What to Wear in London on your trip to the United

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What to Wear in London and other parts of England

British fashion is partly defined by the country’s infamous weather. It is unpredictable and changeable and when the weather man on the television tells you that it will be sunny all week, be prepared for rain. What to wear in London has everything to do with the weather.

No matter the time of year, always keep a travel-size umbrell a in your purse.

In Britain it’s easy for the traveler to stick out like a sore thumb – walking boots, convertible zip leg trousers . SLR camera, guidebook and a backpack in the middle of London can easily scream “tourist.” Sadly in some parts this can make you a bit of a target but it’s also easy to blend in with the locals. British fashion isn’t quite as chic as the French . isn’t always as slouchy as American or as zany as Australian. But then again, I’ve seen people dressed as pirates on the tube and no-one bats an eyelid.

Like anywhere, pack for the environment – are you spending your time café crawling in the cities or getting lost in Scottish wilderness?

Also remember that Britain is one of those places where if you forget anything, you’ll be able to pick it up when you get there (and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.) So don’t be afraid of packing light. Try to stick to a small selection of colors to make it easier to mix and match your items.

Need help downsizing your travel clothing? Read TFG s Capsule Wardrobe Essentials eBook !

 What to Wear in London and the UK in Winter

December, January February

For city exploring don t be afraid to break the don’t take your jeans traveling rule . They aren’t appropriate for hiking but I can’t think of anything more ideal to wear walking round London on a frosty winter morning.

Winter is cold and 2013 has been predicted to be the coldest winter for 100 years (global warming etc.) The key is to wrap up warm – wear lots of layers, (especially if you don’t fancy bringing a heavy winter coat along) and drink plenty of tea.

When planning what to wear in London pack tights, leggings and knee-high socks for extra warmth. Don’t forget the essential winter woollies either –hat, scarf and gloves.

Wear leggings or tights under your jeans for extra warmth. These leggings are a popular choice with the TFG readers and are lined with fleece.

Footwear – I find a comfy pair of waterproof ankle boots perfect. Soggy feet aren’t fun, neither are blisters. Be prepared for the wet as well as the cold.

Ankle booties  are the perfect choice any time of year.

What to Wear in London and the UK in Spring

March, April May

In spring it rains a lot. I usually carry a compact umbrella with me at all times in the UK, so that I’m always prepared for spontaneous showers – not just in spring.

Spring is that transition period between winter and summer, so layers are still important when planning what to wear in London, but in the later months think about swapping that chunky coat for a regular jacket.

Transform a temperate outfit on a chilly day with a scarf, hat and tights. Skirts are fun but remember that it can get quite breezy so you ll have to wear double layers underneath.

If you’re in the countryside you’re bound to see waves of differing spring flowers and baby lambs, but remember to be prepared for the mud.

It s not uncommon to see people wearing these Hunter rain boots on very rainy days.

What to Pack for a Trip to London and the UK in Summer

June, July August

Summer can be warm but can also be very wet – be prepared for both. Check bbc.co.uk/weather/ before your trip to get the most accurate forecast. Don t be surprised if it s grey and gloomy in the summer!

If the forecast calls for sun, be bright and bold as you plan what to pack for London! Crack out the summer dresses, sunglasses and hats. Once again, be aware of the breezes so you might want to consider layering – sometimes jersey skirts and dresses hold their shape better than wispy skater styles.

A cardigan and a scarf are essentials layers to any summer outfit in case the sun decides to go in.

You can never go wrong with a light leather jacket for cooler summer days and nights.

A comfy pair of sandals are great for walking about town on warm days but ankle boots and ballet flats  are ideal the rest of the time.

A note on bags:  Personally I am a big fan of satchels for cities and rucksacks for countryside. I often feel that a satchel with a zip can be safer than many daypacks, which can also be unnecessary for city exploring.

Find out why cross-body purses  are the best travel shoulder bags for women.

What to Wear in London and the UK in Autumn

September, October November

Autumn is my favorite season in general and also to dress for. I love the crunchy leaves, the mild weather and the earthy colors.

As the transitional period between summer and winter, things start to get colder and milder in the autumn. When planning what to pack for London this time of year it’s time to think about a woolly hat and light waterproof jacket such as  this one .

If you’re a skirt and dress person rather than a trouser person, then leggings and opaque tights are essential to make outfits a little warmer.

Scarves are extremely useful and a warm knit option will help keep you warm during this transitional season. When it’s not quite cold enough for a coat, then a jumper or cardigan combined with a hat and a scarf will do. Remember, layering is key!

5 Important Packing Tips

  • Dress for the weather, activity environment – make sure you’re comfortable .
  • Always carry an umbrella with you.
  • Scarves are extremely versatile – in the winter a chunky knit will keep you snug whilst in the summer a lighter scarf can help protect you from the sun.
  • If you’re not used to colder climates. still plan for “winter” weather YEAR ROUND. Layers are key!
  • If in doubt, bring an empty suitcase and head to the nearest Primark to stock up on cheap clothing that is both weather appropriate and locals approved!

When you’re planning what to pack for a trip to London and the UK, follow these travel tips to keep you in line with the fussy weather. Thanks for this helpful post Lottie! Don’t forget to check out The Ambling Explorer .


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Where To Get The Cheapest Airline Tickets To Japan – Japanese

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Where To Get The Cheapest Airline Tickets To Japan

06/04/2013 Adam

There is a good chance that almost everyone that views this site wants to visit Japan at least once in their lifetime, if not many times more and possibly live there. What s the biggest thing stopping you from getting to Japan? Money. This rings especially true to the younger readers out there, where a budget may be nonexistent.

Cheap ticket prices aren t what they used to be (I remember round trip tickets from the U.S. for around $600-700 in 2005). I would love to be able to give away free trips to Japan to every single person who enters this site (who knows, maybe one day there will be a contest with this as a first prize).  But I figure the next best thing I can do is help you find the cheapest way to get to Japan.

So when you re heading to Japan from your home country, what website do you use to get the cheapest airfare?

[yop_poll id= 6 ]

Voting Closed

This list is not all inclusive as I m sure there are dozens of more airline websites, but these seem to be the major ones people use to try to get the best rates. It would be an incredible reference to everyone reading if in the comments section you could briefly include the:

1. Website you use for cheapest tickets

2. Country you fly out of

3. Cost

4. Month/Year of your flight

Any other details, strategy, or tactics you have for getting cheap tickets to Japan is highly appreciated!


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Why Travel the World? #travel #cheap

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5 Reasons why you should travel the world

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one s lifetime.”

― Mark Twain

Why Travel The World

We all have that one friend on Facebook that occasionally pops up offering up an opportunity for us to live vicariously through their experiences. They post up photos of sunsets in highly desirable locations on the other side of the world and at first it amuses, then promotes wanderlust, we have a little daydream about our next vacation and then the jealousy sinks in. Although, I just made that generalisation up so if that resonates with you in any way then you ve come to the right blog post.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don t need to escape from.”

― Seth Godin

It s a big decision. Even leaving your comfort zone for a brief 20 minute jog once a week is a struggle for some and in those cases a life shifting experience like travelling may be the key to breaking that way of thinking, the way that promotes retreating, the withdrawal back to unhealthy routines. This leads us on to reason number one:


By not taking risks, you never really discover your true self. It s only ever about doing what is safe and easy but how will you ever know what really makes you tick if you ve never tried it. Travel will push you into a flurry of seemingly uncomfortable situations like forcing you to meet new people with completely different lifestyles and cultures or navigating your way around a mountain where no one speaks your native language..etc.

We could only hope the Tuk-Tuk driver understood our intended destination, as he drove us nearly two hours through remote Thailand as it started to get dark.


A regular routine builds strong neurological connections that over time allow for us to automate activities almost seamlessly. Think about that journey to work where not a thought is spared on the direction, forced into the present only by an obstruction. I ve been working here 10 years and I don t know where the time has gone that s not for me. An ever changing horizon continually breathes new experiences and with in those we truly live in the moment, we are gifted with the present.

Beautiful sunsets over the ancient Angkor Temples


With nothing but your backpack filled with essentials you venture out into new cultures without access to the usual facilities and material objects you might usually take for granted. Many people live in the type of poverty that is truly unfathomable until you experience it first hand. As a westerner I will never forget the first time I drove through Brazilian slums and without going into detail, I can assure you that television is not the same. Statistics are numbers and individual stories remain unheard. A culture shock can only positively affect you, it compels you to give back, to help out and to appreciate in innumerable ways the lifestyle upon return.

Cambodia is a beautiful country but a far cry from what we consider luxury in the west.


Travelling is often postponed with the intentions of becoming a responsible adult or building up a real life in the mean time. Some even say they are savouring the opportunity for retirement. Without injecting too much personal opinion, that s just the views of society s norm being expressed by those who are already deeply conforming. It is your choice to live how you wish. But, if I don t live to my forties, fifties or sixties, I can safely say that I have no regrets. Choosing to buy experiences over external objects has transformed me in so many way that I am sincerely grateful for.


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Around the World Airfare #travel.com #flights

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Around the World Airfare

Around the World Multi-Stop International Airfares

No matter what you call your trip: Around the World, Round the World, Multi Stop International or Multi Destination Travel, you can customize your international route with our interactive TripPlanner app and get a price for your airfare instantly. There are no limitations, so start, end and go wherever you want. Try any number of different route combinations to plan the perfect trip!

  • We offer Simple and Flexible Around the World Tickets
  • Any Airline, Any Route, Any Change.
  • Get advice from our travel experts. They can offer you options that you can never find on your own. Why? We do one thing and that is Around the World and Multi-Stop International airfare and we have been doing it for over 25 years.
  • Do more with AirTreks without the hassle. Free stops, airline and destination recommendations, and support while you’re planning and when you’re on the road – it’s the easiest way to make your trip a reality.

Get Started with our TripPlanner and get an Instant Price on your Route

South American Airfare Specials

AirTreks has special deals to and from South America from all over the globe. Check our our current specials

Business Class Airfares

AirTreks offers excellent business class airfares. To learn more about Around the World Business Class Airfare please check out our guide or if you would like a price for a specific trip, contact us.


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And the Winner Is – Online Travel #flights #and #hotels

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And the Winner Is – Online Travel

By Paul A. Greenberg

Jan 22, 2002 1:55 PM PT

E-commerce is alive and well online. Those who want solid evidence need look no further than the online travel industry.

As one of the few consumer industries that has established itself and shown measurable growth on the Internet, online travel is no longer focused on basic survival. Instead, the industry is concentrating on its quest for the ingredients of longevity: market share, saturation and profit.

Exhibit A is Travelocity (Nasdaq: TVLY), which last week reported fourth-quarter earnings of US$4.9 million or 9 cents per share. Last year at this time — long before terrorist attacks threatened to put serious dents in the online travel industry — Travelocity reported a Q4 loss of $2.4 million or 5 cents per share.

Reflecting the impact of terrorism on online travel, Travelocity reported that gross travel bookings dropped by $60 million from the year-ago period. But fewer sales apparently did not affect the company’s ability to boost its profits.

Now, there’s an equation that’s easy to live with.

Personal Power

So, what is it about the online travel industry that continues to allow it to emerge as the poster child for e-commerce hope?

Some might say it has everything to do with convenience and cost savings for consumers — and they would be partly correct.

But as one who has booked all of his own travel online for the past two years, I believe online travel’s pull goes deeper than that, especially since the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Booking travel online gives consumers a greater sense of control — especially compared with placing their trust in a travel agent or a faceless phone sales rep from an airline company.

Need for Speed

In addition to its ability to make consumers feel like they are in control of their own destiny, online travel caters to customers’ ongoing love of instant gratification — such as printing e-tickets minutes after purchasing them.

Airlines apparently sense this trend and are making moves to capitalize on it. Several airlines have begun charging extra fees for some paper tickets in an aggressive move to persuade consumers to go the e- ticket route.

Too much too soon? Not at all. According to Forrester Research. by 2003, 70 to 80 percent of all airline tickets will be issued electronically.

Watch and Learn

Another reason online travel continues to flourish is that it never gets too comfortable with its own progress.

Even now, with a growth spurt in full force, the top three players — Travelocity, Expedia (Nasdaq: EXPE) and Orbitz — continue to vie for position and innovate.

Expedia, for example, is expanding its operations to include passport and visa services. Users will be able to research travel access requirements for most countries on the Expedia site, then download necessary document applications and send them directly to Expedia’s new partner, Express Visa Service.

Travelers also can check the status of their travel documents at any time.

Redefining ‘Full Service’

The new economy calls for new definitions of old consumer services.

The online travel industry is doing it right by giving consumers total control over their itinerary and by providing self-directed and comprehensive trip planning.

For example, before a journey to London, a traveler can update or initiate travel documents, research promotional rates, book a flight, find hotel packages, buy a Eurail pass, arrange to be met at the airport by a driver and have a rental car waiting at the hotel.

Isn’t that what e-commerce promised us in the first place?

What do you think?

Let’s talk about it.

Note: The opinions expressed by our columnists are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the E-Commerce Times or its management.


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Asia Travel Coverage – The New York Times #how #to #get

#asian travel

In Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market Braces for an Uncertain Future

In a city in a rush to wipe away its history, the Tsukiji fish market is a gem that evokes Japan’s pre-World War II past and its love of food.

From Hotel to Hospital: The Perils of Reporting in Pakistan

Rod Nordland, the Kabul bureau chief, recounts a banal poisoning episode in one of the world’s cloak-and-dagger capitals.

