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  • Baby travel systems
Quinny Cup Holder (NEW 2017) 1

  • Baby travel systems

    Joie Every Stage Group 0+/1/2/3 Car Seat-Salsa (New) 2

  • Baby travel systems

    Mee-Go Sit n Ride X Buggy Board with Seat 3

  • Baby travel systems

    Cosatto Giggle 2 Port 3in1 Travel System with Car Seat-Berlin (New) !Free Car Seat Worth £174.95! 4

  • Baby travel systems

    Joie Brisk LX Stroller-Pavement (New) 5

  • Baby travel systems

    Joie Litetrax 4-Wheel Stroller-Eclipse (New) 6

  • Baby travel systems

    BabyStyle Oyster 2 Exclusive 2in1 Pram System-Ink Black 7

  • Baby travel systems

    egg® Bottle Holder 8

  • Baby travel systems

    Cosatto Giggle 2 Hold 3in1 Travel System with Car Seat -Space Racer (New) !Free Car Seat Worth £164.95! 9

  • Baby travel systems

    Cosatto Wow 3in1 Travel System-Berlin (New) + Free Car Seat, Footmuff Changing Bag Worth £294.95! 10

    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems

    Pushchairs, Buggies, Prams and Strollers | UK s Best and Cheapest Online prices and Selection


    Here at Kiddies Kingdom we recognise that, as a parent, your pushchair needs can be diverse, and as such stock a wide range of transport products to accommodate both babies and/or older children. We know you need a travel system that adapts as your child grows, offers value for money and fulfils all your child s travel needs, as well being easy for you to operate, lightweight and durable.

    Choosing Your Pushchair?

    What type and size of pushchair or pram you choose for your child will depend very much on how you intend to use it, your size limitations and also personal preferences. It’s worth researching a few different options so that you make the right decision for your needs.


    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems

    Baby travel systems Baby travel systems Baby travel systems Baby travel systemsBaby travel systems

    Baby travel systems


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  • Baby Care, Health, Feeding & Safety Tips, Parents, baby travel systems.#Baby


    Welcome to motherhood — get ready for the ride of your life! Learn how to care for your baby, and let our experts resolve any problems with breastfeeding, diapering, and sleep. Track your baby’s development. Stay informed about the best baby gear and latest product recalls.

    Topics in Babies

    Baby travel systems

    14 Surprising Ways to Save on Baby Stuff

    What’s New

    Science Proves You Can’t Hold Your Baby Too Much

    A new study shows that cuddling your baby (early and often!) has huge benefits when it comes to brain development, especially for preemies.

    A Quick Etiquette Guide to Baby Celebrations

    Get the lowdown on what’s expected at these special (and emotional-filled) social events.

    10 Things to Know About Newborns

    Here are a few basics you need to know about your new arrival.

    5 Sleep-Through-the-Night Strategies

    Tired of your baby staying awake late into the night? Learn how to get him (and you!) a good night’s sleep with these baby sleep solutions.

    Different Types of Rashes

    Rashes develop when the skin is irritated by allergic reactions to bacteria, viruses, foods, metals, and other factors. Read about different rashes to prevent and treat them.

    Most Parents Are Afraid to Tell Others They’ve Made a Common Car Seat Mistake

    Not only are too many parents not keeping kids in rear-facing car seats long enough, but loved ones who notice aren’t comfortable pointing it out.

    Quiz: Could You Be Exhibiting Symptoms of Postpartum Depression?

    Having a baby is a joyous event for most women. After childbirth, however, more than 80 percent of women suffer from a mild form of sadness, fear, anger, or anxiety. But if those baby blues don’t go away after a week or two, it may signal a more serious problem. Take our quiz and find out if you may be showing signs of postpartum depression.

    Find Out How Tall Your Child Will Be

    When will the lump from cephalohematoma disappear?

    Getting A New Baby To Sleep Through The Night

    Baby sleep whisperer Ingrid Prueher meets Eric and Laura, whose baby will only go to sleep when her mother rocks her, and sleeps in a portable rocker. Ingrid shows them how to break bad bedtime habits and get the baby to sleep through the night.

    Baby Shower Ideas: How To Set Up A Onesie-Decorating Station

    Learn to decorate onesies at your next baby shower. Watch as Parents lifestyle contributer Amanda Kingloff shows how to make this wearable craft.

    Early Signs of Autism

    This video from the Kennedy Krieger Institute, in Baltimore, features three children who show early signs of autism spectrum disorder playing with toys and interacting and communicating with others. It compares the footage on each of these children to that of typical children in the same situations. aIt helps parents to articulate to their pediatrician any behaviors that concern them,ay says Rebecca Landa, Ph.D., director of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders.

    Nursery Rockers & Gliders

    Baby Symptom Checker

    Your Guide to Baby’s Weight Gain

    Helping your baby steadily pack on the pounds during her first year of life can be tricky. Here’s what to know about your baby’s weight gain, how to make sure she’s meeting doctor recommendations for food and weight in the appropriate month ranges, and how to keep her healthy and satisfied in the process.

    The Stages of Sitting

    Watching your baby gain independence is exciting. A major accomplishments every parent looks forward to is when she can sit on her own. Pediatrician Kurt Heyrman, M.D. says there are ways that you can help Baby gain these large motor skills and help her sit on her own. Here’s how.

    Understanding Baby Sleep: 4-6 Months

    Congratulations! You’ve made it through the worst of the sleepless nights and are ready to move into establishing a bedtime routine for baby. A full night of sleep is within your reach!

    Feeding Your 9- to 12-Month-Old

    What to feed a baby who’s between jar food and solids.

    7 Tips for Disciplining Your Toddler

    Keep your kids in line with these simple strategies.

    After Newborn Died From Dehydration, Breastfeeding Mom Shares Her Heartbreaking Story

    This first-time mom didn’t know her baby wasn’t getting any milk during his first three days of life, and she’s opening up about her extremely rare but devastating experience.

    Target So Hits the Bullseye With Car Seat Trade-In Program

    Quick! Save your old car seat from a lonely fate in a landfill and save money in the process.

    How much weight should my baby gain each month?

    Quiz: What’s Your Birth Order Personality?

    It’s no secret that birth order plays a role in how we do things, which career we choose, and how our relationships play out. Take this fun, 10-question quiz to see how your birth order personality matches up with your actual birth order.

    What Does Contact Dermatitis Look Like on a Baby?

    There are two types of contact dermatitis: irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. Find out how to identify and treat both skin conditions and when you should call the doctor.

    If Babies Could Text: Deep Thoughts

    Babies might not be able to speak in coherent sentences yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not full of profound ideas. These deep thought texts from babies prove you’re never too young to ponder life’s big questions.


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    Chelino, Peg Perego, Kids Electric Cars – Baby Accessories, baby travel

    Chelino, Peg Perego, Kids Electric Cars – Baby Accessories

    Bottle Accessories

    Baby travel systems

    Bath Products

    Baby travel systems

    Battery Operated Cars



    Breast Pumps

    Camp Cots

    Baby travel systems

    Car Seats

    Baby travel systems



    Cot Mobiles

    Diaper Bags

    Sleep Time

    Feeding Accessories

    Feeding Chairs


    Gift Items

    Glider Chairs

    Baby Carrier



    Prams Strollers

    Safety Products



    Travel Systems

    Baby travel systems

    Walking Rings

    Wooden Cots

    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems
    • Baby travel systems

    My Account

    Customer Service



    45 Market Street

    011 834 2674 / 082 731 2866

    Baby travel systems Baby travel systems Baby travel systems


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    Baby2000 Jane Bugaboo Cosatto Doomoo Kiddy UPPAbaby, baby travel systems.#Baby #travel

    Baby travel systems

    • Baby travel systems

  • Baby travel systems

    Featured Products.

    Jane Epic 10 Piece

    Matrix Light 2 Bundle

    Jane Gravity
    Be Cool Skate Board

    with Seat for Buggy

    Be Cool Nado 03

    Amazing deals, price pledge and FREE delivery!

    Get free delivery on orders over 37.99.

    Track your orders quickly easily.

    Trading Standards Square Deal approved.

    Baby travel systems

    We pride ourselves on customer service!

    If you have any questions at all, just give us a call!

    Our staff are friendly and always happy to help.

    Authorised Retailer.


    Baby travel systems

    Be Cool

    Baby travel systems


    Baby travel systems


    Baby travel systems


    Baby travel systems

    Doomoo Basics

    Baby travel systems

    Baby travel systems


    Baby travel systems


    Baby travel systems


    Baby travel systems


    Baby travel systems

    Baby2000 are located in Portsmouth, Hampshire UK.

    Opening Hours

    Monday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00am to 5.00pm

    Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00am to 5.00pm

    Wednesday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00am to 5.00pm

    Thursday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00am to 5.00pm

    Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00am to 5.00pm

    Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00am to 5.00pm

    Sunday . CLOSED in November and December

    Recent Posts

    Baby travel systems

    Baby travel systems

    Baby travel systems

    Copyright 2017 | Design hosting by infinity design


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  • GE Home Alarm Security Systems #home #security #camera #monitoring #systems


    Wireless alarm systems with constant monitoring are more affordable than ever and will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

    An In Home security alarm monitoring system is a crucial part of building a new house, or upgrading an old one. In fact, if you are simply moving into a different, but not necessarily new, house, the alarm system and whether it is monitored should be a question you ask the previous homeowner.

    Most people know enough to take basic precautions in protecting their home—like leaving an outside light on so neighbors can see an intruder if you are away, locking the doors, owning a barking dog, and password protecting a computer system. Many people try to keep valuables locked in a safe or at least hidden in a location they hope will be unsuspected. The problem with all of our personal efforts to practice safety is that we are human, and it is almost impossible to think of every opportunity that we might accidentally give to a burglar. That’s why we need the protection of a home security system that includes the services of a monitoring company. It is the company’s job to be alert when you cannot be, either because you are not home or because you are sleeping or simply caught off guard.

    Buildings of all types, and even cars are burglarized every day. Some of the thieves are simply desperate people who may be unable to find work and have resorted to crime in an attempt to survive. Others, the more dangerous crooks, are professionals who know every trick in the book for staging a robbery on private property. Furthermore, the best crooks even know how to steal items that will be of great value to themselves but that you will have a hard time tracing once the items have left your home. Certain things like jewelry and antiques you don’t use every day might not even be missed until long after the burglar has pawned your belongings in a location far away from you. It just isn’t worth depending on yourself or your family members to be alert 24/7, 365 days a year. When you rely on a company to protect your home for you, just having a sign up indicating that you have a home alarm system will often deter a burglar

    Thanks to the new wireless technology, a home alarm system can be installed in your home with only an hour or two of work. The monitored systems need to be installed by licensed professionals who can communicate with the company and check to make sure everything is working properly before they leave.

    If you think you are mechanically inclined enough to install your own system, you can purchase an inexpensive wireless system at your local hardware store, but if it doesn’t do what you want, you are responsible for the results. Even with a professional system, however, you can get very reasonable prices and you can choose the features you want included. For example, if you already have a dependable fire alarm and/or sprinkler system, you may not want to pay an additional price to have a fire or smoke alarm included with your security alarm.

    Of course, if you do not already have adequate protection for disasters other than burglary, you can get alarm systems that include flood warnings, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide sensors and more. You can also have closed circuit TV, so if you work in a place where you could take a glance at your home yourself, you might want to check that out. Just be aware that the more bells and whistles you include, the more expensive it will be. Furthermore, before worrying about the add-ons, you need to analyze your own home, counting the windows and doors that need protection. You also need to decide whether you want a silent alarm that only notifies the police, or one with a siren that will alert all the neighbors as well. If you live too far away from other homes, a siren will just give the crook time to grab what he can and get away before the police get there

    Added benefit of s security system
    In addition to protecting you against a break-in, a security system may also save you money by lowering the rates on your homeowner’s insurance. Some companies give as much as a 20% discount for having an approved security system. Furthermore, if you ever decide to sell your home, having a security system already installed and active could increase the value of your home. Finally, some alarm system monitoring companies give big discounts on the system itself—some even giving you the equipment for free once the system is activated—while others will knock off a month or two of service fees if you pay for the whole year at once.

    Secure Your Home while Saving Money!
    A house alarm security system has a secondary benefit that could help pay for itself in time. That is, you could be eligible for lower rates on your homeowner’s insurance. If your insurance carrier does not offer such a discount, you might consider shopping around, as many companies give as much as a 20% discount for having an approved, in home security system.


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    Welcome to Intercon – Custom Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses –


    A Veteran Owned Company
    Call Us! 434.525.3390

    Home Security Systems #home #security #systems #minnesota


    Home Security Systems

    Installing a home security system is the right thing to do. Period. For only $1 a day, an alarm-monitoring system will secure your home, 24 7, keeping your family safe around the clock.

    In fact, an FBI study showed that houses with home security systems are 3 times less likely to be robbed than those without a security system. Installing a quality home security system protects your family and valuables – and truly offers peace of mind.

    Rely on our experience to select the system to meet your needs – and your investment level

    Residential Technology Systems is downright passionate about home security systems. Without question, a home security system with 24 7 monitoring is THE smart, affordable way to protect your family, valuables, and property.

    Call us to set up a complimentary consultation. We’ll start by asking questions about your lifestyle and security needs, and we’ll take time to fully answer your questions and discuss options. This in-depth consulting ensures the home security system you select will meet your needs, desires, and investment level. Once installed, we provide in-depth training, along with ongoing service and support.

    No matter which package you choose, you’ll receive:

    UL-listed 24-hour monitoring from 3 central stations across the country to ensure your signal gets through – this critical feature offers total redundancy

    Security signs and warning decals – these are visual deterrent greatly help to keep your family and property safe

    Don’t forget your second home or vacation home!

    Do you have a vacation home in the Brainerd Lakes Area? Do you have a second home elsewhere in the country? If so, let’s discuss a home security system and monitoring package that will protect your valuables while you’re away.

    Customize your home security system with a wide array of features

    You can choose a variety of monthly service package options to customize your home security system, with an additional up-front investment, including:

    Real-time email notifications when your home security system is armed or disarmed

    The ability to check on your home using your smart phone or tablet, including viewing security cameras, controlling thermostat, turning lights on/off, controlling automated shades, and more!

    Automated door locks

    Video cameras (as many as you wish)

    Thermostat control, offers energy (and money) savings

    The ability to design your system to allow pets to roam free, using a “pet immune” motion detector

    Temporary access codes for housekeepers, babysitters, and guests

    Alerts for environment protection including smoke/fire, low temperature, and carbon monoxide

    Keeping your family and home safe for around $1 a day makes sense

    You can have home security 24×7 monitoring starting at just $29.95 a month. When it comes to protecting your family, home, vacation home, and business, the Residential Technology team delivers unbeatable value.

    Residential Technology Systems designs and installs automated home technology systems, including Home Audio Systems, Home Theater Systems, and Home Security Systems. Located in Plymouth, Minnesota, ResTech Systems provides quality service and “smart” technology solutions to residential customers throughout central Minnesota including Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the metro Twin Cities region as well as those who have vacation homes in the Brainerd Lake Area or second home anywhere in the country.

    Residential Technology Systems
    12955 Highway 55
    Plymouth, MN 55441
    (763) 710-5700

    Site Developed & Maintained by Vortex Business Solutions | 2016 Residential Technology Systems. All rights reserved worldwide


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    Greensboro Home Security (336) 790-5723 #greensboro #home #security, #greensboro #home #security


    Because Your Loved Ones and Property Are Worth Protecting !

    Home Security Monitoring

    Home security and alarm monitoring are what we do best! We specialize in home alarm systems and Alarm Monitoring. Here you will find the best deals on a security alarm combined with the latest state-of-the-art alarm monitoring service. If you are looking for a Security Company to handle all of your security needs then you have come to the right place. We are a well-established Alarm system dealer and can provide you with the very best home security systems to match your needs.

    Do you want to feel safe at home?

    More and more people in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Thomasville, Lexington, Salisbury, Denton, Asheboro, Charlotte, Burlington, Durham, Raleigh and surrounding communities in North Carolina are installing home security systems and there are many that one can choose from that include the usual numeric keypad security system or camera security systems. Click here below for 10 good reasons why you should install an Alarm Alert home security system:

    Alarm Alert Introduces KidSafe

    Kid Safe!™ will alert parents via email, pager, cell phone (text message) or fax when their child has entered their home safely and has successfully disarmed the security system. Kid Safe!™ can also alert them when their child has not entered the home by a predetermined time.
    Whether you’re at home or away, ALARM ALERT, LLC can watch over your home, family or business 24 hours a day. As one of the nation’s leaders in residential ?>


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    Hall – s Plumbing – Woodland, CA – Water Heater Installation


    Hall s Plumbing

    Hall’s Plumbing was established in 1986, in Woodland, CA – Yolo County and is a business with Building Contractors and Plumbers on staff and specialized in Sinks, Trailers, Garbage Disposals, Leaks, Commodes and Stools. Hall’s Plumbing is listed in the categories Plumbing Contractors, Water Heaters Repair, Water Heater Contractors and Water Heater Installation +++ Repair and offers Gas Lines, Water Lines, Water Systems, Bathtubs, Faucets, Drains, Sewer Drains, Building, Commercial Services, Drain Cleaning etc. If you did business with Hall’s Plumbing, please leave a review and help us improve and help other people. Also, don’t forget to mention Hubbiz.

