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Cords are made of astral and etheric energy and connect two people�s subtle bodies. They stretch between two people very much like an umbilical cord and transfer emotional energy and chi between the two. It does not matter how far away the other person is, as the cord is not a physical substance and distance is irrelevant, so it is still effective from the other side of the planet.

All babies have a cord going from their belly to their mother after the physical umbilical cord is cut. Some may have extra cords going from the heart, solar plexus or even the head to various parts of the mother�s energy body. The cord or cords that exist during infancy last for a few years and gradually drop off as the child becomes more independent from the mother and does not need the connection any more. Well ideally this would be the case, but here on Earth so many people have emotional issues that very often the cords can last well into adulthood. The cord is supposed to be there to support the baby but in actuality many mothers are emotionally needy and actually use the cord to nourish themselves from the baby�s fresh and abundant energy. Of course this is subconscious and the mother is not really meaning to do this. The baby is usually quite aware of what is happening and will even give the mother extra energy and emotional support through the cord at will. The baby is a very pure and loving being at this stage with only a small amount of astral incarnation and very little ego structure so they want to do all they can for the mother.

Unfortunately as the baby grows up it gradually loses its perception of such metaphysical things and so forgets about the cord. The transfer of emotional energy becomes subconscious for the child as well as the mother and continues to operate for possibly a very long time. Cords between mother and child that last for prolonged periods often cause serious friction between the two parties leading to dysfunctional feelings toward each other. The relationship will suffer as there is bound to be resentment and negative feelings. Imagine you have been drained of energy by your mother for 30 years through a cord that has become thick and gross with negative emotions and emotional neediness. You do not know exactly what is happening but you sense that somehow you are being drained by her. You move to another country to get away but wherever you go it almost feels like she is there with you – she is draining you from afar. This situation is just an example; there are many ways to interact through a cord.

Another common cord is between two lovers. Each wants to share their energy with the other and during sex this is amplified greatly. The feelings of love and sharing are often enough to build a cord. Often these cords are between the bellies but can be in other areas like the heart or solar plexus, etc. So when two people have been in an emotional relationship for a time there is a good chance that the two people have a cord. Depending on the emotional issues of the two, the cord can become gross or can stay fairly clean and be a good thing which helps the two with emotional nurturing. If one partner is needy it is likely that they will drain the other which could eventually lead to resentment by the drained partner. Some cords that become too gross can cause serious problems for a couple and could certainly lead to a break-up. Clearing a cord can help alleviate the emotional intensity so the couple can progress to a more balanced relationship. If a breakup does occur, the cord may stay for a long time and continue to operate, making it hard to let go and to move on with another partner. In this case clearing the cord can do wonders.

Cords can be created between any two people or even groups of people that have emotional relationships. Friends, workmates, enemies can all have cords. They can be used by entities and other dimensional beings to connect with us and drain our energy. It is possible to send a cord to someone you don’t know if you really want to get to know them. For example say you fall in love with someone but have not yet talked to them. It is possible that your desire to have them may send a cord into their energy. It is also possible to consciously create a cord to another person but this is in the domain of black magic. You should never use psychic means to purposely control or affect another�s energy without their permission. There are no exemptions from this rule and the karmic repercussions are enormous!

There are many types but whatever the case a cord is basically a connection between the astral and etheric bodies of two or more beings which allows for an exchange of emotional and/or etheric energy.

Fortunately all cords can be cleared fairly easily. It only takes one of the people to clear the cord and it will be cleared from the other. Through the practices learned in Past Life – Regression you can become aware of all your cords and learn to clear them. Interestingly while exploring a cord you can remember when and how it was created, how you felt about it and how it has been operating while it was there. Often cords can be seen and felt very tangibly and their effects become very apparent. As you enter the subconscious through the Third Eye you can actually remember what was happening in your subconscious during any part of your life. These can be excellent lessons in self exploration. See www.pastlife

The Meditation Solution Audio Technology

Past Life Regression

A New Mythology

Free Power Kung Fu


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Cloud Computing Options #insurance #software,insurance #agency #management #software,insurance #billing #software,insurance #agency


“Cloud” Computing and Thin Client Solutions

As we find ourselves in an increasingly fast-paced and mobile world, our dependency on technology to provide real-time access to information increases as well. One of the most utilitarian advancements of technology towards this end has been the advent of thin client or ‘Cloud’ based computing systems.

In a nutshell: A thin client solution allows a computing device (PC, IPad, IPhone, Android device – aka the ‘client’) to ‘dial in’ to the desktop of another computer (aka the ‘server’). The user can then pass keystrokes and mouse clicks to the desktop of that computer, and receive screen shots of what the resulting screen looks like on the other computer (server) to their local computing device (client). It is called ‘thin’ client because you wind up passing very little data over the internet, just screen shots, mouse clicks and keyboard clicks.

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ appeared around 2006, and encapsulates the notion of thin client computing with the ability to securely store your data ‘somewhere else’. There are a variety of solutions available to your agency that provide thin client access to your local software, and provide automated methods to back up your local data to a secure, offsite location.

Remote Desktop (aka Terminal Services) is probably the best solution thin client solution for multiple remote users to access your local data for long periods of time. It is also the most expensive requiring the services of a local hardware technician, a Server operating system (Windows Server 2003, 2008, etc. which can cost $800 or more), and Remote Desktop licenses – which run about $80-$100 apiece (although you typically get one license for free). The advantages of using Remote Desktop to dial into a Server based operating system are that it is more secure, less prone to data corruption, and does not require a separate computer for each person logging in.

There are less expensive (even free) solutions for people that need to occasionally dial in to the home office, or dial in one at a time. These solutions all require that there is a separate computer at the home office, for each person dialing in. Some of these solutions can be found at: and Each product has advantages and disadvantages regarding ease of use, reliability, supported client devices, and features; and there are several factors such as how printing and file transfers are handled between the ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’ versions of each software that must be taken into account. If you are considering one of these less expensive thin client solutions, it might be money well spent to hire a tech for an hour or so to help you sort out your options.

Another aspect to Cloud Based computing is the ability to securely backup your data by copying your files over the internet to a secure facility offsite, thus limiting your liability if your local location burns down, or is involved in a natural disaster. Some companies that offer offsite backup solutions for a small fee are and With a little help from a local tech – you can quickly set one of these programs up, and then have peace of mind that your data is stored securely ‘somewhere else’. Just make sure that your tech sets the program up to send the files over the internet at night, otherwise you will see your daytime internet speeds drop dramatically.

Of course Agency Software, Inc. offers turnkey hosting solutions as well. If you’d rather not worry about configuring your Remote Desktop solution, or making sure your data is securily backed up, we recommend the services of EME Cloud For about $30 per user / per month, DJ and his staff will web-enable your Agency Software applications for use on nearly any device, from nearly anywhere in the world. If you have questions, please fee free to give us a call at (800)342-7327 to discuss your Cloud Computing needs.


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Barracuda Networks #email #security #solution


Barracuda Essentials for Email Security


Comprehensive and 100% Cloud-Based Email Security and Archiving for all Organizations

Barracuda’s Essentials for Email Security protects your organization with comprehensive, scalable and affordable multi-layer security and archiving whether you use on-premises email like Microsoft Exchange, or a cloud-based productivity suite like Google Apps for Work or Education.

Email continues to be a primary communication channel and thus is also one of the most frequently exploited threat vectors. Email-borne data breaches, data leaks, business disruptions as well as compliance and litigation searches cost money and reputation.

In addition to spam-based attacks, email threats have evolved to highly sophisticated phishing campaigns, targeted zero-hour attacks and data theft aimed at exploiting risky user behavior. With 91% of hacks starting with a targeted email attack, organizations need to protect their users, data and assets. If you are running Exchange on-premises or it is hosted in the cloud, you also have to deal with the added challenge of email and business continuity.

Compliance and preservation of email is now a key requirement for many organizations, and the penalties for not meeting business and governmental regulations can be severe.

Barracuda Essentials for Email Security combines several layers of protection for inbound and outbound email to secure against the most advanced email borne attacks, email spooling to ensure business continuity, and archiving for organizations to meet demanding compliance and preservation requirements and address eDiscovery requests effectively and easily.

