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Sales Force Automation Enjoy hassle-free automation of account management, event scheduling, sales forecasting and more.

For Superior Automation and Quality Customer Relationships

eSalesTrack Sales Force Automation (SFA) software from Soleran is an intelligent way to automate your sales pipelines and develop long-lasting, lucrative relationships. SFA is the fundamental requirement for any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) policy. eSalesTrack, a Soleran product, has both a user-friendly platform and international access. US-based Soleran is a company that is committed to helping SMBs improve their efficiency with on-demand, custom CRM solutions.

The web-based eSalesTrack Sales Force Automation enables hassle-free automation of these and other tasks — account management, opportunity management, event calendaring, territory management, sales forecasting, customization analytics, building of customizable dashboards, and customization analytics. Our SFA solutions can give you amazing visibility into different facets of customer relationship. So sales representatives can sell, upsell, correctly frame customer expectations, and engender renewals.

Real-time Data Access and a Great Deal More

The following are additional aspects of the eSalesTrack advantage for Sales Force Automation:

  • Analytics and real-time reports can be created. You can find out the current status of a campaign, sales quota, and conversion rates.
  • Updated, real time information about customers, leads and contacts would always be available and can be instantly accessed.
  • You can always be connected to your sales team even though they may be quite far from where you are. Even events and meetings can be arranged from anywhere and at any hour of the day.
  • You can make maximum use of all sales prospects and maximize ROI.
  • Helps to overcome dynamic challenges which could overcast sales forecasting.
  • Ensure a Positive Business Turnaround with Sales Force Automation

CRM Solutions Stay mobile and ahead of your competitors – let your CRM automate a wide range of business processes in real-time.

Take your small business to the next level with eSalesTrack web based CRM. A powerful tool from Soleran, eSalesTrack On Demand CRM makes your job easier by automating many day-to-day business tasks.

Web CRM — An Ideal Solution for Your Business

eSalesTrack web CRM system is packed with advanced features and tools to offer a complete solution for your business. Whether to automate and simplify your daily sales-related tasks, manage marketing initiatives, schedule meetings and contacts, customer follow-up, generating sales reports, eSalesTrack CRM does it all.

Our CRM solutions are effective in managing and automating many business processes including:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Sales/Marketing Analytics

eSalesTrack’s on-demand CRM lets you work from anywhere you want and allows you to access all your information anytime, anywhere — all using just a web browser. Best of all, it is entirely customizable to suit custom business needs.

Advantages of Web CRM

  • Most advanced CRM tools updated regularly for free
  • Centralized remote enterprise database accessible online
  • Mobile, wireless and offline editions, add-ons and syncs
  • Open-source web based CRM software with custom modules
  • Integration with office software applications
  • Real-time reports and analysis with custom filters
  • Better employee and customer contact management
  • 360 degree view of customers
  • Enterprise data security and backup

eSalesTrack CRM is scalable, flexible and affordable. You no longer need to undergo the hassle of purchasing or maintaining dedicated hardware nor make any costly investments for CRM software upgrades – we do it all for you automatically. No multi-tiered pricing plans or packages, just one low price packed full of features.

CRM Cloud Work from anywhere, anytime with access to all of your information – all using just a web browser.

eSalesTrack’s CRM cloud computing platform simplifies all your business activities and helps you build better prospects for your business. We provide a convenient and flexible web based solution for your company. Our CRM application is easy to access and configure from virtually anywhere.

Manage Multiple Business Processes under a Single Roof

We understand the importance of being competitive in the business field. With our cloud CRM model, we can provide you highly interactive features which keep you fully engaged in your business activities. eSalesTrack CRM cloud computing comes with rich functionalities and integrates many different business activities under a single roof.

In the course of your business management activities, you would have to work with an extensive range of office software applications, CRM, accounting software, e-commerce and other related business management software tools. Our prime function is to group all these systems in a centralized database and make it available to our customers through their web-enabled mobile devices and computers. With this user-friendly feature, our customers can easily navigate the system features for online accounting, forecasting, payroll services, analytics, marketing, sales and other business processes.

Advantageous Features of eSalesTrack CRM Cloud Solutions

Apart from its rich functionalities, by deploying eSalesTrack CRM cloud solutions you can:

  • Gain complete control over task management
  • Prioritize your business requirements
  • Coordinate individual and group tasks
  • Obtain greater ROI

No upfront investments are required to implement eSalesTrack CRM cloud computing software in your settings. Get immediate quotes for CRM cloud at eSales Track; reach us at 1-866-765-4CRM, for further information.

Web Based CRM Automate and simplify your daily sales-related tasks including scheduling meetings, following up with customers and generating sales reports.

eSalesTrack CRM solutions are a trusted on-demand service which provides companies with a versatile range of online options to manage their business in an informed and calculated manner. Developed by Soleran, the service comes with power-packed features and tools which would help a company stay ahead of its competitors and attain the desired scalability.

Stay Mobile and Automate Tasks

The web based CRM service offered by eSalesTrack lets the user stay mobile and automates a whole range of business processes in real-time. These include sales force automation, marketing automation, campaign management, customer service management, enterprise document management and sales/marketing analytics.

Today, eSalesTrack is integrated in some of the most popular and leading firms in the US. The following features are among the many reasons why small and medium enterprises choose our platform:

  • 360 degree view of customers
  • Centralized remote enterprise database accessible online
  • Mobile, wireless and offline editions, add-ons and syncs
  • Open-source web based CRM software with custom modules
  • Most advanced CRM tools updated regularly for free
  • Integration with office software applications
  • Accessibility from anywhere at any time
  • No installation or maintenance costs
  • Better employee and customer contact management

eSalesTrack’s an All-in-one CRM

If it’s a user-friendly, customizable, stable and secure service which is required, then eSalesTrack CRM solutions more than qualifies to meet your business challenges and offers invaluable insight into your company’s current and future prospects. The SaaS (software-as-a-service) has an excellent track record of letting a business overcome its limitations and attain targeted profit and growth.


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Software Developer Cover Letter Example #junior #software #developer


Software Developer Cover Letter Example

Updated November 11, 2016

If you are applying for a job as a software developer, you will likely need to send a cover letter along with your resume submission. Think of your cover letter as a place to showcase your most relevant skills. For instance, if the job calls for experience in a certain programming language, you can mention your certification or projects you have built using that language.

Companies may be interested in how you work with others and how you would fit in with the company culture. in addition to your coding knowledge.

The cover letter also offers you an opportunity to explain why you are interested in this particular position, at this particular company.

See below for an example of a cover letter for a software developer position. Use this as a starting point and inspiration while crafting your own letter. Also, review a resume for a software developer.

Software Developer Cover Letter

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email

Company Name
City, State, Zip Code

Dear HR Manager:

This letter is to express my interest in your posting on for an experienced Software Developer. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Master’s degree in Information Technology, and hands-on experience using .Net languages to create and implement software applications, I am confident I will be an asset to your organization.

I enjoy being challenged and working on projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set, as continuing to learn new languages and development techniques are important to me and the success of your organization.

Your listed requirements closely match my background and skills. A few I would like to highlight that would enable me to contribute to your bottom line are:

  • Highly skilled in designing, testing, and developing software
  • Thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Knowledgeable of back-end development best practices
  • Hands-on software troubleshooting experience
  • Proven track record of proper documentation for future maintenance and upgrades

I’ve attached a copy of my resume that details my projects and experience in software development. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, 555-555-5555 or via email at name

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity.

Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Software Developer Resume

Firstname Lastname
Home 555-555-5555 | Cell 555-123-4567
567 North Street
Boston, MA 02108

Hero Tech ,SoftwareDeveloper
June 20XX – Present

Software Developer on the HeroTech.Net technology team. Duties include:

  • Development updates to reporting engine using and ASP.NET.
  • Support releases developed in ASP.
  • Assist in the refinement of software developing methodology used throughout the company.

ABC Associates. Software Engineer
October 20XX – June 20XX

Software Engineer/Project Manager on the San Manager team. Duties included:

  • Developing the latest release of San Manager using C and Java.
  • Assisting in the framework design of San Manager using J2EE technologies.
  • Managing development work done in our India Tech Center.

ABC Associates. Bootcamp
June 20XX – September 20XX

Member of the ABC Associates bootcamp program – an intensive 3-month leadership, management, and development training program for choice software engineers – covering advanced topics in software engineering, project management, and leadership training.

XYZ Polytechnic Institute. Boston, MA
Master of Science – Information Technology
May 20XX

XYZ Polytechnic Institute. Boston, MA
Bachelor of Science – Computer Science
May 20XX

Languages: C , Java, C. Net, SQL
Applications: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse
Application Server: JBoss, Tomcat
Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux
Database Systems: SQL Server, MySQL, Ingres
Certifications: CCNA, Unicenter Certified Engineer

Sending an Email Cover Letter

If you re sending your cover letter via email, list your name and the job title in the subject line of the email message:


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Home Inspection Software – Inspection Report Creator #inspection #report #creator #software,


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The most user-friendly home inspection software in the industry! Inspection Report Creator is proud to have served inspectors for more than 10 years!

Inspection Report Creator
The most user-friendly home inspection report software

Inspection Report Creator enables you to create professional looking reports complete with your mobile device, or desktop computer. Pre-built forms will ask you the common problem questions and component types, and you can add to the data quickly with auto-comments, and insert digital photos. When you have finished, immediately produce electronically deliverable (or printable) reports that clients love and realtors demand.

Unlimited Reports / Low Annual Fee:
Only $199 annually for unlimited report capabilities!

  • Autocomments – Pre-written narratives
  • Add photos to your reports
  • Customizable forms / sections
  • Print, Email, Save as PDF
  • Use any internet capable device
    • Use any PC / Mac / Android / iPad
    • Use your smartphone
    • Use a tablet
    • Use with paper and input later
    • Easy-to-use professional report software

Don’t Have a Mobile Device?

Collect data electronically
or by clipboard

If you don’t have a mobile device, you can use the printable checklist in the field and type your inspection data into the software whenever you get back to your home or office computer. The online forms give you the ability to print a customized checklist at any time so you can print a paper checklist to use on the inspection and type your data into the online forms later.

Custom Reports
Inspection Report Creator (IRC) represents the foundation for the different software types. Whether you are performing a home inspection, sampling for mold, finding pests, or performing an energy audit, the IRC can perform the job.

Expanded capabilities: IRC can also be expanded to meet report requirements for your inspections. These customizations are for your use only, and can give you an edge against the competition.

Custom capabilities: IRC can also be used to create custom templates, any time you are collecting data in the field, you can use IRC.

Inspection Report Creator represents the foundation for home inspection software. Built on a robust infrastructure and delivered through multiple sources including on-demand updates through the Internet, the components of Inspection Report Creator work together seamlessly to give home inspectors the ability to create and manage home inspection reports, mold inspection reports, energy audit reports, and pest inspection reports with minimal effort.


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IT asset management software #it #asset #management #software, #network #inventory #management,


Asset Management Solution

Discover, Manage, and Track All Your Hardware Assets.

  • Scan all your Windows devices, non-Window devices, VMs, and network devices through simple scanning techniques.
  • Get comprehensive asset information like hardware specification, software installed, scan history, asset ownership history, and asset states in a single pane of glass.
  • Build and maintain a separate inventory to manage all your non-IT assets.

    Map Asset Relationships with CMDB. Understand Your IT Environment Better.

    • Create a high level of synergy by building relationships between people, assets, and other Configuration Items (CI).
    • Use pre-defined and custom relationship types to get a visual view of asset relationships.
    • Enable an effective problem management and change management planning by building a logical model of your IT infrastructure in the CMDB .

    Manage Software and Ensure Compliance. Sail Through Audits Easily.

    • Improve software governance by monitoring software usage (unused, rarely used, and so on), number of installations, license types, compliance status, and license expiration.
    • Isolate vulnerabilities like malware and unauthorized or prohibited software to reduce potential risks.
    • Manage software licenses for every software installation on every workstation across the enterprise.
    • Track over licensed, under licensed, and compliant software to ensure software license compliance.
    • Sail through software audits easily by tracking every installation and allocating individual software licenses across installations.

    Track IT Asset Purchases and Contracts. Manage IT Budgets Better.

    • Manage the complete life cycle of purchase orders with a structured approval and delivery process.
    • Maintain a complete product catalog of all assets owned by the company with price and warranty details.
    • Maintain a vendor catalog, compare prices from different vendors, and analyze purchase trends to leverage negotiations.
    • Keep track of IT contracts and get notified about their expiry in advance.

    What Customers Say

    The asset management piece is probably the most important part of ServiceDesk Plus and the most helpful part of the tool. I would say that the asset management module has provided the biggest added value to the business.

    Nicholas P. Arispe
    system administrator, Radiology Associates


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  • Tom King Consulting #grain, #elevator, #software, #program, #inventory, #accounting, #settlement, #daily



    Grain Management System

    Full-featured software service for small to medium-scale grain operators

    Cloud-based, affordable and easy to use


    Our software service covers the full spectrum of elevator activities from receiving grain at the scale to shipping it to a terminal. We help you keep up with each ticket from the time it is entered until it is settled and the producer receives a check. The customer settlement we produce is simple to understand and shows summary and detail information for all of the tickets that a customer is settling.

    On the outbound side, you can easily see just what was shipped to selected destinations, who was responsible for the hauling, and any docks and discounts that were taken by the terminal. The inventory module allows you to see exactly how much of any grain is at your site at any given point in time and provides the details of whether the grain is on open storage, deferred pricing, or owned by the elevator. A daily position report may be produced for any time period for your personal use or for any inspection entity that might be visiting your facility.

    Our Grain Management System will allow you to move away from manually tracking your grain elevator inventories with unwieldy spreadsheets and move to a reliable software solution that will increase the productivity and efficiency of your operation and the satisfaction of your customers.

    We appreciate you visiting us online and invite you to explore the opportunities provided by this exceptional software product.

    Elevator GMS – System Modules


    The first module is called ELEVATOR and is where incoming grain is processed. This is the area where you enter customer information and incoming scale tickets, produce settlements, print incoming grain reports, sell stored grain, and all of the other functions associated with incoming grain.

    Customer information, including customer names, addresses, farm information and contracts, are maintained here. Customer settlements as well as numerous other reports are also produced by this component. If you need to know how much grain was received during the last week, you can obtain that information with a few keystrokes.


    SHIPPER is the second major area of the system and is used to enter and maintain information about grain that is leaving your facility. It can provide you with information about grain destinations, shipping agents, freight costs associated with the transport, and many other types of data.

    This component allows you to enter outbound tickets as they exit your facility and later enter the information that was supplied by the destination elevator where the grain was delivered. It is easy to see any discrepancies between what you say was shipped and what the other party says was received. This module also includes a number of other reports.


    The final component of the system is known as DAILY and is where you keep up with the position of each of your grains. Information may be automatically transferred from the incoming (ELEVATOR) and outgoing (SHIPPER) tickets so that you do not need to re-enter this information a second time.

    You may also make manual adjustments to any position as are required. The main reports in this section are designed to show your position and liability information and are quite useful to the grain inspectors when they are reviewing your situation.

    Service Features

    Software Features


    Sample Reports


    Our ELEVATOR Grain Management System is offered as a software subscription and is hosted on servers in the cloud.

    Our servers are maintained in a secure data center and are accessible from a Windows desktop in any location with an Internet connection.

    The subscription requires an initial one-time setup fee and an economical monthly subscription fee based on the size of your elevator and the number of concurrent users of the service that you require.

    Pricing begins at $100/month for a subscription with up to three (3) concurrent users. The setup fee for this configuration is $250.

    Free Trial

    We offer a free, 15-day trial period for you to fully evaluate the service and its applicability to your business. The trial includes sample data, a detailed instruction manual, and a link to our online training videos that we have created to help new users in the evaluation process.

