Fort Worth Bankruptcy Advice and Bankruptcy Help in Fort Worth #fort


3000 Central Drive Bedford, Texas 76021-3671 Fax: (817) 358-9988

Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorneys

Offering expert advice and bankruptcy help to consumers and businesses

The experienced attorneys at The Vida Law Firm, PLLC represent individuals and small businesses throughout the Fort Worth, Texas area in all kinds of bankruptcy proceedings. If you or your organization is facing financial difficulties, mounting bills, foreclosure and repossession proceedings, or harassing collection activity, you can rely on our skilled Fort Worth bankruptcy advice.

Although the prospect of bankruptcy may seem intimidating, a qualified attorney can offer Fort Worth bankruptcy help to guide you through each step of the process. The attorneys at The Vida Law Firm, PLLC can represent you and your interests to creditors, the trustee, and the court, helping you reorganize debts and make a fresh start.

Bankruptcy in Fort Worth – We specialize in cases like yours

With nearly 70 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have the skills and experience to guide you or your business through even the most complex Chapter 7. Chapter 11. or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Fort Worth.

Behrooz Vida and Richard Venable are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as specialists in consumer bankruptcy law. Mr. Vida is also a specialist in business bankruptcy law, and is the recipient of Martindale-Hubbell’s prestigious AV peer rating. indicating the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards. Carla Reed Vida is an exceptional Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney with strong capabilities in all areas of personal and business bankruptcy in Fort Worth. and a Master of Business Administration degree.

Fort Worth bankruptcy help advice – We have your best interests in mind

At The Vida Law Firm, PLLC, we meet with you personally to examine your financial situation and explore all possible Fort Worth bankruptcy options. Once you have decided what is best for you, your family, or your business, we move quickly to ensure that you can begin rebuilding your finances as soon as possible.

Call us for bankruptcy help in Fort Worth

To schedule a free initial consultation, contact The Vida Law Firm, PLLC today. You can call us at (817) 803-3365 or contact us online for bankruptcy advice in Fort Worth.

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Coop Loans, Home Improvement Mortgage, 203k Loan Requirement New York, Low


how much does it cost to refinance a home loan

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

Great Northern Mortgage can help you find a mortgage that fits your needs and circumstances however large or small. One loan definitely does not fit everyone. That is why we offer many loan programs for you to choose from, such as our 96.5% FHA purchase loan program, interest only, up to a 40 year fixed rate option, No Income Verification program, or New York SUPER JUMBO loans up to $3,000,000, which are still available especially for Manhattan New York mortgages. With No Income Verification program you will be able to purchase a property without showing your income, but you have to show your assets. Let our specially trained Loan Consultant match up the right loan for you and your family s needs.

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

Purchase, Refinance (Cash out and No cash out)

Primary, Second Home, Investment

New York, New Jersey

Max LTV Primary

Max LTV Primary

Max LTV Primary

Max LTV 2nd Home

Max LTV 2nd Home

Max LTV Investment

80% to $2,000,000 (Purchase and No cash out)

65% to $1,500,000 (Cash out)

60% to $3,000,000 (Purchase and No cash out)

80%/90% to $417,000 (Purchase)

75% to $750,000 (Purchase and No cash out)

65% to $750,000 (Purchase and No cash out)

620, 680, or 720 depending on a program

12-16 months for Non Conforming Loans

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

Your credit report may be full of derogatories, such as charge-offs, collections, tax liens, or late payments, compounded with a history of foreclosure and bankruptcy. However, you may still get a loan for home purchase, refinance, or even cash out of your current home as long as you can meet the specific guidelines for loan approval by a multitude of lenders specialized in the credit-damaged borrower.

Banking general industry guidelines help a lender to make a judgment on the borrower’s loan application. However, there are no hard-and-fast rules of separating the borrower on the border line between one credit category and another. Compromising variations between one lender to the next depends on the degree of subjectivity involved in underwriting and how much each lender wants to commit their funds.

Typical lenders in the market of credit-damaged borrowers usually lend only up to 80% of the appraised value of the home, so the borrower often has to have 20% equity or come up with a 20% down payment for a purchase.

A-minus and B-credit borrowers are often allowed to allocate 50% of their income to pay for combined monthly debt (compared to the standard 36% guideline used for A credit borrowers), while the bottom rung of the credit ladder can be stretched to 55%. As for proof of income, some lenders do have Stated or No Income programs, which do not require tax returns, W-2s, or pay stubs. In these cases the loan to value ratio will be limited to 60-70%, and the minimum credit score required is around 700.

For information on how you should rate your credit Click Here.

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

Put your money to work for you in an investment property, which provides a vehicle to enjoy the potential for market appreciation while building equity each month. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing a home, condo, or piece of land, Great Northern Mortgage can help you find the right investment property financing option.

We have access to programs for single family homes, duplexes, three and four unit non-owner occupied homes. We also have several resources to provide up to 75% investment property loans.

  • Great low rates for the life of your investment property mortgage, or take advantage of the low monthly payment of an interest only loan.
  • Fair and reasonable closing costs.
  • Fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate investment property financing solutions.
  • Programs available for self employed borrowers, owners of numerous properties, and those with less than perfect credit.

Programs for 1-4 unit properties, and condos. Programs for 1-4 unit properties, and condos.

We will take the time to find out what your goals are and tailor your financing to meet these goals. We don’t just offer short term financing to get one deal done, but strong and aggressive long term financing that will still work in the long run and avoid unnecessary refinancing costs. This allows you to begin working on a retirement plan that will include monthly rental income.

Contact us to find out what mortgage investors programs will work best for you. Complete our online application or call us 888-9-LOAN-99 and get pre-qualified now.

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan

Whether you’re planning to build your dream home or just thinking about it, we can help. We can answer your questions, and guide you through the loan process. We’ll be with you every step of the way from framing your front door to turning the key. At Great Northern Mortgage, we’re home construction lending experts. We can answer your questions and your builder’s questions so your project keeps moving smoothly from groundbreaking to housewarming. A Construction-to-Permanent Loan is based on ordering an appraisal based on the future value of the home. Through our mortgage company you can obtain a loan up to 75% of the future appraised value of a primary home, and 65% of the future appraised value for a spec home. The construction loans are based on the actual cost, which can include the purchase of the land.

This means with one application, you get all the financing you need in two easy processes: your construction and permanent loan. All fees and points will be built into both mortgages. Based on the project if it has enough value you can finance your land and wrap your closing cost into your construction loan up front. Below you will find the list of items you will need to get your construction loan started.

  • Plans and Specifications
  • Plot Plan
  • Proof of a Land contract or a Deed
  • Proof the Land is buildable from your local Building Inspector
  • Title Commitment
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Line item list of all cost to build your project
  • Builder s resume

To get started please complete our online application

or call us 888-9-LOAN-99.

How much does it cost to refinance a home loan


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5 Books to Help You Become an iOS App Developer, iPhone


how to build an app for ios

How to build an app for ios

Main menu

5 Books to Help You Become an iOS App Developer

How to build an app for ios

With each new iOS version, there are significant amount of changes that are being brought to the table, but not only for the typical consumer, also for developers who re the ones building applications, and in fact the future of Apple as we know it.

Guess what, as an iOS developer in New York (or anywhere in the US), you can expect to earn a salary ranging from 100,000$ all the way up to 150,000$ when you become proficient and more experienced. Now, that s definitely something I d think twice about, considering that a book from which you can learn iOS app development is going to costly somewhere in the 30$ range.

How to build an app for ios

In this post you re going to learn about five of the most recognized and admired books that are currently available to the public, for learning iOS application development. I ve made sure that all of them are beginner friendly, and will advance you to intermediate / advanced level with a couple of weeks. They re also all fully updated for the new iOS 7.

iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

How to build an app for ios

Updated and expanded to cover iOS 7 and Xcode 5, iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide leads you through the essential concepts, tools, and techniques for developing iOS applications.

It s a top-quality book, with each of the chapters containing meaningful and useful information, nothing feels out of the ordinary and you re hardly looking up on the web, for solutions to problems you couldn t find solutions for inside of the book itself. Now, its important to note that there are only two chapters on Objective-C in this book, and so you might find it a little bit difficult at first, but nothing that practice wont be able to even out.

iOS 7 Programming Cookbook

How to build an app for ios

iOS 7 changed the way customers use their phones. Everything is now animated; things are subtly moving around, sometimes without the user noticing these shifts and turns and twists.

What s important to note here that this is a cookbook, which in other words means that it will be looking mostly at new functionality that has been implemented in iOS 7, and so previous knowledge of Objective-C might be necessary in order to fully understand it. It should be however purchased for future reference, as the author of this book is a great developer himself.

iOS 7 Application Development in 24 Hours

How to build an app for ios

In just 24 sessions of one hour each, learn how to build powerful applications for today’s hottest handheld devices: the iPhone and iPad! Each lesson builds on what you’ve already learned, giving you a rock-solid foundation for real-world success!

It s not a bad book at all, the fact of the matter is its built to help you do everything step-by-step, nothing you couldn t do yourself with other books. Its 900 pages, and inside of it there is everything you could possibly learn about iOS and its development. On-going book series that are worth having in the shelf.

Programming iOS 7

How to build an app for ios

If you’re grounded in the basics of Objective-C and Xcode, this practical guide takes you through the components you need for building your own iOS apps. With examples from real apps and programming situations, you’ll learn how to create views, manipulate view controllers, and use iOS frameworks for adding features such as audio and video.

This is a book to pick-up once you re at intermediate level, as it will take you to advanced within a few chapters. It has been recognized as one of the best and simplest books on iOS 7 (or any other version) development there is. Has quite an edge, but some say its starting to lose it.

iOS App Development For Dummies

How to build an app for ios

iOS 7 represents the most significant update to Apple’s mobile operating system since the first iPhone was released, and even the most seasoned app developers are looking for information on how to take advantage of the latest iOS 7 features in their app designs.

If none of the above books felt good enough, or practical enough this one definitely will. Its aimed at those who re complete strangers to iOS, and want to pick up the pace and their own rate. Its full of documentation and other practical things, will take at most 6 weeks to build a proper app from the ground-up.


Its a great thing to learn programming. Its also one of the most awarded job industries in the world, and the pay itself is a huge attraction for those who re still considering to begin their journey. I hope these books were of help to get you in the right direction.


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Free Junk Car Towing in Falls Church, Fairfax, Manassas Virginia #free


Cash Junk Car Virginia .com
Call Now: 1-703-825-3457, 571-377-0156

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Get Cash For Your Junk Car in Virginia
Sell My Junk Cars For $$$ in Virginia

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Cash Junk Car – We Provided Professional Junk Car Removal Service in Virginia. We offer FREE Towing, We Come To You and we Pay Cash For Your Junk Car On The Appointment Date.

We Buy Junk Car in Virginia, Damaged Cars, Junk Foreign And Domestic Of Any Condition, Make, Model, Year. We Pick Up Junk Car Any Condition With Bad Engine, Bad Transmission, Mechanical Damage,Blown Engine,Totaled Car, High Miles, High Maintenance, Transmission Failure, Wrecked Cars,Recycling Car And Any Other Damaged Junk Cars In Virginia.

Get Rid Of Your Junk Cars Today With Our Free Junk Car Removal Service in Virginia – Quick, Reliable and Professional Service.

We Pay and Tow Away All Junk Cars-VA. Get an Offer on Your Junk Car Now!

Getting Cash For Junk Cars – Virginia.
We Buy Junk Car – all makes and models, foreign and domestic, running or not.

Call us today to get free quotes.
Call Now 1-703-825-3457, 571-377-0156

Get Rid Of Your Junk Car, Junk Cars in Virginia.

We can arrange removal of any junk car or unwanted vehicles from your property for free. We provider easy, hassle-free pick up of your junk Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Auto, at absolutely no cost to you! Stop paying insurance for your junk car you are not even using!


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Business – The Basics of Branding #how #to #find #business #leads


The Basics of Branding

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly does branding mean? How does it affect a small business like yours?

Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors . Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

Are you the innovative maverick in your industry? Or the experienced, reliable one? Is your product the high-cost, high-quality option, or the low-cost, high-value option? You can t be both, and you can t be all things to all people. Who you are should be based to some extent on who your target customers want and need you to be.

The foundation of your brand is your logo. Your website, packaging and promotional materials–all of which should integrate your logo–communicate your brand.

Brand Strategy Equity

Your brand strategy is how, what, where, when and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering on your brand messages. Where you advertise is part of your brand strategy. Your distribution channels are also part of your brand strategy. And what you communicate visually and verbally are part of your brand strategy, too.

Consistent, strategic branding leads to a strong brand equity, which means the added value brought to your company s products or services that allows you to charge more for your brand than what identical, unbranded products command. The most obvious example of this is Coke vs. a generic soda. Because Coca-Cola has built a powerful brand equity, it can charge more for its product–and customers will pay that higher price.

The added value intrinsic to brand equity frequently comes in the form of perceived quality or emotional attachment. For example, Nike associates its products with star athletes, hoping customers will transfer their emotional attachment from the athlete to the product. For Nike, it s not just the shoe s features that sell the shoe.

Defining Your Brand

Defining your brand is like a journey of business self-discovery. It can be difficult, time-consuming and uncomfortable. It requires, at the very least, that you answer the questions below:

  • What is your company s mission?
  • What are the benefits and features of your products or services?
  • What do your customers and prospects already think of your company?
  • What qualities do you want them to associate with your company?

Do your research. Learn the needs, habits and desires of your current and prospective customers. And don t rely on what you think they think. Know what they think.

Because defining your brand and developing a brand strategy can be complex, consider leveraging the expertise of a nonprofit small-business advisory group or a Small Business Development Center .

Once you ve defined your brand, how do you get the word out? Here are a few simple, time-tested tips:

  • Get a great logo. Place it everywhere.
  • Write down your brand messaging. What are the key messages you want to communicate about your brand? Every employee should be aware of your brand attributes.
  • Integrate your brand. Branding extends to every aspect of your business–how you answer your phones, what you or your salespeople wear on sales calls, your e-mail signature, everything.
  • Create a voice for your company that reflects your brand. This voice should be applied to all written communication and incorporated in the visual imagery of all materials, online and off. Is your brand friendly? Be conversational. Is it ritzy? Be more formal. You get the gist.
  • Develop a tagline. Write a memorable, meaningful and concise statement that captures the essence of your brand.
  • Design templates and create brand standards for your marketing materials. Use the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout. You don t need to be fancy, just consistent.
  • Be true to your brand. Customers won t return to you–or refer you to someone else–if you don t deliver on your brand promise.
  • Be consistent. I placed this point last only because it involves all of the above and is the most important tip I can give you. If you can t do this, your attempts at establishing a brand will fail.


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Ant Problem Prevention #how #to #prevent #ants #in #house


Ant Control

What Are the Signs of Ants?

Obviously, the most common way to identify an ant infestation is by seeing them. If you spot large numbers of ants trailing to or from food sources in your home, you may have an infestation in or outside of your home. You might also notice mounds of dirt, sand or clay somewhere on your property, which could mark a larger ant nest. However, depending on the ant species, they may be inside walls or other hard-to-see places, making nests much more difficult to spot.

Infestations by some species, such as carpenter ants, can be identified in other ways. As with other ants, you may see carpenter ants crawling out of vents or other areas in your home. Additionally, you may hear soft rustling inside your walls as the carpenter ants move around to make their nest. Finally, keep an eye out for piles of wood shavings around your home this could be caused by their excavation as they build!

How Can I Control An Ant Infestation?

