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Deploy your own Media Management Server with Razuna

The Razuna Hosted Edition is your place to sign up for a free 30-day trial to our successful Media Management Platform. Furthermore, we offer dedicated Media Server solutions. Click here to have our own hosted Razuna Media Account within seconds.

Razuna Hosted Cloud Platform

Digital asset management open source

Razuna 1.9.1 Stand-alone Server

The Stand-alone Razuna Server can be used to deploy Razuna. It is build on the Tomcat J2EE Server. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to get Razuna up and running. It is the recommended path for new users.

Download Razuna Stand-alone Server

Digital asset management open source

Need support?

Razuna has been deployed by over 5000 organizations worldwide. They are all able to do this the fantastic support from the Razuna team. Contact us today or get support plan to get you up and running in no time.

Digital asset management open source

Razuna Search Server 2.4

The above Razuna stand-alone file contains the search server already! However, if you are upgrading from Razuna 1.7 or need to update to the latest Search Server application you can download it here directly.

Download the Razuna Search Server

Digital asset management open source

Source Code access (Github)

GIT access is meant for the advanced users and developers and provides access to the latest development release. If this is all Greek to you, don’t worry!

GIT access is provided on a read level. The code in the “develop” trunk always contains the bleeding edge release. Official releases can be found under RELEASES. Please read our github access guide on the Razuna Wiki to gain a complete overview of the Razuna Github Repository.

For the brave (and impatient) ones here is the Github URL to our projects:

Take me to the Github repository

Digital asset management open source

Need support?

Razuna has been deployed by over 5000 organizations worldwide. They are all able to do this the fantastic support from the Razuna team. Contact us today or get support plan to get you up and running in no time.

Digital asset management open source

Razuna is made available under a dual open source license. Please play fair. Thank you.

Digital asset management open source

Razuna walkthrough webinar

Attend a live product demo and see for yourself what Razuna can do for you and your team.

Digital asset management open source

Razuna Hosted Edition

Sign up now for a free 30-day trial of Razuna in the cloud.

Razuna Hosted Cloud Platform

Digital asset management open source

Need help?

Check out our Support Plans – We help with any kind of deployment.

Razuna Support Plans

Digital asset management open source

“Your tool is going to be the hub of our visual communications moving forward. We do work globally. “

Digital asset management open source

2017 Razuna. All rights reserved. Razuna is your solution provider for Digital Asset Management (DAM) / Media Asset Management (MAM) and Unified Data Management.

Digital asset management open source


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Gwyddion – Free SPM (AFM, SNOM #data #analysis #software #open #source



Gwyddion is a modular program for SPM (scanning probe microscopy) data visualization and analysis. Primarily it is intended for the analysis of height fields obtained by scanning probe microscopy techniques (AFM, MFM, STM, SNOM/NSOM) and it supports a lot of SPM data formats. However, it can be used for general height field and (greyscale) image processing, for instance for the analysis of profilometry data or thickness maps from imaging spectrophotometry.

Gwyddion provides a large number of data processing functions. including all the standardd statistical characterization, levelling and data correction, filtering or grain marking functions. And since the developers are active SPM users, the program also contains a number of specific, uncommon, odd and experimental data processing methods they found useful – and you may find them useful too.

Gwyddion is Free and Open Source software, covered by GNU General Public License. It aims to provide a modular program for 2D data processing and analysis that can be easily extended by third-party modules and scripts. Moreover, thanks to being free software, it provides the source code to developers and users, which makes easier both verification of its data processing algorithms and further program improvements.

Gwyddion works on GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD operating systems on common architectures. All systems can be used also for developement. It has a modern graphical user interface based on the widely portable Gtk+ toolkit, consistent across all the supported systems.


2017-08-15: Version 2.49 “Window to the West” was released. As usual, it brings a bundle of new modules and various improvements – and also module bundles. The most noticeable changes are, nevertheless, a new much nicer icon set by Felix Kling and a better widget for adjusting the bazillion parameters of various algorithms. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2017-08-12: Petr’s talk Gwyscan – library for smart scanning paths about gwyscan was added to presentations. See also the related paper .

2017-08-11: There seems to be still some interest in GIMP image generation plug-ins Yeti wrote 15 years ago – and abandoned essentially when Gwyddion development started. Although resurrection is unlikely, the good news is that their ideas have found their way into Gwyddion synthetic data modules. We added some information about the correspondence between them .

2017-05-11: A list of Gwyddion-related publications was added – more specifically, publications describing Gwyddion architecture and algorithms or otherwise related to the software in a fundamental manner.

2017-04-29: Version 2.48 “Magnetic Monastery” was released. It brings a bunch of MFM-related modules as well as the usual collection of new and improved file import modules and bugfixes. There is also a new translation, Brazilian Portugese. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2017-01-18: A Fedora 25 repository was added. We are sorry for the delay.


2016-11-18: Version 2.47 “Pythocalypse” was released. It would be mostly a bugfix release, repairing selections that did not work properly in several modules. Except for one thing, a complete overhaul of pygwy (including a few API changes). And finally, Python scripting is also described in the user guide now. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2016-10-31: A patch for version 2.46 was published, fixing broken function gwy_selection_set_data() that affects selections in Correct Affine, Measure Lattice, Straighten Path and a few other functions. See also Patches .

2016-10-18: A patch for version 2.46 was published, fixing compilation failure of the JPK scan file module when minizip is not available. See also Patches .

