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Carney McNicholas, Inc. Movers Since 1906!

A premier family-owned-and-operated moving company serving Youngstown, Warren, the surrounding Ohio and western Pennsylvania areas.

Our commitment to making each move successful has been accomplished through the leadership and teamwork of the family owners and the dedicated professionals in every facet of our company. From the men and women who pack and move your precious possessions, to the coordinators and dispatchers who provide the expertise to successfully schedule and complete each move, our family can provide your family the superior relocation services they deserve.

Carney McNicholas, Inc. is committed to taking care of every detail of your move so that we are your “One Stop Shop” for your upcoming relocation. Simply fill out the form or give us a call and we will contact you to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation moving estimate.

We take great pride in providing customers a large variety of moving services, including residential moving. corporate relocation. office moving. packing services, shipment protection, relocation guides, moving checklists and free, no-obligation moving estimates. We know our customers depend on us to provide the most professional, trustworthy moving services available across the country. That is why we are proud to be an agent for United Van Lines, the world’s number one van lines in the moving industry.


Greg, It was a fantastic move. Bobby and the crews packing/loading and unloading were awesome! Please thank them again for us. I also appreciate you and Lauren’s service. I plan on writing a great review of my experience and will recommend you to anyone who I know will be moving. Regards, Blaine and Aek Hollis

Subject: Re: moving

Hi Greg, I wanted to say thanks for all of your efforts and the efforts of your guys to get us moved out of Chicago and into our new home. Everything went well and we were very impressed with the whole process! Nate and Austin were great with managing the challenges of the apartment building and Chicago as well as getting everything moved into the new place quickly and safely. Everything was packed extremely well and secure and arrived at the new place in the same condition it left. All of the extra helpers were really nice and professional as well.

Dennis, Your guys did a great job on the Harbor point delivery! It was a tough one, but everyone involved from Carney McNicholas did great. Just wanted the make sure you knew. Thanks again for being able to store everything, and be as flexible with the delivery and we needed. Ken

Subject: Harbor Point Delivery

Hi Dennis! The move went great. I want to tell you how impressed I was with your workers. They were friendly, respectful, and extremely thoughtful when it came to moving our items carefully. I was blown away by their professionalism. I will definitely be sharing the word of what a GREAT experience we had with your company. Thank you again for all of your help your fantastic crew.

Subject: Shortreed Associates-Ameriprise MOVE


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MnSCU Farm Business Management – Welcome to Farm Business Management #minnesota,


Welcome to Farm Business Management

In today s world, farming is a complex business with many facets. From the traditional family owned farm to the corporate farm, bookkeeping, profitability, tax planning and many other skills are required to complement traditional farming duties.

Agriculture is the number two industry in Minnesota, and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities offers many programs for farm owners and employees.

This site will help you explore the many possibilities that await.

Farm Business Management Education Programs

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities farm business management education programs are administered through eight college campuses at 46 different sites across the state. There are a total of 62 farm business management instructors.

Farm business management programs are designed to provide education to farm owners and operators or persons interested in farming. The purpose of the program is to assist students in meeting their business and personal goals. This is best accomplished through the use of quality records and sound business decisions. Effective financial management in the business is the best way for the business to maintain that competitive edge.

Instructors in Minnesota s farm business management education programs deliver the program using a variety of methods. The primary delivery method is through individualized instruction at the student s farming business. Instructors meet with the students on a regular basis to evaluate the business and develop individual educational plans. Instruction is also delivered in the traditional classroom, small group meetings, field trips and tours.

Farm business management education is managed at the state level by the senior system director for workforce development and customized training. The state of Minnesota is divided into six regions which are managed by five regional deans of management education.


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Welcome to Open Campus! #mcse, #mct, #mcp, #microsoft #certified, #systems #engineer,


Our Mission.

The mission of RCCD Distance Education (formerly Open Campus) is to extend access to learning through distance education. Objectives: To facilitate learning at a distance, Distance Education provides:

  • Educational technology to the colleges, faculty, and students to support the delivery of online-based courses and services
  • Professional development and training for faculty
  • Expertise and experience
  • Blackboard management, production and problem solving.

As of April 21, the Open Campus department has changed its name to Distance Education. We thank you for your patience as we work to complete the changes to website by the middle of summer.

What Are Online Based or Distance Education classes?

Online-based courses, also called Distance Education classes, may take two different forms:

Online classes are taken exclusively over the Internet. Please note that, while some online courses provide all instructional content over the Internet, others may require some on-campus meetings. Please see the course schedule or WebAdvisor for more information.

Hybrid classes meet both on campus and online. Think of them as a combination or blending of online classes and face-to-face classes.