Making the Cloud Safe for Business

Get in-depth with our products with case studies, white papers, and data sheets.

Sign up for our free webinars to learn more and ask questions about our products.


Barracuda offers a risk-free 30-day evaluation of its products and services.

Inbound Filtering: Stop Email-Borne Threats Before They Hit Your Mail Server

The Barracuda Essentials for Email Security quickly filters every email before it hits your mail server to protect against inbound malware, spam, phishing and Denial of Service attacks. Features include sender spoof protection, domain name validation and anti-fraud intelligence.

The service is powered by Barracuda Central, our global 24×7 threat operations center that constantly monitors the Internet for new email-borne threats across all attack vectors. The service is continuously updated with the latest threat definitions intelligence and software updates which means zero maintenance cost to you.

Our scalable cloud and prioritized filtering technology ensures that you get the best possible level of protection without adding significant delays to the time it takes to receive emails – even during peak load times during the day.

Protect against Targeted Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats

Our Advanced Threat Protection goes beyond inbound email filtering to provide comprehensive protection from targeted attacks that may contain malicious links and attachments. We utilize a full system emulation sandbox to prevent suspicious URLs and files from reaching your users.

  • Barracuda Link Protection detects malicious and malformed URLs at click-time, and redirects them to our sandbox so users are protected from potential malware and ransomware.
  • Available Advanced Threat Protection opens suspicious attachments in our sandbox and detonates them in real-time to protect users from these highly-effective, socially-engineered attacks.

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Outbound Email Filtering: Protect Your Critical Data From Escaping Your Business

Outbound filtering keeps sensitive data from leaving your organization while simultaneously ensuring that legitimate emails are delivered. At the same time, outbound filtering also blocks outbound spam and viruses, preventing your employees or other infected clients from inadvertently sending malicious email, as well as keeping your mail server IP addresses and domains from being listed on spam block lists.

Employees can inadvertently allow their email to be used for botnet spam. The outbound filter stops outbound spam and viruses.

Administrators can also create and enforce content policies to prevent sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, HIPAA data, customer lists and other private information from being sent by email. Policies can automatically encrypt, quarantine or even block certain outbound emails based on their content, sender or recipient.

Secure Your Communication with Email Encryption and Spooling

Your emails can travel through many different servers before they reach the intended mailbox. The Barracuda Essentials for Email Security secures your mail by encrypting it during transport to the Barracuda Message Center, encrypting it at rest for storage in the cloud, and providing secure retrieval by your recipients through HTTPS Web access. Data in-motion is secured via Transport Layer Security (TLS), and data at-rest is secured via AES 256-bit encryption.

If you are sending a sensitive email, you can manually mark it for encryption. However, you can also create a policy to automatically encrypt emails based on their sender, content and other criteria. Encryption policies ensure that your organization complies with regulations designed to protect customer data, such as HIPAA.

All of the encryption in the world is meaningless if your emails don t get delivered. In the event of a disruption in your mail server, email can be spooled on Barracuda s Cloud Protection Layer for up to 96 hours. An alternate destination can also be specified for delivery if delivery to the primary destination fails.

Preserve Emails for Retention and Compliance

Compliance is now a key requirement for many organizations, and the penalties for not meeting business and governmental regulations can be severe. These must be implemented in all areas across the organization to demonstrate and ensure that the business is operating in a compliant manner and to minimize ongoing legal risk. Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service takes a policy-based approach to meeting this need, automating and enforcing both the retention and the deletion of email as required. With Barracuda Cloud Archiving Service, you save only what is needed and only for the time that it needs to be saved, and you can be confident that your day?to?day email operations meet government and regulatory compliance standards. In response to regulatory audits, you can demonstrate adherence to retention and defensible deletion policies.


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CRM On Demand, Web Based CRM, Hosted CRM, Small Business CRM


So Easy You’ll Actually Use It

Try Us for a Free Test Drive

Learn to be More Lazy with Our Podcast

Sales Force Automation Enjoy hassle-free automation of account management, event scheduling, sales forecasting and more.

For Superior Automation and Quality Customer Relationships

eSalesTrack Sales Force Automation (SFA) software from Soleran is an intelligent way to automate your sales pipelines and develop long-lasting, lucrative relationships. SFA is the fundamental requirement for any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) policy. eSalesTrack, a Soleran product, has both a user-friendly platform and international access. US-based Soleran is a company that is committed to helping SMBs improve their efficiency with on-demand, custom CRM solutions.

The web-based eSalesTrack Sales Force Automation enables hassle-free automation of these and other tasks — account management, opportunity management, event calendaring, territory management, sales forecasting, customization analytics, building of customizable dashboards, and customization analytics. Our SFA solutions can give you amazing visibility into different facets of customer relationship. So sales representatives can sell, upsell, correctly frame customer expectations, and engender renewals.

Real-time Data Access and a Great Deal More

The following are additional aspects of the eSalesTrack advantage for Sales Force Automation:

  • Analytics and real-time reports can be created. You can find out the current status of a campaign, sales quota, and conversion rates.
  • Updated, real time information about customers, leads and contacts would always be available and can be instantly accessed.
  • You can always be connected to your sales team even though they may be quite far from where you are. Even events and meetings can be arranged from anywhere and at any hour of the day.
  • You can make maximum use of all sales prospects and maximize ROI.
  • Helps to overcome dynamic challenges which could overcast sales forecasting.
  • Ensure a Positive Business Turnaround with Sales Force Automation

CRM Solutions Stay mobile and ahead of your competitors – let your CRM automate a wide range of business processes in real-time.

Take your small business to the next level with eSalesTrack web based CRM. A powerful tool from Soleran, eSalesTrack On Demand CRM makes your job easier by automating many day-to-day business tasks.

Web CRM — An Ideal Solution for Your Business

eSalesTrack web CRM system is packed with advanced features and tools to offer a complete solution for your business. Whether to automate and simplify your daily sales-related tasks, manage marketing initiatives, schedule meetings and contacts, customer follow-up, generating sales reports, eSalesTrack CRM does it all.

Our CRM solutions are effective in managing and automating many business processes including:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Service Management
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Sales/Marketing Analytics

eSalesTrack’s on-demand CRM lets you work from anywhere you want and allows you to access all your information anytime, anywhere — all using just a web browser. Best of all, it is entirely customizable to suit custom business needs.

Advantages of Web CRM

  • Most advanced CRM tools updated regularly for free
  • Centralized remote enterprise database accessible online
  • Mobile, wireless and offline editions, add-ons and syncs
  • Open-source web based CRM software with custom modules
  • Integration with office software applications
  • Real-time reports and analysis with custom filters
  • Better employee and customer contact management
  • 360 degree view of customers
  • Enterprise data security and backup

eSalesTrack CRM is scalable, flexible and affordable. You no longer need to undergo the hassle of purchasing or maintaining dedicated hardware nor make any costly investments for CRM software upgrades – we do it all for you automatically. No multi-tiered pricing plans or packages, just one low price packed full of features.

CRM Cloud Work from anywhere, anytime with access to all of your information – all using just a web browser.

eSalesTrack’s CRM cloud computing platform simplifies all your business activities and helps you build better prospects for your business. We provide a convenient and flexible web based solution for your company. Our CRM application is easy to access and configure from virtually anywhere.

Manage Multiple Business Processes under a Single Roof

We understand the importance of being competitive in the business field. With our cloud CRM model, we can provide you highly interactive features which keep you fully engaged in your business activities. eSalesTrack CRM cloud computing comes with rich functionalities and integrates many different business activities under a single roof.

In the course of your business management activities, you would have to work with an extensive range of office software applications, CRM, accounting software, e-commerce and other related business management software tools. Our prime function is to group all these systems in a centralized database and make it available to our customers through their web-enabled mobile devices and computers. With this user-friendly feature, our customers can easily navigate the system features for online accounting, forecasting, payroll services, analytics, marketing, sales and other business processes.

Advantageous Features of eSalesTrack CRM Cloud Solutions

Apart from its rich functionalities, by deploying eSalesTrack CRM cloud solutions you can:

  • Gain complete control over task management
  • Prioritize your business requirements
  • Coordinate individual and group tasks
  • Obtain greater ROI

No upfront investments are required to implement eSalesTrack CRM cloud computing software in your settings. Get immediate quotes for CRM cloud at eSales Track; reach us at 1-866-765-4CRM, for further information.

