Time Clock Hub – Free Employee Time Clock #employee #location #tracking


FREE Online Employee Time Clock

Why Time Clock Hub?


Access to payroll reports, advanced online employee scheduling, time tracking, and paid time off tracking.


    Time Clock Hub saves businesses an average of $3,700 annually by eliminating overpayments to employees.


    Over 50,000 businesses have trusted Time Clock Hub to schedule and track their employee times and payroll.


    Create professional payroll reports with a click of a button. Then, upload to your favorite accounting software


    Our software works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Windows, Android, Apple, Chrome OS, iOS, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge…

  • Wonderful companies that utilize our Software

    The customer service at Time Clock Hub is amazing.

    Every person I have dealt with there is very friendly and helpful and patient with all my questions. I also like the fact that it comes with all the features that other charge extra for.

    Sabrina Franks. Radiology Center of Greenville

    I am so glad I found Time Clock Hub when I did.

    I was getting headaches trying to manually keep track of my company’s time management needs. Time Clock Hub has given me the freedom and the trust that I wanted. The payroll integration is Wonderful! Thanks again!

    Kevin Fry. Director at BEER Management Systems


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    GPS Tracker – Vehicle Fleet GPS Tracking #gps #car #tracker, #vehicle



    Rewire Security offers effective smart GPS trackers packed with everything you will need to start tracking your vehicle. “GPS Tracking bundles” include data SIM card and 1-year GPSLive vehicle tracking platform subscription pre set-up to get you started faster than ever. Reliable Vehicle Security, Vehicle CCTV and GPS tracking solutions in the United Kingdom for cars, motorbikes, boat, bus and van tracking.


    We do not require you to sign any contracts. you get the tracking device for a fixed cost after a one-time payment and start/stop tracking whenever you want. Additionaly, we offer annually pre-paid; GPS tracking bundles packed with a tracking device, SIM card and annual GPSLive software subscription. Rewire Security supplies the UK’s most distinct yet affordable GPS Tracker s and tracking software.


    Locate people, assets or vehicles in real-time, anywhere on the planet using GPSLive software on PC, tablet and smartphones. Annual GPSLive subscription costs £20 and include 1-year full access to Cloud Tracking Platform. Apple IOS APP and Android APP. GPSLive Mobile app displays live location of your assets updated every few seconds along with access to route history and event alerts.


    For businesses with vehicle fleets, we offer advanced GPS vehicle tracking devices with integrated chips that provide GPS GALILEO GLONASS satellite connections and feature telematics functions such as mileage reports. remote immobilisation. fuel level sensor, driver identification. system notification alerts, detailed usage reports (PDF, Word document), driver behaviour management and more.


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    CRM FREE best free online CRM for small business #free #crm,


    CRM FREE is the best free web based contact management (CMP or CRM), address book, calendar, document storage and sales & event tracking solution for small businesses, independent contractors, sales persons, human resource departments and anyone else looking to be more organized. Keep and share all contacts, calendars, employees, leads, clients, sales opportunities, friends, family, appointments, tasks, projects, notes together in one easy to navigate place online. Never be lost again.

    Easy to learn and use. Get started for free and then decide if you want to upgrade to a paid version. CRM FREE is not filled with so many features you will never use that complicate learning and using it, rather the design is simple, allowing you to get going quickly. Enter a contact, add important dates, set a follow up for the next call or meeting on the calendar.
    Take a video tour of CRM FREE.

    Learn more and see screenshots of CRM FREE. Have questions on CRM-FREE or how it will work for you? Click the live support box to the right of the logo above and we will be happy to answer your questions.

    Simple, easy to use, it’s the best online CRM to fit any need, user or office. Signup and get started in just seconds – for free. No long term contracts or signup fees, just an inexpensive pay as you go service if you choose to upgrade. Your data is safe, secure and yours. Easily import csv files or vcards. Export data to csv files or vcards, get a backup of your data at any time. All connections are through a secure server (even the free accounts) giving you the confidence to enter personal data without worrying if someone is watching. CRM FREE is brought to you by MSCC Corp, a leader in web based crm solutions for over 10 years.
    Looking for free crm for life insurance agents. try VAM dB also from MSCC Corp.

    Easily track Contacts, Sales, Projects and more.


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    Gulfstream Aerospace – Product Support – Computerized Maintenance #airborne #product #support,


    The beauty of Gulfstream’s personalized Computerized Maintenance Program (MyCMP) lies in its simplicity.

    Gulfstream was the first aircraft manufacturer to create a Web-based program to organize, track and coordinate aircraft maintenance and inspections. The program is so well-regarded that for five consecutive years, Aviation International News has named it the top maintenance tracking program in the industry.

    MyCMP is available to owners and operators at any hour of the day or night from any computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access.

    The program streamlines essential records management and creates a history of maintenance, inspections and compliances required of every aircraft with Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and Aeronautical Information Management (AIM). Detailed documentation coordinated through the original equipment manufacturer also helps establish aircraft value.


    With the enhanced MyCMP, users have electronic recordkeeping and signature capabilities, as well as 24/7 access to analyst support.

    MyCMP creates all-digital task cards that can be signed electronically. A PDF of the e-signed paperwork attaches to the aircraft history, which ensures airworthiness requirements are met.

    Records management is only one aspect of MyCMP. Gulfstream also has systems analysts who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist with maintenance questions. MyCMP analysts have an average of 15 years experience with Gulfstream aircraft and were chosen for the program because they are top technicians and quality control professionals.

    CMP analysts also provide their expertise through a Gulfstream training program. MyCMP Web-based training sessions are offered on a monthly basis.

    The bottom line for Gulfstream aircraft maintenance needs: better records management, quick, easy access to experts and numerous training sessions covering a host of technical topics.

    MyCMP provides the whole package.


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    Managed Print Services #managed #print #services, #what-is-managed-print-services, #ricoh #toner #cartridge, #what-is-a-print-strategy,


    Managed Print Services

    Why you need Managed Print Services?

    Watch MPS Video

    Benefits of Managed Print Services

    Work with Green Office

    What is Managed Print Service?

    What is a Print Strategy?

    What is a Print Assessment?

    What is Total Cost of Ownership?

    Our clients


    Leaders in cartridges solutions

    Let us collect your cartridges

    Cartridges collections for everyone


    Custom document
    management software


    Empowering people
    through sustainability

    Serving the community

    Get involved

    Green Office News

    Having the right people is key to our success and we are always open to hearing from prospective candidates who may be interested in working for us as part of our proactive recruitment drive.
    If you have the following skills we’d love to hear from you:

    • Sales – account management and business development
    • Business analyst
    • IT
    • Administration
    • Finance
    • Service Technicians who are Ricoh certified with 3 – 5 years’ experience.

    About us

    Green Office is an innovative South African company that has reformed the office environment by pioneering complete document solutions which are customised to our clients unique needs.
    What started as the remanufacture of used printer cartridges in 1997, has now developed into a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the document environment. Green Office:

    • Consult and implement on Business Process and workflow systems to reduce print and increase efficiencies.
    • Manages all aspects of a company’s print environment.
    • Supplies hardware and consumables.
    • Recycles and remanufactures toner printer cartridges.
    • Services and maintains a company’s printing environment.
    • Implements software to help a company manage its print environment solution, saving them the earth.
    • Incorporates all of the above into our own Managed Print Service (MPS) where a company gets all of these great offerings in one solution.

    Our Values

    Contact us


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    Best Call Tracking Companies With Top Class Software #call #tracking #software,


    Ranking For Best Call Tracking Services

    For the pay per call Adwords model, businesses need to track every call to remarket the prospect and non-creepy stalk him. Remarketing is the most powerful strategy and call tracking software is at the core of it. For the performance-based advertising, the top call tracking companies use the analytics to detect the customer behavior. Using the best call tracking services in the World, the call can be connected to the website session and many important inferences can be drawn.

    10seos.com understands the gravity of the use of online call tracking software, so it has prepared the list of the best out there. These software are judged on the basis of performance and any red flag software does not make a place in our compilation. The companies listed are the best call tracking and have been the leader and the innovator in the niche. They have been providing the dedicated solutions to the clients and ensuring their success. At 10seos, you can choose any one from the mentioned software because they all are better than another in one way or other.


    Get listed in world’s largest SEO directory today!


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    Monitor Staff Productivity – Attendance with FlexiServer #attendance #management,attendance #software,attendance #system,attendance


    FlexiServer Productivity Attendance Software

    Track Employee Attendance and Computer Use

    FlexiServer tracks staff hours and computer activity making tracking hours, vacation time and sick leave easier for employees and HR alike. It also has computer usage monitoring for quality control, security or legal compliance.

    • Track staff check in times and working hours
    • Know what your staff is working on
    • Create a flexible working environment
    • View reports for each employee

    FlexiServer tracking hours and attendance of staff across an company. For freelancers and professionals looking to track time for easier hourly billing consider HourGuard time recording software .