    If, during your 15-day trial period, you decide to continue with the software service, simply notify our office and we will set up and activate your subscription and begin billing you for the setup and subscription.

    If we have not heard back from you by the end of the 15-day trial, your trial will be discontinued automatically.

    Customer Support

    Included in the subscription price is a reasonable amount of support and training. A detailed instruction manual is included with the software as well as a link to several online videos we have created to teach new users how to use the system.

    We also provide a limited amount of test/sample data that allows you to quickly evaluate the usefulness of the product. This data can be easily removed with just a few keystrokes, and you may begin adding your own data when you desire.

    Enhancements and updates to the software are made periodically and are included in the subscription price.

    We do require that users have an active subscription in order to continue receiving telephone support.

    We make every effort to take your calls personally. When we are not available, we have a voice mail system and do our best to respond to your call within two business days.

    About Us

    Tom King Consulting is a small, family-based business located just outside of Denton, Texas. The business was founded by Tom King in the early 1980s. We lost Tom in early 2016, and since that time, the business has been operated by his wife, Sara, and son, Scott. Tom developed and supplied software for well over four decades, and Scott has been doing the same since the late 1970s. We have deliberately maintained our size and structure in order to maintain reasonable prices and to try to offer the kind of personal service that we appreciate from others.

    A Brief Look at Our History

    In the early 1980s, Tom received a request to develop a software product to help manage the wheat harvest from his brother-in-law who was operating a grain elevator in Graham, Texas. Tom had been in the computer business for well over twenty years at the time, and after a certain amount of persuasion, he agreed to put something together that would benefit his brother-in-law as well as his sister-in-law who was doing most of the office work. That was the rudimentary beginnings of the Grain Management System that we offer today.

    During the next few years, there was some interest shown by other operators, and the system gradually increased in functionality and scope. By about 1988, there was enough interest in the system to gather a number of elevator operators and determine what was required to produce a commercial software product. With their encouragement and support, we went through a complete re-design and re-development of the entire system. At that time, the system we redesigned to use a relational database and was completely DOS based. As we began to see some success in the marketplace during the decade of the 90s, we were issuing new releases of the software about once a year.

    In the late 1990s, it became apparent that we would need to make the conversion to Windows. That entailed another major re-design and re-writing of the system and turned out to be the most extensive conversion that we had done to date, requiring a major investment into the product. Even though we had to increase the price slightly, we continued to sell the product for much less than all of our larger competitors. Throughout this period, we continued to make enhancements and improvements to the product and maintained the ability to run under the various versions of Microsoft Windows that have been released.

    In 2015, we began offering a cloud-based subscription version of the software, and by early 2017 we anticipate that all of our active customers will be using our cloud-based offering.

    Tom King Consulting


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    Slingshot Software #enterprise #software #implementation


    Who We Are

    Slingshot’s web-based enterprise business software solutions have helped hundreds of enterprises achieve new levels of growth.

    Our goal is to unlock the power of the internet to integrate your ERP software operations with those of your customers and suppliers, yielding greater competitive advantage for your business.

    Our integrated applications are fully customizable and optimized for multi-channel enterprise organizations. We’ll partner with you to ensure your enterprise software drives your business to the next level of efficiency, growth and profitability.

    Why We’re Different

    When faced with complex business requirements, mid to large sized enterprises turn to Slingshot Software.

    Our Web-based enterprise business software solutions are taking on the global giants in the multi-trillion dollar enterprise software marketplace. Slingshot’s flexible, Web-based applications are built to solve your complex operational and financial challenges – without the cumbersome and expensive customization you’ll need from the other guys.

    You have complex and unique processes and requirements that set you apart from your competitors. Our software can adapt to your unique requirements – without custom programming.

    Free Business Process Evaluation

    Over the years, our software has helped many mid to large sized enterprises streamline their complex business processes. For many of these companies, we helped uncover efficiencies that weren’t even on their radar .

    Need a set of experienced eyes to examine your complex enterprise resource planning processes? Bring us your most ‘squirrely’ problem and we’ll conduct a free business process evaluation for you. There’s no obligation, because whether or not you buy software from us, we want to give you a fresh perspective aimed at improving your business.


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    OnContact CRM #accounting #apps, #free #accounting #apps, #quickbooks #apps #store, #accounting


    OnContact CRM


    OnContact CRM seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, so you can easily access customer financial information without leaving our application. Say goodbye to double data entry with fast syncing. Supports QuickBooks Online Desktop. 14-day free trial.

    CRM Pricing Simplicity

    CRM software just got better. With OnContact, you get everything you need for one simple price. For $50/month per user, OnContact CRM comes out of the box with our mobile app and comprehensive sales, marketing automation, customer service and contact center functionality. No hidden fees. No extra charges.
    Browser Support:
    Supported Browsers for Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox. Supported Browsers for MAC OS X: Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox

    Seamlessly Integrate your Accounting and CRM Data

    With OnContact CRM QuickBooks integration, users can quickly access customer financial information without ever having to leave our application. You can view a customer’s payment status, purchase history, current balance and so much more in a synchronized, user-friendly platform, and eliminate dual data entry with easy syncing of customer records and product data. You can even promote orders created in OnContact CRM to create estimates, orders or invoices in QuickBooks.

    A Complete Accounting View

    OnContact QuickBooks integration lets you manage customer financial data in real-time directly from contact and company records in CRM. View open balances, estimates, invoices, receipts, credit memos, payments, refunds and more without ever leaving the CRM application.

    Save Time with Fast Secure Product Syncing

    With OnContact QuickBooks integration, customer and product data is effortlessly synced between the two applications. Product data stored in QuickBooks is synchronized with OnContact CRM to create new orders, provide pricing information and quantities on hand. The entire syncing process is fluid and user-friendly.

    Save Time with Fast Secure Customer Syncing

    With OnContact QuickBooks integration, customer and product data is effortlessly synced between the two applications. Customers originating in QuickBooks are directly imported into OnContact CRM, while contacts and company information from OnContact are exported to QuickBooks.

    Easily Create Estimates, Orders and Invoices

    Sales orders created in OnContact CRM can be optionally promoted to QuickBooks online and desktop versions to create estimates and invoices. Additionally, QuickBooks desktop supports the creation of orders. All sales orders created in OnContact use accurate, up-to-date product information from QuickBooks.


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    Workers Compensation Insurance: Cost, Requirements, Where to Buy, workers compensation insurance


    Workers compensation insurance software

    Workers compensation insurance software

    Workers Compensation Insurance: Cost, Requirements, Where to Buy

    In most states, you are required by law to purchase workers compensation insurance that covers workplace injuries if you have employees. In this how-to guide, we’ll give the low-down on workers compensation insurance, including where to get it and how to manage coverage more easily.

    Please note that this article providers general information only. If you have questions specific to workers comp coverage for your business, we recommend asking a business lawyer or insurance professional. Also, be sure to check out Gusto, our recommended payroll provider that also takes care of workers compensation insurance, health benefits, and much more. Try it free for 1 month.

    What is Workers Compensation?

    Workers compensation insurance covers an employee’s medical expenses and lost income if they are injured on the job. The other important piece of this insurance is that, if an employee receives workers comp wages while they are injured or ill from something that happened at work, they cannot later sue you for the incident or for negligence.

    Companies that have 1 or more employees (outside of the owner(s)) are generally required to purchase workers compensation coverage. There are a few exceptions, which we outline below, but it is best practice to carry workers compensation insurance even if you do not have to.

    How Much Does Workers Comp Insurance Cost?

    The cost of workers comp insurance varies tremendously, depending on your industry and location. If you are in an industry where work-related injuries are more likely to occur or in a state/city where insurance premiums are higher, then you ll pay more.

    For example, for a tree trimmer, welder, or road construction worker, the cost could be $15 per $100 in payroll, or higher. On the other hand, the cost to cover a banker, architect, or attorney could be under $0.25 per $100 of their payroll. So, for an employee that earns $40,000 a year, a construction company may pay around $6000, whereas a white collar business may pay just $100.

    Additionally, after you’ve been in business for a while, your workers comp rates will go up or down depending on your accident history, just like they would for any other kind of insurance.

    According to Insureon, per $100 in employee wages, workers comp costs in the United States ranged from $0.75 in Texas to $2.74 in Alaska as of recent data.

    Workers Compensation Insurance Cost Examples

    To give you a better idea of how much workers compensation insurance might cost for your business, we analyzed rates for specific industries.

    The chart below shows standard workers comp rates in Florida as of December 2016:


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    Best Call Tracking Companies With Top Class Software #call #tracking #software,


    Ranking For Best Call Tracking Services

    For the pay per call Adwords model, businesses need to track every call to remarket the prospect and non-creepy stalk him. Remarketing is the most powerful strategy and call tracking software is at the core of it. For the performance-based advertising, the top call tracking companies use the analytics to detect the customer behavior. Using the best call tracking services in the World, the call can be connected to the website session and many important inferences can be drawn. understands the gravity of the use of online call tracking software, so it has prepared the list of the best out there. These software are judged on the basis of performance and any red flag software does not make a place in our compilation. The companies listed are the best call tracking and have been the leader and the innovator in the niche. They have been providing the dedicated solutions to the clients and ensuring their success. At 10seos, you can choose any one from the mentioned software because they all are better than another in one way or other.


    Get listed in world’s largest SEO directory today!


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    Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 review: Your flexible business friend #yoga #business


    Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 review: Your flexible business friend

    There’s something endlessly reassuring about a ThinkPad. In some ways, little has changed for decades: the staunchly unfashionable design and retro logos hark back to the devices of IBM days, and even the name stretches way back to the early days of IBM in the 1920s – it was born from the company’s early slogan, “Think”. Now, in 2016, the ThinkPad Yoga 260 marries that past with the technological cutting edge.

    Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260: Design

    Following in the footsteps of HP’s rather lovely EliteBook Folio 1020 . the ThinkPad Yoga 260 delivers its compact business thrills in a 12.5in-screened package. That in itself gives it a slight edge over the myriad 13.3in devices on the market. It’s just that tiny bit smaller and easier to wield in one hand, even if it’s no lighter than most, weighing an unremarkable 1.33kg. It is a certified hard nut, though. While there’s a little flex in the Yoga 260’s body, the MIL-STD-810G certification suggests this is a device that will bounce more often than it breaks.

    The ThinkPad Yoga 260 boasts a now-familiar party trick. Its flexible hinge allows it to contort itself from a standard laptop and pirouette through tent, stand and tablet modes. Where the Yoga 260 deviates from the usual Yoga formula, however, is that it also squeezes in a powered stylus that slots into its right-hand edge. Neatly, the stylus charges its internal battery while it’s slotted home and, in a further sleight of hand, the keyboard’s keys automatically recede as you fold the screen back past the halfway mark. This neatly avoids that slightly weird feeling of pressing keys when the Yoga 260 is used in tablet mode.

    Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260: Connectivity

    It really is business as usual elsewhere. While you’d reasonably expect some compromises, given the Yoga 260’s size, Lenovo has done a cracking job of cramming in all the connectivity and security options you’d expect from a device destined for the office.

    The presence of two USB 3 ports, HDMI, mini-DisplayPort, and a microSD slot isn’t especially remarkable, but the proprietary OneLink+ port is. An adapter in the box uses it to add Ethernet and a VGA output, but it’s also possible to hook up one of Lenovo’s docking stations, which add up to six more USB ports, gigabit Ethernet, extra DisplayPort and DVI video outputs, and simultaneously charge the internal battery.

    Needless to say, wireless networking is well catered for, with the choice of a Broadcom or an Intel 802.11ac chipset (the latter of which comes in both standard and vPro flavours), and you get Bluetooth 4.1 and support for NFC regardless of which you choose.

    Curiously, although there’s a SIM slot, our review unit wasn’t equipped with a 4G adapter, and there was no sign of it being an optional extra on Lenovo’s website. I’ll have to chase Lenovo and confirm when, and indeed if, the UK will be seeing a 4G-enabled version of the Yoga 260.

    And last but not least, security options are also on the money. A fingerprint reader and TPM 2 are equipped as standard, and you can add a full-sized smart card reader for £14. So far, so good.

    Continues on page 2: Performance, battery life and display quality

    Page 1 of 3 Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260 review: Your flexible business friend


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    Top 10 software companies in India #rediff, #business, #information, #software, #exports,


    T he Indian software industry is set to keep up its growth rate despite the slowdown in the economy. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) has forecast a strong outlook for FY08-09 strong with software and services revenue seen growing by 21-24 per cent. The software and services exports are set to hit the $50 billion-mark.

    The software and services exports segment grew by 29 per cent (in USD) to register revenues of $40.4 billion in FY07-08, up from $31.4 billion in FY06-07. The domestic segment grew by 26 per cent (in INR) to register revenues of $ 11.6 billion in FY07-08. According to the latest Nasscom rankings, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Infosys Technologies Ltd. and Wipro Technologies Ltd are the top 3 revenue generators in India. Check out the top ten players in the Indian IT industry.

    Founded in 1968, TCS is one of India’s largest corporate houses. It is also India’s largest IT employer with a staff strength of 111,000 employees.

    The company began as a division of the Tata Group, called the Tata Computer Centre. Its main business was to offer computer services to other group companies. Soon the company was spun off as Tata Consultancy Services after it realised the huge potential of the booming IT services.

    The company posted a consolidated net profit of Rs 1,290.61 crore (Rs 12.90 billion) for the first quarter ended June 30, 2008, an increase of 7.3 per cent compared to the year-ago period.

    Its annual sales worldwide stands at $5.7 billion for the fiscal year ending March 2008. During the year 2007-08,

    TCS’ consolidated revenues grew by 22 per cent to Rs 22,863 crore ($5.7 billion). S. Ramadorai, is the chief executive officer and managing director of TCS.

    TCS is IDC-Dataquest IT best employer in IT services in 2007. TCS also topped DataQuest DQTop 20 list of IT service providers in 2007.

    Image: Chief Executive Officer of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) S Ramadorai . | Photograph: Dibyangshu Sarkar/ AFP/Getty Images


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    Monitor Staff Productivity – Attendance with FlexiServer #attendance #management,attendance #software,attendance #system,attendance


    FlexiServer Productivity Attendance Software

    Track Employee Attendance and Computer Use

    FlexiServer tracks staff hours and computer activity making tracking hours, vacation time and sick leave easier for employees and HR alike. It also has computer usage monitoring for quality control, security or legal compliance.

    • Track staff check in times and working hours
    • Know what your staff is working on
    • Create a flexible working environment
    • View reports for each employee

    FlexiServer tracking hours and attendance of staff across an company. For freelancers and professionals looking to track time for easier hourly billing consider HourGuard time recording software .

    Download Now Purchase Online

    Track Employee Hours and Attendance

    FlexiServer is software for automatic employee time attendance logging. It also features additional tools for quality assurance monitoring and reporting, and works with home or remote employees.

    Create a Flexible Working Environment

    With FlexiServer you can track and monitor employee hours from a remote location. Simply have work-at-home staff or other remote employees install FlexiStation to monitor the hours put in away from the office.

    Improve Productivity and Efficiency

    Improve the way your business operates by using reports for job-costing. Know exactly what tasks your staff is working on and which are taking the most time. See what percentages of a staff member’s time are spent in each application.

    Know What Staff Members Are Working On

    FlexiServer gives managers the confidence they need to know that things are getting done without needing to micro-manage. Monitoring is non-invasive and respects the employees’ need for privacy, allowing them to enter private mode when necessary, while creating a paper trail that can be referenced should there be need.