Web Based CRM Automate and simplify your daily sales-related tasks including scheduling meetings, following up with customers and generating sales reports.

eSalesTrack CRM solutions are a trusted on-demand service which provides companies with a versatile range of online options to manage their business in an informed and calculated manner. Developed by Soleran, the service comes with power-packed features and tools which would help a company stay ahead of its competitors and attain the desired scalability.

Stay Mobile and Automate Tasks

The web based CRM service offered by eSalesTrack lets the user stay mobile and automates a whole range of business processes in real-time. These include sales force automation, marketing automation, campaign management, customer service management, enterprise document management and sales/marketing analytics.

Today, eSalesTrack is integrated in some of the most popular and leading firms in the US. The following features are among the many reasons why small and medium enterprises choose our platform:

  • 360 degree view of customers
  • Centralized remote enterprise database accessible online
  • Mobile, wireless and offline editions, add-ons and syncs
  • Open-source web based CRM software with custom modules
  • Most advanced CRM tools updated regularly for free
  • Integration with office software applications
  • Accessibility from anywhere at any time
  • No installation or maintenance costs
  • Better employee and customer contact management

eSalesTrack’s an All-in-one CRM

If it’s a user-friendly, customizable, stable and secure service which is required, then eSalesTrack CRM solutions more than qualifies to meet your business challenges and offers invaluable insight into your company’s current and future prospects. The SaaS (software-as-a-service) has an excellent track record of letting a business overcome its limitations and attain targeted profit and growth.


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Trikke™ Official Site – A superior personal mobility solution #mobility #solution


A Trikke is a personal vehicle with a flexible frame on 3 wheels, stabilizing it in all conditions, on turns, or uneven surfaces. It’s not a scooter. It’s not a bicycle. It’s not a car. It’s a whole new experience we call “carving vehicles”.

Our CEO, Gildo Beleski, developed the Trikke. A an easy-to-use, personal vehicle with amazing stability, uncompromised performance, and an incredibly fun riding experience.


Trikke is a global company with main production facilities in China. Assembly lines have sprung up everywhere from the USA to the Netherlands to Poland and Brazil.

Every day, Trikke vehicle design is refined, with new models being rapidly developed and improved. We’ve gone from the streets to the snow and from pure sport to full electric… And that’s just the beginning!


Riding a Trikke CV is an exhilarating experience that blends a unique full-body workout with full-speed fun! Arms punching, legs pushing, and your core holding it all together. What better way to move than a ride that gets your body pumping while making it so engaging that you never want it to stop? Even better, it does so while sparing your joints and spine any nasty stress or impact discomfort.

Oh, and did we mention that studies show that riding a Trikke CV at just 11mph burns over 650 calories per hour? Trust us, it won’t seem like exercise–because you’ll be enjoying it too much.


A simple twist of the throttle, and you’re off! Rolling on, carving smoothly, enjoying an adventure while even getting some excellent exercise–but it’ll feel effortless because you’ll be having so much fun. Trikke LEV is easy to ride, ergonomic, and highly stable. The high-discharge lithium battery provides all the power you’ll need to the DC hub-motors (no chain!), and because it’s a Trikke, you can still add body movement to keep on whipping along. Compact enough to easily transport in your car or take on public transportation, this is a prime personal vehicle for the modern world. We dare you to beat that.


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Storage Solutions Ltd #storage #solutions,storage,solutions,solution,shelving #manufacture,pallet #racking #manufacturer,pallet #racking,shelving,zamba,spur,twinslot,long #span,longspan,rack,racking,linbin,linbins,swindon,oxfordshire,oxon,wiltshire,england,uk,archive,lintray,lockers,plastic #containers,bins,mezzanine


Storage Solutions -The Catalogue is a comprehensive online facilities management storage equipment catalogue covering all of the key products that you would expect with rapid delivery of shelving, indusrial trrucks and trolleys through to plastic containers used in manufacturing office or retail situations.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer competitive quotes but if you have seen it cheaper or you are buying in bulk why not request a quotation and feel free to negotiate with us.


Mobile Safety Steps

Pallet Racking Spares

Plastic Storage Containers

Bott Workshop Equipment

Warehouse Archive Fit-Out

Since 1993 when Storage Solutions first opened it’s door the Projects Division has been key to our success and helped the business to expand rapidly in the early days

Based on our expertise this is a consultative service where we aim to gain the best outcome for the client. This is not just getting the price right but making sure operating costs and long term costs are right for your business. Our expert team includes individuals with experience in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics management not just selling racking and shelving.

We have designed and built facilities for many major blue chips adding value all the way through the process but no project is too small.

Warehouse Design and Consultancy

Shelving Equipment Manufacture

In 2007 Storage Solutions embarked on a new venture taking over the Spur shelving factory in Great Torrington, Devon. This manufacturing facility had been one of the engines of the DIY shelving sector making everything from free standing shelving to hanging basket brackets. Soon after this acquisition the remains of the biggest competitor Nicholl Wood were also acquired consolidating the sector.

Since taking over these facilities Storage Solutions has developed the product range to offer industrial, commercial and document shelving of the highest quality whilst retaining the DIY range. These products are available from distributors through out the country or through our projects division.

Sub Contract Manufacturing

Power Press Work – up to 75 tonne

Light section and panel rolling

Sheet metal work

Light fabrication
Warehousing and Fulfillment

Two automatic high speed powder coating plants using low bake technology – window up to 2.4 x 1m.


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Amadeus Air Traffic Intelligence Solution #travel #nursing

#travel intelligence

Travel intelligence in the digital era Amadeus Air Traffic

Pascal Clement, Head of Travel Intelligence at Amadeus, talks about the Air Traffic solution, the emergence of new technologies and holidays in the future.

What is the significance of travel intelligence for a company like Amadeus?

Business intelligence is all about three factors:  1) data 2) high technical analysis capabilities and 3) industry knowledge. Amadeus has all three and we are very good at all of them, so we are well placed to provide support to our customers in this area. The “classic” business intelligence tools  were struggling to bring the speed and relevance needed. But the emergence of new technologies and the abundance of digital data are now giving us the possibility of being much more relevant to help our customers understand their business in real time. The travel industry can be very fragmented, so this type of intelligence which gives a holistic view is a critical asset.

Can you give an example?

Let’s say that I’m an airline and I have a plane leaving in 4 days which still has 3 seats available. Data analysis on that route tells me that I never get late bookings for that particular itinerary around those dates. So, for instance, I may want to offer those seats at very competitive prices to some regular or platinum customers who fly regularly on that route or who I know are interested in that particular destination. This can help to drive both customer loyalty, as well as revenue increases.

What benefits can a tool such as Amadeus Air Traffic generate and for whom?

This solution calculates the most accurate air passenger volume for any Origin and Destination worldwide, including those dominated by low-cost carriers and direct airline sales. This means that airlines can plan and develop networks that respond to true passenger traffic demands and meet a clear need in the market based on complete Origin and Destination data.

In addition, airlines are major contributors to economic development because of the amount of business they bring to a certain place. If an airline allows you to go cheaply and easily from point A to B, this brings value to your capability of growing business in point B. Beyond the airline sector, many industries can benefit from these insights on air traffic flows between two particular points.

The travel industry seems to be moving away from a push supplier model to a pull model – the traveller is at the driver seat and becoming the centre of interest. Is there something for the traveller in travel intelligence tools?

Definitely. The number of travellers worldwide is growing – the expectation is that it will double in the next 10 years and they want to have a better understanding of the travel industry and the trends, because of how travel impacts their lives.  I can easily think of a tomorrow where I, as a traveller, will not have to look for my holidays – my holidays will be proposed to me by any provider who has the capabilities. For example, if I am someone who likes playing golf in Spring, I could be offered very targeted holidays based on that data, at the appropriate time and in the appropriate geographies. We will need more proactivity on the part of the travel players, and travellers will like it. The deployment of data and intelligence – increasingly referred to as Big Data – has the potential to improve the traveller experience in many ways, such as being more inspired by travel providers about different travel choices, easier and more seamless booking right through to better management of disruption if it occurs while travelling.

