt Tours Travel is a tour operator with two U.S. offices and three international locations. We specialize in personalized service for each of our clients. Travelers are personally escorted by the most knowledgeable guides in each travel destination, many of whom hold advanced degrees in history or archaeology. This extraordinary level of quality assures unequalled access to a wealth of information. Unlike most organized Safety | Tour Packages. those provided by Egypt Tours Travel seek to define the adventure experience not only by the traditional sights, but by creating travel packages to immerse you in the local culture.

Accommodations are the most luxurious in each locale. Properties abound with character, history, luxury, style and ambience. Many, like the Mena House Oberoi in Cairo, the Old Winter Palace in Luxor, the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi. the up scale King David Hotel in Jerusalem. the Abbasi Hotel in Iran and the Dar Zamaria Hotel in Aleppo. Syria, have traditions steeped in the rich history of the ages. We also use some of the finest Nile cruise ships – the Philae. owned by the Oberoi Hotels, the Liberty ship (all cabins with balconies), the Diamond Boat and the Sun Goddess, the Nile Goddess and the newly commissioned Moon Goddess, operated by the Sonesta International. Red Sea vacations are also available upon request.

A chauffeured, air-conditioned private car awaits at the beginning of each day in destinations like Egypt. Jordan. Syria. Turkey and Iran. Although your guide has an extensive itinerary of historical treks and cultural sites to visit, the Egypt Tours and Travel advantage is the opportunity to linger at leisure without rushing to follow either a large or a small group, giving you time for more exciting photographs. Want to see something not on the itinerary? Unscheduled stops are easily granted. Our private tours are also family friendly. Ask as many questions as you’d like – the experience is yours to savor.

As you begin to peruse our many luxury tour packages, please keep in mind that you may travel to a single country or combine destinations, like our combination tours covering Syria and Jordan. Egypt and Jordan. Egypt and Israel. Egypt and Greece. just to name a few. And, of course, when we say Egypt Tours is a unique Tour Operator, we mean it. If you don’t see a tour package that meets your needs, please call us. We can create for you what will become an unforgettable travel adventure combined with the ultimate in luxury accommodations. Choose your date of departure and pack your bags!

Here is what Governor Edgar of the State of Illinois had to say about our service and his trip to Egypt:

We have many satisfied customers. some of which we have listed for you.


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Via the internet Sports Betting on simple That may be For

#my travel
# s Articles Article Dashboard Directory | Submit Articles | Search Find Free Content

As an example, you only have to look at the phenomenal success of the online bookstore, Amazon. Barnes and Noble was selling books online before Amazon was even an idea, and yet it isn t Barnes and Noble that people think of when considering online bookstores, it s Amazon. It has an extremely stable economy and is not influenced by the presence of its largest neighbor the USA.Playing Poker Online Guide for New Players

Having some spare time on your hands? Maybe you need a new hobby to keep yourself occupied. Whatever the reason, you may wish to pick up something that is enjoyable and entertaining.Five Advantages of Online Poker Rooms and Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting and online poker rooms have many advantages that can keep you playing and winning real money. Women, in particular, see tremendous health benefits from strength training laquo[166][167][168][169][170][171][172][173][174][175]

Join Our Community. The key? Amazon took greater advantage of the opportunity to effectively market their product.Natural Vitamins Learn Your ABCs

Vitamins are nutrients that keep your body healthy, but that your body cannot produce by itself; they must be supplied by your diet or in dietary supplements. With all the new services available, you need to understand your invoice so you don t get overcharged or billed for something you re not getting.What are Meta Tags and Why Do I Need Them?

There is no other way to put it; the World Wide Web is big business. Or perhaps you need a distraction from your work. It really is no surprise to anyone then that more businesses are investing in expanded web presence and capability. That way, they will always have something they can show off, use, and be proud of, no matter how long they have it, or how much they use it.Six Great Ideas for Personalized Christmas Holiday Gifts

Everyone, at some point, finds themselves in a bind when it comes to what you should get that person on your list who is the most difficult to shop for. Maybe you think it means having loads of energy It May Be You That Is Slowing Not Your Metabolism

Ever feel like you are fighting a losing battle with your waistline and losing a few pounds? At some level, you really are Proper Exercise Do It Or Die

It is a sad state of affairs when today s society believes that health and wellness can be found in a pill Stay Strong If You Want To Keep Up the Pace in Our Busy World

Our modern world moves at such fast speed we are all under constant pressure to be on the go continually. Yet, not every organization has the same successes. In fact, bulk of its exports comprises of such items. Instead of checking line by line for accuracy in the invoice, you probably look at the total, sigh, and write a check. Vitamins are essential for normal functioning of our bodies and are needed for our bodies to grow, stay healthy, and to prevent and cure many diseases and potential health problems.Australia Export Import

Australia is a unique economy mainly due to its geographical location and intelligent economic policies. Netherlands is perfectly placed geographically that allows it to easily access the hungry markets of these types of products in United Kingdom and Germany.Want To Lose Weight For The Long Term?