New Tour Reveals Vietnam’s Many Sides

A new tour to Vietnam from Adventure Life combines cultural and outdoor activities in urban and rural settings.

Can a Trip Ever Be ‘Authentic’?

In a globalized age — when a McAloo Tikki is just as Indian as the Taj Mahal — has the very word lost its meaning?

Edie Campbell on the Influence of Seoul


The Campbell sisters took a quick trip to South Korea to celebrate their mother, the British architect Sophie Hicks.

An Arts Explosion Takes Shanghai

Museums and galleries are turning the once-industrial West Bund into a cultural hub.

Blogging in Vietnam Is All About the Experiences


Mark Bowyer details his frequent, multiweek sojourns across Southeast Asia by foot, bicycle, motorbike, bus, taxi and plane on his blog, Rusty Compass.


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Budget Airline FlightChecker tells you when to go for the cheapest

#cheap flight sites

How this site works

We think it’s important you understand the strengths and limitations of the site. We’re a journalistic website and aim to provide the best MoneySaving guides, tips, tools and techniques, but can’t guarantee to be perfect, so do note you use the information at your own risk and we can’t accept liability if things go wrong.

  • This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it’s right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service.
  • We don’t AS a general policy investigate the solvency of companies mentioned (how likely they are to go bust), but there is a risk any company can struggle and it’s rarely made public until it’s too late (see the section 75 guide for protection tips).
  • We often link to other websites, but we can’t be responsible for their content.
  • Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion.

MoneySavingExpert.com is part of the MoneySupermarket Group, but is entirely editorially independent. Its stance of putting consumers first is protected and enshrined in the legally-binding MSE Editorial Code .


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Cheap flights and how to outsmart airlines to get the best

#how to find cheap flights

Buy your ticket eight weeks in advance, fly with different carriers or book a risky ‘hidden city’ fare: How to outsmart airlines and find the cheapest flights



Thanks to the internet it’s never been easier to book a dream getaway or tailor a trip to one’s desires, but high costs can keep holidaymakers’ travel plans grounded.

One of the most agonising experiences is missing a deal on a flight or booking a ticket and seeing a lower price just days later.

There are a few tricks or secrets people can tap into to secure the lowest possible fare – especially those who plan ahead, are flexible with their travel dates or are willing to take a risk.

Those who are flying to an international destination should book 150 to 225 days in advance, a study found

Book at least eight weeks in advance

For domestic routes, the lowest fares are usually found 50 to 100 days before departure, with the absolute lowest fares found about 57 days prior, according to a study by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC).

Those who are flying an international route should plan even farther in advance – between 150 and 225 days – with the best deals around the 171-day mark, the study found.

A similar study by CheapAir found that the best time to book a domestic flight falls between 29 and 104 days in advance.

Still, airlines have been known to offer deals on airfare just a couple weeks before departure to fill a plane.

Some website, such as Kayak, allow users to receive a price alert when a fare drops.

Research suggests the lowest possible fares are typically found on Sundays and Tuesdays

Book on a Sunday or Tuesday

Research from ARC suggests that the lowest fares are found on Sundays and Tuesdays, regardless of the domestic or international destination.

Smart travellers will check prices every day of the week, as prices tend to fluctuate.

Experienced travellers know the cheapest flights tend to be early in the morning or late at night

Fly on off-peak days or at off-peak times

Those who are looking to jet abroad for an extended weekend will find the greatest savings if they fly out on a Thursday and return on a Monday.

Alternatively, people who depart on a Saturday and return on a Tuesday can save up to 25 per cent compared with booking a more expensive Sunday return.

FareCompare.com analysed thousands of flights in the US and Canada and determined the cheapest day of the week to fly is Wednesday.

Early risers and those who can sleep on a plane have an advantage, as the cheapest flights tend to be early in the morning or late at night.

And travelling at low season usually guarantees a better deal.

‘Hidden city’ fares involve a passenger booking a flight with a stopover and skipping the connecting flight

Find ‘hidden city’ fares

So-called ‘hidden city’ fares offer big savings and were mostly a secret until the website Skiplagged was sued by United Airlines and Orbitz last year.

A judge threw out the case, arguing it was filed in the wrong court, allowing founder Aktarer Zaman to continue to operate Skiplagged out of a New York City apartment.

It works like this: A passenger books a flight from Point A to Point B with a stopover at their desired destination, and doesn’t bother to board the connecting flight to Point B.

For example, someone looking to travel from New York to St Louis could save more than $60 if they booked a flight from New York to Chicago with a stopover in St Louis, as opposed to a direct flight.


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Cheap flights to Manila (MNL) – Just the Flight #trek #travel

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Book flights to Manila

Manila Cheapest Fares

The lowest fare found to Manila (MNL) was 379 with Air China and Business Class was 1597 with Air China. The fares shown here are the lowest flight prices to Manila obtained in actual searches by Just The Flight customers. To search and book flights to Manila in 2015 and 2016, please enter your requirements and click the search button above.

Useful Information about Manila

Manila ranks number forty nine in the Just the Flight popularity index

Just the Flight has found that with prices averaging 522, November is the best month to pick up a great deal

The best fare found on Just the Flight departing from the UK was 426 leaving the week of 21 Aug 2011

Airlines which offer the cheapest fares to Manila include Saudi Arabian Airlines, Etihad Airways and KLM with the most popular being Saudi Arabian Airlines

Manila’s time zone is 8 hours difference from the UK

Sunday is the most popular day to take a flight to Manila. The average stay is 17 days

Just the Flight’s Guide to Manila

Manila is an often-overlooked destination, both by travel writers and travel agents, but there is much to see and do in this cosmopolitan capital of the Philippines. The city is packed with people. It has a myriad of adventures on offer, yet with a laid-back, jovial and exciting atmosphere. It is a teeming metropolis with a rich history that has much to offer to visitors. From the small villages and rice fields to imposing buildings, Manila has it all.

The history of Manila is rich and deep. It was, in fact, the capital of the Spanish East Indies for more than 300 years. The previous city centre, Intramuros, was founded in 1571 by the Spanish. Aside from its age, Manila is also known as the Christian capital of Asia. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the region, thanks to its bustling population of almost two million people. Perhaps it is because of the Spanish influence that many people who visit Manila feel that they are in a Latin American city, rather than an Asian one.

In order to enjoy Manila, it will first help to understand what the city actually is – namely, a collection of small towns with no well-defined centre. Prior to World War II, the walled Intramuros area was considered to be the city centre, but it was wiped-out during the conflict. Much of the destruction from the war has never been rebuilt, but the raw energy of Manila is apparent. Visitors arriving on flights to Manila often find themselves exploring the bones of the city, shopping in the unique markets, and getting a genuine feel for what the Philippines is really like. What you really have to understand is that Manila is truly the sum of its parts – you cannot visit for a day and say you ve been to Manila.

Do not let the mention of the destruction in World War II dissuade you from visiting Manila. Many parts of the city are lively and exciting. One of the most interesting and modern parts of Manila is Makati, which is the commercial capital of the country. Visitors can enjoy entire days spent eating, shopping and relaxing.

Though Manila is the main destination for people visiting the Philippines, it is actually one of 17 cities in a municipality that makes up the region known as Metro Manila. This is also referred to as the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines. The entire area is located on the southern part of the island of Luzon, and lies between the inland lake of Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay. The parts of Manila worth visiting lie at the confluence of the Pasig River and Manila Bay.

There are two distinct seasons in the Philippines – wet and dry – within the country s tropical climate. The peak holiday season in Manila is during the dry season, which lasts from November to February. The tropical temperatures are a little cooler during this period, but the flights to Manila may be a little pricier than at other times of year. Though you may find cheaper flights to Manila during the wet season, from May to October, the region is subject to tropical storms and typhoons.

During your stay in Manila, do not miss spending a day at the famous Manila Bay, known for its beautiful sunsets. The combination of humidity and a cloudy atmosphere results in a natural light show that is incomparable with almost any other destination on earth. The sunset allows for an awesome backdrop to the sprawling city. The best views are along Rizal Park, Roxas Boulevard, or from any cruise ship docked in the bay itself.

There are many landmarks to be seen in and around Manila as well. For a taste of history, be sure to take in the Bonifacio Shrine, dedicated to Andres Bonifacio, a Filipino freedom-fighter against the Spanish. Another shrine worth visiting is the Mabini Shrine, which is Apolinario Mabini s former home. He was a lawyer and fought for the country s independence. During the American occupation, the house became a centre of intellectualism.

In addition to being a spectacular city, Manila offers plenty of good eating, adventures and culture. Packed with museums, landmarks and history, you would be crazy not to visit the capital region of the Philippines. There are also plenty of companies and tour guides available to show you around. So, what are you waiting for? Just make sure you travel during the dry season and find a flight to Manila today.

Manila from UK Airports

Just the Flight Top 10


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Cheap Flights to Rome and grab the Best Deals on Online

#deals on flights

Call +1-844-567-5236 to know Cheapest Available Fares and Deals.

Book Flights to Rome, Italy  

Also known as the Eternal City, Rome is famed for its beautiful plazas, romantic atmosphere and an excellent art scene. Home to more than 900 churches, several world class museums and ancient attractions, Rome has something for everyone. When vacationing in Rome, don’t miss classic attractions like St Peter s Basilica, Colosseum, the historic city center and the Museum of Roman Civilization. Make sure you are visiting the Pantheon and the Roman Forum.

Book Your Flight to Rome with CheapFares.Flights

Booking your flight with CheapFares.Flights helps ensure that you ll be getting the cheapest available tickets to Rome. With our Best Price Guarantee, you know that we can provide you with the fantastic low prices on flights to Rome, and with our 24/7 customer service you can always reach us during your trip

When to book your flight to Rome

Rome is great to visit between June to September, to acquire cheap tickets to Rome, consider traveling in the low travel months (October to March) of the year. During the off-season, Rome can be explored wonderfully. The streets are empty, attractions are less crowded and hotel offers slashed rates. April to May is another great time to visit Rome. This season offers lesser tourists and a great weather to explore the city.

Rome Airports

The major airports in Rome are the Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and the Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport. FCO offers non-stop scheduled passenger flights to top destinations including Athens, Madrid, Vienna, Dhaka, Brussels and more. The airport offers auto, train, bus, taxi and public transport for you to have an easy exit from the airport. CIA serves as the secondary airport of Rome and serves Rome and Vatican City. Do remember to compare the airfares for both the airports to get the cheapest flights to Rome.


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Disney Travel Babble – The Adventures of a Disney World Traveler

#disney travel

The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland Magic Kingdom!

December 1, 2015

With apologies to longtime readers Every year around this time, I re-post Disneyland s (and Magic Kingdom s) Main Street, U.S.A. Christmas music loop for those who don t have it yet. I m sure this is a drag to those of you who ve been around since the beginning, but each year I get at least one comment from someone who is thrilled to discover you can actually bring home the beloved Christmas music heard at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

So scroll down to find MP3s of every song on Disney s Main Street, U.S.A. Christmas music loop, plus CD tray art if you want to make a keepsake version. Happy holidays!

Several years ago, MiceAge.com s Al Lutz posted a complete listing of the songs played on Disneyland s Main Street, U.S.A. at the holidays. Even better, he dug up exactly which album each song came from. However, because Disneyland s Christmas music loop was created around 1972, most of the tracks on it are from albums that are long out of print and have never been released on CD.

As a former college radio DJ and record shop rat, I zealously took on the challenge of tracking down every single song in the Main Street Christmas loop. Starting in the spring, I spent six or eight months combing local record stores, trawling the web, and stalking eBay. Along the way I may have overpaid for a couple of records, but I also enjoyed the thrill of discovery every time I came upon another rare gem.

After I d collected all the albums (some of which, I realized, may once have been in my Lawrence Welk-loving grandma s record collection), I had to digitize the songs with a complicated setup involving my record player, a 4-track recorder and my computer, since they hadn t invented those USB turntables yet. Some of the records were not in the greatest shape, so a few of the songs have quite a bit of authentic hiss and pop that was impossible to filter out.

Next I spent an inordinate amount of time sequencing the songs so that they flowed seamlessly and there were no duplicates of songs or artists back to back (tricky to do when there are two versions of Jingle Bells and of White Christmas, plus five songs by the same artist). I m not sure now why I didn t go with the actual in-park sequence that Al documented . I guess the me of all those years ago thought she knew better than whichever cast member slaved over the very same task back in 1972!

The last project was creating packaging for my new compilation album, which I d dubbed The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland! I used the various Christmas albums art as inspiration and found these blank CDs  designed to look like 45s, with plastic grooves in the top and everything!

I was so pleased with the results that I made copies of my album for everyone I knew who was even remotely interested in Disneyland and/or Christmas, and it s become an annual tradition to search out new people on whom to inflict my pet project.

Which is why this year I m giving The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland! to all of you. Posted below are all the songs, plus a PDF file of the cover art, if you feel like burning the album to a disc. To grab the MP3 file, right-click on the song title and select Save Link As or its equivalent. Note that the songs on my version are not arranged in the order in which they play at Disneyland—for that sequence you ll have to check out Al s article. But I did include a bonus track not found on the original Main Street Christmas loop

The Fabulous Sounds of Christmas at Disneyland


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4 Steps for Creating the Perfect Travel Itinerary Template – TripIt

#travel itinerary template

2. Organize the Essentials

Next add your essential travel information to your itinerary, which includes the following:

  • Airline tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Rental car confirmations
  • Restaurant reservations

3. Add In Your Activities

Now that you have your inspiration board populated full of ideas and all of your essential travel information locked and loaded in TripIt, it’s time to add some activities to your travel itinerary. Viator is great for finding tours, sightseeing adventures, shows, excursions and more. Trover is another great resource to discover off-the-beaten-path gems and can’t-miss sights. Forward any tour confirmations to TripIt, or, for any activities or stops without confirmation emails, you can simply add it in yourself.