    Plumbing Contractors, Water Heaters Repair, Water Heater Contractors, Water Heater Installation Repair

    Sinks, Trailers, Garbage Disposals, Leaks, Commodes, Stools

    Gas Lines, Water Lines, Water Systems, Bathtubs, Faucets, Mobile Homes, Remodeling, Toilets, Water Heaters, Pumps, Tubs, Residential, FAUCETS SINKS, WATER SAVING TOILETS, Showers Tubs

    Drains, Sewer Drains, Building, Commercial Services, Drain Cleaning, Drain Repair, Estimates, Gas Systems, Inspections, Installations, Repairs, Repairs Maintenance, Residential Services, Sewer Lines, Sewer Repair, Sewer Systems, Showers, Alterations, Built, Business, Business Services, Clogged Drains, Drain Opening, Fixing, Home Improvement, Improvements, Modernization, Renovations, Repair Work, Residential Work

    Professionals on Staff:

    Building Contractors, Plumbers


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    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner in Melbourne #business #payroll #systems


    Evolution Business Systems

    A whole of business solution tailored to your needs

    Evolution Business Systems (EBS) is a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner and business management software specialist that equips its clients with software designed to achieve their business goals.

    With expertise in leading financial applications, EBS offers small to medium sized businesses a complete, fully featured, whole of business solution that can meet their needs with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, O365, Power BI, Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365. It’s available for deployment on Microsoft’s own Cloud servers Azure and packaged at an affordable monthly subscription price.

    EBS do more than just financial solutions. EBS specialises in business solutions that free you up to focus on managing your business. EBS does this by automating your core business processes and integrating your specialist business applications with the right business management solution.

    Microsoft Dynamics Nav

      People can work faster in familiar programs A powerful yet cost-effective solution Can be tailored for your company The security of using a MS product

    Cloud Easy

      Perfect for small to medium sized businesses Flexibility to get things done faster Low risk option, no lock in contract Affordable monthly subscription price

    Payroll Easy

      Simple Cloud payroll solution Easy to use, not short on power Self-service portal for employees SuperStream compliant

    Subscribe to our newsletter

    Our monthly e-newsletter contains the latest in product information from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, industry updates, valuable and informative blog posts and videos and special offers.

    Recent Posts

    Blog News Paul Woods, Managing Director and founder of Evolution Business Systems has recently written a guest blog post for the website Read More

    News It s only 5 weeks to go to the Run Melbourne event and I thought it was time for an update. Read More

    Blog Saving your filters on the NAV Navigation Pane is easy with the “Save View As” function in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Read More

    Blog To recognise revenues and expenses in different periods against a transaction posting period, Microsoft has presented a new feature in Read More

    What Our Clients Say

    This page is having a slideshow that uses Javascript. Your browser either doesn’t support Javascript or you have it turned off. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser.

    The NAV system offers incredible flexibility as well as the ability to customise the system based on our business and client’s needs. EBS efficiently and promptly implemented every change or adoption we asked for. EBS also provided an abundance of assistance and training throughout our implementation. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

    At Melba we listen to what our clients want and we help them make choices in their lives – Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps us do that. We decided to go with Evolution Business Systems because they were a reputable and local company. We found EBS to be very professional, easy to work with and I liked that they would listen to us. They helped us find solutions for our requirements – nothing was too hard for them. We’ve enjoyed working with EBS.

    EBS has been very flexible through the development and implementation process. Their staff have worked hard to understand and meet our needs, and we are confident we now have a much improved system for funding and financial reporting.

    The support, dedication and professionalism shown by EBS during the transition period was exceptional. No stone was unturned hence we had a smooth transition. The post implementation training got us going from day one without any issues. Nothing was too hard or impossible.

    EBS have worked beside us and taken the necessary time to understand how our business operates. They have provided solutions which assisted us in running our business more efficiently. We really appreciate their hands on support. We are a New Zealand based company and received more and quicker support from EBS in Australia than the IT company we were dealing with on the other side of town. We highly recommend them.

    I couldn’t be more satisfied with the decision we made to move to EBS, love working with the guys, the support’s excellent … EBS is agile, nimble and willing to please and it makes you feel like you’ve got that support behind you.

    The NAV system offers incredible flexibility as well as the ability to customise the system based on our business and client’s needs. EBS efficiently and promptly implemented every change or adoption we asked for. EBS also provided an abundance of assistance and training throughout our implementation. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

    NAV enables us to manage project expenditure more effectively than what other solutions seemed to offer. EBS put a lot of time into the upfront understanding of what we wanted. They have been very helpful, assisting us with the development and understanding of our needs for the system.

    EBS has been great to work with and delivered the NAV project on budget and one month earlier than first planned. Due to a concerted team effort on both sides and a sound, structured implementation methodology, the project achieve a best-case ‘go live’, which reduced the original implementation time by one third. This significantly reduced the disruption of the changeover and gave us access to a better system quicker.

    EBS are a very good business to work with. They respect your business and their approach is more as a partner not just treating you as a customer. We are always kept up to date with new ideas and products and they keep us in the loop with regard to anything which may directly affect us.

    Evolution Business Systems (EBS) is a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner and business management software specialist in Melbourne that equips its clients with software designed to achieve their business goals. With expertise in leading financial applications, EBS offers small to medium sized businesses a complete, fully featured, whole of business solution with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Office 365, Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

    Latest News
    Get in Touch


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    What is distribution requirements planning (DRP)? Definition from #automated #call #distribution


    distribution requirements planning (DRP)

    Distribution requirements planning (DRP) is a systematic process to make the delivery of goods more efficient by determining which goods, in what quantities, and at what location are required to meet anticipated demand. The goal is to minimize shortages and reduce the costs of ordering, transporting, and holding goods.

    Download this free guide

    Download our Manufacturer’s Guide: IoT, Sensors, Predictive Analytics

    Discover how General Electric, John Deere, and Yankee Candle are turning sensor data, big data, and Internet data into actionable information for their supply chains (and how you can too).

    By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its partners may contact you regarding relevant content, products and special offers.

    You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy .

    Also known as distribution replenishment planning, DRP is a time-based approach that determines when inventory is likely to be depleted and plans replenishment to avoid shortages. DRP uses a tree-like structure where a central facility, such as a warehouse, supplies regional facilities which then supply other facilities in the tree. This structure can contain any number of layers.

    A key element of DRP is the DRP table, which usually includes elements that are important in the process, including:

    • forecast demands
    • current inventory levels
    • target safety stock
    • recommended replenishment quantities
    • replenishment lead times

    DRP distribution works by either a pull or push method. The pull method has goods move up through the network by fulfilling customer orders. This provides more availability for consumers because local management controls the availability of the goods. However, managing distribution inventory can be difficult because every order is new to the supplying location as demand flows up the network. This is called the Bullwhip Effect: small changes in consumer demand that generate large swings in demand higher up the network.

    In contrast, the push method sends goods down through the network. It generally has lower costs because shipments are planned globally and stored centrally. However, service levels can suffer if central planning is too far removed from the actual demand.

    DRP ideally combines the service levels of pull with the efficiency of push, but this depends on accurate forecasts and stable processes to be successful. If both of these exist, DRP produces high fulfillment performance with minimal inventory. Companies usually try to hedge their bets by using safety stock, but that can reduce the overall effectiveness of the DRP strategy, resulting in higher inventory levels or shortages.

    A number of vendors include DRP modules in their ERP software.

    This was last updated in August 2015

    Continue Reading About distribution requirements planning (DRP)

    Related Terms

    cross-docking Cross-docking is the practice of unloading goods from inbound delivery vehicles and loading them directly onto outbound vehicles. See complete definition overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) Overall equipment effectiveness is a measure of manufacturing operations performance and productivity, expressed in a percentage. See complete definition supply chain sustainability Supply chain sustainability (SCS) is a holistic view of supply chain processes and technologies that addresses the environmental. See complete definition

    Dig Deeper on Supply chain planning and execution


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    NETGEAR Refurbished Arlo Indoor #home #security #systems # # #cameras,netgear,refurbished #arlo


    NETGEAR – Refurbished Arlo Indoor/Outdoor 720p Wi-Fi Wire-Free Security Camera (4-Pack) – White

    Poor Software. Posted by: JesM from: on Great idea poor software! Pros: Completely wireless Easy Setup Cons: Too many limitations 1.Battery Replacement (if using the defaults will last 4-6 months, which is ok but you only get 10 seconds of recording once motion is triggered) 2. Cost of batteries 3. Buggy software, sometimes difficult to connect to and is very slow 4. Hub uses wifi n technology to connect cameras instead of the much faster AC 5. Warranty is only 1 year for such an expensive product! 6. Support for updates is slow. 7. No local recording, which means you have allow Netgear (Arlo manufacturer) access to your network and store your video in the cloud, which means privacy can be an issue! 8. Can be easily stolen! There is nothing to prevent someone from stealing the device. 9. Only 5 cameras allow per free cloud account then you have to pay. 10. Only 7 days worth of recording allowed per free account or you have to pay! too many limitations.

    22 out of 33 found this review helpful.

    Easiest Home Security Cam Setup Posted by: BBElitePlus from: on Pros: Easy setup Ability to add additional cameras Motion sensitive E-mail / App notification Good App support Cons: A but laggy at times Only 720p No 2 way audio Need to replace batteries every 2-3 months, depending on use.

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    It just works Posted by: BusDriver from: on I have tried more than one type of security camera and system over the years. Most seemed to be “buggy”, difficult to install, and remote access problematic. This product is the “real deal”. Plug it in and your up and running. They sell a 2 camera set at a lower price point. Great way to get started.

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Good totally wire free camera system Posted by: GeekGirl from: on The idea of this camera system is awesome and the implementation is good. These cameras are easy to set up. However, they are slower to detect motion and start recording than I like and I have fast Internet. The video looks good. The IR light for night time recording is not invisible, they have a slight red glow. They have now added IFTTT support and geo-fencing is in beta.

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Great camera Posted by: Fred from: on Good product. Easy to install. Refurbs come with no instructions.

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Nice product Posted by: Domo561 from: Palm Beach, FL on Easy to install but batteries dony last too long.

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Great security system Posted by: bell from: on Great security systemthis is a great security system for the price of them it’s probably actually better than most of the calls over thousand dollars very clear pictures great video and capability and I’ll have one my parents have one so we will have a total of five of them in the family so far

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Nice wireless videocam Posted by: TwinTurbo66 from: on Pros- Sturdy modern design. Real wireless HD videocam. Easy to set up. Got it for a good deal. Free online storage. Cons- No audio. Has a lag some times.

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    good basic home security Posted by: Lewis from: on good picture quality. easy to set up. only con is you have to change the bateries.

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Good video system Posted by: Scott from: on Works as expected but did did not include the Outdoor camera mount mentioned in the description.

    3 out of 5 found this review helpful.


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    Home Theater and Audio Video in Seattle, Wa #home #security #systems



    Seattle Sight and Sound has over 14 years of experience in custom electronics sales and installations. Our specialty is providing amazing entertainment systems for everyone, from simply mounting a wall hung tv, to wiring an energy efficient smart home. We will work with you from design to implementation in order to create a customized environment that will fit all of your tastes and preferences. Whether you have a current system that no longer functions properly or would like to start from the ground up, please contact us for a free consultation for your home or business.

    Products and Services

    At Seattle Sight and Sound we believe in selling high quality equipment. Only components from manufacturers known for excellence make it into our installations. We know our customers want value and expect quality that is second to none.

    Let us be your choice for a custom home theater. There is no one size fits all solution for dedicated media rooms. We can work with you from design to implementation to build the theater of your dreams.

    and many more

    From whole house audio systems to dedicated 2 channel stereo systems, we can work through the mess of parts and wiring to build you the perfect system for entertaining and critical listening.

    and many more

    Home Automation Systems- Connected Home

    One of the fastest growing categories in the industry. We can make your home controlled by voice, cell phone, tablet, or remote control. Let us come out and give you an estimate for home automation. The possibilities are endless and the improvements in your life will be quickly noticed.

    and many more

    Newtworking and Wireless Systems

    With the ever increasing use of cell phones, tablets, and other internet connected devices, it is more critical than ever to have a properly set up home network. WiFi that can blanket your entire house is crucial to the reliability of every connected device you purchase. Let us come to you and perform a networking survey to improve your home network.

    IP Surveillance- Security Cameras

    Look in at your home or business from anywhere at anytime. IP surveillance offers HD cameras that are smart enough to see detailed images and provide alerts of motion and other events.

    TV Mounting

    At Seattle Sight and Sound we do a lot of TV mounting jobs. We probably mount more TV s than any other company in the city. There are a few things we must inform our customers of in light of current trends and our ability to perform this service correctly.

    We do not suggest you buy a mount via Amazon or any other discount websites.

    Seattle Sight and Sound strives to provide products and services that we can stand behind for years to come and often these mounts are of a subpar build quality and strength. They are not UL listed, meaning, they have not been properly tested to show that they can carry the weight and stress of a TV hanging from them. These mounts do not carry the proper certifications both my liability insurance, and your own homeowners insurance requires in case your TV falls from the wall and causes damage to your home.

    To continue providing the greatest level of products and services we will no longer use any customer provided mounting equipment.

    When mounting your TV we typically run your A/V cabling in the walls. The standard cables purchased online at discount websites or those that come with a piece of equipment are not properly insulated and built to be run in walls. Using these cables is both dangerous and an insurance liability. Seattle Sight and Sound makes sure to use the proper wiring every time to ensure a great quality and lasting installation.

    For those who would like pricing and estimates of your TV mounting job

    If you can provide some information to us we can put together an estimate in most cases with no need of a site visit.

    1. Brand and model number of TV.

    2. Type of mount you are looking for, there are three standard mounts:

    Flat or Fixed: Mounts your TV in a flat and level position with no movement.
    Tilting: Mounts will allow for the TV to placed in a fixed location with the ability to be tilted downward for higher locations such as over fireplaces.
    Articulating or Full Motion: Mounts will allow for the TV to be brought forward, angled sideways, and tilting applications. These mounts are great option for open concept homes or if the TV will be mounted in a corner where it can sit at an angle.

    3. List of equipment you would like to hook up to the TV. This includes cable boxes, soundbars, media players, DVD/BluRay players, and many other parts.

    4. A picture of the area the TV will be mounted and a picture of the area or furniture where your equipment will be placed .


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    On-premises vs #saas #systems


    On-premises vs. SaaS: Making the choice

    Given these conflicts, each of them important to customers, how do enterprises make the choice between on-premises or SaaS.

    Be wary of promises from SaaS providers and vendors

    SaaS providers and on-premises vendors will try to make you believe that their solution provides the best resolution for you with respect to the conflicts listed in Table 1. For example, one of the most difficult questions to answer involves SaaS versus on-premises costs over a long-term period. such as five years or more.

    On-premises vendors often argue that over a five-year period, your infrastructure costs to support your business apps will have paid for themselves. After the five-year period, SaaS is going to cost you while the on-premises solution has no incremental cost, even if you add more users. This argument should be questioned because software updates, new hardware additions, backup/recovery, and the like, are all ongoing costs. To be safe, you need to do the arithmetic on your own for the SaaS case and for the on-premises case.

    Use a multistep process to evaluate on-premises and SaaS

    Making the decision whether to stay with on-premises or move to SaaS is a multistep process. A hugely important question that you must answer is: Is there a SaaS provider available that provides the software that you need and that you can trust? If you cannot find a SaaS provider that you trust and provides the software that you need, then the decision is easy. Stay with on-premises.

    If you find at least one SaaS provider that offers the software you need, the next step is to work your way through the conflicts between on-premises and SaaS. This will help you determine if you want to proceed with SaaS or stay with on-premises. If your analysis indicates that SaaS is best for you. then you have to decide which of the SaaS providers, if you have more than one that looks promising, you will select.

    Cost is not the only important consideration

    Cost is a primary concern. but so are security, customization, control, compliance, and so on. A subscription service could become expensive as your business grows. Customers are entrusting their data to a third-party SaaS provider ; what happens if the SaaS provider fails? Customization of software and integration with existing data center systems can be a big issue. SaaS providers generally don’t allow the degree of customization that you can often get with on-premises software. SaaS solutions will likely have to operate in the context of corporate apps, such as mail systems and existing HR (human resource) apps. SaaS apps need to integrate with these types of apps.