    Additional Workplace Benefits

    • Employees don’t need to fill out time sheets to record their hours
    • Human Resources and managers have 24/7 access to hours and reports
    • Management can easily monitor outsourced, contract or remote employees
    • Employees can work more flexible hours, working when and where they want
    • Prevent computer or misuse such as viewing pornography or illegal downloads

    Management Software

    Related Software

    Staff Management Features

    • Log employee time attendance automatically
    • Detect breaks and idle time automatically
    • Alternatively enter hours manually through a web form
    • Private mode available to employees for privacy on breaks or when completing personal tasks
    • Takes screenshots at regular intervals
    • Logs count of keystrokes and mouse clicks*
    • Link hours and attendance information to payroll software
    • Shows the online status of all team members
    • Real time screen monitoring available for Quality Assurance
    • Email monitoring can store all emails sent by employees
    • Generate reports on employee application and document usage
    • No extra hardware or dedicated server is required, FlexiServer can run on an HR or manager’s computer
    • Works behind fire walls and routers
    • Can be used over the internet or on a local network

    * FlexiServer does not collect data on the content of keystrokes or mouse clicks.

    How It Works

    The manager or bookkeeper runs FlexiServer on their computer. Whenever the manager or bookkeeper wants to view reports they can log onto FlexiServer with their web browser and use the control panel.

    All staff then run FlexiStation on their computers. FlexiStation runs in the background logging hours worked. Workstations will monitor hours even if the FlexiServer computer is offline, all the cached data will be sent to FlexiServer when it comes back online. FlexiStation provides employees a subset of features so they can manually enter hours, view individual reports or request time-off.

    System Requirements

    FlexiServer – For the Main Computer

    FlexiStation – For Each Employee Workstation

    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    • Works on 64 bit Windows

    This can be a manager’s computer. No dedicated server is required.

    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    • Works on 64 bit Windows
    • See Win 98 and Win 2000 to download software compatible with earlier versions of Windows.
    • Mac OS X 10.6 or above

    Download FlexiServer for Main HR Computer

    Download FlexiStation for Employee Workstations

    More Information.


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    Physical Fixed Asset Inventory Count and Clinical Equipment Inventory for Healthcare,


    Fixed Asset Inventory

    Asset Services is a leading provider of physical equipment inventories for hospitals & healthcare facilities. Our trained inventory personnel specialize in performing inventory services for major moveable equipment in hospitals, clinics and medical practices. Once an inventory is complete, our valuation professionals can determine the replacement cost and fair market value of the healthcare assets, including: clinical, dietary, information technology, maintenance & facilities equipment.

      Track & Maintain Clinical Equipment
    • Equipment tracking software & maintenance management systems are only as good as the information used to populate the system. Develop an accurate baseline inventory to populate your CMMS or equipment tracking system.
    • Ensure all clinical equipment at your facility is properly tracked and maintenance records are kept up-to-date.

      Facility, Life Safety & Medical Equipment Maintenance
    • Comply with industry standards that require hospitals to track certain building mechanical and medical equipment and ensure they are maintained at an acceptable level of safety & quality.
    • The regulations impose significant changes to the way hospitals currently manage life safety and building mechanical equipment. Hospitals are expected to maintain a written inventory to ensure proper maintenance of all facility & medical equipment.

      Healthcare Facility Merger or Acquisition
    • Fixed asset inventory for hospitals, healthcare systems, clinics and medical practices that are being acquired or merging with other entities.
    • Determine the fair market value of fixed assets and medical equipment once a complete wall-to-wall inventory is complete.

      Joint Commission Institutional Oversight and Control
    • Perform independent, professional fixed asset inventory for audit and regulatory compliance.
    • Provide an accurate inventory for technicians to inspect, test, and maintain high-risk systems.

      Hospital Expansion, Construction or Relocation
    • Identify existing clinical equipment, IT equipment and other fixed assets for reallocation to the new facility.
    • Develop an accurate baseline inventory of hospital major moveable assets and clinical equipment at the new facility.
      Capital Budgeting for the Healthcare System
    • Plan for future capital purchases based on accurate records of existing assets.
    • Raise capital through the identification and sale of unused equipment.
    • Reduce taxes and insurance premiums.

    Fixed asset inventory software

    The inventory professionals at Asset Services are experienced in performing equipment inventories in healthcare environments. Whether it is a hospital, clinic, medical office building, operating room, diagnostic imaging center or patient rooms, our teams are highly sensitive to the environment and the concerns of patients, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

    The Asset Services inventory teams will progress through the building and apply barcode property tags to each asset. Information such as location, department, description, manufacturer, model and serial number will be recorded in state-of-the-art barcode data collection terminals. This information is then uploaded to the Asset Services database for our data specialists to review and normalize. After the team analyzes and scrubs the data, the inventory reports are provided as an electronic spreadsheet or delimited format for analysis and easy integration into an existing asset management system.

    Additional information on the inventory process specific to healthcare facilities can be found here: Inventory Process for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities.

    Watch Video

    Why Asset Services?

    Our inventory teams have extensive training and experience in the identification of assets and equipment in medical environments, including clinical and biomedical equipment, IT assets, and standard office equipment and furniture.

    Asset Services takes pride in our ability to perform an inventory with no disruption to procedures, patient care and normal daily activities. Our small, highly trained and experienced project teams provide greater consistency in the data collection processes, and minimizes our “footprint” at client sites. Inventory teams work in close proximity to each other and methodically progress through the facilities.

    Asset Services: Physical fixed asset inventory services, and equipment valuations


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    ForensiT Domain Migration #windows, #data, #migration, #solutions, #technology, #developer, #system, #it,


    User Profile Wizard 3.12

    Simple. Scalable. Low cost

    User Profile Wizard 3.12 is the latest version of ForensiT s powerful workstation migration tool. User Profile Wizard will migrate your current user profile to your new user account so that you can keep all your existing data and settings.

    Large-scale migration made easy

    User Profile Wizard has been used to automatically migrate hundreds of thousands of workstations to new domains. It can be used to migrate workstations to a new domain from any existing Windows network, or from a Novell NDS network; it can join standalone computers to a domain for the first time, or migrate workstations from a domain back to a workgroup.

    No need to lose personal data and settings

    A User Profile is where Windows stores your stuff. Normally, when you change your user account Windows will create a new profile for you, and you lose all your data and settings – your “My Documents”, “My Pictures” and “My Music” files and all the other information that makes your computer personal to you, like your desktop wallpaper, Internet favorites and the lists of documents you’ve recently opened.

    User Profile Wizard is an easy-to-use migration tool that means this doesn’t need to happen – you can simply migrate your original profile to your new user account. User Profile Wizard does not move, copy or delete any data. Instead it configures the profile “in place” so that it can be used by your new user account. This makes the process both very fast and very safe.

    With the User Profile Wizard Deployment Kit you can build a scalable, enterprise solution to automatically migrate tens of thousands of workstations.

    Scalable – up or down

    Unlike some alternatives, User Profile Wizard does not assume that there is an enterprise directory in place. It supports all environments from Small Business Server through to a Global Domain Consolidation.


    • Migrates all user profile data and settings on Windows XP/Windows 7/8 and Windows 10
    • Automatically joins a machine to a new domain
    • Supports domain migrations over a VPN
    • Supports all Active Directory and Samba domains
    • Migrates from a domain back to a workgroup
    • Includes Enterprise strength scripting support
    • Supports push migrations of remote machines
    • Tried and trusted – over one million licenses sold

    Corporate and Professional Editions

    User Profile Wizard comes in two editions. Read our User Profile Wizard Feature Comparison to find out what features are availble in the Corporate and Professional editions. The Corporate Edition is licensed per workstation. The Professional Edition is licensed per technician.

    More information


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    InFlow Inventory Software, 2017 Reviews, Free Demo & Pricing, inflow software.#Inflow


    inFlow Inventory Software

    Inflow software

    inFlow Inventory from Archon Systems is an inventory management system designed specifically for item-based businesses. The solution is used by a variety of businesses, including retailers, wholesalers, e-commerce companies, government agencies and healthcare firms.

    inFlow comes in three editions: a free edition, which is recommended to startups and very small businesses. It comes with barcoding, multiple locations, and reporting, with support for up to 100 products and customers. The Regular edition allows adding unlimited numbers of products and customers, multi-user support, document customization, separate user logins and more built-in reports. The more powerful Premium edition, designed with manufacturers in mind, supports functionality for work orders and bills of materials. It also includes serial numbers, count sheets and additional reporting capabilities. inflow offers custom fields, changeable labels, and supports over 90 unique currencies.

    Additional features include barcode tracking, invoicing, dashboard and custom reporting.

    • Inflow software

    Purchase order

  • Inflow software

    Example graph

  • Inflow software

    Product details

  • Inflow software

    Sales order

  • Inflow software

    Homepage menu

  • Inflow software

    Supported Operating System(s):

    Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8, Windows 10

    Popular Guides Featuring this Product

    inFlow Inventory appears in the following software guides:


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  • Event Ticket Template, event ticket software.#Event #ticket #software


    event ticket software

    Event ticket software

    Event ticket software

    Free Downloadable Templates

    An event ticket template can help you make your next party or gathering special. It can be a great marketing tool if you are sending it out to customers and inviting them to a special sale or unveiling of new materials.

    It can also be a good way to ensure you keep unwanted guests out of a large party. With so many uses for a ticket templates, it is a good thing that there are plenty of sample templates online for you to use.

    What to Include On A Template

    When you are looking for a template for event tickets, you want to ensure you find one that allows you to include all required information. For example, you want to make sure there is a spot to include:

    • The date of the event
    • The name of the event
    • The location of the event
    • The time of the event

    You may also want to consider putting the address on the event, or putting some type of catchy phrase or slogan on the ticket itself to make the event more appealing. If you have given your event a special title, you can also include that took.

    Finding an Event Ticket Template

    There are several online websites where you can find customizable event ticket templates. For example:

    • Microsoft Office features printable event ticket templates that can be added using your Microsoft Word software program. Editing is sample and intuitive for anyone who knows how to use MS Word and there are different shapes, sizes and styles of tickets. Their Holiday ticket includes festive colorings and graphics and they have tickets for tours, general events and raffles.
    • Free Ticket allows you to design tickets online and download or print them right from your web browsers. You can even design a “base” ticket that you save and modify for subsequent events.
    • The Paper Stock offers several free ticket templates for Chinese auctions and raffles. You can use the templates that are based on the Excel program- for anything of your choice. The Paper Stock also sells special perforated paper you can print your tickets on if you are interested in that option for printing your tickets.

    Ticket Size

    The size of your event ticket will dictate how much information you can put on it. A smaller ticket may be easier to create, print and collect at the door but a larger ticket can allow you to give guests more details.

    Think about printing costs and cutting the tickets apart when you create them. If you make a smaller ticket, you use less paper, which can potentially cut down on printing costs. However, it may be more difficult to cut the tickets apart if they are small- you can use a paper cutter, but that may not be precise and you don’t want your tickets to have jagged and uneven edges.


    You will have to have a paper copy of your ticket, so you will need to plan for printing once your ticket is done. You can print either in house or have a professional print, so you will need to decide what is most cost effective. Consider printing your ticket on heavier paper or special paper to ensure that it is easy for people to hold and bring to the event. You may also want to think about printing the ticket on special colored paper to make it more visually appealing for those attending.

    Other Considerations

    If you are hosting a large event, you want to make sure no one copies or makes unauthorized representations of your ticket so they can sneak in. Do this by creating a unique or hard to replicate design, by including people’s names on the tickets, or by including a serial number or some other means to check whether the ticket is legitimate or not.


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    Ecommerce Website Development Software, Building an Ecommerce Website with CS-Cart #ecommerce


    What is CS-Cart?

    CS-Cart is a platform for building an online store. To open one, you install CS-Cart on your server just like an ordinary program and start selling immediately. With CS-Cart, you get both an eye-catching mobile friendly storefront and an admin panel with tons of e-commerce features.

    35,000 stores worldwide

  • 12 years on the market
  • 500 eCommerce features
  • 1st place in mobile friendliness

  • Ecommerce Website Development Software

    Starting up an ecommerce web project is definitely one of the most efficient and still affordable ways to improve your brand awareness and increase sales and conversions in times. First of all, you will have to design and develop your ecommerce venture. However, with the online market getting more and more saturated, you should pay much more efforts, time and creativity to the whole process to ensure overall online business success. When building up an ecommerce website, it’s very important to create an absolutely unique and attractive design as well as pay maximum attention to the functionality, so that your website may gain a competitive advantage over other similar projects.

    Whether you’re planning to launch a small online store or large virtual shopping mall handling thousands of products, you will certainly benefit from using CS-Cart – all-in-one, flexible and still reasonably priced ecommerce website development software designed to deliver you a hassle-free ecommerce experience.

    CS-Cart Overview

    CS-Cart is a PHP-based ecommerce shopping cart platform built using industry-leading open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Smarty template engine, CSS-based layouts and many others to empower you with everything you may require to build a sophisticated, full-fledged and competitive project and keep it always up-to-date. It can be an obvious choice for those who build a new standalone web store from scratch and those adding an ecommerce functionality to their existing websites alike.

    While being fully packed with a wide selection of the most advanced tools and options, every one of our CS-Cart Editions is ranked as a convenient and user-friendly ecommerce website builder program. Through their intuitive, user-friendly administrative panels you can manage your inventory, import and export products, manage categories, control ordering, payment and delivery processes, conduct marketing and promotional campaigns, etc.

    With CS-Cart you can sell any type of products and services, including physical items, various virtual products such as software solutions, applications, audio tracks, ebooks and also manage subscriptions. Moreover, due to built-in multilingual support, our ecommerce website software allows you to reach the Global customer audience easily.


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    Live GPS Tracking Devices #gps #asset #tracking #software


    GPS Tracking Solutions For Your Business

    Fleet tracking technology provides live GPS capability that enables up to minute-by-minute information regarding your fleet’s vehicles. The easy-to-use web interface allows the most convenient way to continuously track, get stop times, set geofences, set speed limit alerts, and always know where your trucks and drivers are located instantly.

    • Service
    • Emergency
    • Long haul
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Beverage
    • Chemical and oil
    • Sales delivery
    • Buses

    Our asset track units are perfect for any piece of equipment The unit can be used not only to track location for business but also to retrieve a theft. Alerts can be received via e-mail or text messaging. Asset tracking will provide automatic geofence boundaries.

    • Construction equipment
    • Generator
    • Trailer
    • 4-wheeler
    • Offroad vehicle
    • Golf cart

    Battery Tracking will allow you to to manage equipment in the field without the use of power harnesses, antennas or external power. The Tracking units use motion sensing and GPS Positioning to gather and transmit asset status information.

    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Transportation and Freight
    • Trailer and outdoor-sign companies

    Learn More

    Our teen track units will provide you with quick and easy solutions to monitor your young driver. The unit can be covertly installed and will provide you with 24 hour peace of mind.

    • Newly licensed drivers
    • Elderly drivers
    • High risk drivers
    • Teen drivers
    • Outside sales drivers

    Questions? Call us for free consultation. (847)-382-5107

    GPS Technologies

    For the very best in tracking and monitoring systems, backed by sophisticated GPS precision, GPS Technologies is your foremost authority. We help businesses understand what their fleets are saying, and assist with battery, teen and asset tracking. Our software solutions provide drivers, dispatchers and decision-makers an open line of communication. We are proud to serve you!

    The Authority for Fleet GPS Tracking

    GPS Technologies provides our customers with the very best, most accurate, most encompassing personal and fleet tracking and monitoring services available today. We understand the importance of knowing the speed, location, status and integrity of your assets, which is why we take pride in providing technologies capable of providing this data and more! As the premier fleet GPS monitoring service, we focus heavily on enabling you to view, review and streamline your processes via GPS data, to help grow your company smarter and faster. From plotting the best route, to adapting for unforeseen challenges, to monitoring the status of high-priority assets, our fleet GPS tracking service is a modern-age solution to business betterment.