Which trends in travel intelligence do you see taking off in the future?

As an example of the wealth of data available from Amadeus Air Traffic intelligence solution, take a look at the infographic below, which identifies trends in air traffic volume and areas of industry growth. For more information see the full press release 300 world super routes attract 20% of all air travel .


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Solutions Manual and Textbook Solutions for School Textbooks #students #solution #manual


Solutions Manual for Textbooks

Solutions Manual and Test Bank for Textbooks

Get quality Solution Manual / Textbook solutions and Test Bank from

We have solutions manual from most US and International editions textbooks from different worldwide publishers. We have more than 7 years of experience in this industry and graduated more than 7000 students with our help

Do you often get confused when you are doing homework and assignments? Do you sometimes feel clueless and helpless on where to start tackling the problem? If your answer is yes to both questions, then we are definitely here to help you. We are the leading and dedicated provider and trusted source for your textbooks solutions manual and test bank. We have more than four years of experiences of helping high-school, college, and graduate students in their homework and exam problems by providing them quality solutions manual / textbook solutions / instructor manual / answer keys. By using solutions manual, you can study and learn in a more effective and efficient way. Dreams of higher GPA (grade point average) and graduating with honors or cum-laude are closer to reality. Your dreams of obtaining your Master s or PhD degrees are also becoming mission possible .

Solutions manual / textbook solutions is a useful guide that provides answers to problems given in the textbooks. Solution manual (also known as answer keys) gives you detailed step by step methods and techniques on how to solve the problems more effectively and efficiently. By using solutions manual, you can study better for your classes and succeed in your academic education and thus increasing your chance to get a good job and better future in lives. We also provide test bank and exam bank to help you prepare for quizzes, midterms, and final exam problems. These test banks contain practice exam questions and answers. The test bank might consist True/False, Multiple Choice, Matching and Essay Questions. It will be a great base for you to prepare and practice for the exam coming up.

We provide these following solutions manual / textbook solutions and test bank for the following subjects:

Accounting Information Systems
Accounting Fundamentals
Advanced Financial Accounting
Abnormal Psychology
Advanced Accounting
Advanced Calculus
Advanced Mathematics
Advertising and Media Communication
Advertising and Promotion
Algebra (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced)
Architecture (Modern and Contemporary)
Art Science
Animal Science
American Education
American Democracy
Agricultural Science
Arabic Language
Athletic Training
Biology (General and Micro)
Biochemical Engineering
Biological Engineering
Business Communication
Business Law
Business Statistics
Business Technology
C Programming
C++ Programming
C# Programming
Canadian Income Taxation
Chemical Engineering
Corporate Finance
Computer Science
Cost Accounting
Cost Management
Calculus Solutions Manual
Chinese Literature
Christian Education
Communication at Work
Cultural Anthropology
Database Systems
Database Management
Discrete Mathematics
Digital Design
Dynamic Business Law
English Literature
Economics (Macro and Micro)
Electrical Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Fundamentals of Selling
German Studies
Management Accounting
Management Information Systems
Marketing Research
Mass Media Law
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Indonesian Language and Literature
Industrial Engineering
Federal Taxation
Finance and Taxation
Financial Engineering
Personal Financial Planning
Programmable Logic Controller
US History
Asian History
African History
South American History
Australian History
Japanese History
History of the World
Human Behavior
Hospitality Management
Human Relations
Human Species
Human Development
HTML Programming
Infancy Studies
Java Programming
Japanese Literature
Journalism & Advertising
Korean Studies
Law Studies
Law and Justice
Linear Programming and Optimization
Management Information Systems
Managerial Accounting
Marriage and Family
Marketing Management
Linear Algebra
Materials Science
Media Communication
Medical Insurance
Metallurgy & Materials
Music Studies
Natural Disaster Studies
Nursing and Therapy
Nutrition and Health
Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear Science
Paralegal Studies
Patient Billing
Physical Universe
Physical Therapy
Physical Education
Probability and Random Processes
Probability Theory
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Management
Real Estate Development
Sales Force Management
Statistics and Stochastic Process
Staffing Management
Survey of Accounting
Taxation (Individual, Corporations and Federals)
Verbal Communication
Women Studies
World History
World Economics
World Politics
World Culture and Civilization
World Geography
Web Programming
Web Design
European History
Physical Education
Community Nutrition in Action: An Entrepreneurial Approach
Empowerment Series
Beginnings & Beyond: Foundations in Early Childhood Education
Foundations of Education
Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence
The American System of Criminal Justice
Paralegal Today: The Legal Team at Work
Accounting Tools for Business Decision Making
Aerospace Navigation Systems
Beyond Advertising
Building Information Model
Cloud Computing
Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
Deep Space Communications

and many more. Please let us know if you cannot find the topics you need.

2016 Contact Me


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Biometric Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution – M2SYS #sso #solution


Biometric Secure Single Sign-On Software

Enterprise Password Management and Network Security Software with Seamless Interface to Active Directory

Enterprise Biometrics Suite™ is a biometric Single Sign –On solution which relieves the burden of password management while providing a more convenient mechanism for users to access their computer or to the network. The solution seamlessly interfaces with Active Directory, enabling IT personnel to quickly and easily administrate biometric information.

Single Sign-On Working Process

Enterprise Biometrics Suite™ benefits companies of all sizes by:

  • Providing an air-tight mechanism to authenticate users gaining access to network resources
  • Reducing IT support costs associated with password management and help desk overhead
  • Minimize the risk and cost of enterprise data theft from users inside the firewall
  • Supporting regulatory compliance (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.) with improved security
  • Leveraging existing network infrastructure for faster deployment
  • Enabling users to encrypt sensitive files stored on the desktop so they can only be opened after the biometric scan of an authorized user.
  • Allowing users to quickly lock and unlock their computers with a single biometric scan
  • Multiple Biometric Option (fingerprint. finger vein palm vein ) as per need


  • Secure Single Sign-On and Enterprise Class Password Management including support for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Browsers (Firefox)
  • Multi-device and multi-factor authentication
  • File and folder encryption
  • Encrypted file sharing
  • Secure E-mail, VPN, and certificate access
  • Supports Windows XP, Server, 2003, and Vista
  • Windows XP fast user switching
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Simple installation program
  • Simple method to import existing passwords
  • Works with Enterprise Edition
  • Integrated license management to simplify the procedure of auditing and tracking
  • Standard Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for managing user accounts and settings
  • Choice of centralized or remote enrollment for user authentication devices (e.g. fingerprint or smart card enrollment)
  • Support for multi-device and multi-factor authentication including biometrics, smart cards, TPM support, and hardware tokens
  • Encrypted file sharing in the enterprise. Allows encryption keys for each user to be stored in the Active Directory allowing any user in the domain to securely share encrypted data with other users without key management or transfer.
  • Enterprise level event logging to produce an audit trail of user operations to help comply with regulations like HIPAA
  • Multi-language support

Enterprise Edition of Enterprise Biometrics Suite (EBS)

A cost-effective, server-based back-end that offers enterprise-wide identity and password management as well as data protection that is easily deployed and easily managed by your IT department.

  • Scalable Authentication Framework
  • Centralized or Remote User Enrollment
  • Wide Platform Support
Retail Edition of Enterprise Biometrics Suite (EBS)

A Windows-based application for password management and data security.

  • Secure Windows Logon
  • Enterprise Class Password Management
  • File and Folder Encryption
  • Secure E-mail/VPN/Certificates

Return On Investment (ROI)


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Encrypt or Decrypt sensitive data using AES #encode, #encrypt, #encryption, #online


Encrypt or Decrypt email messages. Encryption and Decryption online. Encode or Decode string.

Encode PHP sorce online. Encrypt Text Files. Mail encrypt. Mail encryption. Email encrypt. HTML and PHP Encryption. Bit Encryption. Voltage Encryption. Copyright Protection. Email encryption refers to encryption, and often authentication, of email messages, which can be done in order to protect the content. Strong email encryption. Encode PHP Script. Windows Decoder. Email encryption program. Online Email Encryption. Hosting Solution. Anti Spam Gratis. iPad Password Cracker. Free Usb Encryption Software. Sometimes you want additional protection for your e-mail communication to keep it from unwanted eyes. Email Encryption Software. Encrypt Online. Outlook Email Encryption.String Decrypt. Help protect your account and computer. Encrypted Email Exchange. CBC Encryption. Encrypt or Decrypt: FERON-74, GILA7, HAZZ-15, MEGAN-35, OKTO3, TIGO-3FX, AER-256, ARMON-64, ATOM-128, BASE-64, ESAB-46, EZIP-64, TRIPO-5, ZARA-128, HINDIA-4X, KOREX-3S, ARABICA-2RS, CHINZO-72C, JAPOO-C2S, ZONG22.

