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In this article we will take an Excel source containing scorecard information and convert into dials and speedometer charts.

We will also create few bar trending charts.

Consider the below sample data

Source File: You can download the excel file here

The above excel file tracks few metrics such as safety, quality and revenue. This is just a sample data and may not make sense in actual world but just imagine a manufacturing company that wants to track its overall safety and quality score and also track its total revenue. Now the company may use its own method at deriving the individual safety and quality scores.

They may have a dedicated team to collect safety violations and product defects and then use some formulae to convert those data into final score for any given month. We are not concerned with any of the methods on how those scores are generated. You are the dashboard person and the company has provided you the metrics by each month and now your job is produce a nice dashboard that shows relevant charts for the given data.

Since the data is tracked for each month, it makes sense to show a line or bar chart trending for the metrics.

Dials and Speedometers are relevant when we need to show performance of a single value. So in this case, since we have 12 month data, how do we show single value on the meter chart?

One solution is to show an Average value for the safety and Quality metrics or we could show a dial that shows the current month values.

So the GOAL for this exercise is: Show bar chart for Safety trending 12 months and show average and current month value on the dial chart.

Dial chart requirement: For the dial chart, we are measuring the performance, whether we are on track or missed the goal. In order to achieve that, we create three new columns for safety such as safety_bad , safety_ok , safety_good . These values need to be decided by the company management. If you are not sure, then look at previous year data and decide what should be good and bad values. The dials are used to guide the company to perform better or atleast improve that portion of the company operation represented by the metric.

First let us create the date hierarchy columns from the Period column. You need to make sure that the Period column is an actual Excel date column, else the hierarchy will not be generated

You may click on the color icon to change the colors of your choice

Next, we select the range boundary values

The safety_bad value from our spreadsheet represents the lower boundary of our bad region, safety_ok represents the upper boundary of our bad region, similarly safety_ok is the lower bound for our ok region and so on. For the Good upper bound we simply typed a value but as general practice we should have one more column for the upper bound of the final region. In our case the final region is Safety Good .

Next, for the pointer value, select the column that you want to show on the dial chart. In our case we select Safety and aggregation as Avg

Next, we click on Create chart . This action shows the dialog below

We change the chart title to Average Safety

NOTE: remove the double quotes in the SQL statement for the group by. This will cause an error.

Click on Fully Apply

Here is our final Dial Chart

Next, create a dial chart to show current month value

We will change some conditions on the main Qlet. Right click on the Name and select Duplicate

It creates an exact copy of the qlet table. We change the name to Current Month

Right click on the Period column and select Create – Create Date Filter

This action shows a dialog as shown below

First change the operator to Between

Next select First Day of Month for the from and Last Day of Month for the To val.

Click on Use This Filter

This action applies the filter to the Qlet and it shows only currrent month row

Next, right click on Current Month and select Create Chart

All of the settings remain the same except the Aggregation , make sure to select NONE


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Professional & Responsive Joomla 3 #joomla #templates, #joomla #themes, #premium #templates,



Testimonials have beautiful, professional and versatile templates that are easy to recommend and promote. They have huge selection of different templates and you can always find the right one for your project. They have great support team making them a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Joomla Templates and their designs.

Aigars Silkalns

Whenever I want to use distinctive theme for my website as well as the website for my clients, Joomla Templates is the first place I come all the time because they are always trying to meet up our expectation which is very difficult now since needs of people are evolving so rapidly. However, they have been making continuous effort to keep us happy. Looking forward to working together with them as an affiliate partner!

Yuzuru Ishikawa

I am writing to let you know what an excellent company I believe you have created. I have been in the web development industry for a number of years now and have never been as impressed by a webdesign company as I have been by yours today. I was very impressed by the services your company offers at such reasonable rates. and the overall look and functionality of your website I found to be unlike any other.

Vavilen Tatarsky

About Us

We believe Joomla is the best CMS in the world. We have been with Joomla since the first minute of its born in 2005. Joomla is a open source forked project from mamboOS, which we develop templates since 2003. formerly was created to serve the great community of enthusiasts of this great CMS. Since 2011 we partner with the biggest templates company in the world TemplateMonster.

Why Us?

We create ready solutions for business, made by the best designers, to deliver our customers a Premium product. Our templates includes the internet’s bleeding edge technology and performance scripts. Our team are always ready to support you 24/7 reason why we have more than a million satisfied happy customers. If you have any questions fell free to Contact Us!


Crucial Paradigm

Simple web hosting and superb support. Using the latest in server hardware has it’s benefits; greater uptime, lower latency and supreme reliability


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Email Templates – Beautiful Emails #marketing #emails #templates


Free responsive email template using a travel theme. This template should work on all devices.