    In addition to fleet vehicles and assets, we also leverage our technologies to provide general vehicle GPS tracking. We’re here to assist you in keeping tabs on high-risk drivers, or to help monitor the tendencies of your new teen driver. Our GPS units and interface provide up-to-the-minute technologies that make personal GPS tracking easy, efficient and unencumbering. Whether you’re a worrisome parent, the manager of large-scale fleet operations, supervisor at an agricultural operation or just looking to gather and interpret data for continuous improvement, know that GPS Technologies is here to serve you.

    • We’ve been a family-owned and –operated business since 1998, with more than 20 years of industry experience!
    • We offer software solutions for a wide range of industries, encompassing all tracking demands.
    • We’re accredited and highly rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBBs nationwide.).
    • Our products and services extend to companies
    • We offer rental products, as well as wholesale tracking technologies.


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    Video for Sales Pros, email discovery software.#Email #discovery #software


    email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Leave the session with a clear understanding of what’s involved, the costs, and expected results.

    (Guaranteed return-on-investment if there’s a match).

    Real People. Real Results.

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Email discovery software

    Record Number of Appointments

    In my first week of using jiveSYSTEMS, I set a record number of appointments and achieved 100% show rate to the first meeting. Many people invited me to their homes, instead of a public place. The video was a great conversation starting point and lead to my highest closing ratio in the first meeting.

    UPDATE (Month Two): Will, if someone watches my video they are my client. It is simple at that. So awesome!

    35%+ increase in closing ratio

    I’ve increased my closing ratio by 35%! I will officially be sending 100% of my itineraries out using jiveSYSTEMS.

    4X increase in revenue

    I’ve gone from $400K to $1.5M in sales per year largely because of video email and the jiveSYSTEMS team.

    Greatest innovation

    jiveSYSTEMS may be the greatest innovation in my wealth management practice in the last 30 years.

    59% Closing Ratio

    I’ve had some very concrete success since I started using jiveSYSTEMS. As an example, this month I am on course to hit my sales goals at a 59% closing ratio! In February, I closed the largest sale in company history. I could not and would not want to do my job without jiveSYSTEMS after having such substantial success so far.

    Doubled MRR

    I’ve garnered thousands of views in my blog, landed high profile speaking engagements, and doubled my monthly recurring revenue since I started using jiveSYSTEMS.

    Outstanding customer service

    I’ve been in business for over 22 years and I’ve never come across another company that comes even close the customer service of jiveSYSTEMS.

    Increased bookings

    Great Vacation Retreats is totally ahead of the competition. Using jiveSYSTEMS, we have impressed potential owners, asked for and received reviews for new properties and increased our bookings in the off season. Mahalo nui!

    Face to the name

    I send new leads a video email to put a face to my name and establish trust. I’m then able to get them on the phone with me and go right into a sale!

    Experts at video email

    jiveSYSTEMS are experts at teaching sales agents how to leverage video email.


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    Internet Filtering Software Guide – Reviews of Parental Control Software #online


    Internet Filter and Parental Control Software Reviews


    Note: The information in the following section may no longer be applicable, as now most people receive their Internet service through a telecom company like Verizon or a cable company like Comcast. Since this site is not being as actively updated, we have not been able to research what parental control features these services offer.

    Most major ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) like America Online, MSN or Earthlink, provide parental controls that allow you to adjust the nature of content available to each screen name. This means each family member can have customized access to the Internet based on age at no additional charge. The following are links that explain how to use parental controls with EARTHLINK . AMERICA ONLINE and MSN .


    A more aggressive option for filtering is a filtered or a “family-friendly” ISP. With a filtered ISP, content filtering is not an option you select and set up; it is built-in and automatic for all users. It cannot be bypassed or overridden. Here are links to some “family-friendly” ISP’s.

    For more information on ISP-based filtering, click here . For a sampling of more filtering ISP�s, click here . For families using an ISP without the parental control feature, filtering software is recommended (see below).


    (Purchased and installed on your computer[s])

    Here is a chart of some of the leading software products available. The ratings have been calculated based on several comparative reviews. For explanation of features, hover your mouse over the term you wish to have defined.

    * BrowseControl provides discounts when purchased in bulk, like for a computer lab.

    There are many commercially available products. Some filtering products, like Symantec and McAfee, are part of a package of software tools that also include virus protection, popup blockers, and other security features. The advantage: with one purchase, you can take care of several important concerns. The catch: these products typically cost more than a stand-alone internet filtering product and have annual subscriptions. The following links below provide additional information about commercially available internet filters.


    For advanced users, commercial filtering may work for you if you meet these three conditions:

    1) Your household has more than one computer
    2) They are or will be networked (“talking” to each other)
    3) You have a fast Internet connection (not dial-up)

    The option is router-based filtering. A router is a piece of equipment that connects your computers to the Internet and to each other. Some come with options to filter content which means the filtering you set up will be applied to all computers in your network. Router-based filtering can be more complex to set up, but is also more difficult to bypass. There is an initial purchase cost, plus an annual subscription fee. Several reasonably-priced examples are shown below.

    The first three in this list are fairly new options and block a loophole that some other routers do not handle.

    Kibosh. $99 + $59.99/yr filtering service

    Blocksi Router. $59.95 per 2 years’ subscription


    • Free
    • Ministry of ( )
    • Regularly sends list of questionable web visits to selected recepients
    • Best free monitoring software
    • X3watchPro version available for $14.95; includes tech support
    • Mac compatible

    • An internet usage tracking solution designed for companies and organizations
    • Product is installed on a computer network and monitors internet usage (sites visits, length of time, etc.) for all computers used
    • Prices vary by number of computers being monitored

    • $19.95 for download
    • Scans computer files and internet history for potentially offensive materials
    • Deluxe version ($39.95 + S H): includes keystroke monitoring, scans, chats and emails, expanded dictionary of keywords
    • $39.95 for download free trial
    • Records emails, IM, websites, keystrokes, file access, screen snapshots
    • website, email, chat, IM blocking
    • Games and applications alerts blocking

    • $39.95
    • Monitor email, chat, IM, p2p applications
    • Record keystrokes and downloads
    • Websites blocking
    • Free
    • Records instant message (IM) conversations
    • Login online to review IM conversations from within the last 24 hours
    • Receive daily usage summary via email
    • Receive alerts to dangerous conversations or watch-words via email


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    Free Medical Billing Software Downloads #free #online #medical #billing #software


    Download Medical Billing Software

  • Medical Billing Software v.17 Medicalbillingsoftware for medical offices. physicians, therapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, amulance service and anyone who bills on the CMS1500 or old HCFA1500 form. Medisoft insurance billing EOB posting elctronically. ANSI 5010 compliant.
  • MEDICAL BILLING FOR A PHARMA STORE v.1.0 I need to develop a medicalbillingsoftware for a pharma store based on C.Suggestions in this regard are hopefully awaited.
  • Enhilex Medical Transcription Software v.3.26 Enhilex Medical Transcription Software is a great word list tool built specifically for MTs. Increase your productivity and easily manage patient names. doctor names, medications, medical abbreviations and lab names!
  • Alabama medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
  • Alaska medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
  • Arizona medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
  • Arkansas medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
  • California medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
  • Colorado medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
    • Conneticut medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
    • Delaware medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
    • Fbilling System billing software v.3.3.11 Easy to use billingsoftware for smal business. Self-evident screens, simple and quick ivoice creation. Create, print or email professional invoice, receipt, order, estimate, quote or credit memo with your company logo. Supports recurring invoices.
    • Florida medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
    • Georgia medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
    • Hawaii medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
    • Idaho medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
    • Illinois medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
    • Indiana medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
    • Iowa medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.
    • Kansas medical billing v.1.00 This is a browser toolbar for Business. Use this to search the web. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar. Do you need medicalbilling services. You can also check the local weather with this toolbar and latest news. If you ever.

    Today’s Top Ten Downloads for Medical Billing Software

    Copyright 1995 – 2015


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    Learning Management System (LMS) Australia #learning #management #system, #learning #management #system


    Why invest in a Learning Management System (LMS)?

    Learning Management Systems are software applications designed to administer, document, and deliver online courses or training materials. Installing an LMS enables you to increase efficiency in all aspects of your organisation s eLearning processes. At Synotive, Australia s leading software development company. our team of experts delivers a scalable, configurable, and Australian-installed or hosted learning management system. Our LMS supports your business in the creation and transfer of online courses, training material, and other information. You will be able to provide robust eLearning, and manage everything from one portal. An efficient and easy-to-use LMS software such as ours also enables you to maximise time and cost savings by streamlining the process of learning management in your organisation. You can ensure compliance is met with industry expectations, and track performance of training courses with integrated tracking and administration.

    An efficient learning management system can transform your organisation

    When providing training courses online, a learning management system tailored to your organisation s requirements can save a significant amount of time that would have been wasted by completing administrative tasks manually otherwise.

    Central data storage

    Administrators can do away with cumbersome paperwork and access stored data in a central location at any time. Data that can be stored online includes training delivery, learner registration details, and performance reports, among others.

  • Tracking

    Various forms of tracking reports are available at the click of a button. These include specific training and test details, training commencement status, as well as training and assessment progress and completion.

  • Cost reduction

    Reduce time by offering certain components of a course online, or a blended solution. Learners can access the online courses anytime and anywhere at their convenience. This is beneficial where learners are spread across the country or globe.

  • Compliance training programmes

    Some organisations are required to conduct compliance training or risk heavy penalties. A robust learning management system allows managers to track staff undertaking the compliance training, and view reports and results.

  • How Synotive s LMS can assist you

    Our LMS will help your organisation with the monitoring, tracking and assignment of tasks with first-class blended learning programmes. Some key features included in our Learning Management System include:

    • Course catalogue management to provide your target readers with more in-depth details of the course
    • Secure storage of user information to safeguard your details
    • Easy maintenance with no assistance required
    • Online test creation and tracking of progress
    • Management of Certification Programmes for custom eLearning solutions
    • Built-in reporting tools to gauge progress
    • Online payment gateway to provide a simplified payment mode for hassle-free learning procedures

    Explore the capabilities of Synotive s Learning Management System book a demonstration today!


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    The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2014 – Page: 1

    The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2014

    byCRN Staff on January 31, 2014, 10:15 am EST

    When CRN first introduced its annual 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors list in 2010, the space was still ripe, rapidly evolving from an industry buzzword to a legitimate means for solution providers to enable customers to eliminate the overhead and capital expenditures that come with on-premise hardware. In 2014, the fourth year of the Cloud 100, “the cloud” is now mainstream and the shift from a traditional on-premise solution provider model to a cloud-based services model is not just a trend, but in many cases a crucial move for survival.

    The Cloud 100 list aims to help solution providers navigate the growing cloud marketplace and identify the best solutions to support the IT channel.

    Here we present the 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors Of 2014, honoring the best of the best in cloud computing in five categories: infrastructure, platforms, security, storage and software.

    The 20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors
    AWS is still the IaaS market king, but AWS also faces increased competition from rivals including large telco companies to smaller, but stealthier, IaaS startups. Here’s a look at the coolest cloud infrastructure vendors to make this year’s CRN Cloud 100 list.

    The 20 Coolest Cloud Platforms And Development Vendors
    The time is now for fast growth and big ROI in the cloud platform and development space. Here are the coolest cloud platform and development vendors on this year’s Cloud 100 list.

    Data is piling up and storage vendors new and old are offering more options for businesses to store more of that data in the cloud. We take a look at the 20 coolest cloud storage companies that made this year’s Cloud 100 list.

    The 20 Coolest Cloud Software Vendors
    Fifteen years after introduced its cloud CRM apps, cloud computing is quickly becoming the de facto method for delivery applications to users. Here are the coolest cloud software vendors on this year’s Cloud 100 list.

    Worried moving to the cloud might make you more vulnerable? Here are 20 cloud security companies that made this year’s Cloud 100 list.


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    Free CFD Solver Reviews #cfd #solver,cfd #getting #started,cfd #cad #free #software,cfd


    Choosing a CFD Solver

    If you are new to computational fluid dynamics, selecting a CFD solver can sometimes be a daunting task. There are a bewildering variety of choices.

    Commercial CFD Packages

    Even though I make my living developing non-commercial CFD codes and helping people use them, it must be said that commercial packages are a good solution for many organizations. So before we dive into the discussion of the various non-commercial CFD solvers, we need to make a quick side trip to the world of commercial software.

    If you are looking at commercial CFD packages, evaluate the different alternatives carefully to be sure you’re getting the right solution for your organization. There are many reputable companies that offer different CFD packages which cover the whole spectrum from highly customized expert systems, to stand-alone solvers, to all-in-one packages that attempt to provide everything you need to do CFD at your company. Follow the link for a short discussion of just a few of them.

    Non-Commercial Alternatives

    One size does not fit all, however, and sometimes businesses find that their needs require a different approach, either for a single project, or for all of their CFD simulations. For example, your projects might require the inclusion of terms in the governing equations which are normally neglected (because they’re very small in most cases). Or, you might require a higher order scheme than is commonly available (for an acoustics application, perhaps). Or maybe your budget just won’t stretch for the licensing costs.

    Whatever your reason, if you need something besides the commercial packages, there are many high quality CFD solvers which are freely available from one source or another. Here are some thumbnail reviews of some of them. Where present, you can follow the links to more detailed descriptions of the software you’re interested in.

    What about the many packages I haven’t covered here? If you are a developer or user of another package, you can contribute your own tip or review of a free cfd solver. You can also see and comment on the reviews that other users have submitted.


    This is the code I use for a lot of my CFD work, whether development or applications. It solves the compressible Euler or Navier-Stokes equations, but beyond that, it is about as flexible a code as any I’ve encountered. There are numerous options for the handling of flow physics and many different computational grid topologies can be handled. Also, Wind-US can be run in parallel in many different ways.

    Along with the CFD solver there are pre-processors, a post-processor, and numerous other utilities that come with it to make your life a bit easier. In summary, Wind-US is not the best code for everything, but it can be applied to more different areas than many other codes. It is freely available (including source code) to U.S. organizations (see the license for restrictions). If that sounds like what you need, check it out.

    In November 2011, the NPARC Alliance released Wind-US version 3.0. I have a review of the new features of this free cfd analysis software.


    This “code” is really a library of C++ routines which facilitate the numerical solution of partial differential equations. Using this library, many different solvers (included with the software) have been built to address many classes of problems in fluid dynamics (and other fields as well). Applications range from laminar incompressible flow to fully turbulent reacting compressible flow to solving the Black-Scholes equation for pricing commodities options. OpenFOAM is freely available worldwide under the GNU Public License. To learn more, see my review of this free CFD solver.


    This is a general purpose structured grid compressible CFD solver maintained primarily by Chris Rumsey at NASA Langley Research Center. One of the code’s many strengths is the diversity of available turbulence models. Like Wind-US, access to CFL3D is restricted to “U.S. persons”.


    The development of this widely used code is led by Pieter Buning at NASA Langley Research Center. This compressible CFD solver is specialized for use on overset structured meshes (aka CHIMERA grids). The recent release of OVERFLOW 2.0 (and now 2.1) saw significant additions which make it a leader in its ability to compute large-scale unsteady problems such as store separation from a full aircraft configuration. For additional details, see my review of this capable computational fluid dynamics software package.


    This code is the solver portion of the TETRUSS (TETR ahedral U nstructured S oftware S ystem) system developed by NASA Langley. USM3D solves the compressible Navier-Stokes equations on unstructured grids made up of tetrahedral elements. Like the other NASA codes, USM3D is free to U.S. organizations, and in this case, training and support for USM3D (and the whole TETRUSS system) is available, for a fee, from ViGYAN, Inc.