Best encryption for network security.
Encrypt or Decrypt sensitive data using AES/DES/RCA encryptors (security tools).

Free Online Tools for Encrypting Text using 128-bit AES/DES/RCA Encryption. Encrypt or decrypt text online with a password of your choice using this hand tool. This is service for securing your messages in an easy way. CRYPO system will encrypt your message using strong encryption algorithm, and it will be secure for sending. Web based online service for easy text and messages encryption and protection. CRYPO – Best encryption for network security.


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Welcome to Open Campus! #mcse, #mct, #mcp, #microsoft #certified, #systems #engineer,


Our Mission.

The mission of RCCD Distance Education (formerly Open Campus) is to extend access to learning through distance education. Objectives: To facilitate learning at a distance, Distance Education provides:

  • Educational technology to the colleges, faculty, and students to support the delivery of online-based courses and services
  • Professional development and training for faculty
  • Expertise and experience
  • Blackboard management, production and problem solving.

As of April 21, the Open Campus department has changed its name to Distance Education. We thank you for your patience as we work to complete the changes to website by the middle of summer.

What Are Online Based or Distance Education classes?

Online-based courses, also called Distance Education classes, may take two different forms:

Online classes are taken exclusively over the Internet. Please note that, while some online courses provide all instructional content over the Internet, others may require some on-campus meetings. Please see the course schedule or WebAdvisor for more information.

Hybrid classes meet both on campus and online. Think of them as a combination or blending of online classes and face-to-face classes.

In a hybrid class, you will attend meetings on campus during the dates and times listed in the schedule of classes. Since the on-campus portion of hybrid classes could take place at any of our three colleges (Riverside City, Norco or Moreno Valley), hybrid classes are listed in the schedule by the college where the on-campus meetings will take place.

Are there Face-to-Face classes that use the Internet?

Web-Enhanced classes are traditional face-to-face classes that are supplemented with course websites and the use of Internet resources. Unlike hybrid or fully-online classes, all web-enhanced class meetings take place on campus.

Where Do I Start?

For more information about Blackboard and support, visit
Students page


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Highly Skilled And Certified Plumber In Montreal 514-566-8227 #plumber #montreal, #montreal


KARE Plumbing and Heating INC. Plumber Montreal best choice

KARE Plumbing and Heating INC. is a Montreal based plumbing company proud to serve Montreal and surrounding areas. We are a fully licensed and certified company that offers a wide array of plumbing and heating services, all carried out in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Canada. Equipped with all necessary tools, we will respond to your needs in a timely, considerate, and tidy manner. With KARE Plumbing and Heating INC. you are always served by a highly trained and experienced plumber licensed by the Red Seal interprovincial standard. We pride ourselves on offering high quality and careful service at a reasonable price, and gladly work weekends at no extra cost.

Residential Plumbing

No job is too small for us. Call us with confidence that your Montreal residential plumbing needs will be quickly handled with the utmost skill and care – all done at your convenience at a reasonable price

Excellent Service

At KARE Plumbing and Heating INC. our top priority is customer satisfaction. We understand how much your home or business means to you. This is why we aim for the highest quality in our work and we appreciate and respect our customers and their patronage. All our work is guaranteed, and you are always dealing with the owner. It is no wonder why we are the Plumber Montreal of choice.

Commercial and Industrial Plumbing

Call us with confidence that your Montreal commercial plumbing needs will be quickly handled with the utmost skill and care – all done at a reasonable price. We understand the importance of having your business in running order, and work at your convenience.

You will be satisfied with our service – guaranteed!

We handle all jobs, big and small, and we offer our customers the option to choose the materials and service best suited to them. Call us any time at (514) 566-8227 to schedule an appointment or to discuss your needs.


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Web Based Credit Card Processing #mx #merchant, #virtual #terminal, #web #based


Web Based Credit Card Processing

Web Based Credit Card Processing

Most Small Business owners in Orlando we ve spoken to have asked How can I accept and monitor credit card payments from a computer, phone, or tablet?

Today, technology offers your business the simplicity and ease of accepting credit card payments virtually from any device. And you as the business owner in this ever changing competitive business world shouldn t even ask if accepting credit cards from a mobile phone or computer right for my business ? . Because the answer is clear as the blue sky Absolutely . Especially when you can rely on 1QuestPayment experience and customer service. But first:

Introducing MX Merchant

A major advantage of having a merchant account with this application is its ability to integrate with its sister mobile application MX Merchant Express. a USB card reader for your computer, or a traditional desktop terminal. This allows you to simplify your business by consolidating all of your credit card acceptance methods.

If all this technology available at your fingertips sounds complicated, or you are concerned about business downtime before switching, then, don t worry because Donnie Troy is here to assist your business every step of the way till you are 110% satisfied of the benefits of accepting and monitoring credit card payments from a computer.


Here s our motto: Assist our valued clients to find the most suitable latest merchant technology, identify cost savings for credit card processing fees because by doing so, we believe, our valued clients will work with us. That is why we are giving away FREE MX Merchant Portal to qualified businesses in Florida. Because at the end of the day, with Mx Merchant you will receive customized credit card acceptance pricing and rates to ensure the lowest overall cost possible. To learn more about our customized pricing and rates click here.

MX Merchant Demo Videos

Get Started

We pride ourselves by providing exceptional customer service, honest and transparent pricing coupled with unmatched expertise in Merchant Services sector. And we are here to answer any and all your questions regarding Internet Based Credit Card Processing Contact us today


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Fleet Tracking Software #fleet #utilisation, #safety #systems, #fleet #tracking #software, #gps


Contact Us

Fleet Tracking Software GPS Vehicle Tracking System Australia

FleetSeek is at the forefront of Fleet Utilisation technology, and invests heavily in new advancements that will make tracking your fleet easier.

We have recently implemented a Camera Feature that is live, and can send accident alerts straight to your inbox. No need to remove SD cards. FleetSeek is a nationally recognised Fleet Tracking Software Solutions provider; currently working with some of the biggest brands in the Market. Internationally FleetSeek is affiliated with RTL Telematics, which has been operating in the telematics space since 2002. Today our customer base covers over twenty countries spanning six continents.

Experience Cutting Edge Cloud Based GPS tracking Solutions

FleetSeek provides real time GPS Safety Systems, Fleet tracking software and customised management reports with the smartest fleet tracking software management tools in Australia today. It s all accessible via our online customer portal, where you will find in-depth data on your fleet that makes you think that you were behind the wheel yourself. To back up this wealth of information, our fleet utilisation consultants provide unparalleled support including 24/7 customer service.

To effectively manage your fleet, you need to be aware of where your fleet are now and where the vehicles have been in the past.

Having this information will help your business make informed decisions, such as a GPS Tracker Truck, wich is our cloud based solutions designed specifically to maange large assets. GPS Tracker Truck, is ideal for logistics, long haul, and transport businesses. The solution provides accurate information across a range of operational activities, saving you time and money. FleetSeek is proud to say that our fleet tracking software is available Australia wide. Our Tracking Systems have had a dramatic impact on clients bottom lines, streamlining and improving efficiency with measurable results.

Experience the FleetSeek difference for yourself with the smartest Fleet GPS Vehicle Tracking software in Australia today. Request a demonstration from our fleet management consultants today.

Our GPS Tracking Systems consultants provide a solution-based service that is hassle free and competitively priced. It s easy to see why we re a preferred provider of fleet management services.

FleetSeek provides Tracking Systems, across Australia, with real-time GPS vehicle tracking and customised management reports. Take your busniess to the next level with the smartest fleet management software in Australia today.

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions come with dedicated consultants that provide unparalleled support including 24/7 customer service.

Trade-In your existing system for an advanced FleetSeek one!