4. Leave Time for Exploration

Pretty simple, right? Creating an itinerary doesn’t have to be a painstaking process, and now that you’ve done one, you can follow it for each trip you take.


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6 Best Budget Bus Companies in the U. S. #travel #itinerary

#travel buses

6 Best Budget Bus Companies in the U.S.

Midwest Northeast

Cities Served: 50+

Everything about Megabus is mega. The British brand’s blue double-decker fleet (each emblazoned with a smiling cartoon of a driver) now serves over 50 cities in the United States and Canada, making it the biggest player on the block.


Cities Served: 8

BoltBus is operated jointly by old-school Greyhound and Peter Pan, but it’s much hipper than its parents. For example, send a complaint via Twitter, and the issue will often be addressed by the techie team before you step off the bus.

L.A. San Diego Vegas

Cities Served: 4

Sure, Lux Bus offers door-to-door service between Southern California hotels. But the line’s bread and butter is its cushy L.A.–Vegas route: leather seats, free snacks, and free beer and wine so you can start the sin before you hit Sin City.


Cities Served: 4

With service between New York and the D.C. metro area, Vamoose has options for any capital commuter. Senators can choose the $50-each-way Gold Bus (which has added legroom), while interns can pay with campus cash from local colleges.


Cities Served: 3

Tripper Bus, which runs between New York and the D.C. area, values loyalty: after buying 8 one-way trips, you’ll pick up a one-way for free. In addition, each ride includes one $1, one $5, and one $10 ticket—a steal for frequent buyers.


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5 reasons Bhutan is worth the US$250 daily fee #globus #travel

#bhutan travel

5 reasons Bhutan is worth the US$250 daily fee

Bhutan’s strategy of “low volume, high quality” tourism has made it a highly regarded destination among discerning travelers.

It costs an official US$250 per day per person to sample the charms of this isolated Himalayan kingdom. an amount that includes land transport, accommodations, food and guide service.

While it’s not quite an arm and a leg, the cost does seem restrictive for some. It’s the government’s way of keeping the country from being overrun by mass tourism, while at the same time ensuring its preferred visitors get the most value out of their trips.

So is it really worth the money? These five experiences have convinced us it is.

1. Bhutanese lifestyle

The word “authentic” is more overused than the word “sorry” in tourism, but Bhutan is a place that can remind us of the true meaning of cultural authenticity.

Tourism got here less than four decades ago. The hermit kingdom has preserved its rich cultural identity throughout years of isolation .

On the streets, traditional dress remains the preferred attire  and local languages Dzongka and Sharchop can be heard.  Native Dzongka-style architectural features still grace every building and Buddhism colors just about every aspect of life.

But change is in the air. The arrival of TV and the Internet in 1999 has brought the outside world into Bhutanese homes, with mostly positive reactions from the locals.

“I appreciate the technology and the progressive attitude of the so-called ‘modern world.’ This can help us improve farming techniques or use better medical facilities,” reflects Kinley Tenzing, a car salesman from the capital of Thimphu.

“We just need to manage foreign influence s o that we don’t lose our cultural identity”.

Bhutanese kids in your average, non-traditional play-wear — shorts and tees.

Concerns about the erosion of Bhutanese values have led to a government-imposed dress code for working attire. Only the male gho and female kira dresses are allowed for official duties. There’s also a ban on non-traditional forms of architecture.

Despite this, one can occasionally glimpse T-shirts and jeans worn by young Bhutanese on weekends.

And an escalator-equipped shopping mall now stands proudly in the middle of Thimphu.

Starbucks and McDonald’s have yet to appear. They probably won’t open shop anytime soon.

2. Bhuddist peace

Outdoor enthusiast or not, no visitor leaves Bhutan without making the trek to the Taktsang Palphug, aka the Tiger’s Nest. See the gallery above.

Situated on the edge of a cliff, some 900 meters above the rice fields of Paro, this 320-year-old monastery is considered one of the kingdom’s most sacred religious sites.

Legend has it Guru Rinpoche, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, meditated for years inside a cave that now lies at the heart of the temple. The Tiger’s Nest is now a revered Buddhist meditation site and tourist attraction.

To get here, you’ll need to trek 90n minutes, breathing thin mountain air.

The trail winds through pine forests, past ancient Buddhist shrines adorned with endless lines of prayer flags. Smiling pilgrims and stunning landscape views accompany every step.

The hike takes effort, but simply walking these revered slopes is enough to induce a meditative mood.

3. Spicy food

The Bhutanese aren’t kidding when they say that chillies are their favorite vegetables.

Proof is their fondness for emma datshi, an insanely hot delicacy of boiled chillies and native cheese. It’s their de facto national dish, a source of cultural pride and a mainstay in every meal.

The first taste is always fiery, but get past the spice and it becomes easy to appreciate the creamy, salty, somewhat fruity flavor.

Paired with native red rice, emma datshi becomes a satisfying meal.

If you worry this dish will be too hot, fear not: local chefs usually tone it down for foreign diners.

4. Unexpected attractions

While phallic murals like this one cause non-Bhutanese to blush, they’re commonplace, sacred images for locals. The town of Punakha is home to one of the most unusual shrines in Buddhism.

The Chimi Lhakhang is dedicated to Drukpa Kunley, a tantric Buddhist saint known for his unconventional approach to religion.

You’ll know what this means when you see the murals and carvings depicting the male phallus. Sex was Drukpa Kunley’s way of blessing devotees. It’s claimed he made love to more than 5,000 women in his lifetime and it’s believed the sex act helped devotees on the path to enlightenment.

The Chimi Lhakhang is more than just a village shrine. It’s a fertility pilgrimage site for those wishing to bear children.

Households around the shrine hang wooden phalluses to bless the home and promote harmony among family members.

5. Nightlife, Bhutan-style

Evening entertainment in Bhutan is rather tame. What it lacks in variety, however, it makes up for with distinctly Bhutanese character.

To see what we mean, visit a drayang in any of the bigger towns and cities. These homegrown nightclubs come complete with disco balls and flickering lights set amid simple wooden interiors.

The entertainment centers on singing. Patrons choose from a stable of in-house talent and pay them to perform onstage. The going rate is BTN 30 (around US$0.60) per tune.

Bhutanese performers belt out requests in Dzongkha and Hindi while customers kick back with Red Panda beers.

Never mind if the lyrics are indecipherable. The voices are shrill and the moves truly traditional. It’s a fun, fascinating night out.

Recommended is Lha-Yul Drayang in Paro Town, but try not to arrive too late -– the place closes at 11 p.m.

How to Get There: Drukair is the national carrier of Bhutan and is the only one that flies to the international airport in Paro. The airline has hubs at Singapore ‘s Changi Airport, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport .

With the exception of Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian nationals, independent travelers must plan a trip through an authorized travel agency such as Druk Asia (+65 6338 9909 www.drukasia.com ).

Travel packages cost US$250 per day (US$200 for low season), but includes guide, land transport, meals and three-star accommodation.


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10 Sites For The Best Airfare Deals #find #cheap #airline #tickets

#cheap airline prices

Score the Best Flight Deals on These 10 Sites

By Dani Fankhauser 2013-04-30 14:03:53 UTC

There’s not much that can evoke thoughts of both work and play like buying airfare. You’re either trying to find a last-minute ticket to make it in time for a meeting, or hoping to get to a remote island as cheaply as possible.

Some trips are regular, essential and planned far in advance, like visiting the family for Christmas; while other trips — spending time with that long-distance significant other — are flexible on dates, but can break your wallet if not purchased strategically.

For whatever your airfare needs may be, there is a growing corral of consumer portals for searching available flights and getting deals. Some make the experience less stress-inducing; others make it feel like a game. Search giants Google and Bing are both on the scene amongst scrappy startups with pithy names. No matter where you’re going, the best flight at the best price is at your fingertips.

What site do you use to find the perfect flight price? Let us know in the comments.

1. GetGoing

You might have used Hotwire to book a room at a mystery hotel in your destination, but now GetGoing raises the stakes and applies the psychology to flights — except this time, you pick not one but two locations. The service boasts 40% discounts on airfare and is designed for cost-conscious travelers who are flexible with their destination — worth a shot for your next island escape or ski trip.

2. Flightfox

Did you dream of becoming a travel agent when you grew up, only to find the algorithms had taken over? Fear not; there are some problems that only human curators can solve. Flightfox allows you to post your more complex travel plans and other Flightfox users will compete to track down the cheapest or best route. You’ll pay an upfront fee of $24 (or more, depending on the challenge) and the winning user will take home 75%. If you’ve ever felt like there was a secret to finding good travel deals — there probably is, but Flightfox will connect you with the people in the know.

3. FlyinAway

We usually assume flights are priced by supply and demand but sometimes it seems there’s a complex coefficient in there somewhere. FlyinAway is a new site that puts pricing directly into the hands of the traveler — and the other travelers interested in the same flight. That’s right, you’ll have to outbid other travelers to get a deal; however, things are complicated as the auction will not open unless enough users have expressed interest in that route (a la Groupon’s group buying).

4. Hipmunk

Hipmunk animation video via Flickr, brownpau

The Y-Combinator darling from Reddit’s Steve Huffman (with a cuddly mascot you wish you could take with you on the plane) popularized the idea of searching for flights by “agony,” to optimize your flight for price, length and layovers. The site design is among the best, and along with hotel search, Hipmunk recently added flight deal alerts and the ability to track an airfare by email (if you’re up to holding out on your purchase to see if the price drops).

5. Geneo

A mobile app brought to you by the makers of CheapOair, Geneo is a mobile-only experience perfect for someone who frequently needs to book flights on-the-go. The iOS app will keep track of your search history and home airport.

6. Momondo

A colorful site that sticks to the basics, Momondo actually crawls or scrapes airfare sites rather than plugging into a third party aggregator. It’s possible the site will recommend a different airline for your trip out and back, but if this turns out to be cheaper, why not? Many people mix and match airlines themselves and Momondo does the work for you. There’s also a handy calendar so if pushing your trip back a day will save you some dough, you can easily navigate to it.

7. Bing Travel

Bing is a step into the future — literally. What makes the site stand out is one simple line, Bing’s “tip,” which will tell you to buy or to wait. For example, on a search today for a flight from New York to San Diego, Bing says fares will rise $50 or more and has 80% confidence. You can also filter by airline, specific airports, duration and “flight quality” — to avoid red eyes, for example.

8. Google Flights

Google bought flight software ITA (used by other consumer searches including Hipmunk) and the result of the purchase is Google’s own flight search. The site works best on domestic flights in the U.S. (although it services some international flights, it doesn’t include all airlines in the search results). A map view allows you to drag and drop your route to another location to see the price changes, while a bar graph view visualizes how fares change over time (changing trip duration by a day or two can cut down on cost as well).

9. Yapta

If you’re a big shopper you know how frustrating it is when something you just bought goes on sale — unless you’re lucky enough that the store will give you a refund equal to the discount. Yapta wants to do the same for your airfares, depending on each airline’s policy. If it’s possible to get some money back, Yapta will tell you.

10. Adioso

Also accelerated in Y Combinator. Adioso similarly is built for cost-conscious travelers with a flexible itinerary. What stands out is the search function, which behaves a little more like your brain — an example search might be “New York to Southeast Asia in mid-July for 10 days.” Your results will give you a good idea of where you can get and for how cheap — and if nothing meets your requirements, you can set up email alerts to see if the price drops. If your goal is to go somewhere cool, rather than stick to a specific vacation plan, you might have some luck with a deal via Adioso.


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Visit the USA l Official USA Travel Guide to American Holidays

#travelling america

%img src=”http://www.visittheusa.com/%3C/p%3E%0D%0A%3Cp%3E/media/795caec1a34c4bf9bd13030ec2999275/gbrpng.png?w=18


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Win it: The Bonobos – Jetsetter – Blazer in Navy #travel

#jetsetter travel

Win it: The Bonobos Jetsetter Blazer in Navy

Bonobos Jetsetter Blazer in Standard or Slim $398.00

Consider this week five days of saying thank you. Without your readership, your emails, your terrific comments, and your willingness to spread the word, Dappered wouldn’t exist. The collection of good guys who frequent this corner of the internet is by far the greatest achievement of this website. And to say thank you, we’ve put together five, splurge-worthy giveaways that’ll hopefully express our gratitude. Welcome to Dappered’s Reader Appreciation Week.  Good luck, and thanks a million.

You could buy a ton of different blue and/or navy blazer s for your wardrobe, each with a different purpose. A super casual cotton blazer with tons of rumple, a traditional brass-button wool number for the more dressed up occasions, maybe a clean chino for wearing with jeans, and a smooth wool that s been cut trim for nights out on the town.

Or, you could buy one blazer that does most, if not all of those things, in one simple package. The Jetsetter from Bonobos is one of those blazers. Not cheap at full retail, but highly versatile, plus Bonobos does run sales every so often.

Size shown: 40R in their standard fit, on a 5 10 / 180 lb frame

Lightweight but not flimsy, the fabric is a 70% wool / 29% cotton / 1% elastane blend  which should be a great companion on the road, and a go-to workhorse in the stable that is your closet.