    Lack of control over data and processes could render an IT organization inoperable. There are often landmines in the path, so you must be careful what the SaaS providers and on-premises vendors tell you and promise you.

    Understand your business needs

    You need to know your basic needs for deploying a new app, or replacing an old one, before you try to decide between SaaS and on-premises. If you do not know, then you can forget about looking at various SaaS providers and on-premises vendors. There are so many choices and options and conflicts, you need a baseline of needs to start any decision process.

    Get a free trial from SaaS providers and on-premises vendors

    Before replacing an existing on-premises app with a SaaS app, get a free trial from the SaaS provider. This should be easy to do because of the SaaS delivery model. You should do the same with on-premises vendors if you are selecting a new app for your organization. The problem with on-premises is that you might only get a demo of the app. versus a real free trial.

    Check the suitability of apps for SaaS or on-premises

    On-premises is well suited for specialized apps, such as financial apps with sensitive data or apps that require large data transfers and manipulations, such as BI (Business Intelligence). SaaS is good for apps that improve collaboration and productivity, manage information, and so on. These apps include HyperOffice collaboration, CRM and HR apps (areas where Salesforce.com and others have been successful).

    Know the vendor relationship difference between SaaS and on-premises

    One of the main differences between on-premises and SaaS involves the customer-vendor relationship. With on-premises, the vendor sells the customer a software license for the software and subsequent updates and upgrades and then disappears (unless the vendor comes around later asking for customer input on new features for the next release or asking the customer to be a beta site). The relationship between a SaaS provider and a customer is ongoing from day one. You are entrusting a SaaS provider with sensitive business data stored at the provider’s site, and you are dependent on the provider on an ongoing basis for smooth running of your software, innovation, support and, sometimes, training.

    This was last published in July 2012


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    Hargrove – Associates, Inc #business #intelligence, #business #intelligence #services, #custom #development,


    Turn your data into a powerful asset with HAI.

    Turn your data into a
    powerful asset with HAI.

    For 25 years and counting, Hargrove & Associates, Inc. has been helping companies, manufacturers and trade associations make better business decisions backed by meaningful data. Businesses small and large in the United States and across the globe depend on our people, processes, and technology.

    Partner with us for forward-looking, dependable solutions for your data processing and business analysis needs.

    Business Intelligence

    Custom Development

    Technology and tools built to your unique business needs.

    First, we help you define measurable business goals. Then, we custom build the tools you need to collect, manage, and output your data.

    We believe technology should be flexible and responsive so you can get data when you need it whether you’re working at your desk or consulting with a vendor in the field.

    Plus, we’re Microsoft certified and pride ourselves on integrating our technology with today’s business tools while monitoring the trends of tomorrow.

    Data Processing Services

    From data collection to curation, we’re here to help.

    Our experienced support team can help you collect, process, and distribute your data. We can also help your team understand how to use your data effectively and efficiently because data is only as good as the people using it.

    Ask us about our customizable training and continuing education services for our technology and reporting tools.

    Meet Our Team

    We are dedicated stewards of your data.

    As the trusted protectors of your data, we promise honesty, integrity, and dependability. We have the capacity to handle your current needs and anticipate future challenges.

    Our team of motivated and skilled professionals take pride in helping you maximize your data, and have the ability and foresight to evolve with your changing needs.

    Stan Hargrove

    Claire Hargrove

    Brian Seebacher

    Dustin Carlson

    Matthew Corcoran

    Laurel Ogren

    Koni Kogan

    Nathan Groon

    Raj Abbu

    Kim Strauss

    Let’s Connect

    Tell us what you need.

    Great partnerships begin with a simple introduction. We’d love to meet you and discuss your data processing and business analysis needs. Drop us a line today and we’ll be in touch soon.

    You can always reach us at (612) 436-5500.

    Thank You!

    Expect to hear from us soon.

    2015 Hargrove Associates, Inc.

    100 North 6th Street, Suite 306B, Minneapolis, MN 55403 USA
    +1 612 436 5500

    Hargrove Associates, Inc. // 100 North 6th Street, Suite 306B, Minneapolis, MN 55403 USA // +1 612 436 5500


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    Home Security Systems in Minnesota #home #security #systems #minnesota, #compare #home


    Home Security Systems in Minnesota

    Compare the Best Home Security Systems in Minnesota

    The security of your house is one of the most important aspects of home ownership you should never ignore. Serious people always take effective measures to ensure their loved ones and properties are safe from any danger. There are a lot of options available in Minnesota when it comes to choosing the best home security system. In most cases, buyers find themselves with a wide variety of options to an extent where they become confused and spoiled for choice. That’s why Wirefly embarked on a journey to do an extensive research with an aim of giving people some insights on the best home security systems in Minnesota.

    Wirefly has had lengthy discussions with the best security experts in the country in a bid to determine the most efficient home security systems. We also reached out to hundreds of customers who have had an experience with a security system to get some feedback on the quality of the products they used. In the end, we came up with an accurate and comprehensive report on security systems in Minnesota. In addition, we have included some crucial information on what a customer should consider when purchasing a home security system. We hope that this information will help our readers make informed decisions when buying home security systems.

    What is the Cost of Home Security in Minnesota

    Home security providers are abundant in Minnesota, and each one has its own plans, functions, benefits, and costs. Regardless of your particular needs, you can rest assured that there’s a suitable system out there for your house. Setup costs, hardware, and recurring surveillance fees are the three primary factors in calculating the full expense of your house’s alarm system. Having your system professionally installed could cost you as much as a couple hundred dollars, but you can install a lot of security systems yourself. A standard security system typically costs well over $200, but if you enroll in a monthly surveillance service, some companies will provide you with a system for free. With regard to surveillance services, subject to which features you need, you’ll most likely pay somewhere between $15 and over $200 each month.

    The Residents of Minnesota Can Benefit From Wireless Home Security

    The home security system industry has had an incredible revolution in recent times. It is now possible for clients to enjoy wireless security services in their homes. In Minnesota, wireless home security systems provide the fastest installation possible. Cellular signals facilitate wireless systems communication. It is easy to install a wireless security system because it does not require drilling of holes in your walls. The entire system components are wirelessly connected to the control panel. Therefore, you can move the parts with minimum effort. Thieves never like to encounter wireless security systems because they cannot be disabled like traditional security systems. It is impossible to disconnect cellular signals by cutting internet cables and phone lines because they do not use those mediums.

    Keep More Areas Under Surveillance by Using Home Security Cameras in Minnesota

    You can ask the security system company to modify your system to suit your specific needs. As the customer, you are at liberty to choose between interior cameras or exterior cameras. Moreover, you can choose more sophisticated types that have night vision and motion-activated features. These cameras will enable you to monitor any situation. You can also link your home security system to your tablet, computer, or smartphone to review previously recorded video clips from your cameras. Additionally, you can easily review the day’s important event by the use of monitor-activated cameras. Security cameras will enable you to monitor your pets, watch out for deliveries made, and know what is going on in your house when you are not around.

    Smart Home Automation in Minnesota Increases Protection

    Yes, homeowners can add additional smart features to their homes. There are many gadgets available that can make home life a little easier and safer. For example, door locks can now be automated. One can log in to the system anywhere and lock the doors or open them if needed. There are several reasons why someone might need to unlock their doors when they are not home. For one, this could be useful if a child or spouse forgets their keys. All one has to do is look through the digital peephole to verify that it is indeed a family member who is asking for the door to be remotely opened. Smart gadgets can be applied to your appliances, too. A heater or AC could be shut off or turned on without someone being home. This means that a homeowner can make sure his or her home is at an ideal temperature before anyone steps through the front door. The home automation system can alert a homeowner through his or her phone about more than just security breaches. The system can warn about a CO2 leak or water leak, just to name a few examples. Smart automation is the next logical, wise, and incredibly affordable step. Homeowners should take advantage of this opportunity.


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    Cost Accounting Systems #cost, #systems, #managerial, #accounting


    Cost Accounting Systems

    A cost accounting system (also called product costing system or costing system) is a framework used by firms to estimate the cost of their products for profitability analysis, inventory valuation and cost control.

    Estimating the accurate cost of products is critical for profitable operations. A firm must know which products are profitable and which ones are not, and this can be ascertained only when it has estimated the correct cost of the product. Further, a product costing system helps in estimating the closing value of materials inventory, work-in-progress and finished goods inventory for the purpose of financial statement preparation.

    There are two main cost accounting systems: the job order costing and the process costing.

    Job order costing is a cost accounting system that accumulates manufacturing costs separately for each job. It is appropriate for firms that are engaged in production of unique products and special orders. For example, it is the costing accounting system most appropriate for an event management company, a niche furniture producer, a producer of very high cost air surveillance system, etc.

    Process costing is a cost accounting system that accumulates manufacturing costs separately for each process. It is appropriate for products whose production is a process involving different departments and costs flow from one department to another. For example, it is the cost accounting system used by oil refineries, chemical producers, etc.

    There are situations when a firm uses a combination of features of both job-order costing and process costing, in what is called hybrid cost accounting system .

    In a cost accounting system, cost allocation is carried out based on either traditional costing system or activity-based costing system.

    Traditional costing system calculates a single overhead rate and applies it to each job or in each department.

    Activity-based costing on the other hand, involves calculation of activity rate and application of overhead costs to products based on their respective activity usage.

    Based on whether the fixed manufacturing overheads are charged to products or not, cost accounting systems have two variations: variable costing and absorption costing. Variable costing allocates only variable manufacturing overheads to inventories, while absorption costing allocates both variable and fixed manufacturing overheads to products. Variable costing calculates contribution margin, while absorption costing calculates the relevant gross profit.

    Still further refinement to costing accounting systems include JIT-costing, back-flush costing.


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    Efficiency, safety, compliance and security #telephone #systems #for #small #businesses #in



    When fleet operators are suitably equipped, the result is a guaranteed increase in profitability.

    Our fleet customers rely heavily on our fleet management solutions to be as efficient as possible. Especially in competitive markets where even the smallest amounts of time and money become critical issues in determining success.

    A properly implemented MiX Telematics solution is proven to boost efficiency by improving fuel consumption, driver behavior, utilization and more.


    Identifying and correcting bad driver behaviour is the first step to reducing risk and increasing safety levels.

    Research indicates that human error is to blame for around 80% of motor collisions. As a result, fleet owners are under mounting pressure to not only identify risky behavior, but to take corrective action and improve safety levels.

    Our end-to-end safety solutions, together with additional devices like the MiX Rovi or RIBAS Display, have become well-known as powerful risk reduction tools.


    The right tools can make light work for our customers who need to comply with stringent HSE regulations.

    Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) regulations differ from country to country, and are further determined by industry. While this can’t be changed, we can help to manage the related challenges.

    MiX Telematics offers a range of customizable tools to help customers maintain the highest possible levels of safety and compliance. This includes a solution to manage Hours of Service (HOS) and IFTA regulations in the US, DTCO downloads in Europe, and electronic work dairies in Australia.


    MiX Telematics partners with customers from various regions and industries to protect their drivers and assets.

    Real-time and historical tracking, stolen vehicle recovery and trailer tracking are our key security offerings, designed to enhance personal safety and security, as well as security for commercial fleets.

    In South Africa, MiX Telematics provides consumers with peace of mind about their personal safety and vehicle security through Beame and Matrix, two leading tracking and recovery brands.

    Subscribe to our newsletter


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    Dust Collector, Housekeeping Equipment – Santoni India #industrial #dust #collector #systems


    Profile Background
    Santoni Electric was conceptualized way back in 1983 with the idea of being pro-active towards pollution control and energy efficient housekeeping solutions. Today, it is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

    As acknowledged by over 12,000 installations across India and various parts of the world, Santoni has provided unique and effective solutions to the problems of the industry.

    The R interact with the client and the engineers/technicians who have hands on knowledge of various aspects of the problem and device innovative solutions.


    “This is to certify that we, at Diamond International Pvt Ltd. is satisified with the installation of Dust Collector to collect the grindingh dust from our Spring Grinding Process.”

    Kamal Gupta, Diamond International Pvt Ltd.

    “We had procured Santoni High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner and we are using the equipment for the past one year and the performance of the machine as well as after sales service is found to be satisfactory.”

    “We are using Machine Vacuum Cleaner Wetpik-200 B at out plant in Gurgaon from the last 15 years. The performance of the machine is Satisfactory.”

    Rahul Kumar, R P Printers

    “We are pleased to recommend your machines, as we are satisified with our purchase. Specifically. we had bought from you. Machines have exceeded our expectations both in build quality and performance.”

    Gulraj S Shahpuri, Shahpuri Estate Pvt Ltd.

    Installations Santoni has been a pioneer in the industry since 1983 we are celebrating our 30th Year of Excellence!In the last three decades, Santoni has come across various kinds of applications.

    The project completion and success rate has been 100%. And the biggest proof of this is that our valued customers have been giving us repeat orders for their increasing requirements.

    Head Office :
    B-276, Outer Ring Road
    Chittaranjan Park
    New Delhi -110019, India
    Tel: +91-11-26276478 / 26277210

    Plot No.20, Sector -27C
    Faridabad 121003, Haryana, India
    Tel: +91-129-4040972

    With Pneumatic Conveying Options

    • Chemical Industry: Johnson Matthey India Ltd.(Kanpur)-Central Vac System Read More
    • High Pressure Hose Manufacture: Order Recieved for CVS Read More
    • Mining Industry: Graphite Classification System Read More
    • Buffing Machines: Metal Dust Collector at Source Read More
    • Surgical Needles Read More
    • Proud to Announce Official Tie-Up with Cleanfix, Switzerland Read More
    • Official Tie Up with Hefter Cleantech Germany, Germany Read More
    • Official Tie Up with Santoemma, Italy Read More
    • Official Tie Up with Stolzenberg, GermanyRead More
    • Full Range of Cleaning Tools for Mechanical Operations Launched!Read More
    • UberVAC Series of Vacuum Systems Launched!Read More
    • UberJET Series of High Pressure Water Cleaners Launched! Read More

    About Santoni

    Santoni Electric, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, was started in 1983, with a nobel idea of pollution control and energy efficient solutions. Today, it is known for its high performance application specific products industry like dust collector .

    As acknowledged by over 12,000 installations across India and various parts of the world, Santoni has provided unique and effective dust collection solutions to the problems of the industry.


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    7 Reasons to Lease Your Next Used or New Phone System


    7 Reasons to Lease Your Next Used or New Phone System

    22 February 2007

    7 Reasons to Lease Your Next Business Phone System, New Phone System or Used Phone System
    By: Mark Allen

  • Conserves Capital: Leasing conserves valuable company working capital and preserves your bank credit lines.
  • Offers a Convenient Application: Provides Quicker Approval with Fewer Hassles.
  • Preserves Bank Credit Lines: Leasing lets you put your equipment to use immediately to generate revenues – with minimum budgetary impact.
  • Cost: Lease financing is generally more expensive than bank financing, but in most instances it’s more easily obtained.
  • Gives Flexible Payment Options: Leasing permits 100% financing with no down payment, so you get the equipment you need without a major cash outlay. With leasing, you can arrange long, flexible terms with low monthly payments.
  • Allows for Easy Upgrades and Add-Ons: What if your business is growing and you need to add phone equipment. In most instances, the leasing company will allow you to add this equipment to your existing lease
  • Lease payments are fixed, not adjustable: You don’t have to worry about floating interest

    Frequently asked questions:

    Is leasing of new and/or a used phone systems appropriate? Any business at any stage of development leasing is always an alternative. For start-up businesses with no revenues, small ticket leases as in phone systems, those of $100,000 or less, are feasible on the personal credit of the founders or owners.

    Is there a supply leasing funds for used phone systems and new phone systems? Abundant. Of the billions of dollars individual and institutional investors pour into the capital markets each month, a good hunk finds its way to leasing companies that use these funds to purchase equipment on behalf of small businesses. With more and more money flowing into the markets, leasing companies are flush with capital. As a result, they are eager to do business and respond to competition with lower monthly rates.

    Can other costs be included in lease of business phone system? Leasing can also finance the soft costs often associated with equipment purchases, such as installation and training services.

    How hard is it to obtain lease financing for a used phone system? Easy for leases of less than $100,000. An application for a small-ticket lease is generally no more complex than a credit card application. Leases for more than $100,000 require detailed financial information from the business, and the leasing company conducts a more thorough credit analysis than it would for a smaller transaction.

    How do I find a leasing company for by new or used business phone system? Finding an equipment-leasing company is easy. Almost any phone system equipment a phone system installer could conceivably provide offers a lease option. What are the lease option terms I can expect for new phone systems and used phone systems? Usually the leases are set up in terms of 24, 36, 48 or 60 month terms.

    What are my purchase options of this phone system at the end of the lease?