    Download Now Purchase Online

    Track Employee Hours and Attendance

    FlexiServer is software for automatic employee time attendance logging. It also features additional tools for quality assurance monitoring and reporting, and works with home or remote employees.

    Create a Flexible Working Environment

    With FlexiServer you can track and monitor employee hours from a remote location. Simply have work-at-home staff or other remote employees install FlexiStation to monitor the hours put in away from the office.

    Improve Productivity and Efficiency

    Improve the way your business operates by using reports for job-costing. Know exactly what tasks your staff is working on and which are taking the most time. See what percentages of a staff member’s time are spent in each application.

    Know What Staff Members Are Working On

    FlexiServer gives managers the confidence they need to know that things are getting done without needing to micro-manage. Monitoring is non-invasive and respects the employees’ need for privacy, allowing them to enter private mode when necessary, while creating a paper trail that can be referenced should there be need.

    Additional Workplace Benefits

    • Employees don’t need to fill out time sheets to record their hours
    • Human Resources and managers have 24/7 access to hours and reports
    • Management can easily monitor outsourced, contract or remote employees
    • Employees can work more flexible hours, working when and where they want
    • Prevent computer or misuse such as viewing pornography or illegal downloads

    Management Software

    Related Software

    Staff Management Features

    • Log employee time attendance automatically
    • Detect breaks and idle time automatically
    • Alternatively enter hours manually through a web form
    • Private mode available to employees for privacy on breaks or when completing personal tasks
    • Takes screenshots at regular intervals
    • Logs count of keystrokes and mouse clicks*
    • Link hours and attendance information to payroll software
    • Shows the online status of all team members
    • Real time screen monitoring available for Quality Assurance
    • Email monitoring can store all emails sent by employees
    • Generate reports on employee application and document usage
    • No extra hardware or dedicated server is required, FlexiServer can run on an HR or manager’s computer
    • Works behind fire walls and routers
    • Can be used over the internet or on a local network

    * FlexiServer does not collect data on the content of keystrokes or mouse clicks.

    How It Works

    The manager or bookkeeper runs FlexiServer on their computer. Whenever the manager or bookkeeper wants to view reports they can log onto FlexiServer with their web browser and use the control panel.

    All staff then run FlexiStation on their computers. FlexiStation runs in the background logging hours worked. Workstations will monitor hours even if the FlexiServer computer is offline, all the cached data will be sent to FlexiServer when it comes back online. FlexiStation provides employees a subset of features so they can manually enter hours, view individual reports or request time-off.

    System Requirements

    FlexiServer – For the Main Computer

    FlexiStation – For Each Employee Workstation

    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    • Works on 64 bit Windows

    This can be a manager’s computer. No dedicated server is required.

    • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
    • Works on 64 bit Windows
    • See Win 98 and Win 2000 to download software compatible with earlier versions of Windows.
    • Mac OS X 10.6 or above

    Download FlexiServer for Main HR Computer

    Download FlexiStation for Employee Workstations

    More Information.


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    Live GPS Tracking Devices #gps #asset #tracking #software


    GPS Tracking Solutions For Your Business

    Fleet tracking technology provides live GPS capability that enables up to minute-by-minute information regarding your fleet’s vehicles. The easy-to-use web interface allows the most convenient way to continuously track, get stop times, set geofences, set speed limit alerts, and always know where your trucks and drivers are located instantly.

    • Service
    • Emergency
    • Long haul
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Beverage
    • Chemical and oil
    • Sales delivery
    • Buses

    Our asset track units are perfect for any piece of equipment The unit can be used not only to track location for business but also to retrieve a theft. Alerts can be received via e-mail or text messaging. Asset tracking will provide automatic geofence boundaries.

    • Construction equipment
    • Generator
    • Trailer
    • 4-wheeler
    • Offroad vehicle
    • Golf cart

    Battery Tracking will allow you to to manage equipment in the field without the use of power harnesses, antennas or external power. The Tracking units use motion sensing and GPS Positioning to gather and transmit asset status information.

    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Transportation and Freight
    • Trailer and outdoor-sign companies

    Learn More

    Our teen track units will provide you with quick and easy solutions to monitor your young driver. The unit can be covertly installed and will provide you with 24 hour peace of mind.

    • Newly licensed drivers
    • Elderly drivers
    • High risk drivers
    • Teen drivers
    • Outside sales drivers

    Questions? Call us for free consultation. (847)-382-5107

    GPS Technologies

    For the very best in tracking and monitoring systems, backed by sophisticated GPS precision, GPS Technologies is your foremost authority. We help businesses understand what their fleets are saying, and assist with battery, teen and asset tracking. Our software solutions provide drivers, dispatchers and decision-makers an open line of communication. We are proud to serve you!

    The Authority for Fleet GPS Tracking

    GPS Technologies provides our customers with the very best, most accurate, most encompassing personal and fleet tracking and monitoring services available today. We understand the importance of knowing the speed, location, status and integrity of your assets, which is why we take pride in providing technologies capable of providing this data and more! As the premier fleet GPS monitoring service, we focus heavily on enabling you to view, review and streamline your processes via GPS data, to help grow your company smarter and faster. From plotting the best route, to adapting for unforeseen challenges, to monitoring the status of high-priority assets, our fleet GPS tracking service is a modern-age solution to business betterment.

    In addition to fleet vehicles and assets, we also leverage our technologies to provide general vehicle GPS tracking. We’re here to assist you in keeping tabs on high-risk drivers, or to help monitor the tendencies of your new teen driver. Our GPS units and interface provide up-to-the-minute technologies that make personal GPS tracking easy, efficient and unencumbering. Whether you’re a worrisome parent, the manager of large-scale fleet operations, supervisor at an agricultural operation or just looking to gather and interpret data for continuous improvement, know that GPS Technologies is here to serve you.

    • We’ve been a family-owned and –operated business since 1998, with more than 20 years of industry experience!
    • We offer software solutions for a wide range of industries, encompassing all tracking demands.
    • We’re accredited and highly rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBBs nationwide.).
    • Our products and services extend to companies
    • We offer rental products, as well as wholesale tracking technologies.


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    Fleet tracking companies #fleet #tracking #companies


    The Verizon Telematics Platform

    Fleet Tracking Devices Asset Trackers: Your Product Suite

    There s a lot more to Verizon Networkfleet than just monitoring your vehicles. Our industry-leading fleet tracking devices provide a comprehensive array of alerts, reports, and features to help you cut costs and improve fleet performance. They re backed by live and on-demand training and world class support. Plus, you get one of the best limited lifetime warranties in the business. From powerful third-party integration features to asset trackers that pinpoint the locations of mobile assets in the field, you ll be amazed at everything Networkfleet can do!

    Tracknet provides the Verizon Telematics Platform combined with truly personalized customer service. Verizon Telematics’ fleet industry expertise extends across a variety of companies and industries including government fleets, delivery vehicles, field service vehicles, construction fleets, transportation vehicles and more, allowing you to manage your fleet and achieve measurable results. Designed for reliability and easy implementation, the cloud-based Telematics solution gives you the information you need to efficiently and effectively manage your fleet and maximize your revenue.

    • Vehicle Snapshot: The snapshot lets you know at a glance where your vehicle is and what it’s doing. It gives you a summary of every vehicle in your fleet, vehicle ignition status, and the last five stops, including time and duration. Choose from a variety of reports to monitor vehicle behavior.
    • Vehicle Performance: Monitors and tracks vehicle performance including speed history, fuel economy trends for up to 90 days periods, and fuel efficiency trends.
    • Vehicle Alerts: Provides indicators of current diagnostic troubles codes, scheduled maintenance, or vehicle recalls. Identify engine problems early on and save on repair costs with proactive maintenance.


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    086 Numbers #086 #telephone #numbers, #register #a #0861 #number, #call #statistics,


    Design UX

    A Word Number is a 086 telephone number that spells out a word and can be dialed from both a landline or a cell phone. Your product, service or company name can now become your telephone number!

    1. A memorable “Generic” word telephone number, where your product or service becomes your telephone number, for example:

    2. A memorable “Branded” word telephone number, where your company becomes your telephone number, for example:

    Design UX

    1. Long Term Advertising Tool
    A word number is a long term advertising tool that enables ease of expansion, marketing initiatives and/or changes of location.
    2. One national Number
    Should you have multiple branches a word number is the answer.
    3. Enables growth in multiple regions
    Consumers are often “put-off” from contacting companies if they perceive you are not based in their area – don’t be limited by your region-specific number

    Design UX

    Please note that each solution is specifically developed to each clients specifications and that the final costing is based on number of destinations, voice artist requirements, frequency of call reporting as well as the expected traffic which will be generated.