    Development of this CFD solver is led by Stéphane Popinet, with support from the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. Gerris solves the incompressible Euler, Stokes, or Navier-Stokes equations using unstructured Cartesian meshes with immersed boundaries. This allows the use of dynamic mesh refinement to automatically generate quality grids around complex geometries.

    At the present time, it is best suited for unsteady flows, but no turbulence models are available as of this writing. As a result, turbulence must either be completely resolved (a direct simulation) or the numerical dissipation of the discretization algorithms must be relied on to act as a model (a la MILES approach). Gerris is freely available under the GNU Public License.

    A World of Options

    From the above, you can see that there is quite a variety to choose from, and this is just scratching the surface. To any readers from outside the United States, I apologize for the U.S. slant to the reviews here; I will try to balance things out eventually with additional reviews of more internationally available packages.

    If you have your own favorite code, you can tell us about it here. You can also see other users’ submissions, and add your own comments.

    New! Comments

    Have your say about what you just read! Leave a comment in the box below.


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    POLICE SOFTWARE – CrimeStar Records Management #cad #management #software


    CAD vs. CFS

    What is CAD. A CAD or Computer Aided Dispatch systems is a real time command and control process. These systems are used to track in real time all information relating to calls and units. These real time command and control systems are often interfaced to E911 call systems to route calls between telephone call takers and dispatch operators. CAD systems are often programmed to monitor officer’s elapsed status times and notify dispatchers to check on the safety of officers after defined periods of time. They also interact with Mobile Digital devices providing rapid and secure communications between dispatchers and field personnel.

    What is CFS. A CFS or Calls For Service systems is typically an after the fact tracking system which is used to record specific information concerning calls and responding field units. A calls for service system tracks much of the same data as a CAD system however it lacks all the logic necessary to perform specific unit status tracking and focuses only on the event. While a Calls For Service module is typically not used in a real time environment, the Crimestar calls for service module does permit you to have multiple call screens open and active at the same time. Therefore a dispatch operator can use the CFS module while in the dispatch center to capture the information on more than one activity at a time.

    What CAD and CFS is not. While both are integrated with RMS, neither CAD or CFS are RMS incident reporting systems! In other words; they are both specifically designed to only record information regarding field calls or events as it would pertain to a 911 call center. Dispatchers and call takers only know what they are being told, and that many times callers are either not truthful about certain facts or simply don’t have the facts. In busy call centers dispatchers simply don’t have the time to capture the numerous details that would normally be recorded as part of an incident/crime report anyway. Therefore, we believe that it is not and should not be the role of a dispatcher or call taker to try to capture extensive RMS Incident related data (names, addresses, dob etc. of all involved parties, vehicle makes models etc. stolen property items and serial numbers etc. ) as part of CAD/CFS except to the extent that similar specific information is relevant for the safety of the responding officers. Instead that detailed RMS Incident related data should be captured by the responding officer(s) who, by virtue of being there in person, can very via observation and or supporting documentation information about related persons, vehicles and property. Restated, let Citations, Field Interview Cards, and Incident reports capture the verifiable records related data and keep CAD/CFS focused on being simple, fast and flexible so as to gather basic call information and get resources deployed in a safe and timely manner.

    Do We Need CAD. If you are a small agency that typically has fewer than 2 or 3 units in the field at any one time and don’t need mobile digital communications (i.e. MDC ‘s) the answer is; probably not! Our Calls For Service module would likely give you all the functionality and capability you need as far as capturing information about calls and searching or reporting on that data. If you do decide that CAD is needed in your department, the Crimestar CAD system provides you with the CAD functionality and feeds all closed call events into the Calls For Service module where you can take advantage of our systems inquiry and reports capability.

    Copyright � 1999-2016 Crimestar Corporation – All Rights Reserved


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    Online Training System: Definition #training #management #system, #lms, #build #online #courses,


    Online Training System

    Our training was up and running right away. FlexTraining really hit it out of the park!

    FlexTraining has set the standards for the industry; all others fall short of its quality and appearance.

    Got Courses?

    Over three million online learners have learned with FlexTraining, with a growing customer base on six continents.

    Our flexible, secure management framework has been adopted by companies from the Fortune 500 to emerging startups, and by government departments and non-profits of every size.

    Your custom online courses can be created by our experienced team, or you can easily build them yourself using the integrated, simplified FlexTraining tools.

    Let us help you choose.

    Deliver Online Courses Without Programming

    • Optimized for both small and large organizations .
    • User-defined lessons and features put YOU in control.
    • Unlimited courses for about $3 per student per month.
    • Flexible and scalable from 100 to 100,000 users.

    Industry Briefs: Download/View These Short White Papers

    Train in the Cloud

    Reducing Training Costs

    What To Look For

    E-Learning Features List

    Advanced Learning Management

    • The ability to multi-brand login and training screens to support multiple organizations, clients or product brands.
    • Built-in course authoring tools and templates, including multimedia and narration support
    • Completion certificates within the LMS with dynamic real-time name, date and course information.
    • Pre-requisite designation and enforcement, with assigned curriculum per student or group of employees with similar job duties
    • Integrated E-commerce for course fees, activated in the learning management system on a course-by-course basis
    • Skill groups and tailored learning plans, with completion tracking, assigned dealines, and warning notifications
    • Flexible e-learning software, learner import and export facilities for integration with outside systems and personal spreadsheets.
    • Our narrated online demos will show you what a streamlined Learning Management System with advanced features looks like.

    Choosing the Right Learning System

    • How easily can you change the learning system’s behaviors and options – without programming?
    • Is there robust analysis reporting, and can you easily track the progress of individual students against a training plan?
    • Are you able to mix and match instructor-led courses and self-paced education in the same LMS?
    • Can the online learner track his progress and interact with subject matter experts?
    • Can you choose between hosting your training solution and keeping it “in the cloud”?
    • Will you be able to manage training for multiple departments with a single administrator, or with very few resources and no technical staff involved?
    • FlexTraining software and services have also been specially bundled for large enterprises, an option which we call FlexTraining-X.
    • Does the LMS occupy a very small piece of the cost-benefit analysis, as it should?
    • Everyone’s needs are different. Before you make a decision, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free no-obligation consultation.


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    Business Intelligence #business #intelligence,what #is,definition,business #intelligence #software,business #intelligence #solutions,buisness,inteligence,busines

    Business Intelligence

    An enterprise Business Intelligence solution must satisfy the reporting and analysis needs of everyone in the organization, from front line workers to executives to analysts.

    Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad category of computer software solutions that enables a company or organization to gain insight into its critical operations through reporting applications and analysis tools. BI applications may include a variety of components such as tabular reports, spreadsheets, charts, and dashboards. Although traditional business intelligence systems were delivered via host terminals or paper reports, the typical modern deployment of a BI application is over the web, via Internet or intranet connections. It is also possible, and becoming more popular, to develop interactive BI apps optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, and for e-mail.

    Well-designed BI applications can give anyone in your company the ability to make better decisions by quickly understanding the various “information assets” in your organization and how these interact with each other. These assets can include customer databases, supply chain information, personnel data, manufacturing, product data, sales and marketing activity, as well as any other source of information critical to your operation. A robust BI application, which includes integration and data cleansing functions, can allow you to integrate these disparate data sources into a single coherent framework for real-time reporting and detailed analysis by anyone in your extended enterprise – customers, partners, employees, managers, and executives.

    Check out these live Business Intelligence demos for examples of reports, charts, scorecards and dashboards that satisfy diverse end user requirements on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

    WebFOCUS – Information Builders’ comprehensive suite of BI software and the industry’s most secure and flexible solution – provides comprehensive BI functionality for many different classes of users, from the corporate executive to the assembly line worker; from the financial analyst sitting at his desk to the sales rep who’s always on the road. WebFOCUS allows organizations to leverage any data source, transform it into useful information, and deliver it in an actionable format to any end user, both within and outside the enterprise.

    WebFOCUS reduces the cost and time for development and deployment of BI applications, while providing powerful, scalable, enterprise-wide BI solutions.

    WebFOCUS BI software will empower your organization to:

    • Process requests quickly, intelligently, and efficiently
    • Respond faster and more efficiently to changing conditions affecting your organization
    • Make your greatest asset – information – part of your organization’s natural culture
    • Transform raw data into intuitive, illustrative enterprise reports quickly and easily
    • Enhance reporting systems by incorporating transactional forms, as well as data maintenance and update capabilities
    • Deliver usable information to both local and remote workers in the format that works best for them, whether it’s html, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, e-mail or active technologies with built-in analytics capabilities.

    To find out more about BI, read our white paper “Worst Practices in Business Intelligence: Why BI Applications Succeed Where BI Tools Fail .” In it you’ll see the most common mistakes made in BI deployments and how to avoid them so your BI applications will be as successful and effective as possible.


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    IT asset management software #it #asset #management #software, #network #inventory #management,


    Asset Management Solution

    Discover, Manage, and Track All Your Hardware Assets.

  • Scan all your Windows devices, non-Window devices, VMs, and network devices through simple scanning techniques.
  • Get comprehensive asset information like hardware specification, software installed, scan history, asset ownership history, and asset states in a single pane of glass.
  • Build and maintain a separate inventory to manage all your non-IT assets.

    Map Asset Relationships with CMDB. Understand Your IT Environment Better.

    • Create a high level of synergy by building relationships between people, assets, and other Configuration Items (CI).
    • Use pre-defined and custom relationship types to get a visual view of asset relationships.
    • Enable an effective problem management and change management planning by building a logical model of your IT infrastructure in the CMDB .

    Manage Software and Ensure Compliance. Sail Through Audits Easily.

    • Improve software governance by monitoring software usage (unused, rarely used, and so on), number of installations, license types, compliance status, and license expiration.
    • Isolate vulnerabilities like malware and unauthorized or prohibited software to reduce potential risks.
    • Manage software licenses for every software installation on every workstation across the enterprise.
    • Track over licensed, under licensed, and compliant software to ensure software license compliance.
    • Sail through software audits easily by tracking every installation and allocating individual software licenses across installations.

    Track IT Asset Purchases and Contracts. Manage IT Budgets Better.

    • Manage the complete life cycle of purchase orders with a structured approval and delivery process.
    • Maintain a complete product catalog of all assets owned by the company with price and warranty details.
    • Maintain a vendor catalog, compare prices from different vendors, and analyze purchase trends to leverage negotiations.
    • Keep track of IT contracts and get notified about their expiry in advance.

    What Customers Say

    The asset management piece is probably the most important part of ServiceDesk Plus and the most helpful part of the tool. I would say that the asset management module has provided the biggest added value to the business.

    Nicholas P. Arispe
    system administrator, Radiology Associates


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  • Social media marketing – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice #social #media


    Social media marketing

    Improve your Social media marketing with our hub page

    Use our hub pages as a reference to get up-to-speed on all the main digital marketing techniques. They will help you quickly understand how to make the most of the technique through definitions and recommendations on our member resources and blog articles covering strategy, best practices and the latest statistics.

    Social media have transformed marketing, for the better most would say. We’ll help you make the most of the power of social media marketing using a strategic approach sharing approaches from the leading commentators and companies.

    See our latest blog articles on social media for our latest coverage of the tools and techniques.

    Recommended resources

    4. Paid guide: Social media strategy – our 7 steps guide to creating a strategy

    5. Paid guide: Social media plan example – a worked example of a social media marketing plan

    Social media marketing quick guide

    Social media marketing success factors

    The success factors for developing social media marketing are summarised through the different parts of our 7 Steps to Social Media Success Guide.

    1. Set business goals for your social media – it’s best not to experiment without a clear idea of how social media will support your business goals.

    2. Create a social media strategy. A strategy will help you to deploy social media in the best way to reach your goals by prioritising on the channels in our RADAR which are most effective.

    3. Active social listening and reputation management. Most advice on social media marketing strategies advises to start by listening to your conversations. We prefer the term coined by Brian Solis in his book Engage of “Active Social Listening” since this shows the need for a feedback cycle within social media marketing.

    4. Define content and engagement strategy. We’ve noted that encouraging engagement and participation are the biggest challenges to social media marketing, so clear strategies are needed to show how to achieve these.

    5. Define communications strategy. In the social media era, a continuous communications strategy is necessary to engage your audience through the many channels available. Key issues here are defining the types of content value you offer through different social channels and the frequency. Integrating different digital channels including email marketing through a social media marketing hub is also a key issue here.

    6. Deploy best practice approaches for the core social media platforms. Each social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has unique characteristics and audience needs. There is also a bewildering array of tools to deploy and etiquette to follow so you won’t be seen as a spammer.

    7. Social media optimisation. You may have a presence established, but this is only the beginning in your journey to optimise your presence to deliver real value for your business.

    Social media marketing definition

    We think the CIPR Social media panel defines social media marketing well:

    Social media is the term commonly given to Internet and mobile-based channels and tools that allow users to interact with each other and share opinions and content. As the name implies, social media involves the building of communities or networks and encouraging participation and engagement.

    Their definition emphasises that we need to use different digital media channels to encourage our prospects and customers to interact to form communities. It also hints at the challenges of encouraging engagement.

    • To help you develop a strategy for social media we’ve identified these key types of platforms in our social media marketing radar

    Recommended member resources for Social media marketing

    Toolkits on
    Ebooks on Social media marketing


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    Pink Browser is a free web browser designed for girls #web


    Only for Women. BROWSE THE WEB WITH STYLE!

    Sometimes living the life on the web seems to be so male-dominating! Do you know that most of the web browsers are made by MEN and only for MEN? There by sending the needs of women out for the backburner. That�s why they seem to be so boring and hectic especially if you are a woman.

    THANKS GOD � For here’s a new browser touching the feminine side of women.
    Are you ready to be swept by THE PINK REVOLUTION?

    Here comes PINK BROWSER that will add excitement and thrill in to your day to day browsing activities. This browser is designed keeping in mind the softer nature of women. After installing this browser and using it for few days you will acknowledge the shift in yourself, as your day to day browsing will become easier and joyful.

    Still thinking. Think about Pink Browser as it will change the way you surf the Internet. More like a woman.

    Using our Free Pink Browser, you can:

    1. Enjoy the Internet to the maximum with a very advanced browser.

    2. Meet new friends all around the world.

    3. Read about things that interest you like fashion and makeup.

    4. Shop online for great products and gifts.

    5. Enjoy the pink atmosphere.

    Read more about Pink Browser here .

    Join the Pink Community!

    This is a community for all the girls in the world. Here you will find all what you need as a girl. Join our Pink Community free and start making new friends online! In the Pink Community, you can also seek information or discuss issues that interest you as a girl.

    In our Girls Corner section, you can find interesting information that you�re going to love. Everything that you, as a girl, are interested in will be found here .

    Feel like shopping. Check our new store full of perfumes, jewelry, makeup and skin care products.

    Not sure what you are looking for? No problem, check our recommended products. You will definitely find some goodies that you will like!


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    The best free parental control software 2017 #best #free #server #monitoring



    The best free parental control software 2017

    Keep your children safe online with the best free parental control software for Windows

    It’s hard to imagine anything less child-friendly than an uncensored internet. A rabid wolf, maybe, or a playground floored with broken glass and razor wire. The more connected we become the more we need everybody online – and that means trying to ensure that our children aren’t exposed to the very worst content, ideas and behaviour that exist online.

    Software can’t do everything, of course, but it can help to make parents’ lives much easier. These are our picks of the best parental control tools.

    1. Qustodio

    A full suite of parental control tools to protect kids from the worst of the web

    Most parental control software is aimed at Windows, but Qustodio (think ‘custodian’) is also available for Mac, Android. iOS, Kindle and (weirdly) Nook.