    $1.00 Buy Out: At the end of the lease term, lessee may purchase the equipment for $1.00. (Most popular because then you can own the equipment at the end of the lease for $1.00. The monthly payment is only slightly higher then the other purchase options.)

    10% Purchase Price: Customer may purchase the equipment at the end of lease for 10% of the original transaction cost.

    Fair Market Value: This program gives you the most flexibility with upgrades to combat obsolescence. At the end of the lease term the lessee can continue to lease the equipment, return the equipment or buy it at its fair market value.

    What is my down payment? The options are usually no down payment, one months lease, or first and last month’s lease payment.

    In summary, conserve capital with monthly lease payments on your business phone system, installation and voice/network cabling. Though it’s not apparent at first glance, the company offering the lease financing for your used phones or new phones is not the same one that is selling the equipment. The company selling the equipment simply makes a direct referral to a leasing company with which it does business.

    It’s a good idea to get a quote from the leasing firm referred by the company that wants to sell you the equipment. The quote should be competitive. After all, the company selling products wants to sell as many as possible, and it surely doesn’t win any points by referring a leasing company that gouges its customers. But it also pays to get another quote. Usually, the company selling the equipment works with more than one leasing company. Or ask a friend or a business associate for a referral.

    For Your Free ‘Leasing Guide’ Go to our eBay Store and email me at the link below:

    phone systems

    used phone systems


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  • How does a GPS tracking system work? #automotive #designline, #communications #and


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    How does a GPS tracking system work?

    Global Positioning System (GPS) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. The Global Positioning System is mainly funded and controlled by the U.S Department of Defense (DOD). The system was initially designed for the operation of U. S. military. But today, there are also many civil users of GPS across the whole world. The civil users are allowed to use the Standard Positioning Service without any kind of charge or restrictions.

    Global Positioning System tracking is a method of working out exactly where something is. A GPS tracking system, for example, may be placed in a vehicle, on a cell phone, or on special GPS devices, which can either be a fixed or portable unit. GPS works by providing information on exact location. It can also track the movement of a vehicle or person. So, for example, a GPS tracking system can be used by a company to monitor the route and progress of a delivery truck, and by parents to check on the location of their child, or even to monitor high-valued assets in transit.

    A GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction. So, a GPS tracking system can potentially give both real-time and historic navigation data on any kind of journey.

    GPS provides special satellite signals, which are processed by a receiver. These GPS receivers not only track the exact location but can also compute velocity and time. The positions can even be computed in three-dimensional views with the help of four GPS satellite signals. The Space Segment of the Global Positioning System consists of 27 Earth-orbiting GPS satellites. There are 24 operational and 3 extra (in case one fails) satellites that move round the Earth each 12 hours and send radio signals from space that are received by the GPS receiver.

    The control of the Positioning System consists of different tracking stations that are located across the globe. These monitoring stations help in tracking signals from the GPS satellites that are continuously orbiting the earth. Space vehicles transmit microwave carrier signals. The users of Global Positioning Systems have GPS receivers that convert these satellite signals so that one can estimate the actual position, velocity and time.

    The operation of the system is based on a simple mathematical principle called trilateration. Trilateration falls into two categories: 2-D Trilateration and 3-D Trilateration. In order to make the simple mathematical calculation the GPS receiver must know two things. First it must know the location of the place is to be traced by at least three satellites above the place. Second, it must know the distance between the place and each of those Space Vehicles. Units that have multiple receivers that pick up signals from several GPS satellites at a same time. These radio waves are electromagnetic energy that travels at the speed of light.

    A GPS tracking system can work in various ways. From a commercial perspective, GPS devices are generally used to record the position of vehicles as they make their journeys. Some systems will store the data within the GPS tracking system itself (known as passive tracking) and some send the information to a centralized database or system via a modem within the GPS system unit on a regular basis (known as active tracking) or 2-Way GPS.

    A passive GPS tracking system will monitor location and will store its data on journeys based on certain types of events. So, for example, this kind of GPS system may log data such as where the device has traveled in the past 12 hours. The data stored on this kind of GPS tracking system is usually stored in internal memory or on a memory card, which can then be downloaded to a computer at a later date for analysis. In some cases the data can be sent automatically for wireless download at predetermined points/times or can be requested at specific points during the journey.

    An active GPS tracking system is also known as a real-time system as this method automatically sends the information on the GPS system to a central tracking portal or system in real-time as it happens. This kind of system is usually a better option for commercial purposes such as fleet tracking or monitoring of people, such as children or elderly, as it allows a caregiver to know exactly where loved ones are, whether they are on time and whether they are where they are supposed to be during a journey. This is also a useful way of monitoring the behavior of employees as they carry out their work and of streamlining internal processes and procedures for delivery fleets.

    Real-time tracking is also particularly useful from a security perspective as it allows vehicle owners to pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle at any given time. And, the GPS tracking system in the vehicle may then be able to help police work out where the vehicle was taken to if it was stolen.

    Mobile Phone Tracking

    The development of communications technology has long since surpassed the sole ability to access others when they are mobile. Today, mobile communication devices are becoming much more advanced and offer more than the ability to just carry on a conversation. Cell phone GPS tracking is one of those advances.

    All cell phones constantly broadcast a radio signal, even when not on a call. The cell phone companies have been able to estimate the location of a cell phone for many years using triangulation information from the towers receiving the signal. However, the introduction of GPS technology into cell phones has meant that cell phone GPS tracking now makes this information a lot more accurate.

    With GPS technology now more commonplace in many new smartphones, this means that the location of anyone carrying a GPS enabled smartphone can be accurately tracked at any time. Cell phone GPS tracking can therefore be a useful feature for business owners, parents, friends and co-workers looking to connect with one another. GPS Tracking Apps (www.gpstrackingapps.com) provides a suit of Apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and latest Samsung operating system bada all of which can be used to track one another on a location-based social networking portal or from phone to phone.

    The technology of locating is based on measuring power levels and antenna patterns and uses the concept that a mobile phone always communicates wirelessly with one of the closest base stations, so if you know which base station the phone communicates with, you know that the phone is close to the respective base station.

    Advanced systems determine the sector in which the mobile phone resides and roughly estimate also the distance to the base station. Further approximation can be accomplished by interpolating signals between adjacent antenna towers. Qualified services may achieve a precision of down to 50 meters in urban areas where mobile traffic and density of antenna towers (base stations) is sufficiently high. Rural and desolate areas may see miles between base stations and therefore determine locations less precisely.


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    Home security systems austin #home #security #systems #austin


    U.S. Patrol Driveway Patrol Motion Detector Alarm

    Product Features

    • 400 foot signal range
    • Installs in seconds
    • No wiring necessary
    • Motion activated up to a 30 foot range
    • Angle of view of 30 degrees
    • Advanced infrared motion detection technology
    • Requires one (1) 9-Volt and three (3) C batteries (not included, see Accessories)
    • NOTE:If the motion detector is too sensitive, resulting in false alerts – simply put masking tape or labels on each side of sensor window. Start on the sides and add an equal length of masking tape or labels to each side. Test the detector and add more covering if needed. Keep the band as narrow as 1/8: wide or wider dpending on individual situation. Some trial and error may be required to find the optimal width.
    • NOTE:Whenever installing the PIR sensor for the first time, the red LED on the PIR sensor may illuminate for about 60 seconds. To avoid receiving false alert, the door chime should be turned on after the first 60 seconds of the PIR sensor installation.

    Take control of your own home by installing the Driveway Patrol. Installation is easy – just place the Driveway Patrol transmitter in the ideal location outside your home and keep the receiver indoors. Device installation will take only seconds without the hassle of using tools and wiring. The Driveway Patrol works by detecting any approaching person or vehicle and sends an alert signal over a 400-foot range through the use of advanced infrared motion detection technology. The driveway patrol wireless alert system is the ideal solution to detect visitors, vehicles, kids and intruders. Use this device anywhere on your property, such as the mailbox, front entrance, garage or driveway, to monitor your surroundings and eliminate the element of surprise. This product requires one (1) 9-volt and three (3) C batteries (not included, see Accessories).

    What s Included

    • Transmitter and receiver

    Product Features

    • 400 foot signal range
    • Installs in seconds
    • No wiring necessary
    • Motion activated up to a 30 foot range
    • Angle of view of 30 degrees
    • Advanced infrared motion detection technology
    • Requires one (1) 9-Volt and three (3) C batteries (not included, see Accessories)
    • NOTE:If the motion detector is too sensitive, resulting in false alerts – simply put masking tape or labels on each side of sensor window. Start on the sides and add an equal length of masking tape or labels to each side. Test the detector and add more covering if needed. Keep the band as narrow as 1/8: wide or wider dpending on individual situation. Some trial and error may be required to find the optimal width.
    • NOTE:Whenever installing the PIR sensor for the first time, the red LED on the PIR sensor may illuminate for about 60 seconds. To avoid receiving false alert, the door chime should be turned on after the first 60 seconds of the PIR sensor installation.

    Take control of your own home by installing the Driveway Patrol. Installation is easy – just place the Driveway Patrol transmitter in the ideal location outside your home and keep the receiver indoors. Device installation will take only seconds without the hassle of using tools and wiring. The Driveway Patrol works by detecting any approaching person or vehicle and sends an alert signal over a 400-foot range through the use of advanced infrared motion detection technology. The driveway patrol wireless alert system is the ideal solution to detect visitors, vehicles, kids and intruders. Use this device anywhere on your property, such as the mailbox, front entrance, garage or driveway, to monitor your surroundings and eliminate the element of surprise. This product requires one (1) 9-volt and three (3) C batteries (not included, see Accessories).

    What s Included

    • Transmitter and receiver


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    Managed PBX Phone Systems – Internet #business #pbx, #pbx, #small #business


    Business Phone Systems, Business Internet Managed PBX

    NEWT is the business services division of Fibernetics Corp. a federally regulated Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), and Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    Whether you’re a multi-site organization or a one location business, NEWT can save you up to 80% on your current telecom costs. The NEWT Managed PBX Business Phone System provides a fully managed digital voice solution for any sized business.

    Thousands of businesses have made NEWT their daily choice for business phone service in Canada because it’s reliable and reduces monthly operating expenses.

    Learn how NEWT can help your business go – beyond telecom.

    Business Phone System – NEWT Managed PBX

    For single and multi-location medium to large enterprise business

    • On-Premises Managed PBX – Business Phone System VoIP
    • $0 Capital Cost Option
    • Low Operating Costs – Save up to 80%
    • 100% managed PBX end-to-end with user friendly interface
    • 80+ powerful business features
    • Remarkable and reliable with clear call quality

    Business Internet Solutions

    • Symmetrical High Speed Bandwidth, Copper, Fiber and beyond. Small Business Internet solutions that can enable your business to increase productivity and up-time.

    Business PRI / T1

    • Primary Rate Interface (PRI Trunks / T1), PRI Solutions for medium-large business providing connectivity to Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), such as Private Branch Exchange (PBX). NEWT PRI delivers up to 23 simultaneous calls and reduces your telecom costs by reducing many lines in to one simple circuit.

    Business Internet Redundancy Speed

    • NEWT offers the ability to bond different Internet connections and boost your business Internet connection speeds. This solution can provide critical failover and redundancy for your business operations.


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    NOC 2011 – 2171 – Information systems analysts and consultants –


    National Occupational Classification NOC 2011

    2171 – Information systems analysts and consultants

    Information systems analysts and consultants analyze systems requirements develop and implement information systems development plans policies and procedures and provide advice on a wide range of information systems issues They are employed in information technology consulting firms and in information technology units throughout the private and public sectors or they may be self employed

    • computer systems analyst
    • informatics consultant
    • informatics security analyst
    • information systems business analyst
    • information systems quality assurance analyst
    • IT information technology consultant
    • management information systems MIS analyst
    • systems auditor
    • systems consultant
    • systems security analyst
    • Computer and information systems managers (0213)
    • Computer engineers except software engineers and designers (2147)
    • Computer programmers and interactive media developers (2174)
    • Database analysts and data administrators (2172)
    • Financial auditors and accountants (1111)
    • Professional occupations in business management consulting (1122)
    • Software engineers and designers (2173)
    • Web designers and developers (2175)
  • The following is a summary of the main duties for some occupations in this unit group

    • Information systems business analysts and consultants confer with clients to identify and document requirements conduct business and technical studies design develop integrate and implement information systems business solutions and provide advice on information systems strategy policy management security and service delivery
    • Systems security analysts confer with clients to identify and document requirements assess physical and technical security risks to data software and hardware and develop policies procedures and contingency plans to minimize the effects of security breaches
    • Information systems quality assurance analysts develop and implement policies and procedures throughout the software development life cycle to maximize the efficiency effectiveness and overall quality of software products and information systems
    • Systems auditors conduct independent third party reviews to assess quality assurance practices software products and information systems
    • A bachelor s degree in computer science computer systems engineering software engineering business administration or a related discipline
      Completion of a college program in computer science is usually required
    • Experience as a computer programmer is usually required
    • Certification or training provided by software vendors may be required by some employers

  • 06/09/2017

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    086 Numbers #086 #telephone #numbers, #register #a #0861 #number, #call #statistics,


    Design UX

    A Word Number is a 086 telephone number that spells out a word and can be dialed from both a landline or a cell phone. Your product, service or company name can now become your telephone number!

    1. A memorable “Generic” word telephone number, where your product or service becomes your telephone number, for example:

    2. A memorable “Branded” word telephone number, where your company becomes your telephone number, for example:

    Design UX

    1. Long Term Advertising Tool
    A word number is a long term advertising tool that enables ease of expansion, marketing initiatives and/or changes of location.
    2. One national Number
    Should you have multiple branches a word number is the answer.
    3. Enables growth in multiple regions
    Consumers are often “put-off” from contacting companies if they perceive you are not based in their area – don’t be limited by your region-specific number

    Design UX

    Please note that each solution is specifically developed to each clients specifications and that the final costing is based on number of destinations, voice artist requirements, frequency of call reporting as well as the expected traffic which will be generated.

    Please note that the cost of each call made to an 0861 telephone number will remain with the caller, even once it is routed


    • Alpine Promotion
    • JasonandSaraReed.com
    • Powell’s Sweet Shoppe



    What I can do for you

    Design UX

    Our Network Interactive Voice Response (NIVR) enables us to route calls made to a single 0861, 0860 or 0800 telephone number from landlines and cellular phones to multiple destinations throughout the country

    Your company can now promote and brand one single telephone number which allows customers anywhere in the country to get hold of a branch, dealer or franchise of their choice.

    How? By presenting the caller with a series of Dynamic or Location based menus in order to ascertain exactly what and where the service is required.

    Design UX

    1. Customer gets to the right place first time.
    2. Replaces the expense of call operators.
    3. Avoids mistakes made by receptionists/call centre operators.
    4. You don’t lose out on sales due to inefficiency.
    5. Consolidate all branch numbers into one number.
    6. Easy-to-change destination numbers.
    7. Better customer service.
    8. Service is available 24/7.
    9. Routing to up to 180 destinations.
    10. Allows for routing of landline and cellular calls.

    Design UX

    A word number and call routing solution can cost from as little as R 85 per destination per month.

    Please note that each solution is specifically developed to each clients specifications and that the final costing is based on number of destinations, voice artist requirements, frequency of call reporting as well as the expected traffic which will be generated.

    Please note that the cost of each call made to an 0861 telephone number will remain with the caller, even once it is routed


    • Alpine Promotion
    • JasonandSaraReed.com
    • Powell’s Sweet Shoppe


    Design UX



    AdWatchdog is a reporting system which allows you to track your incoming calls to adverts/advertising campaigns accurately.

    With a 086 word or numeric number/s provided by us you can improve your advertising quickly by knowing your ROI in real time.

    Design UX

    1. Accurate decisions on future marketing spend.
    2. Reduce unnecessary advertising expenses.
    3. Build potential list of clients from the call report.
    4. Allows you to predict consumer behaviour.
    5. Monitor response to all branches/franchises.
    6. Compare closing ratio to incoming ratio.
    7. Monitor the success of your advertising agency.

    Design UX

    Ad Watchdog costs from R?

    A word number and call routing solution can cost from as little as R 85 per destination per month. Please note that each solution is specifically developed to each clients specifications and that the final costing is based on number of destinations, voice artist requirements, frequency of call reporting as well as the expected traffic which will be generated. Please note that the cost of each call made to an 0861 telephone number will remain with the caller, even once it is routed


    • Alpine Promotion
    • JasonandSaraReed.com
    • Powell’s Sweet Shoppe


    Why a Word Number?

    Your product, service or company name can now become your telephone number!

    A memorable “Generic” word telephone number, where your product or service becomes your telephone number, for example: 0861-PLUMBER
    Word telephone numbers are easier to remember, so you get more calls. Increase your response rate to advertising by up to 230% right now

    Why choose use our Services?