    Please note that the cost of each call made to an 0861 telephone number will remain with the caller, even once it is routed


    • Alpine Promotion
    • JasonandSaraReed.com
    • Powell’s Sweet Shoppe



    What I can do for you

    Design UX

    Our Network Interactive Voice Response (NIVR) enables us to route calls made to a single 0861, 0860 or 0800 telephone number from landlines and cellular phones to multiple destinations throughout the country

    Your company can now promote and brand one single telephone number which allows customers anywhere in the country to get hold of a branch, dealer or franchise of their choice.

    How? By presenting the caller with a series of Dynamic or Location based menus in order to ascertain exactly what and where the service is required.

    Design UX

    1. Customer gets to the right place first time.
    2. Replaces the expense of call operators.
    3. Avoids mistakes made by receptionists/call centre operators.
    4. You don’t lose out on sales due to inefficiency.
    5. Consolidate all branch numbers into one number.
    6. Easy-to-change destination numbers.
    7. Better customer service.
    8. Service is available 24/7.
    9. Routing to up to 180 destinations.
    10. Allows for routing of landline and cellular calls.

    Design UX

    A word number and call routing solution can cost from as little as R 85 per destination per month.

    Please note that each solution is specifically developed to each clients specifications and that the final costing is based on number of destinations, voice artist requirements, frequency of call reporting as well as the expected traffic which will be generated.

    Please note that the cost of each call made to an 0861 telephone number will remain with the caller, even once it is routed


    • Alpine Promotion
    • JasonandSaraReed.com
    • Powell’s Sweet Shoppe


    Design UX



    AdWatchdog is a reporting system which allows you to track your incoming calls to adverts/advertising campaigns accurately.

    With a 086 word or numeric number/s provided by us you can improve your advertising quickly by knowing your ROI in real time.

    Design UX

    1. Accurate decisions on future marketing spend.
    2. Reduce unnecessary advertising expenses.
    3. Build potential list of clients from the call report.
    4. Allows you to predict consumer behaviour.
    5. Monitor response to all branches/franchises.
    6. Compare closing ratio to incoming ratio.
    7. Monitor the success of your advertising agency.

    Design UX

    Ad Watchdog costs from R?

    A word number and call routing solution can cost from as little as R 85 per destination per month. Please note that each solution is specifically developed to each clients specifications and that the final costing is based on number of destinations, voice artist requirements, frequency of call reporting as well as the expected traffic which will be generated. Please note that the cost of each call made to an 0861 telephone number will remain with the caller, even once it is routed


    • Alpine Promotion
    • JasonandSaraReed.com
    • Powell’s Sweet Shoppe


    Why a Word Number?

    Your product, service or company name can now become your telephone number!

    A memorable “Generic” word telephone number, where your product or service becomes your telephone number, for example: 0861-PLUMBER
    Word telephone numbers are easier to remember, so you get more calls. Increase your response rate to advertising by up to 230% right now

    Why choose use our Services?

    We seek a complete holistic understanding of a clients needs

    – Largest subscriber of generic word telephone numbers in South Africa

    – Only company able to route cellular calls to multiple destinations


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    MLM shopping cart and ecommerce site #store, #shopping #cart, #shoppingcart, #mlm,


    H ow will you react, if we were to tell you that within just a few days from now, you too can become the proprietor of a successful business on the Internet, which will soon be making financial deals, accepting orders and serving many customers.

    We would like to introduce you to a new business concept called a Multi-level Store , which is a powerful merger between a state-of-the-art On-Line Store and a fully automated Network Marketing management tool.

    The power behind the concept of a Multi-level Store derives from the fact that it provides a highly advanced marketing tool that can be managed by everyone. Its user-friendly design and affordable price allow anyone to promote any product whatsoever, by using the same tool that Fortune’s 500 companies are using!

    This powerful web-based tool will enable you to design an attractive On-Line Store, where you will be able to sell wholesale items or information products (We will guide you to locations that can offer you wonderful merchandise which you will be able to sell in your On-Line Store.)
    Embedded within your On-Line Store will be a powerful Network Marketing (Referral Marketing) management tool. This management tool will enable you to turn your store into a bustling virtual community of people on-line, which will literally strive to help you make money. This is precisely what the network-marketing concept is all about!

    S tart Now. You can start your own business without any cost and within 15 minutes! Take advantage of our free evaluation package. Click here now to try our online tool for free or take a guided tour.

    A well-managed MLM company can grow at an amazing rate — as much as 20%, 50%, even 100% per MONTH. (In fact one of the biggest reasons for MLM company failure is inability to keep up with explosive growth.) It would be impossible to generate this kind of growth in a regular e-commerce site.

    Since August 1998, Multi Level Store helped hundreds of people, from all walks of life, to start and operate their own online businesses based on the MLM (Network Marketing) concept.

    In a few minutes, you will get turnkey web based tool to manage your entire operation. This online tool includes
    Complete Storefront Control from your web browser
    Unlimited number of categories and products
    Fully Integrated products Search
    Real-time side-bar shopping cart viewable at all times
    One-click purchasing for registered customers
    Customers can view their previous orders
    Sophisticated payment verification
    Powerful commission tracking
    State of the art recruiting system
    Promotion system for each member
    Motivation system for each member
    Built-in advertising tools – scrolling news board, rotating banner system and recommended links
    Detailed downline genealogy report (available separately for each downline)
    Self replicating page for each member
    Business chatroom
    Sophisticated replicating page editor
    Graphical downline summary
    State of the art, personal management page for every member
    Separate communication system for each downline
    Sophisticated messaging system
    Real-time email notification system
    Registration email notification (on/off)
    Advanced downline search capabilities
    State of the art bulletin board
    Central messaging system
    Personalized automatic welcome message

    We will walk you through the various stages of establishing a profitable MLM (Network Marketing) business, including where to find the right products and services to sell, how to control the distribution and a handful of priceless tips.


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    Customer tracking software #customer #tracking #software



    Order Fulfillment


    Orderbot lives in the “Cloud”. That means your office can be whereever you are, at home, the beach, the cafe down the street, or even an airplane. You are always connected.

    It also means you can share Orderbot. With your Sales team, your fulfillment crew, and the fine people in accounting, or whomever else you want.

    Orderbot is Software as a Service (SaaS) order management. That means you don’t have to worry about a server or backups, updates or upgrades. We take care of all that for you.

    Order guides control not only price and currency, but also what products are visible and available to customers, websites, or marketplaces.

    They can be assigned to a single account, or to thousands. So no matter who is placing the order, customer service, sales reps, or the customer themselves, the correct product info will always be displayed.

    Right from the order screen, you can get an inventory snapshot of any item, in any warehouse. Once you have added items to an order, you can use the stock status function to check the available inventory of all added items.

    If there is insufficient inventory, the order can be fractured on the spot into an order with items for immediate shipping and a backorder that can be shipped when inventory is available.

    Payment processing is integrated within the ordering process. Leave orders on account, process payments immediately or pre-authorize credit for later capture. With CardVault, safely and securely store credit cards for later processing of current or future orders.

    Shipping charges are tracked separately from your rates and shipping change can be set to equal the rate, or the rate plus a percentage or flat amount.

    Have you ever dreamed of a way to track all the samples that go out the door?

    Orderbot makes it unbelievably simple. We have a button called “sample,” just click it and add whatever item you want to the orders. It is added to the sample line, completed separately from the items being sold! Tracked by who it was given to, who gave it, and when. It comes out of inventory as a transaction called “samples”, never diluting or distorting sales. It’s pretty magical.


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    Vehicle tracking system #gps #vehicle #tracker,gps #tracking #unit,gps #tracking,gps #tracking #device,vehicle


    Vehicle Tracking System

    GPS Vehicle Tracker used to locate vehicle with the help of online software or smart phone. This device combines with a GSM and a GPS Module. The location of the vehicle is collected through GPS and this location data along with other information collected from the vehicle by using different sensors are sent to the central server. A GPRS enabled SIM card is used to communicate between the central server and the GPS Tracking Device. User can login to our online Vehicle Tracking application from their desktop computer or phone and the vehicle information can be viewed on electronic map.

    Supported Devices

    Major information about the vehicle received from GPS Vehicle Tracker

    1) Vehicle Number

    2) Date and Time

    3) Vehicle Location

    6) Status (Stop/Moving etc.)

    7) Fuel in tank (in %)

    8) A/C on/off status

    9) Odometer reading

    10) Main battery voltage

    11) Temperature inside the vehicle

    12) Satellite in view

    These information are saved to central server for the period of three months. So user can view history of any date within three months.

    Technology used in GPS tracking unit

    The GPS tracking device fits inside the vehicle dashboard and captures the GPS location information from satellite and other vehicle information from different sensors at regular intervals to a central server. Update intervals depends on the status of the vehicle. At moving condition the GPS tracking unit sends data to central server every minutes and at stop condition 15 minutes.

    Features of Vehicle Tracking application

    1) User can see vehicle location as well as various information on electronic map.

    2) Set speed limit.