2016-10-14: Version 2.46 “Lichen Logistics” was released, bringing geometrical shape fitting, a new grain marking function, editable toolbox, new file modules and lots of other improvements. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2016-09-04: Gwyddion has conquered space! The analysis of comet dust images from the Micro-Imaging Dust Analysis System (MIDAS) in the famous Rosetta space probe studying Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko employed Gwyddion. See the ESA blog post and the full paper in Nature .

2016-07-21: A Fedora 24 repository was added. In related news, a patch for version 2.45 was published, fixing broken installation of API documentation with gtk-doc 1.25+ (which can in turn break package builds). See also Patches .

2016-07-20: A new version of the sample standalone module was released: threshold-example-2.5. A bug affecting the Mask mode was fixed and the handling of settings now more closely matches a typical Gwyddion module. A few pieces of the code were also slightly modernised (without increasing minimum required Gwyddion version).

2016-04-27: Version 1.2 of libgwyfile was released. The library was updated to handle new data types introduced in Gwyddion 2.45.

2016-04-26: Version 2.45 “Scatter and Slither” was released with a large number of new features, user interface improvements – and also initial native XYZ data support. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2016-03-20: Some results, the ‘right’ values and remarks to the user influence survey are now available. See the description of each individual task for a link to the results and remarks. There may be some further elaboration and refinements, anyway, the results will hopefully satisfy your curiosity for now.

2016-03-01: The user influence survey is now closed. Thanks all who participated. We will publish the ‘right’ values and some remarks here after the Nanoscale conference.

2016-01-31: We have received a fair number of responses in the user influence survey so far and would like to thank all who participated. The survey form will be open to the end of February (which is also when the MS Windows installer will finally stop advertising it).

If you have not tested your data processing skills yet please download the survey images and fill your best estimates in the form. Thanks!

2016-01-12: Version 1.1 of libgwyfile was released, fixing a couple of bugs and improving error reporting and MSVC support.

2016-01-11: Version 2.44 “Entropy Everywhere” was released, bringing a few new features, but mainly lots of bug fixes and file format support improvements. As usual, the detailed news lists them all.


2015-12-20: A Fedora 23 repository was added. Note there were a few problems with various auxiliary developer scripts (cross build, night build, …) in F23. The scripts should be generally fixed in svn now.

2015-11-16: Complete MSVC development package is now available for Gwyddion compilation and development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. The package was prepared for Gwyddion 2.43 (the last stable version) and is still under development. Feedback is welcome.

2015-12-14: Please participate in our user influence survey in which we are trying to characterise the influence of humans on quantitative AFM results. The survey is fun because it consists of actual data processing (as opposed to just filling some boring forms) and it should not take more than several minutes of your time. At least unless you decide to figure out the absolutely best possible data processing procedures, in which case it can take an arbitrarily long time…

2015-12-10: If you use pygwy in MS Windows please avoid the Python 2.7.11 package (the latest one at this moment) because it causes a crash during Gwyddion startup. To stop the crashes once Python 2.7.11 has been already installed it is not sufficient to downgrade to a lower version. Apparently it is necessary to not only uninstall Python but also delete manually C:\Python27 and then reinstall all Python packages afresh. Known good versions:

  • 2.7.10 (or lower) for use in MS Windows
  • 2.7.9 (or lower) for cross-compilation in Linux

2015-11-25: Version 2.43 “Respectable Rotunda” was released. The number of improvements and bug fixes is large but they are scattered all over the program. See the detailed news for their full list.

2015-11-02: Broken Fedora 22 repository causing the RPM signature check to fail with ‘No such file or directory’ was hopefully fixed.

2015-10-07: Version 2.42 “Even Enlightenment” was released. The change everyone will probably notice is the new line correction module. There are however plenty of other improvements. See the detailed news for a full list of changes.

2015-07-29: We lost a few recent commits in the restoration of subversion repository from backup. The corresponding changes have been recommitted and subversion should be working normally now. However, the revision history since r17212 (including) has changed.

It is recommended to check out fresh working copies of all svn modules and transfer any changes you might have to the new copies. If you have a working copy updated to a r17212 or later, you must check it out afresh. If you observe anything odd with subversion please report it.

2015-07-16: There was a major outage of services due to a storage failure. File download works, but subversion, discussion, etc. are out of order at this moment. Details can be found at the SourceForge blog .

2015-07-13: Version 1.0 of libgwyfile was released. Several bugs were fixed since version 0.9 and MS Windows support was greatly improved. The library is considered stable now.



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Dietary Supplements to Increase Fertility #fertility #source #companies


Dietary Supplements to Increase Fertility

by TRACY MORRIS Last Updated: Aug 13, 2015

Since 1997, Tracy Morris has written about fertility and medical topics for magazines such as “Achieving Families,” “ePregnancy,” “Nurses Lounge” and internet communities like MomsOnline. She has written for the clinics IntegraMed America, Shady Grove Fertility and RSC Bay Area. Morris has a Bachelor of Arts in human development/family studies from University of Houston and is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists.

Taking dietary supplements to boost fertility might help if you take them with caution. Photo Credit Visual Ideas/Camilo Morales/Blend Images/Getty Images

If you re trying to conceive and have a baby, you ve probably heard a lot about nutrition and fertility. Dietary supplements can serve as a secondary source of necessary nutrients for anyone, but the best way to make sure your body gets what it needs is through the foods you eat. If you re going to take supplements and you want to get pregnant, some nutrients are essential and others may or may not be helpful. Virtually no individual nutrient has been definitively linked to the benefit of boosting fertility levels, but there are a few that have researchers curious.