Your first step to battling an ant infestation in your home is to identify the species that s giving you trouble. Since different species have different habits and preferences, they may also require specific methods to control them. If you re not sure which species is plaguing you, here are a few basic tips to get you started:

  • Seal Ants are extremely adept at locating even the smallest cracks and crevices in walls, windows and foundations to enter your home to forage. Seal any potential points of entry you can find using caulk and other appropriate materials. You probably won t be able to find them all, but it s a good start.
  • Clean After sealing all of the entry points you can find, it s important to clean around them. Ants leave an invisible trail containing pheromones so other ants can follow it to the resource they ve discovered. Scrub around ant entrances with soap and water to wash away these trails. In addition, clean up messes you make in the kitchen to prevent attracting them again.
  • Remove Attractants such as sugar, grease and other foods are one of the main reasons ants enter your home. Remove potential lures by keeping food in sealed containers. Pet food should also be sealed and not left out where ants can easily access it. Also, take out trash regularly to prevent the smell from drawing ants in as the garbage breaks down.
  • Dehydrate Ants need moisture to survive, so you ll want to minimize their access to it using a few simple tricks. First, fix any leaks you may have around pipes and other areas. Then, check your gutters and spouts to make sure they re draining away from the house. Finally, try implementing a dehumidifier to reduce other moisture inside your home.

How Can I Get Rid of Ants?

Ants can be a major source of distress for any property owner. Luckily, they can be dealt with in a number of ways. Once you ve taken steps to remove attractants and prevent ants from entering your home, you can apply a wide variety of TERRO products to eliminate them.

  • Target the Colony Baiting is one of the most effective ways to eliminate the ants you see and the ants you don t see. TERRO bait products such as TERRO Liquid Ant Bait and TERRO Perimeter Ant Bait Plus are formulated to slowly kill ants over a few days. This provides foraging ants with enough time to consume the deadly bait, return to the colony and share it with the rest of the nest. Keep in mind, when using baits you will see more ants before numbers reduce. Bait attracts them so they consume the deadly food source!
  • Stop Ants in Their Tracks Contact killers are a great way to quickly wipe out the ants you see. Products such as TERRO Ant Killer Spray provides instant knockdown and long-lasting residual control for up to 6 weeks. Use as a surface, spot, or crack-and-crevice treatment for non-food areas where ants and other insects crawl and hide. It can be used indoors and outdoors for quick results.
  • Protect the Perimeter One colony can include millions of ants! To prevent these ants from coming indoors, apply a treatment such as TERRO Outdoor Ant Killer around the perimeter of your house. The powerful granules kill pests on contact and provide long-lasting residual protection. In addition, use TERRO Ant Dust where ants could find entrance to your home, including doorframes, windowsills, and gaps around electrical, HVAC and water service.

Don t let ants take over your home. Whether you need effective ant control inside or outside your house, you can eliminate your ant problem once and for all with the help of easy-to-use TERRO ant control solutions!

Are There Different Kinds of Ants?

The United States is home to approximately 1,000 ant species of the more than 10,000 known species living worldwide. As with many species in the animal kingdom, some ant species are more common than others. Here are just a few of the species you might find nesting in or around your home:

  • Carpenter Ants These ants get their name from their preference to build colonies inside wood structures. In addition, carpenter ants are one of the largest species of ants in the United States, measuring as much as “. Most carpenter ants are black, although some are red or yellowish in color.
  • Fire Ants Well known for their painful, venomous sting, fire ants are more than just a nuisance for humans. Fire ants are very aggressive and are quick to sting anything that tries to invade the colony. These omnivorous ants are characterized by their signature reddish color and small size, typically 1/16″ to 1/5″.
  • Little Black Ants This native ant species is widespread throughout the United States. As their name suggests, they are small a mere 1/16″ and black in color. They have relatively large colonies and are frequently found nesting inside walls or wooden structures.



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What is the average real estate commission in Ontario? #average #cost


What is the average real estate commission in Ontario?

Pretty much everybody knows the answer to this question.

  • Your friend who just sold their house knows.
  • Your favourite news site knows.
  • Your uncle the contractor knows.
  • There are 37,000 agents in Toronto and they know, as do the 58,000 agents in Ontario.

Everybody knows the answer.

The answer is 5%. Wait, no, it’s 4%. Well, around here we pay about 6%. Actually, it’s 3.5%. No, no, for sure it’s just over 4%.

Everybody knows the answer.

Unfortunately, everybody has a different answer.

So what’s the right answer? Who do you trust when you have all these conflicting answers?

Who actually knows the answer?

I am pleased to say that I know the answer.

As of today, February 4, 2014, the average real estate commission in Ontario is shoot, I knew this. It s uh damn. Time to tell the truth I guess. I don t actually know.

I can see you shaking your head. Some real estate agent you are Jeff, if you don’t even know the average real estate commission in Ontario. Isn’t that your pay? Wouldn’t that be of interest to you?

I understand the frustration, I really do. If it helps, I can tell you the average real estate commission for my selling clients in 2013. It was 5%. Every single one of them paid a commission of 2.5% to me as the listing agent and 2.5% as commission to the purchasing agent.

That’s not a guess, or an estimate, or somehow based on anecdotal evidence. It’s a fact. I know it for sure.

When it comes to the average for Ontario though, I don’t know for sure. I know you expected an answer so I will give you an answer.

My answer is somewhere between 4% to 5%. Is that a fact? Absolutely not.

I base my answer on my own experiences, my perception of what impact discount listings have had on the market (limited, by the way) and my discussions with hundreds of agents about commission.

My answer is informed by my work as a full time Realtor, but make no mistake, it’s not the answer.

Why don’t I know the answer? Well, I could blame it on government rules, the economy, the great ice storm of 2013, but in truth, I don’t know the answer because nobody does.

In order to give us the answer, we need to know how much the listing agent got paid and how much the buying agent got paid and we need to know it for every transaction in Ontario.

It’s actually easy enough to see what buying agents get paid. Every listing on MLS has a mandatory field that the listing agent fills in with the commission the seller is willing to pay.

While there are variations depending on what time period you are looking at, what type of home or what area, you can ask for the average buying agent commission and get the answer. Give a good agent a little bit of time to look into it and he or she could absolutely tell you fun facts like:

  • There were 191 detached homes sold in Brampton in December of 2013. 172 of these 191 sales offered 2.5% plus HST. So about 90% offered 2.5% plus HST. Nine of the houses offered more than 2.5% and the other nine offered less than 2.5%.
  • There were 68 duplexes sold in Toronto in all of 2013. 59 of these 68 sales offered 2.5% plus HST. So about 87% offered 2.5% plus HST. Two of the duplexes offered more than 2.5% and the other seven offered less than 2.5%.

This data for the purchasing agent’s commission is available and a good agent can tell you exactly what is going on here so you can make an informed decision.

It is the other half of the data we need, on the listing side, that poses the problem.

Unlike the commission paid to the buying agent, the commission paid to the listing agent isn’t a field that is required to be filled out on MLS. It doesn’t even exist as a field, actually. This information is known to only three parties.

They decide how much of a commission they are willing to pay their agent to list their home. Every real estate transaction that uses a real estate agent signs a listing agreement, and this listing agreement says it in black and white.

2. The Listing Agent knows.

He or she is the one who does a listing presentation for the Seller. He or she explains why they should be hired, what they would do for the Seller, and how much of a commission they charge. When the Seller signs that listing agreement, that agent knows exactly how much they will be paid when they sell the house.

3. The Listing Real Estate Brokerage knows.

The first field that is filled in on the listing agreement is the brokerage for which the listing agent works. Brokerages are responsible for ensuring that all transactions, funds and paperwork are handled in accordance with the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, as well as any other laws, rules and regulations. They receive and then remit funds to the listing agent after any splits on commissions are applied.

These three parties (the Seller, the Listing Agent and the Listing Brokerage) are the only ones who know how much the listing agent is paid in commission.

Individual sellers are obviously not getting together to share that data anytime soon and neither are individual agents. Listing brokerages could in theory ask all their franchises to provide that data in order to aggregate it and find the average, but to my knowledge, none of them do.

Even if they did, it would only show what sellers pay who hire Keller Williams Realty agents, or Re/Max or Royal LePage, etc. I happen to think Keller Williams’ agents are the best agents in business, so I wouldn’t be surprised if sellers paid more for that expertise and skill.

This leaves us pretty close to where we started. Namely, that there is no definitive answer to the question of what the average real estate commission is in Ontario.

This is a real shame, as it’s an important question. If you are planning on selling your home, interviewing agents and trying to make a choice between them, you need to know what’s normal to pay for their help. No one likes the thought of being taken advantage of and we all want to compare our cost against others to make sure that isn’t happening.

Given the difficulty in comparing realtor fees, I suggest you keep two things in mind that will make the decision process easier.

Firstly. when you hire a realtor to sell your home, remember you aren’t buying a product. You’re hiring a service.

We all know that products can reasonably be expected to be similar. Not identical, but pretty damn close. If you buy a pair of scissors, you know it will cut paper.

Services, on the other hand, can vary wildly. If you need your house painted and you hire a professional painter, the service they provide is hopefully tidy, thorough and high quality. If you hire your friends with the promise of pizza and beer afterwards, your house will still be painted, but probably more of it than you wanted.

Compare the service each realtor is offering against what commission they are charging and you will find it far easier to make your decision. A good agent does so much more than fill out a form on MLS and tell you where to sign an offer. Ask a good agent what they do for you and then sit back and get comfy, because they will be talking for a while.

After you interview agents, make your decision based on what is most important to you, not simply on the commission rate they charge.

Secondly. you now know that there is no such thing as the average real estate commission in Ontario, and this is powerful information.

No one can second guess your choice of a realtor and the commission charged with comments about how the average is “actually much lower than what you paid.” They don’t know that. They can’t. They are misquoting, mistaken or flat out making it up.

Knowing this makes it easier to focus less on what other people are paying or have paid and instead on finding the realtor that is the right fit for you and your needs.

If you are considering selling your home, I hope this helped shed some light onto the murky world of real estate commissions. If you know someone who is considering selling their home, please pass on this article to them.

As always, if you or anyone you know are considering buying, selling or investing in real estate, please get in touch so we can discuss how I can help. I would love to be responsible for what comes next.

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Trail Design #how #to #use #wordpress #for #website #design






If you are in search of a premier trail design, trail construction, or trail maintenance company, chances are many of the paths you go down lead you right back to Trail Design Specialists. That’s because with over 20 years in the business, we’ve set the gold standard for trail building.

At Trail Design Specialists, we believe in leaving nature’s aesthetics in tact while simultaneously creating safe, durable, and sustainable horse, mountain bike, hiking, and multi-use trails. Our experienced staff take everything into account when designing your trail, starting with the trail users’ perspective all the way through implementing an appropriate design that pre-empts the trail’s anticipated future use and natural erosion patterns. Our goal is to create trails that give users an opportunity to observe nature at its finest, provide what users have come to expect of a trail, and design the trail to remain durable for extended periods of use with minimal maintenance.

Our Mission Statement

At Trail Design Specialists, our mission is to create trails that accentuate your area’s natural offerings, provide trail users with the opportunity to observe nature at its finest, and preserve our environment for future generations. We also believe it is important to help our clients realize substantial long-term cost savings by constructing trails that remain durable for extended periods of time and require minimal maintenance efforts.

Our experience in working in so many different environments, soil types and uses has given us the insight to create unique trails that will endure the test of time.


Last week was a big week for the Raven Trail. On Wednesday we got our Ditch Witch 650 and then we had the IMBA Trail Care Crew over the weekend. The Lakeland Area Mountain Bikers Organization (LAMBO) is fired up and has had 7 straight Monday work nights and has even attracted some of their (our) antagonists to help out. Now LAMBO wants to sign up with us as a formal friends group, which offers both of us some benefits. And it all started with your visit last fall and design for improvements. So if you’re wondering if the work you do ever leads to anything, you should think about the Raven Trail in northern Wisconsin and know that you started an avalanche of progress here. Thank you,
Steve Petersen, Superintendent, Northern Highland – American Legion State Forest

Latest News

What We Do



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Welcome to Medicus Staffing, Inc #mecial #jobs, #dental #jobs,richmond #va,norfolk,virginia #beach,hampton,raleigh


About Us

Contact Us

Employers/ Clients


Register With Us


Medicus Staffing, Inc. is your complete medical and dental staffing services firm.

Founded by healthcare professionals in 2002, Medicus Staffing, Inc. is Virginia’s premier staffing choice for medical jobs, dental jobs, behavioral health jobs and physical therapy jobs. Medicus provides quick and reliable staffing services in Richmond, Hampton Roads, Northern VA, and Raleigh-Durham NC. Temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct hire staffing options are our specialty.

“By our unwavering commitment to excellence, service and superior value, we are recognized by our clients, candidates, and competitors as the preeminent provider of healthcare staffing services.”

I have worked with Medicus Staffing for a few years now to obtain temporary staffing resources for ongoing projects. I have always found them to be available, even on short notice, and responsive to our unique needs. They really attempt to get the right fit for the employee and the client. They work well with the client to resolve any issues that arise, and I value the working relationship that I have with them. Other areas of my organization are also considering using them for their ability to meet our unique needs. I would highly recommend them for your staffing needs.
– Practice Manager with one of the largest hospital systems, Richmond, VA

For over 10+ years, I have utilized Medicus Staffing to help my practices. I first started working with Medicus my first year in Dentistry, when I was working with a new Dentist opening and building his practice. We would call Medicus for staff needs and they always were able to help us out at the drop of a hat and always sent us highly qualified staff to help us get out of our bind. I continue to utilize their staffing services to this day. Always a pleasure to work with this team.
– Dental Practice Manager, that has worked at different specialty practices in the Virginia area


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How to send encrypted emails the easy way – Tech Advisor,


How to send encrypted emails the easy way

Hackers and government agencies are reading your email, so protect yourself by using encryption

How to send an encrypted email in outlook

Sending an unencrypted email is often likened to a postcard, in that anyone who wants to read it only has to take a look to see the contents. Obviously this isn t good, especially when you need to send personal information to someone else, such as your bank details. The way to get total privacy is to encrypt your email, and there are a number of ways to do that. We’ll explain them, and we’ll show you a supremely easy way to send an encrypted message that wills self-destruct after 30 seconds, just like in Mission Impossible.

How to send encrypted emails: Using Gmail and Outlook settings

Most of us use email because it s convenient and easy to retrieve from almost any electronic device we own. The thought then of up upping sticks and moving to a brand new, high-security service isn t exactly appealing. So it s good to know that there are some less drastic options open to users of Gmail and Outlook.

Back in 2014 Google announced that it was making encryption in Gmail the default setting for all users. This means that so long as you are using the official Gmail apps or accessing Gmail through the Chrome browser then your email is already encrypted.

But, and this is a big but, this only holds true if the person you re sending your messages to is also using Google apps. Once the email leaves the Google servers, say when you send it to your friend who uses Yahoo Mail, then the encryption is no longer applied, as otherwise the receiver wouldn t be able to read it. So while this is certainly a big step towards security, it does leave some rather large holes that could compromise your privacy.

Then of course there is the issue that Google itself, or at least software created by the company, scans your emails for keywords so that it can serve ads that will be applicable to your interests. In many ways it s the price you pay for the free service. Google of course maintains that the content is never actually read by anyone, but if you are worried about the sanctity of the data it might be better to use a plugin such as which we explore below.

With the business world always in the mind of Microsoft, it s not surprising to find built-in features for encryption in Outlook for those with an Office365 subscription. Setting it up is a little more challenging though, but then that is often the trade off with any security feature. The first thing you ll need to do is exchange digital signatures with your recipient so that both of you will be able to unencrypt the messages. To create these you ll need to follow the Secure email messages by using a digital signature guide on the Microsoft site.

With this accomplished you can write your email, then when you re ready to send it select Options More Options Message Options Security Settings Encrypt message contents and attachments.

Sadly these features are not available on or in the new Mail app for Windows 10, as they are retricted to paid subscribers.

How to send encrypted emails: Using a secure email provider

If you want to ensure that your missives remain private then it s probably best to use a secure service rather than the normal mainstream offerings. There are a number of decent alternatives out there, with Tutanota, Ghostmail, and Protonmail all proving excellent options. At the moment you can have free accounts on these, although they do come with restrictions on usage in regards to the size of emails you can send and the storage available. Protonmail also has a waiting list for the free account, although when we joined recently the delay was only a couple of days.

