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No Hidden Fees No Monthly Charges Lowest Enrollment in the Industry

Travel agent training

Travel agent training

Travel agent training

Travel agent training

Travel agent training

Looking for the excitement of fulfilling dreams for clients?

Travel agent training

as a Top Producer consecutive years since 2006!


Thank you Outside Agent Link for helping me start my own travel business.

I have always traveled for pleasure and enjoyed all of the planning aspects that were involved. I thought how great it would be to help others plan their dream trips, and get paid for it as well! I had not worked in the travel field and I had the normal anxieties of starting a business, but decided to go ahead with my plan. A friend/agent encouraged me to join OAL. I’m so happy that I followed her advice.

The OAL support team is dedicated to their agents and always available to help with questions or difficult situations. OAL pays well and on time. We are fortunate to be part of Travel Leaders, America’s largest travel company. The agents at OAL are a great networking team that are happy to share their knowledge and experience. Last but not least, OAL’s working relationship with their vendors is amazing. We have great Reps!

After almost seven years with OAL, I am still happy to be partnered with this great host agency. I couldn’t have chosen a better group to be part of.

Travel agent training

Outside Agent Link offers the greatest sales benefits and support one could possibly want as an independent agent. I am thrilled with the program! It has afforded me opportunities that I could not have had access to on my own. The support team is very professional and helpful.

Travel agent training

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial on behalf of Thomas Hogan Travel/Travel Leaders and the Outside Agent Link program. I have had the great pleasure of working with this incredible crew for over 25 years. I have found in every step of the way them to be professional, supportive, friendly and anxious to have a continuously growing relationship with their vendors and agents. They are eager to grow their business and lend support to those wanting to be successful. I could not ask for a better partnership with the ladies that make up the support team. They have always been courteous, friendly, patient and open to new ideas. Their energy and expertise continuously amaze me. Their professionalism and respect within the travel community is refreshing. I highly recommend them as a host agency for someone wanting to get into this incredibly fun and exciting business of travel. Mechelle Connor Business Development Manager Royal Caribbean International Azamara Club Cruises Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain

Travel agent training

Ten years ago my business partner and I decided we would like to plan travel for golf groups and friends/family as our retirement business . We selected Outside Agent Link, a subsidiary of Thomas Hogan Travel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as our host agency. We ve been very happy with our selection and have renewed our relationship with them every year since then. They have always been very accessible, knowledgeable and helpful in helping us learn the business, resolve issues and meet our client s needs as well as our own. We ve built up a nice business working with OAL and would recommend them to others wanting to do the same. Don Netzer Al Palmer

Travel agent training

Outside Agent Link has been my host agency since I started my business just about 10 years ago. Their support and training opportunities have helped me grow my business and become more successful each year. The Support Team is always there when I have questions or need guidance. I would recommend them to anyone interested in getting into the travel business looking for a host agency!

Travel agent training


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Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course, travel agent training.#Travel #agent #training

travel agent training

Travel agent training

Images are for illustration purposes only. The course is delivered electronically in PDF format.

Travel agent training

How To Design Your Business For Success

You can work part-time or full-time, sell a little or sell a lot. But you must understand how the business really works!

Travel agent training

How To Book Travel Like A Pro

Step by step guidance in how to deal with clients and reservationists to make sure every booking is a perfect booking.

Travel agent training

How To Sell Travel Like A Pro

A complete course in professional selling, from finding prospects to closing the sale and creating a robust system of repeat business and referrals.

Travel agent training

How To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Advanced strategies to make sure that you maximize your profit from every booking..

Travel agent training

Host Agencies and Beyond: The Route to True Independence

A rigorous methodology for choosing a host agency and analyzing their offer. And for the truly ambitious, the right way to sever ties with a host agency, become completely independent and build your own team of sub-agents.

Travel agent training

Host Agency Directory

Over 300 Host Agencies, Cross-Referenced. Save literally dozens of hours in your search for the perfect host agency for you! Find agencies by entry cost, commission split, location, and more.