According to the American Dietetic Association, antioxidants can help prevent and repair cell damage, so they may have an impact on the quality of your egg or sperm cells. Vitamins C and E and selenium, a trace mineral, are examples of antioxidants which you can readily find in many foods. Supplementing with some nutrients, though, should be done with care. Fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamins A, D, E, and K, can build up in your system and cause serious medical conditions in you or your unborn baby, so you want to check with your health care practitioner or a registered dietitian about the safest amounts to take.


Coenzyme Q10, sometimes also called ubiquinone or CoQ10, is a fat-soluble antioxidant made by the human body. It helps your cells mitochondria make energy, and its levels are known to decrease as a person ages. Researchers from Italy concluded that oral CoQ10 supplements increased the amount of the substance in semen and improved sperm cell movement.


Women and men may benefit from adding more of the mineral zinc to their diet. In a mouse study published in 2010, zinc was found to be key to the egg cell s final development. And the American Dietetic Association says that zinc deficiency — along with not enough vitamin C — in men can cause sperm cells to move too poorly to result in conception.


The amino acid called L-Carnitine, or simply carnitine, is produce by your body with the purpose of helping turn fat into usable energy. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that sperm cells are one of the locations where your body stores carnitine and that low levels of the amino acid may negatively impact sperm count and mobility.

Necessary, But Not For Fertility

Folic acid, also called folate, is a B vitamin that can be deficient in even a typical American diet. Low levels of folate have been linked to birth defects like spina bifida, so you ll find the nutrient in any prenatal vitamin. Studies also lead experts to recommend that women begin taking 400 mcg of folic acid daily before they conceive and then throughout pregnancy for the optimally protective benefit.

Compound Supplements for Women

If you re a woman who s trying to conceive, you want to consider the health of your hoped-for embryo and fetus, as well as yourself. The safest and most reliable multi-vitamin and mineral supplement you can take is a prenatal vitamin. They contain nutrient levels that consistently test as both optimal and not harmful. Several products are on the market that combine nutritional supplements with herbs to promote fertility. The goal of these fertility-focused supplements is helping you achieve and maintain a hormonal balance that backs up the reproductive process.

Compound Supplements for Men

As with the women s version, the special fertility compounds for men also provide a simplified way of taking vitamins and herbs in one supplement. Rather than focusing on hormone balance, the male formulas aim at sperm health, combining vitamins, minerals, other nutrients and herbs that are believed to enhance the shape, movement, and even count of your sperm cells.


Research is ongoing to determine more connections between dietary supplements and fertility, but one thing that is known is you can take too much of a good thing. The American Dietetic Association, Shady Grove Fertility s Dr. Eric Levens, and the Mayo Clinic, among others, recommend you use caution when supplementing your diet. Be sure to read the label and any documented evidence of a product s safety and efficacy before trying it — especially if you re a woman trying to get pregnant, because not enough is known about potential risks to your unborn baby. Also, men and women who are going through fertility treatment should notify their health care specialists about any supplements in their diet. Even the makers of fertility compounds avoid recommending their products to female patients who are using certain types of medications.

Related Searches

Get the latest tips on diet, exercise and healthy living

Copyright 2017 Leaf Group Ltd. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM Terms of Use. Privacy Policy and Copyright Policy. The material appearing on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. Ad Choices


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Industrial standby generator #1mw #generator, #1000kw #generator, #turbine #engine, #emergency #generator,


Turbine Marine (TM) Compact Series Portable Generators

For dependable power in a compact, lightweight, easy-to-maintain unit

1.1 MW Turbine-powered Portable Standby Generator

Turbine Marine Inc. has developed the Compact Series 1.1 MW turbine-powered portable standby generator . It is emergency industrial equipment that is so small and lightweight it can be easily towed with a standard size pick-up truck, or airlifted by helicopter as its weight is approximately 8500 lbs. and its overall dimensions are 12 L x 5 W x 7.5 H. Its enclosure is sleek and aerodynamic to reduce drag while in tow or flight. The Compact Series 1.1 Megawatt generator (1,100 Kilowatts) is powered by military Lycoming T-53, 1,475 Hp turbine engines. It has the capability of using multiple fuels including, but not limited to; jet, diesel, gasoline and bio-fuels, without any changes to the unit by the user. A natural gas version is also available.

See what Distributed Energy Magazine had to say about our portable turbine generators

See the Advantages of using the Compact Series portable turbine generators.

The COMPACT SERIES is an emergency power generator manufactured using only the highest industry standard components, such as Stamford NewAge Generators (alternators) and Woodward Electrical controls for engine management and electrical current monitoring. The unit has a full digital control panel that is also capable of synchronizing multiple generator units. The 1.1 MW generator assemblies can be ordered in any Hz or voltage configuration that the application may demand.

The high-tech carbon fiber composite, fully weatherproofed enclosure, houses a self monitoring safety and engine shut down system. The enclosure also incorporates a dust / saltwater mist air filtration system for both the engine and alternator. This filtration system will allow proper operation in any conditions land or sea. The emergency back up generator assembly is trailer-mounted for easy mobility. The trailer is a quick- mount system that can be removed in minutes if a skid version is needed.

850 KW Turbine-powered Portable Standby Generator

Turbine Marine Inc. also reveals its Compact Series 850KW turbine-powered portable standby generator . This unit has the same features as the 1.1MW Series. It is also lightweight, portable, multi-fuel capable and is built with the best industry quality components.