Use your favourite text editor to make changes to the template. Once you re happy how your template looks, run it through a CSS inliner

Included inside the ZIP file is a completely coded and tested HTML template.
Download Email Template

Download Email Templates Here

Here are the best professional email templates examples to purchase from ThemeForest for as low as $10. Every template has been thoroughly tested in the most popular email clients like Outlook 2010, Gmail, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail, the iPhone, and more.

1. Pattisserié Newsletter

An e-mail template for cafés, restaurants, etc.

2. Photographer Newsletter Template

You are a Photographer and you are looking for a clean and efficient way to show your latests projects to your subscribers? This newsletter is ideal for the task, but you can also use it for any kind of business or service, your email marketing campaigns, event invitation or periodical news.

3. i-Elegant Newsletter

-Elegant is clean, multi usage, and elegant newsletter solution.

4. Product Offers

Product Offers Newsletter is an elegant, customizable, clean and ready to use 4 newsletter templates in blue, white, red and blue gray look.

5. Platnum Email Template

Platnum is a modern and stylish newsletter template, suited for any business that wants a solid newsletter.

6. Versatile Email Template

Versatile Newsletter 1 is a collection of 7 versatile html email templates.

7. Airmail

Airmail is a professionally built and designed custom HTML email template!

8. Rich Typography Template

RichType is a bold, clean, and ultra customizable email template. It’s perfect for a wide variety of uses, from corporate newsletters to product advertisers.

9. iNewsletter

iNewsletter email template for web development / software companies that want to give their clients an update on their new products and latest news.

10. Modern Business

Modern Business 4 is a professional HTML email newsletter template. If you need a vibrant, strong and clean looking solution for your email campaigns to promote your latest product or service, this is the solution for you.

To stay updated on the latest email templates, please subscribe by either using E-Mail, RSS Feed or follow us on Twitter .

Download Email Templates Here

Email Signature Templates

A signature reflects your personality, provides details / information about the sender, sets the tone for the conversation. Granted there are very few people who actually pay attention to their signature but did your know that this tiny bit of your correspondence can affect the tone of address? Below are reasons why email signatures are to be treated with more than a cursory glance and how to go about saluting them.

The main purpose of email signature templates is to let people know who they are dealing with and consequently how to get in touch with them. A respectable e-mail signature template should include the following: Your name, the company that is being presented, the post of the official in the conversation, all of which should ideally be captured in about 2 or 3 lines with a maximum of 72 characters on each line.

Keep in mind that in some states there are some legal ground rules that essentially capture what an email signature template should contain. This includes the address of the company, the registration no. of that company, and the VAT no if any. Excluding this information could result in legal penalties.

Email signature templates have a certain degree of etiquette that is attached to them, these may include the following ground rules: Do not under any circumstances include random quotes at the bottom. Personal details, your skill sets, images and logos are to be excluded from the e mail signatures. Random quotes may leave a bad taste in the mouth of those who you are trying to address, as for personal details they are just that personal- keep them that way, and as far as images and logos are concerned. They have the effect of increasing the file size and spell a lack of seriousness in as far as the business world is concerned.

If it is possible steer away from HTML formatting that may have diverse issues in so far as dealing with different e-mail clients. Although HTML formatting is supposed to support different e mail clients, the problems that may arise from this formatting have to do with issues of the formatting nature, therefore ensure that text looks good in plain text, use black standard size fonts whilst avoiding the multi colored options, and check to ensure that it wraps around texts correctly.

After all the above rules, remember that that proper email signature templates are a balance between maintaining personal details and contact details.

To stay updated on future template releases, please sub­scribe by either using E-Mail. RSS Feed or follow us on Twitter .

Download Email Signature Template

1. Gazette. Newsletter Template

2. Save The Date Template

3. Liquid Newsletter

4. WAW Alert Newsletter

5. Double Wink Newsletter

6. BlauMail Newsletter

7. Urban Magazine Newsletter

8. Gallery Newsletter

9. Retro Newsletter

10. Breaking News Newsletter

11. eNewsletter Newsletter

12. Graphic Designer Newsletter

13. SparkMail Email Template

14. Bubble Email Template

15. LifeEmail Template

1. Pattisserié Newsletter

2. Photographer Newsletter Template

4. Product Offers

5. Platnum Email Template

6. Versatile Email Template

7. Airmail

8. Rich Typography Template

9. iNewsletter

10. Modern Business


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Free cleaning Flyer Templates by #free #cleaning #flyer #templates, #house #cleaning


Free Cleaning Flyer Templates

Create your own business flyers.

The cleaning flyer templates provided on this website will allow you to easily make a flyer to promote your service for free in Microsoft Word, Google Docs or printable PDF files. Each layout will allow you to customize the text, save the template in a variety of formats or they are also printable right from the web. You can create and print out your own cleaning service flyer to advertise your business.