    We seek a complete holistic understanding of a clients needs

    – Largest subscriber of generic word telephone numbers in South Africa

    – Only company able to route cellular calls to multiple destinations


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    Home Security #acadiana #alarm #systems


    Home Security

    Lafayette Home Security Systems

    For you to enjoy a nice evening out, you need peace of mind. You need to know that what you value most your home and your family are safe and secure. According to statistics, homes without alarm systems are three times as likely to be broken into than those that do. Acadiana Security Plus systems are effective in preventing loss of life and protecting property. Like many others here in Acadiana, you ve realized that your peace of mind is what matters the most, and are ready to take the next step in protecting your home and family. Your home and your loved ones are, after all, your most precious assets, and an Acadiana Security Plus home security system is one of the most important investments you ll ever make.

    No other Lafayette-area home security companies are authorized to provide state-of-the-art First Alert Professional home systems. Acadiana Security Plus is an authorized distributor of First Alert Professional home security systems and products in Lafayette, LA and has been since 1997. First Alert Professional offers your family the most reliable defense possible from threats of invasion, theft, fire, and the damage that can ensue. Their residential burglar alarms feature equipment that helps you achieve optimal protection and peace of mind that include:

    • Alarm panels and control keypads
    • Back up alarm batteries
    • Door/window sensors
    • Pet-friendly interior motion sensors
    • Audible alarm sirens
    • Yard signs and window decals

    We also offer additional protection and systems that:

    • Detect fire, carbon monoxide, and water leaks
    • Are wired or wireless
    • Require no phone lines
    • Allow remote access and control via smartphone

    Our home security companies in Lafayette can work with you to put together a home alarm system that will meet your needs and fit your budget. We offer all the bells and whistles you ve come to expect from today s home security providers. Residents in and around Lafayette can benefit from smart home automation, remote control and access and 24/7 monitoring with no need for a phone line. Real-time alerts keep you posted on what s going on at home and let you lock or unlock doors, turn lights on and off, or set your thermostat so your home will be cozy when you arrive.

    Our comprehensive security packages offer you the safety and peace of mind you and your family deserve. To explore your options, contact us today and we will send one of our Licensed Life Safety Professionals for a free consultation.


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    BCT Alarm Systems: Commercial and Home Security in Elyria, Ohio #ge


    Commercial and Home Security Systems in Ohio
    Specializing in Lorain County

    BCT Alarm Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality commercial and home security solutions in Ohio. Our commitment to our customers is based on three critical elements that set BCT apart from other companies that may provide systems, but not necessarily comprehensive solutions.

    As security systems professionals, we realize that each customer trusts us to keep what he or she values most in life � family members, homes, businesses – as consistently safe as possible. This trust encompasses everything we do, from the initial evaluation through the selection of products, ongoing monitoring, and service. We work with reputable local electrical contractors and suppliers who know us and whose work we know.

    Our twenty years of combined experience in the security industry has given us not only the knowledge and experience to make wise decisions about the appropriate system for a home or business, but also the comprehensive skill to implement and sustain it. We are fully licensed by the state of Ohio for installation and maintenance, and we stay informed about security laws and issues. We also stay up-to-date on the newest products and services in the industry.

    The selection and installation of a system is only the first step in maintaining security. Follow-through on a variety of fronts is equally important. BCT provides careful training to our customers in the use of their systems, arranges periodic maintenance checks, and provides 24 hour monitoring of the systems.

    BCT Alarm Services offers a comprehensive line of design services and installation of security systems for Ohio homes and businesses including:

    • Burglary Systems
    • Fire Alarm Systems
    • Commercial Sprinkler System Monitoring
    • Access Control Systems
    • Custom Systems
    • 24 Hour Monitoring and Annual Testing
    • Emergency Buttons
    • Cellular Monitoring

    BCT uses equipment from these proven security companies:


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    Online pbx systems #online #pbx #systems


    Euphoria Telecom | Cloud PBX VoIP Service Provider

    Proudly built by South Africans, for South African Businesses.

    A solution born of the passionate belief that customers deserve more.

    What our customers are saying

    The service and support we have received from Euphoria has been really good and we will definitely recommend them to others that require control over their telephone system.

    Jodine Landman, Everlytic

    I absolutely love your product! I show it off all the time. I can track my costs, I don’t have to deal with Telkom – the minute I saw your product, I took to it like a duck to water. I have already sold your product to some of our clients at zero mark-up – it is that good!

    Brad Morein, Commercial ICT

    Thank you once again for the stunning switchboard – everything is crystal clear and just works. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for the stunning service and system that works. I am recommending you to many of my clients and suppliers.

    Jackie Nieuwenhuizen, SmartEdge Solutions

    Euphoria enabled us to ‘close the deal’. No other provider could or would deliver a functional call centre in the time frame we required. The simplicity of the integration went far beyond our expectation, it gave the term ‘plug and play’ new definition, very few setups works this well from day one. The guys know what they are doing and they do it well.

    Martin Lubbe, Altech Isis

    The Euphoria PBX is working very well and has the best user interfaces I’ve come across. No contracts either. We bought “Yealink” handsets which are working well, especially for the price!

    Hein Koen of FLICKSWITCH

    Euphoria enabled us to ‘close the deal’. No other provider could or would deliver a functional call centre in the time frame we required. The simplicity of the integration went far beyond our expectation, it gave the term ‘plug and play’ new definition, very few setups works this well from day one, The guys know what they are doing and they do it well.

    Martin Lubbe of Altech Isis

    Ready for the Next Generation in Business Communications?


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    Commercial Property Alarms – Great Deals on Alarm Systems #alarms, #perth


    Commercial Property Alarm Packages: $1699.00 Fully Installed

    With GPRS monitoring. 99 users, 8 areas and expandable to 128 zones we customize to your requirements. Keep track of staff entry and exit times with weekly reports and late to close calls if system is not armed.

    Call us today to book your installation date or request a quote and we can contact you. “Get a Quote “

    Equipment List Inclusions

    • Reliance 128 panel with battery
    • Vertex or Touchnav code pad
    • External siren
    • Internal siren
    • 3x dual tech movement detectors
    • 1 glass break detector
    • 1 hd roller reed
    • 1 standard door contact
    • GPRS unit for monitoring
    • 2 year warranty on parts and labour

    Choice of LCD or Touchscreen Keypad

    • LCD or Touchscreen Keypad
    • Backlit keys and intuitive operation
    • Fire, Medical and Police functions

    Crow 1000 Dualtech Pet Immune Detectors (x4)

    • Slim and modern design with excellent detection performance.
    • 2 year warranty! (1 Year manufacturer – 1 Year Austguard)
    • Digital Pulse Count and Temperature Compensation
    • 15 meter volumetric range
    • Wont trigger from your pets
    • Great false alarm immunity
    • Sealed Optics


    • External Siren and Strobe Unit.
    • 110dB Output and LED Strobe for intrusion indication.
    • Internal screamer.
    • 110dB output.

    Professional Installation

    • All systems are professionally installed and tested using quality components.
    • Our installers clean up after themselves leaving your home better than when they arrive.
    • Comprehensive and clear instructions on how to use the alarm, arming, disarming, setting access codes and understanding sensors.
    • Lifetime backup by owner operator Mark Schwarzer who has more than 20years experience with domestic and commercial alarm systems.

    Upgrades Available

    1. Extra Detectors
    2. Door Contacts
    3. Window Shock Sensors
    4. Smoke Detectors
    5. Panic Buttons

    AustGuard 5 Star Guarantee

    Check out our 5 Star Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all Perth Alarm Installations and call us on 1300 883 898 to find out whats involved in enjoying the security of an Austguard alarm system.

    Don’t forget we also can install Home and Business CCTV Systems and Security Video Intercom

    Phone Mark on 1300 883 898 Today

    Call us at 1300 883 898 or email us at

    Leave your details here and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

    Copyright 1988 – 2017 Austguard All Rights Reserved | Our Partners
    T.R. Hebb & Associates Pty Ltd ABN 52 009 239 221 trading as Aust-Guard Security Services


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    Welcome to Open Campus! #mcse, #mct, #mcp, #microsoft #certified, #systems #engineer,


    Our Mission.

    The mission of RCCD Distance Education (formerly Open Campus) is to extend access to learning through distance education. Objectives: To facilitate learning at a distance, Distance Education provides:

    • Educational technology to the colleges, faculty, and students to support the delivery of online-based courses and services
    • Professional development and training for faculty
    • Expertise and experience
    • Blackboard management, production and problem solving.

    As of April 21, the Open Campus department has changed its name to Distance Education. We thank you for your patience as we work to complete the changes to website by the middle of summer.

    What Are Online Based or Distance Education classes?

    Online-based courses, also called Distance Education classes, may take two different forms:

    Online classes are taken exclusively over the Internet. Please note that, while some online courses provide all instructional content over the Internet, others may require some on-campus meetings. Please see the course schedule or WebAdvisor for more information.

    Hybrid classes meet both on campus and online. Think of them as a combination or blending of online classes and face-to-face classes.

    In a hybrid class, you will attend meetings on campus during the dates and times listed in the schedule of classes. Since the on-campus portion of hybrid classes could take place at any of our three colleges (Riverside City, Norco or Moreno Valley), hybrid classes are listed in the schedule by the college where the on-campus meetings will take place.

    Are there Face-to-Face classes that use the Internet?

    Web-Enhanced classes are traditional face-to-face classes that are supplemented with course websites and the use of Internet resources. Unlike hybrid or fully-online classes, all web-enhanced class meetings take place on campus.

    Where Do I Start?

    For more information about Blackboard and support, visit
    Students page


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    CTDLC Home #connecticut #distance #learning #consortium, #ctdlc, #connecticut, #distance, #learning, #consortium,


    CTDLC ANNOUNCES THE WINNERS OF THE 2016 DIANE J. GOLDSMITH AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ETUTORING Newington, Conn. U.S.A. (October 3, 2016) – The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC), whose online tutoring program serves an international community of 2-year and 4-year colleges and unive.

    CTDLC ANNOUNCES THE WINNERS OF THE 2016 DIANE J. GOLDSMITH AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ETUTORING Newington, Conn. U.S.A. (October 3, 2016) – The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC), whose online tutoring program serves an international community of 2-year and 4-year colleges and unive.

    May 25, 2016 at Fairfield University Our Featured Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Robbie Melton “Education On-Demand and In Your Hands” The Internet of Things or IoT will not be gently knocking at higher education’s door, it will be banging on our doors with an army of devices in tow, and sooner.

    Call for Proposals Deadline Extended! The Conference will be held on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016, at Fairfield University. The DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS has been extended until Friday, March 18th. The Connecticut Distance.

    The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC), a division of Charter Oak State College and a member of the Connecticut Board of Regents of Higher Education, recently completed development of a series of online courses offered in American Sign Language (ASL) by the Connecticut Bureau of Rehabi.

    The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC), whose online tutoring program serves an international community of 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities, is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Diane J. Goldsmith Award for excellence in

    Today we are pleased to be the focus of the WCET Frontiers blog. Our Call Center is very proud of all they have accomplished and are now able to offer to our clients. Here’s the link. We are always open to new cli.

    If you are new to online learning, instructional design, eLearning course development, or would simply like to learn more about the world of online education, this course is designed for you. Discounted rate for eTutoring.org Schools. A Two-Week Course Starts Monday, July 27th, 2015 Registration.

    CTDLC is proud to announce its latest partnership with Connect-Ability, Department of Services (DORS). and the Bureau of Reh.


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    Geographic Information Systems certificate #business, #crime, #forensic, #legal, #it, #computer #enginnering,


    Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    GIS is a computer-based methodology for collecting, analyzing, modeling and presenting geographic data for a wide range of applications. The proliferation of desktop hardware and software has made these systems an important tool in our day-to-day lives. GIS data and the people trained in these methodologies and applications are becoming integral components in nearly every type of business and government service. The GIS professional must be competent in integrating geography, data and systems to solve a wide range of problems for business, healthcare, insurance, law enforcement and other industries.

    An important component of this program is the project which is introduced in the first course and carried through the entire program. Certificate graduates will have a completed project portfolio to demonstrate GIS skills.

    The Certificate in Geographic Information Systems provides two convenient options for completing the certificate: in-classroom or online. Each of the programs consist of four courses totaling 84 hours of lecture and are project based. The certificate graduate will receive 8.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

    Due to state and federal regulations, non-California residents may only enroll in CSUF online courses when their state has authorized CSUF as a provider. Click here for more information.

    English Proficiency Requirement

    It is recommended that participants who reside outside of United States and whose first language is not English must possess English language proficiency equivalent to a minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper), 80 (iBT) or IELTS score of 6.5.

    It is the participant’s responsibility to demonstrate English language proficiency necessary to fully participate in the class lectures and discussions.

    For optimal viewing of the course schedule below, please view on a tablet or desktop

    Note:Click on the course title to view all available course sections. Hover over the colored labels to view where the course will be offered.

    Course Title Expand All

    At the conclusion of the certificate program, graduates will be able to:
    – Provide a general definition and understanding of the key concepts and topics of GIS including a brief history of the industry;
    – Understand the major components of a Geographic Information System including hardware, software and data;
    – Identify the role and functions of the GIS Specialist in both the public and private sectors;
    – Understand GIS database principles and build a GIS database, data type and data sources;
    – Understand the fundamentals of ArcGIS and its related applications; and
    – Complete a capstone project integrating the student’s GIS knowledge and skills accumulated over the course of the certificate program.

    – Recent Baccalaureate graduates across many disciplines
    – Employees of organizations either utilizing or planning to utilize GIS
    – Career changers – IT Professionals
    – Retirees – second career

    It is recommended that participants who reside outside of United States and whose first language is not English possess English language proficiency equivalent to:
    A minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper) or 80 (iBT) or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5
    There is no need to send the test score to the University. It the participant’s responsibility to demonstrate English language proficiency necessary to fully participate in the class lectures and discussions.

    Jaime M Alas Programmer/Analyst GIS, Information Technology Services, Downey Regional Medical Center John C Carroll Chair, Department of Geography, College of Humanities, California State University, Fullerton Julie Cooper Crime Analyst, Irvine Police Department Lauren Henderson Program Developer University Extended Education California State University, Fullerton David Holt Strategic Planner Health Care Systems, VA Loma Linda Health Care System Paul Horvath Director, Information Technology TC3 Health Josephine M Jenneskens GIS Analyst, City of Carson Kari A Knutson Miller Dean, University Extended Education and AVP, International Programs Global Engagement University Extended Education, California State University, Fullerton Lew Nelson Manager, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Industries, ESRI Yong-Tae Park Professor, Department of Information Sciences and Decision Sciences, Cal State Fullerton Kurt Smith Community Analysis and Technology, Director, Redlands Police Department Karen K Underhill GIS/Database Supervisor, Orange County Water District Seth Waife Representative, Health Care Industries, ESRI

    About the Program

    How will this certificate benefit me?


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    Intelligent Systems #intelligent #systems, #microsoft #dynamics, #erp, #crm, #365, #bi, #axapta,


    Познаваме вашия бизнес

    Имаме точното решение за вас

    Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) са водещи световни ИТ бизнес решения и най-използваните системи от висок клас в България с повече от 300 внедрявания в някои от най-големите компании у нас.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) е лесен за използване бизнес инструмент, чрез който служителите работят по-бързо и ефективно, като постигат висока клиентска удовлетвореност. Microsoft Dynamics CRM набира все по-голяма популярност сред фирмите у нас, поради своята гъвкавост и адаптивност към нуждите на потребителите.

    Мобилните решения осигуряват надежден достъп до централната база данни, посредством различни мобилни устройства. Работят на всички популярни мобилни платформи iOS, Android, Windows Mobile. Мобилните приложения са изключително гъвкави и позволяват лесна и бърза настройка спрямо желанията и нуждите на клиента.

    Business Intelligence (BI) решенията подпомагат ежедневната работа на компанията като предоставят възможност за изготвяне на детайлни справки и анализи по ключови бизнес показатели. BI системата спомага вземането на обосновани корпоративни решения, базирани на реална бизнес информация.

    Intelligent Systems Bulgaria предлага разнообразни услуги в облака (Cloud Services), сред които Microsoft Dynamics ERP и CRM, IaaS, Office 365 и др. Избирайки Облачните услуги, клиентите елиминират голяма част от първоначалните инвестиции в софтуер и хардуер и значително съкращават последващите разходи за тяхното обновяване и поддръжка.

    В допълнение към Microsoft Dynamics ERP и CRM системите, вертикалните и хоризонтални приложения към тях, предлагаме и допълнителни решения, за да отговорим изцяло на ИТ нуждите и очакванията на своите клиенти.