All of our generators are easily serviceable throughout the world.


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Your source for Disney discounts, codes – deals! #cheapest #flight #deals

#disney travel

Welcome to, your source for Disney discounts!

Since 2001, has provided hundreds of pages of FREE information about Disney discounts and theme park discounts. Whether you need a Disney ticket discount, Disney World hotel discount, a Disneyland vacation package discount, a Universal Orlando coupon or code, a deal on one of Disney s Broadway shows or Disney on Ice, or any other theme park or Disney discount, deal or offer, you re in the right place!

LAST UPDATE: 12/1/15

  • We think it s likely that a price increase for  Walt Disney World tickets Disneyland tickets , and Universal Orlando tickets  is coming sooner rather than later. If you have a trip planned for any of these parks, now would be a good time to buy .
  • Get 30% or More Off Best Flex Rates at Sheraton Vistana Resort. This condominium-style resort is very close to the WDW parks and features 1- and 2-bedroom villas with kitchens, beautiful pools, plus no parking or resort fees! Book by 12/6/15 to take advantage of this exclusive super rate deal for select stays now through 3/10/16! Click here for details.
  • Pick the best dates for your Disney vacation and avoid lines once you arrive! readers save 20% on an annual subscription to for Walt Disney World or Disneyland.
  • Learn what special events and festivals are happening during your trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World !
  • Use a Go Los Angeles Card or a Go San Diego Card to check out Universal Studios Hollywood. Legoland. San Diego Zoo more or use a Go Orlando Card and visit SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens, Legoland more!
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  • MouseSavers readers get an extra $35 discount on purchase of $350 or more with special promo code !
  • Go Cards are also available for Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Oahu, San Francisco and Washington DC!
  • Discovery Cove in Orlando has a rare terrific deal on all-inclusive day tickets! Only $219 to swim with the dolphins (regularly $243-up), or just visit for $149 (regularly 179.99-up)! All tickets include unlimited 14-day visits to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando. Good through 12/24/15. Get details here .
  • Disneyland (California) room discounts  of up to 20% are available on premium rooms at the Grand Californian Hotel and Disneyland Hotel, 15% on standard rooms at the Grand Californian Hotel and Disneyland Hotel, or up to 10% savings on all rooms at the Paradise Pier Hotel for Sunday through Thursday for most dates from January 3 March 31, 2016. Book by 3/10/16.
  • Play, Stay and Dine offer available for Walt Disney World vacations. Offer available for dates December 13 19, 2015 and January 2 March 7, 2016. Book by 12/23/15.
  • Save up to 25% on rooms at Walt Disney World resorts for dates between January 2 April 13, 2016! Also available as a package . Book by 12/23/15.
  • Annual Passholder discounts are available at Walt Disney World resorts most dates through March 19, 2016.
  • Disneyland Annual Passholder offer  available for stays Sunday through Thursday now through 12/17/15 and 1/3/16 3/31/16.
  • Florida Resident discount room rates  are available at Walt Disney World  resorts most dates through December 23, 2015.
  • For great deals on Walt Disney World tickets, check out Undercover Tourist. which is authorized by Disney to sell discounted tickets that are new and genuine. Prices include tax and FREE shipping!
  • Looking for savings on Disneyland (California) tickets ? Click the link!
  • For a great place to stay near Disneyland (California). check out the exclusive MouseSavers rates at Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Water Playground. across the street from Disneyland!
  • Looking for Disney discounts?

    Need help? Need a Disney discount? It s here!


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    TerraER – Entity-Relationship Modeling Tool #terraer, #er #model, #database, #database #model,


    TerraER – Entity-Relationship Modeling Tool

    Henrique Rocha, Ricardo Terra

    TerraER is a free open-source learning tool designed to aid students in the creation of entity-relationship models. Our main goal is to provide students with a tool that reflects exactly the data modeling concepts learned in the classroom.

    Web Site:
    Version tested: TerraER 2.02
    System requirements: Java 1.5 or higher
    License Pricing: Open Source GNU Public License, Freeware.
    Support: Documentation available at our website and issue tracker system at

    Data modeling is one part of the database conceptual design process. The entity-relationship model (ER model) is a largely used conceptual model proposed by Chen [1]. It defines the entities and the relationships between these entities. The ER model is simple and easy to understand, making it intelligible to both database designers and end users [2, 3, 4].

    Academic database courses still adopt ER models to teach conceptual design. Nevertheless, we noticed a lack of modeling tools for this purpose. In practice, most modeling tools support logical design, which is a detailed model the designer proceeds after the conceptual model is complete. In view of such circumstances, academics (students and professors) are forced to use logical design tools instead, such as DBDesigner, ERWin, etc.

    The use of existing logical design tools – rather than conceptual design ones – has two major issues: (i) they may confuse students who are learning about conceptual modeling; and (ii) they were not developed for academic purposes. To address these shortcomings, we designed TerraER, a free open-source learning tool designed to aid students in the creation of ER models. Our main goal is to provide students with a tool that reflects exactly the data modeling concepts learned in the classroom.

    TerraER is distributed in a single JAR file publicly available for download at our web site The JAR file is auto-contained, i.e. it can be placed in any folder, does not require the installation of additional libraries, and does not change operating system files (e.g. windows registry). In a nutshell, TerraER requires only a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) previously installed on the target computer ( ).