There s a bit of texture to the fabric, and when combined with the patch pockets, there s no confusing it for an orphaned suit jacket blazer. No (cheesy to some) brass or gold buttons are necessary then, and sleeker, more modern medium to dark brown buttons get the nod. Button stance is slung in the on-trend lower-ish position, and the tail seems shorter but not wildly chopped.

Dual vents in the rear help make it easy to move in, the non functioning sleeve buttons make it easy to tailor, and the Bemberg lining keeps it draping nice, while offering breathe-ability. Official word on the interior construction is light use of half-canvass but is fused . But it certainly isn t stiff, and it moves pretty well. Must be a hybrid-type of deal in there.

Up close with the wool/cotton fabric, non functioning sleeve buttons.

Wear it with jeans. Wear it with trousers. Wear it casually to a bar, on a flight where you want to be comfortable but not sloppy, or to a big event or meeting where a suit might be overkill. It should look not only right, but good, real good, in all of those situations.

Enter here to win  a Bonobos Jetsetter Navy Blazer in your size. Standard or slim, that s up to you. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 9/13/14. Thanks to Bonobos for providing this brand design for Reader Appreciation Week.

UPDATE: Congrats to Chris M. from South Bend who won the drawing for the Jetsetter blazer! Many thanks to Bonobos for providing one of their newest blazers for Reader Appreciation Week.


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What Is the Cheapest Way to Travel to Europe? #international #travel

#cheapest way to travel

What Is the Cheapest Way to Travel to Europe?


Airline consolidators routinely offer discounted international flights to Europe and other places. After purchasing the tickets in bulk, they are able to offer them at a substantial savings for the consumer. Flexibility and advance planning will yield the biggest savings.


Consider flying into one city and out of another. Many major European cities are in close proximity, within a few hours drive, and the potential savings could be significant.

Travel Agencies

This might seem like an obvious option, but the old stand-by travel agent still has some merit. A travel agency often has exclusive access to pooled airfare discounts and can pass those on to the consumer.

Chartered/Courier Flights

Charter and courier flights have cheaper fares, but the offerings of such flights have diminished greatly. Many restrictions apply as well, such as the need to live near a few choice departure cities, limit luggage to carry-on and fly with little notice.


Provided you’re in Eurasia or Asia in some instances, travel by train is possible. Affordable fares are available from Moscow to London and between other cities as well.


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William Shatner knows the ups, downs of traveling #hotel #cheap

#william shatner travel

William Shatner knows the ups, downs of traveling

© AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jeff McIntosh, File FILE – Ina Thursday, July 3, 2014 file photo, Calgary Stampede Parade Marshal William Shatner speaks to the media about the upcoming event at a news conference in Calgary, Alberta. Shatner returns as the priceline.com Negotiator in a new ad campaign that launches Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015, with Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting again playing the travel pro’s daughter.

LOS ANGELES — William Shatner is back as a shrewd, unflappable travel expert in his latest TV commercial for an online company.

But in real life, even Shatner can’t avoid the perils of getting through airport security lines.

“I got patted down one time, wearing loose-fitting clothing, and my pants fell down. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life,” Shatner said, recalling the incident at Los Angeles International Airport.

Shatner returns as the priceline.com Negotiator in a new ad campaign that launches Sunday, with Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (“The Big Bang Theory”) again playing the travel pro’s daughter. He’s unfazed that fans recognize him for the long-running commercial gig as well as the “Star Trek” TV series and movies and his Golden Globe-winning role on “Boston Legal.”

“This is a form of creativity,” he said of collaborating on the TV spots. “It is like an acting job.”

Working with priceline.com is only part of what keeps Shatner busy as he nears his 84th birthday in March.

The original Capt. James T. Kirk just wrapped a national tour of his one-man stage show and is planning for another. He’s got what he calls an “unusual” summer series for NBC in the works; is in the upcoming fact-based movie “The Sunday Horse”; and is collaborating with a custom motorcycle manufacturer on designing a new three-wheeled vehicle.

Shatner, an avid motorcyclist, plans a Chicago-to-Los Angeles charity ride to launch the bike this summer. Another longtime passion is horses, which he rides competitively and which help him keep fit.

“I get out and ride five, six horses in a session, and might spend three hours riding very hard,” he said. “I feel great. I don’t even think of age.”

This feature is not supported on the version of your browser. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer to use this feature.


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What is the Right Travel Insurance for a Cruise? #amigo #travel

#cruise travel insurance

Insuring Your Cruise

Travel insurance is particularly important for cruisers, because cruising carries its own unique set of concerns that may not be shared by the average traveler. For example, because of the nature of cruising, the possibility of missing some leg of your trip — such as the ship’s departure from one of its ports — is somewhat higher than it is when you take a non-stop flight from Point A to Point B. Getting appropriate medical care in an emergency at sea is also a consideration that needs to be factored into making decisions about insuring a cruise. These, among many others, make a good case for at least investigating travel insurance when you plan to take a cruise.

However, it’s important to be cautious about where you get that insurance. Typically, it’s most advisable to buy travel insurance for your cruise from a third party source — not from the cruise line itself or from a booking site. These types of travel insurance policies tend to be fairly limited in their coverage, may not contain important benefits you need for your individual comfort and safety, and often are written in a way that is more likely to benefit the cruise line than it is to benefit you. When you decide on a trusted third-party source for your insurance, make sure to find out what type of coverage is available to you for the following concerns:

Medical Care

If you should unexpectedly fall ill or become injured while you’re on your cruise, you’ll need some sort of medical insurance coverage to offset the expense of the medical care you receive. Many cruisers don’t know that their home medical insurance provider may not cover any care they receive outside of their home country, or may cover only a portion of the costs. Those on Medicare should be particularly concerned with this type of benefit, as Medicare does not cover any kind of medical care outside of the United States.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

While rare, emergency medical evacuations are a very real possibility for cruisers. Whether the emergency is severe enough to require an air rescue from the ship, or whether it involves emergency transport from the nearest port of call to an on-shore medical facility, the costs can be prohibitive if not covered by insurance. Those who are particularly concerned about the possible quality of medical care in an unknown area of the world may want to consider looking into the optional Hospital of Choice benefit as well.

Baggage Loss or Baggage Delay

Between airlines, ships, and ports of call, there are plenty of opportunities for cruisers to misplace personal items — or for those personal items to be delayed or lost in transit, or worse, stolen during the course of the cruise. Making sure you have baggage loss coverage to help you recover the costs of replacing your lost items, or baggage delay coverage to help you get the necessities covered while you wait for your bags, can greatly decrease the stress of losing your belongings.

Identity Theft

Losing personal documents such as passports is certainly a possibility when on a cruise. Identity Theft protection is a unique service offered by some travel insurance companies, which can help guide you through the process of minimizing any possible damage to your credit or financial reputation, while also taking care of important communications and monitoring for you and helping you to replace your documents as quickly as possible.

Financial Default

One important benefit that third-party insurance policies offer is possible coverage for financial default. In other words, if your cruise line or another travel supplier related to your cruise goes bankrupt, financial default coverage would allow you to potentially recover the money paid to that travel supplier, as long as you weren’t able to make suitable alternate arrangements. However, financial default coverage is a time-sensitive benefit, so be sure to look into purchasing your travel insurance as soon after you make your first trip payment as possible.

Hurricanes and other Inclement Weather

Cruise ships are obviously especially vulnerable to the effects of hurricanes or other severe weather. While travel insurance will not offer you any coverage if your cruise goes off as scheduled, but misses a few ports of call or has to re-route entirely due to bad weather, it can cover you if the cruise is cancelled or cut short. There are also important travel insurance benefits available that are related to bad weather that occurs at your home, or which impacts any portion of your trip, including air travel.


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Find the cheapest possible flights by searching many sites at once

#the cheapest flights

Find cheap flights

How to find the cheapest flights

Most of us who travel a lot have one particular favorite airfare search engine. Since the invention of aggregator sites like Kayak.com, you can check quite a few sources all over the internet with just one search, but study after study has shown that even aggregator sites sometimes miss the lowest fares. You have to check at least 3 flight-search sites to be confident that you are getting the best deal possible.

Step 1 Enter your travel dates in the search box above.

Step 2 Click on Get Best Providers and the system will find all the best sites for your trip, which are most likely to offer the best fares.

Step 3 You ll see names and logos of all the best search sites, and with a single click you can send your trip details to each of them. Choose your favorite flight-search site, plus at least two others. Each will open in its own window, and seconds later you ll find the lowest price for each of them. This way you ll at least know the lowest possible fare for your trip, but of course you ll want to pay attention to the total journey length and possible layovers on the way. Sometimes it s worth paying a bit more for a nonstop flight.

For the cheapest international flights

>>>Find international travel deals at the lowest prices online

Now through December 1, 2012, get an extra US$10 on Vayama (link above) off using coupon code: Fall10

You may not be familiar with the website that is somehow able to get even lower fares than pretty much all the others, but only for international flights. We ve used them many times ourselves and often they will get the same flights you see elsewhere for 3 to 5% cheaper than the other sites. For an expensive flight, it s worth checking.


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Volvo bus accident: four taken into custody – The Hindu #online

#jabbar travels



Four employees of Jabbar Travels were taken into custody on Thursday in connection with the fire on a Volvo bus in Palem in Mahbubnagar district on October 30 that claimed 45 lives.

Shabbir, Akram, Amanullah Shareef and Rafique were picked up by a team of the Crime Investigation Department of Andhra Pradesh, which is looking for two more persons Jameel and Jabbar.

In Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Transport Minister B. Satyanarayana said that the investigation by the Transport Department and the CID is proceeding on the right lines. No effort would be spared in bringing those responsible to book, he declared.

Speaking about the probe into the circumstances that led to the accident and other aspects concerning violations of the Motor Vehicles Act, Transport Commissioner G. Anantha Ramu said that while they had registered cases for violations of the MV Act, the whole case pertained to Karnataka, jurisdiction-wise.

The officials have not followed proper procedure while arresting them, Shakeel Jabbar, owner of Jabbar travels, told The Hindu.

We learnt of the arrest only when we saw the news on television. We contacted our staff who told us that they are in the custody of the Andhra Pradesh CID and have been taken away from Bangalore. They are employees of the firm but had nothing to do with the accident, Mr. Shakeel Jabbar said.

Shabbir is an accounts manager of the company, Akram was looking after maintenance of vehicles while Rafiq and Amaan are booking staff.

According to Mr. Jabbar, the CID team had reached Bangalore on Thursday. They summoned the four employees to a guest house on Magadi Road to record their statement . As soon the four reached the guest house, they were allegedly whisked out of the city.

Two months ago, the police had arrested Shakeel Jabbar along with the driver of the bus. Both are out on bail.


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US Airports With The Cheapest Flights #international #air #travel

#cheapest international flights

The US Airports With The Cheapest Average Airfares

Flickr/carpathiar Long Beach Airport has the cheapest average flights in the US.

Flying is expensive, but you could save a lot of money just by booking a flight into an alternate airport.

In Los Angeles? Instead of flying out of LAX (where an average flight costs $465), you may want to book a flight out of Long Beach Airport (LGB), where the average airfare costs just $216.

Cheapflights.com just released their fourth annual Airport Affordability Index, which ranks popular airports with the most affordable round-trip airfares, including tax.

California’s Long Beach Airport (Daugherty Field; LGB) has the cheapest flights, with an average fare of just $216. Last year, LGB came in at the number two spot. South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach Jetport (MYR) jumped to the number two spot (last year it was #42) with an average airfare of $249, and California’s Fresno Air Terminal (FAT) came in at #3 with an average airfare of $270.

At the bottom of the list was Honolulu International Airport (HNL), with an average airfare of $689. Other airports in the bottom 10 were Washington Dulles International (IAD), Miami International (MIA), and New York’s JFK International.

The findings show that geography doesn’t necessarily determine affordability. Instead, alternative airports in close proximity to large cities or outside of major metro areas tended to offer the cheapest flights. But keep in mind that a cheap airfare often means an indirect flight with several layovers.

Here are the top 10 cheapest airports:


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Travel Insurance in the US Market Research #pavlus #travel

#travel market

Travel Insurance in the US: Market Research Report

Market Research • Market Size • Industry Statistics • Industry Analysis • Industry Trends

Travel Insurance Market Research Report | Advisory & Financial Services | Specialist Insurance Lines | Mar 2015

Taking off: Travel insurance revenue will rise as operators expand to niche markets

Industry Analysis & Industry Trends

Travel insurers faced steep revenue declines during the recession. Declining consumer disposable income meant fewer people were traveling and purchasing travel insurance. However, the industry returned to growth in 2010 as consumers became more sensitive to the potential losses associated with airline delays and cancellations, prompting them to buy travel insurance. The industry is expected to continue growing over the next five years and expand into niche markets catering to students and business travelers. purchase to read more

The Travel Insurance industry is in the mature stage of its life cycle, illustrated by continuous consolidation and widespread market acceptance of travel insurance. Industry value added (IVA), or contribution to the overall economy, is forecast to rise at an annualized rate of 1.2% over the 10 years to 2020. Similarly, US GDP is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 2.5% over the same period. This indicates that the industry is expanding roughly in line with the economy.

The number of industry operators is forecast to fall at an annualized rate of 1.6% over the five years to 2015. This follows a decade of consolidation, in which enterprise numbers declined even during years of revenue growth. purchase to read more

What is the Travel Insurance Industry?