FleetSeek is a robust and established GPS solutions provider. Our international offering means that due to the demand, and our in-house end-to-end production process – we are able to offer considerable cost savings to our customers. Without compromising on quality – in fact having a production process in house, means that we can make it especially for you!!

Unlike other suppliers in the market – we are not reliant on external manufacturing processes, which usually means higher costs for basic hardware for the customer! Our solutions are half the price of solutions available on the market – and we are able to leverage our in-house capability to look at Trade in options for you!!

So no longer do you need to stick with a mediocre GPS solution just because you have paid for the hardware outright. Why not talk to us today 1300 693 533!!


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TOHTEM PLM – CAO – PLM – Calcul #tohtem,tohtem #plm,revendeur #siemens,revendeur


TOHTEM PLM est un partenaire privilégié de SIEMENS pour l’intégration de ses solutions logicielles à destination des PME pour lesquelles la R D et l’innovation représentent l’énergie vitale à leur essor.

TOHTEM étudie, conçoit et développe des produits industriels depuis 15 ans et c’est donc en toute légitimité qu’elle conseille et accompagne ses clients dans l’intégration de solutions adaptées à leurs process.

CAO, Calcul, PLM… TOHTEM PLM a sélectionné des outils devenus de références mondiales.

TOHTEM PLM s’intègre à un groupe aux synergies fortes :

  • Par ses implantations en IDF, RHA et Midi-Pyrénées pour être au plus près de ses clients
  • Par ses activités qui couvrent un large spectre de compétences: R D produits et logiciels, édition et intégration de logiciels métier, implémentation de solutions de travail collaboratif…
  • En mutualisant les compétences R D et informatiques des femmes et des hommes du groupe, TOHTEM PLM est le tremplin de l’évolution de ses clients.

« En utilisant Femap, nous pouvons effectuer des simulations rapides pour analyser les contraintes exercées sur nos pièces, pour nous assurer que nous sommes sur la bonne voie dès les premières étapes du développement de nos produits. Femap nous aide, rapidement et intuitivement, à valider nos choix de conception et déterminer d’éventuelles actions correctives. »

Jean-Jacques Tomas. Engineering Manager

« Solid Edge nous permet la récupération rapide de données en provenance d’autres logiciels de conception et ainsi de développer plus rapidement l’ensemble de nos projets de conception. »

Daniel Esteban Restrepo. Director, Technology and Development of New Business

« En utilisant Solid Edge avec la technologie Synchrone, je n’ai pas besoin de retourner dans mon arborescence de conception. Je conçois sans historique de construction et ceci sans risques de conflit de contraintes. »

John Winter. Mechanical Engineering Manager
Bird Technologies

« Teamcenter a été choisi au terme d’une étude complète des différentes solutions PLM du marché, car il constituait un meilleur support tout au long du cycle de vie produit. La solution répondait tout particulièrement à nos besoins prioritaires, à savoir. la gestion des connaissances de l entreprise, le support technique et logistique, une solution de maintenance, réparation et révision, le reporting et le suivi des affaires, sans compter le travail collaboratif. »

Dave Wood. PLM Program Technical Manager Combat Air
BAE SystemsMilitary Air & Information

« Avec Teamcenter, SsangYongMotor a significativement réduit ses coûts et maximiser sa productivité, cela grâce à l’amélioration de la coopération et de la collaboration entre services. »

Seung-Hwan Chung, Ph.D. Managing Director CIO
SsangYong Motor

« Pour nous, le principal bénéfice que nous tirons de l’utilisation de Teamcenter pour la gestion globale des données est la possibilité de travailler avec une source unique et cohérente d’informations d’ingénierie numérique depuis la création du produit jusqu’à sa fabrication. Cela inclut la gestion de portefeuille produits ainsi que tous les aspects du développement, telles que les données de marché, l’ingénierie et le manufacturing. »

Gerhard Wagner. Team Manager, IT Operations and Infrastructure


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Ticketing Solutions #tix,online #ticket #sales,ticket #sales,mobile #ticket #sales,box #office,call #center,ticketing #system,ticketing


Whether it’s online ticket sales, mobile ticket sales, ticket sales through your box office, your call center, or the 24/7 Tix call center, your ticket sales are all seamlessly integrated into the Tix ticketing system. Learn moreIntegrated the way you connect

Tix has always been a leading innovator of ticketing software. From our online seat selection, photographic seat views, and web site integration to our fully customizable reports and charts, Tix leverages the latest technology to keep our ticketing system ahead of the competition to give you the tools you need ot maximize your ticket sales and minimize your costs. learn moreInnovative the way you dream

We believe that a ticketing system shouldn’t require extensive training and thick user manuals. Using ticketing software should come natural and our intuitive ticketing system proves it. Full-featured ticketing software doesn’t have to be difficult to use. learn moreIntuitive the way you think

Tix keeps you informed and in touch with your ticket sales and fundraising. Our customizable reports, charts, and dashboards let you choose the ticket sales and fundraising information you want to see and the way you want to see it. learn moreIntelligent the way you succeed

Online ticket sales

Tix – The Complete Ticketing Solution

Tix is a leading provider of integrated box office software and online ticket sales and services for entertainment and sporting events. We specialize in no-cost, feature-rich ticketing solutions for venues, promoters, producers, universities, theme parks, tours, museums, casinos, theatres, film festivals, concerts, night clubs, music festivals, race tracks, and more.

Tix takes the risk out of selecting a ticketing system with no set up fees, start-up costs, annual maintenance fees, or long-term commitment. With service fees among the lowest in the industry, Tix helps you maximize your attendance and minimize your costs.

How does it work?

Tix is a complete cloud-based ticketing system
You can access our ticketing software from anywhere you have access to the Internet. There’s no expensive hardware to purchase or lease. There are no set up costs, annual maintenance costs, or fees for software upgrades. Maximize your ticket sales and minimize your costs.

How much does it cost?

Our fees are among the lowest in the ticketing industry
We also have some of the most sophisticated features you’ll find. There are no set up fees or up-front costs. We charge a small service fee for each ticket sold through our system. You can pass these fees along to your patrons and use our ticketing system for free!

How do I get started?

Contact us today!
We can have you up and selling tickets in as little a few hours.


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Medical Billing 101 – Medical Billing Website #medical #billing, #medical #billing


Medical Billing and Electronic Claims Processing — A Business With a Future

Read our brochure on Medical Billing, Medical Billing Software
and Electronic Claims Processing

Medical Billing as a Business

If you are like many people these days, you may be thinking of starting a medical billing business. How do you know which company is the right one to purchase your Medical Billing Training from? How can you be sure you’re getting the right training products you need to be successful?

Here at AMBA, our job is to assist you in making an educated purchase decision. Owning and operating your own medical billing business is challenging in itself.

Choosing the right company could mean the difference
between your success — and your failure

The fact is that unless you thoroughly research a company before you invest with them, you could be throwing your hard earned money away. That’s right — you could be out of business even before you start!

Only you can make the choice —
Can you afford risking a poor decision?

You can tell a lot about a company by doing your homework. Researching a company’s history and past performance could save you thousands of dollars — or it could make you feel very comfortable about your purchase decision.

You could spend literally thousands of dollars buying a package deal to start a medical billing business, but the fact is, you can do it much cheaper and more effectively by taking your time to find the right products at a reasonable price.

Request Free Information on Getting Started in Medical Billing and Electronic Claims Processing and get our Free FAQ on Medical Billing and Electronic Claims Processing!

NOTE: Please complete all information or we cannot send you our free information on our Medical Billing Essentials Starter Program information. All information received is confidential and never released to anyone

Be sure to list your entire email address. Also note that if you do not list an email address we won’t be able to send you our free information


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Plumbing Costs #plumbing #costs, #plumber #cost, #plumbers #services, #home #plumbing #service,


Plumbing Costs

Receive multiple plumbing quotations from plumbers servicing your locality:

  • Compare Plumbing Bids
  • Save time and $$$
  • No Obligation

The extent of the job at hand will determine the plumbing cost. True enough, plumbing emergencies tend to cost more than ongoing home plumbing services mainly due to their complexity and urgency factors. Professional plumbers will arrive at your home or office to diagnose the plumbing problem and provide a plumbing quote.