    TerraER 2.02 has the following relevant features:

    • Free and open-source (GPL);
    • Simple and small but complete application (around 5 MB);
    • Cross-platform (only needs a JRE);
    • Internationalization (English and Portuguese);
    • Persist models to XML files (a cross-platform format);
    • Clipboard transfer;
    • Model printing; and
    • Easy to learn and intuitive interface.

    User Interface Feature description

    TerraER was initially designed for academic purposes, i.e. to help students and professors in the task of creating ER models. Therefore, we developed the graphical user interface to be practical, intelligible, and intuitive (i.e. easy to learn and use).

    The tool is a free, open-source application under the GNU Public License. Thereupon, we encourage users to directly contribute to the TerraER project ( ). As an example, a B.Sc. student has contributed to the project by developing the internationalization for the English language.

    Figure 1 � Screenshot of TerraER 2.02 modeling a hypothetical Banking ER

    The tool is developed in Java language, which makes TerraER a cross-platform application. In addition, new releases are always verified on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

    Figure 1 illustrates the TerraER interface, which is organized into five main parts:

    1. Menu bar. It provides the users with basic functionalities, such as saving, loading, and printing the models. More important, the models are saved in an XML-based format, which directly contributes to the cross-platform feature. In practice, models saved using an operating system can be loaded on a different one without any issue;
    2. Objects toolbar. It provides commands to create ER model elements – such as entities, relationships, attributes, etc. – on Chen �s notation, as adopted by Elmasri and Navathe [3];
    3. Position toolbar: It provides users with means to manipulate elements� position – such as alignment, overlapping, etc. – in order to support an elegant model design;
    4. Object inspector. It lists the elements of the current ER model and allows user to select, remove, or edit them. In practice, this feature provides a quick and precise way to handle model�s elements;
    5. Drawing area: It shows the graphical view of the ER model under creation. The user may add and remove elements to the model. There is a zoom feature, which can be very useful when dealing with large models. Also, there is a grid feature that displays a grid to help users to position elements.

    TerraER was initially designed as a teaching aid tool for academic database courses. In order to evaluate the applicability of our tool, we conducted a study in a Brazilian university to obtain the feedback from undergraduate students, which represent our target public.

    In the study, we defined three assignments and divided the database course class in 10 groups. In the first assignment, five groups were required to use DBDesigner (a popular database design system) and the other five groups to use TerraER. In the second assignment, we swapped the groups. In the third and last assignment, each group could opt for which tool they prefer. In the last day of the class, the students filled an evaluation form.

    The results clearly indicate a preference for TerraER as the model design tool. In fact, nine out of ten groups preferred TerraER to DBDesigner. According to the answers of the evaluation forms, the students argue that TerraER is easier to use and understand because it reflects the conceptual design learned inside the classroom.

    We welcome any help from the open-source community to support TerraER. For those not comfortable with their programming skills, it is possible to contribute with suggestions, donations, and even helping in the creation of a better documentation. TerraER source-code is available at , for those willing to play a more active roll.

    Academic courses still adopt ER model for database modeling. However, there is a severe lack of tools designed for this particularly purpose. In view of such circumstances, academics (professors and students) do not have other option than to rely on tools that do not follow the concepts learned inside the class. Even though these are usually popular tools, they do not draw conceptual models but logical models instead. In practice, it may negatively impact the learning curve of the students.

    To address this shortcoming, we developed TerraER with the specific purpose to be adopted in academic courses. Thereupon, we made the tool simple, easy to use, and complete w.r.t. ER modeling using Chen �s notation. More important, the study we conducted has shown students� preference for TerraER because it reflects the concepts learned in the classroom.

    Last but not least, TerraER is a small, multi-platform, free, and open-source software system, which make the tool the proper choice for conceptual data modeling. As far as we can guarantee, TerraER is currently (2013-year) employed in databases courses in ten Brazilian universities.

    [1] P. P. Chen. The entity-relationship model � towards a unified view of data. ACM Transactions on Database System, pages 9�36, 1976.

    [2] S. Bagui and R. Earp. Database Design Using Entity-Relationship Diagrams. CRC Press LLC, 1964.

    [3] R. Elmasri and S. B. Navathe. Fundamentals of Database Systems. Addison-Wesley, 6th edition, 2010.

    [4] A. Silberschatz, H. F. Korth, and S. Sudarshan. Database System Concepts. McGraw-Hill, 6th edition, 2010.

    More Database Modeling Knowledge


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    MBA Projects #mba #projects, #android #projects, #reports, #examples, #source #code, #basics,


    MBA Projects

    Download All MBA Final Year Projects, Project Reports, B School Projects, Business Project Abstracts, MBA Papers, MBA Presentations. Final Year mba students can find mba projects on finance, MBA Projects on banking, MBA Projects on marketing with project reports and abstracts for free download.