    Intelligent Systems предлага професионални услуги по разработка, внедряване и поддръжка на интегрирани системи за управление на бизнеса. Изцяло фокусирана върху ERP и CRM решенията Microsoft Dynamics и техни браншови допълнения, от 2007 година насам, Intelligent Systems трайно заема първото място при внедрителите на Microsoft Dynamics решенията в страната. С осъществени повече от 320 проекта в над 35 страни по света, ние сме уверени, че можем да предложим най-оптималното бизнес решение за вашата компания.


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    Lessons Learned – guidance from Knoco Ltd #lessons #learned, #lesson #learned,


    Knowledge Management Reference

    Lesson Learning

    The lessons learned process is a key part of KM – where new knowledge and new learnings are identified through activity and review, and incorporated into future work practices. It seems a simple concept, yet many of our clients are unhappy with their Lessons Learned process. Maybe they have a lessons database, but no lessons are coming in. Or they have a lessons database, and it s full of rubbish. Or they have a lessons database full of good quality lessons, and yet nothing ever seems to change, and the same mistakes are made over and over in the business. So why does Lessons Learned seem so difficult to get right?

    The answer, it seems, is linked to another of our observations – organisations in which KM sticks and consistently delivers business value tend to be characterised by the ability to execute with discipline and rigour.

    We are beginning to come to the view that a lesson is not an end in itself. A lesson is a temporary step along the way to a process, or to a process improvement. Therefore a lessons database needs to be replaced by a Lessons Management System – something that forms a temporary home in a workflow, rather than a permanent repository.

    Think about a lesson coming out of a Retrospect. What have you learned? Generally you have either learned how to do something for the first time, or you have learned a better way to do something (or of course, if the project was a disaster, you have learned a new way NOT to do something). So the lesson points to one of two actions

    • 1. Document the way of doing something – ie write a process or procedure, or
    • 2. Document the better way of doing something, i.e. write a process or procedure improvement, which can then be evaluated and implemented.

    This second point – process improvement – is implicit in the third question of the After Action Review – why was there a difference between what we expected, and what actually happened . The team followed the process, there was a difference from expectations, and therefore changes need to be made to the process. If there are no differences, then the process works perfectly, and we need to make no changes. You can generalise this by concluding that Learning has to lead to change . If there is no change, there has been no learning. A lessons learned system needs to feed through into process change, as shown in the figure below. If this cycle is going to work, then we need, as part of our Knowledge Management Framework. the following things.

    • – Activity review needs to identify not just lessons, but actions (and the actions have to be executed – see point 5). We see this in the learning system at BP Alaska, where each lesson is accompanied by an action, and by the identification of the document (manual, procedure, guidelines) which needs to be updated. There also needs to be quality control of this step.
    • – The lessons management system drives an automated workflow, so that new learnings and process improvement suggestions and actions are forwarded to the relevant process owner. The process owner can also validate the lessons, and make sure they are real learnings, not one person s opinion.
    • – There needs to be ownership for each key process, and these process owners need to be held accountable for reviewing all lessons and updating the processes that they own. This is built into the system used by the UK Ministry of Defence Procurement, and process owners who don t update their process are given a nudge by a high ranking officer. This ensures follow-through on learning.
    • – Once the process or procedure is updated, the lesson can be removed from the Lessons Management System and archived as part of the paper trail that tracks why changes were made. The active lessons database then only contains pending lessons, which aren t yet incorporated into practices and guidelines, while closed lessons are archived.
    • Lessons Management System, to ensure that the process improvement suggestions that arise from lessons are reviewed, and are closed out.

    People seeking knowledge now need to look in only two places for knowledge – the corporate guidelines, procedures and best practices, and the pending lessons. There s no need to wade through hundreds of past lessons, because all the good ideas are already incorporated into the guidelines. Excellence in following through to turn lessons into actionable process improvement is therefore a defining characteristic of learning organisations, and in these organisations we seldom if ever hear the claim Lessons Learned doesn t work .


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    RAID Enclosures #server #raid #systems, #raid #hard #drive #storage, #multilane #storage,


    Newegg.com – A great place to buy computers, computer parts, electronics, software, accessories, and DVDs online. With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service – once you know, you Newegg.

    If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page.(Do not use your browser’s “Refresh” button). Please email us if you’re running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message.

    If you see this message, your web browser doesn’t support JavaScript or JavaScript is disabled. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings so Newegg.com can function correctly.

    • Feedback


    Free 30-Day Trial when you sign up for a 12-month membership. Sign up and start enjoying:

    Free 3-Day-or-sooner expedited shipping on qualifying items.

    Add up to four friends to your account so they can enjoy your great Newegg Premier benefits.

    Free Returns with No restocking fee

    Free shipping on returns and waived restocking fee for qualifying items.

    Dedicated Customer Service

    Need quick assistance? Use our private customer service line to help answer any questions or concerns.

    RAID Enclosure / Subsystems

    Mediasonic HFR7-SU3S2 PRORAID Box 4 Bay Raid 3.5 SATA Hard Drive Enclosure with USB 3.0 eSATA

    • Drive: SATA
    • OS Supported: Windows XP / VISTA 32 / 64-Bit / Windows 7 / Windows 8, 8.1 / 10 (with MBR enabled, supports total capacity up to 2TB) Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 32 / 64-Bit (with GPT enabled, supports total capacity more than 2TB) Mac OS 10.3 or later
    • Power Supply: 100V to 240V
    • Dimensions: 6.54″ x 4.96″ x 8.46″
    • Model #: HFR7-SU3S2
    • Item #: N82E16816322029
    • Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

    CineRAID CR-H458 Hardware RAID 0, 1, 10, 3 and RAID 5, Support 4 x 3.5 Hot Swappable Drive Bays USB 3.0 eSATA RAID SubSystem

    • Drive: SATA
    • OS Supported: Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP Home Edition SP-1, Professional SP-1 / Windows 2000 Professional SP-3 / Windows ME / Windows 98SE or later versions Mac OS X 10.3 or later (recommended 10.3.9 or later) Linux 32-bit / 64-bit
    • Power Supply: 1 x H458 Enclosure 1 x eSATA Cable 1 x USB 3.0 Cable 4 x HDD Screw-less Trays 1 x Power Adapter 1 x Power Cord 1 x User manual and Software CD
    • Dimensions: 6.50″ x 6.50″ x 9.00″
    • Model #: CR-H458
    • Item #: N82E16816856039
    • Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

    Mediasonic HUR2-SU3 2 3.5 USB 3.0 UASP ProBox dualbay docking station 2.5 3.5 HDD clone function

    • Drive: SATA
    • OS Supported: Windows 7 / 8.1 (with MBR enabled, supports total capacity up to 2TB) Windows 7 / 8 (32 / 64 bits) (with GPT enabled, support total capacity more than 2TB) Mac OSX 10.8 or later
    • Power Supply: Input: 100

    HighPoint RocketStor 6418AS – 8-Bay 6 Gb s SAS SATA Hardware RAID Tower Enclosure

    • Drive: SAS & SATA
    • OS Supported: Windows: Windows 2008 and Windows 7 and later Linux: RedHat Enterprise, Open SuSE, Fedora Core, Debian, Ubuntu / Linux Driver embedded into Kernel 3.9.4 and later FreeBSD: Driver embedded into FreeBSD 9.0 and later Mac OS X: Mac OS X 10.6 and later (Driver embedded into Mac OS X 10.9 and later)
    • Temperature: Operating: 5 degree C – 45 degree C Non-Operating: -40 degree C – 65 degree C
    • Humidity: Operating 8% – 90% RH (Non-condensing) Non-operating 5% – 95% RH (Non-condensing)
    • Model #: RocketStor 6418AS
    • Item #: N82E16816115189
    • Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

    Mediasonic ProRaid HUR6-SU31 RAID 0, 1, JBOD USB 3.1 Gen-II Type-C ProRaid 2 Bay 2.5 SATA HDD SSD Enclosure – USB 3.1 Gen-II Type-C

    • Drive: SATA
    • OS Supported: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32 / 64-bit) (MBR Support up to 2TB, and GPT support more than 2TB) Mac OS 10.8 or later The product is Plug and Play; therefore, no driver is required for Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 or Mac OS.
    • Power Supply: AC Power Adapter: (Optional) No Power Adapter is required if PC / Mac can supply enough power to the unit. If PC or Mac cannot supply enough power to the unit, power adapter is required to plug into the unit
    • Dimensions: 6.69″ x 13.78″ x 9.84
    • Model #: HUR6-SU31
    • Item #: N82E16816322031
    • Return Policy: Standard Return Policy

    Sans Digital 4 Bay eSATA Port Multiplier JBOD Tower Storage Enclosure no eSATA Card bundle TR4M BNC

    4TB HDD Supported, up to 16TB, eSATA Port Multiplier


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    Alfano Plumbing Parts #plumbing #supplies,commercial #faucets, #faucet #parts, #shower #parts, #toilet


    Alfano Plumbing Parts

    We carry hard-to-find plumbing repair parts and obsolete parts for faucets, showers, toilets, flushometers, water filters, ceramic and thermostatic cartridges, flush valves (a.k.a. douglas valves) and fill valves/water controls (a.k.a. ballcocks). We will duplicate obsolete parts.

    We carry ALL Plumbing Parts – OEM, generic and obsolete! We are Faucet and Toilet Parts Specialists! We carry OLD, OBSOLETE, VINTAGE, ANTIQUE, RECONDITIONED AND AFTER-MARKET PARTS. CALL US! AND TELL US WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR!

    104-78 Roosevelt Avenue
    New York

    TOLL FREE: 877.900.6510 � Tel: 718.899.6500Fax: 718.458.6716

    MONDAY – THURSDAY: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
    FRIDAY: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

    We have an extensive stem, cartridge, and pressure balancing spool catalog. Our inventory includes:
    � Faucet Parts (stems, ceramic cartridges, single lever and 2 handle cartridges, washers, screws, gaskets, handles, escutcheons, spouts)
    � Flushometers � Toilet Tank Parts � Pressurized Tank Parts � Sloan Flushmates
    � Optima Flushometer Parts � Sensor Faucet Parts � Water Filters � Pre-Filters � Drinking Filter Cartridges
    � Tub Spouts � Pull-Out/Pull Down Spouts � Kitchen Spouts � Strainers and Drain Covers

    We carry: Acme Brass, Acorn, Altmans, American Brass, American Standard, Apex, Aquabrass, Aquasource, Arrowhead Brass, Arti Deco, Artistic Brass, Arwa, Auburn Brass, B K, Balocchi, Barclay, Bardes, Barnes, Belvedere, Block Brass, Borg Warner, Bradley, Brasscraft, Briggs, Bristol, Brizo, Broadway, Burlington, California, Cambridge, Case, Central Brass, Cesco Brass, CFG, Chase, Chatsworth, Chicago, Chicago Specialty, Cifial, Coast, Comco, Concinnity, Crane-Repcal, Cristina Rubinetterie, Crosley, Cucina, Danze, Delany, Delta, Delex, Dick Brothers, Dishmaster, Dobo, Dolphin, Dominion, Donner, Dorf, Dornbracht, Duravit, East River, Eljer, Elkay, Encore, Eurotrading, EZ-Flo, Federal Huber, Fisher, Fisher Old, Fluidmaster, Flushmate, Franke, Franklin, Frost, Gerber, Glacier Bay, Glauber Globe, Goetz, Grand Haven, Grohe, Hajoca, Halsey-Taylor, Hamat, Hammond, Hansa, Hansgrohe, Harcraft, Harden Brass, Harrington Brass, Hastings, Haws, Hay-Eire, Helvix, Hico, Hoover, Hudson, Hudson Reed, Hydroplast, Indiana Brass, Jaclo, Jacuzzi/Seacrest, Jado, Jameco, Jr. Smith, Kalista, KCG, Kingston Brass, Kohler, Kronin, Krowne, KWC, Laloo, Lenhart, Logan, Mansfield, Matco Norca, McDonald, Mellard, Michigan Brass, Midcor, Milwaukee, Mixet, Moen, Morgan, Mott J.L. Mountain, Mueller, Newport, Nibco, Nicolazzi, Omni, Opella, Pacific/Morgan ,Pacifica, Paini, Pasco, Paul, Peck, Peerless, Perlick, Phoenix, Phylrich, Pibbs, Powers, Premier, Price Pfister, Prier, Pubco, Queen City, Rapetti, Reid Watson, Republic, Richmond Rheem, Riobel, Roberts Brass, Rohl, Ross Gade, Royal Brass, S.A.O. Salter, Santec, Savil, Savoy, Sayco, Schaible, Scoville, Sears, Sepco, Sherle Wagner, Sigma, Sign of the Crab, Simbolo, Sisco, Sloan, Speakman, Sphinx, Spring House, Sterling, Streamway, Suncraft, Supergrif, Symmons, T S, Tanner, Toto, Tracy, Trenton, Union Brass, Universal Rundle, Valley, Valquest, Vernet, Victor, Vola, Watermark, Waterworks, Watersaver, Webstone, Wellington, Wilde Tools, Wolfe, Wolverine, Woodford, Youngstown, Yugoslav, Zinplas, Zurn.

    Our inventory is constantly being updated.

    If you have a company that’s not listed, please contact us!

    This site and all artwork are copyright � 2016 Alfano Queens Plumbing Parts


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    Restaurant Training Manual Templates #restaurantowner.com, #forms, #checklists, #manuals, #spreadsheets, #restaurant, #training,



    Restaurant Training Manual Templates

    Training manuals provide the basis for consistent results so that you’re capable of creating high-quality dining experiences regardless of who’s on the floor or in the kitchen.

    Having a complete and thorough restaurant training manual for every position is critical to ensure consistent training when people are hired and for correct, consistent execution in the restaurant.

    Using our restaurant employee training manual templates is the fast and easy way to save yourself hours and hours of researching, organizing and writing your own training manuals from scratch. We have Training Manual Templates for the following positions –

    Download the Server Training Manual

    This form is available in the following formats. You must have a compatible program installed on your computer to use them.

    Click to Download Microsoft Word format

    Download the Dishwasher Training Manual

    This form is available in the following formats. You must have a compatible program installed on your computer to use them.

    Click to Download Microsoft Word format

    Download the Line Cook Training Manual

    This form is available in the following formats. You must have a compatible program installed on your computer to use them.

    Click to Download Microsoft Word format

    Download the Prep Cook Training Manual

    This form is available in the following formats. You must have a compatible program installed on your computer to use them.

    Click to Download Microsoft Word format

    Download the Busser Training Manual

    This form is available in the following formats. You must have a compatible program installed on your computer to use them.

    Click to Download Microsoft Word format

    Download the Host/Hostess Training Manual

    This form is available in the following formats. You must have a compatible program installed on your computer to use them.

    Click to Download Microsoft Word format

    Download the Bartender Training Manual

    This form is available in the following formats. You must have a compatible program installed on your computer to use them.

    Click to Download Microsoft Word format

    The Restaurant Employee Training Manual Templates are downloadable in MS Word (.docx) file format.

    Get immediate access to the Restaurant Employee Training Manual Templates PLUS hundreds of additional articles, operational forms, manuals & spreadsheet templates and MUCH, MUCH MORE when you join RestaurantOwner.com .

    Server Training Manual Table of Contents page 1 –

    Server Training Manual Table of Contents page 2 –

    Sample page from the Server Training Manual –

    Sample page from the Server Training Manual –


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    Small Business Security Systems #alarm #systems #for #small #business


    Small Business Security Systems Experts

    Peace of Mind for Your Small Business

    Running a small business requires you to take a number of risks. However, security shouldn’t be one of them. Your primary role is to focus on your business, and we will help you do just that by protecting it with a small business security solution that’s just right for you. We can provide a situation assessment to better understand your small business environment and help pinpoint where you may be most vulnerable, even in areas you may not have considered.

    From burglar alarms and access control to video cameras and digital video recorders, Protection 1 offers security products and service plans that let you choose the solutions best suited to you. We can customize a flexible package of solutions to address your security issues and provide peace of mind.

    Protection 1 Can Address Your Greatest Challenges

    • Burglary accounted for $4.7 billion in losses in 2012, with the majority of non-residential burglaries occurring during the nighttime.* We can help reduce your risk with a professionally installed and monitored burglar alarm system.
    • Employee theft is blamed for $20 to $40 billion in losses, with three out of four employees stealing from their employer.** Video cameras serve as an effective deterrent, and recorded video can be accessed remotely for a live look-in or incident review.
    • Low employee productivity can translate into time wasted on the job and poor customer service, affecting your overall profitability. Actively monitored systems allow you to thank employees for a job you see well done and remind them that their actions are available for review.

    Small Business Security Solutions

    When you call on Protection 1 for your small business security, you can have it all:

    • Local Service and Support
    • Award Winning Resources
    • Affordable and Reliable Security Technology
    • Personal Service

    Many large security companies contract outside dealers to represent them, but we employ our own sales consultants and service technicians. We are a national company with highly trained local professionals who provide innovative security products, expert installation and unparalleled customer service. We have offices strategically located throughout the country, with each local office equipped to help address your small business security needs.