    3) Generate various reports of individual vehicle.

    4) Create Geofence and get SMS alert upon enter and exit from it.

    5) Immobilize vehicle by sending command to GPS tracking unit.

    6) Set different alarm condition get alert through SMS.

    7) Full control over the GPS tracking device from vehicle tracking application.

    8) Fleet management and fleet tracking

    Reports generated through vehicle tracking application

    • Performance report i.e day wise total Km travelled, Over speed info etc.
    • Fuel consumption report in graphical format.
    • A/C on/off report
    • Geofencing report
    • History report to view data of any date within previous three months.
    • Performance report i.e day wise total Km travelled, Over speed info etc.
    • Detail report i.e raw report received from GPS tracking device
    • Stoppage report

    Uses of Vehicle Tracking System

    Vehicle tracking systems are commonly used by fleet owners for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking and security of vehicle as well as driver. Other applications include monitoring driving behaviour, such as over speeding, driving through a wrong route, fuel theft etc.

    Vehicle tracking systems can also be used in consumer vehicles as a theft prevention, monitoring and retrieval device. Police can follow the signal emitted by the vehicle tracking system and locate the stolen vehicle. When Vehicle Tracking System used as a security system, it may serve as either an addition to or replacement for a traditional car alarm. Our vehicle tracking systems make it possible to control vehicle remotely, including block doors or engine in case of emergency. The existence of GPS vehicle tracker can reduce the insurance cost, because the loss-risk drops significantly. Our vehicle tracking systems is integrated with several security systems like by sending an automatic alert to a phone if an alarm is triggered by pressing panic switch, main power removing or when it leaves or enters a geofence. GPS Vehicle Tracker also popular in trailer tracking, school bus tracking, ambulance tracking, cash carrying van tracking


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    Inventory Management Software – QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise #quickbooks #inventory #management, #inventory


    Inventory Management
    Built Right into
    QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

    • How much inventory do you have on hand now and ready to sell?
    • Where in your warehouse is the inventory you need?
    • How do you efficiently enter inventory data?
    • Which cost accounting methods do you want to use?
    • What is the best way to track thousands of inventory items to
      hundreds of thousands of inventory items?
    • What kind of inventory reporting do you need to make good business

    Inventory Management Software
    that Makes You More Efficient.

    • Easily see how many items are on hand, on
      sales order, on purchase order, and at your
      reorder point.
    • Enter inventory data efficiently and reliably with
      a bar code scanner. 1
    • Track items among multiple locations, down to
      the bin level and serial or lot number .
    • Manage all of your inventory tasks within
      QuickBooks – it’s all one software, nothing extra
      is needed.

    Sophisticated Inventory Management
    Right in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

    The Advanced Inventory functionality 2 for QuickBooks
    Desktop Enterprise makes managing inventories of any size a simple task. You’ll notice the complete integration with QuickBooks right away if you manage inventory using bar codes. You just scan inventory and serial numbers with a scanner and QuickBooks takes over, putting your data in the correct fields automatically. And if your inventory items don’t have barcodes, QuickBooks can create them for you!

    Complex Inventory Tasks Now Made Easy:

    Advanced sorting by location, bin, lot, and serial number.

    Among other easy-to-use tools that make managing your inventory more efficient is bin location tracking, which gives you pinpoint location information for every item in your inventory, across multiple sites or warehouses, right down to the bin. You can even see which serial/lot number is in each bin. Bin location and other tools let you sort by item, bin and location to make picking and stocking simpler and more efficient. Know at a glance what you have on hand, and where. Exactly.

    Everything you need to efficiently manage your inventory is integrated seamlessly into your QuickBooks, so you don’t need to worry about learning how to use yet another software package; you already know how. Your inventory data is automatically tracked as you do the things you do to conduct your business. Every invoice, every sales order, every P.O. is automatically reflected in your inventory. It couldn’t be easier – if you use QuickBooks, and you need inventory management, you need Intuit’s Advanced Inventory for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

    Test Drive

    Learn first-hand how well QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise fits your business: try it out for free .

    92% of customers agree: Enterprise helps make managing their accounting easy. 3

    4 out of 5 customers agree Enterprise is a good value. 4

    More than 85% agree: Enterprise is more flexible than Pro and Premier. 5

    Give us a call.

    Mon.- Fri. 6 AM – 5 PM PT

    Terms, conditions, pricing, service and support options are subject to change without notice.

    1. Barcode scanner sold separately.
    2. Advanced Inventory is included in the Platinum subscription. Requires QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with an active QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscription and an Internet connection. You’ll automatically receive any new versions of our product that are released, when and if available, along with updates to your current version.
    3. Based on Intuit survey of QuickBooks customers, conducted April 2015.
    4. Based on Intuit Survey, April 2013.
    5. Based on survey of QBE customers, April 2013.


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    Fleet management – vehicle tracking – TomTom Telematics ZA #bandit #vehicle


    Let’s drive business

    Discover WEBFLEET’s main features

    WEBFLEET is our award winning fleet management solution that provides real-time information about the location of your vehicles, lets you communicate directly with your drivers, helps to improve driving behaviour, save on fuel and connects to a whole ecosystem of 3 rd party solutions. And we have been doing this for over 15 years now, serving over 48 000 customers with more than 763 000 vehicles.

    Vehicle Tracking

    Real-time Vehicle Tracking

    See where your vehicles are and whether they’re parked or on the move in real time on a TomTom map. By identifying the nearest driver for a new assignment, you can impress your customers and minimize the time you spend on the road.

    Visible Tracing

    Vehicle tracing remembers every movement of every vehicle in your fleet for up to 90 days. Follow the route taken on the TomTom map, check start and end locations and identify where savings can be made.


    Get instant alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a previously designated area or nominated geo-zone. Alerts are delivered via automatic email notifications or directly into WEBFLEET.

    Trip Reports

    Generate reliable, easy-to-understand reports on trip data, such as start and end times, driving and standstill hours, distance traveled and more. Select whether you would like to store the information as a PDF, then use it to improve operations and optimize your business.


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    Expense Management for Billable Services Organizations Simplified by Software as a


    Expense Management

    Expense Management

    In a billable services organization, expense management is a critical part of the business. In order to maximize the accuracy and timeliness of expense reporting and overall expense management, this is also a process that should be made as easy and flexible as possible for users, and should be directly connected with project management and project accounting. With NetSuite OpenAir, you can automate and streamline the entire expense management cycle, including expense reporting, submission and approval processes, while integrating with project accounting and invoicing. By managing the entire lifecycle, it becomes easy and seamless to track and submit expenses for rapid reimbursement and client billing.

    Integrate Expense Management and Project Accounting

    Track each and every expense at the project level to directly tie expense management to project accounting, eliminating any questions about where the expenses should be allocated or billed to.

    Online, Offline, or Mobile Expense Management

    As the leading Cloud PSA solution, OpenAir provides users with the ability to track expenses and reimbursements online, anytime, anywhere, using a standard browser and an internet connection. With OpenAir Mobile, users can stay connected, even while on the road. Enter expenses on the go with applications for the iPhone or Android available on the App Store and Google Play.

    Case Studies


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    UPS i-parcel – Affordable, scalable logistics and technology solutions to globalize


    Make global online shoppers feel at home wherever they are.

    Global control at your fingertips

    Global E-commerce Insights

    A better online experience for far-away customers







    Global E-commerce

    Five Keys to Enabling Your Global Business

    With the addition of a few simple lines of code to your existing e-commerce website, UPS i-parcel determines the origin country of a visitor and presents a localized shopping experience. They are greeted in their local language, pricing is converted to the local currency, and familiar payment options are displayed. Your entire site can even be translated and displayed in your customer’s language, saving you from the overhead of operating numerous country websites.

    UPS i-parcel acts as the Merchant of Record (MOR), handling the processing of all duties, fees and taxes, and enabling customs brokerage for your transactions. You can display merchandise pricing with duties and taxes during checkout for no surprises for global shoppers, eliminating costly returns of unwanted merchandise.

    UPS i-parcel manages all payment collection processes relieving you of the risks and complicated procedures that come along with foreign currencies and credit card transactions. Because we collect payment from international shoppers – and accept more than 70 currencies — we remove the complexities of currency conversion and payment processing, including fraud.

    Flexible shipping options have you covered for both urgent and ordinary deliveries. This includes UPS i-parcel Select, a service that provides local delivery within 5-8 business days at a cost-effective rate and UPS Worldwide Express services with guaranteed delivery within 2-7 days, depending on destination – both with end-to-end tracking and convenient returns. What’s more, providing targeted delivery dates can decrease cart abandonment and increase customer satisfaction.

    Provide additional service to your shoppers while reducing the burden on your customer service department with 24/7/365 email support. UPS i-parcel handles all customer questions and provides information about payment or order status, typically within one hour. Product questions are forwarded to you to handle directly.