Travel agent trainingTravel agent trainingTravel agent trainingTravel agent training

The Dirty Little Secret About Host Agencies

Travel agent training

Once they have your money, it’s gone! Forever. That’s right.

No refunds. No matter how dissatisfied you are.

(Oh yeah, some offer a 72 hour money-back guarantee . probably only because their state law says they have to! Do you really think you’ll know if a host agency is right for you within 72 hours?)


Travel agent training

We have the best money-back guarantee in the travel industry (probably in every other industry as well). If you are dissatisfied we ll refund your investment. No time limit. No questions asked. 100% of your money back.

I mean, really. You have no excuse.

91 Million Americans Will Travel This Year.* 64 Million Of Them Will Go Abroad.**

Let’s Launch Your Travel Career.

Get Started Today — Here Is What You Get:

Travel agent training

Instant Access.

Everything is electronic. You ll be ready to dive in just minutes after submitting your order.

Travel agent training

Ongoing Access.

The travel industry changes. So does this training. And you ll have access to every update.

Travel agent training

Five Core Modules.

Five Core Modules. The step-by-step secrets of starting your business, how to book every travel product like a pro, how to work with host agencies (and how to cut them out of the profit loop when it makes sense), how to maximize your income while minimizing your outlay, and much, much more.

Travel agent training

The Host Agency Directory.

The most comprehensive rundown on host agencies available anywhere. Over 300 hosts, cross referenced. Saves you dozen of bhours in your host agency search.

Travel agent training

“The Biggest Mistake Beginners Make.”

This video training will put you way ahead of amateurs who shell out for the first host agency they see.

Travel agent training

“How To Think Like A Salesperson.”

Simple but powerful concepts that will focus your sales efforts and give you an edge over less professional agents.

Travel agent training

The Travel Agent’s Code Book.

Do you know where WAW is? Ever stayed at MO? Real travel agents talk in code. Now you ll know how to sound like an old timer.

PLUS . Just-for-you information delivered to your inbox, discounts on future training products, and much, much more.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Travel agent trainingWhat exactly is a home-based travel agent?

Actually, it s more than a travel agent who works at home. These days, it s someone who follows the strategies spelled out in the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course to sell

travel on their own terms, no matter where they set up shop. We explain it all here.

Travel agent trainingWhich host agency should I join?

The one that s right for you, of course. And only you can figure that out. We give you the

tools, you do the research. Oh, and who says you have to join a host agency anyway? We show you how to be completely independent. More info here.

Travel agent trainingHow much does it cost to get started?

How does nothing sound? It really is possible to hook up with an outfit that will allow you to sell travel and earn a commission without spending a dime. We tell all about it here.

Travel agent trainingDo I get a travel agent ID card?

Hoo boy! You really need to learn the truth about those travel agent ID come-ons. We tell all about it here.

Travel agent trainingHow much money can I make?

There are actually home-based agents who earn more than a million a year. Not many, but they exist. There are more who earn into six figures. Then there are some who earn a modest amount working part time and others whose main goal is to save money on their own travel. It s all about how you define your business, which we will help you do. Whatever your goal, we know it s reachable. We can show you the route but you have to walk the walk. Learn more here.

Travel agent trainingDo I need a license?

You mean like a drivers license, where you take a test to prove you know what you re doing and won t be a danger to yourself or others? The answer is No. There are, however, some states who want your money just to call yourself a travel agent. Think of it as yet another tax and you ll be close to the mark. We explain it here.


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About Travel Agent Training #maldives #travel

#travel agent training

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Education Prerequisites

For most travel agent trainees, a high school diploma is the basic educational requirement you must meet. Most agencies hiring a travel agent prefer someone with at least some college courses in a business-related field, and some selective agencies want only an agent with a college degree.