    Video Solutions

    Video solutions include video surveillance cameras for any application and remote video services that can protect your small business against crimes such as shoplifting, vandalism and employee theft. We also offer digital video recorders (DVRs) that can document incidents for evidence when needed.

  • Access Control

    Access control systems can protect your main entrances as well as sensitive areas of your business while eliminating the cost and headache of re-keying and lock changes when employees leave. Whether you want to protect valuable assets or increase employee safety, we have flexible electronic access control solutions for your small business.

  • Intrusion Alarms

    Intrusion alarms, burglar alarms and monitoring can provide small businesses with effective and affordable protection for employees and property due to unauthorized entry, robbery, burglary, holdup, theft and vandalism. Our eSecure services allow you to conveniently monitor and control your security system remotely from your mobile or web-enabled device.

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring is performed by trained Protection 1 professionals specializing in commercial security systems. Our UL Certified monitoring centers are staffed around the clock, so you can have the confidence that your business is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Installation Maintenance

    Installation and maintenance is performed by Protection 1 technicians trained specifically to service commercial security systems. If you need service, we arrange for service calls within one day. Our Tech Tracker feature will even let you know via email or text message which technician will be arriving for your installation or service and provide an estimated time of arrival.

  • Fire Life Safety

    Fire and life safety systems can ensure that your people and property are protected from fire and smoke. With fire alarm monitoring to fire alarm inspections and service, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Protection 1 has you covered.

    *FBI’s Uniform Crime Report
    **U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2012

    Reducing Employee Theft

    3 out of 4 employees steal from their employer, racking up $20 to $40 billion in losses.** Video surveillance systems can deter employee theft, record incidents and allow you to access cameras remotely to view live video of your business.

    **U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2012.

    Related Case Study: Coin-operated Laundromat

    This coin-operated laundromat owner thinks Protection 1 is the best way to remove crime.

    The Situation: This laundromat owner was experiencing burglaries during the day. Her laundromat was unattended and burglars were ripping down office doors, cutting open her safe and breaking into her machines. The owner called Protection 1 for a complete security upgrade.

    Action: Our customer had construction going on right up until the day before she reopened. She was installing barred doors, a new safe and making other structural changes. Our Protection 1 installation team went above and beyond the call of duty to complete ALL of her security upgrades the day before she reopened—and helped to prevent further damage to her new facility.

    Result: This laundromat owner has all kinds of good things to say about Protection 1. She still can’t believe we were able to work side by side with her other contractors—at the last minute—to get her job done. She gives us high marks because we gave her exceptional customer service that really exceeded her expectations.

    Our People Are What Set Us Apart


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  • Business Telephone Systems, T1 Service, VOIP Solutions, IP Telephony, Business Phones,


    Welcome to All American Communications!

    If you are looking for a lifetime telecommunications service partner with a passion for service, you have come to the right place. We specialize in installation and maintenance of Business Telephone Systems. IP Telephony. and Business VoIP Solutions in the Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Irving, and the entire DFW Metroplex area.

    A business telephone system is the backbone of every successful business. Knowing this, we provide service to our clients 24/7/365 days a year. Need emergency telephone system service? We’re there! Need a new business phone system installed in a pinch? Consider it done. Take a look at a few of our solutions and business class offerings:

    NEC Business Telephone Systems

    Voice Mail Solutions

    Voice and Data Cabling

    IP PBX and SIP Trunking

    Multi-Location Telephone System Networking

    Call Center Software

    Call Accounting Software

    We help you Sell Your Used Telephone System Equipment

    And much, much more.

    As the telephony industry shifts to Implementing voice services across your data network to take advantage of powerful new tools, we realize how essential it is to have a single company to maintain your voice and data infrastructure. We make it easy for our clients by providing complete Data Network Services for them. One call now takes care of all of your voice and data needs. Take a look at just a few of our offerings below:

    PC Service and Network Maintenance

    Email Solutions / Anti-Spam

    Data Loss Prevention / Secure Backups

    Hardware and Software Upgrades

    Network Security / Anti-Virus

    Voice and Data Cabling, Integrated Cabling, Fiber Optic Cabling

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    All American Communications offers a complete line of security and surveillance cameras to protect your business assets, reduce liability, prevent shrinkage or theft, increase productivity, and to reduce your insurance costs. You can even monitor our cameras offsite from multiple facilities at once with your high speed internet connection!


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    Restaurant POS Software – RPOWER Point of Sale – Nightclub POS


    Reliability and value have always made RPOWER a smart decision when selecting the right POS system. Now that it offers web-accessible, back-office monitoring and storage capabilities, it s my only choice.

    – Regina Billups – Food Service Consultant, Lexington, VA

    Running my business was tough times before installing RPOWER. It has given me the tools I need to control my business and keep track of both my wait staff kitchen staff’s performance.

    – Jerry Lombardi – Lombardi’s on the Sound, Long Island, NY

    We had nearly given up our search when we found RPOWER. RPOWER has helped us to increase productivity, profitability, and service our customers better.

    – Simon Jacobs, President, Hale and Hearty Soups

    I have two other point-of-sale systems in other locations and I think that RPOWER is by far the most reliable system of all of them.

    – Lenny Paserelli, Owner – Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, Manhattan, New York City

    RPOWER has wonderful adaptability, wonderful flexibility. For over six years, it has done what we ve needed, especially with the delivery component. And it keeps being improved upon!

    – Bruce Sternman, Proprietor – The Manhattan Chili Co. New York, NY

    No matter what niche of the food service market our software users carve out, RPOWER Point of Sale is built to handle the everyday tasks and the unexpected challenges of doing business. RPOWER configurations are tailored to meet individual POS market demands through flexible and user friendly design.

    RPOWER is dedicated to POS users and their needs. As a result of years of listening and responding to feedback and requests, RPOWER has assembled an arsenal of innovative software features, all aimed at providing restaurants with quality POS systems and opportunities for success.

    The old saying “Knowledge is Power” has never been more true in the food service industry. RPOWER POS supplies the essential clues needed to evaluate a business’s efficiency and potential. Secure access to cloud data can be the key difference in managing a restaurant’s profitability.

    Reliability often gets top billing when it comes to RPOWER’s best software qualities. Ask any server, bartender, or cashier what they like most in our POS Systems, and they may say usability has the edge. RPOWER’s intuitive and concise interface has made many a server’s day because of its abilty to make them look good. Accessible features, flexibility, and speed are crucial POS qualities when tips are on the line. Abundant tips are a sign of happy customers, and in a social media world, happy customers are key to continuing and increasing patronage. Watch this tutorial and have a glimpse into how simple and smart POS software operations can be.

    Become an RPOWER Dealer

    RPOWER is seeking to expand and improve its distribution network by recruiting sound, technically proficient dealers for long-term relationships. We offer a premier, cost effective point-of-sale solution for today’s food service industry. Our proven, flexible, and reliable POS software allows dealers to confidently approach any potential hospitality POS client. Apply to be an RPOWER dealer!


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    Fleet Tracking Software #fleet #utilisation, #safety #systems, #fleet #tracking #software, #gps


    Contact Us

    Fleet Tracking Software GPS Vehicle Tracking System Australia

    FleetSeek is at the forefront of Fleet Utilisation technology, and invests heavily in new advancements that will make tracking your fleet easier.

    We have recently implemented a Camera Feature that is live, and can send accident alerts straight to your inbox. No need to remove SD cards. FleetSeek is a nationally recognised Fleet Tracking Software Solutions provider; currently working with some of the biggest brands in the Market. Internationally FleetSeek is affiliated with RTL Telematics, which has been operating in the telematics space since 2002. Today our customer base covers over twenty countries spanning six continents.

    Experience Cutting Edge Cloud Based GPS tracking Solutions

    FleetSeek provides real time GPS Safety Systems, Fleet tracking software and customised management reports with the smartest fleet tracking software management tools in Australia today. It s all accessible via our online customer portal, where you will find in-depth data on your fleet that makes you think that you were behind the wheel yourself. To back up this wealth of information, our fleet utilisation consultants provide unparalleled support including 24/7 customer service.

    To effectively manage your fleet, you need to be aware of where your fleet are now and where the vehicles have been in the past.

    Having this information will help your business make informed decisions, such as a GPS Tracker Truck, wich is our cloud based solutions designed specifically to maange large assets. GPS Tracker Truck, is ideal for logistics, long haul, and transport businesses. The solution provides accurate information across a range of operational activities, saving you time and money. FleetSeek is proud to say that our fleet tracking software is available Australia wide. Our Tracking Systems have had a dramatic impact on clients bottom lines, streamlining and improving efficiency with measurable results.

    Experience the FleetSeek difference for yourself with the smartest Fleet GPS Vehicle Tracking software in Australia today. Request a demonstration from our fleet management consultants today.

    Our GPS Tracking Systems consultants provide a solution-based service that is hassle free and competitively priced. It s easy to see why we re a preferred provider of fleet management services.

    FleetSeek provides Tracking Systems, across Australia, with real-time GPS vehicle tracking and customised management reports. Take your busniess to the next level with the smartest fleet management software in Australia today.

    Our GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions come with dedicated consultants that provide unparalleled support including 24/7 customer service.

    Trade-In your existing system for an advanced FleetSeek one!

    FleetSeek is a robust and established GPS solutions provider. Our international offering means that due to the demand, and our in-house end-to-end production process – we are able to offer considerable cost savings to our customers. Without compromising on quality – in fact having a production process in house, means that we can make it especially for you!!

    Unlike other suppliers in the market – we are not reliant on external manufacturing processes, which usually means higher costs for basic hardware for the customer! Our solutions are half the price of solutions available on the market – and we are able to leverage our in-house capability to look at Trade in options for you!!

    So no longer do you need to stick with a mediocre GPS solution just because you have paid for the hardware outright. Why not talk to us today 1300 693 533!!


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    Fayetteville Home Security Systems in Fayetteville NC – Fayetteville Alarm Systems


    Fayetteville Home Security Systems and Alarm Systems

    Alarm Monitoring and Burglar Alarm Systems Fayetteville, North Carolina

    Are you considering purchasing a home security system but don’t know where to start? Look no farther because the staff at SecurityGuide.com is trained to take you step-by-step through this process. A SecurityGuide.com representative will work to find the best security companies in Fayetteville and then provide you with quotes. The Fayetteville security company that you choose will come to your Fayetteville home and walk through it with you to determine the best Fayetteville security system for you. They will they provide you with several options to allow you the right amount of protection. SecurityGuide.com will stand by your side while the residential security system of your choice is being installed!

    In case you are not satisfied with your current home security system in Fayetteville, you need to look for more choices. SecurityGuide.com can provide you with quotes from Fayetteville security companies that offer the latest and the most effective residential security system for ensuring the complete safety of your cherished home. So, if you are scared of burglars or scared at the thought of a possible fire outbreak in Fayetteville, simply fill out the free quote form on SecurityGuide.com.

    Is your Fayetteville wireless alarm system acting up on you? Are you still searching for the best wireless alarm system to keep you updated in the case of theft or fire? A wireless alarm system is essential for your doors and windows and if this is not in place, your home in Fayetteville is always at risk. SecurityGuide.com has connections with Fayetteville top security companies that will provide you with a free quote for an alarm system that is best suited for your needs. To ensure 24/7 support, simply contact SecurityGuide.com and let us help you keep your apartment or house in Fayetteville safe and completely risk free.

    In case you are looking for the best monitored home security system in Fayetteville, then you need to weigh your options carefully. Monitored home security system in Fayetteville cannot be compared to buying other electronic items and you need to be very careful in your choice and while getting them installed in your precious household. You want to make sure that your Fayetteville home is well protected with the perfect system for you. A home security system is essential for keeping your house safe from unwanted Fayetteville burglars and protecting again other disasters.

    Cumberland County Crime Statistics

    Fayetteville, North Carolina is located in Cumberland County

    The crime information for Cumberland County has been collected from the FBI crime statistics reported in the United States Census. The crime rate of Cumberland County includes violent crimes, aggravated assaults, property crimes and burglaries.

    Cumberland County Violent Crimes


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    AC Repair Miami #miami #air #conditioning #repair, #air #conditioning #repair #miami,


    Miami Air Conditioning Repair Miami Beach, FL 305-400-0219

    Looking for a reliable air conditioning repair company in Miami or Dade County? Need your air conditioning repaired today? Let Miami Air Conditioning Repairs same-day air conditioning repair service come to the rescue. Our air conditioning repair. maintenance and installation technicians and contractors are some of the most highly skilled air conditioning repair technicians in the area. So whether you need your commercial air conditioner repaired or your home air conditioning system replaced, let our team of factory trained and certified home central air conditioning repair technicians be there for you and your family.


    Miami Air Conditioning Repair HVAC Service

    Miami Air Conditioning Repair
    • Air Conditioning Repairs
    • Air Conditioner Installations
    • Hot Water Heater Repair
    • Service For Roof Top Units
    • HVAC System Repairs
    • Heat Pump AC Repair
    • Controls Balancing
    • Air Duct Cleaning
    • Indoor Air Quality
    FREE Estimates on New Air Conditioning or Home Furnace Replacement Installations. Call 305-400-0219. SAVE UP TO $1500!

    Miami HVAC Repair, Service Installations

    We are the Miami AC repair service experts for all makes and models of air conditioners in Miami the Suburbs. Our HVAC service trucks are fully stocked with air conditioning repair and heating repair parts and our factory trained AC technicians and installation teams will repair, service and install your homes central air conditioning system right the first time, no compromises.

    • Service and Maintenance Contracts on Residential Commercial HVAC Systems
    • Free Estimates on New Air Conditioning and Home Furnace Installations
    • Free Estimates on New Commercial Roof Top Units Replacement and Installations

    Miami Air Conditioning Repair HVAC Repair Service

    We are the Miami HVAC repair service experts and provide 24/7 emergency HVAC repairs, installations and service in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale areas for all types of commercial and residential HVAC equipment. Our company trucks are fully stocked with HVAC service parts and our factory trained HVAC repair technicians and installation contractors will repair, service and install your HVAC air conditioning or heating system right the first time, the way we would in our own home. Check out our new site at Pompano Beach air conditioning repair for great service in that area.


    AC Repair Service Areas

      • Palm Beach County, FL
      • Atlantis, FL
      • Belle Glade, FL
      • Boca Raton, FL
      • Boynton Beach, FL
      • Briny Breezes, FL
      • Canal Point, FL
      • Cloud Lake, FL
      • Delray Beach, FL
      • Glen Ridge, FL
      • Golf, FL
      • Greenacres, FL
      • Gulf Stream, FL
      • Haverhill, FL
      • Highland Beach, FL
      • Hypoluxo, FL
      • Juno Beach, FL
      • Jupiter, FL
      • Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL
      • Lake Clarke Shores, FL
      • Lake Park, FL
      • Lake Worth, FL
      • Lantana, FL
      • Loxahatchee, FL
      • Manalapan, FL
      • Mangonia Park, FL
      • North Palm Beach, FL
      • Ocean Ridge, FL
      • Pahokee, FL
      • Palm Beach, FL
      • Palm Beach Gardens, FL
      • Palm Beach Shores, FL
      • Palm Springs, FL
      • Riviera Beach, FL
      • Royal Palm Beach, FL
      • Sandcut, FL
      • South Bay, FL
      • South Palm Beach, FL
      • Tequesta, FL
      • Wellington, FL
      • West Palm Beach, FL
      • Broward County, FL
      • Coconut Creek, FL
      • Cooper City, FL
      • Coral Springs, FL
      • Dania Beach, FL
      • Davie, FL
      • Deerfield Beach, FL
      • Fort Lauderdale, FL
      • Hallandale Beach, FL
      • Hillsboro Beach, FL
      • Hollywood, FL
      • Lauderdale Lakes, FL
      • Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL
      • Lauderhill, FL
      • Lazy Lake, FL
      • Lighthouse Point, FL
      • Margate, FL
      • Miramar, FL
      • North Lauderdale, FL
      • Oakland Park, FL
      • Parkland, FL
      • Pembroke Park, FL
      • Pembroke Pines, FL
      • Plantation, FL
      • Pompano Beach, FL
      • Port Everglades, FL
      • Sea Ranch Lakes, FL
      • Southwest Ranches, FL
      • Sunrise, FL
      • Tamarac, FL
      • Weston, FL
      • Wilton Manors, FL
      • Miami-Dade County, FL
      • Aventura, FL
      • Bal Harbour, FL
      • Bay Harbor Islands, FL
      • Biscayne Park, FL
      • Coconut Grove, FL
      • Coral Gables, FL
      • Cutler Bay, FL
      • Doral, FL
      • El Portal, FL
      • Florida City, FL
      • Golden Beach, FL
      • Goulds, FL
      • Hialeah, FL
      • Hialeah Gardens, FL
      • Homestead, FL
      • Indian Village, FL
      • Islandia, FL
      • Kendall, FL
      • Key Biscayne, FL
      • Leisure City, FL
      • Medley, FL
      • Miami, FL
      • Miami Beach, FL
      • Miami Gardens, FL
      • Miami Lakes, FL
      • Miami Shores Village, FL
      • Miami Springs, FL
      • North Bay Village, FL
      • North Miami, FL
      • North Miami Beach, FL
      • Opa-Locka, FL
      • Palmetto Bay, FL
      • Pinecrest, FL
      • Pinewood, FL
      • Princeton, FL
      • Richmond Heights, FL
      • South Miami, FL
      • Sunny Isles Beach, FL
      • Surfside, FL
      • Sweetwater, FL
      • Virginia Gardens, FL
      • West Miami, FL
      • Westchester, FL
      • Westwood Lake, FL

    AC Units We Service

    FREE SERVICE CALL with any AC REPAIR Online Special


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    SAFE SECURITY – Security Alarm System Components #alarm #systems, #security, #burglar


    At SAFE Security we design home security systems that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer s home and lifestyle. We have wired and wireless systems available and all our systems are easy to use. Our systems can be configured to protect your home against intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide and other environmental hazards. When triggered, these devices send an electronic signal to the monitoring station where a trained operator will respond appropriately.