    The free version covers the basics, enabling you to set rules and time schedules, block pornography and other unsuitable content; if you go for the paid-for version that adds SMS monitoring, social media features and per-app controls. But even the free version is one of the most comprehensive parental control apps around.

    Its raft of features and support for a wide range of platforms make Qustodio the best free parental control software, but there are some other excellent free programs available, some of which may be better suited to your individual needs as a parent. Read on for our top choices.

    2. OpenDNS Family Shield

    Block domains on your whole home network at router level

    FamilyShield is a free service from OpenDNS. Its parental control tools automatically block domains that OpenDNS has flagged under the headings “tasteless, proxy/anonymizer, sexuality, or pornography”.

    One of the big pluses here is that while FamilyShield can run on PCs and mobile devices, you can also apply it to your network router and filter all the traffic that passes through it it’s just a matter of changing the DNS server numbers in your control panel.

    This has the happy benefit of improving DNS lookup speeds on some ISPs. By filtering everything at the router level, every device on your network benefits from the filters.

    3. Kidlogger

    Comprehensive activity logging so you know what your kids have been up to

    Nothing gets past Kidlogger. This free parental control software not only tracks what your children type and which websites they visit it also keeps a record of which programs they use and any screengrabs they take.

    If you’re concerned about who your kids might be talking to online, there’s even a voice-activated sound recorder. If your children are a little older and more responsible, you can pick and choose which options to monitor and give them a little privacy.

    The free software only covers one device and lacks some of the sneakier features of the premium editions (including silent monitoring of WhatsApp conversations and the ability to listen to phone calls), but it’s still a well-rounded tool if you’re concerned about your kids’ safety.

    4. Spyrix Free Keylogger

    Find out what the kids have been typing, and if they might be in trouble

    Keyloggers have something of a bad reputation online, as they’re often used by villains, but they can be a force for good too, and Spyrix ‘s features enable you to see what your children have been up to.

    Although it’s dubbed parental control software, it’s really a monitoring program; it doesn’t stop the kids getting up to no good, but it does let you see exactly what they’ve done.

    That means it isn’t really appropriate for younger children’s computers, but it may be useful for older children if you suspect online bullying or other unpleasantness.

    5. Zoodles

    A whole browser designed for younger kids, but quite easily circumvented

    The problem with many parental control apps is that they’re most effective for older children: while filtering adult content and other unpleasantness is obviously a good thing, there’s plenty of stuff that isn’t adult that can still scare younger children silly.

    Zoodles addresses that by combining filtered browsing and a dedicated web browser to create a walled garden: everything in it is safe for kids and there’s no risk of anything awful popping up.

    In addition to Windows, Zoodles is also available for Mac, Android and iOS, and a brand new version is currently in development.


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    MLM shopping cart and ecommerce site #store, #shopping #cart, #shoppingcart, #mlm,


    H ow will you react, if we were to tell you that within just a few days from now, you too can become the proprietor of a successful business on the Internet, which will soon be making financial deals, accepting orders and serving many customers.

    We would like to introduce you to a new business concept called a Multi-level Store , which is a powerful merger between a state-of-the-art On-Line Store and a fully automated Network Marketing management tool.

    The power behind the concept of a Multi-level Store derives from the fact that it provides a highly advanced marketing tool that can be managed by everyone. Its user-friendly design and affordable price allow anyone to promote any product whatsoever, by using the same tool that Fortune’s 500 companies are using!

    This powerful web-based tool will enable you to design an attractive On-Line Store, where you will be able to sell wholesale items or information products (We will guide you to locations that can offer you wonderful merchandise which you will be able to sell in your On-Line Store.)
    Embedded within your On-Line Store will be a powerful Network Marketing (Referral Marketing) management tool. This management tool will enable you to turn your store into a bustling virtual community of people on-line, which will literally strive to help you make money. This is precisely what the network-marketing concept is all about!

    S tart Now. You can start your own business without any cost and within 15 minutes! Take advantage of our free evaluation package. Click here now to try our online tool for free or take a guided tour.

    A well-managed MLM company can grow at an amazing rate — as much as 20%, 50%, even 100% per MONTH. (In fact one of the biggest reasons for MLM company failure is inability to keep up with explosive growth.) It would be impossible to generate this kind of growth in a regular e-commerce site.

    Since August 1998, Multi Level Store helped hundreds of people, from all walks of life, to start and operate their own online businesses based on the MLM (Network Marketing) concept.

    In a few minutes, you will get turnkey web based tool to manage your entire operation. This online tool includes
    Complete Storefront Control from your web browser
    Unlimited number of categories and products
    Fully Integrated products Search
    Real-time side-bar shopping cart viewable at all times
    One-click purchasing for registered customers
    Customers can view their previous orders
    Sophisticated payment verification
    Powerful commission tracking
    State of the art recruiting system
    Promotion system for each member
    Motivation system for each member
    Built-in advertising tools – scrolling news board, rotating banner system and recommended links
    Detailed downline genealogy report (available separately for each downline)
    Self replicating page for each member
    Business chatroom
    Sophisticated replicating page editor
    Graphical downline summary
    State of the art, personal management page for every member
    Separate communication system for each downline
    Sophisticated messaging system
    Real-time email notification system
    Registration email notification (on/off)
    Advanced downline search capabilities
    State of the art bulletin board
    Central messaging system
    Personalized automatic welcome message

    We will walk you through the various stages of establishing a profitable MLM (Network Marketing) business, including where to find the right products and services to sell, how to control the distribution and a handful of priceless tips.


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    Online Al-Anon Outreach #online #meetings #software, #online #al-anon #al-anon #family #groups


    Al-Anon Family Groups on the Internet

    As the Internet itself rapidly grew in the past 20 years, members of Al-Anon Family Groups were included in the millions of people who went online. Many of those members have naturally gathered themselves together to fellowship and share their experience, strength, and hope.

    For many of us in the online community, Al-Anon on the Internet has been a wonderful supplement to our personal journey of recovery — another tool we have added to help us work the program. But for many others, who were formerly lone members or limited by physical disability from attending regular face-to-face meetings, Online Al-Anon has been nothing short of a gift from a power greater than ourselves.

    While Online Al-Anon should not substitute for person-to-person Al-Anon Family Group membership, due to its limitations in providing true personal contact with others in recovery, Al-Anon on the Internet has many advantages. Meetings on the Internet are virtually continuous and are not restricted by geographical differences. It is unfettered by time and space in its efforts to welcome and give comfort to the families of alcoholics.

    Al-Anon members have gathered themselves together in many different methods of online fellowship. Following are some examples of how we have joined together online in order to solve our common problems. Click on the links below to learn how they work and how to contact the various groups that are listed as OLA Meetings at Al-Anon’s World Service Office:

    Probably the easiest way to participate in Online Al-Anon. Anyone who can send and receive email can join these groups.

    Chat rooms allow you to participate in live real time meetings with other members. Some require the downloading of special software, but others do not.

    Internet telephony meetings allow members to meet via free conference calls over the Internet and hear the voices of other members during real time meetings. These meetings require special software and equipment.


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    Medical Practice Management System – Software #electronic #medical #record #software


    Optimise Your Healthcare Office with Integrated Medical Practice Software


    Stat is a fully integrated clinical and practice management system and provides:

    • Appointment scheduling and online appointments
    • Billing – Private Patient Claiming, Medicare On-Line bulk billing, Streamlined DVA claiming, Eclipse claiming, Organisational,
      Specialist and Allied Health billing.
    • Integrated EFTPOS using a Tyro terminal
    • Comprehensive reporting available Financial, Management, Patient
    • Compliance with eHealth
    • N-Tier product utilising SQL database ensuring speed, reliability and data integrity
    • Integration with Xero accounting software
    • Intuitive multi-function interface

    Read Our Blog


    Product Description


    • Stat is proud to offer prompt, professional and personalised support.
    • All product upgrades and monthly MIMS upgrades are undertaken by Stat staff after hours as part of our support service.

    Stat Health is an ISO certified organisation specialising in design and development of Clinical and Practice Management software which optimises practice information systems. eHealth compliant, our PCEHR is simple and effective in it use. If your medical practice is looking to move to a more streamlined environment, Stat is the software for you.

    Revolutionary Management Systems for Healthcare Clinics across Australia

    As a healthcare practitioner working in a consultation based office, a paperless environment is less stressful and enables comprehensive responsive medicine.

    Ensure the streamlined running of your business, and simplify a wide range of tasks that would otherwise demand maximum hours and detailed attention. This unique software from Stat Health is designed with your office administration in mind. Make the switch to electronic health records and improve all aspects of your medical practice.

    Many happy users across Australia

    Our system has revolutionized medical software programs in Australia, offering a service that will streamline the running of your clinic, and also ensure best patient outcomes are met.

    Get in touch today and discover more

    Do not be overwhelmed by paperwork and admin. Employ the services of Stat Health and ensure your medical practice is the best it can possibly be. Call us today on 1300 007 828 and talk to our helpful and friendly staff. We will be happy to answer your questions and queries, providing the information you require to make an informed decision.


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    The Academy of HVAC Engineering – Advanced Training #hvac #training #program,


    New Course ‘Building Energy Retrofit Design’

    Updated: Feb, 2017

    The Academy’s team is pleased to offer a new training platform developed in response to the building industry’s demand in specialists skilled in developing investment-grade energy retrofit and renewal programs for commercial and institutional buildings. The platform was prepared based on the unique experience of the Academy’s leaders in designing energy retrofit programs in Canada.

    The course will provide the streamlined sequence of practical design procedures and methods, tools and resources used by large energy service companies to develop comprehensive energy retrofit projects. The course will teach you the energy conservation measure conceptual design, energy modeling, cost and benefit analysis, and rationale involved in the design process.

    You will develop your own project for an industry size building. The resources will include:

    • Design guide that will lead you through the development process.
    • A set of professional mechanical drawings for buildings of different category.
    • An industry accepted software tool, ‘Hourly Analysis Program’ (HAP) developed by Carrier Inc.
    • A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet coded with various project-related calculations.

    The course will be highly beneficial to engineers and graduates from university and college building science related programs as well as university and colleges seeking for an advanced course curriculum and training materials in energy management.

    Advanced HVAC Design Training Course and MS Excel HVAC Design software

    Updated: March, 2016

    All of our products are highly flexible and teach deep understanding of HVAC design methodology, built to the latest ASHRAE Standards.

    HVAC Design Software is developed by practicing professional engineers to provide for rapid, transparent and verifiable design.

    Software is compatible with any MS Excel – no additional software is required!


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    IT Inventory Management – Hardware – Software #free #software #asset #management


    Search all products resources — documentation, videos, training, knowledge base articles, licensing FAQs — and connect with support.

    Submit a ticket for technical support, customer service, or product assistance.

    Renew maintenance to access the latest product features and technical support.

    Connect with more than 130K community members. Get help, be heard by us and do your job better using our products.

    Get the latest tips, tricks and advice from your fellow SolarWinds geeks.

    Into databases? Find articles, code and a community of database experts.

    Earn the official stamp of your expertise by becoming a SolarWinds Certified Professional.

    Software and Hardware Asset Inventory Management

    1 Automatically discover and store IT asset data

    1 Automatically discover and store IT asset data

    The first step to gaining control of your IT inventory is establishing an up-to-date list of your hardware and software assets. Manually tracking IT assets on spreadsheets is time-consuming and prone to errors. SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor automatically collects IT asset details, including system updates, server warranty information, hosted VM details, removable media, processors, USB ports, memory, network interfaces, operating system and firmware updates, and software information, such as publisher, version, and installation dates.

    2 Track assets throughout their life cycle

    2 Track assets throughout their life cycle

    Track your software assets, such as version, installation or purchase date, latest software updates, and more. Track hardware details, such as purchase date, usage, warranty expiration date, and location. This actionable data helps you decide if you should replace old or faulty hardware, and more.

    Manage vendor contracts and familiarize yourself with contracts, purchase orders, and expiration details. Having this information in your asset management system makes it easy to know when to extend or renew a contract with your vendor or hardware/software provider.

    3 Quickly alert and report on IT assets

    3 Quickly alert and report on IT assets

    Quickly and accurately report on asset inventory with charts and tables. Built-in reports show current asset usage along with model number, last update dates, names of admins who installed the updates, total resources used, unused hardware, etc. You can even select a specific server and generate reports on all the software and hardware resources that are associated with it.


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    Сэкономьте 80% при покупке Delta Force: Xtreme в Steam #xtreme #software


    Powered by today’s gaming technology, Delta Force®: Xtreme™ brings the classic Delta Force game back to life to face the enemy once more. As a member of the elite Delta Force, prepare yourself to take on over 60 levels of frantic single and multiplayer FPS action, including graphically enhanced missions from the original game, new maps.

    В основном положительные (всего 23) – 73% из 23 обзоров положительные.

    Купить Delta Force: Xtreme

    Купить NovaLogic Everything Pack

    Купить NovaLogic Multiplayer Mayhem

    Об этой игре

    Powered by today’s gaming technology, Delta Force®: Xtreme™ brings the classic Delta Force game back to life to face the enemy once more. As a member of the elite Delta Force, prepare yourself to take on over 60 levels of frantic single and multiplayer FPS action, including graphically enhanced missions from the original game, new maps, improved game features, STATS and much more!

    • Over 60 levels of combat to test your CQB and long range engagement skills as a Delta Force Operator.
    • As a member of the elite Delta Force re-deploy in over 20 graphically enhanced single player missions — the best of the best from the original game.
    • Additional new single player missions created especially for Delta Force®: Xtreme™ add a new challenge for hardened Delta Operators.
    • Take your friends into battle in over 20 co-operative missions.
    • Over 20 multiplayer levels include: Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Team King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag game modes.
    • STAT tracking — you can now see how good you are compared to every other Delta Force Operator out there and watch your rankings climb as your skills improve!

    Системные требования

      • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
      • Processor: Intel® Pentium® II 1.2 GHz or better
      • Memory: 512 MB RAM
      • Hard Disk Space: 820 MB
      • Video Card: DirectX 9.0 AGP with 32MB or better with HW-T L
      • Sound Card: DirectX-compliant
      • DirectX® Version: DirectX version 9.0b or higher (included)

    ©2005, NovaLogic, Inc. NovaLogic, the NovaLogic logo, NovaWorld, Delta Force and the Delta Force logo are registered trademarks of NovaLogic, Inc. Xtreme and the NovaWorld logo are trademarks of NovaLogic, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.


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    SD Times – Software Development News #a #software #developer


    Currently, IT teams are moving a mile a minute in their cloud-enabled environments, and for many, the pennies are starting to add up. The average U.S. business predicts it will spend $1.8M on the cloud in 2017, and organizations with more than 1,000 employees predict they will spend $10M or more. And shockingly, RightScale estimates

    While companies have grasped that DevOps leads to an increase in innovation, DevOps adoption and implementation still remains a challenge for many., an AI-powered log analytics company, released its DevOps Pulse 2017 survey in time for today s SysAdmin Day, highlighting some of the challenges and benefits to DevOps. The DevOps Pulse report this year

    Google announced the Android Testing Support Library 1.0. The library is an extensive framework for testing Android apps. According to the company, the latest version is a major update to existing testing APIs and features new capabilities, enhances performance stability, and addresses bugs. Features include: Espresso improvements, ProviderTestRule, Grant Permission Rule, Android Test Orchestrator, and

    White Papers

    Maintaining high quality data is essential for operational efficiency, meaningful analytics and good long-term customer relationships. But, when dealing with multiple sources of data, data quality becomes complex, so you need to know when you should build a custom data quality tools over canned solutions. To answer this question, it is important to understand the


    Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 Time: 1:00PM ET / 10:00AM PT User interfaces often utilize components such as grids and tables to help users browse and understand data. Today’s large data sets require sophisticated capabilities to ensure users can effectively comprehend data while remaining flexible and responsive. Building this functionality is time consuming, has integration

    White Papers

    If you make, manage, or purchase software, then you need to address software security. In The Hiker’s Guide to Software Security, we’ll fill you in on the seven must-have items you’ll need to make it to the end of the trail. This quick guide can help even the most experienced of travelers, so start reading it today.