Educational Programs

Many vocational schools offer full programs in tourism or travel, and these programs are excellent for people who want to be a travel agent. The courses available cover the basics of airline, cruise ship lines and other forms of transportation. Travel agent training courses also include accounting courses as well as information on sales techniques. For people who do not complete a full educational program, there also are individual courses available at community colleges and online. These programs help travel agent trainees learn how to work with customers.

Travel Background

Someone who enters a travel agent training program really needs to have some type of background in travel. Though international travel is a boost, domestic travel to popular and interesting destinations is perfect. A personal background in travel will help someone training to be a travel agent because this trainee will have experience to share with clients.

Personal Traits

Someone training to be a travel agent needs to be detail-oriented. A travel agent’s job is to make sure clients’ trips go smoothly. Because of the requirements of the job, people who are good with details and are organized do the best in these positions. Travel agent training programs will include information on organizing the office and how to keep up with all of the client’s needs. Trainees taking courses also should take the opportunity to take basic computer courses because being able to use software to organize client itineraries is key.

Work Environment

Travel agent training programs exist for people who are going to work with established agencies and also for people who want to work from home offices. These travel agents will have a small office and manage all of their clients’ needs from their homes, eliminating the overhead required for traditional office space.


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Travel Agent Training – Instructor – Online Career Training Program #jayco

#travel agent training

About The Instructor

Patricia Flores has been working in the travel industry over 14 years. She attended International Travel and Aviation Academy in 1991 in Arlington, TX. She has excellent qualities, strengths and outstanding customer service skills. Her career started at Cendent Travel where she specialized in booking leisure destination packages. She went on to work for World Travel BTI preparing corporate reservations for Pepsi Cola Account and other various corporate accounts. Patricia has been fortunate to work for wonderful companies such as Carlson Wagonlit Travel and Travelocity. Preparing domestic and international air, car, hotel, train and tour reservations, Patricia presently works as a home agent for American Express Platinum Travel preparing luxury travel. Patricia has a lot of knowledge in Native Sabre and Turbo Sabre Systems. She is proficient and has a lot of experience in the travel industry.

Carmen Smith is a 20+ year Travel Industry Veteran having worked in various capacities: Holiday Inn Reservations Agent and Guest Services Agent; International Flight Attendant/Interpreter with Pan American World Airways; Travel Agency Owner; Travel Technology Online Deployment Manager; and Corporate Travel Manager.

Carmen is now using her culmination of knowledge and skills to run her own company, Travel Management Consulting LLC where she partners with businesses and government entities to build or improve their global travel programs.


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Travel Agent Training. #student #travel

#travel agent training

Unlike the real estate industry and many others, the travel industry does not REQUIRE you to complete any specific training or certifications to call yourself a travel agent. However, with the customer in mind, would you want to book your long awaited vacation with someone who knows nothing, but calls herself a travel agent? Probably not.

MTravelSchool.com is internet delivered travel industry training that is perfect for the new travel agent looking for a training program or for the experienced agent needing Galileo/Apollo training. What could be more convenient than to log on any time, day or night? Complete as few or as many lessons as you want and return when it works for you.

Created from successful and widely used travel career training materials, MTravelSchool.com is designed by an experienced and knowledgeable development staff. The courses cover important practical concepts in the travel industry and may be taken individually or in packages. This curriculum was originally developed in 1981 and has been adapted to the ever-changing travel industry.

You benefit from the freedom of self-paced online courses and maintain important contact and guidance from instructors with up to 20 years of experience in the travel industry. Like the traditional classroom, you and your instructor interact with each other regularly. The use of relevant information, easy to read screens, interesting industry insights and information that relates directly to the workplace makes online instruction easy to understand and apply.

Invest in yourself! This is just what you need to launch a successful career as a travel agent, either home-based or with a brick and mortar agency.

We invite you to review our program and to contact us with any questions you may have.

For More Information, Complete The Form

Or Call Us Today at (800) 870-5799


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Travel Agent Training Center #travel #hotel #deals

#travel agent course

How It Works

So exactly how does an online training program work?