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Travel Insurance Center – The Travel Insurance Experts! #adventure #travel #company

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Travel Insurance Center Travel Agent Blog

Three Planes and a War – Why Accidental Death Insurance is Important

Published:Tue, 29 Jul 2014 06:00:00 GMT

A recent spate of international plane crashes has many people thinking about their own mortality and what they would want to happen for their loved ones. People purchase accidental death insurance to assure their loved ones will be taken care of financially should the unthinkable happen.

According to the US Travel Insurance Association (USTIA), Many travelers mistakenly believe that their health insurance plan or the U.S. government will provide assistance in the event of a medical emergency. This can be a very expensive mistake, as these organizations may only provide the most basic medical referrals, and they may not pay for the expenses associated with a medical emergency, which can easily approach $100,000 for a serious medical problem.

To help you sort through the myriad plans offered by Travel Insurance Center. we ve compiled the best-sellers by category for the first quarter of 2014. Keep these in mind when you re searching for the best policy for your clients.

Political unrest. Civil disorder. Act of war.

These words are frequently found in the exclusion clauses of a travel insurance policy. And they re hot topics in today s news, whether about Ukraine, Syria or other places where your clients are traveling.

With all the weather issues this year, there have been many vacations cancelled, cruises missed and flights cancelled, resulting in delays of two or three days. I couldn t help but think of the term The Luck of the Irish, which can mean good luck if you re Irish or bad luck if you re not. But where was it for those unlucky Irish souls who were caught in these situations?

Many people (your clients) are busy making vacation arrangements right now. That means there s an opportunity for you to earn a few extra dollars. For example, take a quote I gave this weekend to a couple in their 80s. If you d sold them the quoted travel insurance plan for their 71-day Africa/Europe cruise beginning in March 2015, I d line your pockets with a little more than $2,500 bucks in commission.

When events like terrorism threaten travel plans, your role as an insurance agent puts you in the easy seat to help your client and make a sale even if travel insurance isn t your bread and butter. The recent government-issued travel warnings in the final weeks before the Feb. 7th kickoff of the Sochi Olympics present a prime example.


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Travel in Europe – Why take the train? #rental #car #deals

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Are you travelling Europe by train? Take advantage of our cheap train tickets to Belgium, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland or the Netherlands. You can also pick up a special train pass to travel to multiple destinations in Europe. Sit back in our comfortable carriages and travel with 320 km/h to new lands!


Looking for the best way to travel in Europe? Start by booking via voyages-sncf.com and enjoy all the benefits!


Capital of culture 2013

(1) Prices from, per person, in Standard class and for a single ticket between Paris, Brussels, Calais or Lille and London, Ashford or Ebbsfleet. Offer subject to availability. Ticket exchangeable subject to a fee before departure. Ticket non-exchangeable after departure. Ticket non-refundable. Online payment is required and multiple ticket withdrawal options are available, depending on the journey and the number of days between the date of booking and that of departure (e-ticket, free shipping, withdrawal from French railway stations or Rail Europe store (( additional charges of €10 /CHF 12.-for each booking)). Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or SNCF reductions.

(2) Starting from, per person, one way tickets in Comfort 2 (2nd class) Thalys, to a selection of destinations and subject to availability at these rates. Tickets are bookable until 30 days before departure of the train, and are non-exchangeable and non refundable. Online payment is required for e-tickets, free shipping of tickets, withdrawal at a French railway station or withdrawal at a Rail Europe store in Milan, Madrid, Geneva, Cologne (Supplement 10 € per dossier). Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or SNCF discount rate.

(3) Prem’s fare, from, per person, for a 2nd class single with TGV, from selected cities and to a range of destinations. Offer subject to availability. Tickets are on sale between 3 months and 14 days before the date of departure. Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. On-line payment is required. Tickets can be sent to your home address free of charge or collected at a French station or a Rail Europe shop in Milan, Madrid, Geneva, Cologne (€10 supplement payable). Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or SNCF reduction.

(4) Fare NON-FLEX, from, valid for a single outbound journey in TGV Lyria 2nd class. On sale 3 months before the date of travel. Tariff valid subject to available seats, non-exchangeable and non-refundable tickets. Online payment is required and multiple ticket withdrawal options are available, depending on the journey and the number of days between the date of booking and that of departure (e-ticket, free shipping, withdrawal from French railway stations or Rail Europe store (( additional charges of €8 /CHF 12.-for each booking)). Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or SNCF reductions.


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Flying on a Dime: The 3 Best Websites To Find Cheap

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Flying on a Dime: The 3 Best Websites To Find Cheap Flights

The holiday season is upon us and many of us are planning trips. A question I get all the time is how can I find a cheap flight?  To answer that question, I will cover 3 cheap flight websites for your flying escapades – 2 of them have worked great for me flying from the United States to all over the world and the last one was suggested by the MakeUseOf founder Aibek Esengulov for being a great website for finding flights from Europe to elsewhere.

So hopefully we have got you covered with these 3 sites:

CheapFlights (US only) – CheapFlights is my first go-to cheap flight website to start looking for inexpensive flights. I have probably used them over 100 times in the last 5 or 6 years. I consistently find good deals and most of the time at the last minute.

Go ahead and fill out where you are coming from and going to select your flexibility and hit the find deals now button.

Once you hit that button, the site will do its magic searching like so:

You will see the dates are scattered over the next month or so – see if one floats your boat and click on it to go to the corresponding site and book it!

Next up is Cheapo Air. Cheapo Air has international flights both ways. When you get to their homepage it will look like every other major air flight finding service but it will find you some seriously cheap flights – there might be 2 or 3 stops or even a layover – but if cheap is your goal here you will find a flight.

You have to specify an exact date and time range to where you are going and it will find you the cheapest rates available.

Cheapo Air returned cheap flights as you can see below:

$219! That beats our original site by $70. For someone looking to to save some money, not bad! The trip includes 1 hour and 2 minutes of a layover in Atlanta and they switched my home airport from JFK to Newark, not bad!

Our last site is called SkyScanner which does United States flights as well as European flights. SkyScanner should be your site of choice for booking flights that start or end outside of the United States.

Fill out your information and let’s see what she returns”¦

So going from the United States to the Bahamas costs a lot more from here, but looking for airfares from the United Kingdom to New York we see some great deals:

They let you build your round trip by selecting one flight from the left and one from the right.

You can find some great deals from all three of these sites.  But I’m sure there are plenty of other sites where you get your cheap flights from. Feel free to share your favorite sites in the comments!


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For the Cheapest Airfares, Don t Shop on Sundays #cheap #airline

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For the Cheapest Airfares, Don’t Shop on Sundays

It’s the age-old question that bedevils airline travelers: Is this a good fare? The Internet is rife with advice on when to buy and when to fly, a mix of maxims that frequently serves to confuse fare shoppers more than they enlighten: Buy on Tuesdays! Avoid Friday flights!

We have another. (You knew this was coming.) The latest fare study. by a Boston-area travel-tech startup called Hopper, found that Thursday is the cheapest day to purchase a ticket, with weekends the worst. The best fares were found for Wednesday departures, while returns were cheapest on Tuesday for domestic flights and on Wednesday for international trips. Friday was the most expensive day to fly home both domestically and abroad, likely because Friday and Sunday are two of the heaviest traffic days for airlines worldwide.


The results are based on fare data from January 2013 to this month, drawn from 11,000 markets with U.S. departures and at least 1,000 weekly searches through travel agents. The biggest difference in methodology was that Hopper looked at the days when airlines offered the most of their lowest fares on these routes, not just average fares.

Still, as airlines become ever-more sophisticated at pricing—and keep tight checks on seat capacity—savings are relatively narrow. The difference between the “worst” and “best” purchase days was $10 for domestic flights and $25 internationally. Fare differences in departure and return days topped out at $60 for international flights, and even less domestically, according to Hopper. “I think the airlines have just become a lot better at the yield management piece so there’s no longer this predictable way you can outwit them,” says Patrick Surry, Hopper’s data scientist, calling the days of frequent consumer “big wins” largely over.

Thus, Hopper’s data suggest that fare bargains don’t arise from trying to play the best-time-to-buy game, but in better consumer education about what constitutes a good fare on a particular route. Fly to San Francisco every week or month and it’s not long before the atrocious and decent fares become apparent to you. But plan a trip to Croatia or Santa Fe or Shanghai and you may have zero idea whether the fares around your travel dates are any good from your city. What’s more, your vacation or business trip has specific dates—most travelers do not know how to consider seasonal price fluctuations, or whether a new airline competitor will have an effect, or what happens if you leave two days earlier.

Upstarts such as Hopper are trying to build new online tools that reduce the information vacuum that often leaves consumers paying more. “It’s really hard to get any kind of big picture,” Surry says. “So I think there’s a lot of power that the airlines exploit in that space.”

Bachman is an associate editor for Businessweek.com.


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The Real Scoop on Pet Air Travel in 2015 #118 #travel

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Since 2005, the airlines have been required to report monthly on incidents involving pets while under their care for travel. Incidents include injury, loss, and deaths of animals. According to this data there were 29 deaths of animals and 26 injuries to animals while flying in 2012. However, with well over 500,000 dogs traveling per year by air, these numbers do not seem significantly higher than the general death rate in the animal population. If you would like more information on the reports see DogFriendly.com’s link.

If you do need to take your pet on a commercial airliner, there are some tips that may help. Airports have recently been required to provide pet relief areas for service dogs as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They allow pet dogs to use these areas as well. Some airports, such as Atlanta, Reno and JFK’s American Airlines terminal have full scale dog parks at the airport. Other airports have a small dirt area. A few airports such as Seattle and Salt Lake City have a dog relief area after passing through security. Most airports would require that you be outside security to access the pet relief area. DogFriendly.com has information on the pet relief areas at a number of airports at this link.

If your dog has to go in the cargo hold, it may be helpful that they are not alone on the flight. Dogs, being pack animals, feel comfort in having others with them. If you have more than one dog traveling, that would give comfort to each. In addition, some airlines carry many more dogs than others. In the United States, it appears that United, American, Delta and Alaska Airlines carry the most dogs. So on these airlines you are more likely to have other dogs on the flight and have people skilled in handling the dogs. There is much debate on whether tranquilizing dogs helps or hurts, so you and your vet will need to make that decision. It is important to note that in the U.S. service dogs or guide dogs are normally allowed to travel with their owner in the cabin, regardless of the size or breed of dog. Canines traveling for search and rescue operations or law enforcement are also usually allowed in the cabin but policies vary with each airline company. Dogs used for these purposes must be accompanied by their owner and usually do not need to be in a kennel, but must be harnessed (and sometimes muzzled). This is not necessarily the policy for International flights. One thing that has become much easier in the last ten years is the ability to take your dog between countries. It used to be that many places, notably the United Kingdom, Hawaii and Australia required lengthy quarantines to bring your dog in due to fear of rabies. While Australia does still require quarantine, most other countries, including the United Kingdom and Hawaii no longer require quarantine if the proper steps are taken. General requirements are micro chipping, up to date rabies shots, and maybe a rabies blood test, but this requirement is becoming rarer. And quite a bit of paperwork. But once you’ve set up your dog for International travel, then you can travel with your dog to much of the world. If you are planning to take your dog overseas, it is important to plan early, make sure your pet’s microchip is in before their rabies shot and that the vet records the microchip number with all of their rabies shots. For more information on these steps, see DogFriendly.com’s section on International Border Requirements for Pets.

Are there other options available to dog owners? Well, yes and no. One alternative can be expensive and one involves a longer travel time. First, lets start with the most ideal, but also the more expensive option. Some airline charter companies allow your dog of any size or breed to travel in the cabin with you. They just require that your dog be restrained by a leash or car seat harness during take off and landing. Other than that, dogs are allowed to ride in the cabin with you, right next to you. The majority of chartered planes are typically smaller planes like prop planes or Lear jets. So why isn’t everyone flying with their pooch this way? The issue is cost. Who would pay for this? One operator says “Wealthy, VIP’s and corporate execs” pay for charters. The cost can be thousands of dollars. A flight from San Francisco, California to Phoenix, Arizona for four people and two dogs could be $6-8 thousand one way. A flight from Nashville, Tennessee to Miami, Florida could be $8-10 thousand one way. However, if you have a flexible schedule and can give advanced notice or be scheduled on an empty leg flight, prices could be cut in half. Some air charter brokers are Magellan Jets. Eljet and Air Charter Network.

The other alternative is to drive or have your pooch driven. Driving does take much longer than flying, especially across country. While your pooch can easily go with you, driving long distances are out of the question for some people that do not want to spend days on the road. So instead of driving your pooch yourself, have someone else drive him or her. There is a number of companies that will transport your pet across the country and other companies that will transport your car with your pets. The dogs will be in kennels and away from you for quite some time. Dog owners are not allowed on the shuttles, but you can fly and they will drive your pooch for you. And of course, they will make the appropriate potty and exercise breaks along the way, give your dog food, water, and even treats and toys. Each animal is in his or her own individual carrier or cage while on the road. Every shuttle bus has two or three drivers on board and they drive 24 hours per day, with the exception of pit stops of course. The rates are pretty affordable and can offer a reasonable alternative when you need to transport your pooch within the continental United States.

If you are heading between the United States and England then there is one other option to commercial airlines or charters. The fabulous Queen Mary II Cruise Ship makes the crossing a number of times a year between New York and Southampton. While dogs are not allowed in the cabins on the ship, there is a kennel onboard. You may visit the dog there, walk the dog, and spend some time with the dog each day. The crossing usually takes about 5 – 6 days each way.