    White Papers

    Application security testing is a starting block, not the finish line. It’s a critical and necessary component of every security program. However, “penetrate and patch” application testing alone is not a security strategy at all. The most effective software security initiatives (SSI) are fine-tuned to fit an organization and built to scale around your staff,

    White Papers

    Instant Apps is a new technology, built by the Android team at Google with input from Branch, that allows you to segment portions of an Android app to load immediately when a link is clicked. Theses segments (also referred to as “splits”) are not the full version of the Android app, and the user will

    White Papers

    Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. And every journey has a starting point. What you do next depends on where you begin. Get the digital business transformation playbook for CIOs. This 27-page Forrester report identifies 6 levers of change across your business, in addition to providing a self-assessment tool and roadmap to propel


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    Book Database Software, catalog your home library #library #software, #home #library,


    Easily catalog your home library – create your personal book database

  • Auto-download full book details and cover art, just search by ISBN or author title

  • Software available in web, desktop and mobile editions

    Book Database Software – catalog your book collection

    Automatically download book details and images Like author, title, publisher, genres, subjects & cover art.

    Just search our huge online book database. . by ISBN or by author title.

    3 home library solutions – mobile app, web-app or desktop software:

    I bought the package that included the desktop software and mobile app. I’m very impressed with both (and with your customer service). I’ll be sure to recommend your products to my friends. Kerry Snow (USA) on Book Collector

    The best catalog app

    I have had the desktop version for many years and now the mobile app and I love both. I don’t know what I would do without them as I own thousands of books. This to be the best way to catalog them including ebooks. L.M. W. on CLZ Books

    Very happy with it

    I really like this app. It’s very helpful. I’m a teacher and this app is an easy way to keep track of the books in my classroom library. SFM 2010 on CLZ Books

    GREAT app easy to use. A Google user on CLZ Books

    Simply the best. Period. Jeffrey Ryntz on CLZ Books

    I use their apps for books and movies as well as their cloud platform. Keeps my books in order from my iphone, desktop and ipad. Especially like the quick scan feature – allows uploading books quickly with photos and written blurbs – then you can edit if you wish. Also like the ability to sort by genre or subject. Great product! Gardenhat on CLZ Books

    I just scan the book barcode and it’s in my list, in alphabetical order by title. It doesn’t have older versions of some books whose isbns have changed since the initial publishing but you can still find the book by author and title. Adia Grigsby on CLZ Books

    Very happy with it. Catherine Bell on CLZ Books


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  • Encrypt or Decrypt sensitive data using AES #encode, #encrypt, #encryption, #online


    Encrypt or Decrypt email messages. Encryption and Decryption online. Encode or Decode string.

    Encode PHP sorce online. Encrypt Text Files. Mail encrypt. Mail encryption. Email encrypt. HTML and PHP Encryption. Bit Encryption. Voltage Encryption. Copyright Protection. Email encryption refers to encryption, and often authentication, of email messages, which can be done in order to protect the content. Strong email encryption. Encode PHP Script. Windows Decoder. Email encryption program. Online Email Encryption. Hosting Solution. Anti Spam Gratis. iPad Password Cracker. Free Usb Encryption Software. Sometimes you want additional protection for your e-mail communication to keep it from unwanted eyes. Email Encryption Software. Encrypt Online. Outlook Email Encryption.String Decrypt. Help protect your account and computer. Encrypted Email Exchange. CBC Encryption. Encrypt or Decrypt: FERON-74, GILA7, HAZZ-15, MEGAN-35, OKTO3, TIGO-3FX, AER-256, ARMON-64, ATOM-128, BASE-64, ESAB-46, EZIP-64, TRIPO-5, ZARA-128, HINDIA-4X, KOREX-3S, ARABICA-2RS, CHINZO-72C, JAPOO-C2S, ZONG22.

    Best encryption for network security.
    Encrypt or Decrypt sensitive data using AES/DES/RCA encryptors (security tools).

    Free Online Tools for Encrypting Text using 128-bit AES/DES/RCA Encryption. Encrypt or decrypt text online with a password of your choice using this hand tool. This is service for securing your messages in an easy way. CRYPO system will encrypt your message using strong encryption algorithm, and it will be secure for sending. Web based online service for easy text and messages encryption and protection. CRYPO – Best encryption for network security.


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    Data Broker List Broker Direct Mail Services Marketing Mail Lists Standard


    AccuList USA® Can Help You Find The Right List At The Lowest Cost Per Name!

    Learn The Ins and Outs of Data-Driven Marketing And Improve Your Mailing Results!

    When you are seeking an experienced DMA and SRDS recognized mailing list and data broker who will take the time to get acquainted, educate you about proven direct mail and e-mail lists, fulfill your customer or donor acquisition needs, and offer you a broader selection of quality lists than any online list reseller, look no further than AccuList USA®.

    AccuList USA is headquartered in San Antonio, and is the only DMA accredited list and insert media broker in South Central Texas. As direct marketing professionals, we have served domestic and international businesses and fundraisers since 1988.

    What sets AccuList USA apart is our experience and insider knowledge of data-driven marketing tactics including which mailing lists and insert media will work best for your offer, competitive intelligence, proven ability to deliver superior response rates, along with guidance on when to target specific audiences and emerging markets.

    Aside from helping you find the right lists and insert media programs, AccuList USA can provide independent analytic and mapping support to maximize front-end results. We can also update your lists, merge-purge, and append new marketing information.

    Whether it s digital or direct or . we will always give you sage advice so you can achieve greater success across all direct marketing channels.

    To learn more about what The A Team can do for you, click here or call 210-807-9040


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    Software: Windows Customization Apps from Stardock Corporation #windows #desktop #management #software

    # Navigation

    Software Object Desktop Your complete Windows customization suite. Start10 The first Windows 10 Start menu alternative. Fences Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts icons and running tasks. DeskScapes Personalize your desktop wallpaper with animated pictures and video. Multiplicity Connect multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse. ObjectDock Access shortcuts and frequently used applications from an animated dock. View All Software Products Discover our productivity and customization tools. Corporate Software Solutions Increase productivity, design intelligent controls and reinforce branding with our enterprise products. Games Store Forums Events Metaverse Wikis

    Stardock Software

    Most Popular Software

  • Start10

    The first Windows 10 Start menu alternative.

  • Fences

    Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts icons and running tasks.

  • DeskScapes

    Personalize your desktop wallpaper with animated pictures and video.

  • Multiplicity ®

    Connect multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse.

  • Starting at 19.99 USD

  • ObjectDock

    Access shortcuts and frequently used applications from an animated dock.

  • CursorFX

    Customize your Windows cursor.

  • WindowBlinds

    Customize the look and feel of your taskbar window frames and more.

  • WindowFX

    Customize your windows and menus with stunning animations and effects.

  • SpaceMonger

    Quickly free up storage space on PCs, shared-network and in the cloud.

  • ShadowFX

    Instantly add drop shadows to Windows 8 and 10.

  • IconPackager

    Change all your Windows Icons at once with custom icon packages.

  • Tiles

    Create multiple desktops of related programs, files and links.

  • Keyboard Launchpad

    Create keyboard shortcuts to launch programs, access your clipboard and more.

  • SoundPackager

    Customize your auditory experience by appling sound packages to your PC.

  • SkinStudio

    Skin Editor for WindowBlinds that allows users to create visual styles for Windows. Included free with WindowBlinds.

  • IconDeveloper

    Create your own Windows icons from almost any graphic file.

  • Launch


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  • Cloud Document Management System Software #document #management #system #software, #dms #software,


    Cloud Document Management System Software for SMBs

    Cloud Document Management That’s Easy to Use!

    Keeping your paperless office documents only on your computer or local server poses the risks of hard drive failure, fire, flood or burglary. And what if you want to access one of those important files away from office? Meet Folderit. The ultimate online document management software for small businesses and organizations! We didn’t bulk it up with features real people never need. So you could find the ones you do, much more easily! And where ever you are.


    Share documents, folders, sections or even the whole account to anyone you like. With “View” permissions they can only see the document; with “Edit” they can also edit the meta data.

    Approval Workflows

    An invoice, a vacation application or another document needs to be approved by one or several people before next steps? Not a problem! Invite people to approve and add their comments. In fixed order or all at once. It’s never been easier to get and trace approvals!

    File/Folder Notifications

    Set and get automatic notifications for changes in documents, folders or sections as often as you choose.


    Add metadata such as tags, signers, notes, date and due date to help organise your documents. You can easily add your own data fields!

    Version Control

    You can upload a new version of a document and preserve the existing metadata and all earlier versions of the file — which are always easily recoverable with just one click! Document check-in/check-out feature allows you to lock a document for others while you are editing it.


    Whenever you need a notification at a certain date and time, just set up a reminder! You can add as many reminders as you like and choose a different e-mail address for notification on each of them.

    Powerful Search

    We have built in a powerful search so you can search documents not only by the file name but also document’s title and metadata, like tags and signers!


    For each of your account roles you receive a dedicated e-mail address. Just send/forward an e-mail to that address and the attached file will end up in your Folderit Inbox. Couldn’t be any simpler and perfect to store documents on the go!

    Role Support

    Although you can create unlimited hierarchy under your primary account role, you can actually add up to 5 additional roles! So you can have one for your company, other for you personal needs, clubs, bands or what ever to share with relevant people!


    Your documents are accessible to you from every PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone with internet connection. All over the world.

    Local Backup

    Your documents are stored in secure cloud and are perfectly safe, yet if you wish, you can easily download the whole account or individual files/folders to your hard-drive as often as you like for your local backup.

    Safe & Secure

    All your data is 256-bit AES encrypted in the cloud where it’s safely stored and sent via secure SSL connection.

    Trusted and Loved.

    Paperless records management is a clear and easy part of everyday business for many companies and organizations worldwide. For those who have chosen Folderit DMS.


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    Clustering vs #software #load #balancing


    Clustering vs. Load Balancing What is the difference?

    These 2 terms clustering and load balancing are used in the same sense by a majority of IT people with relative impunity.

    Clustering has a formal meaning. A cluster is a group of resources that are trying to achieve a common objective, and are aware of one another. Clustering usually involves setting up the resources (servers usually) to exchange details on a particular channel (port) and keep exchanging their states, so a resource s state is replicated at other places as well. It usually also includes load balancing, wherein, the request is routed to one of the resources in the cluster as per the load balancing policy.

    Load balancing can also happen without clustering when we have multiple independent servers that have same setup, but other than that, are unaware of each other. Then, we can use a load balancer to forward requests to either one server or other, but one server does not use the other server’s resources. Also, one resource does not share its state with other resources.

    Each load balancer basically does following tasks:

    1. Continuously check which servers are up.
    2. When a new request is received, send it to one of the servers as per the load balancing policy.
    3. When a request is received for a user who already has a session, send the user to the *same* server (This part is important, as otherwise user would keep going between different servers, but not able to really do any work). This part is not required for serving static pages, in that case, there are no user sessions.

    What does it mean from a user’s perspective? Which one is better?
    Every time some one asks a generic question which one is better, the answer is invariably It depends . This isn t political equivocation, but simply restating the fact that if one was better than the other in all circumstances, then the other wouldn t exist.

    Clustering saves the user s state, and is more transparent to the user, but is harder to setup, and is very resource specific. Different application servers have different clustering protocols, and don t necessarily work out of the box (don t you believe any of that marketing fluff). Load balancing is comparatively more painless, and relatively more independent of application servers.

    From a user s perspective, it means that if the user is doing something on the application, and that server goes down, then depending upon whether the system is doing clustering or load balancing, the user observes different behavior. If the system is clustered, the user may be able to continue doing the transaction, and may not even realize that the server has gone down. If the system is load balanced without clustering, that means that the user s state will likely be lost, and the user will be simply sent to the other server(s) to restart transaction. The user has lost some work.

    Hopefully that clarifies it somewhat. It is sometimes enlightening to see the technical specifications of a commercial 5-port load balancing router .

    A (soft) joke
    I doubt if one article can clear years of misused terminology. The saving grace is that, it allows us a soft computer science joke:

    Q: Are you doing clustering or are you doing Load Balancing?
    A: Yes.

    Related Posts


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    Field Notice: Cisco IOS TFTP Client Cannot Transfer Files Larger than


    Field Notice: Cisco IOS TFTP Client Cannot Transfer Files Larger than 16MB in Size

    Problem Description

    This problem is two-fold.

    Firstly, current Cisco IOS? images do not support more than 16MB in size for Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).

    The second issue is that most UNIX TFTP servers have this classic bug but no one has noticed this before now. Solaris UNIX TFTP servers, which are those most widely used, do not support TFTP file sizes of more than 16MB. Linux and FreeBSD support file sizes at 32MB.

    Cisco has created a fix for this, which is identified by Cisco Bug ID DDTS CSCds46280.


    Cisco IOS Software TFTP support can upload or download a file of16MB or smaller in size. In the past, this has not been an issue, due to Cisco IOS image sizes being smaller than 16MB.

    Problem Symptoms

    Shown below is a standard practice used to TFTP Cisco IOS images from a TFTP server to a Cisco device. The symptom occurs during the download. The Cisco IOS image has not 100% downloaded and the system displays the following error message:

    If you miss the download screen, you can verify if 100% of the file has been downloaded using the show flash command. If the file has not been downloaded 100%, the output displays an ED and type as follows:

    Let’s look at this in more detail:


    This problem occurs with both TFTP clients on the IOS routers and the TFTP server on Solaris UNIX. The interim solution is to use remote copy protocol (rcp) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) copy commands on IOS routers and copy the image file into the flash memory of the IOS routers. See below for details on rcp and FTP image download instructions. We also look at how to verify an image in a Cisco router.

    Copying an Image from an rcp Server to a Flash Memory File System

    You can copy a system image from an rcp network server to a Flash memory file system.

    If you copy the configuration file to a personal computer which is being used as a file server, this computer must support remote shell protocol (rsh).

    Understanding the rcp Username

    The rcp protocol requires a client to send a remote username on each rcp request to a server. When you copy an image from the router to a server using rcp, the Cisco IOS software sends the first valid username from those listed below:

    The remote username specified in the copy command, if one is specified.

    The username set by the ip rcmd remote-username command, if the command is configured.

    The remote username associated with the current TTY (terminal) process. For example, if the user is connected to the router through Telnet and has been authenticated through the username command, the router software sends the Telnet username as the remote username.

    The router host name.

    For the rcp copy command to execute successfully, you must define an account on the network server for the remote username. If the server has a directory structure, the system writes or copies the configuration file or image relative to the directory associated with the remote username on the server. The path for all files and images to be copied begins at the remote user’s home directory. For example, if the system image resides in the home directory of a user on the server, specify that user’s name as the remote username.

    Copying from an rcp Server to Flash Memory Tasks

    To copy an image from an rcp server to Flash memory, first make a backup copy of the current system or bootstrap software image, then use the following commands while in privileged EXEC mode:

    Reply to any router prompts for additional information or confirmation. This prompt depends on how much information you provide in the copy command and the current setting of the file prompt command.

    Example: Copying From an rcp Server to Flash

    In the following example, we are copying a system image named mysysim1 from the netadmin1 directory on the remote server named SERVER1.CISCO.COM, with an IP address of, to Flash memory.