The thought of starting a business can be very intimidating, but having a part time cleaning service is a great way to earn extra cash to pay off bills or supplement your regular income. You can start off with friends and family, acquaintances or people from your neighborhood. Hanging up signs on polls around the neighborhood can generate interest. Whether you are just starting out or want to drum up more business in your area, having a flyer to post around town is a very effective and inexpensive advertising method. Some important items to include on your flyer are your contact information, your name, description of your service, referrals or testimonials. You can decide whether to post rates, or schedule estimates to discuss and negotiate prices directly with your client.

Free Carpet Cleaning Flyer Templates

Modern design in navy blue featuring vacuum cleaner graphic.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: July 19th

Green Cleaning Services Document

Green design to promote environmentally responsible services who use natural cleaning products or techniques.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: November 2012

Housekeeping Flyer Design

Bold modern design with a spray bottle silhouette illustration.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: November 2012

Cleaning Company Flyer

Bright orange layout with vacuum cleaner photo.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: September 2012

Cleaning Checklist Template

Keep track of completed household chores on this convenient checklist.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, and Printable PDF

Blue Cleaning Services Flyer

A cool designed deep blue flyer that has spots for lots of information.

File Format: Microsoft Word Document

Template for Tear-off Flyer

Patrons can take away a reminder from this easy to make flyer.

File Format: Microsoft Office Document
Posted: May 2012

House Cleaning Flyer

Blue template with spray bottle design.

Template Format: Microsoft Word Doc & Google Docs
Posted: December 2011

Cleaning Business Flyer

Bold green sign with a vacuum cleaner.

Template Format: Editable PDF
Posted: June 2012

Free Window Cleaning Flyer Template

This flyer uses complementary colors orange and blue with a simple business layout.

Template Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: December 2012

Free Laundry Service Document

Silhouette of clothing hanging on a line depicts your laundry business.

Template Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: April 2013

Deluxe Cleaning Advertisement

Advertise your comprehensive cleaning service with this free template.

File Format: Adobe PDF
Full color design

Window Cleaning Flyer

Stand out red and blue with large font for easy reading.

Template Format: Microsoft Word Document
Posted: July 2012


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MailerMailer, The Best Email Marketing Service, Tools & Software for Small


Email marketing made easy

An easy-to-use, professional email marketing platform

Trusted by over 70,000 customers around the globe

E mailer templates

E mailer templates

E mailer templates

E mailer templates

E mailer templates

E mailer templates

Create beautiful emails that drive powerful results

Start with one of our professionally-designed email templates. Just add your own logo and adjust the content to meet your needs. You’ll be ready to send your first campaign in minutes.

E mailer templates

Build with drag and drop simplicity

Our new Drag and Drop Email Editor makes it easier than ever to create distinctive, mobile-friendly emails customized for your brand.

Customize your layout

Start with a predesigned template or a basic layout. Then drag and drop a variety of content blocks, inlcuding images, text, buttons, dividers, social icons, and more.

Adjust the styling

Adjust overall template styles as well as the styles of each template section (e.g., preheader, header, body, footer). You can also tailor the settings for each content block.

Send with confidence

We test our templates across 30+ desktop, webmail, and mobile email clients. You can rest assured your emails look great no matter how your recipients view them.

Manage and grow your audience

Import your current list or add our signup form to your website. Sort your list members by interest areas, demographics, location, and more. Then send targeted campaigns to each group. We’ll take care of any bounces and unsubscribes so your list stays clean and deliverable.

With MailerMailer’s easy list management, you can focus on creating your campaigns and connecting with your list members.

E mailer templates

E mailer templates

Track your success

Discover how list members interact with your campaigns. Our comprehensive reports show you who opened, who clicked, who bounced, and who filed a complaint. You’ll be able to identify your best subject lines, days and times to send, calls-to-action, and much more.

We’ll give you the insights you need to get the most out of your email marketing.

MailerMailer is very user-friendly. It makes the layperson look like an expert in managing email lists. Though there are other email marketing services, MailerMailer’s feature set and affordability combined with their outstanding customer support makes them really stand out as the best email marketing solution for businesses.

MailerMailer is a mainstay of our online marketing strategy. Their services are key to giving us the opportunity to engage with our customers and prospects.

Guy Wassertzug, CEO of InfoStructures Inc.

We requested a custom templates and MailerMailer’s team worked closely with us from the design phase through the launch phase. Sending out our branded emails on these templates has been easy and impactful. The reports are a valuable tool in helping evaluate the effectiveness of our communication efforts.