You can see it in the mirror, in the numbers creeping up on the scale and in the tight waistband on your pants Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas for Dads

The father figures in our lives are always those special men that have guided us when we needed it the most. The only way to get in your best physical shape and strengthen your bones at the same time is to use strength training exercise. Over a period of time our habits change and we may become less active Selecting the Right Kitchen Tile

Choosing the right tile can easily turn into an arduous task. The reality, however, is that in order to join the ranks of those who have successfully taken then step from worker to business owner is more than the dreamy-eyed picture that you can imagine over a lunch meeting.Understanding Your Telecom Bill

For most business owners, just looking at your phone bill can cause panic or dread. What you say? Men do that Active Living and Smart Eating Combine To Keep You at Your Best

Do you know what it means to be truly healthy and fit? Maybe you think it is being free of disease and other health issues. Nobody wants to settle on underwear and socks, but sometimes, those knuckleheads leave you little choice!Personalized Christmas Holiday Gifts- It Really Is the Thought That Counts!

So you have this uncle, see, and he is really hard to buy for. Due to these factors, it is now one the strongest and fastest growing economies in the world.Three Myths about Strength Training and Why the Opposite Is True.

The secret is really out. They have stood on the sidelines, cheering us on as we raced towards the finish line.What Your Loved Ones Will Gain from Personalized Christmas Holiday Gifts

Christmas time is quickly approaching, which means it will be only a matter of time before you start scouring the shopping plazas in a mad dash to find the perfect gifts that appeal to your loved ones.Five Reasons for Personalized Christmas Holiday Gifts That Make the Season Bright!

One of the easiest and most effective ways to navigate the Christmas shopping season is to give your friends, family, and loved ones, personalized Christmas holiday gifts. In 2008, Amazon brought in over nineteen billion dollars in income, yet only required an operating budget of approximately eight hundred and fifty million dollars. It gained this level of economic vitality due to the various trades that it conducts in large scale.Canada Export Import

Canada is one of the top rung wealthiest countries in the world. The man spends money like it s a bodily function, and buys himself anything he wants all year long. What are you possibly going to give him that he could use, appreciate, and actually become excited about?The Beneficial Effects of Proper Exercise Extend Right to the Soul

For years people have associated strength training exercise with bodybuilders and athletes. From geographical to cultural, you will find both variety and extremes in all the spheres of Indian life.Malaysia Export Import

Malaysia is a well-established Asian economy and it has been so since the early 19th century. We need high levels of mental and physical strength Strong Women Look And Feel More Youthful

Strength training exercise has been proven to benefit all populations, from adolescents, to athletes to seniors. But not any more Want To Live To Be 100?

To a large extent how well you remain and how well you feel for the rest of your life is under your control Want To Lose Weight For The Long Term?

You can see it in the mirror, in the numbers creeping up on the scale and in the tight waistband on your pants We Can t Stop Getting Older But We Can Stop Feeling Older

As each year passes we get more aches, pains and stiffness, we can lose our balance and appear to shrink in size and height. Here are some steps to make things easier.Starting a UK Small Business

There is so much unspoken promise that swirls around the idea of starting a small business in the UK. Here are five!A Comparison of Online Poker Rooms and Sportsbooks to Brick-and-Mortar

Twelve years ago, most Internet users were still too frightened to purchase something from Amazon because they did not like the idea of having their credit card information available on the World Wide Web.What Is a Sportsbook (or Racebook), and What Should I Look for in a Good One?