    The most commonly used devices include:

    Security System Keypads
    Keypads are an important part of your home security. They allow you to arm your system with a secured code. They can be placed wherever you need them most and are so easy to use even your children can operate them.

    Keypads feature emergency buttons that allow you to call for help immediately. Backlit buttons allow you to see your keypad when the power is out.

    Door and Window Sensors
    According to the NBFAA, 56% of burglars enter through a door, another 23% through the first floor window. Door and window sensors are placed in these areas of vulnerability. When the contact is broken, the alarm is triggered. A chime function allows you to monitor who comes and goes from your home—this is great for added security while you are at home. Keep children in and intruders out.

    Motion Detectors
    Motion Detectors are triggered when someone walks in view of the detector. If an intruder enters your home through a door or window that is not protected by a sensor, the motion detector will act as a trap ensuring they don’t stay in the home for long.

    Motion Detector technology can distinguish the difference between an intruder and a playful cat or dog left in the home. They can be turned off while you are home while your windows and doors can remain secured.

    Monitored Smoke Detectors
    During a fire it takes the average person seven minutes before they have an opportunity to call the fire department, but it takes just three minutes for a room to become fully engulfed in flames. With a monitored smoke detector, the second smoke is detected the siren will be triggered, the monitoring station will be contacted and the fire department dispatched. This allows you to focus on getting your family out of the home.

    Smoke detectors provide the best early warning for fire protection and ensure that your home is protected while you are at home or away.

    Carbon Monoxide Detector
    Carbon monoxide poisoning is the #1 cause of accidental poisoning in the United States. You can’t see it, smell it or taste it, but our Carbon Monoxide Detectors can. When high levels of carbon monoxide are detected the monitoring station is signaled and alerts your family. Protect your family against this silent killer with a Carbon Monoxide Detector added to your home security system.

    Panic Buttons
    Panic Sensors are designed to go just about anywhere. This sensor allows you to activate a 24-hour emergency alarm whether you are at home, in the yard, or in the shower. Call for help with just a push of a button.

    Remote Entry Key Fob
    Convenient and easy to use remote entry key fobs allow you to arm and disarm your system with a push of a button as far as 500 feet from your home. The key fob also features a panic button which allows you to contact help in case of emergency.

    Alarm Sirens
    An alarm siren provides peace of mind for you and acts as a deterrent for would-be intruders. Alarm sirens will wake even the soundest sleepers to alert them of trouble.


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    Vintage Stereo #vintage #stereo, #audio #systems, #speaker #repair, #stereo #service, #restoration

    Vintage Stereo

    Soundsclassic.com sells Vintage Stereo Equipment and Audio Systems, does Speaker Repair and Stereo Service and Restoration on Vintage Turntables, Amplifiers, Tape Decks, Receivers and Tube Equipment.
    40 Years of Trusted Audio Service Experience.
    HiFi Audio Sales, Repair and Restoration in Rockford IL.

    Greetings Everyone!

    Watch for New Items Daily! Updated 5/28/17.
    Checkout The 20 New Vintage Stereo Items on The Website Today.
    New Cassette Decks, Disc Players and Surround Receivers, Several New Speakers and Some New Conrad Johnson Tube Pieces !
    Keep watching, Thanks!

    We are Currently working on a Complete Overhaul of Our Website, to make it more Mobile Friendly. Watch for the Changes. You will Know it when it Happens!

    We have recently become a dealer for the new Teac Turntables. We look at hundreds of Turntables a month for restoration and repair. Teac’s new line is quality built, beautiful to look at and has everything an Audiophile would want in a modern Turntable. Check them out. New Teac TN-570 Turntables.

    We have Hundreds more items on their way very soon. Keep watching. Marantz, Pioneer, Sansui and many new Tube items, all Fully Restored and Ready for Sale.
    Newest Items will appear First on the Page.

    Are You looking for Vintage and Hi-End Stereo Restoration Work? Now is a Good Time to get Your Equipment into Us. We are currently at about a 4 Week Turn-around Time. Give Us a Call or Check out our Restoration Page.

    We endever to continue to supply all our customers with the Highest Quality Repair and Restoration Services in Vintage Stereo and High-end Audio Equipment. Contact us for anything that you may be searching for.
    We purchase, restore and display new items every week.
    So keep watching and tell your friends.
    Join us on Facebook and be the first to get access to new deals and items as they are posted.

    Mark Peabody
    CEO Soundsclassic & Video Lab, Inc.

    Contact Us

    Phone: 815-398-0560
    Email: Please contact us by telephone as we can no longer handle
    the large amount of emails sent to us on a daily basis. Thank You.

    4444 Center Terrace
    Rockford, IL. 61108 USA

    They’re not our Competitors,
    They’re our Comparitors!

    Visit our Friends at-

    Audio Classics.Com
    For more Fine Quality High-End Audio!

    Great Reference Source for Vintage Marantz, Pioneer and Sansui.

    Consolidated Electronics
    The Best Source for NOS Parts and Discontinued Semi-conductors.


    Like the 70’s era that it portrayed, HBO’s Series ‘Vinyl’ is now a memory.
    HBO has decided to cancel the show after only one season.
    Still worth watching if you have not seen it. See all the Vintage Stereo
    and Studio Equipment We Restored for this Series, helping Martin
    Scorcese and Mick Jagger Recreate the 1970’s for HBO’s Series ‘Vinyl’.
    Started Febuary 14, 2016. Sorry to see it go.
    See some of the 80+ items we Restored
    and Provided at Rock_n_Roll Props.htm

    Copyright 2017 Soundsclassic.com Updated 5/28/17


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    Avaya Review 2017 #office #phone #systems #reviews


    Avaya IP Office Review

    Editor s Note: On Jan. 19, 2017, Avaya filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. At this time, we are continuing to recommend it as one of the best small business phone systems. However, we are monitoring the status of the company and if necessary will adjust our best picks as the situation evolves.

    Avaya’s phone system is an excellent on-premises solution for small businesses because of the options it offers. The on-premises systems are available in several different platforms, each of which can be customized for the specific features and tools a business wants.

    In addition to being one of the best on-premises phone systems, Avaya is among the contenders for best call center phone system, best phone system for enterprises and best phone system for businesses with multiple locations.

    • Best for: On-premises, call center, enterprise and multiple locations
    • Phone service: VoIP
    • Hosting: On-premises and cloud
    • Costs: One-time fees of $500 to $550 per user for on-premises systems; $25 per user per month for cloud-hosted systems
    • Support: Phone, email and live chat
    • Mobile app: iOS and Android devices

    Multiple Deployment Options

    Avaya offers a robust VoIP phone system for small businesses that can be configured specifically for each business. The system we researched in depth was the Office IP platform. This system is designed for businesses with five to 3,000 users.

    The Office IP platform can be deployed as an on-premises system or a cloud-hosted solution. Both options have same functionality; however, with the on-premises system, your IT staff is responsible for maintaining it and making any upgrades when necessary. With the cloud-hosted system, Avaya handles all of the maintenance and upgrades.

    A nice aspect of the on-premises system is that businesses can configure it for their specific needs. Each system starts with the main platform, a two-rack unit, and then businesses can pick and choose from the different add-ons. Add-ons can include mobility options and call center services. This allows your business to build a system that has exactly what it needs. As a business grows, the equipment can easily add storage, phone lines and new capabilities.

    The choice between an on-premises and a cloud-based system is part of what makes Avaya a great option for enterprise businesses and businesses with multiple locations. Since larger businesses have varying needs, having options on how they deploy their phone systems is a huge plus for many organizations.

    Avaya is also an enticing option for enterprises because of the large number of employees that can use the service. Businesses that have more employees than the Office IP platform supports can deploy Avaya’s Aura platform. This platform can serve up to 250,000 workers, including 2,500 on a single server.

    For businesses operating multiple offices or stores, the IP Office platform can easily expand to work in 150 different locations. Avaya’s phone system allows businesses to manage each location from a single browser-based interface. In addition, businesses using IP phones can automatically switch their service to one of the other locations should the office they are working in lose power. This helps ensure continuous operation.

    Overall, Avaya’s business phone systems offer more features and tools than most of its competitors. In total, the system is available in five editions Basic, Essential, Preferred, Server and Select that differ in the number of included features.

    Among the features available are automated attendants, caller ID, automatic callback, the ability to put calls on hold, on-hold music, the option to transfer calls and toggle between multiple calls at one time, and voicemail and voicemail-to-email. Altogether, Avaya offers more than 600 features and tools.

    One module businesses can add to the system is the Avaya Communicator. This allows employees to use their mobile devices or computers to talk on their business lines, make video calls and instant-message with co-workers. A presence feature indicates who is online and available for a meeting.

    In addition to choosing the edition with the features it needs, your business can designate which employees have access to which features. Each employee is designated as a basic user, office worker or power user.

    Basic users can make and receive calls and have access to most of the standard features, such as the ability to put calls on hold and transfer calls. The office worker designation allows employees to also use the visual voicemail tool, access the corporate directory, and integrate their systems with Microsoft Office and Salesforce.

    Power users have total control of the system. This allows them to make and receive calls on their mobile devices over cellular, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connections. They can also schedule conference calls and turn their home phones into their office phones.

    In addition to its regular phone system features, the Avaya contact center module offers features and tools for businesses with a call center. Among them are the ability for customers to connect with businesses via the phone, email and web chat.

    It also has skills-based call routing, interactive voice recordings, call recording, integrations with customer relationship management software, and access to real-time and historical reports. The contact center services also let businesses make telemarketing and outbound campaign calls.

    Since Avaya’s phone systems are so customized, pricing is often different for each business. Additionally, Avaya works with local resellers to sell and install the systems, which can affect pricing.

    The prices that one of Avaya’s local resellers quoted to us were based on a business with 100 total employees and 25 call center seats. For the on-premises system we were looking at, which included the mobility, conference calling and upgraded voicemail modules, the one-time costs were $500 per station. That included basic phones and installation. The call center service had additional one-time costs of $1,200 per user. The prices, however, do not include the monthly cost of bringing a dial tone into the system either via PRI circuits or SPI trunking.

    The cloud-hosted system cost $25 to $30 per user per month. That included 500 calling minutes per station. Call center services cost an additional $36 per month per user. However, there is an additional $400 charge per station for phones and installation.

    Since the pricing we were quoted was for our specific requirement and by a reseller in our area, the costs of the system for your business would be different. Knowing that Avaya offers such a wide range of system options, we would encourage all businesses to contact Avaya, or a local reseller, early on in their research process to get specific pricing for their exact needs.

    While some phone system providers handle all of their sales and support in-house, others, like Avaya, work with resellers in local communities. These resellers work with businesses individually to design and price out packages that best fit their needs. They also handle the installation, training and some support moving forward.

    During our research, we first contacted Avaya to learn more about the system. After giving us some basic details, the Avaya representative we spoke with asked for our contact information and said a local reseller in our area would reach out to us to provide more specifics and pricing details.

    While we were initially discouraged that we couldn’t learn more during that initial call, we were pleased when we heard back from the local reseller that same day. The reseller we spoke with was extremely knowledgeable about the Avaya system and provided us with more than enough detail.

    In addition, he followed up by emailing us a 90-page document that described the system in even more detail. The reseller also didn’t hesitate to share pricing information with us.

    While our interactions with the local reseller left us very comfortable with the service his company would provide, we can’t guarantee that Avaya resellers in all communities would offer this same level of support.

    Similarly with pricing, it is important to spend some time talking with the reseller Avaya refers you to in order to get an idea of what it would be like to work with them. Since getting the right phone system is such a big decision, businesses should make sure the reseller they are working with is not only going to provide a system that meets all of their needs, but is doing so for a fair price.

    Avaya does handle some support issues itself. If users have a problem, the company encourages them to file a help ticket online or launch a live chat session to get assistance.

    To read reviews of other phone system providers, or simply learn more about business phone systems, check out our business phone systems buying guide .

    More Small Business Phone Systems


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    Easy-CLICK – SeboTek Hearing Systems #travel #nurse

    #easy click travel



    Unmatched Comfort.

    Easy-CLICK is a high definition speaker and ear tip combination that provides exceptional sound quality and high frequency performance.

    Easy-CLICK tips are an essential part of a patented comfort technology. This unique technology creates an ultra soft and gentle fit in the ear resulting in an open and natural feel. Easy-CLICK tips are so soft and comfortable, people often forget they’re wearing them.

    Ultra-Soft, Thin and Flexible

    Easy-CLICK tips utilize an ultra thin membrane for the ultimate comfort experience. Multiple flex zones with 360° mobility ensures your easy-CLICK tip will adapt vertically and horizontally to canal bends.

    The soft tip retains the true shape of your ear canal and eliminates the occlusion effect for both open and sealed fittings.

    Easy-CLICK also incorporates a wax filter built into the tip and a second, Moisture Protection System (MPS) nano-coated filter on the speaker housing, giving the user unparalleled protection against both wax and moisture.

    Easy to Use. Easy to Replace.

    Not only is the new easy-CLICK system more sanitary, it lasts longer and ensures a more consistent, reliable performance. User-replaceable tips cut down on service visits and repairs saving you both time and money.


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    SGI CANADA – Home Systems Protection #home #systems #protection, #appliances, #equipment,


    Home Systems Protection

    Check out what makes Home Pak unique

    Did you know you can get Home Systems Protection to cover your home systems, equipment and appliances if they break down? Find out what makes Home Pak better by getting an online quote today.

    Outline of coverage

    Protecting your home systems, equipment and major appliances just got easier.

    You can add Home Systems Protection to all Prestige, Home. Mobile Home. Tenant and Condominium Unit Owner’s Paks for just a few dollars a month.

    And with your Prestige or Home Pak policy, you can bundle it with Service Line Coverage for only a few more dollars. Not available on Mobile Home, Tenant or Condominium Unit Owner’s Pak policies.

    You put only the best systems in your home – now protect them with the best coverage.

    What is Home Systems protection?

    Home Systems Protection provides coverage for repairs or replacement when home systems, equipment and major appliances break down.

    Many homeowners don t realize their costly home systems are not typically covered by their home policy. Home Systems Protection provides the customer with better coverage at a fraction of the cost of a manufacturer s or extended warranty.

    What s covered under Home Systems Protection?

    Examples of covered systems:

    • boilers, furnaces and heat pumps
    • hot water heaters (including solar)
    • radiant floor heating
    • central air conditioning
    • water purification and filtration
    • ventilating systems
    • well pumps, installed sump pumps
    • home security monitoring and control devices
    • pool, spa or sauna equipment
    • chair lifts and elevators
    • electrical service panels
    • solar/wind/geothermal heating or energy

    Examples of covered personal property:

    • kitchen and laundry appliances
    • home entertainment equipment
    • computers and wireless devices
    • power tools and shop equipment
    • mobile medical equipment
    • portable generators and sump pumps

    Coverage features

    • $50,000 limit of liability
    • loss of use resulting in additional living expenses
    • spoilage of perishable goods resulting from a covered equipment loss
    • $1,000 deductible with $2,500 and $5,000 options
    • up to 50% more may be paid when a loss occurs, to replace equipment that is better for the environment or safer for people, or more efficient than the equipment being replaced

    Contact your SGI CANADA insurance broker today to add this important coverage to your home insurance.

    Manage your Home Pak with MySGI

    Access your MySGI account to view, print, or pay for your Home Pak from the comfort of your home. You can review your current policy and contact your broker for any modifications.

    We can help!

    Were you satisfied?


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