Secure services either require the recipient to also be a member of the platform, or to possess a password you give them to unlock each email. This might seem cumbersome when compared to the likes of Gmail, but is a necessary level of security that is very effective against hackers and government agencies.

If you re happy to use an IM style of communication then Mega offer a secure chat feature as part of its free cloud storage package. Again your recipient would need to be a member, but as it doesn t cost anything and also affords you 50GB of storage, this might actually be quite enticing.

How to send encrypted emails: Using temporary services such as

Another method is to use software that deletes the messages shortly after they ve been read. As an example for how one of these secure message service works we signed up to Snapmail, which allows users to send self-destructing text emails for Gmail . It all feels very James Bond, but is actually quite easy to get to grips with and involves almost no international villainy.

The first thing to do, assuming of course you use Gmail, is to visit the Chrome web store and search for Snapmail. When you ve found it click the Add to Chrome button and the extension will be installed.

Now click the three lines in the top right of the screen and from the drop down menu that appear select More tools Extensions, then scroll down until you find Snapmail and ensure that it is enabled.

To send an encrypted email you ll need to launch Gmail, compose your message, then you ll notice that there is now a Snapmail next to the Send button at the bottom of the window. This means you can choose to only encrypt certain emails rather than every one, but remember that any sent by Snapmail will automatically be deleted. Click the Snapmail button to encrypt your message.

When the email arrives in your recipient s inbox it s accompanied by the warning that it will self-destruct 60 seconds after they open it. Sadly there are no voice messages or puffs of smoke to add to the drama.

It s worth contacting the recipient before you send the email, as the Snapmail one does look a little suspicious, requiring you to click on a link. Usually we d advise strongly against this as it s how most phishing attacks take place, fooling the user into clicking on a link to a false version of a website where you unwittingly enter your account details. But in this case it s actually helping you instead.


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Stock-Picking Strategies: Growth Investing #picking #stocks #to #buy


Stock-Picking Strategies: Growth Investing

In the late 1990s, when technology companies were flourishing, growth investing techniques yielded unprecedented returns for investors. But before any investor jumps onto the growth investing bandwagon, s/he should realize that this strategy comes with substantial risks and is not for everyone.

Value versus Growth
The best way to define growth investing is to contrast it to value investing. Value investors are strictly concerned with the here and now; they look for stocks that, at this moment, are trading for less than their apparent worth. Growth investors, on the other hand, focus on the future potential of a company, with much less emphasis on its present price. Unlike value investors, growth investors buy companies that are trading higher than their current intrinsic worth – but this is done with the belief that the companies’ intrinsic worth will grow and therefore exceed their current valuations.

As the name suggests, growth stocks are companies that grow substantially faster than others. Growth investors are therefore primarily concerned with young companies. The theory is that growth in earnings and/or revenues will directly translate into an increase in the stock price. Typically a growth investor looks for investments in rapidly expanding industries especially those related to new technology. Profits are realized through capital gains and not dividends as nearly all growth companies reinvest their earnings and do not pay a dividend.

No Automatic Formula
Growth investors are concerned with a company’s future growth potential, but there is no absolute formula for evaluating this potential. Every method of picking growth stocks (or any other type of stock) requires some individual interpretation and judgment. Growth investors use certain methods – or sets of guidelines or criteria – as a framework for their analysis, but these methods must be applied with a company’s particular situation in mind. More specifically, the investor must consider the company in relation to its past performance and its industry ‘s performance. The application of any one guideline or criterion may therefore change from company to company and from industry to industry.

The National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC) is one of the best known organizations using and teaching the growth investing strategy. It is, as it says on its website, “one big investment club” whose goal is to teach investors how to invest wisely. The NAIC has developed some basic “universal” guidelines for finding possible growth companies – here’s a look at some of the questions the NAIC suggests you should ask when considering stocks.

1. Strong Historical Earnings Growth?
According to the NAIC, the first question a growth investor should ask is whether the company, based on annual revenue. has been growing in the past. Below are rough guidelines for the rate of EPS growth an investor should look for in companies of differing sizes, which would indicate their growth investing potential:

Although the NAIC suggests that companies display this type of EPS growth in at least the last five years, a 10-year period of this growth is even more attractive. The basic idea is that if a company has displayed good growth (as defined by the above chart) over the last five- or 10-year period, it is likely to continue doing so in the next five to 10 years.

2. Strong Forward Earnings Growth?
The second criterion set out by the NAIC is a projected five-year growth rate of at least 10-12%, although 15% or more is ideal. These projections are made by analysts. the company or other credible sources.

The big problem with forward estimates is that they are estimates. When a growth investor sees an ideal growth projection, he or she, before trusting this projection, must evaluate its credibility. This requires knowledge of the typical growth rates for different sizes of companies. For example, an established large cap will not be able to grow as quickly as a younger small-cap tech company. Also, when evaluating analyst consensus estimates, an investor should learn about the company’s industry – specifically, what its prospects are and what stage of growth it is at. (See The Stages of Industry Growth .)

3. Is Management Controlling Costs and Revenues?
The third guideline set out by the NAIC focuses specifically on pre-tax profit margins. There are many examples of companies with astounding growth in sales but less than outstanding gains in earnings. High annual revenue growth is good, but if EPS has not increased proportionately, it’s likely due to a decrease in profit margin.

By comparing a company’s present profit margins to its past margins and its competition’s profit margins, a growth investor is able to gauge fairly accurately whether or not management is controlling costs and revenues and maintaining margins. A good rule of thumb is that if company exceeds its previous five-year average of pre-tax profit margins as well as those of its industry, the company may be a good growth candidate.

4. Can Management Operate the Business Efficiently?
Efficiency can be quantified by using return on equity (ROE). Efficient use of assets should be reflected in a stable or increasing ROE. Again, analysis of this metric should be relative: a company’s present ROE is best compared to the five-year average ROE of the company and the industry.

5. Can the Stock Price Double in Five Years?
If a stock cannot realistically double in five years, it’s probably not a growth stock. That’s the general consensus. This may seem like an overly high, unrealistic standard, but remember that with a growth rate of 10%, a stock’s price would double in seven years. So the rate growth investors are seeking is 15% per annum, which yields a doubling in price in five years.

An Example
Now that we’ve outlined the NAIC’s basic criteria for evaluating growth stocks, let’s demonstrate how these criteria are used to analyze a company, using Microsoft’s 2003 figures. For the sake of this demonstration, we’ll discuss these numbers as though they were Microsoft’s most current figures (that is, “today’s figures”).

• Five-year average annual sales growth is 15.94%.
• Five-year average annual EPS growth is 10.91%.

Both of these are strong figures. The annual EPS growth is well above the 5% standard the NAIC sets out for firms of Microsoft’s size.

2. Strong Projected Earnings Growth


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Create Dials and Speedometer Scorecard #download, #exceldashboards, #excel, #tools, #samples, #templates,


In this article we will take an Excel source containing scorecard information and convert into dials and speedometer charts.

We will also create few bar trending charts.

Consider the below sample data

Source File: You can download the excel file here

The above excel file tracks few metrics such as safety, quality and revenue. This is just a sample data and may not make sense in actual world but just imagine a manufacturing company that wants to track its overall safety and quality score and also track its total revenue. Now the company may use its own method at deriving the individual safety and quality scores.

They may have a dedicated team to collect safety violations and product defects and then use some formulae to convert those data into final score for any given month. We are not concerned with any of the methods on how those scores are generated. You are the dashboard person and the company has provided you the metrics by each month and now your job is produce a nice dashboard that shows relevant charts for the given data.

Since the data is tracked for each month, it makes sense to show a line or bar chart trending for the metrics.

Dials and Speedometers are relevant when we need to show performance of a single value. So in this case, since we have 12 month data, how do we show single value on the meter chart?

One solution is to show an Average value for the safety and Quality metrics or we could show a dial that shows the current month values.

So the GOAL for this exercise is: Show bar chart for Safety trending 12 months and show average and current month value on the dial chart.

Dial chart requirement: For the dial chart, we are measuring the performance, whether we are on track or missed the goal. In order to achieve that, we create three new columns for safety such as safety_bad , safety_ok , safety_good . These values need to be decided by the company management. If you are not sure, then look at previous year data and decide what should be good and bad values. The dials are used to guide the company to perform better or atleast improve that portion of the company operation represented by the metric.

First let us create the date hierarchy columns from the Period column. You need to make sure that the Period column is an actual Excel date column, else the hierarchy will not be generated

You may click on the color icon to change the colors of your choice

Next, we select the range boundary values

The safety_bad value from our spreadsheet represents the lower boundary of our bad region, safety_ok represents the upper boundary of our bad region, similarly safety_ok is the lower bound for our ok region and so on. For the Good upper bound we simply typed a value but as general practice we should have one more column for the upper bound of the final region. In our case the final region is Safety Good .

Next, for the pointer value, select the column that you want to show on the dial chart. In our case we select Safety and aggregation as Avg

Next, we click on Create chart . This action shows the dialog below

We change the chart title to Average Safety

NOTE: remove the double quotes in the SQL statement for the group by. This will cause an error.

Click on Fully Apply

Here is our final Dial Chart

Next, create a dial chart to show current month value

We will change some conditions on the main Qlet. Right click on the Name and select Duplicate

It creates an exact copy of the qlet table. We change the name to Current Month

Right click on the Period column and select Create – Create Date Filter

This action shows a dialog as shown below

First change the operator to Between

Next select First Day of Month for the from and Last Day of Month for the To val.

Click on Use This Filter

This action applies the filter to the Qlet and it shows only currrent month row

Next, right click on Current Month and select Create Chart

All of the settings remain the same except the Aggregation , make sure to select NONE


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How to Apply to College – Ontario Colleges #applying #to #college,


How to Apply to an Ontario College

to your account to complete your application, make changes or confirm offers of admission.

The first step in applying to college is to research the programs and colleges available to you. If you have not already decided what programs you are applying to, see our College Map to find a campus near you, browse our Find a Program tool to see all college programs offered in Ontario, go directly to college websites for more details about their programs, and consider attending a College Information Program event to meet college representatives in person.

The next step is to create an account with and begin your college application.

Your Account

If you have never applied through before, click the “Create an Account” button to get started. Your account allows you to

  • Apply to any of Ontario’s 26 public colleges
  • Review and update your college application
  • Request Ontario high school transcripts (from participating schools )
  • Request Ontario college/university transcripts
  • View and accept offers of admission

Your account will be deleted from our system after 2 years if there has been no activity during that time. This includes any transcripts and / or documents on file. If you wish to apply to college again, you ll need to create a new account.

Important Info Before You Apply

  • The application processing fee is $95.00 (non-refundable).
  • An application allows you up to 5 program choices (no more than 3 at any one college).
  • All program choices must start within the same academic year (August-July).
  • There may be additional fees to request transcripts.
  • Your username is permanent.
  • Your password must be between 8 and 14 characters in length.
  • Use a valid email address.
  • DO NOT create more than one account.
  • The application works best in certain web browsers .

How to Apply

  • Log in to your account.
  • Fill in your personal information and educational history.
  • Add your program choices.
  • Request your transcripts. (If you re a current Ontario high school student, most high schools automatically send your grades to us.)
  • Pay the application processing fee and any transcript fees.
  • Log back in to verify your transcript information, or to make changes or updates to your application. (Changing your program choices after February 1 may affect your chances of receiving an offer, as applications will be considered first-come, first-served.)
  • Log back in after February 1 to view and confirm offers of admission .

For a step-by-step tour of the secure online application, download the user guide .

Important Dates

  • October: Applications become available for programs starting the following fall.
  • February 1: Equal Consideration Date – apply to highly competitive programs on or before this date.
  • February 1: Colleges may begin sending offers of admission.
  • May 1: Deadline to confirm offers (colleges may extend offers after this date).
  • Mid-June: Tuition deposit payment due.
  • See the Important Dates page for more information.

  • Accept an offer?
  • Get my transcript?
  • Pay for my schooling?
  • Transfer credits?
  • Apply as an international student?
  • Apply as a mature student?
  • Find resources for immigrant applicants?
  • Find out more about skilled trades?

College Information Program (CIP). Every fall, representatives from Ontario’s public colleges tour the province to meet and talk with prospective students. If you are considering college, this is your chance to gather information about the colleges and programs you are interested in, all in one place. Find out when CIP is coming to your area.

Apply to College From Your Phone. Apply to public colleges in Ontario, anytime and from anywhere. Browse thousands of programs across the province, and find the one that s right for you. View and accept offers of admission the moment they are posted to your account. Learn more about the app.


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My Travel Guard is a made to order travel insurance plan

#plan my travel

My Travel Guard

We understand that your trip can take a year to save for, but only a second to ruin. While you can’t do anything to prevent an unexpected storm from closing the airport, you can do something to help cover your travel investment. The My Travel Guard plan may be purchased to do just that. For a complete Certificate of Insurance, please click here

  • 100% Trip Cost Trip Cancellation Trip Interruption

Reimburses nonrefundable, unused payments or deposits if you must cancel or interrupt your trip due to an illness, injury, or death of you, a family member, traveling companion or business partner or other covered reasons.

  • $1,000 Trip Interruption – Return Air Only
    Reimburses the additional airline transportation expenses incurred by you to reach the return destination for trip interruptions.
  • $500 Trip Delay
    Reimburses up to $100 per day/per person up to the Maximum Limit shown on the Schedule of Benefits for reasonable additional expenses if the insured is delayed for more than 12 consecutive hours due to a covered reason.
  • $500 Missed Connection
    Reimburses up to the Maximum Benefit shown on the Schedule of Benefits if Inclement Weather or Common Carrier causes cancellation or a delay of regularly scheduled airline flights for 3 or more hours to your point of departure.
  • $500 Baggage Personal Effects
    Reimburses you if your baggage or personal effects are lost, stolen or damaged while on your Trip, subject to the Maximum Benefit. $50 Deductible applies. This coverage is in excess of any other coverage or indemnity.
  • $100 Baggage Delay
    If your Baggage is delayed more than 12 hours, you can be reimbursed for the purchase of Necessary Personal Effects, subject to the Maximum Benefit.
  • $10,000 Accident Sickness Medical Expense
    Pays for medical expenses incurred while on a trip. $50 Deductible applies.
  • $100,000 Emergency Evacuation Repatriation of Remains

    Covers evacuation and transportation as directed by a Physician to the nearest adequate medical facility (home in the event of death or if medically required). Pays for special medical escort if recommended in writing by the attending Physician.

  • Optional Coverage*

    The following will be included if elected and appropriate costs have been paid.

    • Cancel for Any Reason

    You have the option to purchase a maximum limit of either 50% or 75% of Trip cost which provides reimbursement if you decide to cancel for any reason up to 48 hours prior to departure. (Must be purchased within 21 days of initial trip payment or by final trip payment.)

  • Medical Expense Upgrade
    Waives the $50 deductible and increases the Medical Expense limit of the base plan from $10,000 to either $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000. Also, offers a separate option to upgrade your Medical Expense benefit to Primary coverage.
  • “Hospital of Choice” Evacuation Upgrade
    For medical emergencies, includes evacuation to the adequate licensed medical facility of your choice or home. Base plan provides evacuation to the nearest adequate licensed medical facility. Maximum limit is increased to $1 million.
  • Baggage Upgrade
    Increases the Baggage and Personal Effects limit to $1,000, $1,500 or $2,500 and waives the $50 deductible. Increases the Baggage Delay limit to $200, $300, $400 or $500. Also, offers a separate option to upgrade your Baggage and Personal Effects benefit to Primary coverage.
  • Car Rental Collision Coverage
    You have the option to purchase a maximum limit of either $35,000 or $50,000 in primary coverage. Subject to a $250 deductible. Covers collision damage to a rental car for which the car rental contract would hold you responsible.
  • Accidental Death Dismemberment (Common Carrier Air Only)
    Amount Purchased (up to $500,000) Coverage for accidental death or dismemberment that occurs when traveling on a regularly scheduled flight or charter, subject to the Maximum shown in the Schedule.
  • Adventure Sports Coverage
    Provides Trip Cancellation/Interruption, Emergency Evacuation and Medical Expense coverage for losses caused by many adventure sports activities typically excluded in many travel insurance plans.
  • Accident, Interruption Delay Upgrade
    Increases the Trip Interruption benefit to 150% of Trip Cost; increases Trip Delay to $1,000 ($200 per day); increases Missed Connection to $1,000; and adds $50,000 Accidental Death Dismemberment coverage.
  • Additional Unforeseen Events Upgrade

    Includes Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage due to Financial Default, Terrorist Incident and a waiver for pre-existing medical conditions. Also covers Trip Cancellation/Interruption due to involuntary job loss or layoff. For complete details of coverage refer to the Certificate of Insurance. (Must be purchased within 21 days of initial trip payment or by final payment.)