A sportsbook (or racebook) is a place where you the gamer can go to place bets on sporting activities such as baseball, basketball, football, golf, boxing, hockey, horse racing, soccer, or mixed martial arts.Export Import In Netherlands

The economy of Netherlands relies heavily on the primary industries such as food processing. Site Information

Article Dashboard Authors s Articles

India Export Import

India is land of diversity and you will find that it is also a country of extremes


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Unified Communications Solutions #uc, #uc #one, #unified #communications, #collaboration, #voice, #voice


Unified Communications

Unified Communications – Driving Your Business Forward

Boost productivity, save money and work smarter. Ensure your employees are productive wherever they are by enabling them to easily and instantly chat and share information via desktop or mobile devices, whilst using a single business identity.

You need to focus on running your business. Let Exponential-e’s team of experts provide you with the backup and support you need. At Exponential-e we provide a fully managed service with 24 / 7 x 365 support. and issue regular updates containing the latest features and functions to ensure your service is future-proofed.

A great Unified Communications service needs a great Network and our private, secure and resilient one means we can eliminate the effects of packet loss, latency and jitter to ensure excellent voice and video quality – all backed up by our single end-to-end SLA.


  • Increase productivity by enabling fast and fluid communication that boosts agility, speeds up idea-sharing, decision making and makes your company more efficient.
  • Give remote workers access to the same functionality as their office-based colleagues, enabling them to collaborate as if they were at the next desk.
  • Save time and money on travel by introducing UC applications like audio and video conferencing and desktop sharing over the Cloud .
  • Business continuity is assured by services and features delivered safely from the Cloud – so that communications are continuously available in the event of an on-site disaster.
  • Access the latest communications technology over the Cloud, without the need for investment in infrastructure, systems or equipment, and with impressive savings over legacy PBXs and phone lines.
  • Deliver new functionality in real-time to quickly meet changing needs, without having to recruit and retain expensive in-house technical experts.
  • Peace of Mind-as-a-Service because the Unified Communications service is delivered over our secure and private Network service reliability and great voice and video quality are assured. In case there is an issue we’re always here to help you with our 24 / 7 x 365 support .

Benefit from the simplicity of a Unified Communications solution from Exponential-e

Watch our video to discover more about our Unified Communications portfolio and how we can help you to connect your workforce – wherever they might be, and whatever device they may be using.


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Lead management software for sales people – You Don – t


Most businesses do not need a tool to manage their customers,
they need a tool to turn their prospects INTO customers!

Why ?

Standard CRM software slows down your sales by wasting time filling in ‘paperwork’, diverting you from your primary goal: acquiring new customers !

You have to go through the process of creating a sales log including company name, contact details, and to do steps, and finally add your lead.

Our solution

It’s all about leads. Copy & paste information from a spreadsheet or upload a business card. That’s it! You have a lead, you can start working.

You Don’t Need a CRM! keeps you in touch with your prospects at the key moments of the customer relation process. taking away the risk of missing an important opportunity!

For Who?

You Don’t Need a CRM is the perfect match for small businesses ranging from 1 to 200 employees that need a pro-active sales approach to turn leads into deals .

SMBs enjoy our cloud solution. No need to install software on a computer, no maintenance, everything is accessed through the browser. It’s fast, easy and secure. It’s SaaS!

Need to convince your boss to use You Don t Need a CRM.

Print this PDF and go ahead to their office!

Features to boost your sales skills

Start from a Prospecting List

Filling in forms can be tiring and painful. With our solution, you can easily import from any Excel/CSV File and start working on the contacts right away inside our prospecting list. Once a suspect turns out to be of interest, turn it into a Lead in one click. This is great when compiling a cold calling list or qualifying a marketing database. Never waste time with Spreadsheets again – turn your Leads into Deals!

Or with a business card.

You’re away from the office, networking, receiving business cards here and there. You just met a potential customer, take a picture of their card with our mobile application and it will be turned into a lead with all you need to know: company name, contact details. All you had to do was take a picture!

Never lose a lead with automatic alerts

Before the closing, leads have only two status options: either the ‘you have something to do’ ones or the ‘you WILL have something to do’ ones. It’s that simple! Each time you act on a lead, you log it and set your reminder for your next action. When that time comes, the lead shows up automatically at the top of your to-do list and in your synchronized calendar (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook. )

Customize your sales process

With You Don’t Need a CRM! you define each step of your sales process or your sales funnel. new prospect, contacted, trial, negotiating, closing. You customize the steps according to your needs and you manage your pipeline in a clear and efficient way.