The AAA Travel Agent Training Center online course is a combination correspondence and online training. Your online training materials include:

  • Books
  • Workbooks
  • Travel Brochures

You will have access to the online “Training Center” where the Course Syllabus for each module is located to guide you along. Each course offers activities which include:

  • Course review videos
  • Review questions
  • Additional handouts
  • Projects
  • Tests

One of the major advantages of taking a course via the internet is that it is “time and place” independent. This means that you can “attend class” at any time at home, work, school, or elsewhere. There is no scheduled class meeting times with this program. We know with busy schedules it’s hard to “attend class” at a certain time. The online travel agent course has included within the curriculum many recorded training class sessions to help you learn about many aspects of the travel industry. You can read or view these recorded sessions at any time and review multiple times. You just need access to a computer with internet access. You will be given a timeframe to complete your courses so you do need to set a schedule you can follow but there are no scheduled classes you have to attend.

Your instructor can be reached via email or phone to assist you one-on-one as needed to answer questions. To be successful in these course methods you need to establish good study skill habits.

  • Schedule your “class” time weekly, just as if you were physically coming to a class.
  • Try to do all of your online work and study in the same place.
  • Establish a schedule of when you will be online and when you will study. Stick to that schedule.
  • Schedule your learning when you will not be interrupted.
  • To “turn in” your work, you will complete your assignments and submit online via the “Training Center”.
  • A successful distance learning student will understand the importance of following a schedule.

There are many advantages in participating in an online course. Some include:

  • A distance learning course can be done anywhere and anytime.
  • Students save money; no commuting to class, no childcare and travel expenses.
  • Distance learning takes advantage of new technologies and encourages students to be innovative.
  • Students who are motivated and/or quick learners can move ahead at a faster rate.
  • Because most contact with instructors will be done via email, messages can be sent at any time day or night. Keep in mind, however, response may not be immediate.

How quickly can you complete the courses? You work at your own pace but here are some examples;

Realistic schedule: Study 5 hours per week, complete course in 5 months (20 Weeks)

Manageable schedule: Study 10 hours per week, complete course in 2½ months (10 Weeks)

Aggressive schedule: Study 20 hours per week, complete course in 1½ months (5 Weeks)

Once you complete the program you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the AAA Travel Agent Training Center.

Are you ready to begin your journey? Enroll Now!


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Medical Billing and Coding Course Training Course in New York City,


Medical Billing and Coding Course in New York City

Medical Billing and Coding Course

Start an exciting career as a Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Coder, and/or Medical Office Manager. We will teach you how to create invoices, process reimbursements, issue payments, and navigate the claims review, correction, and appeals process. This certificate is designed to meet the needs of both individuals at the entry-level and also the experienced biller who wants to further develop their coding skills.

This 10 week class is all you need to start in a medical billing and coding career. This course prepares for the National Medical Billing and Coding Certification that allows you to work in any state in the USA. You are guaranteed to pass the National Certification Exam.

  • Hands on training
  • Small class
  • Affordable cost. Some schools charge more than double for less quality training.
  • Payment Plans Available
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • High Quality Training Environment
  • Excellent Instructors. Some of the industry best instructors.
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to Medisoft
  • Medical Coding
  • ICD 9 and 10
  • How to Measure patient’s vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature.
  • Listen to and record patients health concerns and report that information to nurses.

How long is this Course?

This course is 84 hours long.

Why is the tuition much lower than other schools?

Our tuition is much lower than other training providers because we have optimized our business processes to ensure quality training at a reasonable price. As a smaller school with lower overhead we are able to provide a great class and better value to our students.

How big are your classes?

We hold no classes with more than 12 students.

Do you ever cancel a class because you don t have enough students?

No, we never cancel a class. We will teach a class with 1 registered student if we have to. If unforeseen circumstances arise such as bad weather, instructor health or family problems and we have to cancel a class, we will offer all students a 100% full refund or reschedule to another class.