    Total Quality Management is a new mantra in ever organization. It is defined involvement of all the employees in organization towards achieving quality product on a continual improvement basis. The present study was conducted in a cement industry in Hyderabad Viz. Maha Cements, Hyderabad. For collecting the data and input. One of the quality philosophy( )

    Introduction In this chapter a brief overview of the background of the study is given. The readers will also find the research aim, objectives and the research question with which the present research is carried out. Limitations of the study were also given before ending up this chapter with the structure of the dissertation. Research( )

    1) What is your Name and Designation? Ans: Krish. Sales Associate. 2) How many years of experience you have in 4 wheeler sales Service? Ans: 2 Years. 3) From how long you are associated with Car Dealer Outlet? Ans: 1 Year. 4) What do you think of Attention paid by Management on feed back( )

    ABSTRACT Employee Motivation is essentially about commitment to doing something. In the context of a business, motivation can be said to be about “The will to work”. Motivation is an internal drive that activates behavior and gives its direction. The word motivation is coined from the Latin word “movere”, which means to move. The term( )

    The title assigned is” THE ANALYSIS OF MUTUAL FUNDS WRT EQUITY FUNDS” with reference to “STOCK BROCKING COMPANY.” The study focuses on different mutual fund schemes and how these schemes are influencing on the company profitability and Turnover. The main motive of this Analysis of Mutual Funds wrt Equity Funds project is to analyze how( )

    MBA PROJECTS: 1000 Projects supports students of different universities to complete their project requirements (summer projects, internships, assignments) on time. We provide all the information regarding the project report works whatever necessary. We have a separate team for giving full assistance to MBA students. We have tie ups with many companies and we provide live( )

    Find the below provided all MBA Finance Final Year Projects Titles. Students who are interested to buy these projects online we will provide abstracts, synopsis, guide certificate and full documentation. Finance Topic Name: Equity analysis with reference to Cement sector A study on Two agriculturl commodites with ref. to Sugar Wheat Agricultural insurance in India Comparative( )

    Employee Motivation MBA Project consisted of finding out that factor which motivates the employees the most. The most appropriate means to ascertain such information was to conduct a motivation survey. The research undertaken was a descriptive research as it sought to describe the characteristics of a small sample of employees with regards to what motivated( )

    MBA Project on Dividend Policy: Investment Decision with regard to long term assets is called capital budgeting. Decision with regard to short term or current assets is called working capital management. Dividend Decision A firm distributes all profits or retain them or distribute a portion and retain the balance with it. Which course should be( )

    Customer Perception MBA Project Overview: The respondents are of HYUNDAI and they came know about the service from hoardings, print media, primarily and through electronic media and road shows secondarily. The respondents are using HYUNDAI since 1 year and below 1 year in most of the cases. The service provided by HYUNDAI is used by( )


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    HVAC Company Denton, TX – Frisco, TX, Heat Pump Repair –


    Welcome to Frost Brothers Heating Air

    HVAC Repair Air Conditioning Service in Denton TX, Allen TX, Plano TX, Frisco TX, Lewisville TX, Grapevine TX, Irving TX, Fort Worth TX, Keller TX, Watauga TX, North Richland Hills TX

    Frost Brothers Heating Air eliminates risk from residential home comfort. Partnering top quality products with exceptional workmanship and proven effective strategies, we optimize performance of your essential heating. cooling. and air quality systems. The result is consistent, efficient, and safe operation that you can rely on day after day, year after year, to answer any temperature extreme. Call on us for HVAC installation, seasonal maintenance, and skilled repair across northern Dallas and surrounding suburbs, and know that your best interests are always protected. In the event of an emergency, our drug-tested, NATE-certified technicians are always standing by, with 24-hour service throughout Denton TX, Allen TX, Plano TX, Frisco TX, Lewisville TX, Grapevine TX, Irving TX, Fort Worth TX, Keller TX, Watauga TX, North Richland Hills TX.

    Trustworthy HVAC ServiceHeating and Cooling Repair Service in Denton TX, Allen TX, Plano TX, Frisco TX, Lewisville TX, Grapevine TX, Irving TX, Fort Worth TX, Keller TX, Watauga TX, North Richland Hills TX

    Established in 1994, we are experienced in a wide variety of home comfort solutions, including gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, central air conditioning, ductless HVAC, geothermal systems, radiant heating, zoned systems, and air quality improvement products. We draw from firsthand knowledge to recommend only those manufacturers and models that live up to strenuous demand and exacting standards. Whatever the size or type of your home, our licensed specialists work with you to determine the perfect answer to your immediate and long-term goals.

    Call Frost Brothers Heating Air for all your

    HVAC Company, Air Conditioning Repair Service, AC Installation, Heating Repair, Furnace Service, Heating Installation, Heating and Cooling Contractor in Denton TX, Allen TX, Plano TX, Frisco TX, Lewisville TX, Grapevine TX, Irving TX, Fort Worth TX, Keller TX, Watauga TX, North Richland Hills TX

    Heating and Cooling Company, Furnace Installation, Air Conditioner Repair, Heating Service, AC Repair Service, Air Conditioning Installation in Denton TX, Allen TX, Plano TX, Frisco TX, Lewisville TX, Grapevine TX, Irving TX, Fort Worth TX, Keller TX, Watauga TX, North Richland Hills TX

    HVAC Company Air Conditioning Repair & Service AC Service & Tune-Up

    We Offer Geothermal Solutions

    Geothermal heating and cooling is a rapidly growing area in home comfort today. Making use of the stable heat of the earth below the frost line, a geothermal heat pump can operate with high energy efficiency that will help a homeowner save money. This stable heat source also makes geothermal systems very dependable: no matter the temperature outdoors, a geothermal heat pump always operates at peak levels of efficiency. In addition to these benefits, geothermal heating and cooling is eco–friendly and a great way to benefit the environment. Because geothermal systems are extensive, you must turn to specialists to handle installing and servicing them. Frost Brothers Heating & Air provides excellent installation, repair, and maintenance for geothermal systems in Lewisville, TX and the surrounding areas, and our technicians are available to answer any questions you may have. We will help you determine if a geothermal system is the right match for your home.