Get leads from your website

Connecting your website’s contact form to You Don’t Need a CRM! is as easy as sending an email. Whether it’s a request for information, a demo or a quote, you can turn it directly to a lead inside You Don’t Need a CRM. Once again, you never lose a lead!

There is a life after “won”

You’ve just won a lead. Congrats! But what are you going to do now? There is often a specific need for a follow up after a deal has been won.

Create a Follow-up with specific tasks or use a predefined template with regular tasks and then assign it to anyone within your team. You can even set reminders for future tasks in order not to forget to get back to your clients at the right time. It’s Project Management made easy!

Go mobile

Whether you use Mac or Pc, iOS or Android, tablet or desktop, Surface or iPad You Don’t Need a CRM! will adapt to your screen and provide you the best experience with your terminal. With our mobile version you will be able to scan a business card on the way, call your prospects. log your activity or help your team.

Google Apps for Work and third party apps

Are you using Google Apps for your business? That’s great as You Don’t Need a CRM! is a SaaS software connected to Google Apps for Work. It gives you access to Single Sign On, instant Google Calendar synchronization and import of your contacts. But that’s not all, we’re also connected to hundreds of third party apps like FreshBooks, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Slack, Wufoo through Zapier, our API or direct integration.

Collaboration and team management

You Don’t Need a CRM! is a great tool for one person, but it is even better for a team. Our features emphasize team-work, you can share contact lists, messages, comments. and get help with leads. With its state-of-the-art collaborative features, its daily summary and its statistics, You Don’t Need a CRM! facilitates team work and helps you become a better company.

All I ve ever wanted was a program to track leads without all the over-complication of a full CRM. YDNACRM was the perfect solution. I finally found what I was looking for.

Quentin McNabb Sales, Motion View Software

Simple, powerful and effective.

Helps you to manage your sales team without the endless fields to be fulfilled like in the others tools available in the market. Gives your team more free time to do what really matters: find new sales opportunities.

Eduardo Biasi Sales Manager, Fly Link Telecom

You Don t Need a CRM is a very simple yet effective tool. I was really impressed how the claim was taken into action. I can totally recommend it to all SMBs.

Roman Walther Digital Marketing Advisor

Great and affordable app

I have a small retail business so I needed a system to manage my leads without running out on budget. Now I have more than 1 year using YDNCRM and I find it very helpful, plus the team provides ongoing support and training. I highly recommend this system if you have small to medium sales teams and don t want to spend weeks on the set up.

Uzziel Sanchez Director, CWCuitlahuac

We switched from a CRM/Project Management app to You Don t Need a CRM and we love it. The sales guy says almost everyday: I love YDNCRM . The interface is simple and sensible, so we were able to use it immediately with very little training.

Lura Frazey Manager, Steve Locke Construction

Great tool, simple and powerful

It s so easy to use: no need to fill in any database. Just add your own email address in bcc so that you create a lead when you mail a contact, or even scan a card with the mobile app. Tasks reminders are fully integrated in Google Calendar so you can drive your prospection with the tool and track any contact. That s a tool I use and enjoy every day!

Frédéric Le Compagnon Head of Agency, Opus MI


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Best Travel Credit Card for 2015 – The Simple Dollar #travel

#travel rewards credit cards

Best Travel Credit Card for 2015

Earn credit card points toward for your favorite ways to travel

If you re getting your holiday travel plans together, don’t forget that the best travel rewards credit cards can help you save money on airfare, hotels, and general travel. All of these top travel cards offer lucrative points bonuses and superb options to earn and use points for maximum value.

The best travel rewards credit card for me is Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

It has one of the largest signup bonuses in the industry as well as great long-term rewards for travel and dining. The number of ways you can redeem points, including transferring at equal value to many partners is simply unmatched by any card. This card remains my go to travel credit card again this year. Additionally, my preferred strategy is to add the Chase Freedom® to maximize 5% back in bonus categories throughout the year. These points are transferrable via the Ultimate Rewards network.

My colleague, Holly, pointed out in a recent post that the average vacation for a family of four rang in at a staggering $4,580 in 2014. The study she sites was done by American Express. If you you’re like me and that number hit you right in the gut, pay attention because we’ve got some great ways for you get some free travel by earning points on your everyday spending. We also have some strategies to combine cards and earn even more points.

Table of Contents

The Simple Dollar’s Top Picks

There is one big change we made this year compared to last year I’ve decided to name the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card as the best airline card out of the bunch. With flexible rewards and constant fare sales, I’m finding that Southwest Rapid Rewards points provide more value to the average family than comparable airline miles.