  • * Optional coverages cannot be purchased separately and may vary by state.

    Assistance Services**

    Assistance Services listed below are not insurance benefits and are not provided by the Company. Travel Guard provides assistance through coordination, negotiation, and consultation using an extensive network of worldwide partners. Expenses for goods and services provided by third parties are the responsibility of the traveler.

    • Travel Medical Assistance

    A menu of services available for emergency medical requests, including prescription replacement assistance, physician referrals, medical evacuations, and more.

  • Worldwide Travel Assistance
    Assistance with any travel emergency or request for general travel information, including lost, stolen or delayed baggage; replacing lost passport or travel documents; emergency cash transfers; pre-trip travel advice; inoculation information and more.
  • LiveTravel® Emergency Assistance
    24-hour hotline to make emergency travel changes, such as rebooking flights, hotel reservations, tracking lost luggage and more.
  • At Your Service

    Provides access to a world of conveniences that can help simplify and enrich your travel experience. Available 24/7, At Your Service can help get you into exclusive restaurants, concerts and other places you want to be during your travels!

  • To enroll in the My Travel Guard plan, pay the plan cost at any time up until 24 hours prior to departure. For a complete Certificate of Insurance please click here .

    **Non-insurance services provided by Travel Guard.


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    How to Avail Cheap Air Tickets When Flying Within the US

    #how to find the cheapest airline tickets

    How to Avail Cheap Air Tickets When Flying Within the US

    The United States is a big country and if you want to see as much of it as possible during your holiday you probably are going to have to travel between cities and regions by air.

    The problem is that in recent years the number of airlines offering flights in the US have substantially constricted to a select few. Because there are now only a handful of carriers, the remaining airlines can essentially set their airfares at whatever they please.

    While that is bad news for the ordinary traveler, there are still a few remaining insider tricks you can use to guarantee you get the lowest rate so you will have more money to spend once you arrive at your destination.

    Avoid America’s Busiest Airports

    The busiest airports in the US are LaGuardia in New York, O’Hare in Chicago, LAX in Los Angeles, and Hartsfield in Atlanta. These also are the most expensive airports to travel in and out of because they are where the biggest airlines fly.

    In practically every American city, there is a second or third airport nearby that is cheaper and often more convenient to use for your travel. For example, while Chicago is only the third biggest city, O’Hare International is one of the country’s busiest because of its location in the geographic center of the nation.

    However, most travelers don’t realize that Chicago has a second airport – Midway – which is not only smaller and less busy, but usually substantially cheaper. Plus, like O’Hare it has a rail link that leads directly into the city’s center.

    Similar cheaper, less busy airports can be found in other cities as well. Los Angeles is served by smaller airports in nearby Burbank and Orange County. Travelers to New York City can use Liberty International in Newark, New Jersey, which has commuter trains that lead into Manhattan.

    Use Search Engines in Disguise

    We all know that computers are super smart. That’s why when you use one of the most popular search engines to look up air fares you usually will be inundated with ads, emails, pop-ups and other marketing tools that try to scare you into booking your flight as quickly as possible.

    This is caused by the “cookies” that track your Internet searches and use this information to market specific products – in this case airline tickets – to you aggressively.

    The solution is simple: When searching for airfares and other travel deals, always use the private or incognito browsing modes. This will keep your identity a secret from marketers and advertisers so you can compare prices and find the right flights without having to worry about dealing with high pressure sales tactics and campaigns designed to scare you into buying a ticket right away.

    Fly Off-Peak Days and Hours

    Like any industry, airlines are driven by supply and demand. When demand is highest – such as before or after holidays, during business hours, and on weekends when people are more likely to travel – prices will always be higher.

    But if you are willing to travel during the middle of the week, in the early morning or late night hours or even overnight, and avoid busy travel days like the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or around the Christmas holidays, you can often find fares that are a fraction of the high price airline fares you would otherwise have to pay.

    Look for ‘No Frills’ Airlines

    The United States doesn’t have as many economy, bare bones airlines as Europe or parts of Asia, but there are still a few that have survived the “Airfare Wars” or have been launched since the major US airlines consolidated.

    Look for smaller, regional airlines that can get you to your destination – or at least close enough to it – for far less money than the big name airlines. While you may find your seat a little more cramped and may have to bring your own in-flight snacks and make your entertainment, the savings are often worth it.

    Don’t Fly At All

    In the US, flying is the most convenient way to get around, but it’s also the most expensive. If you aren’t traveling across the continent, you might consider a less costly mode of transportation.

    While inter-city rail in the US is still expensive and inconvenient, rental cars are cheap and plentiful. And there are still enough bus lines that can get you from Point A to Point B for very little money.

    America is a big country and there is plenty to see. When you travel over the road rather than flying over most of the scenery, there is more to experience. Meet the friendly, outgoing people who live in the in-between spaces to make the most of your visit.

    As the Buddhist saying goes: “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

    Author Bio – This guest post is written by Simon Hopes in support of If you’re looking to fly to destinations within the US, don’t forget to check out JetBlue flights and save up to $20.


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    Mexico Travel Deals Cheap Flights to Mexico #travelicity

    #deals travel


    Whether you’re looking for Margaritaville, an eco-adventure, or a chance to explore the ruins of ancient civilizations, an astonishing variety of vacation options await you in Mexico. We provide an abundant selection of Mexico vacation deals on flights, hotels, and all-inclusive travel packages to send you south of the border with some pesos still in your pockets.

    Cancun Cozumel

    One of the World’s great playgrounds – Cancun & neighboring Cozumel are for good reason one of the most sought after vacation hot spots. Vacation activities abound: golf, tennis, scuba diving, kite surfing. and when you’re ready to escape the constant fiesta, jungle hikes and over 1200 archaeological sites are scattered within a few hour’s drive.

    Puerto Vallarta

    Famous for its spectacular sunsets, ideal weather, and spouting whales, this charming town nestled between rolling mountains on the Pacific coast offers a perfect place for sun, sand, and relaxation. Traditional cobblestone streets and graceful churches provide the city center old world charm, and is home to some of the best dining experiences in all of Mexico.

    Los Cabos

    At the end of the majestic Baja peninsula lies this once quaint fishing village which is now a tourist destination offering world class sportfishing, along with all of the vacation amenities you’ve come to expect in a Mexican vacation destination. Despite its status as a major destination, Los Cabos still welcomes you with small town charm.


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    How to book the cheapest airline flight #travel #vacations

    #the cheapest airline

    Helsinki Times


    Helsinki Times runs a column series called


    with rotating expat column writers,

    How to book the cheapest airline flight

    How airlines price their tickets is a source of many myths and urban legends. These include tips about the best day of the week to buy a ticket, last-minute discounts offered by the airlines, and the conspiracy theories suggesting that the carriers use cookies to increase prices for their passengers. None of these is entirely true.

    Studies have suggested that prices can be higher or lower on a given day of the week – yet, there is no clear consensus on which day that is. Offered prices can in fact drop at any time before the flight, yet they are much more likely to increase than decrease over the last several weeks before departure. Further, the airlines prefer to wait for the last-minute business traveler who’s likely to pay full fare rather than sell the seat prematurely to a price-conscious traveler. And no, the airlines do not use cookies to manipulate fare quotes – adjusting their inventory for specific customers appears to be beyond their technical capabilities.

    What is true about pricing in the airline industry is that carriers use complex, sophisticated pricing systems. The airline’s per passenger cost is the lowest when the flight is full, so carriers have incentive to sell as many seats as possible. This is a race against time for an airline, and, of course, no company wants to discount its product more than it has to. Hence, the airlines face two somewhat contradictory goals: to maximise revenue by flying full planes and to sell as many full-fare seats as possible. This is known in the industry as yield or revenue management.

    Airlines and their bucket lists

    Here is how yield management works. For each flight or route (if we are talking about multi-segment itineraries), the airline has a set of available price levels – from the most expensive fully refundable fare to the cheapest, deeply discounted nonrefundable price. The industry jargon for these prices is “buckets.” Seats can be interpreted as balls that are allocated among these buckets.

    Initial allocation of seats among the price buckets is determined by historical data indicating how well a certain flight sells. For example, fewer deeply discounted seats will be offered on a flight on Thanksgiving week than on the same flight during the third week of February. As the seats on a flight sell, yield managers monitor and adjust the seat allocation. If, for instance, the sales are slower than expected, some of the seats might be moved to lower-priced buckets — this shows up as a price drop. As noted above, such price drops can occur at any time before the flight. However, the general trend of price quotes is upward, starting from about two to three weeks before the flight departure date.

    Of course, an average traveller wants to know when he or she should buy the tickets for the next trip. Another important question is where to buy this ticket. Airlines distribute their inventory on their own Web sites and on several computer distribution systems, meaning that prices can sometimes differ depending on where one looks for them. We are not entirely sure what precipitates this phenomenon – likely explanations include differences in contracts between the airlines and the distribution systems/travel agents, implying that different travel agents may not have access to the airline’s entire inventory of available prices.

    The airlines’ yield managers start looking at flight bookings about two months before the departure date. This implies that it generally does not pay to book more than two months in advance: Studies show that initially the airlines leave the cheapest price buckets empty, and yield managers may move some seats into those buckets if a couple of months before the departure date the flight is emptier than expected. From two months to about two to three weeks before the flight date, the fare quotes remain mostly flat, with a slight upward trend. However, and perhaps paradoxically, there is a good chance of a price drop during this period. We tend to monitor prices for several days – sometimes up to a week – hoping for a lower quote. It does not always pay off, but sometimes we do manage to save a considerable amount of money.

    Two to three weeks before the flight date, the price quotes start increasing. This is the time when business travellers start booking. While price drops are still possible, a chance of a price increase is much higher if you wait to book within this time period. This is also the time when one can find significant differences between price quotes, depending on where one looks and what contract they have with the airlines.

    Thus, if we book a trip earlier than three weeks before the flight date, we tend not to delay the purchase. At the same time, we check quotes from multiple travel agents, or go directly to a site that allows for a quick comparison of prices (such as or Or check the airline itself.

    As for answering the original question we posed, here are some simple tips. First, if you have to travel during a peak period, such as Thanksgiving week, it is generally best not to delay buying that ticket. Otherwise, it might pay to monitor the offered prices for some time before committing. The best strategy for booking within the last couple of weeks before the flight, however, is not to delay the purchase, but to try getting quotes from several agents, which is easy to do in the Internet age.

    Yuriy Gorodnichenko is an associate professor of economics at University of California, Berkeley.

    Volodymyr Bilotkach is a senior lecturer in Economics at Newcastle University.

    This article was originally published on The Conversation:


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    Map from reliance super market Kolathur to Broadway #simpsons #travel

    #travel super market

    Maps Summary and More Information

    Your Road Map Starts at reliance super market Kolathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India .

    It Ends at Broadway, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    We also have map directions for your street map to help you reach you location exactly and in less time. Refer the Directions from reliance super market Kolathur to Broadway Chennai !

    Looking to hire a car. Get Estimated reliance super market Kolathur Car Rental from reliance super market Kolathur to Broadway Chennai. We tell you the estimated Car Rental with the car type; for the road distance between reliance super market Kolathur and Broadway!

    If you plan to take on reliance super market Kolathur to Broadway distance on your own, you would want to know how much you will be spending on fuel. Check our Fuel Price Calculator. to estimate your trip cost. We have updated Petrol, Diesel, AutoGas and CNG prices across all major cities in India!

    Sometimes Long journeys really test you patience. How much would be the distance in a direct flight? Check the Flight distance between reliance super market Kolathur and Broadway Chennai .

    Get a summary of all the most critical required points to better plan your travel. Here – Travel from reliance super market Kolathur to Broadway Chennai. Help yourself to better plan your travel from reliance super market Kolathur to Broadway.

    Having time constraints in your trip? Looking to better manage your flight time. You can find the Flight Time from reliance super market Kolathur to Broadway Chennai. Help yourself to better plan your travel from reliance super market Kolathur to Broadway.

    Do you want to have a look at a map that gives both road distance and flight distance? You will find it at How far is Broadway Chennai from reliance super market Kolathur .

    Do you want map that gives you the probable stopping points and halfway point of your jouney? You might want to check the reliance super market Kolathur to Broadway Chennai Route

    Are you looking for a travel cost calculator for your journey? You can find the Trip Cost from reliance super market Kolathur to Broadway Chennai .


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    How to Check Airline Ticket Prices #china #travel #guide

    #price airline tickets

    How to Check Airline Ticket Prices

    Promoted by

    Log onto the Web browser and navigate to Bing provides specific airline ticket price checks not available on any other search engine or online booking agent.

    Click the “Travel” tab on the left hand side of the screen. Type in the desired departure and arrival city, whether its a round trip and the travel dates. Below, check all the boxes in the “Compare Search.” This will compare the cheapest flights available on Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, Booking Buddy and AA Travel. Click “Search Flights” and in a moment the cheapest flight from all the online booking agents will be displayed.

    Look through the prices until you find the least expensive. Take note of the flight information and the airline carrier that provides it.

    Go to the Web site for the airline that provides the least expensive flight. Type in the exact same information into the flight search. Wait for the results to come in. In a few moments you will see whether it will be a better deal to go directly through the airline company or by booking through the online agency with the lowest posted price.

    Navigate to the site with the least expensive option or choose the airline site option. Click to purchase your airline tickets online.


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    How to Compare Ticket Prices for Flights #cheapest #air #ticket

    #compare travel sites

    Things You’ll Need

    Use a piece of blank paper to organize your search. At the top, write the dates you want to travel and your preferred times for departure and arrival, for both the departing and returning trips.

    Check your local Sunday newspaper for a listing of the cheapest flights from your town to other destinations. Many Sunday editions feature a list of the week’s ticket bargains.

    Check websites such as, and, which make it easy to compare airfares. You may or may not not find the cheapest prices on these sites, but typically you will find lower prices than you would receive from a travel agent. It is easy to book a flight, hotel and rental car at these websites.

    Call the airlines directly. Often, the best way to find the cheapest price is to call the 800 number listed for each airline that goes to the destination where you wish to fly. Many times the agents know of “sales” on tickets which are not published elsewhere. You may have to ask for the lowest price available. The agent can book the flight for you when you’re ready.

    Each time you call an airline, write down the name of the airline and the phone number where you reached an agent. Note the arrival and departure times, as well as any cities and times for layovers. For each airline, write the final price of the ticket.

    Review your notes, comparing prices, travel time, layovers, and departure and arrival times, both from online sites and from your discussions with the airline ticket agents, and you will be able to come to a knowledgeable conclusion about which is the best ticket price for your flight


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    Low-Cost Travel and Guide to Inexpensive Vacations #south #hall #travel

    #low cost travel

    Discover how to arrange a fabulous overseas vacation without depleting all your savings. This tutorial provides useful tips and tricks that will help you achieve your travel dreams on a shoestring budget.

    A number of European airlines now offer flights between European cities for less than $20! Discover how the no-frills airline companies that have revolutionize travel in Europe and around the world.

    Discover the economy hotel and motel chains that provide safe, clean and reliable accommodation at bargain prices. You can even book online and be guaranteed of getting a hotel room.