Our hope is that, one day, dogs of all sizes and breeds will be welcome in the cabin next to us on all commercial airliners. We would like to see a policy on airlines where you can at least buy the entire row of three seats for you and your dog if necessary so no one else would need to sit next to your dog. Maybe airlines could require that people with pets that don’t fit in kennels under the seats carry muzzles in case it proves necessary for any reason such as excessive barking or aggression. Most people who travel with pets would much rather have the pets with them in the cabin. Flying is often stressful enough without the additional worries about your pet being unattended. Dogs are allowed on trains in Europe and they co-exist with the other passengers. Why not on airplanes as well?


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The Women s Travel Group, Luxury Tours for Women #travel #to

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Main Navigation


“A Welcome Travel Alternative for Women” says Arthur Frommer

The Women’s Travel Group is an award winning tour operator for women. Phyllis Stoller,who founded The Women’s Travel Club, has received many honors in women’s travel, including Top in Women’s Travel from and One of the Most Influential Women in Group Travel. The Women’s Travel Group collaborates on some tours with SITA World Tours who contribute financial guarantees, and excellent service. We are accredited by IATAN , with high industry standards. We offer special discounts for singles as on Gameparks of South Africa cruise and others. We help and hand hold with your first trip solo. We do not sell into others’ tours but customize our own.


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The White House Blog #spain #travel

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The Schedule

In the morning, the President will participate in a bilateral meeting with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China. There will be pre-set pool coverage of the President’s arrival at the Le Bourget summit site and a pool spray at the top of this bilateral meeting.

Later in the morning, the President will participate in the COP21 opening ceremony. There will be limited pool coverage of the opening ceremony.

Afterward, the President will take a family photo with leaders of other participating countries and participate in the first session of COP21. There will be limited pool coverage of the family photo and full pool coverage of the President’s remarks in the first session.

In the afternoon, the President will attend a lunch hosted by President Francois Hollande of France. This lunch will be closed press.

Afterward, the President will participate in a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. There will be a pool spray at the bottom of this meeting.

Later in the afternoon, the President will participate in a Mission Innovation Event with President Francois Hollande of France, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, other leaders and members of the private sector. There will be pool coverage of this event.

In the evening, the President will attend a working dinner with President Francois Hollande of France. There will be a pool spray at the top of this dinner.


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The surprising comeback of train travel. #going #places #travel

#rail travel

Story highlights

    In the past 10 to 15 years, passenger rail has seen a resurgence in ridership Nearly 31.6 million passengers, a record, boarded Amtrak trains in 2013 Rail comeback led by increase in train travel in Northeast, Midwest and Western U.S.

It’s been 21 years, and John Moore still eagerly leans against his passenger window to watch the landscape pass by as the train he commutes on every day roars over the Moodna Viaduct in Cornwall, New York.

The green hills and vibrant leaves just below the elevated track make the trestle one of the prettiest scenes on the 57-year-old’s trip. For more than two decades, the senior business analyst has been traveling about 67 miles for work from his home in Cornwall to lower Manhattan. His total commute time is 2½ hours each way.

It may seem like a lengthy commute, but Moore says he prefers this mode of travel.

“Compared to a bus or a car, it’s much more spacious and comfortable,” he says. As soon as Moore boards, he can start work, or socialize with the friends he’s made on the train over the years, or even stretch out his legs and spend a few hours reading a novel.

Moore is not the only one dedicated to passenger rail. There has been a 51% increase in ridership from 2001 to 2013 on Amtrak rail lines alone, according to Jim Mathews, the president of National Association of Railroad Passengers. More business travelers, students and people from the Northeast, Midwest and Western United States are turning to trains for their work and vacation travels.

Matt Hardison, a spokesman for Amtrak, the national rail operator, says the longstanding rumors from the 1980s that passenger rail is dying have changed. In the past 10 to 15 years, rail travel has seen a significant rise in ridership. “Rail has seen a real renaissance in the last decade,” he says. “It’s been a great time to be here. People are turning to rail for inter-city travel.”

From October 2012 to September 2013, “Amtrak welcomed aboard nearly 31.6 million passengers, the largest annual total in its history,” according to its website. Some rail stations are brimming at capacity, Hardison says. For example, Pennsylvania Station in New York sees 650,000 passengers a day buzzing through. The Northeast Corridor, Amtrak’s busiest railroad, has more than 2,200 trains operating on the Washington-Boston route each day.

Hardison attributes the shift toward train ridership to the increase in traffic throughout many metropolitan cities in the United States. “In the Northeast, there’s congestion on the streets because of cars and buses and there’s even congestion at airports.” He says people in many of America’s busiest cities are looking for alternative ways to travel more efficiently.

For Moore, traveling via train not only reduces commuting stress, but it also allows him and his wife, Maureen, to live in a more serene environment that is far away from the fast-paced city lifestyle. “We moved to Cornwall specifically because I could take a train to work. It allowed us to live more than 50 miles outside the city and still commute comfortably to work every day,” he says.

Rediscovering freedom in travel

The portrayal of trains as an old-fashioned mode of transportation isn’t a realistic reflection of the hundreds of thousands of people who use them daily, according to Mathews, NARP’s president. “The community that travels on trains travel for many reasons. One is just for nostalgia. But there are a lot of people who travel from D.C. to New York and you won’t find a lot of those people traveling for nostalgia,” he says. “They are in suits and ties, where time is money, and they can work for 2½ hours.”

One of those in a suit and tie was Vice President Joe Biden. who for decades traveled by train between Washington and his home in Wilmington, Delaware, while he served on the Senate.

Although a growing number of people are commuting daily by train like Biden once did, there are also those who prefer to ride trains for leisurely travel to see more of the landscape and to relax.

Jack Donachy says he and his wife, Barbra, are among those people. Donachy says they’re restless souls always seeking a new adventure. Recently, they moved to Mongolia to teach English. But throughout their lives they have had an affinity for trains, riding the Skunk Train in Northern California and traveling via rail throughout Japan and Europe.

Donachy, 55, fondly remembers a train ride he took in Japan during spring 1981. He had just been honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy after serving out his enlistment. He was traveling by train from Yokosuka, where he was stationed onboard the USS Blue Ridge, to Narita International Airport.

“I had a window seat and was allowing my mind to wander with the rhythm of the train. Suddenly, a switch flipped inside my head and I realized that even though I’d spent the last two years in Japan, I was seeing — really seeing — the country for the first time,” he says.

Zooming past the newly planted rice fields, schoolchildren in uniform, and homes tucked away against hillsides, he was inspired to come back to explore the country.

“I don’t think I would have had that experience, that sudden ‘connected-ness’ with the country, had I been riding any other mode of transportation. There is something incredibly liberating and thought-inducing about being on a train,” he says.

In fact, Donachy went back to school to receive a degree in creative writing and headed back to Japan, where he lived for seven years, immersing himself in the country’s beauty and culture.

Donachy says the draw for him and his wife to travel by train is independence. “The true luxury is freedom,” he says. “There are no seat belts and for most of the journey you are free to walk around, or have a glass of this or that, or read, or go to the dining car for something to eat, or simply stare out the window and allow thoughts to wander.”

That freedom is a rare commodity in today’s travel culture, Mathews says. “We let airlines treat us really badly. Whether you have to sleep curled up in a ball because you got bumped from your flight or they lost your luggage along the way, we roll with it. But we don’t let trains do that to us,” he says.

Mathews says because trains are not readily incorporated in aggregated discount travel sites like Kayak and Priceline.com, the average traveler does not realize trains are a transportation option that can be cheaper and more accommodating than taking a flight.

“I think if people stop flying over our country and start seeing our country and how large it is and how beautiful it is, they’ll get it,” he says. “It’s hard to have a train ride across the country and leave that and not be a patriot.”


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The Best Time and Weather to Travel to the Caribbean #volunteer

#times travel

The Best Time and Weather to Travel to the Caribbean

The southeastern region of the Caribbean has the fewest hurricanes and is relatively safe for travel during hurricane season. (Photo: NA/Photos.com/Getty Images )

Related Articles

The Caribbean includes more than 5,000 islands, reefs and cays. Among the most popular are Aruba, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Barbados and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The average temperatures in this climate zone fluctuate, with lows in the low 70s Fahrenheit in winter and daytime highs in the mid-to-upper 80s in summer. The best time and weather to travel to the Caribbean largely depends on the traveler’s preference for weather and travel conditions.

Holiday and High Season

Winter is considered the high season for tourism to the Caribbean, largely because travelers want to escape the cold winter weather of the north. Tourism booms from mid-December through mid-April. The winter weather in the Caribbean features little rainfall and has average lows in the low 70s and average highs in the mid-80s. Northern Caribbean destinations’ lows are closer to the 60s, while southern islands’ lows are in the 70s. This is the perfect time to travel if you don’t mind large crowds and paying top dollar for accommodations, but reservations should be made months in advance because so many travelers prefer this time frame.


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The Travel Company, Travel Agents South Africa #travel #to #argentina

#travel agents south africa

Travel Agents South Africa / International

The advantage of booking a business trip or leisure trip with “The Travel Company” is not only the very convenient Sandton location and parking, but our affiliation with reputable travel partners. The Travel Company is a member of The American Society of Travel Agents, ASATA and IATA.

The Travel Company has a multilingual, knowledgeable, well-travelled team of consultants. We offer a unique “after hours” and “Sunday by appointment” plan. We are proud of our personal and professional attention to the individual and corporate travellers.


Part of what sets us so far apart from our competitors is our long list of value added services.

• 24-hour emergency phone number;

• Conferences – organised for you from A – Z;

• Door to door transfers;

• Executive parking services at airport

• Flight Schedules and Frequent Flyer management;

• Foreign Exchange delivered to your doorstep;

• Incoming travel arrangements for overseas guests;

• Our agency status exclusively entitles us to Super Saver airfares, hotel and car rental rates;

• Our own tour packages and special interest group package tours;

• Team building events organised for you from A – Z;

• Trade Fair packages;

Our tailor-made tours can satisfy the needs of the most discerning sophisticated traveller who wants an escape to tranquillity, the adventurer whose desire is to experience:

• White water rafting

• Hot air ballooning

• Pony trekking


The substantial volume of travel generated through us, provides us with the ability to negotiate the most competitive prices for you, whether it’s for airfares, cruises, coach travel, incentives, tours, conferences, safaris, launches, team-building, car rentals, hotel accommodation, travel insurance, foreign exchange delivered, airport transfers, and or any large or small items that are so important in making your travel experience, even more streamlined.

We ensure that you are getting the best value for the money you spend on your travel arrangements, and that you have the complete travel planning service under one roof.


The Travel Company, Katherine Street, Sandton’s convenient location, undertakes to provide its customers with assurance that they will receive the highest standards, in terms of travel products, at all times. This guarantee stems from the commitment made by our management to align all customer service operations with increased levels of customer service.

Due to the high standards set by the Group, our firm will assume tighter control over the quality of travel and other services provided to the customer, and as a result of such assurance, minimise quality deficiencies relating to the product. We are constantly modernising our systems to change with the times.


Our group has over 420 travel agencies throughout United States of America, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and South Africa. The substantial volume of travel generated through us, provide us with the ability to negotiate the most competitive price for you.


AHK – South African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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Gay Travel for the Single Man #flight #tickets #deals

#gay travel

Gay Travel for the Single Man

People often ask us, where is the best place to go on a vacation, if you are gay and single. Gosh, there are so many choices!

Travel is one of the most enriching experiences a person can undertake. But deciding where to go can sometimes be a challenge. With almost any option possible and (in the case of a solo traveler) nobody else to have to pander to, in some respects choosing your destination can be more of a challenge than the actual journey itself. What is it you want from the trip?

In the US I would suggest Palm Springs . They have a lot of small intimate resorts and guesthouses that make it very conducive to mingling and make new friends. Palm Springs California is well-known as one of the most reliable and consistent sunny destinations in the USA. Abundant sunshine, clear blue skies, low humidity, warm temperatures and only a hint of rain characterize the consistently beautiful weather in Palm Springs, Ca. In fact, the sun shines in the Palm Springs California area more than 350 days a year!

Big city obvious gay meccas like West Hollywood and San Francisco are not my first choice for the single guy. Though you can have fun in both cities. It just depends on how outgoing you are and what you are looking for. New York City is amazing, for all kinds of reasons.

Chicago (below) is very laid back it s very easy to walk into a bar and start chatting with strangers. Huge gay population concentrated in some very cool neighborhoods (Lakeview-Boystown, Andersonville, Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park), friendly people, the only major US city that s actually affordable to live in. You have Lake Michigan, beaches, shopping and world class dining.

Fort Lauderdale is certainly very nice but very spread out whereas Key West is small enough to feel at home. Key West is very easy to navigate and meet new people. Key West is a Lush tropical island with fascinating architecture, friendly people, a rich history, and plenty of activities to keep you engaged or help relax

Columbus Ohio is a new and upcoming gay travel destination. The Short North/Victorian Village/Italian Village/Grandview area of town is a huge and vibrant gayborhood that mixes trendy shops, art galleries, fun dining, nightlife, high end dining, lots of homes, apartments and new condos, and culture. The city can skew a little young at times due to Ohio State, but there are lots of young urban professional gay men all over Columbus. It s sort of a smaller version of Chicago.

There is a great tour group called Spirit Journeys. Spirit Journeys offers extraordinary gay travel, retreats and workshops at magical destinations all over the world. Whether it be on adventure tours or attending a retreat, our aim is to offer you a chance to get away from it all , to connect with others and to explore the mysteries and cultures that are in the world around us. You can see a lot of the world, with a gay group.