Another big difference you’ll see with most travel credit cards is the adoption of EMV technology in the U.S. This is a microchip within the card that will eventually replace the magnetic strip for better security. Europe has had this technology for years, but it’s finally making its way to the U.S. this year. As such, we wanted to include as many cards with this innovative technology as possible.

Here are the 6 best travel credit cards of 2015:

Best Travel Credit Card

If you travel anywhere, especially abroad, you might want to consider the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. There’s plenty of value packed into this smooth, thick, blue card. On top of great rewards like 2X points on travel and dining at restaurants and 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases, cardholders can also earn 50,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 in the first three months from account opening on the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.

The flexible points transfer to Chase airline and hotel partners is another perk that can net you big savings. Points are transferable on a 1:1 basis for partner airlines and hotels such as United and Ritz-Carlton.

International travelers will really like that there are the no foreign transaction fees and chip-enabled technology on the card. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card has had this technology for a while and is ready for the major U.S. changeover to EMV in October. Many international merchants have adopted this technology, and it’s more prevalent overseas.


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The Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets? It s Not So

#best price airline tickets

The Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets? It’s Not So Simple Anymore

The days are growing shorter. The candy aisles grow larger and the Halloween costume pop-up stores occupy all the vacant storefronts. That can only mean one thing — the holidays are around the corner and it’s time for travel. First we’ll go over the woods to Grandmother’s House and then we’ll be planning our Caribbean getaways in the depths of the tundra that is February.

There’s a lot of information out there about the best time to buy plane tickets. The collective common knowledge Lifehacker says that Tuesdays at 3 p.m. Eastern and two months out from the date of travel is the ideal time to snag the lowest fares. However, it’s not that simple anymore. Here are a number of other considerations to make when shopping around for flights to your next great escape.

Social media deals

It pays to follow airlines on their social media channels and through their email newsletter sign ups. Airlines such as JetBlue   ( NASDAQ: JBLU ) and Southwest  ( NYSE: LUV ) offer travel deals to their followers and subscribers that are not advertised to the general public.

For example, last year JetBlue offered a Go Pack  — an “all you can fly” up to 10 one-way flights deal between select cities for one flat price for three months. Other airlines have toyed with similar deals. They are not advertised in traditional ways and instead are reported through travel blogs, social media, and e-blasts. These channels also advertise cheap last-minute deals for those who can and/or want to jet to a new destination on a whim.

Go to the source

Flight shopping aggregator sites like and are great for scanning many flights on a wide range of carriers. However, they’re only baselines.

When you find a flight that matches your needs, quickly walk your fingers over to the airline’s website to look for the same flight. Many times airlines make the flights on their websites slightly cheaper than what they offer on aggregator sites.

Want to really take it to the lower limit? Nomadic Matt. the king of travel hackers, has been known to shop for flights in other currencies via the international websites of popular airlines to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. That might sound crazy, though Matt is a guy who travels around the world many times over with travel costs close to zero.

Airline alert sign ups

Ever wish you could set some kind of web alarm to alert you the moment a given fare drops? is the answer to your travel prayers. Set your alerts and get back to planning the fun parts of your travel. will do the tedious task of finding your best deals for you. Many sites also offer low-fare guarantees so that if you find the same flight you purchased through them at a lower price, you will receive a refund of the difference.

Break out the travel crystal ball

How many times have you thought, “I wish I knew if this fare was going to drop or if I should snap it up now”? Though not a perfect science, many sites such as Bing Travel  have price predictors that tell if the price of the fare you’re looking at will hold steady, drop or, rise. Think of this nifty tool as help from the dealer at the travel blackjack table.

Put it all together

If you have two months of lead time and are available to be in front of a computer at precisely 3 p.m. Eastern on a Tuesday, by all means see what you can find. If your life makes this set of circumstances difficult, don’t despair. This doesn’t make you destined to pay outrageous sums for airline tickets.

What’s true at the gym is also true in the case of airline tickets: work smarter, not harder. Follow your favorite airlines through social media for inside deals and last-minute sales.

Once you purchase a ticket, set up an alert to track the fare so you can claim your partial refund if the fare goes down before you take to the friendly skies. Before buying a ticket, find out what a couple of predictive airfare sites say about the likely not-to-distant-future price of the ticket.