    Merchant Tools

    Global e-commerce is most successful when done at the local level. Traditionally, that required building and managing separate, stand-alone websites, often with limited product offerings and marketing. UPS i-parcel changes that. With our easy-to-use content management tool, you can manage your product catalog and maintain localized control of prices, promotions, and shipping options.

    Take control with a simplified content management system
    A powerful content management system (CMS) powers the UPS i-parcel solution and allows publishing, editing and modifying your website from a central, easy-to-use interface. The CMS manages all site elements including photos, promotions, prices and where and when products are displayed based on the user’s locale. Your cross border shoppers will view products and prices best suited for their lifestyle.

    Expand your promotions to international markets
    Just as your products don’t have to be one size fits all, neither do your promotions. The UPS i-parcel dashboard enables couponing, discounts, buy-one-get-one, time-bound, shipping or special promotions localized by market or customer base. Target new customers, build loyalty with repeat shoppers and increase conversion rates with promotions tailored to your global customers.

    Provide an excellent experience through delivery and returns
    Flexible shipping options have you covered for both urgent and ordinary deliveries. Whether it’s free, flat or customized, shipping strategies can be tailored to the needs of any shopper. And with end-to-end tracking and convenient returns, we help you build even better customer relationships to encourage more repeat business.


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    Fleet Tracking Software #fleet #utilisation, #safety #systems, #fleet #tracking #software, #gps


    Contact Us

    Fleet Tracking Software GPS Vehicle Tracking System Australia

    FleetSeek is at the forefront of Fleet Utilisation technology, and invests heavily in new advancements that will make tracking your fleet easier.

    We have recently implemented a Camera Feature that is live, and can send accident alerts straight to your inbox. No need to remove SD cards. FleetSeek is a nationally recognised Fleet Tracking Software Solutions provider; currently working with some of the biggest brands in the Market. Internationally FleetSeek is affiliated with RTL Telematics, which has been operating in the telematics space since 2002. Today our customer base covers over twenty countries spanning six continents.

    Experience Cutting Edge Cloud Based GPS tracking Solutions

    FleetSeek provides real time GPS Safety Systems, Fleet tracking software and customised management reports with the smartest fleet tracking software management tools in Australia today. It s all accessible via our online customer portal, where you will find in-depth data on your fleet that makes you think that you were behind the wheel yourself. To back up this wealth of information, our fleet utilisation consultants provide unparalleled support including 24/7 customer service.

    To effectively manage your fleet, you need to be aware of where your fleet are now and where the vehicles have been in the past.

    Having this information will help your business make informed decisions, such as a GPS Tracker Truck, wich is our cloud based solutions designed specifically to maange large assets. GPS Tracker Truck, is ideal for logistics, long haul, and transport businesses. The solution provides accurate information across a range of operational activities, saving you time and money. FleetSeek is proud to say that our fleet tracking software is available Australia wide. Our Tracking Systems have had a dramatic impact on clients bottom lines, streamlining and improving efficiency with measurable results.

    Experience the FleetSeek difference for yourself with the smartest Fleet GPS Vehicle Tracking software in Australia today. Request a demonstration from our fleet management consultants today.

    Our GPS Tracking Systems consultants provide a solution-based service that is hassle free and competitively priced. It s easy to see why we re a preferred provider of fleet management services.

    FleetSeek provides Tracking Systems, across Australia, with real-time GPS vehicle tracking and customised management reports. Take your busniess to the next level with the smartest fleet management software in Australia today.

    Our GPS Vehicle Tracking solutions come with dedicated consultants that provide unparalleled support including 24/7 customer service.

    Trade-In your existing system for an advanced FleetSeek one!

    FleetSeek is a robust and established GPS solutions provider. Our international offering means that due to the demand, and our in-house end-to-end production process – we are able to offer considerable cost savings to our customers. Without compromising on quality – in fact having a production process in house, means that we can make it especially for you!!

    Unlike other suppliers in the market – we are not reliant on external manufacturing processes, which usually means higher costs for basic hardware for the customer! Our solutions are half the price of solutions available on the market – and we are able to leverage our in-house capability to look at Trade in options for you!!

    So no longer do you need to stick with a mediocre GPS solution just because you have paid for the hardware outright. Why not talk to us today 1300 693 533!!


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    Joomla! ® HelpDesk Ticketing System #joomla! #ticketing #system, #joomla! #tickets #extension,


    RSTickets! Pro is a professional Joomla! HelpDesk ticketing system that has a high level of personalization and will meet all of your customer support needs. A help desk ticketing system will allow you to provide prompt and efficient support to your clients. RSTickets!Pro comes by default with an integrated knowledgebase system, thus allowing staff members to decrease response time and improve efficiency.

    Best Time And Expense Tracking Software – 2017 Reviews #call #tracking


    Time And Expense Tracking Software

    Buyer’s Guide

    An important aspect of managing the costs of a project is tracking employee time and external expenses separate from other projects or operational costs. Although young companies are usually able to get away with using Excel spreadsheets and standard bookkeeping software to track all this information, as professional service businesses grow and start changing how projects get assigned, they often find these tools to be insufficient for their needs.

    The solution is software that s specifically designed to track the time and expenses associated with each project. But with so many time management systems on the market, picking the right one can be a challenge. With that in mind, we ve written this buyer s guide to help you as you start to narrow down your choices from the hundreds available.

    Here’s what we’ll cover:

    What Is Time and Expense Software?

    Time and expense report software gives professional services organizations the ability to monitor and control the labor and costs associated with every project. This, in turn, helps streamline their invoicing, improve bid accuracy and reduce unnecessary costs.

    Time tracking software is often used as part of a comprehensive professional services automation (PSA) suite, which would also include features that support project management, help desk, resource management and customer relationship management, among others.

    Screenshot of time card in BillQuick

    This type of software can be deployed in the cloud, or on premise. In the case of the former, the software is hosted online and accessed via Web browser. On-premise deployment, on the other hand, means the software is installed manually on a user’s local servers and run directly on the user’s machine. An online time tracking system may be preferable if you need remote access or prefer a lower up-front cost (since pricing for web-based systems is usually by annual or monthly subscription, rather than purchasing a license in full up front).

    Common Features of Time and Expense Software

    Features and functionality of time and expense reporting software include:

    Punch-clock and manual time entry

    The most basic functionality, which free and high-end products alike will provide: the ability to electronically clock in and out and to manually enter or change clocking times as necessary. The more advanced the product is, the more likely it is to offer PINs, magnetic card reader hardware, automated start/stop capability (e.g. clocking out when your computer goes to sleep) or other features.

    Monitor costs of materials, tools etc. with the ability to tie them to individual projects or to general expenses.

    If you ve got 15 employees each working on five different projects, accurate time reporting requires knowing which projects they were working on when. So this feature is there to help you track revenues and expenses by client and project and then export in a way that your accounting software can understand.

    Some time and expense tracking software can help you monitor the bandwidth of each employee, providing clear reports that show you which ones are working on which projects, how much time they re dedicating to each one, where they re heading and when and when they complete a certain project. This helps streamline employee assignments, and becomes especially useful as company sizes grow into the hundreds of employees.

    An advanced feature, this uses historical data and analytics to improve your ability to estimate any given project. This impacts the accuracy of your bids and optimizes your budgets, so you never end up taking a loss on a project again.

    Since many consulting companies travel extensively, the ability to integrate this software with your mobile device is often essential.

    Time and Expense Software Benefits

    If you re still on the fence about whether you should implement a dedicated time and expense software system, consider the following benefits it can bring to your business:

    • It makes the tracking process more accurate. Thanks to all the features we described in the previous section, the tracking process is less error-prone compared to manual methods.
    • It simplifies workflows. This is especially true if employees in one company are currently using separate spreadsheets or systems to report work time. When you have to combine disparate documentation, you ll often have to check records against each other to ensure accuracy. A unified solution makes it faster to evaluate the entire company s progress when it comes to time and expense reporting.
    • It will help you better manage resources. Once you re able to see time and expense information at a glance, you ll be able to better plan or avoid employee overtime.

    What Type of Buyer Are You?

    • Specialty buyers. Although time and expense reporting is generally considered a feature of PSA software, it could also be considered a function human resources or accounting. and similar features can be found in any number of other specialty suites, including construction software. manufacturing software or others. If you fit into one of these categories, take a look at those buyers guide to see if other solutions might be more appropriate for your needs.
    • Large professional services firms. Large consulting operations likely won t be happy with a basic time and expense tracking program. With the right resources, a more comprehensive PSA solution like Clarizen or AtTask would be a much better fit.
    • Medium or rapidly growing professional services firms. We usually find that this is the sweet spot for the best-of-breed time and expense tracking programs. These will be focused on optimizing the features described above, and are designed to take medium-sized businesses to the next phase of their growth cycle. Example products include Deltek Maconomy, Replicon Web TimeSheet and Sage Timeslips.
    • Small businesses and solopreneurs. There are a number of free solutions, both for computers and for smartphones, which perform the basic functions listed above. Even with cross-user compatibility, these subscription-based solutions are very affordable for companies on even the tightest budget. Products to consider include 1DayLater and Harvest.