David Hodkinson, of Travel Leaders agrees. For gay, single individuals, small group gay travel is the easiest and best way to meet other singles. There is a lot of variety in the type of travel one can choose, often very specific, i.e. adventure, cultural, active, ecotourism, spa and health, etc. Small groups vary in size….perhaps ranging from 8 to 18 and some even larger. Since participants often share the same interests, there are many opportunities for discussions and dialogue.

The companies that offer this type of travel are numerous…travel to exotic destinations, ski (Gay Ski Weeks), small ship cruising, river cruising, gay safaris (outstanding!), Gay Games, active (hiking, dude ranches, climbing, rafting, skiing), and the list goes on.

Gay travelers should check out agencies that are members of IGLTA (International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association) since these agencies can direct them to appropriate suppliers and provide guidance in making decisions.

He also says, Amsterdam is my #1 choice…..the bars and clubs are like nothing else and there is something for everyone and every preference. The biggest festivals are Amsterdam Pride and Queensday with many celebrations, concerts, parties, etc. held not only in the streets but in the numerous clubs and bars. Europe’s biggest gay dance party is Rapido and one of the best and most famous is held in Amsterdam during Pride, at Rapido Paradiso (a phenomenal venue). Tickets sell out fast and must be purchased months in advance. Gay and single….Amsterdam is an easy to meet and mingle and English is spoken everywhere. Winter is a bit dreary but there’s always something going on .

Puerto Vallarta Mexico is great for couples, friends or single travelers. Beautiful ocean bay beaches

World class dining, mountains and jungles, and a huge gay lesbian community. Very friendly. Lots to see and do. Still affordable.

Toronto ’s gay and lesbian village is most famous for having provided the location for much of the Showcase series Queer as Folk. Canada’s laws regarding legal same-sex marriage make this city a perfect destination for a wedding and honeymoon vacation. Church Street’s lively bars, warm cafés and friendly people provide a fun and a very welcoming atmosphere for gay and lesbian travelers.

In Europe. Prague is one of my favorites. Paris is one of my least favorites.

Prague is VERY AFFORDABLE and the city of spires has more than just gorgeous architecture and a fascinating history to offer gay and lesbian travelers. The city boasts numerous gay and gay-friendly clubs, bars, restaurants, cafés, saunas and accommodations. Lots of shopping. Lots of culture. Lots of GAY! Very easy to meet people. Prague is like one large outdoor museum with myriad wonders to explore. On the other hand, Paris is like a huge large outdoor museum, but for the most part, not over-friendly. Hard to connect with people. and triple the price of Prague.

Costa Rica has been dubbed Central America’s Gay Paradise. From cloud forests, rainforests and rushing rivers to active volcanoes and tropical beaches, Costa Rica boasts innumerable natural wonders that will arouse your senses. With its progressive laws protecting gay rights, Costa Rica is a friendly place to visit without hassles.

Phuket, Thailand. Patong beach has become a gay hotspot because of its unbelievably inexpensive nightlife, exhilarating water sports and friendly atmosphere. The dazzling beach has been host to pride festivals and remains a perfect place for gay and lesbian travelers to meet and enjoy the excitement of Southeast Asia.

These are just some of our top picks. There are many more great places, depending on what you are looking for. Don t be afraid to travel alone. You will find so many places around the world that are friendly and very open to talking to you! Even despite language barriers, many people are so nice and will try to communicate with you! Even you need help making a decison, call an expert for advice.


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The New York Times – Travel. #new #zealand #travel

#times travel

  • State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs: www.travel.state.gov
  • State Department Travel Warnings: travel.state.gov/travel_warnings.html
  • Lonely Planet: www.lonelyplanet.com Users can click on the Postcards link, which leads to an online bulletin board where they can get information about crime and practical concerns. (Lonely Planet doesn’t vouch for the accuracy or usefulness of these missives.)

Source: “Clicking on the Side of Caution ” (March 11, 2001)

Airplane Delays

  • Weather.com: www.weather.com com is comprehensive, easy to use and fairly fast. Useful features for travelers include an Interstate Forecast.
  • Accuweather: www.accuweather.com has 5-day forecasts for thousands of cities around the world.
  • National Climatic Data Center: lwf.ncdc.noaa.gov lists average temperature and precipitation data. by month, for dozens of American cities.
  • National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration: www.noaa.gov does not package its information specifically for travelers, but it has plenty of information travelers can make use of, such as average water temperatures for coastal towns.

Source: “Fast Action on Passports, but for a Price ” (March 17, 2002)

  • MSN Autos: autos.msn.com allows users to type in their ZIP code and see a map displaying traffic in their region.
  • MetroCommute.com: www.metrocummute.com
  • Federal Highway Administration’s National Traffic and Road Closure Information: www.fhwa.dot.gov/trafficinfo/
  • Traffic.com: www.traffic.com

Source: “Monitoring Traffic ” (July 20, 2003)

  • Open Table: www.opentable.com offers free reservations at more than 1,800 restaurants in roughly 50 American cities.
  • RestaurantRow.com: www.restaurantrow.com also allow diners to make reservations online but charges a fee.
  • Zagat: www.zagat.com is the online arm of the popular survey book series.
  • AddYourOwn.com: www.addyourown.com allows visitors to post reviews of restaurants in nine cities in the United States, Canada and Europe.
  • City Search: www.citysearch.com is a network of city-specific Web sites.
  • Gayot.com: www.gayot.com is worth a visit, if you prefer polished, professional evaluations.
  • The New York Times Dining section: www.nytimes.com/pages/dining/index.html has a user-friendly way to search the its archive of restaurant reviews.
  • Miami Herald Restaurant Search: ae.miami.com/entertainment/ui/miami/restaurantSearch.html
  • The Los Angeles Times Calendar Live: calendarlive.com .

Source: “Click and Eat on the Road ” (May 23, 2004)

  • JoeSentMe.com: www.joesentme.com is a business travel web site that is full of smart commentary and useful links.
  • Johnnyjet.com: www.johnnyjet.com has many terrific links to a wide variety of travel-related web sites.
  • TimeandDate.com: www.timeanddate.com delivers the time and date for anywhere in the world and has a “meeting planner” for scheduling international conference calls.
  • Seat Guru: www.seatguru.com provides seat charts and other cabin information for all of the aircraft flown by six major domestic airlines: American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United and US Air.
  • Oanda.com: www.oanda.com has conversion calculators for 164 world currencies — with rates back to 1990.
  • www.indo.com/distance lets you very quickly get the distance between world cities in miles, kilometers and nautical miles.
  • Airport City Codes: www.airportcitycodes.com matches cities to more than 9,000 worldwide airport codes.
  • Subway Navigator: www.subwaynavigator.com
  • Nation Master: www.nationmaster.com is an astounding and easy-to-use collection of facts, statistics, charts, maps and trivia on every country in the world.
  • Airline Meals.Net: www.airlinemeals.net

Source: “Trading Tips on Travel Sites ” (June 16, 2002)
Wireless Internet connections are available in an ever-growing number of public spaces. These web sites let you type in your location and find a list of nearby paid or free hot spots.

  • Jwire.com: www.jiwire.com
  • Wi-FiHotspotList.com: wi-fihotspotlist.com
  • Locfinder.net: www.locfinder.net
  • NYCWireless.net: www.nycwireless.net

Source: “Cutting the Cord ” (December 7, 2003)


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The Cheapest Time of Year for Airline Travel #cheap #cheap #tickets

#cheapest air ticket

The Cheapest Time of Year for Airline Travel

The time of year in which you fly a certain route will affect the price of your ticket. (Photo: Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images )

Related Articles

The cheapest time of year to fly is typically the least popular time for travel between any two destinations. Airlines and consolidators structure ticket prices according to demand — if passenger demand is higher at any particular time of year, ticket prices are likely to also be high. The key to finding the cheapest air tickets is to identify the season with the lowest passenger demand on a given route.

Low Season

Many airlines define low and high seasons according to low and high average ticket prices. Additionally, some also define “medium” and “shoulder” seasons in which prices are between their average low and high-season rates. US Airways, for example, defines low or off-peak season for flights from North America to the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America as September 1-30. The low season for travel to South America is defined by US Airways as the months of May and October; for flights from North America to Europe the low season is mid-January through the end of February.


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The life and times of Southall #cheapest #airfares

#south hall travel

Time for a change I think.

When I initially set out on my Afritrex expedition at the end of December 2007 I’d decided that setting up a blog would be a fantastic way for my friends and family to keep up-to-date with my experiences and to follow my progress around the African continent.

Since then blogs and blogging applications, widgets, add- ons etc have moved on in leaps and bounds and it’s now possible to add posts by text, video or speech, through your desktop machine, laptop or iPhone.

With the help of my web-guru Ben Patterson, I’ve decided to design and build a new blog which will become my record of exactly what the job of Island Caretaker involves, some behind the scenes snippets and a blog of what the next six months of my life will be all about.

There will be future updates to this page every so often but for now I’ll be concentrating on my new web-blog which can be found at:

With only three days to go until I fly back out to Australia every second is busy with planning, building content for this new site and preparing for the adventure ahead. If you’ve been following my exploits over the past few days, months or years then please continue to do so by altering your bookmarks right now!


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The GO Travel Company #travel #thailand

#go travel direct

Welcome to The Go Travel Company

Your personal travel agent

Building memories, one vacation at a time

The GO Travel Company

Exotic tropical island vacations, luxury and adventure cruises, romantic getaways, honeymoon packages, safaris, and tours. You need a vacation and we re here to help you ?nd the perfect trip. We ll work with you to match your travel interests and your lifestyle with the vacation of your dreams. Contact us today and get packing!

Browse or search through our site (which is filled with the most comprehensive and up-to-date specials available) to see the wide variety of trips we can offer you. You can request more information for any vacation we have on our site and then we ll work with you to help find the perfect trip. We re dedicated to helping you find the holiday that will match up with your vacation needs and your budget.

Providing extremely high-quality and personalized service is our number one goal and we can assist in coordinating every detail of your travel plans. We re looking forward to making your next trip a memorable and enjoyable one!


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The Canada Specialist Program #audley #travel

#canada travels

Getting started is easy

The Canadian Tourism

Commission presents the

Canada Specialist Program

The Canada Specialist Program is an educational tool designed by the CTC to train travel trade professionals like you about travel to Canada.

Once you sign up for the Canadian Specialist Program, you’ll have access to the key suppliers of all our Canadian experiences. All you need to do is complete each module.

With the online training tool, you can create your own sales files. Keep your notes, ideas and key learnings in one place. And you’ll get message templates created for all for this Canadian content; add your own personal message and send them to your clients. How easy is that?

Pass all of the specialist quizzes and you’ll be able to access the CSP reduced travel rates on our independent FAM page.

After you’ve completed the Canadian Specialist Program, you can post your contact details on our consumer website (www.canada.travel ). When consumers are looking for specialized travel information on Canada, they can come straight to you.


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The Best Online Travel Sites of 2016 #travel #super #market

#travel online

Online Travel Sites Review

by Amy Smith

The top performers in our review are Orbitz. the Gold Award winner; CheapTickets. the Silver Award winner; and Priceline. the Bronze Award winner. Here s more on choosing a site to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of the top 10 travel sites.

Travel can offer adventure, relaxation or access to vital business contacts, and even a perfect combination of all three, at times. The best online travel sites ensure you get as much as possible for each dollar in your travel budget. They also help you make the most of every minute of your time when you are in the market for a great vacation package. These sites make it easy to quickly organize every facet of your trip flights, lodging and any short trips in between. The best of them allow you to package different aspects of your trip for ease and savings.

Establishing a relationship with the right site can lead to many rewarding travel experiences over many years. Booking with the wrong site can lead to various frustrations related to limited selection, overly strict or impossible-to-find cancellation policies, hidden fees, high prices and low quality customer service.

As we began our online travel sites review, we wondered if there would be a best travel site for flights and a different one for car rentals and other aspects of a vacation. Happily we found quite a few travel sites that do a good job at multiple types of bookings, under various circumstances. This ability to multitask is one thing that sets travel sites apart from hotel booking sites, which are excellent for finding lodging. Zeroing in on the perfect hotel room, in the perfect area, for the perfect price is valuable, but some trips require planning help for all aspects of your journey. That’s when an online travel site is best. It can become a virtual travel agent that works with impressive speed to find deals and even steals for travel and lodging. For more information, check out our articles about online travel sites .


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The Best Time to Buy International Plane Tickets #interline #travel

#buy flight tickets

The Best Time to Buy International Plane Tickets

Buying international plane tickets mid-week could save you money. (Photo: Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images )

Related Articles

Flights can be one of the first things to consider if you’re planning an international trip. Although you might have hotels and transportation to plan, the price of your flight could dictate what destinations you choose based on cost. Flight prices can vary from day to day so checking price comparison websites can help you snag the best deal. However, other factors including the amount of time before you want to travel and the day of the week you book can also impact the final cost of your plane tickets.

Advance Booking

Booking tickets in advance can help get flights at a lower price. Rick Seaney, CEO of farecompare.com, recommends buying tickets around four months before you plan to travel. He says that airlines don’t usually release cheaper tickets before this time but, when released, reduced seats are likely to sell quickly. Therefore, you should start checking price comparison websites well before you want to leave.