    Paris, London, Barcelona are fabulous cities to visit but can be very expensive to visit. Find out to how to keep costs down and discover some less-known travel destinations that offer the excellent value for your money.

    Cruise vacations don’t have to be expensive, particularly if you can take advantage or a re-positioning cruises or a discounted last-minute cruise. Discover some of the most popular ports-of-call in Europe and North Africa that you can visit on a European cruise holiday.

    Use our convenient search tools, site map and other utilities to find the information that you need for your low-cost overseas vacation.


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    LeSportsac appoint JLM International to expand Travel Retail presence #airfare #and

    #jlm travel

    LeSportsac appoint JLM International to expand Travel Retail presence

    10 Jan

    LeSportsac appoint JLM International exclusive Travel Retail Agency to manage the Travel Retail business in Oceania. LeSportsac iconic New York handbag brand has universal appeal.

    Since its founding in 1974, LeSportsac, a leading manufacturer of functional and chic handbags, has become an American icon sold in countries around the world. The Classic and Designer Collections (designed by trendsetters Stella McCartney, Jonathan Adler, Diane von Furstenberg, tokidoki and Gwen Stefani) have established LeSportsac as the leading American brand of casual nylon bags in the U.S. Mexico, Asia and Europe. The Collection s trademarks are sporty American styling, a wide color and print assortment and lightweight functionality with high performance fabrics and hardware.

    The product line is a complete range of handbags, travel bags, totes, messenger bags, backpacks, attaches and accessories. LeSportsac is sold in over 20 countries worldwide including Italy, Mexico, U.K. France, Sweden, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Colombia and Saudi Arabia.


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    RN to MSN Programs New Jersey #bs #to #msn #bridge #programs


    RN to MSN Programs in NJ

    There are six RN to MSN programs offered by schools based in New Jersey and a number of programs are offered online by schools approved and nationally accredited in other states. What this means to you is that there are a number of high quality RN to MSN options with a variety of specializations, one of which will match your strengths and career goals. Find the programs listed below along with their accreditation and contact information.

    RN to MSN Online Programs Offered in New Jersey

    The RN to MSN bridge program streamlines the education process, allowing registered nurses with a diploma or associate degree in nursing to complete their baccalaureate and master’s education in about three years. These programs are extremely focused and require a significant mount of dedication. Online RN to MSN programs do provide flexibility and convenience. Registered nurses can balance their pursuit of higher education with the demands of work and family. The AACN has expressed their support of the online RN to MSN program, stating that it makes higher education much more accessible. If three years sounds like too much of a commitment then check the RN to BSN programs in New Jersey. some of which can be completed in as little as twelve months.

    A survey of the nursing workforce in New Jersey titled, The State of the Nursing Workforce in New Jersey: Findings From a Statewide Survey of Registered Nurses*, documents several reasons why there is such a severe shortage of nurses in the state. There are also a number findings that support pursuing higher education, specifically an MSN.

    First off, 25% of the nursing workforce in New Jersey responded. Of the respondents only .3% held a graduate degree, 40% held a diploma in nursing, 32% held an ADN and 27% held a BSN. This supports a great job outlook for master’s educated nurses with so few nurses actually in possession of this level of education. Opportunities appear to be quite abundant for the master;s educated nurse from advanced practice to nursing faculty and leadership positions. The survey actually mentions that the RN to MSN program is one way to create a nursing faculty pipeline.

    An area of concern was found to be in the nurse manager area, where 57% of the nurse managers in New Jersey reported that their highest level of education was either an ADN or nursing diploma. Based on a study by Kramer, leadership skills are most frequently learned at the master’s degree level. (Kramer, Schmalen Maguire, 2004) This means skills such as conflict resolution and related management skills, that are integral in successfully managing a group of professionals, may be nonexistent for many nurse managers.

    The lack of managerial skills and support was found to have a significant impact on nurses in New Jersey, 43% said they did not consider their manager to be a good manager and 42% said that their nurse manager would not back them up. Sounds frustrating. This data further supports the need for master’s educated nurses in leadership positions throughout New Jersey as well as supporting the decision to pursue a master’s through an RN to MSN program in New Jersey.
    *(Flynn, L. (2007). The State of the Nursing Workforce in New Jersey: Findings From a Statewide Survey of Registered Nurses. Newark, NJ: New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing)

    Learn more about these programs and the schools offering them including admissions requirements, application materials and tuition costs by requesting information using the provided contact methods.

    Colleges Universities Based in New Jersey Offering RN to MSN Programs

    College of New Jersey

    Program Offered. RN to MSN

    • 2000 Pennington Road, Ewing, NJ 08628-0718, PH: 609-771-1855

    Fairleigh Dickinson University

    Nusing School accreditation by CCNE

    Program Offered. RN to BS to MSN

    • Henry P. Becton School of Nursing & Allied Health – Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1000 River Road, H-DH4-02, Teaneck-Hackensack, New Jersey – 07666, PH: 201-692-2890

    Monmouth University – Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies

    The Monmouth University – Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

    Program Offered. RN to MSN Direct. RN to BSN, MSN – (Tracks: Nursing Education, Nursing Administration, Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health NP, Family NP, Adult NP, Forensic Nursing, School Nurse), Post-Master’s Certifcate (Tracks: Sames as MSN), Post-Baccalaureate Certificates – (Forensic Nursing (Online), School Nurse)

    • Click Here to learn more about Monmouth University Nursing Programs.

    Rutgers College of Nursing

    Rutgers College of Nursing offers Master’s, post master’s, DNP and undergraduate nursing programs. The Rutgers Baccalaureate and Master’s programs are accredited by the CCNE.

    Program Offered. RN to MSN

    • Click Here to learn more about Rutgers College of Nursing Programs.

    Saint Peter’s College

    Saint Peter’s College nursing school is accredited by the CCNE.

    Program Offered. RN to MSN Bridge

    • Saint Peter’s College – The Jesuit College of New Jersey, PH: 888-SPC-9933

    Thomas Edison State College

    Nusing School accreditation by CCNE and NLNAC

    Program Offered. RN to BSN/MSN

    • 101 W. State St, Trenton, NJ 08608-1176, PH: 888-442-8372


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    How to Get a Loan to Buy an Existing Business #how


    How to Get a Loan to Buy an Existing Business

    Purchasing a business is a big undertaking, especially when financing is involved. Borrowing to purchase an existing business is somewhat different than borrowing to start a new business because existing companies already have a financial background, which means they have an established overhead and existing expenditures. When borrowing for a new business, these factors are speculative. Having real-time numbers puts more emphasis on the business plan and the existing financial statements.

    Borrowing money to buy a business can be scary.


    Decide how much you are willing to spend each month. Consider the amount of money you will spend on the business loan repayment amount, overhead and Insurance.


    Research how much worth the business has in the current market and economy. Also, determine how much you need to borrow. For the sake of this project, we will assume it is less than $250,000, which would be considered a small business loan.


    Create a five-year business plan and try to secure at least 20 percent for a down payment. Some lenders offer options that don t require a down payment. But in reality, purchasing a business is comparable to purchasing a new home, which often requires a down payment. The five-year business plan must include a financial statement, a profit and loss statement and a statement of projected income. For an existing business, the numbers that are included in these statements are crucial.


    Compare business loan terms, rates and conditions among different financial institutions. Decide on one and make an appointment.


    Prepare yourself for your initial interview with the financial institution of your choice by being ready to convince the financial associate of how much you want this. For example, inform them of whether you re willing risk your own money or other assets. Have your business plan ready to present, as well. This will show your commitment to the task. Remember, your business plan requires accurate numbers and a well thought out plan of action.


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    Proposal Letter to Offer Services – Samples, Example & Tips #proposal


    Proposal Letter to Offer Services

    A proposal letter to offer service is written by a company to another company when they are ready to offer their services to another company.

    When a company is confident that it can provide all the necessary services to another company they write this proposal letter stating they are ready to offer their services. This letter too is a formal one and to write one refer the below-mentioned sample.

    Usually, proposal letter is written to offer professional services. It can be any kind of services like providing food, printing, cleaning etc. Use the following tips and sample proposal letter for services in doc and pdf format.

    Table of Contents

    Proposal Letter to Offer Services Writing Tips:

    • Address the company to whom you are ready to offer services
    • The details about the services should be given precisely
    • Avoid making spelling and grammar mistakes
    • The language of the letter should be formal
    • The achievements of the company and why to choose it for the services too should be mentioned properly.

    Proposal Letter to Offer Services Template

    Use our free Proposal Letter to Offer Services to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


    Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)


    Subject: Proposal Letter to Offer Services

    Dear _____(Sir or Madam)

    I Mr. …………….(name of the sender) on behalf of …………………..(name of the company) is writing this letter to Mr. ……………….(name of the recipient) of ………….(name of the company) is writing this letter to offer our web designing services to you. We offer all kinds of web designing services and your company being a SEO company would require our service. We would be glad to offer you the necessary services and hope to get a positive reply from you soon.

    I am sure you would love to work with us and hence would love to render the necessary services.

    Name of the organizer

    Sign of the organizer


    Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)


    Subject: Proposal Letter to Offer Services

    I am writing this letter to you to propose to you our services of web designing. Our company which is a three year old one excels in providing web designing services to leading companies and MNC’s. We provide timely services and the experts in our company have good experience in their own field. Thus you can rely on us. We would be glad to provide you with our timely services and also assure that you will get quality services from time to time.

    Though our company is just three years old, we have managed to get good clients and have also made good profits. Thus you can stretch your hands and avail to our services whenever you require one hoping to hear a positive response from your end.

    Name and Signature.

    Email Format

    If you are confident of the services offered by your company and wish to expand your business by offering your services to a particular company, writing proposal letter will solve purpose. The letter describes your fields of services and achievements to captivate the brains of the future clients.

    I am writing from Dove writing services, which is a well known organisation in the state. We are keen to provide our services to the Horizon Web Designing house. We are five year old company and our services are provided to all the major companies of its niche.

    This can be demonstrated by our branch offices which are situated in all the major cities. We offer all kinds of writing solution ranging from press releases, web contents, blogs, wed articles to medical contents as well as other concerned writing materials. We are considered as the best by our clients and it would be an honour to provide our services to you. Please see enclosed catalogue to know our rates and services.

    Hoping positive reply.

    Business Development Manager,

    Dove Writing Services.


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    Probing a device: SNMP WALKs #how #to #use #snmpwalk


    When you decide that you want to write an SNMP monitoring application for a given device you need to start by understanding whats available to you. If you have a MIB you can read through it to get a feel. If you have MIB documentation you have an even better leg up. Whether you have a MIB or not, the best way to start out is to walk the device asking the device agent for every value it can supply you. Given this output you can then know exactly what is being reported where and how you want to tackle it in code.

    The snmpwalk tool can walk the OID tree based on a starting OID or by default with no OID which just returns the MIB-II OIDs.

    Lets walk a device (APC UPS) and look at whats output using the snmpwalk command.

    A large amount of the output was removed for clarity, but you get the idea. We can see the System, Interfaces, and SNMP groups from the MIB-II standard in the example output.

    While the MIB-II information is interesting, unless your probing a basic router you’ll want a lot more information than is supplied. To get an extended idea of whats available we need to give the tool a starting OID from which to walk. To see everything we can supply the enterprise OID, since all OIDs will start from that root. This can be done both with and without a MIB. Without a MIB you’ll be forced to use a “best guess” approach to interpreting values. However if you do have a MIB the output is generally self explanatory and can serve as a reference when writing your application.

    Lets first walk without a MIB (there is a lot of output, I recommend redirecting output to a file):

    In this example we’re asking the snmpwalk tool to walk all OIDs starting from our base OID . (the fully qualified OID up to the vendor identification, which is 318 for APC). For this device I get a total of 308 OIDs returned. However, because all we have to judge the OIDs meaning by is the output this isn’t entirely helpful unless the OID value is a string.

    If we do have a vendor MIB we can use that to walk the device and get far more useful output:

    In this example we’re performing the same operation as before but we’re supplying a MIB to be used (the -m option) and instead of using the numeric representation of the APC enterprise prefix we can simply use the unique identifier “apc” instead to accomplish the same thing. In both cases I returned a total of 308 OIDs, but clearly the MIB assisted output is far more understandable.

    SNMP walking is the SNMP application developers equivalent to a port scan, providing a sound base on which to continue exploring and developing applications for your device. To avoid confusion it is recommended that all development begin by redirecting a full walk to a local file for reference.


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    How to Recover Data from Failed Raid 1? #recover #data #from


    Restore Data from Failed Raid 1

    RAID 1 also known as Disk mirroring, is the replication of data to two or more disks. It is good option for applications that require high performance such as transactional applications, email and operating systems. While using RAID 1, an exact copy of data is created on two or more discs. This technique will give more reliability and read performance. The only issue is storage capacity (the total storage used by RAID 1 will be equal to capacity of the smallest disk).

    However, RAID users may struggle a lot if data gets inaccessible due to Raid 1 drive failure. Let us know in which situations Raid 1 drive get failed on a Windows computer:

    • Occurrence of more number of bad sectors on hard disk may result in raid 1 drive failure
    • If you do any mistake while changing file system, then RAID 1 drive may fail to work further
    • OS crash is the other common reason for failure of RAID 1 drive
    • Failure of RAID technology can also make drive unreadable and useless

    Once the RAID 1 drive gets failed it will show different kind of error messages like:

    • Storecenter disk failure
    • Critical error on RAID 1 drive
    • Failed hard drive: RAID1

    In case, you come across above mentioned errors, then how will you solve them? How will you get back data from failed RAID 1 drive? Dont worry you can easily recover failed raid 5 array. raid 10 and raid 0 by using proficient data recovery program.

    Software to extract data from failed RAID 1:

    Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool will help you to retrieve data from failed RAID 1 drive. This program has the ability for recovering data in all kind of risky conditions like RAID1 drive corruption, OS crash and disk failure. Addition to RAID 1, it can retrieve data from RAID 10. RAID 5 and RAID 0 on Windows system. Anyone can use this software easily because of its user friendly UI design. If you feel any difficulty while performing data retrieval process, you can contact same to the 27×7 technical team through mail or phone call. The utility can get back data from different brands of RAID drive such as Intel and Seagate. Apart from RAID drives, the tool is helpful in restoring data from internal / external hard disk, USB flash drive, mmeory cards, SSD and many other storage drives. This application can be used on various versions of Windows OS (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 and 2008).

    Procedure to get back data from failed RAID 1 drive:

    • First, connect failed RAID 1 drive to a healthy Windows system
    • Then, download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on the computer
    • Once installation is over, run the application in order to start recovery process
    • Tool will show two options “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” in main screen
    • Choose “Partition Recovery” to get back data from RAID 1 drive
    • Next, this program will display list of logical and external drives detected in system
    • Select the partition which contains RAID 1 drive
    • Then, software will start scanning process, wait for few minutes till it gets finished
    • Later, you will see data in two views such as “Data view” and “File Type View”
    • Mark the required files or else click on “Skip” button to select all files by default
    • Then, save extracted files to a desired location other than source location

    Important Tips.

    • Be careful while changing file system, chances are there to commit mistake here
    • Maintain significant data on some other storage devices to handle sudden data loss situations

    Other Popular Software

    Recover and restore deleted photos lost from your digital camera memory card or the images from your Windows PC. The software can recover all popular image types including popular audio and video files.

    The only undelete application for Mac that can recover deleted files from HFS+, HFSX partitions on Mac. The software also has the ability to recover lost files using RAW signature method.


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    Cash For Gold USA #best #place #to #sell #gold #in #nyc


    Cash for Gold USA

    Makes it really easy to turn your old, unwanted or broken gold jewelry, Sterling Silver or Diamonds into the cash you need now. With gold prices at an all time high, there has never been a better time to cash in. Simply request our FREE SAFEPAK mailer ®, and we’ll send you a secure, prepaid envelope, which you can use to mail us your jewelry risk-free without any hassle. You can also ship us your precious metals and diamonds through USPS at no cost to you!