Do you accept Workfore1 Vouchers?

Yes we accept Workfore1 Vouchers. You will need to visit us to get an acceptance letter. Please call us for more information about this.

Why should I choose your training over other health training Providers?

Choosing a training provider can be tough choice. We all claim to offer the best value, in terms of price, passing rate, and guarantee. TIA School of Allied Health offers the lowest price, one of the best passing rates, and an excellent guarantee. As a New York State licensed school and Better Business Bureau Accredited business we can honestly say what we offer is the truth and you can verify it.

Request Information

Why join us?

  • Small class size. This will allow for great personal training with our instructor.
  • Classroom training in New York City.
  • The most flexible schedule. If you cannot attend a few of our classes, you can do a makeup in any of other classes, which includes evening, weekend, or weekday courses.
  • Great instructor. Our Instructors all has over 10 years of experience as medical professionals.
  • This is not a lecture only class. We use a combination of group activities, discussions and exercises to enforce what you learn.
  • Help after the class. Work with the instructor after the class to help you pass the exam.
  • Affordable cost. Some places charge more than double for less quality training.
  • Payment Plans Available


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Animal Behavior College Locations #animal #behavior #college #locations, #dog #training #schools,


I understand that submitting my information gives consent for Animal Behavior College to provide me with information and discount/promotional/marketing materials via phone, fax, email, text (if I opted in), chat or other automated technology. I also understand that I am able to opt-out from communications at any time. I waive all no-call-registry choices and acknowledge that my consent does not require me to purchase.

** Standard text messaging rates apply as provided in your wireless plan.

Animal Behavior College Locations

More Than 6,000 Hands-on Locations in the United States and Canada 1

Animal Behavior College is available to students in the United States and Canada because we ve spent nearly two decades building strong relationships with thousands of pet industry experts. We ve carefully created an extensive network of pet professionals whose ideals align with ours. Our network includes professional dog trainers. veterinary hospitals, grooming salons and humane societies across North America.

As a vocational school, we certify students who graduate from any of our 4 animal career programs: Dog Trainer Program. Cat Training Program. Veterinary Assistant Program and Dog Grooming Program. Having connections with animal specialists in all 50 U.S. states and all Canadian provinces, we re able to provide ABC students the education and real world work experience that can help them launch their animal careers.

Over 6,000 mentor locations across North America.

Enter your zip code to see if we have a location near you. 1

Gain hands-on training from over 3000 locations across North America.

The ABC corporate office is located in Los Angeles County; however, our programs are mobile, and thus available to all students in the United States and Canada regardless of the city or province you reside in. This means the hands-on portion of the program is available to all dog training students in all 50 states and every Canadian province. Call us at 800-795-3294 today for more information!

Military Spouses May Qualify for Free Tuition! Learn More


Animal Behavior College is a private vocational school approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (www.bppe.ca.gov ) under the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 and Title 5. California Code of Regulations Division 7.5. Private Postsecondary Education. The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education approval means that this institution and its operation comply with the standards established under the law for occupational instruction by private postsecondary educational institutions. Institutional approval is subject to continual review and the institution must reapply for approval every five years.

Please be advised that Animal Behavior College (“ABC”) is the exclusive entity authorized to provide certifications and/or degrees from Animal Behavior College. Moreover, such certifications and/or degrees are only conferred by ABC following a student’s completion of an ABC-administered program.

No other entity or individual has authority to confer certifications and/or degrees on ABC’s behalf. Any other entity or individual who attempts to do so is acting without express or implied authority from ABC.