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    Arizona State University – Human Resources #brassring #applicant #tracking #system


    Office of Human Resources – Forms

    Staff Request (SR)

    Form submitted by the Hiring Department to the HR Customer Service Center to initiate recruitment. The SR provides information for the vacancy notice and advertisements.

    Announcement of Vacancy-Faculty/Academic Professional

    Form submitted by the Hiring Department to Affirmative Action (EO/AA) to initiate recruitment. The AV provides information for the vacancy notice and advertisements.

    Announcement of Vacancy-Graduate Assistant/Associate

    Form submitted by the Hiring Department to Affirmative Action (EO/AA) to initiate recruitment. The AV provides information for the vacancy notice and advertisements.

    Arizona State University job postings list the minimum education and experience qualifications acceptable for the posted position. This document provides guidelines for defining a equivalency statement for combinations of education and experience.

    Ad Placement Form (APF)

    Form utilized by Hiring Department to request that a vacant position be advertised. The APF provides approval signature, billing information and ad placement information

    Hiring Process Report (HPR)

    Approval to hire form utilized during the final phase of the employment process. The HPR indicates the candidate’s name, action requested ASU ID and/or social security number and source of funding. The HPR must be submitted to EO/AA along with the AL and resume of selected candidate prior to extending an offer of employment. HR for adding employees to Payroll and tracking purposes utilizes the approved HPR.

    Conditions of Employment Form (COEF)

    Form completed by all Classified and Service Professional staff hired. The COEF is provided with the new hire packet and is placed in the employee’s personnel file.

    Independent Contractor Checklist

    This form is used to determine that:
    the relationship between the consultant/independent contractor and ASU is not that of employee/employer,
    the consultant/independent contractor is not related to an ASU employee involved with the work, and,
    the consultant/independent contractor is not a current ASU employee. More information


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    7 Steps to Writing a Resume That Beats Application Tracking Systems


    Search through millions of job board postings and classified ads? Check.

    Fill out the online application? Check.

    Hear back from your dream job? Nope. What happened?!

    We can only go through the above sequence so many times before we totally lose our enthusiasm and self-confidence. We do everything right, but job applications keep going out with no prospects coming in. Why does this happen over and over again?

    On average, 72% of all submitted resumes are never seen by a human eye. Companies have started using something called application tracking systems – computer software programs designed to do all the heavy lifting for the HR department.

    These application tracking systems analyze all incoming resumes. They scan the information and award a score to each applicant based on how well they fit the job description. After ranking all the candidates, the highest scores will move on to the next stage of the hiring process. Everyone else is tossed on the trash heap.

    How can you ensure you are part of the 28% that moves on? Here are seven steps to write your resume and overcome application tracking systems:

    1) Find your keywords:

    There are a lot of things that will make or break your application. However, one of the biggest factors is keywords.

    The application tracking system will specifically look for the keywords that were shared in the job description. These absolutely must be included. Applicants with tons of experience and all the necessary qualifications will be passed by if they didn’t include keywords.

    Get the job description out and find all the keywords. You’ll be looking for specific industry terms, abbreviations, acronyms, buzzwords, and jargon. Once you have a list of keywords from the job posting, go one step further.

    Find five other job postings that are similar to the one you are applying for. Check for key terms in those postings too. If you find new keywords that weren’t in your original list, include those in your resume too – just to be on the safe side.

    2) Start with a blank page:

    Even if you already have a resume made, it might be best to write it from scratch. Basically, everything you have already done is probably wrong.

    First, fight the urge to make your resume look pretty. Don’t include images, borders, shading or anything fancy. The software won’t be able to read or understand these embellishments. If the system becomes confused, it may reject your resume just to make things simpler.

    Next, choose a computer-friendly font. Some fonts – Arial. Georgia. Impact. Courier. Lucinda. Tahoma. and Trebuchet – were specially designed for the web. Use one of those; they are your safest option.

    Lastly, make sure you haven’t used any special characters. Traditional bullets are fine, but everything else (like arrow bullets) must go. Remember, you don’t want to run the risk of confusing the computer program.

    Now that you have stripped everything down to the basics, go ahead and write a second version of your resume – a snazzy version you can give the interviewer when you meet in person.

    3) Write the most important information at the top:

    Make sure your resume has your contact information. In fact, put it front and center. Include your phone number and email address in addition to your mailing address.

    Then, check your spam folder religiously. After receiving your resume, the application tracking system might send you an automated email with additional instructions.

    4) Include only the most relevant information:

    Only include your past work experience, skills, and personal qualities that are relevant to this particular job application. Get rid of anything that is unrelated to this job posting; it will just be seen as filler.

    5) Start adding keywords.

    Computers are smart. They can’t be fooled. Anyone who has played a game against “the computer” knows there is no way to cheat.

    Don’t try to fool the application tracking system with a big block of keywords. Even if this did work, would you want it to? Image what a keyword-stuffed resume would look like when it finally does make it to a human – totally unprofessional. A prospective employer will have no way of knowing you are the perfect candidate if all you supply is a bunch of keywords.

    Instead, add them to your resume naturally. A good way to do that is to take an active – not task-based – approach.

    Try this writing formula: An action verb + a keyword + a fact or figure that resulted from your action

    For example: Implemented marketing strategies that increased page views by 74%.

    6) Add other important words.

    Keywords from the job description aren’t the only words the application tracking system will be looking for.

    The employer might set the program to look for specialized or technical skills. Mention computer programs you are proficient in. Any industry strengths and competencies should be listed too. Use popular industry abbreviations or acronyms.

    You’ll want to make sure your work experience and educational background sections are beefed up too. The application tracking system might look for specific certifications or degrees. Mention job titles you’ve had, products you’ve worked with, and any professional organizations you’re a part of.

    7) Edit and then edit again.

    Double and triple check your resume before sending it off. Try reading your document backwards; this will make your mind slow down and catch errors easier.

    If you are submitting your resume in an online form, copy and paste from a word processor. If you spell a keyword wrong, the tracking system won’t notice it.

    We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will have to wash, rinse and repeat this process with each new job position. Sure, there are some things that will be consistent from one application to another. However, each job will have a different set of keywords.

    Don’t get frustrated. Follow these tips to write your resume and you will score your dream job!

    Author: Mike Hanski is a business and academic papers writing expert at Bid4papers.com. a company that provides editing and writing help for students. He spent many hours researching and writing a resume before he has landed his dream job.



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    Email Tracking Software #email #tracking #software #free #download


    2000shareware – Expose your software to thousands of visitors each day!

    Email Tracking Software

    Professional email tracking software is especially developed to track all keyboard activities including typed text, composed mails, login information, online chat conversation history, downloaded items, visited Web URLs, keywords searched etc in log file for future use. Advanced keylogger application facilitates users to access software functionality when running in hidden mode by making hot key combination or run command feature settings. Computer surveillance program automatically activates itself with Windows startup and records all activities performed on PC by external user. Advanced keylogger tool saves all users detail with their respective login-logout session in log file when authorized user away from home. Email monitoring software provides password protection functionality which restricts unauthorized users to access or modify system configuration settings. Advanced keylogger application facilitates with both install/uninstall feature and efficiently works on all major versions of Windows operating system including Windows 2000, 2003, NT, ME, XP, Vista and 7 respectively. Advanced keyboard tracker program facilitates users to deliver prepared log file at authorized user remote PC by using email account ID over FTP server setting and does not degrade the performance of computer system. Features: * Advanced keylogger software is the best tool to investigate internet or PC usage when you away from home in stealth mode secretly. * Affordable advanced keylogger program provides user friendly GUI interface wizard which helps users to access software functionally by using inbuilt user manual guide. * PC surveillance utility runs in background process without being known by current PC user. * Reliable advanced keylogger application easily handled by all level of users without acquiring any special technical skills.

    File Distribution Notice of Email Tracking Software Shareware –
    Email Tracking Software Free Download – 2000 Shareware periodically updates software information of Email Tracking Software from the publisher, so some information may be slightly out-of-date. You should confirm all information before relying on it. Software piracy is theft, Using Email Tracking Software crack, password, registration codes, key generators, serial numbers is illegal.

    Review Email Tracking Software

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    Music Organizer Software: Organize Music – easily with automatic Music Organizer. Music organizer software – is a music organizer program, music organizer and MP3 organizer that will organize music files. Organize music files, organize MP3 files and.

    PC Activity Monitor Net? is ultimately invisible and undetectable easy-to-use surveillance software for both networked and personal PCs. It is professional keylogger software that captures all users’ activity on the PC. All data collected through the.