    With over a quarter of a million customers served, Cash for Gold USA is the premier cash for gold company in the United States. The Better Business Bureau has awarded Cash for Gold USA with an A rating due to superior customer service and an excellent track record in helping clients get the most for their gold, silver and other precious metals!

    Why should I sell my gold to Cash for Gold USA We pay more than any other gold buyer online and have done so in several undercover investigations. Here are several other reasons why we are America’s #1 Gold Buyer:

    • FOX News found that we pay 3x more cash than the competition in an undercover investigation
    • We have paid several clients over $20,000 in cash for gold. silver and diamonds
    • We offer consumers a two week (14 day) Satisfaction Guarantee
    • We insure our SafePaks for up to $1,000 through USPS
    • Our Price Assurance Guarantee Program

    What precious metals do we buy at CashforGoldUSA We buy gold, sterling silver. diamonds. platinum, palladium, dental scrap and electronic scrap. We also pay cash for gold, cash for gold jewelry, broken gold. scrap gold. gold watches. gold coins and more.

    SAFEPAK Mailer ® Our SafePak mailer is sent securely through USPS and insured up to $1,000. Simply fill out the form above with your name, address, and contact information and we will send you a customized SafePak in the mail. Your SafePak will include your customized return shipping label and a plastic bag to protect you materials. Simply place your materials in the plastic bag, place the return shipping label on top of the current shipping label, and place your Pak in the mail. It’s that easy and the best part about it is that it’s completely FREE!

    A Guarantee from the President of Cash for Gold USA If you are not satisfied with your payment for any reason, simply notify us, then return your check within 10 days of the date printed on the check and your items will be returned to you free of charge.

    -Norman Schneider, CEO


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    Vas authentication #digital #trust, #data #security, #data #cybersecurity, #trust #to #the


    Mobile Banking Apps Offer Great Opportunity Serious Risk. We Secure Them.

    By 2019, nearly 2 billion people will be using a mobile device for banking transactions. With hackers targeting mobile apps, particularly banking apps, developers need to harden their apps against cyber criminals.

    Our comprehensive software development kit (SDK) natively integrates application security, including Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP), next gen biometric authentication and transaction signing into your mobile applications.

    Solutions for All Industries

    VASCO designs strong authentication solutions to fit a wide range of industries, IT infrastructures and business needs. We build competitive solutions that incorporate open protocols for ease of integration and low cost of ownership.

    Financial Security Solutions

    We secure more than 10,000 clients, 1,700 of which are international banking institutions. Financial service providers know that online and mobile access are key growth opportunities, but these opportunities have gone untapped due to security breach fears. With VASCO’s proven anti-hack solutions, we provide convenience to your clients and the competitive edge to you.

    Healthcare Security Solutions

    VASCO is a global leader in protecting the world’s most sensitive information, and offers a suite of strong, scalable and easy-to-deploy solutions tailored to help healthcare organizations protect identities, safeguard patient records, and enable compliance with regulations. We secure remote-access to patient records and monitoring devices in addition to providing the two-factor authentication required for e-prescriptions.

    Government Security Solutions

    Governmental and public sector services can provide effective and efficient online services. To avoid identity theft or unauthorized access to confidential files, VASCO’s strong authentication solutions will replace insecure static passwords with highly secure one-time-passwords; facilitate transaction or document signing with identity-confirming electronic signatures; and encrypt data files for emails, disk and all other digital files.

    e-Gaming Security Solutions

    The massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) industry has proven to be a popular new entertainment medium and has also become an attractive target for online fraudsters. VASCO’s two-factor authentication technology is a very simple and effective way of bridging the security gaps inherent with static passwords. With two-factor authentication, MMOG companies can regain gamers’ trust and reduce account turnover.

    Payments Retail Security Solutions

    Online payments is a critical aspect for many industries ranging from banking to retail. VASCO’s strong authentication solutions will replace insecure static passwords with highly secure one-time-passwords; facilitate transaction or document signing with identity-confirming electronic signatures; and encrypt data files for emails, disk and all other digital files.


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    How To Negotiate Back Taxes With The IRS #how #to #deal


    How To Negotiate Back Taxes With The IRS


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    How to Find Cheap Flights to London #lastminute #travel

    #find a cheap flight

    Things You’ll Need

    Book online, and be specific. While numerous online travel sites, such as Expedia, Hotwire and Travelocity, feature deals on flights to a number of locales (including London), features a section devoted exclusively to booking cheap/discounted flights to London. The site offers a list of airports from which people can fly, as well as numerous times, dates, flight types and prices. A function also exists by which travelers can book hotel and car, in addition to booking their flight.

    Hire a travel agent. This can be done in person, through local outlets like a newspaper or the Yellow Pages, as well as through online sites like Tripology. The latter site provides users with travel agents who offer a customizable trip itinerary, including flight packages to locales like London. For those with limited travel booking experience, particularly to an international location like London, travel agents offer a potentially best-case scenario in terms of securing a cheap/discounted flight to the United Kingdom.

    Book through British Airways. Booking directly through the most popular airline in the United Kingdom is of great benefit to travelers, as the airline features plenty of flights to London. By booking well in advance–when airlines are looking to sell as many tickets as possible in the hopes of selling out a flight, or at the last minute–when airlines are desperate to sell those last few remaining seats, gives discount ticket seekers the opportunity to score a great deal.


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    How to use Google 2-step verification – Tech Advisor #how #to


    How to use Google 2-step verification

    It pays to be as security-conscious as possible with online accounts. Here we show you how to get started with new Google safety measures to protect your email and documents.

    Beef up your Google account’s security by adding 2-step verification. Here’s our guide.

    It pays to be as security-conscious as possible with online accounts. Here we show you how to get started with new Google safety measures to protect your email and documents.

    Millions of people have a Google account and this makes them a prime target for criminals hoping to sell your valuable personal information. It’s crucial that you have a strong password, and not one that’s easily guessed. Ideally, your password should contain a mixture of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and punctuation.

    Passwords can still be broken with the right tools, though. Google is well aware of the threat and has introduced a second layer of security called 2-step verification. After enabling this extra security, you’ll need both your password and a unique code to log into your account. This code is sent to you in a text message or voicemail something that the hackers are extremely unlikely to be able to access. Read next. How to make Android look like a PC .

    Updated 23 June 2016 with general updates.

    Enabling 2-step verification

    To enable 2-step verification, sign in to your Google account from the usual web page it doesn’t matter which service you’re using as Gmail. Google Docs and YouTube all link to one account. At the top left-hand corner, enter your username and password and then click on My Account, which can be found in the menu that appears when you click on your name.

    On the left-hand side, within the Sign-in Security section you’ll be able to click on the right arrow, that will lead you into a separate section, where you’ll see the Signing in to Google option. If you scroll down, you’ll be able to see 2-step verification, with it being Off by default.

    Click Get Started to enable it; you may be asked to re-enter your password. Select the country in which your phone is registered and the number itself. Next, choose whether you want to receive the codes via text or voice message you can change this option later.

    It’s best to enter a mobile phone number rather than a landline or Skype number. Under no circumstances enter a GoogleTalk number as you’ll end up locking yourself out of your account as the code will be sent to Google Voice which is only accessible after you’ve logged in.

    Click the Try button and you should receive the code on your phone almost instantly. Enter this in the box and click Next. Finally, click Turn on 2-step verification and you’ll be taken back to the Account Settings page.

    You won’t be asked for a verification code for the next 30 days unless you log into your Google account on another computer or device. Remember that you may be asked to enter a verification code for each Google site you use. Only tick the Remember this computer for 30 days’ box if you have sole use of the computer or trust the other people who use it.


    If you have a compatible smartphone, you can install Google’s Authenticator app. This generates codes so you don’t need a phone signal or data plan to receive a text or voice message. The app is available on Apple’s App Store and the Android Market. BlackBerry users should go to Google’s Mobile website to download and install the application.

    Bear in mind that you’ll still need to enrol your phone number as part of enabling 2-step verification to use Authenticator. Don’t forget to click on the relevant link on the settings page for your specific device type follow the instructions to link your handset to your Google account. You can also scan a QR code to authenticate the device.

    Once this process is complete, you can use your phone to quickly get a code whenever you’re asked as you sign into your Google account.

    Google is trying to make it easier to authorise logins with a single option, over a PIN to key-in. This update is slowly rolling out to all users.

    Application-specific passwords

    Not all Google services use verification codes, so you’ll need what Google calls application-specific passwords to log into certain ones. For example, Google Calendar, GoogleTalk, Picasa (now discontinued) and Sync all require a special password in addition to your normal password. These services will provide a link to generate an application-specific password, or you can browse directly to the Authorising applications sites’ page which is in the Security section of your Google account settings.

    Simply enter the name of the application and click the Generate password button and copy the text that appears and paste it into the box of the application asking for it. It doesn’t matter about the spaces: these are ignored. You won’t have to memorise or write this password down as it can be used only once you’ll only need to generate a new one when you first use an application or site that you haven’t already signed into using 2-step verification. If you need to, you can revoke access to one of these applications by clicking the link next to the program in question in the list at the bottom of the page.

    Occasionally, it won’t be obvious that you need an application-specific password. For example, if you try and configure Gmail on an iPhone it will appear as if your usual password is incorrect as you’ll be unable to log in. What you need to do is generate another application-specific password and type it in when you see the password incorrect’ message to verify your account on the device. This is because application-specific passwords replace traditional passwords rather than complementing them.

    Extra precautions

    Although 2-step verification makes your account almost impossible to hack, it can also prevent you from logging in if you lose your phone and can’t get codes. For this reason, you should enter a backup phone number on the settings page and also print some backup codes. You can carry the latter with you to ensure that you can always log in even if you can’t use your phone for any reason.

    If you want to disable 2-step verification you can do so on the settings page. You’ll be asked to enter your usual Google password and possibly a verification code. Click Turn off 2-step verification and then confirm the action in the pop-up window that appears. Be sure to revoke all application-specific passwords as well to return to using standard passwords with other services that don’t use 2-step verification.


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    Managed Print Services #managed #print #services, #what-is-managed-print-services, #ricoh #toner #cartridge, #what-is-a-print-strategy,


    Managed Print Services

    Why you need Managed Print Services?

    Watch MPS Video

    Benefits of Managed Print Services

    Work with Green Office

    What is Managed Print Service?

    What is a Print Strategy?

    What is a Print Assessment?

    What is Total Cost of Ownership?

    Our clients


    Leaders in cartridges solutions

    Let us collect your cartridges

    Cartridges collections for everyone


    Custom document
    management software


    Empowering people
    through sustainability

    Serving the community

    Get involved

    Green Office News

    Having the right people is key to our success and we are always open to hearing from prospective candidates who may be interested in working for us as part of our proactive recruitment drive.
    If you have the following skills we’d love to hear from you:

    • Sales – account management and business development
    • Business analyst
    • IT
    • Administration
    • Finance
    • Service Technicians who are Ricoh certified with 3 – 5 years’ experience.

    About us

    Green Office is an innovative South African company that has reformed the office environment by pioneering complete document solutions which are customised to our clients unique needs.
    What started as the remanufacture of used printer cartridges in 1997, has now developed into a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the document environment. Green Office:

    • Consult and implement on Business Process and workflow systems to reduce print and increase efficiencies.
    • Manages all aspects of a company’s print environment.
    • Supplies hardware and consumables.
    • Recycles and remanufactures toner printer cartridges.
    • Services and maintains a company’s printing environment.
    • Implements software to help a company manage its print environment solution, saving them the earth.
    • Incorporates all of the above into our own Managed Print Service (MPS) where a company gets all of these great offerings in one solution.

    Our Values

    Contact us


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    How to Fly Standby on Last-Minute Cheap Flights #lastminute #travel

    #cheap air travel

    How to Fly Standby on Last-Minute Cheap Flights

    Flying standby requires familiarization with your preferred airline’s policies. (Photo: Hamish Blair/Getty Images News/Getty Images )

    Related Articles

    The contraction of the airline industry means that most flights fly almost full and airlines have largely rolled back programs that allow you to jump on a cheap flight at the last minute. Despite capacity cuts, you can still find an airline or two that gives you a chance to get where you want to go affordably with little notice and strategies on how to fly standby with your existing cheap ticket.

    Step 1

    Pack everything you plan to take in a carryon bag or small daypack so that you receive priority among the standby candidates, as checked baggage creates more snags for the airline.

    Step 2

    Target flights earlier than your confirmed reservation if you already hold a cheap ticket. That way, you can fly using your confirmed reservation if you don’t get on an earlier flight.

    Step 3

    Check online for empty seats on the flight you want or call the airline, asking for your preferred flight and alternatives, as well as details on how full flights are through to the day to your destination. Avoid checking on third-party vendors such as Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak or others, which won’t have the most current information. Purchase the cheapest ticket you see so that you have the ticket to show security at the airport and can proceed to the gate of the earlier flight you want to fly on standby.

    Step 4

    Research AirTran Airways for potential seats if you are from 18 to 22 years old; at time of publication, it was the only U.S. airline adopting a policy designed to allowing students and non-students alike to find cheap standby seats. The program, called Air Tran U, allows young adults to fly on standby for $49 to $99 each way not including fees.

    Ask your airline about relaxed standby rules if an impending blizzard is predicted for your departure city. Airlines, such as Southwest, USAir and Airtran, that take passengers from the Midwest and Northeast to Florida winter getaways may allow you to leave the night before based on your ticket for travel on the day the blizzard arrives; they make the policy decision in the late afternoon. Discuss this option with a customer service representative at the airline’s toll-free number.

    Travel to the airport as early as you can to get on a flight. Proceed to the gate and request to be placed on the standby list. Stay by the gate listening for your name or look for it listed on a gate display and reconfirm that you are on the list as boarding begins if you have been overlooked.


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    How to add traveling to your Resume

    #cv travel

    Rules of the Subreddit

    /r/travel is a community about going places. Articles, questions, stories, or any good content is welcome.

    Clickbait, spam, memes, ads, brochures, surveys or self-promotion will be removed.

    No politics and keep it civil.

    Submission Guidelines

    Read the FAQ and search before posting. Avoid repetitive questions. Search the subreddit to see if topics have been covered already. Check the stickied post or past topics of the week .

    Include a descriptive title . One or two word titles rarely provide enough information. Include the destination.

    If submitting an image or video include context – read this section of the FAQ. No selfies: we re not your facebook.

    Be as specific as possible . including: where you re starting, dates of travel, budget, interests, places you ve been, things you like and dislike.

    Present the research you ve already done so we don t feel like we re doing everything for you; we are not your travel agents.

    Stay around to answer questions or respond to comments. This applies to all questions, image, and blog posts.

    Low-effort posts ( Tips for Peru? , Where should I go? ) will be removed without further notice.

    Example of an excellent post


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    Dry R22 Condenser Replace Air Conditioner- Cost and Benefits #cost #to


    Cost Benefit of Buying a Dry R22 Condenser for your Air Conditioner

    By: Brian Schutt | June 13, 2012

    Perhaps you ve been unlucky enough to have your air conditioning system go out. And either the repair is so expensive or the age of your system is so old that you re ready to replace it, you may have had a company propose replacing your condenser with a Dry R22 outdoor condenser.

    Understanding R22 and Current Government Regulations

    A little background before diving into the cost-benefit of this option. According the Montreal Protocol, which was agreed upon by the US in 1987, there is a mandatory phase out of certain products whose emissions were deemed harmful to the environment. In the US, the protocol was put into law through the Clean Air Act, and is implemented by the EPA. The law requires a phase out of R22 as a refrigerant.

    R22 is more commonly known as freon. It was used in most air conditioning systems until the regulation was placed upon manufacturers. The important dates to note for homeowners:

    • 2010 manufacturers were required to cease production of R22 loaded air conditioner systems
    • 2020 manufacturing of R22 must end.

    As a byproduct of the required move to more environmentally friendly refrigerants, R22 based equipment is being forced into obsolescence.

    So, back to your estimate for a Dry R22 condenser.