In a hybrid class, you will attend meetings on campus during the dates and times listed in the schedule of classes. Since the on-campus portion of hybrid classes could take place at any of our three colleges (Riverside City, Norco or Moreno Valley), hybrid classes are listed in the schedule by the college where the on-campus meetings will take place.

Are there Face-to-Face classes that use the Internet?

Web-Enhanced classes are traditional face-to-face classes that are supplemented with course websites and the use of Internet resources. Unlike hybrid or fully-online classes, all web-enhanced class meetings take place on campus.

Where Do I Start?

For more information about Blackboard and support, visit
Students page


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Air Conditioning Repair Trussville, AL – Birmingham, AL, AC Repair Mountain


Heating A/C Installation Service Repair

Since 1957, we have been making customer satisfaction our top priority. With Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing, you are sure to experience expert heating and air conditioning services from our highly trained technicians. Serving both commercial and residential clients in Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, Alabaster and Birmingham, AL!

Indoor Air Quality

Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing offers indoor air quality audits and corrective solutions. We install humidifiers, indoor air cleaners, UV lights, and much more to help our friends and neighbors in Mountain Brook, Vestavia, Hoover, Alabaster and Birmingham, AL stay healthy!

Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing is your source for licensed electricians. Our expert team provides conscientious and safe electrical services, including lighting installation, wiring upgrades and repairs for anything in your home that isn’t working properly. Safety is our priority! We provide a comprehensive electrician service at a fair price.

We are your local plumbing experts! At Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing, we guarantee quality and most importantly, your satisfaction. When you need a company you can trust to get the job done right, call us. We’ll listen to what you want, and then we’ll deliver!

Commercial solutions you can trust: All of our technicians must pass a rigorous drug screening and background check before they are hired. This helps provide a safe work environment and protection for our customers. We offer innovative heating, cooling and plumbing products and services tailored to satisfy your commercial comfort needs.

AC Repair, Air Conditioning Service, Plumbing Repair, Heating AC ServiceTrussville, AL, Vestavia, AL, Hoover, AL, Mountain Brook, AL, Alabaster, AL Birmingham, AL

Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing offers leading-edge products and expert service to ensure modern convenience, comfort, efficiency and maximum value from your home and commercial investment. When it comes to technical support and service, we are your one-stop shop, bringing the level of experience, commitment and integrity you expect and deserve.

Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing is your answer to residential and commercial heating and cooling installation, maintenance and repair. Through our partnership with Carrier, we not only offer superior comfort control but the widest range of innovative and efficient options on the market, guaranteeing the perfect for your exact needs, expectation, and any challenges you might face. Whether you re in the market for ductless A/C, heat pumps or conventional forced air heating and cooling, Carrier leads the industry with meticulously designed and engineered, state-of-the-art systems that maximize energy savings, air quality control, and overall system performance.

Call Stegall: Your Team of HVAC Experts!

Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing also specializes in a wide variety of plumbing related services. From the installation, maintenance and repair of both storage-type and tankless water heaters, to drain cleaning, and sewer cleaning and repairs, our certified specialists eliminate the mess, hassle and safety hazards from any project we undertake.

Call us for a broad range of generators to conveniently, reliably and efficiently supply the power you need, where and when you need it. Our team of helpful technicians has the knowledge and experience to pair your specific requirements to the ideal generator to ensure complete and lasting satisfaction. And count on us for the necessary expertise to install your standby generator properly, allowing for automatic transfer the moment you experience an outage.

We also offer electrical services. Whether you re looking to wire an entire structure for power, hoping to add convenient outlets, or light up your home or yard, have confidence in Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing. Your project will be completed quickly, neatly and safely, allowing you to add beauty, convenience and luxury to your home or business at fair prices.

HVAC in Vestavia, AL | AC Repair

We have extensive experience in a full line of commercial process piping design and installation services. For emergency situations, call Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing at 205-251-0330 for prompt assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through personalized attention, outstanding commitment to customer service, the highest level of technical experience, and the most trusted equipment on the market today, Stegall Heating, Cooling Plumbing has all your needs covered.

Item Of The Month


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AIL Canada #superior #insurance #company


The Satti Agency

AIL is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle.

AIL CANADA (a 100% union company) is a leader in providing supplemental insurance benefits. We strongly support the labor movement, its ideology and its common interests.

We have always been at the forefront of shouldering working class families towards their quest of getting the best possible supplement insurance benefit options. We have close relationships with labor unions, credit unions and associations nationwide.

American Income has been providing benefits to families for over 50 years and has recently been rated A+ Superior by AM Best, the organization recognized by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for assessing the financial strength of insurance related organizations and the credit quality of their obligations.

American Income is a principle subsidiary of Torchmark Corporation, a Fortune 500 company traded on NYSE under the symbol TMK.