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The Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse – Nursing Link #aus

#traveling nurse

The Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse


So you are debating whether to become a Travel Nurse and you are curious to know some of the benefits. Here is a brief list covering most of the benefits you can expect:

One of the better travel nurse benefits is the ability to pick assignments all over the country. After all it is called Travel Nursing. If you were an avid backpacker and hiker you might actually take an assignment in a remote community famous for its backpacking trails. Or if you just can’t get enough of theme parks you might accept an assignment in Orlando so that you can visit Disney World every time you have some time off.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Travel contracts range anywhere from 4 weeks to 52 weeks. The average contract is 13 weeks. Work 13 weeks, take a month off…Or not. That s the beauty of this job- You really do have the freedom to decide when and where you work.

Specialty Nurses can ask for and receive top pay rates including double time for overtime. Average rates of pay for a Traveling nurse are $25 $40 per hour. Overtime rates can be time and a half to double time.


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The Best Travel Credit Card of 2015: Chase Sapphire Preferred #airline

#best travel credit card

But apart from the Ultimate Rewards program, how did we come to the conclusion that the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card provides the best overall value for everyday finances as well as travel redemption? We asked and answered the following questions:

1. How many redemption options are available with the points?

The Sapphire Preferred has two different types of redemption options available. The first and best value can be achieved by using any of Chase’s transfer partners. There are 11 airline, hotel and rail travel partners for which points can be transferred at a ratio of 1:1. When a transfer is complete, the points immediately appear in the destination partner account no waiting required.

  • Airline transfer partners: British Airways, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic
  • Hotel transfer partners: Hyatt, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Marriott and Ritz Carlton
  • Amtrak is also a transfer partner, allowing redemptions on any of their routes across the country

An alternative use of the points is to book travel directly through Chase’s portal. Redeemed points can be cashed in at a rate of 1.25 cents per point, so 10,000 points would equate to $125 in travel.

2. Are the points transferrable to my spouse, significant other or family?

Points earned with the Sapphire Preferred, known as Ultimate Rewards, can be transferred freely to a spouse or significant other’s account for free. This ability to combine points across accounts adds significant value to the program as there is never a need to worry about errant points.

3. How many points are awarded as a sign-up bonus?

There is a $4,000 minimum spending requirement to be met within the first three months of the card opening, and then 50,000 bonus points are awarded to the user. Add another authorized user to the account (and ensure they make a purchase within that same three-month period) and you’ll be awarded an additional 5,000 points!

4. How many points are earned for everyday spend?

The Sapphire Preferred card earns one point per dollar on everyday spending.


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The 4 Best Travel Medical Insurance Companies of 2015. #travel #rep

#medical travel insurance

The 4 Best Travel Medical Insurance Companies

Latest Update November 11, 2015

Like MH Ross, CSA Travel Protection insures you for up to $250,000 of emergency medical costs resulting from treatment you receive during your trip. This includes coverage for any surgeries, medications, and doctor visits you need. You also receive $1,000,000 of emergency medical transportation coverage. Not only does this cover things like ambulance transportation, but also the return of remains and bedside visits. If you’re traveling with young children and end up in the hospital, CSA Travel Protection also helps make sure your children get home safely. Pre-existing conditions are only covered under the Custom Luxe plan, however, so keep this in mind if you’re considering CSA Travel Protection.

Editorial Note: The editorial content on this page is not provided by our advertisers. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by our advertisers. Reasonable efforts are made to present accurate info, however all information is presented without warranty. Consult our advertiser’s page for terms & conditions.


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The Agents Association (GB) – Representing the Agents who handle the

#uk travel agents

The Agents’ Association (GB)

The largest association of its kind in the World

Welcome to The Agents’ Association (GB). Our Member Agents represent all kinds of performers, celebrities and musicians within all areas of the Light Entertainment Industry.

If you are an artist or performer seeking an agent then this site gives you access to our full list of members, all of whom follow our strict code of conduct.

As a buyer of artists or services within the Live Entertainment Industry you will find much to interest you within these pages, but please remember that The Agents’ Association represents the Agents who handle the talent and not the artists themselves nor any ancilliary production services.

Representing your best interests

The Agents’ Association is frequently consulted by Government Departments on an official basis and is, therefore, able to play an active role regarding current and proposed legislation and to influence any matter that has a bearing on the Entertainment Industry.

The external role of the Association within the industry is both highly visible and greatly respected. As a member you also have access to member-only information both online and offline to help you run and manage your Light Entertainment Agency business.

Expertise in Live Entertainment

The Association currently boasts an extensive Membership covering the entire United Kingdom, whose business activities fulfill virtually every field of Light Entertainment, handling performing artists and booking throughout the pop and rock music industry, television, film, radio, recording, theatre, musicals, cabaret, clubs, cruising and corporate and outdoor events.

We hope you find our website useful, please contact us if you have any questions.


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The 35 Best Travel Sites #travel #health #insurance

#travel sites for flights

The 35 Best Travel Sites

Type travel into Google, and you get 172,000,000 results. Here are T+L’s annual picks of the sites you should bookmark now.

Five on-line travel agencies—Cendant, Expedia, Hotels.com, Orbitz, and Travelocity—now control nearly half of the Web-based travel industry in the United States, and the proliferation of Internet travel bookings is outpacing the growth of the industry overall. With so many sites to choose from, though, which ones will best prepare you for your next trip?We’ve highlighted the top links for each category from airlines to weather.

AIRLINES Seats, airport lounges, airline services, and flights are all rated by visitors to www.airlinequality.com. a site created by international aviation consultants Skytrax, who also run Flatseats.com. the definitive guide to first and business class on more than 60 airlines.

AIRPORTS Click on any of the 56 worldwide airports on Airwise.com to get the latest terminal news, plus shop and restaurant directories and ground transportation options.

AUCTION SITE On Luxurylink.com you can bid on resort stays and packaged luxury vacations at discounted rates.

BLOG Virtualtourist.com has an astounding number of posts from 400,000 members in 200 countries, on subjects ranging from diving in Oman to bird-watching in Mauritania.

CRUISES Cruisesonly.com has photos, tours, and last-minute deals on 124 ships; try Cruisecritic.com for very candid reviews from die-hard cruisers.

CURRENCY Xe.com ‘s universal currency converter calculates foreign exchange rates for 184 currencies.

DIALING CODES Find international dialing codes, search a worldwide database of country and city codes, or reverse-search an international number on Kropla.com .

ECO-TRAVEL A carefully vetted collection of trips, activities, and 170 tour operators that benefit the environment and local communities can be found at www.responsibletravel.com .

ELECTRIC Kropla.com will also help you figure out which electrical system your destination uses and which plugs to pack.

FOOD Chowhound.com is rolling out sections on specific countries for its international posts. However, you still need patience to filter through the endless messages by foodies.

HEALTH CLUBS Find 5,600 gyms around the world (maps and driving directions included) at Healthclubs.com .

HEALTH SITE The travel section of the Centers for Disease Control’s www.cdc.gov/travel has been revamped. In addition to giving health updates by regions, it now organizes advisories into four levels of importance.

INSURANCE COMPARISON Insuremytrip.com provides quotes from its 14 travel insurance partners in an easy-to-read format.

INTERNET ACCESS www.geektools.com/geektels is a searchable database of more than 4,300 hotels worldwide that have wireless and wired high-speed Internet access.

LANGUAGE At times laughably literal, Altavista’s Babel Fish translation site, world.altavista.com. is helpful in a pinch. Translate a block of 150 words between 37 language pairs.

LAST-MINUTE SITE Smarterliving.com will e-mail you airfare deals once a week. TravelZoo.com ‘s weekly top 20 deals can be either last minute or advance sale; either way, they sell out fast.

LOYALTY PROGRAMS Webflyer.com will manage your mileage programs and keep you abreast of the latest air, hotel, and car-rental programs. It also has a mileage tool to help you consolidate points.

MAPS Search by address, business, or airport name at Mapquest.com. You can also get point-to-point driving directions.

PET Petswelcome.com is a searchable database of 25,000 pet-friendly hotels, B $339 a night at the W Los Angeles Westwood

Best New Feature Its package section has a calculator, so you can figure out how much more you’d be spending if you bought all the components separately

Flexible Searches Only for most popular domestic flights. But there’s a flexible hotel search option and a calendar showing the range of prices for specific dates

Car Rentals Following Travelocity’s lead, Expedia has rolled out “total pricing” (i.e. the price includes taxes and fees)


Price Test $202 for a round-trip flight from JFK to LAX Oct. 8-17; $284 a night at the W Los Angeles Westwood

Best New Feature Following a redesign, the site now lets you search for your return flight first, but will still show you round-trip fares to help you keep the price low

Flexible Searches For weekend trips (all weekends in a given month), flexible stays (by number of days), and bonus days (up to three days on either side of your chosen dates)

Car Rentals Orbitz, too, offers “total pricing.” The site searches 22 car-rental companies worldwide; Travelocity and Expedia offer 11 each


Price Test $203 for a round-trip flight from JFK to LAX Oct. 8-17; $288 a night at the W Los Angeles Westwood

Best New Feature When booking a cruise and flight together, you can choose from the site’s regular flight options rather than having to buy a pre-selected flight

Flexible Searches For both domestic and international flights, by the lowest prices first, but you must click through multiple windows to see all your options

Car Rentals The first of the three to introduce “total pricing.” Search for a rental location by address, zip code, or local attraction


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Spring Break Cheap Trips in the Caribbean: Budget Travel. #online #travel

#cheap trips

Budget Spring Break Travel in the Caribbean

A growing number of cheap resorts, many of them all-inclusive, are cropping up throughout the Caribbean’s emerald waters — additionally, expanding flight routes from low-cost carriers like JetBlue help make paradise a budget trip away.

The Bahamas

Comprising more than 700 islands, the Bahamas is just off the Florida shore, consistently making it one of the most popular warm-weather vacation spots for Americans. Freeport on Grand Bahama Island and Nassau on New Providence Island are the most happening spots with lazy beach-side bars and all-night clubs. If you’d rather travel via water than air, opt for the Student City’s Bahama Party Cruise. complete with an onboard pool, casino and bar; the boat transports you from Fort Lauderdale right to your hotel. Freeport cruises are just an afternoon’s ride away, and you’ll enjoy 4 nights on Grand Bahama Island before making the journey back. If Nassau is your final destination, you’ll stay overnight on the ship each way, with 2 nights on the island.

Like elsewhere in the Caribbean. snorkeling and scuba diving are favorite pastimes, as the crystal-clear water makes for excellent visibility. Parasailing and windsurfing are other spring break musts if you have a few extra dollars to spare. If you’d rather save your funds for nights on the town, there are plenty of reefs and local settlements that you can explore for free. Bring your own snorkel and head out to Rose Island Reef or Booby Rock Channel on New Providence or Theo’s Wreck and Lucayan National Park ‘s Gold Rock Beach on Grand Bahama. For budget spring break trips, check you local STA office for special promotions.


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Spain Travel Coverage – The New York Times #delgado #travel

#travel spain

Places Where Hemingway Lived or Traveled

Hemingway liked Idaho in the fall, Key West for the fishing, but lived in Cuba longer than anyplace else.

In Europe’s Top Destinations, Hotels to Suit Your Wallet

Hotel pairs in six popular European cities, including Paris and Barcelona, offer alternatives at the high or low end of the budget spectrum.

A New Place to Sleep in Old Barcelona

A hotel housed in a 19th-century building toes the line between classic and modern.

Menorca, the Ibiza Antidote

Imagine the white-sand beaches of Spain’s most famous island — but without the thudding electronica and all-night dance parties — and you’ll get rustic, low-key Menorca, now coming into its own.

The Revolt Against Tourism

To keep badly behaved visitors in check, officials turn to regulation.

In Spain, an Eco-Tour That Follows Cork From Tree to Bottle

The tour, From Bark to Bottle, accompanies the cork harvest and allows participants to sample the area’s food and wine.

Robert Graves Found ‘Perfect Tranquillity’ in Majorca

The poet and writer, shellshocked after World War I, found a place to write in a village on the northern coast of the Spanish island.

Hotel Review: Praktik Bakery Hotel in Barcelona

The 74-room Praktik Bakery Hotel, with cheerful, inexpensive rooms, includes an artisanal bakery on the ground floor.

Tours Focus on Barcelona’s Street Life

Hidden City Tours, which specializes in walking tours led by the homeless and formerly homeless, has a new Street Life tour of Barcelona.


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Starting a Travel Agency in the UK #buy #travel #insurance

#travel agency uk

Starting a Travel Agency

Open a European Company.com has over 8 years of experience within worldwide company formation, and now, we have partnered with a specialist travel consultant boasting over 15 years of experience within the industry. If you are considering starting a travel agency in Europe, then you will need specialist advice before setting up your company and for licence applications. Whether you are looking to set up a travel agency in the UK, Ireland or the rest of Europe, our specialist can help you.

Here is what he says:

Starting a travel agency in the UK can appear to be very confusing, and at times it is. This is because in order to understand whether or not you need a licence to operate, and if so, which licence is the right one for you, there are a number of regulations you need to consider and get to grips with.

With over 15 years of experience in regulations that govern travel, we are confident that we can help make your process of obtaining a licence, far simpler.

Our consultant will:

  • Discuss your plans, and set out the type of licence available for your business
  • Discuss the financial requirements required for the initial licence and what you need to achieve in order to maintain the licence
  • Assist in putting together the application (this can include writing the business plan and financial projections)
  • Attend any meetings required by the licencing bodies
  • Use our comprehensive list of contacts to help you meet the requirements at a low cost to you
  • Provide ongoing support, including the annual renewal of the licence(s)

To talk to us about starting a Travel Agency in the UK, call us on +44 (0)208 421 7470, or simply fill in your enquiry below and we ll get straight back to you


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