    Your indoor evaporator coil is working just fine. Your copper lines connecting the two pieces of A/C equipment is intact and not leaking, but your condenser needs to be replaced. The cost of replacing the whole system with R410a based equipment seems too pricey right now. So you d prefer to use that existing equipment that s working just fine.

    As you weigh your options, this is what I tell our customers to consider, and what you alone must decide. While your initial investment in this Dry R22 condenser may save you $1-$2,000, we continue to see parts for R22 based equipment rise and fewer systems are manufactured. Less supply = greater price to you.

    Similarly, with the required ending of production of R22 itself, the cost of the refrigerant is rising faster than gold. This year alone production will be cut in half, and will continue to decline until ending completely in 8 years. Again the laws of supply and demand are at play, and with freon now retailing to consumers at $75-$125 per pound. there s no telling how high it could get in 10 years.

    The bottom line, you know your capacity for this investment. Factor that in with how long you plan to be in the home. We just want to provide an honest assessment of the potential long term costs of making this move, so you re not surprised as the years go by.

    About Brian Schutt

    Brian Schutt is the co-owner of Homesense Heating | Cooling. Born and raised in Indianapolis, he loves the city and its people, and is committed to bringing a servants mindset into the heating and cooling industry. One of the ways he does that is to translate the technical language of HVAC into the manageable and understandable for homeowners.


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    It – s Simple! Time Configuration in Active Directory – NEPA


    It s Simple! Time Configuration in Active Directory

    First, let me say that I am really pleased to start this series which I wanted to call It s Simple! aiming to simplify things a little bit and make them easier to assimilate.

    Now back to our topic, shall we?

    So you said Time Configuration right? Why should we care at the first place?

    It s simple! Active Directory can t work correctly (or at all) if the clock is not synchronized around domain controllers/member machines.

    For example, in Kerberos V5, computers that are more than 5 minutes out of sync will not authenticate (which is configurable by GPO: Maximum tolerance for computer clock synchronization in Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Account Policies\Kerberos Policy ).

    Another example is replication, Active Directory uses time stamps to resolve replication conflicts.

    Now, let s see how time should be configured in Active Directory:

    1. In Active Directory, we use the Windows Time service for clock synchronization: W32Time ,
    2. All member machines synchronizes with any domain controller,
    3. In a domain, all domain controllers synchronize from the PDC Emulator of that domain: using NT5DS (which simply means: follow the domain hierarchy and get me my PDC emulator)
    4. The PDC Emulator of a domain should synchronize with any domain controller of the parent domain: using NTP ,
    5. The PDC Emulator of the root domain in a forest should synchronize with an external time server (could be clock device, a router, another standalone server, an internet time server )

    But how do I configure time in my Active Directory?

    Well, it s simple! Normally it should be set correctly if we don t modify it in purpose,

    Otherwise, we do provide some tools for that: w32tm.exe command-line utility and GPO

    Run the following command on the PDC emulator:

    w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:timeserver/syncfromflags:manual /reliable:yes /update

    (where timeserver is a space delimited list of your time source servers)

    Once done, restart W32Time service.

    Run the following command on all other DCs (that are not PDC):

    w32tm /config /syncfromflags:domhier /update

    Once done, restart W32Time service.

    Using GPO with WMI filter

    Using a GPO is always better to automate as much as possible (and of course in case we had to transfer the PDC role to another DC):

    • Create a GPO and link it to the Domain Controllers container

    Set a WMI filter to target the PDC emulator, using the following syntax:

    Select * from Win32_ComputerSystem where DomainRole = 5

    Open the GPO for edition and go to: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Windows Time Service\Time Providers then Configure Windows NTP Client + Enable Windows NTP Client

    Quick note: NtpServer contains a space-delimited time source servers with the format: Name-or-IP,server-flag

    All non-PDC domain controllers should be set to NT5DS (domain hierarchy).

    Creating a global settings GPO

    • Create a GPO and link it to Domain Controllers organizational unit,
    • Edit the settings under: Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Windows Time Service\Time Providers then Global Configuration Settings
    • Depending on the use, you may leave the default values.

    You can check the registry entries if the domain controller is using NTP (should be on PDC) or NT5DS (on non-PDC):

    Find the value of Type under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\Parameters

  • You can also check for time advertisement on the PDC by running this command w32tm.exe /resync /rediscover /no_wait. then check for Event ID 139
  • To check the source time server: w32tm /query /status
    • Please note that we recommend using w32tm command-line utility instead of net time command (why? ),
    • We recommend using w32tm or GPO tools to configure time services instead of registry tool,
    • The PDC should not synchronize with itself (RFC 1305 ),
    • More details on the WMI filter here and GPO time settings here .
    • About NtpServer value syntax and server flags here and here .

    Hope its simple now!

    Imed Boukhaf from NEPA team .


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    Learn How to Incorporate and Why to Incorporate #reasons #to #incorporate


    Online incorporation turns 21 this year, amid a climate of deregulation and focus on making it easy as possible for businesses to start and operate.

    Best State to Incorporate

    Find about the factors to consider when you select a state for incorporation, including costs, state statutes taxation requirements, corporate laws, and more.

    S Corp vs LLC

    Compare S Corporation vs LLC incorporation: their similarities differences. BizFilings has the tools resources to select the right one for your business.

    S Corporation vs C Corporation

    Compare S Corp vs C Corp incorporation: their similarities differences. BizFilings has the tools resources to select the right one for your business.

    LLC vs Inc

    Compare LLC vs Inc. (S Corp or C Corp) incorporation: their differences benefits. BizFilings has the tools resources to select the right one for your business.

    Creating an LLC

    Learn about creating an LLC (Limited Liability Company): incorporating, protection of assets, taxes, More. BizFilings has the tips resources to guide you.

    Comparing Company Types

    Compare types of businesses: C Corporation (C Corp), S Corporation (S Corp), LLC (Limited Liability Company) DBA (Doing Business As). Learn their key differences.

    The Benefits of Business Incorporation

    What are the advantages of incorporating your business? Why incorporate as an S or C Corp? Learn the pros and cons of S corporations and C corporations.

    What Are Articles of Incorporation?

    Learn more about what are articles of incorporation, the company formation documents required to incorporate your business with BizFilings.

    S Corporation Advantages Disadvantages

    Learn about creating a S Corp (S Corporation): its asset tax advantages and its potential disadvantages. BizFilings has the tips resources to guide you.

    Form an LLC- Limited Liability Company

    Discover what you-ll need to form an LLC (limited liability company) including the formation documents, or articles of organization, and how to get incorporated online with help from BizFilings.

    Understanding Nonprofit Formation

    Learn about creating a Non Profit Corporation: incorporating, defining goals, choosing a registered agent. BizFilings has the tips resources to guide you.

    Why Incorporate in Delaware or Nevada?

    Learn what makes Delaware and Nevada attractive incorporation states for many businesses.

    What is a Registered Agent?

    Let BizFilings help you learn about registered agents and the role they play to ensure your small business is compliant with state requirements.

    Which Partnership Type is Right for Me?

    Learn the differences in tax consequences and requirements of business partnership entities including the LP, LLP, PC and PLLC

    When to Use a Registered Agent Service

    Learn when to use a professional registered agent to keep your business in compliance with state requirements.

    How to Create Your Professional Service Business

    Learn how to incorporate your professional service business as a PC, PLLC or LLP.

    Filing for Tax Exempt Status for Your Nonprofit

    Learn how to file for tax-exempt status for your nonprofit and the benefits tax exemption offers.

    Types of Partnerships

    Compare types of partnerships: Limited Partnerships (LP), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and General Partnerships. Learn their key differences benefits.

    Incorporating in the U.S. – Factors to Consider

    Incorporating a business in the United States from overseas requires some considerations. Let BizFilings help with your foreign company formation.

    Incorporating a Business in New York

    Incorporating a business in New York? Let BizFilings step you through the requirements of starting a business in New York. Click here for more information.

    How to Incorporate a Business in California

    Understand what it takes and how to incorporate a business in California. BizFilings provides information to help you make good decisions. Click here for details

    How to Incorporate a Business in Delaware

    Incorporating a business in Delaware saves you money in fees and taxes. Learn how to incorporate your small business in -The First State.-

    LLC Florida

    Forming an LLC in Florida has tax and personal asset protection advantages. There are also disadvantages. Learn more about forming an LLC in Florida.

    How to Incorporate a Business in Nevada

    Incorporating your business in Nevada offers small business owners many tax advantages. Discover if incorporating in Nevada is right for you.

    8 Reasons to Choose BizFilings as Your Registered Agent

    Learn how having BizFilings as the registered agent for your company can help your business stay in compliance.

    10 Good Reasons to Use a Registered Agent Service Provider

    Help ensure company compliance by learning the situations in which using a registered agent service can benefit your business.

    Need Help?

    Our experts are always available M-F 8:00-7:00 CT.


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    How to Get Airline Deals for a Family of Four #limerick

    #airline deals

    How to Get Airline Deals for a Family of Four

    Investigate cheap airfares so your family trip is affordable and memorable. (Photo: family on vacation image by Larry Roberg from )

    Related Articles

    When traveling as a family, you ve got enough to worry about without adding pricey tickets to the list. Corralling exuberant kids eager to race down concourses and finding ingenious ways to stop them from kicking seat backs on flights should be your only worries. Control what you can. Find deals to get your family of four out and about without savaging the family budget. Saving money can be a good incentive for traveling with kids.

    Step 1

    Select travel dates that fall in the middle of the week, day and weekend. Trade optimal business travel times for offbeat departure time slots, avoiding Monday mornings, Friday evenings and Sunday evenings when travel-weary executives rule.

    Step 2

    Opt for layovers. Obtain lower rates while using these opportunities to help kids dissipate energy in-between flights. Bring a jump rope in your carry-on. Pry hand-held games from little hands while on the ground so you find additional reasons to appreciate your cut-rate tickets.

    Step 3

    Be the early bird and get the lowest prices available when you book four seats for your family members 21 days in advance of your departure date. Use this lead time to your advantage by getting rock-bottom price tags and a bonus: booking early practically guarantees keeping your family seated in close proximity on all legs of your trip.

    Step 4

    Use your favorite web search engine to find and then peruse top discount airfare consolidator sites (e.g. Kayak, Mobissimo) to get the skinny on penny-pinching tickets for your family of four. Employ keywords like last minute flight deals to sleuth out fare reductions if consolidators don t do the trick, particularly if you re able to pull kids out of school for spur-of-the-moment travel opportunities.

    Step 5

    Buy four reduced-fare tickets directly from airlines working hard to compete with consolidators and discounters. Ask ticket agents for the lowest possible fair, not economy flights. Never equate purchasing a ticket on the Internet with getting the cheapest fare when searching for budget-pleasing tickets.

    Step 6

    Compare Internet brokerage sites (Priceline, etc.) that offer you an opportunity to bid for the four airline tickets your family requires. Exchange the cut rate you receive for losing control over travel times. Weigh this option carefully if interrupting a nap schedule has the potential to turn a heavenly flight into an unpleasant experience.

    Find bargain flights for your family of four within the pages of major publications that regularly rival Internet sites for price cuts. Consult the travel section of the New York Times, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune and USA Today to compare low-cost fares. Be on the lookout for half-round-trip call-outs in newspaper ads so you re not signing on the dotted line for tickets that won t get you back home.

    Investigate travel packages — one-price deals that save time and money by bundling food, flight and lodgings together for one low price. Check out Have Kids, Will Travel ( to locate all-in-one escapes to Veil, Jackson Hole and destinations in the West. Explore Disney packages to theme parks for some awesome deals. Break out line items if these deals seem too good to be true. Don t be surprised if kids fly free packages lull you into believing that flying as a herd can be fun.


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    How to Travel in Europe for Cheap #cheap #flights #and #rental

    #travelling europe

    Related Articles

    No one is ever going to claim that travel in Europe is cheap. Between taxes, higher prices and exchange rates, you could easily spend more than the cost of your ticket in a week just on housing, local transportation and food. This expense definitely does not have to be the case. With a lot of planning and some practical ideas, you can travel in Europe on a tight budget and explore the continent without breaking the bank.

    Step 1

    Plan everything. If you want to keep your costs down while traveling in Europe, leave nothing to chance. Build an itinerary to follow, noting how many nights you plan to stay in each place. This schedule will help you book your travel arrangements and accommodations in advance. Develop your itinerary carefully, however, as once it is in place, you will need to stick to it to keep your costs low.

    Step 2

    Book early, and book online. Although a standard rail pass and airfare are basically fixed costs, most other transportation is significantly cheaper if you can book it more than a month in advance. This tactic includes bus transport and trains between cities, as opposed to those covered by a national pass. Buying in advance, particularly when compared to buying tickets the day of your journey, can lead to substantial savings.

    Step 3

    Join This website is dedicated to helping international travelers find free accommodations. It costs a donation to verify your bank account and thereby your legitimacy, but after that, the service is free. It is based on a social media platform, similar to Facebook, where you can make friends and lists, but the basic mechanic allows you to find people to stay with wherever you happen to be traveling. You can also offer to host travelers yourself. Accommodations vary dramatically, with some people offering couches or air mattresses and others offering rooms or suites that you may use. Hosts specify how long you can stay, which can vary from just one night to more than a week. With even a hostel bed costing at least $20 a night, this resource is well worth exploring to keep your European travel costs down.

    Spend cash. Withdrawing money from an ATM may include small fees, for currency exchange or withdrawal, but they are less than the fees a money changer will charge you or that your credit card company will charge you for the same service. For large purchases, some merchants may even offer cash discounts. Keep your cash in a safe place, such as a money belt, but in general, spending cash will save you money. The euro is accepted in most European countries and is therefore the recommended currency to carry.

    Eat like a local. Backpackers save money by purchasing sandwich fixings and picnicking across Europe rather than eating in restaurants. If you do eat in restaurants, look for tourist menus, which offer fixed-price meals that often include beverages. Otherwise, avoid the restaurants near the tourist attractions, and look for those frequented by locals. The cost will always be lower than those restaurants serving visitors and tourists, and the cuisine will often be more authentic for the area.


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    How to pick the Right Travel Insurance in Singapore #travel #china

    #ntuc travel insurance

    How to pick the Right Travel Insurance



    To travel worry-free, it is best to buy a travel insurance before you hop onto a plane. But sourcing for an affordable policy can be time consuming especially when you need to compare the benefit limits of each travel insurance. Singapore has many travel insurance plans, thus this makes the comparison even more tedious.

    3 Factors to Decide on the Right Travel Insurance Plan

    So, I always adhere to the following three principles to decide the best insurance for my travel plans:

    1) Destinations that are expensive, thus, medical costs is deemed to be expensive too when I require any medical assistance there. A good example will be Japan and USA.

    2) Destinations that I am likely to be involved in some active activities like hiking, white-water rafting and etc, having a travel insurance plan will definitely help to ease some unnecessary worries.

    3) Destinations that are highly probable of losing or delaying baggage or theft, a travel insurance that compensates for losing of personal belongings definitely helps to melt off some annoyance when such nasty thing happens.

    Travel Insurance Companies in Singapore

    When it is decided that I need a travel insurance plan, to maximize every dollar, I will do what most travellers would do google for the cheapest travel insurance deals online. There are many travel insurance companies in town such as:

    When picking the right travel insurance for myself, I pay more attention on the benefits coverage/limits on flight delay, trip postponement, trip cancellation, as these are most likely reasons to make a claim .


    Related Posts on Travel Insurance

    ACE Travel Insurance is affordable with a basic plan starting from $8. But you need to pick the right plan that suits your travel style. Find out what are the additional 10 benefits offered by the supreme packages.

  • AIG Travel Guard
    AIG s Travel Insurance packages are great for people with lots of concerns; many are one size fits all types.
  • Tenet Travel Insurance
    Tenet Travel Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for all with no age limit. During Tenet TravelJoy promotion, discount on single trip plan is up to 45%. Make travel insurance your perfect companion for an enjoyable trip.
  • Travel Insurance Plan Reviewed

    After spending so much time researching on travel insurance in Singapore, I decided to share my reviews on Singapore s travel insurance and tips on how to claim travel insurance successfully.