    Captures anything you see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, rectangular, elliptical and freehand regions, single window, a group of windows, menues, cursors, and colors. It can capture long web pages, PDFs, DOCs and other.

    Ghost Keylogger is an invisible easy-to-use surveillance tool that records every keystroke to an encrypted log file. The log file can be sent secretly with email to a specified receiver. Ghost Keylogger also monitors the Internet activity by logging.

    Free software to capture high-quality, resizable thumbnails of web pages. Use the integrated web browser to navigate to web pages. Wait for the page to load, press the Capture button and save a high-quality thumbnail of the HTML page. Switch tabs to.

    FAT file system data restoration utility retrieves inaccessible root directories including (Master boot record, Dos boot record), crashed subdirectories and formatted partition table. Windows FAT data recovery software restores unreadable files with.

    SoftCamEditor is a program that allows to edit key files used by emulators of TV crypt systems. This software has a clear and handy interface. It is easy to use, you can do all the operations using only your mouse. There is embedded navigation system.

    ACA HTML to Image Converter is a windows HTML to image converter software, it converts the web page to image or thumbnail of a specified size in batch, saves the long web page as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, WMF and EMF image by one click. It captures.

    Do you want to identify how your friend or co-workers using your PC in your absence? Download keyboard surveillance and monitoring software to stay track on each pressed key action on your PC. Software runs on the installed computer, fully concealed.

    eScan is equipped with the revolutionary MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) Technology that detects information security threats at the Windows socket layer itself, before it reaches the Application Layer to prevent the applications from getting.

    Related Press Releases

    Facility Gateway Corporation Adapts New Data Center Software and Back-End Website Service To Help Streamline Operations by Facility Gateway Corporation

    MADISON, Wis. —- Madison, WI based Facility Gateway Corporation has developed a software and back-end site service to support multi-site national data center and telecom clients. It’s “Facility Keys “software is also adaptive to incorporate.

    NXP Software Brings Seamless Professional DJ-Style Mixing to Mobile Devices by NXP Software

    BARCELONA, February 8 — NXP Software is demonstrating its LifeVibes MixDJ software at the Mobile World Congress 2008. MixDJ brings a new experience to mobile phones and music players. With its automatic professional DJ-style mixing, it can help.

    How to convert all movies to DVD movies and burning burning burning from hard disk to DVD Disk? by Acala Software Inc.

    Acala DVD Creator is an easy and professional DVD Authoring software, it design for anyone who wants to enjoy the most pop movies from internet on DVD Player. With Acala DVD Creator, you are able to convert all favorite movies to DVD movies and.

    AWeber Generation MEdia Tool Reveals Texting, Email Are Most Frequently Used Forms Of Communication For Millennials by AWeber

    CHALFONT, Pa. —- AWeber, the global email marketing software company, released today Generation MEdia, an interactive digital research tool. Based on survey responses from 1342 millennials from across the country, the tool allows users to explore.

    Bluebeam Software Brings Global Collaboration to Japanese Design and Construction Industry by Bluebeam Software, Inc.

    PASADENA, Calif.Today, Bluebeam® Software announces plans to bring Bluebeam’s digital document management and collaboration solutions to the Japanese architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Panasonic and Bluebeam are.


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    GPS Fleet Tracking #fleet #management #gps #tracking


    Make it easy for management and staff to access crucial and current vehicle data at little more than a glance. Quickly identify and manage risky driving behavior with a snapshot of fleet activity.

    Time is Money! Allow the REDTAIL Fleet Management System (FMS) to track your preventative maintenance schedules. Avoid unexpected out-of-service fleet vehicles.

    Capture rapid acceleration, harsh braking and excessive rotation data from fleet vehicles. Provides fleet managers with the data to improve driving behavior and reduce fuel consumption.

    Essential fleet management information at your fingertips. Whether you require high level or detailed reports to run your business, the REDTAIL GPS Fleet Management System (FMS) provides a suite of reports to meet your needs.

    Quickly locate fleet vehicles with REDTAIL GPS tracking technology. Track and access fleet vehicles real-time via computer, smart phone or tablet.

    We are here to help! REDTAIL offers numerous support materials to maximize the power of your fleet management software. Reference our online materials, access our online chat. or just give us a call. We are always happy to hear from our customers.

    Redtail offers the best way to track your Fleet!

    Find out more information about Pricing and how to Signup.

    The name says it all: Stay in touch with your valuable assets 24/7 in rugged, off-road terrain with or without power!

    Trailers, Construction Equipment, Containers, Remote Locations with cell coverage: REDTAIL Rugged has you covered!

    Now you can see all your assets on the map day or night, with customizable icons for trucks and machines, to show you exactly what s where.

    REDTAIL Rugged has a Plan for every need and budget, with location updates ranging from once-per-day for assets without power, and from twice per hour to twice per minute at 12/24V, with access to either the entry-level site or the award-winning full-service REDTAIL back end powered by the Premium, dual-mode VAM-P hardware.

    Want more information about REDTAIL Rugged?

    Watch this video about Redtail Telematics capabilities:

    Vehicle Telematics is a way of monitoring the location, movements, status, and potentially any other system within a vehicle that could inform you about the behavior or performance of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. This is achieved through a combination of GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and cellular technology installed in each vehicle, which then communicates with Redtail s DataWarehouse, to deliver insights that consumers, fleet managers and insurers need to make informed decisions.


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    Lead management software for sales people – You Don – t


    Most businesses do not need a tool to manage their customers,
    they need a tool to turn their prospects INTO customers!

    Why ?

    Standard CRM software slows down your sales by wasting time filling in ‘paperwork’, diverting you from your primary goal: acquiring new customers !

    You have to go through the process of creating a sales log including company name, contact details, and to do steps, and finally add your lead.

    Our solution

    It’s all about leads. Copy & paste information from a spreadsheet or upload a business card. That’s it! You have a lead, you can start working.

    You Don’t Need a CRM! keeps you in touch with your prospects at the key moments of the customer relation process. taking away the risk of missing an important opportunity!

    For Who?

    You Don’t Need a CRM is the perfect match for small businesses ranging from 1 to 200 employees that need a pro-active sales approach to turn leads into deals .

    SMBs enjoy our cloud solution. No need to install software on a computer, no maintenance, everything is accessed through the browser. It’s fast, easy and secure. It’s SaaS!

    Need to convince your boss to use You Don t Need a CRM.

    Print this PDF and go ahead to their office!

    Features to boost your sales skills

    Start from a Prospecting List

    Filling in forms can be tiring and painful. With our solution, you can easily import from any Excel/CSV File and start working on the contacts right away inside our prospecting list. Once a suspect turns out to be of interest, turn it into a Lead in one click. This is great when compiling a cold calling list or qualifying a marketing database. Never waste time with Spreadsheets again – turn your Leads into Deals!

    Or with a business card.

    You’re away from the office, networking, receiving business cards here and there. You just met a potential customer, take a picture of their card with our mobile application and it will be turned into a lead with all you need to know: company name, contact details. All you had to do was take a picture!

    Never lose a lead with automatic alerts

    Before the closing, leads have only two status options: either the ‘you have something to do’ ones or the ‘you WILL have something to do’ ones. It’s that simple! Each time you act on a lead, you log it and set your reminder for your next action. When that time comes, the lead shows up automatically at the top of your to-do list and in your synchronized calendar (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook. )

    Customize your sales process

    With You Don’t Need a CRM! you define each step of your sales process or your sales funnel. new prospect, contacted, trial, negotiating, closing. You customize the steps according to your needs and you manage your pipeline in a clear and efficient way.

    Get leads from your website

    Connecting your website’s contact form to You Don’t Need a CRM! is as easy as sending an email. Whether it’s a request for information, a demo or a quote, you can turn it directly to a lead inside You Don’t Need a CRM. Once again, you never lose a lead!

    There is a life after “won”

    You’ve just won a lead. Congrats! But what are you going to do now? There is often a specific need for a follow up after a deal has been won.

    Create a Follow-up with specific tasks or use a predefined template with regular tasks and then assign it to anyone within your team. You can even set reminders for future tasks in order not to forget to get back to your clients at the right time. It’s Project Management made easy!

    Go mobile

    Whether you use Mac or Pc, iOS or Android, tablet or desktop, Surface or iPad You Don’t Need a CRM! will adapt to your screen and provide you the best experience with your terminal. With our mobile version you will be able to scan a business card on the way, call your prospects. log your activity or help your team.

    Google Apps for Work and third party apps

    Are you using Google Apps for your business? That’s great as You Don’t Need a CRM! is a SaaS software connected to Google Apps for Work. It gives you access to Single Sign On, instant Google Calendar synchronization and import of your contacts. But that’s not all, we’re also connected to hundreds of third party apps like FreshBooks, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Slack, Wufoo through Zapier, our API or direct integration.