With over $15 billion of life insurance in force, American Income is nationally recognized as one of the significant carriers of supplemental insurance in North America. Headquartered in Waco, Texas, American Income currently operates in the U.S. Canada, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

American Income Life Insurance Company Canada

Halifax Office

Moncton Office


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Superior Pump 93015 #93015,superior #pump #93015,superior #pump #93015 #sewage #system #pumps,superior


Superior Pump 93015 – 1/2 HP Cast Iron Sewage Pump System (2″)

Complete Sewage Pump System
Everything you need in one box

Submersible Sewage/Ejector Pump w/ Tether Float Switch
Ideal for average waste removal

Thermally Protected, 1/2 HP Split Capacitor Motor
Continuous duty design, only draws 7.6A

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Housing & Base Construction
For rapid heat dissipation and extended life

Bottom Suction Design
Able to pass up to 2″ solids

High-Quality Components
Stainless steel motor shaft & fasteners
High Impact ABS plastic non-clogging Vortex impeller

18″ x 30″ Durable Structural Foam Sewage Basin w/ 4″ Inlets
Industry standard design

18″ Structural Foam Cover w/ Gasket Kit
Accommodates standard 2″ discharge and vent pipes

2″ Full Flow Check Valve w/ Rubber Boots
Makes installation a breeze

Q: In our garage remodel project, there will be a 50 foot run from the output of the sewage sump pump to our 4″ drain in the crawl space of the house proper. The first 3 feet will be vertical. The rest will be gently downhill.

I like the idea of a pump that grinds the sewage so that there aren’t large chunks of sewage trundling along that long, very slight down hill run – chunks that might decide to stop and block ‘traffic’.

Is this pump in the grinder category? If not, am I obsessing over a potential blockage that would never happen -making this a fine pump for the 3/4 bathroom in our garage remodel?
by John W from Alabama on August 15, 2013

A: Thank you for your interest in Sump Pumps Direct. 99.9% of the time, a standard sewage pump like the one inside the Superior model 93015 will be more than sufficient to handle an extra basement bathroom application. The 50 foot (3′ vertical and approx. 47′ horizontal) run will not be a problem. Standard sewage pumps will easily handle the human waste and toilet paper and you should not experience any issues providing the system is installed correctly. The problems that you could run into would be if someone is flushing other things down the toilet that shouldn’t be. At that point, you could experience a jammed impeller at the pump.
If you have additional questions, please let me know.
by Jim, Product Expert

Q: Hello-We are building a new house with a small footprint. As such our second bathroom is in our basement. We would like to install a pump to remove sewage and shower water. What would you recomend? The bathroom will mainly be used for occasional guests. Laundry water will be independent. Does it vent with a standard vent stack, we certainly dont want a stinky basement. HELP
by John S Anderson from New York on May 09, 2012

A: The Superior Pump model 93015 1/2 HP Cast Iron Sewage Pump System or Bur-Cam 4/10 HP Heavy Duty Cast Iron Sewage Pump System, model 400419T would be an ideal set-up for your application. It comes with everything you need with the exception of the PVC discharge and venting pipe. For safe and secure operation for venting, it is required to use schedule 40 pipe or heavier. This is required by the UPC (Universal Plumbing Code) and is for your safety. Venting should be through the roof of the building unless otherwise noted by you local or state codes.
by Jim, Product Expert

Q: I currently have a sump pump in my basement with 2″ discharge. I would like to add a bathroom in the basement that is below the street level sewer line by about 5-6 feet. I have a sump pump well that is below floor level by about 2 feet. What would work to accomplish this need. Would a lift ginder/lift pump work in place of the sump for the clothes washer and would it pump out the sewage effectively?
by Ed Walker from West Virginia on November 13, 2011

A: Your sump pump will always work independantly of your sewage pump and the Superior model 93015 Cast Iron Sewage Pump system or the Little Giant Model WCSS50 – 4/10 HP Cast Iron Sewage Pump System would be a good choice to handle the new bathroom. Ideally, something similiar to a Wayne Model SYLT30 – 1/3 HP Pre-Assembled Laundry Tray System would also be installed to handle the laundry water as standard sump and sewage pumps are not designed to handle the chemicals associated with laundry applications and will void your warranty for sump and sewage pumps. That being said, if you are against installing a seperate laundry system, the sewage system would tolerate the laundry application better than the sump pump.
by Jim, Product Expert

Solution To Basement Renovation

When public sewer was added to the area, they failed to put the sewer below the concrete slab. This system not only saved the day (now have sewage in all the basement) for creating more living space. Was easy to install and works great. I am hoping to get many years of service out of it.

Pros: Easy To Use, Quiet, Price, I’d Buy It Again

Cons: Bad Instructions

Richard Recommends This Superior Pump Product


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