  • 25/09/2017

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    How to Book Airfare #i #travel

    #book airfare

    How to Book Airfare

    (Photo: OnlineГѓВјberweisung image by PhilK from )

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    Items you will need

    • Computer with Internet access Credit card

    Step 1

    Determine your dates of travel and your departure and arrival cities. You need to decide whether you will fly out of your local airport (if there is one) or out of a nearby airport. Usually, the larger the airport, the lower the airfare, since it can accommodate a wider variety of airlines. The same goes for your destination city: It might be cheaper to fly into a nearby larger airport, and then take a car, bus or train to your final destination.

    Step 2

    Search websites such as, or to compare offers from different airlines according to your dates and cities of travel. The more flexible you can be with your dates, the better chance you have of finding cheaper airfare. Also check for the latest sales, discounts and package deals from domestic and international airlines. You might find an excellent airfare and hotel package that will save you money, especially if you already had planned to book a hotel separately.

    Step 3

    Choose the airfare that best suits your time line and budget, selecting either directly from an airline s website or from an online travel agency. Make sure to double-check the flight cities, times and dates, as well as any layovers. Write this information down before you proceed. Additionally, write down a phone number from the website that you can call in case you have any questions. Sometimes, booking directly from an airline can be useful if you come across a problem and need to speak to someone. If you book from a travel agency website, you might have to go through several representatives before your problem is solved.

    Submit your payment information on the website using your credit card. You might be charged extra for certain types of credit cards, so check before purchasing. Some websites offer travel insurance, car rental, speedy boarding, seat reservation, baggage check-in and other extra services for which you will be charged. If you don t need any of these services, be sure to uncheck the box for each service, or you will be charged for them.

    Alternatively, you can call a travel agency or an airline to book airfare. However, most airlines will charge a booking fee for reserving a ticket over the phone instead of online. You can find phone numbers for travel agencies and airlines in your phone book or online. Search for travel agencies at websites such as


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    How to Travel to Bath, England #travel #centre

    #bath travel

    How to Travel to Bath, England

    The Roman baths in Bath, England, are a major tourist destination. (Photo: Davis McCardle/Digital Vision/Getty Images )

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    Bath is a small city about 115 miles west of London. The town sits over natural mineral springs, which have been a destination for health and relaxation since the time of the Roman occupation of England. Roman ruins surround one of the hot springs in the city center, and are open to the public as a museum and educational center. Today the city is full of beautiful period architecture and remains a major tourist destination in England. Traveling there is relatively easy, as the city is not far from a major motorway and has regular train service from London.

    Step 1

    Take the train. Bath is only about 10 miles east of Bristol, a larger city and a major train stop. Numerous trains from all directions stop in Bath, including regular trains from London. Trains from London depart Paddington Station for Bath every half-hour during the day. Trips from London take about 90 minutes, and from Bristol about 15 minutes.

    Step 2

    Drive to Bath. From London, the trip to Bath is about a two-hour drive. Bath is just south of the east-west running M4 motorway. Additionally, it’s only about 15 miles east of the M5 motorway, which runs into Birmingham, 100 miles to the north.

    Fly into Bristol. Bristol’s airport is about 20 miles west of Bath. The airport accepts flights from most major cities in Europe, a few in North Africa and, as of 2011, one flight from the United States. Regular connecting flights from London make it easily accessible from all over the world. Taxis and buses are available for transportation from the airport to Bath, and the Bristol rail station is only eight miles away from the airport.

    Ride the bus. National Express buses depart Victoria Station in London for Bath every 90 minutes. The trip via coach takes just under four hours. Additionally, buses leave from Bristol regularly and take about 40 minutes to get to Bath. Travelers from other parts of the U.K. can transfer to a Bath-bound bus in either London or Bristol.


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    How to work with GTA #travel #advisory #canada

    #gta travel

    State-of-the-art technology at your disposal

    Tailored to your needs and business model

    We strive for continuous improvement and are committed to providing our partners with a user-friendly and advanced technological infrastructure to suit their requirements and business models. This results in exceptional ease and efficiency of operations.

    GTA Hotel Extranet

    With access to our easy-to-use multilingual Extranet, hotel partners are given control of inventory, rates, bookings, and invoices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It enables the effective management of online room availability and last minute inventory updates as well as optimisation of contracted rates. The easy creation of offers gives you a quicker response to market conditions. Additionally we provide comprehensive and stress-free booking and transparent invoice management. You can maintain your product and service information to ensure its up-to-date.

    Suppliers Online (SOL)

    SOL gives our destination service supplier partners real-time, always available oversight of their bookings and invoices. Such smooth communication improves the effectiveness of your planning.

    GTA Hotel Extranet and SOL are easy to use online tools that enable you, our supplier partners, to interact directly with the GTA reservation system. Tens of thousands of partners worldwide are enjoying the benefits of these user-friendly systems.

    Channel management

    Leading channel management technologies are integrated into GTA s online environment. Our partner hotels are able to centrally maintain inventory and room rates in real-time through a single interface.

    Solution for hotel chains

    GTA is ready to connect with any chain s central reservation system through a switch connection provided by our technology partners. It provides a trackable, seamless and yielded distribution aligned with your chain s strategy.


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    How to Get Cheap First Class Airline Tickets #travel #china

    #how to get cheap airline tickets

    How to Get Cheap First Class Airline Tickets

    First-class flights often comes with gourmet food, more legroom and top-notch service. (Photo: greek gourmet food-moussaka 4 image by Svenja98 from )

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    Items you will need

    • Credit card with elite status Membership in airline loyalty program

    Step 1

    Sign up for airline newsletters to receive word of sales, coupons and discounts. Most carriers will have an email sign up on the website #039;s front page, or you can sign up for compilation newsletters from services like Airlines often run events featuring cut-rate deals on flights, but only for those savvy enough to read their bulletins.

    Step 2

    Fly a particular airline repeatedly to build frequent-flier miles. Accumulated travel equals loyalty in the eyes of a carrier, which often rewards that loyalty with free or cheap first-class upgrades. To obtain a domestic seat with just miles, you #039;ll need between 40,000 and 60,000 miles for most airlines, according to Erica Silverstein of USA Today. For an upgrade from an existing coach reservation, the amount drops to around 15,000 miles for a domestic flight.

    Step 3

    Fly with an airline that has a low-price first-class section. Low-cost carriers have a corresponding cheap first-class section compared with legacy or luxury carriers. These airlines often have loyalty programs that record flights or miles, so the trip can come in handy later on.

    Purchase a special type of ticket that allows a first-class upgrade. One type, known as a K-UP or Y-UP, is an economy fare that allows travel in first class if there is space available, according to international travel tip site Air Travel Genius. You also can purchase a full-fare economy ticket that comes with the option of a complimentary upgrade, if space allows. Silverstein says to check before purchasing, since some airlines mandate that upgrades are limited to elite fliers.

    Use a credit card that grants elite status as a perk. If you use the card to book your flight, the airline might discount the cost of the flight, give an automatic upgrade, or award substantial miles on the purchase. This option is available only to those who qualify for these hard-to-get credit cards.


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    Hyderabad to Amalapuram Bus Bookings, Fares & Timings #travel #agents #ireland

    #dhanunjaya travels

    Hyderabad to Amalapuram Bus

    There are 7 bus operators providing Hyderabad to Amalapuram bus services. Dhanunjaya Travels. Sai Anjana Travels, Kaveri Kamakshi Travels. Sindhu Travels, Meghana Travels are the top bus operators providing 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 daily buses on this route respectively. The journey takes between 3.6 – 12.8 hrs to complete depending on the operator and the bus type.

    One can also avail of Non A/C Hi-Tech (2+2), Non A/C Seater (2+2), Non A/C HITECH (2+2), A/C Sleeper (1+1), A/C Seater Semi Sleeper (2+1) on this route. The first bus leaves at around 17:30 Hrs and last bus at 22:00 Hrs. The most preferred boarding points for Hyderabad to Amalapuram are Vanasthalipuram, Lakdikapool, Shapur, Chintal, K.P.H.B with 16, 15, 15, 15, 15 buses departing daily. The average ticket price between Rs. 390 and Rs. 1100.0 depending on bus type and operator.

    Search Buses

    Why book with us?

    Fabulous Offers Get great deals on Flights & Hotels for your next holiday.


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    How to Transfer an Airline Ticket #travel #to #vietnam

    #airlines ticket

    How to Transfer an Airline Ticket

    It’s possible to transfer your airline ticket, depending on the time and the circumstances. (Photo: K-King Photography Media Co. Ltd/Lifesize/Getty Images )

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    When you purchase an airline ticket, always heed the warning: “Read the fine print.” You probably already know that airlines make it difficult to transfer plane tickets, and depending on the airline, you may have very little luck changing or transferring your ticket to a different person; changing the date of the reservation; or changing other details of the reservation. Still, you can try.

    Step 1

    Look at your ticket. Look for the words “non-transferable” or “restricted” on your ticket, as these words tell you if you can transfer your ticket to someone else or change your own ticket to a different time. If you paid full price for a first-class or business-class ticket, chances are better that the ticket will not be “non-transferable.”

    Step 2

    Visit your airline’s website. Look for the “Reservations” or “Tickets” section to find information about their cancellation and transfer policy. In some cases, you may be able to transfer the ticket to another person or pay a fee to cancel the ticket and have it reissued in someone else’s name. Arm yourself with some knowledge about the airline’s policies to give you ideas on how to approach the next step.

    Contact the individual airline that issued the ticket to inquire about transferring your ticket. Some airlines, such as American Airlines, have an online assistant who will allow you to change some tickets on the Internet, while other carriers require you to call the airline’s customer service department. Provide the airline with the information about your situation so they can determine your options. Since airline policies and individual tickets change so often, the only real way to know what will happen with your ticket is to directly contact the airline.

    Cancel your reservation, if you were not able to transfer your ticket through your airline’s customer service department. In most cases, you’ll pay a fee of about $100 to $150 to cancel your ticket, and the airline will issue you a credit for the remaining balance on the ticket.


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    How to Become a Travel Agent #bidding #for #travel

    #become a travel agent

    How to Become a Travel Agent

    By Elizabeth Palermo, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor March 11, 2013 06:40 pm EST

    Most travel agents are employed full-time by travel agencies, hotels, tour companies or other companies in the travel arrangement and reservation service industry. / Credit: Hasloo Group Production Studio | Shutterstock

    If you re looking for a job that combines sales, customer service, and logistics, then a career as a travel agent might be right for you. Travel agents take care of all the planning associated with vacations or business trips, such as transportation, lodging, dining and entertainment plans.

    There are different kinds of travel agents, and training for the job differs depending on where an agent chooses to work. If you re considering a career in this field, you may want to know what your potential responsibilities will be, where you might find work, and what qualifications you ll need to get a job.

    What travel agents do

    Travel agents primarily work in sales. They sell transportation, lodging and admission to entertainment activities to individuals and groups who are planning trips. Travel agents are also called upon to give advice on destinations, itineraries and other choices associated with planning a vacation or business trip.

    It is imperative that travel agents be good communicators who can determine what clients want and need. They must keep in mind customers budgets and preferences when planning and arranging schedules and activities.

    Travel agents must also have excellent computer literacy and research skills, as much of their time is spent online researching destinations and booking reservations.

    Some travel agents are asked to visit the hotels, resorts and restaurants that they recommend to clients in order to assess the comfort, cleanliness, and quality of the places they promote. [Related: Jobs that Can Make You Fat ]

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. a growing number of travel agents focus on a specific type of travel, such as adventure tours, or specialize in planning trips for a particular group of people, like senior citizens or couples with children. Other agents may choose to work predominately with the employees of corporations or for companies that sell tours and travel services.

    Where travel agents work

    Most travel agents are employed full-time by travel agencies, hotels, tour companies or other companies in the travel arrangement and reservation service industry. About 14 percent of travel agents in the United States were self-employed as of 2010, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

    The median annual wage for travel agents was $31,870 in 2010, with the top 10 percent of agents earning more than $50,620 a year. Some travel agents work more often during peak travel seasons, such as holidays, and must be available to accommodate customers last-minute schedule changes.

    Becoming a travel agent

    Typically, a high school diploma is required for work as a travel agent, and some employers prefer to hire agents who have received formal training in a field related to the travel industry. However, almost all employees offer at least some on-the-job training for new agents.

    Classes in professional travel planning are offered at many community colleges, vocational schools and industry associations. Such courses usually focus on reservation systems, international travel regulations, sales and marketing. Degree programs in travel and tourism are also offered at some colleges and universities.

    Some states require that independent agents possess a business license in order to sell travel services. To see if your state requires such a license, contact the state licensing agency.

    While no formal certification is necessary for travel agents, those who wish to advance their careers may want to obtain a certificate from training institutes, such as the International Airline Transport Association s Training and Development Institute or the Travel Institute .


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    How to see Italy by train #southern #travels

    #train travel italy

    How to see Italy by train

    In a new book, Tim Parks says that to get under the skin of Italy, you must board a train. Whether an ultra fast service to Rome or a time-warp dawdler to Milan, all national life is there.

    8:00AM BST 23 Jun 2013


    Here are a few complications that may occur if you take the 18.36 Regionale Veloce on a Sunday evening from Verona (Porta Vescovo) to Milan (Centrale). Your underlying problem is that this is a small station where the fast through trains from Venice to Milan don t stop.

    You could get a local to Verona Porta Nuova, the main station on the other side of town and then a fast Frecciabianca; but if some delay hardly unusual prevents you from making your connection, you ll be left holding a ticket that is valid only for that one reserved-seats-only train. Not good.

    Or you could go to Verona and wait for another regionale. However, the westbound Milan departures seem timed to depart just seconds before your train arrives from the east. You ll be caught waiting nearly an hour.

    Given this situation, you feel rather grateful that there are still four slower trains a day from Venice right through to Milan, stopping in Verona Porta Vescovo. Regionale Veloce, means fast regional, but is actually a slow train. Let s say, the faster of the slower trains. On which you can t reserve a seat even if you want to.

    It costs 11.55 (£10) to go 150km in just under two hours. A giveaway by British standards. The Italians still have the concept of social pricing, even if their rail system is monstrously in debt. The Frecciabianca costs 23 (£19.50). This could be why the regionale, when it arrives, is so grotesquely packed.


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    How to Buy Travel Insurance – Consumer Reports #israel #travel

    #travel insurence

    Maybe, if there are gaps in your auto, health, life, or homeowners policies. But buy wisely.

    Overlapping coverage

    Almost $2 billion in travel insurance is sold each year for several what ifs: You need to cancel a trip because of illness, the death of a relative, or bad weather; your belongings are lost or stolen; your traveling companion dies; or you need emergency medical care. Premiums depend on the age of the travelers, the type of coverage, and the trip’s cost. For a standard policy you’ll pay about 5 to 7 percent of the cost of the trip, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Tour operators, cruise-line reps, and travel agents sell two-thirds of the travel policies, and they collect commission on them.

    But coverage may be unnecessary if you already have protection through homeowners, auto, life, or health insurance. Credit-card benefits and consumer-protection laws also may help. Bob Hunter, director of insurance at the Consumer Federation of America, says travel insurance is often not worth the price. “Don’t buy insurance that covers small, manageable losses or only a slice of risk,” he says.

    For example, losing some of your belongings won’t break you financially, so keep a close eye on your valuables and be ready to accept losing less-valuable stuff. Still losing sleep? Narrow in on what you’re worried about, and see if your insurance or credit cards cover you. Then be flexible. “If you’re worried about dying in a plane crash,” Hunter says, “you should get term life insurance rather than flight insurance, because you might die in a car crash.”

    If you’ll be traveling overseas, your health insurance might not provide coverage should you need to see a doctor or be evacuated to a hospital, the insurance institute says. Medicare generally doesn’t cover health-care expenses outside the U.S. although some Medigap policies do. So you might want to consider a medical travel-insurance policy.


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