    Collaboration and team management

    You Don’t Need a CRM! is a great tool for one person, but it is even better for a team. Our features emphasize team-work, you can share contact lists, messages, comments. and get help with leads. With its state-of-the-art collaborative features, its daily summary and its statistics, You Don’t Need a CRM! facilitates team work and helps you become a better company.

    All I ve ever wanted was a program to track leads without all the over-complication of a full CRM. YDNACRM was the perfect solution. I finally found what I was looking for.

    Quentin McNabb Sales, Motion View Software

    Simple, powerful and effective.

    Helps you to manage your sales team without the endless fields to be fulfilled like in the others tools available in the market. Gives your team more free time to do what really matters: find new sales opportunities.

    Eduardo Biasi Sales Manager, Fly Link Telecom

    You Don t Need a CRM is a very simple yet effective tool. I was really impressed how the claim was taken into action. I can totally recommend it to all SMBs.

    Roman Walther Digital Marketing Advisor

    Great and affordable app

    I have a small retail business so I needed a system to manage my leads without running out on budget. Now I have more than 1 year using YDNCRM and I find it very helpful, plus the team provides ongoing support and training. I highly recommend this system if you have small to medium sales teams and don t want to spend weeks on the set up.

    Uzziel Sanchez Director, CWCuitlahuac

    We switched from a CRM/Project Management app to You Don t Need a CRM and we love it. The sales guy says almost everyday: I love YDNCRM . The interface is simple and sensible, so we were able to use it immediately with very little training.

    Lura Frazey Manager, Steve Locke Construction

    Great tool, simple and powerful

    It s so easy to use: no need to fill in any database. Just add your own email address in bcc so that you create a lead when you mail a contact, or even scan a card with the mobile app. Tasks reminders are fully integrated in Google Calendar so you can drive your prospection with the tool and track any contact. That s a tool I use and enjoy every day!

    Frédéric Le Compagnon Head of Agency, Opus MI


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    Electronic Signature Solutions #electronic #signature #solutions, #enterprise #mobility, #mobility #solutions, #parcel


    Electronic Signature Parcel Tracking Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Customer expectations have changed drastically regarding the delivery of goods. The explosion in online shopping has led to increased consumer demand for better levels of home delivery service. In fact, the delivery phase of any online order is rightly seen as being critical to its success, and this has led to numerous innovations, including parcel tracking and electronic signature capabilities. It remains a key consideration for consumers with a recent UK consumer home-delivery survey finding that half of online shoppers admitted that their buying patterns might have been influenced by comments about delivery on social media platforms.

    When you think about it, the courier responsible for delivering the goods you order online is usually the only person you have any interaction with. It is vital that they are able to provide a level of service that meets your expectations because their performance is linked to that of the retailer and plays a key role in your decision to buy online from them again. This is why logistics companies and other firms whose reputations rest on their delivery service are investing in enterprise mobility solutions, such as parcel tracking and electronic signature.

    It is not enough to simply execute delivery; the process from dispatch to delivery must be managed as one end-to-end track trace process. Consumers, be it individuals or other businesses, want to see that their consumer delivery preferences have been accounted for in dispatch and that a DPD predict can estimate when goods will be delivered to the home or premises. At the point of delivery, those working in supply chain and field service operations have to be able to track trace the items they are delivering and this is made possible through parcel tracking and electronic signature software solutions.

    Track Trace Proof of Delivery, Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Such is the volume of goods and services ordered from consumers on a daily basis, that the idea of postal organisations and logistics companies not managing the track trace of items effectively with parcel tracking and electronic signature is simply unthinkable. Parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions at point of delivery is confirmation that delivery has been completed, but what about the time in between? The logistics market is becoming increasingly congested, with supply chains becoming longer and more complex and new competitors entering the market all the time. This is where Enterprise Mobility and Mobility Solutions have come into their own.

    It is so important for existing providers to continually improve their level of service if they are to retain the loyalty of their customers. Mobile workers are the operatives that will show how committed their employers are to the constant improvement that is required. It will soon become apparent to the consumer those who aren’t, so it’s time you started looking at your track trace capability and how parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions can empower your mobile workforce if you haven’t already.

    Track Trace is made possible through enterprise mobile apps from Blackbay that incorporate every aspect of the logistics operation. Courier software and GPS trackers allow you to track the movements of couriers you have out in the field at any one time and routing software allows those tasked with delivery to plot and navigate their way to destinations with minimal fuss and the utmost efficiency. Once they reach the delivery destination, parcel tracking and electronic signature is your evidence that the items have been received and signed-off by the recipient, arguably the single most important element. Being able to verify and record successful deliveries is vital, and this is achievable with our proof of delivery app that enables the mobile worker to record and communicate electronic proof of delivery status.

    Who provides parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions?

    When searching for organisations with the capability to provide parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions, look no further than Blackbay. These form just part of our comprehensive track trace portfolio of enterprise mobility solutions that enable your organisation to make the service and productivity improvements that are so critical to supply chain and field service operations. We currently manage over 140,000 mobile workers and over 6,000,000 service visits and deliveries per day. This demonstrates just how many organisations put their trust in us when it comes to empowering their mobile workers with our enterprise mobile apps and parcel tracking and electronic signature software.

    Our solutions are underpinned by the need for track trace technology.This has led to many of the world’s leading logistics companies using our parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions and proof of delivery software to increase their efficiency, improve the quality of their service and ultimately drive revenues. At Blackbay we’re well aware of changing consumer demands, which is why we’re continually building on our wealth of experience in workforce enterprise mobility to develop increasingly innovative enterprise mobile apps that utilise the very best in track trace and parcel tracking and electronic signature technology. We never rest on our laurels so you can be sure that with Blackbay as your partner for enterprise mobility solutions, you will equip your mobile workforce with the tools to deliver unrivalled logistical performance first time, every time.

    If you’re concerned that your track trace capability is being left behind by the demands of the customers you serve or need the expert advice from a market leader in the provision of proof of delivery, parcel tracking and electronic signature solutions, contact Blackbay today.

    Blackbay Products


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    Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking System #applicant #tracking #requirements




    Contingent Employment as a share of total employment increases every year, with no end in sight, and more organizations serving the employment space are providing a mix of services. Learn more about how PCRecruiter works as a front-end solution for staffing businesses and hybrids: from assignment tracking, to sales, timekeeping, reporting, and RPO, PCRecruiter provides the key features to compete at the top levels.

    Discover how PCRecruiter functions as an HR software solution for internal staffing processes.

    You can track applicants with recruiting software, but it can be very difficult to recruit with applicant tracking software, because applicants are a late stage of the recruiting process. Sometimes you need CRM, sometimes you need ATS; PCRecruiter performs in both roles or either role, and provides the compliance, reporting, and enterprise flexibility required to stand up to the most serious demands for scale, globalization. and technical architecture. If you already have an applicant tracking system, PCRecruiter can slot in for activity prior to designation of applicants, if you need an ATS, PCRecruiter can do the job. Learn more about how PCRecruiter can help execute your talent acquisition strategy and meet those sometimes elusive requirements. More

    Discover how PCRecruiter functions as an executive search software solution.

    The role of a top search consultant is complex and unique to every search business; from salesperson to ethnographer, psychologist, administrator, detective, advocate, marketer, and more. PCRecruiter is the versatile tool used by thousands of the best people in search to help them produce hundreds of millions of dollars in billings since 1998. Learn more about how PCRecruiter can be configured for YOUR model, including retained, contingency, interim, and hybrids. More

    PCRecruiter Posts


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    Alliance Payroll Services #alliance #payroll #services, #applicant #tracking, #payroll #processing, #tax


    One Online System, One Solution

    Affordable Care Act Nirvana

    Powerful Online Payroll Processing

    Complete Benefit Administration

    Single Database vs. Single Sign On

    Alliance Payroll Services invests heavily in the best technology to deliver a better user experience. Unlike Single Sign On systems, our online system houses all employee data in a single database. Because of this, data changes are recognized across all active modules so that you never need to enter the data twice. Additionally, you can run cross module and EIN reports with just a few clicks on your keyboard.

    • Eliminate errors that occur when entering, or importing data, from several different systems.
    • Save endless amounts of time by storing all of your data in ONE secure system.
    SSAE 16 Audited

    Being a responsible protector of employee data is a mission critical operation. To help ensure we are taking all necessary measures to protect data, we undergo an annual SSAE 16 Audit. We are happy to provide you with a copy of our most recent audit which covers all operational systems and controls in place to protect your data.

    We understand that the user experience is best defined by our clients, not a team of programmers locked up in a darkroom with a whiteboard. As an Alliance Payroll Services client you become a part of our development team. We created an Ideas Community that allows everyone of our over 7500 system users to have a voice in how our system features are updated.

    When a user feels a feature needs to be added or improved they go to our Ideas Community. Once in the Ideas Community they can post, research, and vote on ideas they want enhanced. Users can have conversations with other users. Since 2009 over 95% of all system updates have originated in our Ideas Community.


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