Plumbing rates are typically calculated by the hour and vary between the different plumbing contractors (click here for more information on plumbers hourly rates ). Usually plumbing costs will further include time taken to pick up plumbing parts essential to conduct the job at hand.

When calling for plumbing services ask for a plumbing cost estimator, and inquire about any plumbing discounts made available. Plumbing estimates will help you better approximate overall plumbing costs of different repairs. Comparing several plumbing quotes from different plumbing companies will enable you to select the appropriate plumbing solution at the best possible price. Fill the form above to receive multiple plumbing quotes .

Online Plumbing Quotes

Online quotes are available as part of a plumbing cost calculator where you enter the specifications of the plumbing problem and derive an estimated plumbing cost. Otherwise your local plumber will conduct an in-home inspection of the plumbing problem to provide an accurate plumbing price, and follow upon your approval with the relevant plumbing solution.

To get multiple plumbing estimates just fill and submit the form above.

SOS – Emergency Plumbing Rates

Emergency plumbing rates are typically higher than non-emergency rates, especially if they occur over night, weekends or national holidays. That said, plumbing companies will still provide you with competitive emergency plumbing prices to make you select their plumbing services over others.

Low Plumbing Cost

Depending on the given plumbing job, cheap repair does not necessarily save you money in the long run. Always hire a trustworthy plumbing service provider that is licensed by the relevant authorities and adheres to specific regulations and building codes.

Average Plumbing Costs

The following table summarizes the average plumbing costs for a variety of repairs in the United States. These estimates may differ depending on regions, complexity, hourly rates and costs of materials. It is highly recommended to obtain at least three plumbing quotes from local service professionals for validation. Submit the form above to obtain several plumbing quotes .

Plumbing Costs Table:

Basic hourly rates (not including additional expenses such as travel, time on road, plumbing parts, etc)

Journeyman Plumber
Master Plumber
Apprentice Plumber

NOTE:The above estimates have been collected by a nationwide research, and are provided for informational purposes only. Aplumbers are not responsible for plumbing costs given by different service providers to their customers. It is recommended to shop for at least three plumbing quotes before hiring a plumber of your choice. For your complete convenience – simply submit the above form above to receive multiple plumbing estimates.

Recent Inqueries About Plumbing Costs

  • water leak from pipe under master bathroom sink and powder toilet running.
  • thermo-scan inspections identified “a marked leak in a sleeve on a service line.” they were unable to determine the location of the leak within the sleeve due to different depths of the sleeve inside and out. they marked a spot inside 30″ from the outside wall which is the top of the sleeve. they placed a flag outside in front of the bushes and said to start digging on the outside first. would like to get this fixed asap because my water bill last month was 10 x normal!
  • i live in a mobile home and a pipe broke under the house and water is leaking out
  • the main drain under my kitchen sink is clogged. water backs up. front elbo is clearm but water seeps from the main drain elbow after disposal runs. what do you charge for clearing the drain?
  • sewer back up in the front yard
  • replace sump pump and garbage disposal
  • we have natural gas for hot water and heating. i want to replace electrical stove with gas and maybe extend line outside for barbeque. gas line for water heater is about 15′ from where stove will be. the house has craw space.
  • kitchen drains backing up and coming out thru washing machine drain

All Rights Reserved, 2017


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Lead management software for sales people – You Don – t


Most businesses do not need a tool to manage their customers,
they need a tool to turn their prospects INTO customers!

Why ?

Standard CRM software slows down your sales by wasting time filling in ‘paperwork’, diverting you from your primary goal: acquiring new customers !

You have to go through the process of creating a sales log including company name, contact details, and to do steps, and finally add your lead.

Our solution

It’s all about leads. Copy & paste information from a spreadsheet or upload a business card. That’s it! You have a lead, you can start working.

You Don’t Need a CRM! keeps you in touch with your prospects at the key moments of the customer relation process. taking away the risk of missing an important opportunity!

For Who?

You Don’t Need a CRM is the perfect match for small businesses ranging from 1 to 200 employees that need a pro-active sales approach to turn leads into deals .

SMBs enjoy our cloud solution. No need to install software on a computer, no maintenance, everything is accessed through the browser. It’s fast, easy and secure. It’s SaaS!

Need to convince your boss to use You Don t Need a CRM.

Print this PDF and go ahead to their office!

Features to boost your sales skills

Start from a Prospecting List

Filling in forms can be tiring and painful. With our solution, you can easily import from any Excel/CSV File and start working on the contacts right away inside our prospecting list. Once a suspect turns out to be of interest, turn it into a Lead in one click. This is great when compiling a cold calling list or qualifying a marketing database. Never waste time with Spreadsheets again – turn your Leads into Deals!

Or with a business card.

You’re away from the office, networking, receiving business cards here and there. You just met a potential customer, take a picture of their card with our mobile application and it will be turned into a lead with all you need to know: company name, contact details. All you had to do was take a picture!

Never lose a lead with automatic alerts

Before the closing, leads have only two status options: either the ‘you have something to do’ ones or the ‘you WILL have something to do’ ones. It’s that simple! Each time you act on a lead, you log it and set your reminder for your next action. When that time comes, the lead shows up automatically at the top of your to-do list and in your synchronized calendar (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook. )

Customize your sales process

With You Don’t Need a CRM! you define each step of your sales process or your sales funnel. new prospect, contacted, trial, negotiating, closing. You customize the steps according to your needs and you manage your pipeline in a clear and efficient way.

Get leads from your website

Connecting your website’s contact form to You Don’t Need a CRM! is as easy as sending an email. Whether it’s a request for information, a demo or a quote, you can turn it directly to a lead inside You Don’t Need a CRM. Once again, you never lose a lead!

There is a life after “won”

You’ve just won a lead. Congrats! But what are you going to do now? There is often a specific need for a follow up after a deal has been won.

Create a Follow-up with specific tasks or use a predefined template with regular tasks and then assign it to anyone within your team. You can even set reminders for future tasks in order not to forget to get back to your clients at the right time. It’s Project Management made easy!

Go mobile

Whether you use Mac or Pc, iOS or Android, tablet or desktop, Surface or iPad You Don’t Need a CRM! will adapt to your screen and provide you the best experience with your terminal. With our mobile version you will be able to scan a business card on the way, call your prospects. log your activity or help your team.

Google Apps for Work and third party apps

Are you using Google Apps for your business? That’s great as You Don’t Need a CRM! is a SaaS software connected to Google Apps for Work. It gives you access to Single Sign On, instant Google Calendar synchronization and import of your contacts. But that’s not all, we’re also connected to hundreds of third party apps like FreshBooks, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Slack, Wufoo through Zapier, our API or direct integration.

Collaboration and team management

You Don’t Need a CRM! is a great tool for one person, but it is even better for a team. Our features emphasize team-work, you can share contact lists, messages, comments. and get help with leads. With its state-of-the-art collaborative features, its daily summary and its statistics, You Don’t Need a CRM! facilitates team work and helps you become a better company.

All I ve ever wanted was a program to track leads without all the over-complication of a full CRM. YDNACRM was the perfect solution. I finally found what I was looking for.

Quentin McNabb Sales, Motion View Software

Simple, powerful and effective.

Helps you to manage your sales team without the endless fields to be fulfilled like in the others tools available in the market. Gives your team more free time to do what really matters: find new sales opportunities.

Eduardo Biasi Sales Manager, Fly Link Telecom

You Don t Need a CRM is a very simple yet effective tool. I was really impressed how the claim was taken into action. I can totally recommend it to all SMBs.

Roman Walther Digital Marketing Advisor

Great and affordable app

I have a small retail business so I needed a system to manage my leads without running out on budget. Now I have more than 1 year using YDNCRM and I find it very helpful, plus the team provides ongoing support and training. I highly recommend this system if you have small to medium sales teams and don t want to spend weeks on the set up.

Uzziel Sanchez Director, CWCuitlahuac

We switched from a CRM/Project Management app to You Don t Need a CRM and we love it. The sales guy says almost everyday: I love YDNCRM . The interface is simple and sensible, so we were able to use it immediately with very little training.