    To ensure that enough Flash memory is available to accommodate the system image you are copying, the Cisco IOS software allows you to erase the contents of Flash memory first.

    Example: Copying From an rcp Server to Partitioned Slot0

    In the following example, we are copying the file /tftpboot/gate/c3600-i-mz on the rcp server at to partition 3 in slot 0. Since no username is specified, the router uses the default rcp remote username.

    Copying an Image from an FTP Server to a Flash Memory File System

    Let’s look at how to copy a system image from an FTP server to a Flash memory file system.

    Understanding the FTP Username and Password

    The FTP protocol requires a client to send a remote username and password on each FTP request to a server. When you copy a configuration file from the router to a server using FTP, the Cisco IOS software sends the first valid username from those listed below:

    The username specified in the copy command, if a username is specified.

    The username set by the ip ftp username command, if the command is configured.

    The router sends the first valid password from those listed below:

    The password specified in the copy command, if a password is specified.

    The password set by the ip ftp password command, if the command is configured.

    The username and password must be associated with an account on the FTP server. If you are writing to the server, you must make sure that the FTP server is properly configured to accept the FTP write request from the user on the router.

    If the server has a directory structure, the configuration file or image is written to or copied from the directory associated with the username on the server. For example, if the system image resides in the home directory of a user on the server, specify that user’s name as the remote username.

    Please refer to the documentation for your FTP server for more details.

    Use the ip ftp username and ip ftp password commands to specify a username and password for all copies. Include the username in the copy command if you want to specify a username for that copy operation only.

    Copying from an FTP Server to Flash Memory Tasks

    To copy a system image from an FTP server to a Flash memory file system, first make a backup copy of the current software image or bootstrap image, then use the following commands while in EXEC mode:

    Note: For IOS routers to be able to boot with TFTP images greater than 16MB at the boot prompt, all affected platforms should upgrade their BootROM or Bootimage versions with the latest images of the code containing the fix DDTS CSCds46280.


    To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.

    Cisco IOS Versions Affected

    The following Cisco IOS images have a file size greater than 15MB. Later releases will also increase the file sizes and other images may become greater than 15MB.

    Cisco IOS Software Images with a File Size Greater than 15MB

    Cisco IOS Major Release

    How To Upgrade Software

    To obtain the next maintenance releases, click on the following link: Software Downloading from CCO via World Wide Web ( registered customers only ). You can also consult the Software Downloading Process and follow the instructions given there.

    TFTP Server Defect on Solaris

    Sun’s TFTP server and client programs (/usr/ucb/tftp and /usr/sbin/in.tftpd) both have a 16MB file size limitation. SunOs TFTP and in.tfptd programs (unlike Linux, FreeBSD, and others) seem to use a signed short value instead of unsigned short value for the tftp block numbers. This means that they support up to 32768 block numbers, whereas the maximum upper limit for TFTP block numbers is 2 x 32768 = 65536 blocks (each block is 512 bytes long). This effectively reduces the maximum file size of Sun’s Solaris 2.5.1/2.6 to 16MB instead of 32MB.

    Solaris 2.6 patch for TFTP #107565-02 does not have this bug fixed at the time this Field Notice was written.

    Solaris 2.7 patch for TFTP #108301-02 has fixed the 16MB limitation.

    Solaris 7 patch for TFTP #108301-02 has fixed the 16MB limitation.

    Solaris 8 patch for TFTP #108964-04 has fixed the 16MB limitation.

    Only Customers with a SUN contract can access the following patch report:

    For More Information

    If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

    Receive Email Notification For New Field Notices

    Product Alert Tool – Set up a profile to receive email updates about reliability, safety, network security, and end-of-sale issues for the Cisco products you specify.


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    Customer tracking software #customer #tracking #software



    Order Fulfillment


    Orderbot lives in the “Cloud”. That means your office can be whereever you are, at home, the beach, the cafe down the street, or even an airplane. You are always connected.

    It also means you can share Orderbot. With your Sales team, your fulfillment crew, and the fine people in accounting, or whomever else you want.

    Orderbot is Software as a Service (SaaS) order management. That means you don’t have to worry about a server or backups, updates or upgrades. We take care of all that for you.

    Order guides control not only price and currency, but also what products are visible and available to customers, websites, or marketplaces.

    They can be assigned to a single account, or to thousands. So no matter who is placing the order, customer service, sales reps, or the customer themselves, the correct product info will always be displayed.

    Right from the order screen, you can get an inventory snapshot of any item, in any warehouse. Once you have added items to an order, you can use the stock status function to check the available inventory of all added items.

    If there is insufficient inventory, the order can be fractured on the spot into an order with items for immediate shipping and a backorder that can be shipped when inventory is available.

    Payment processing is integrated within the ordering process. Leave orders on account, process payments immediately or pre-authorize credit for later capture. With CardVault, safely and securely store credit cards for later processing of current or future orders.

    Shipping charges are tracked separately from your rates and shipping change can be set to equal the rate, or the rate plus a percentage or flat amount.

    Have you ever dreamed of a way to track all the samples that go out the door?

    Orderbot makes it unbelievably simple. We have a button called “sample,” just click it and add whatever item you want to the orders. It is added to the sample line, completed separately from the items being sold! Tracked by who it was given to, who gave it, and when. It comes out of inventory as a transaction called “samples”, never diluting or distorting sales. It’s pretty magical.


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    Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager #dell #server #management #software


    Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager
    Unmatched storage control and simplicity


    Enterprise Manager simplifies storage resource management by providing comprehensive monitoring and management of all local and remote Dell Compellent Storage Center systems. You can gain instant visibility and control of a multi-terabyte, multilocation environment, streamlining administration and reducing operating costs. Configure and verify remote replication processes, monitor storage capacity and disk utilization in real time, and generate comprehensive storage usage and performance reports — all from a single pane of glass.

    Storage Resource Management

    Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager simplifies network storage management by providing a single, centralized console for the administration of multiple local and remote Storage Center SANs. Users can configure and verify remote replication processes, monitor storage capacity and disk utilization in real time, and generate comprehensive enterprise storage usage and performance reports.

    How to Simplify Storage Admin with Enterprise Manager

    • Complete storage resource management for Dell Compellent enterprise storage environments
    • Drastically cuts day-to-day management time, resources and technology training
    • View your system from the standpoint of capacity, performance and path utilization, all from a granular point in time
    • Cuts administration time with a single interface and a complete view of storage resources
    • Simplifies disaster recovery process with reduced configuration time and easy online replication verification
    • Reduces disk costs with reports that allow you to accurately assess storage resources and plan for future capacity needs
    • Speeds event resolution with centralized alert notification and event log management
    • Optimizes performance by allowing you to identify and manage trends
    • Showcases the cost and power savings of Dell Compellent storage
    • Maximize resource utilization and reduce disk costs using accurate capacity and performance data
    • Streamline disaster recovery planning and replication configuration with a simple point-and-click interface
    • Speed event resolution with centralized alert notification and event log management
    • Identify trends and monitor enterprise storage use by business unit for accurate needs assessment and chargeback
    • Automatically calculate energy savings and generate boardroom-ready hero reports

    Key Benefits:

    Complex management limits the benefits of virtualization

    Managing complex storage tasks like replication and capacity planning for multi-terabyte SANs at multiple locations can be daunting, particularly if you require more than one interface. Operational costs and management complexity can grow exponentially with your enterprise, making administration even more difficult. Companies require a better and easier way to monitor and manage their storage area networks.

    Comprehensive SAN management

    Dell Compellent Enterprise Manager simplifies administration of Dell Compellent environments by providing comprehensive monitoring and management of all local and remote Storage Center SANs. You can drastically cut day-to-day SAN management time with a single interface that provides a complete view of your storage environment, streamlining administration and reducing operational costs.

    With Enterprise Manager, you can reduce costs by maximizing utilization and purchase storage more efficiently using accurate capacity and performance data. Streamline disaster recovery by reducing replication planning and configuration time with a point-and-click interface that helps you set up remote replication in as few as six clicks.

    Multiple systems, single interface

    With Enterprise Manager, all local and remote Storage Center systems are discovered using a single console. This centralized interface provides a complete view of all aspects of your Dell Compellent storage environment, significantly reducing storage administration time. You can choose from a variety of comparative views across all Storage Center systems, including total space available, used space, free space, number of volumes, number of Replays, number of replications, and savings vs. RAID 10.

    Easy-to-use reporting for informed decisions

    Enterprise Manager’s extensive system monitoring provides immediate insight into your storage environment, while easy-to-use reports summarize capacity utilization, replications and events. Make informed decisions and showcase your success as you decrease storage expenditures, simplify management, streamline disaster recovery and increase data center efficiency. Enterprise Manager lets you automatically e-mail reports daily, weekly or monthly, determine storage costs associated with the different tiers of capacity in your environment, translate storage technologies into actual dollar savings with boardroom-ready hero reports, and provide a powerful foundation for a green IT strategy by automatically calculating energy costs and CO2 emissions.

    Reduce spending and optimize performance

    The ability to accurately assess storage resources and plan for future capacity and performance needs reduces overall disk spending. Enterprise Manager simplifies capacity planning, increasing your storage purchase efficiency. You can view storage capacity utilization on all of your Storage Center systems over a period of time, including summaries from last week, last month, or last year, as well as important I/O details to help optimize performance.

    Easily view current and historical consumption for specific storage volumes over time to balance server loads and increase server purchase efficiency. Storage consumption reports include total space available, allocated space, used space and configured space for all disks and total space and used space for any RAID selection with any disk tier.

    You can gain valuable insight into current writable and historical and optimize capacity and performance planning with threshold alerts for storage and I/O usage and CPU and memory utilization information.

    Detailed information helps you purchase storage more efficiently.

    Simplify replication management

    Enterprise Manager simplifies disaster recovery with rremote replication setup in just a few clicks. This streamlined replication management also allows online replication verification and rapid recovery with a single-click disaster declaration.

    Using Enterprise Manager, you can easily and accurately estimate bandwidth requirements upfront based on actual data. Advanced bandwidth-shaping algorithms allow you to utilize the lowest bandwidth required while maintaining optimal performance. And you can monitor replication and bandwidth utilization over time to understand requirements and optimize transfer rates on an hourly basis throughout the day.

    Certified VMWare vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager (SRM) integration helps you enhance disaster recovery protection for your VMware virtualized environment.

    Quickly implement replication configurations that were previously too complex or time-consuming.

    Chargeback calculates true costs of storage

    Enterprise Manager’s storage-based chargeback feature automatically calculates storage costs based on the actual space consumed by applications. Administrators can assign different costs to each volume based on disk class or storage tier. Enterprise Manager monitors storage utilization and generates reports that identify the cost of storage consumption based on department name or account number. Chargeback reports can be scheduled for automatic email delivery to business units daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

    Powerful SRM with unmatched simplicity

    Enterprise Manager delivers powerful storage resource management software for Dell Compellent Storage Center SANs paired with unmatched control and simplicity. The complete Enterprise Manager suite features the following licensed software components: Enterprise Manager Foundation, Discovery, Replication Management, VMWare SRM Adapter, Event Management, Free Space Recovery, Enterprise Manager Reporter, Performance Management, Capacity Management, Threshold Alerting, Enterprise Manager Chargeback, Storage-Based Chargeback, Hero Reports, Power Savings.

    Technical Specifications:


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    Inventory Management Software – QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise #quickbooks #inventory #management, #inventory


    Inventory Management
    Built Right into
    QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

    • How much inventory do you have on hand now and ready to sell?
    • Where in your warehouse is the inventory you need?
    • How do you efficiently enter inventory data?
    • Which cost accounting methods do you want to use?
    • What is the best way to track thousands of inventory items to
      hundreds of thousands of inventory items?
    • What kind of inventory reporting do you need to make good business

    Inventory Management Software
    that Makes You More Efficient.

    • Easily see how many items are on hand, on
      sales order, on purchase order, and at your
      reorder point.
    • Enter inventory data efficiently and reliably with
      a bar code scanner. 1
    • Track items among multiple locations, down to
      the bin level and serial or lot number .
    • Manage all of your inventory tasks within
      QuickBooks – it’s all one software, nothing extra
      is needed.

    Sophisticated Inventory Management
    Right in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

    The Advanced Inventory functionality 2 for QuickBooks
    Desktop Enterprise makes managing inventories of any size a simple task. You’ll notice the complete integration with QuickBooks right away if you manage inventory using bar codes. You just scan inventory and serial numbers with a scanner and QuickBooks takes over, putting your data in the correct fields automatically. And if your inventory items don’t have barcodes, QuickBooks can create them for you!

    Complex Inventory Tasks Now Made Easy:

    Advanced sorting by location, bin, lot, and serial number.

    Among other easy-to-use tools that make managing your inventory more efficient is bin location tracking, which gives you pinpoint location information for every item in your inventory, across multiple sites or warehouses, right down to the bin. You can even see which serial/lot number is in each bin. Bin location and other tools let you sort by item, bin and location to make picking and stocking simpler and more efficient. Know at a glance what you have on hand, and where. Exactly.

    Everything you need to efficiently manage your inventory is integrated seamlessly into your QuickBooks, so you don’t need to worry about learning how to use yet another software package; you already know how. Your inventory data is automatically tracked as you do the things you do to conduct your business. Every invoice, every sales order, every P.O. is automatically reflected in your inventory. It couldn’t be easier – if you use QuickBooks, and you need inventory management, you need Intuit’s Advanced Inventory for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

    Test Drive

    Learn first-hand how well QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise fits your business: try it out for free .

    92% of customers agree: Enterprise helps make managing their accounting easy. 3

    4 out of 5 customers agree Enterprise is a good value. 4

    More than 85% agree: Enterprise is more flexible than Pro and Premier. 5

    Give us a call.

    Mon.- Fri. 6 AM – 5 PM PT

    Terms, conditions, pricing, service and support options are subject to change without notice.

    1. Barcode scanner sold separately.
    2. Advanced Inventory is included in the Platinum subscription. Requires QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with an active QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscription and an Internet connection. You’ll automatically receive any new versions of our product that are released, when and if available, along with updates to your current version.
    3. Based on Intuit survey of QuickBooks customers, conducted April 2015.
    4. Based on Intuit Survey, April 2013.
    5. Based on survey of QBE customers, April 2013.


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    Online-MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheets Management # #online #msds, #onlinemsds,



    Have you been searching for a quality MSDS management provider? Look no further, you have found the original developers of computerized MSDS management systems. Additionally, we can now offer a complete suite of compliance management solutions.

    Online-MSDS provides you with an easy set of solutions to manage your MSDSs.

    • No initial startup cost
    • Multiple program levels
    • 24/7/365 Operator Assistance
    • Personalized Service
    • Simple monthly invoicing

    Simplify the effort it takes to meet the burdensome task of tracking and reporting your HazMat inventory.

    • Multi-Site
    • Dynamic or static inventory
    • User Permissions
    • Regularity Reporting
    • Does the math

    Eliminate 50% of the clerical functions performed by your environmental professionals

    • No more spreadsheets
    • Process Formula Based
    • Consolidated Reports
    • CAS # Database
    • Units of Measure Conversions

    Services that can make your time more efficient and beneficial to your company.

    • MSDS Retrevial
    • MSDS Distribution
    • FaxBack

    The above modules together form a cohesive system to enable your company to easily handle all of the demands placed on you by the regulatory agencies. We have been serving health and safety professionals such as yourself since 1985 and we continue to support you by updating our software as the industry and the regulations change. We are committed to providing our clients with a set of long term solutions to grow alongside with you in the future.

    Copyright 1985 – 2017 Kelleher, Helmrich and Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy


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