Kristen Koehler, The Universities at Shady Grove


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Free Employee Scheduling Software DRoster by Kappix #employee #scheduling #software, #free


About DRoster Employee Scheduling Software

You’re here because you’ve had it with manual employee scheduling software. We’re here because we hear you and know what you need.

At Kappix, we know how much time and effort you invest in ensuring that your business is properly deployed to give your customers quality service. We also know you have more pressing issues to check off your to-do list. You just can’t afford the time you’re putting in to scheduling your employees, factoring in numerous employee scheduling constraints, and painfully trying to avoid conflicting shifts.
That’s why Kappix wants to provide you with all the benefits of an automated free employee scheduling software but without the hassle involved in using complicated scheduling software.

Kappix’s DRoster employee scheduling software is designed to:

Relieve you of the daily pressures of creating shifts, coverage for absences, rosters and scheduling duties.
Allow you to easily manage staff scheduling
Enable you to respond instantly to your employee’s scheduling requests and business staff scheduling requirements on the fly.

What do you gain? Satisfied, motivated employees leading to higher employee retention, a smoothly functioning business; satisfied customers generating higher business value; more time to advance your business goals. Visit the scheduling software products page to learn more.

Watch the schedule software tutorial. The tutorial will give you a clear idea of how to add your employees, positions, duties and schedule shifts. It also shows you how to manage your scheduling. So,set aside a few minutes of your time, grab a cup of tea or coffee, relax and get to know DRoster employee scheduling software. Well worth it!

DRoster Premium Edition Trial. The advanced employee scheduling software with added functionality for a more flexible customised scheduling experience. Easy to use! Download a Free fully functional trial for 45 uses. Only takes a minute to be up and scheduling with support at no cost! Learn more about DRoster Premium Scheduling Software and Get your free DRoster Premium Edition trial download ! NO credit card info or sign up needed, no risk download, be up and scheduling in 60 seconds!

DRoster Employee Scheduling Software – industry neutral flexibility for all your employee scheduling needs

No matter what your business or organization – nurse staffing, medical staff, hotel and hospitality. restaurant, academic institution, delivery services, cleaning and maintenance personnel, trainees, help desk employees, transportation services, flight attendants, real estate, travel agency, retailer, convenience store, construction, volunteers organization – You need to run your business smoothly, efficiently.
DRoster’s unique industry neutral design coupled with its rule engine flexibility enables you to customize DRoster to your industry-specific and department-specific employee scheduling needs, regardless of your organization’s size.

Another DRoster benefit: DRoster uses a non-proprietary Firebird database. This means you can integrate all your scheduling data with your payroll software or any other data source. Seamless integration gives you an accurate up-to-the-minute picture of your work schedules as well as total control of your workforce for crucial instant response. DRoster employee scheduling software is easy to install and use. Upgrade to DRoster ‘s automated, computerized staff scheduling rostering solution today at no cost. It’s about time you got your free fully functional copy of DRoster employee scheduling software .

Essential Employee Scheduling features

Customisable Properties. Benefit from DRoster’s scheduling flexibility by defining your own schedule properties to make DRoster schedule the way you want it to.

Unlimited Positions and Employees. DRoster can schedule unlimited number of Employees to deploy.

Templates. Employee Scheduling Templates for recurring shifts.

NEW! Create minimum/maximum weekly hours and the DRoster Validator ensures zero overtime!

Click screenshots to view the complete gallery of Scheduling with DRoster Software


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9 Useful Travel Itinerary Templates That Are 100% FREE #airlines #tickets

#travel itinerary template

9 Useful Travel Itinerary Templates That Are 100% Free

Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your travel itinerary?

If you said yes, then you re in luck!

Here are the 9 best travel itinerary templates that are completely free!

Just click on the headline link to get access to the download link.

They are fill in type forms, and most of them give you a birds eye view of your important travel dates, accommodation location, flight details, etc.

1) Vertex 42 Excel Travel Template

This Excel travel template is probably the best one to see all of your flights, hotels, car rentals, etc at a glance. It will be blank when you download it. You ll simply add in your specific travel details then print this baby up!

2) Itinerary Template From Microsoft

3) Itinerary Template From Microsoft (#2)

4) Travel Itinerary Template From Travel. Paint. Repeat.

5) 2 Custom Disney World Travel Itinerary Templates

6) Sample Words Transportation Itinerary

8) Travefy App Free Word And Excel Itinerary Templates

Travefy is an App you can use on your phone or computer to plan your trip. It s a great app that s detailed and gives you ideas about what to do no matter where you go. You can use the app to create an itinerary based on your interests. If you don t want to use the app, you can download free Microsoft Word Excel documents to hand write your travel schedule. The documents come blank so you can fill in whatever heading sections you want.

9) Excel Templates All-In-One Travel Template


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