Lura Frazey Manager, Steve Locke Construction

Great tool, simple and powerful

It s so easy to use: no need to fill in any database. Just add your own email address in bcc so that you create a lead when you mail a contact, or even scan a card with the mobile app. Tasks reminders are fully integrated in Google Calendar so you can drive your prospection with the tool and track any contact. That s a tool I use and enjoy every day!

Frédéric Le Compagnon Head of Agency, Opus MI


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Tips for Cleaning Windows (windowcleaning) #solution #one #lincoln #ne


Tips for Cleaning Windows (windowcleaning)

Helping Nebraskans enhance their lives through research-based education.

Tips for Cleaning Windows

Submitted by Lorene Bartos, UNL Extension Educator

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Windows, windows, windows, everywhere you look there are windows. Windows may appear to be clean but when the sun shines on them we get the true picture. Every little smudge, finger print or nose print shows. Window cleaning is a large task but can be simplified by using techniques and equipment made for doing windows.

A professional brass or stainless steel squeegee, available at janitorial supply stores is a helpful tool. Use a window cleaning solution, which contains ammonia, vinegar and/or a liquid dishwashing detergent. These work well if used sparingly. You may purchase these products or make them yourself. Too much chemical or soap solution causes streaks and leaves residue on the windows. Ammonia cuts heavy greasy soil and vinegar helps remove hard water spots.

Techniques for Cleaning Windows:

Wipe very dirty windows with a damp cloth. Don’t rub dirt because it will scratch the glass. A vacuum cleaner with an attachment will work for this job, too. With a clean sponge or cloth lightly wet the window. Don’t flood it! When using a squeegee, tilt at an angle to the glass, so only about one-inch of the rubber blade presses lightly against the top of the window glass. This will leave a dry area across the top of the window and stop drips from running down on your clean window. Wipe the blade of the squeegee with a damp cloth each time. A dry blade on dry glass will skip. Next place the squeegee horizontally in the dry area and pull down, lapping over the dry clean area each time. Continue until you have finished the window. Finish by wiping off the window sill. Windows can be cleaning from either side or from the top using this technique.

You may use a cloth or paper to clean also, use overlapping strokes so you cover all the window and don’t miss spots.

  • Don’t clean windows in direct sunlight – the window may dry too fast and streak.
  • Exterior windows should be first be washed with a hose or clean water to remove grease and grime.
  • Wash windows side to side on the inside and up to down on the outside. If there are streaks, you will know which side they are on.
  • Change wash and rinse waters often.
  • Vacuum screen to remove dust, etc
  • Outside screens can be scrubbed with warm water and rinsed with clean water. Allow to air dry.
  • Squeegees do not work on textured or stained glass windows.
  • Choose a “hard” paper towel (soft ones leave lint) or cotton cloths such as old t-shirt or socks.

The new micro-fiber cloths work well for cleaning windows. Follow the instructions for use of the cloths. When washing micro-fiber cloths or towels do not use fabric softener as it reduces the absorbency.

Homemade Cleaners for Windows:

  • Mix two tablespoons of ammonia OR white vinegar with two quarts or warm water.
  • Mix one-half cup ammonia, one pint of 70 percent rubbing alcohol and one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent. Add enough water to make one gallon liquid.
  • Mix one tablespoon liquid dishwashing detergent with one quart water.

Choose a time when you feel good and energetic to do windows, you will feel better and the job will go faster.

(This resource was updated April 2007 and appeared in the Lincoln Journal Star Newspaper Sunday edition. For information on reproducing this article or using any photographs or graphics, read the Terms of Use statement)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lancaster County
Web site:
444 Cherrycreek Road, Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68528 | 402-441-7180


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Best VoIP Softphones – 2017 Reviews, Pricing & Demos #best #business


VoIP Softphones

Buyer’s Guide

With the vast number of VoIP softphone products on the market, choosing the right solution for your phone system can be daunting. (Technically, all softphones are for VoIP service. since they re essentially software for placing calls over the Internet.) To help make your decision easier, we ve compiled this guide.

We ll outline the common features of softphones and give a rundown of popular products to help you make the right decision for your business. We ll look at:

What Is a VoIP Softphone?

The name says it all: software phone. Softphones are software applications that run on devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.) with Internet connections and allow you to make and receive calls. Softphones are thus designed for Internet phone service, commonly known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), rather than traditional phone service.

A VoIP softphone is perhaps easiest to understand when compared to an IP phone i.e. a hardware office phone designed to make calls over the Internet using a business VoIP service rather than traditional land lines.

Both IP phones and softphones serve as endpoints to which VoIP phone systems connect calls, but one is software and the other is hardware.

Some businesses choose to deploy softphones rather than hardware phones as phone system extensions. For instance, if your employees work remotely, it makes more sense to connect the phone system to applications on their laptops than to desk phones in an office they rarely see. Additionally, you can deploy softphones alongside desk phones and connect the same extension to both endpoints. This gives your employees more flexibility in their communications options.

Softphone-only deployments are gaining in popularity and can also help keep the costs of switching to VoIP down, since IP phones can be expensive.

Common Functions of VoIP Softphone Software

VoIP softphones often include the following core capabilities:


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45Drives – Home of the Storinator – Ultra-fast, Massive Storage Servers


Ultra-fast, Massive Storage Servers

Industry Solutions

Valued Customers

What our users say

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of the awesome help! It was actually a ton of fun getting support and help from you!” Anil Mohabir
Asterisk Media Group

“We have approximately 30,000 mailboxes on our server and 45 Drives support was exemplary.” Alex Ball
Vice President, QX.Net

“I would recommend that any video production company searching for a new server take a look at a Storinator. My clients trust me to keep their data safe. I have spent many of sleepless nights worrying about my data. I sleep a lot better since buying my Storinator.” Michael Rueber
Creative Director. Around the Corner Productions

“Long story short, it is working AWESOMELY. Great Hardware Platform and with FreeNAS on top of it, I can accomplish everything I need such as anything from backups to NFS storage for our Citrix XenServer Virtual Environment.” Jonathan Padilla
Cooperative Computer Services

“The Storinator S45 is rocking away with 3,000 users hitting it tens of thousands of times an hour and it’s not even breathing heavy. We designed it as a fail-over solution, and on Sunday night, we had to fail-over and it worked flawlessly.” Adam Kotter
The Kotter Group

“Thank you so much for offering such a superior product at a fraction of the cost. 45 Drives worked effectively and efficiently with our staff to provide a customized unit which was capable of handling our customers’ extensive surveillance hardware needs.” Jonathan Constant
Constant Services, Inc.

“Your system is a quarter of the competitor’s price and does twice the amount of work. On top of that, it takes up a third of the footprint.” Mike Kennedy
Vice President
PowerHouse Recycling Inc.

“You have an amazing product that adds a lot of value to our organization.” Ryan Encinas
Technology Specialist
Integris Credit Union

“I received the order, and it’s installed and working well. Very impressed with how easily and quickly it all went together. Totally amazed that one person was able to rack, install, and get it running.” Scott Atherton
CBV Collection Services Ltd

“I quite often use 45Drives to put vendors in their place when they come at me with their overpriced archive storage options.” John Vaux
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

“We see backups complete in minutes where it took hours before, completely backing up 33 VM’s, Exchange, and SQL (hourly).
I can’t say how happy we are with our new Storinator!”
Jack Swinghamer
DuraTech Industries

User Spotlights

Hard Drives


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Corporate Traveler – Corporate Travel Booking Solution #travel #sweepstakes

#corporate traveller

Business Travel Savings Solutions

Business Travel Solutions for Corporate Travelers – We provide businesses of all sizes with unsurpassed opportunities to control, manage and lower travel cost. We help you find and capture savings on an ongoing basis.

From corporate hotel lodging and exclusive low price airfares to more than 18,500+ rental cars Locations Worldwide – thanks to our size and experience, powered by is unrivaled in its ability to secure deep discount rates.

  • Big discounts from published domestic and international airfares through our partnership with over 400 airlines
  • Discounted rates from over 700.000 hotels. Enjoy many business travel services along with many great amenities offered exclusively to our inventories of corporate lodging hotels.
  • Our website provides travelers Round-the-clock customer service 24/7.
  • Manage your bookings online. It’s easy to cancel, make changes or send a request to the property
  • Save even more on an itinerary when booking your flight and hotel combination


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