    At Frost Brothers, we want to help you extend the life of your home air comfort system for as long as possible. Since we view you as part of our family, our customer care goes beyond just installing new systems and offering repairs. We also want to help you keep as much money in your pocket as possible by preventing your cooling and heating equipment from breaking down in the first place. This is only possible by means of regular maintenance service from qualified technicians. Enjoy the benefits that come from prevention, with the service you expect from Frost Brothers.

    Our Maintenance Agreements give you peace of mind, ensure your manufacturer warranties are not voided due to neglect, and catch any possible issues before they become expensive problems.

    At Frost Brothers, we want to help you extend the life of your home air comfort system for as long as possible. Since we view you as part of our family, our customer care goes beyond just installing new systems and offering repairs. We also want to help you keep as much money in your pocket as possible by preventing your cooling and heating equipment from breaking down in the first place. This is only possible by means of regular maintenance service from qualified technicians. Enjoy the benefits that come from prevention, with the service you expect from Frost Brothers.

    Our Maintenance Agreements give you peace of mind, ensure your manufacturer warranties are not voided due to neglect, and catch any possible issues before they become expensive problems.

    Areas We Service

    Allen, Argyle, Bartonville, Carrollton, Colleyville, Coppell, Corinth, Dallas, Denton, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Frisco, Grapevine, Highland Village, Irving, Keller, Lantana, Lewisville, Little Elm, McKinney, Plano, Roanoke, South Lake, Trophy Club

    And more! Please call for details


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    Light Commercial – Mobile – Bard HVAC #wall-mount,wall-mounts,wall-mount #air #conditioners,a/c, #wall-mount


    • Menu
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      • Digital Catalog
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    • Products
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    Why cut a hole in the roof when you can put a smart Bard wall-mount unit on the side of your commercial building instead? Bard s vertical package wall-mount systems feature more enhancements than typical rooftop units, including patented features such as factory or field-installed ventilation options and control modules. Our vertical wall-mount units operate in the normal ambient environment, meaning much higher energy savings and a significant increase in economizer hours.

    The Bard way is the smarter way to cool your building. Our wall-mount units operate in a much softer environment than 130 rooftops, which means greater efficiency, increased economizer operating hours and significantly longer life-spans. Plus, unlike most rooftop units, Bard offers active dehumidification sequence which is incredibly valuable to you when adding fresh-air ventilation to comply with building codes.

    Just like the mobile structures you design, Bard mobile-unit HVAC system have durability and reliability as their cornerstones. Our systems are made to operate at temperatures ranging from
    -30 F to +130 F and switch automatically from 50Hz to 60Hz. Bard systems are designed and tested to ensure they can take a beating on the road and still perform like champs.

    Why put an HVAC unit on the roofs where they are hard to service, cause leaks and are subjected to severe and extreme heat? Bard wall-mount units offer everything a rooftop unit does, but in a much smarter and more efficient manner. Taking your air conditioner off of your roof can save you money and significantly increase equipment lifespan of your equipment.

    Bard units are known industry-wide to be among the most reliable and easiest to maintain HVAC systems available. Bard engineers always design our units with the HVAC pros in mind, making accessibility and diagnosis one of our top design goals. When it comes to matching today’s highest efficiency requirements with yesterday’s durability, no one does it better than Bard.


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    13 Free Open Source NetFlow Analyzers (Windows #network #device #monitoring #open


    13 Free Open Source NetFlow Analyzers for Windows and Linux/Unix

    Looking for a Free Open Source NetFlow Analyzers for Windows, Linux or Unix? Look no further, we ve compiled the ultimate list of Open Source tools to help with your network monitoring tasks. As many of you already know, NetFlow is a protocol/standard developed by Cisco for collecting/transferring/analyzing network data using software packages to get a better understanding of what is happening on your network, along with further analysis of bandwidth usage, etc.

    Netflow allows administrators to take the processing of network data away from switches and routers and send the flow packets and information to a collector that further analyzes that data to free up resources on the network device itself.

    There are many commercial Netflow (or sflow, jflow, rflow, cflow, or netstream) that are Available for Free Download and use that we ve recently detailed in this post that are also Free of charge too. These Software packages are great if you are just getting into network analysis using Netflow, as they are designed to be Very user friendly and can be setup in relatively little time. Check them out HERE if you want to see what they re all about.

    On the other hand, if your looking for an Open-Source alternative, you re in luck We ve put together a large list of Free Open Source Netflow Analyzers/Collectors to help you collect, analyze and scrutinize traffic and bandwidth to help you keep track of whats going on in your network.

    Using a open source network analyzer/collector allows you the flexibility of customizing the software packages and reports as you wish if necessary. These software packages can be used on a wide variety of operating systems including Windows and Linux/Unix.

    Open Source Netflow Tools/Analyzers

    NTop (or Ntopng)

    Probably the most well-known open source traffic analyzers, Ntop, is a web-based tool that runs on Ubuntu x64 versions, CentOS/Redhat x64 Linux flavors, Windows x64 Operating systems, BeagleBoard ARM, Ubiquity networks EdgeRouter and even Mac OSX per their github site. nTopng also includes suuport for sFlow and IPFIX (through nProbe add-on), as its becoming a new standard that many manufacturers are using for flow analysis. RRD is used for databases and storing of data on a per-host level.