With a bit of homework, a lot of automated monitoring, and a keen sense of adventure, the sky really is the limit.

Investing your savings into the airlines

Warren Buffett has claimed that investing in airlines is a surefire way to lose your hard-earned cash. But two airlines are breaking all the rules by keeping costs low and avoiding direct competition — leading to enviable profits. Click here to learn how these two airlines are leading a revolution in the industry, and discover whether they can keep delivering big gains for shareholders!


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Best Airline Credit Cards of 2015 – The Simple Dollar #airfare

#travel credit cards

The Best Airline Credit Cards of 2015

Earn credit card points toward free airfare and travel

This year, I decided to take a fresh approach to the best airline credit cards. With rising fares and falling oil, no one knows the future for air travel prices, but these cards will still offer you great sign-up bonuses and the ability to earn air miles in your frequent flier program to put towards free flights. Some airline credit cards offer additional perks and benefits, like companion fares, priority boarding, and free bags.

I still don’t believe you should own an airline card as your primary credit card (see my rules for owning an airline credit card below). Before choosing an airline card from this list, make sure you set yourself up with an all around best rewards travel credit card.

Here is the top travel credit card to consider (I share all the best airline cards just below):

The reason you should choose a more general travel card is that airline cards are great for specific purchases on one airline, but not so great for all other purchases. In many cases, the rewards rate for using an airline card on your favorite airline isn’t higher than if you used a travel rewards card for the exact same purchase (2x points or miles per dollar spent).

Then, if you re not traveling ALL the time I d add on the Chase Freedom® Card before adding an airline card. The Freedom® has no annual fee, and its points are transferrable to the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, so you can add them together and maximize the travel benefits.

Going with this strategy, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card allows you to earn 2x points on all travel, plus dining purchases where your airline card can’t. In most cases, going with one of these cards is your best bet, unless you fly on only one airline and fly often. If you don t fall into this category, think about getting a more flexible travel rewards credit card first.

Table of Contents

The Simple Dollar’s Top Airline Credit Card Picks

Because we view airlines cards as secondary, I wanted to show you a variety of cards, from the major airlines on down to smaller regionals. My goals was to show you what some of the top benefits are of specific airline cards so you can decide if an airlines card is really right for you.

Here are the 5 best airline credit cards:

While there are fewer airline cards to consider in comparison to overall rewards cards, choosing the top airline credit cards is difficult. The choice is much more individualized, as the best airline credit card depends on your preferences, location and choice of airline.

Earning rewards is less about the airline credit card itself and more about the combination of the card with the airline s frequent flyer program.

The best airline credit cards compete with one another by offering unique card membership features. Listed below is a collection of standout features taken from all of the airline credit cards on the market:

  • Big signup bonuses
  • 2X miles or more for airline purchases
  • Yearly companion fares
  • Many travel perks
  • High flight availability or several travel partners
  • Opportunities to earn additional rewards

What to Consider Before Getting An Airline Credit Card

Here are my basic rules for getting an airline credit card:

  1. You are loyal to one airline.
  2. You fly more than five times per year.
  3. You have no problem occasionally paying more for airfare.
  4. You will take advantage of companion fares.
  5. You own or plan on owning an all-around rewards credit card for purchases away from the airline. (This is very important.)
  6. You always pay your balance on time.

Make sure an airline credit card isn t the only credit card you own.

Personally, I don t think you should own an airline credit card without owning a top rewards card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. This card gets you the same rewards rate on travel as most of the airline credit cards, plus you get the 2X rate on dining as well.

Rewards aren t the only thing that matters for airline credit cards.

I mentioned the importance of maximizing the value of an airline credit card, but there are other ways these cards offer value in addition to rewards. While rewards are still the most important factor, the perks and benefits from airline credit cards should not be overlooked.

The Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

The Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express gives you the flexibility of flying and saving with the largest airline in North America. You can earn 30,000 bonus miles after you make $1,000 in purchases on your new Card within your first 3 months and a consistent rewards earning potential, this card is a great option for frequent travelers.

One of the best features of this card is the Crossover Rewards program Delta has with Starwood hotels. When you register for this program you can double dip on points by earning Delta Skymiles and Starpoints when you book a Delta flight. The same is true when you book a Starwood Hotels stay. If you travel frequently, it could really pay to pair the Gold Delta Skymiles® Credit Card from American Express with the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express. one of my picks for best hotel credit cards .


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