  • Flow-tools is a toolset that can be used to Collect, Send, Process and generate Reports for Netflow data flows and provides an API for developing custom features and applications. Flow Tools is hosted at .
  • Flowscan is more of a visualization tool that analyzes and reports Netflow data and can produce visual graphs that are in near real-time to see whats going on in your network. Flowscan can be deployed on a GNU/Linux or BSD system and uses some of the following packages in order to correctly collect and process flows: cflowd to as the flow collector, flowscan which is a perl script that makes up the software package itself ( FlowScan ) and is responsible for loading and executing reports and the last major component is RRDtool which is used to store all flow information in its database.
  • EHNT (which is pronounced ent ) is an acronym for Extreme Happy NetFlow Tool. This is a commandline tool that supports Netflow Version 5 only and provides reports for intervals between 1 min to 24 hrs and provides information about Ip Protocols, TCP/UDP ports and more.
  • (which stands for Berlekey Packet Filter Traffic collector) is a built on top of the BPF pseudo-device and libpcap for capturing IP traffic, including Source/Destination IP s Ports, number of transmitted/received bytes which are all stored in one compact form binary file.
  • Maji is an implementation of an IPFIX meter which is based on libtrace, a packet capturing and processing library. Maji seems to have an array of information per their website and the latest release was from 07/2011. One of the major benefits to maji is the custom templates you can develop with as many elements included into them as you want, and can be exported via Network over SCTP/TCP/UDP, SQLite database or the terminal.
  • cflowd is a tool that is made for analyzing Netflow enabled devices and includes modules for collecting, storing and analyzing netflow data. Apparently cflowd is no longer being supported per their website, and is directing users to use flow-tools with FlowScan in order to take advantage of cflowd and its modules.
  • AnonTool is more of an anonymization tool for netflow v5 v9 traces.
  • According to the sourceforge page, this project is no longer being developed or supported and was an open-source project that used NetFlow data to help detect and stop (Distributed) Denial of Service attacks. It is no longer support or being updated, so use at your own risk. Check out their Sourceforge page for more information and a download link.
  • pmGraph is a great open source tool for graphing and monitoring bandwidth using pmacct, which is a network monitoring and auditing tool. pmacct collects and monitors traffic using Netflow or Sflow on network devices (including firewalls, routers and switches) into a database and allows for analysis of that data using pmGraph. The software was developed by Aptivate staff and volunteers and looks to still be active.
  • sFlow toolkit is an open source software package the is used for analyzing sFlow data and can be used with other utilities including tcpdump, ntop and Snort for further analysis. sflowtool is the main component of the sFlow toolkit software and is a command-line utility that gives you the ability to view network traffic devices in real-time and interface with other software packages for mapping out graphical images of IP flow. sflowtool is also available for windows as well per their website .
  • NDSAD, which stands for NetUP s Data Stream Accounting Daemon, was developed by NetUP as a tool to capture packets and generate Netflow v5 data streams and was specifically used for ISP billing purposes. The software still seems to be supported as well.
  • NFsen, which is short for N et f low Sen sor, is a web-based front-end tool for nfdump to present the user a nice graphical image of all the data nfdump pumps out. You have the ability to generate reports of your netflow data with information including Flows, Packets and bytes using RRD database tool, as well as setup alerts and view historical data. nfsen project is still very active and can be downloaded from its Sourceforge page here and runs on any Unix/Linux systems. You ll need PHP, PERL (along with Perl Mail::Header and Mail::Internet modules), RRD Tools module and Nfdump tools installed on your system in order to use it correctly.

  • If your not convinced that you ve found any Open Source Netflow Analyzers that will suite your needs, due to either your skill level or understanding of Unix/Linux systems, you can always try one of these Free netflow software packages that we ve recently reviewed that will work for Windows systems.

    Most, if not all those downloads are free and can be setup and used very quickly some of them also offer pro versions of the software that can be had for very little investment. Check them out and let us know what you think.

    Editors Rating


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    Your Insider Source For Discount Disney World Vacation Packages #european #train

    #hotel and airfare packages


    Disney World Vacation Packages

    Disney World Vacation Packages are the best way to save money when planning your vacation. When you book your hotel and theme park tickets together through us, you not only save time but also a lot of money in the process.

    How do you find the perfect Disney World vacation package? All of our packages are customizable to give you exactly what you want. Just enter your vacation dates and number of people in your party in the Disney World Package builder above. Ten you can choose where you want to stay along with the exact Disney World tickets you want. You will also have the option to add tickets from other popular theme parks around Orlando.

    To add to the convenience of your package, we will deliver the tickets for your package to the hotel you are staying at, when you arrive! This way you will have more time to spend at Disney World!

    Discount Disney World Magic Kingdom Vacation Packages

    The Magic Kingdom is the most famous and loved park in Disney World! If you are only in town for one day, this is where you need to go and experience all the classic rides, parades and characters.

    If you are here for more than one day, we recommend building a discount Disney World Vacation Package with the one-day one park option. This ticket option allows you to go to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom but only one per day. This is enough to satisfy and wear out almost any family. The only people that usually feel they need to see more than one Disney World Park per day are teenagers.

    You can save a bundle by building a Disney World package with the one-day one park ticket. You can always upgrade to the park hopper option once you get there if you are feeling ambitious. Better to start with one day one park and add on the park hopper towards the end if you want to bounce around.

    Read Magic Kingdom Planning Guide

    Book A Magic Kingdom Package

    Disney World Park Hopper Vacation Packages


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