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Best PLC Training SCADA DCS HMI VFD Training institute courses Cochin


Welcome to IPCS Automation

Automation PLC SCADA Training



  • Service Engineer Job at Chennai
    Industry. Automation Job Location. Chennai Qualification. BTech / BE – Instrumentation SKILLS. PLC, SCADA,VFD
  • CCTV Technician Job at Kochi
    Industry. BMS Job Location. Kochi Qualification. ITI / Diploma or Any Degree SKILLS. BMS, CCTV, Security Systems
  • Service Engineers – Trainee Job at Trivandrum
    Industry. Automation Job Location. Trivandrum Qualification. B.Tech. EEE / ECE / Instrumentation SKILLS. PLC, SCADA,VFD
  • Automation Project Engineer job vacancy at Ahmedabad and Navi Mumbai
    Industry. Automation Job Location. Ahmedabad and Navi Mumbai Qualification. Any Engineering Degree SKILLS. Have knowledge of Instrumentation, Industrial networks and Automation
  • BMS Service Engineer vacancy at Mumbai
    Industry. BMS Job Location. Mumbai Qualification. Any Degree SKILLS. BMS Trained professional
  • BMS Engineer
    Industry. Building Management System Job Location. Kochi Qualification. BMS Trained Technician SKILLS. Networking and Installation
  • Marketing Engineer
    Industry. Automation Job Location. Trivandrum Qualification. Any Engineering Degree SKILLS. Should be passionate in Marketing


  • International Certified Automation Training
  • Government Certified Automation Training
  • Government of Qatar Certified Automation Training
  • IAO – USA Certified Automation Training


Online Registration

Certificate Verification

Incampus Training

Training can be conducted in your campus during holidays or working days. We will be providing certificate to each participant and staff coordinators. We are sure that this will be a unique opportunity for your students to bridge the gap between academic and industry. Training covers PLC, SCADA, VFD, HMI. Control Panels and Embedded including the course materials. For training schedule and syllabus submit the following details

Man Power Supply

The efficiency of the employee is the real asset of any company. We have increased the productivity of many plants by supplying trained engineers and technicians. We value the trust in our company, and we will do our best to meet your expectations. Rest assured, with our service for your Organization to help increase the productivity. If given an opportunity, we are sure we will definitely come up to your expectations by providing the best candidates matching to your requirements at absolutely no cost for you and the organization.


  • HLL life care limited.
    PLC based Control unit for Quality Control and Sorting Machine with VFD Controlled Conveyor system. PLC. Siemens. VFD – Allen Bradley.
  • Calicut International Airport.
    Installation & Commissioning of VFD Based AHU Unit.



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    What Is Network Cabling? Total Comms Training #optical #fiber, #optical #fibre,


    What is network cabling?

    Network cables are used to connect and transfer data and information between computers, routers, switches and storage area networks. Cables are essentially the carrier or media through which data flows.

    There are different types of network cable, and the appropriate type to use will depend on the structure and topology of the overall architecture of the system. The most commonly used types of network cables are dominated by what is referred to as twisted pair cable . In local area networks, twisted pair cable is by far the moist commonly used type of cable.

    Twisted pair cable is used in many ethernet networks. Comprising of four pairs of thin wires or conductors, these wires are contained inside of the insulation or outer sheath of the cable. Each pair is twisted into several additional twists. These twists are to prevent interference from other devices and indeed from other adjacent cables!

    Fibre optic cabling is specified where high bandwidth is needed; especially in the data centre environment and where an installation demands high capacity, typically a hospital, airports, banks. Fibre optic is fast becoming the medium of choice for any installation that is sending high volumes of data!

    Of cource, there are other types of cables, i.e. coaxial, multipair and of course, other types of media such as wireless.

    Additional Links

    Latest Courses
    Course Categories
    Find out more
    Contact Us

    Address: Total Comms Training Ltd, Centurion House, Barrows Road, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5FN

    For more info call us
    on freephone: 0800 170 7007
    For all other enquiries, you can call us on + 44 (0)1279 42 66 00

    Latest Tweets


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    Normal Testosterone and Estrogen Levels in Women #estrogen, #testosterone, #estrogen #levels,


    Normal Testosterone and Estrogen Levels in Women

    It may surprise you to know that men don’t have a monopoly on testosterone. Testosterone belongs to a class of male hormones called androgens. But women also have testosterone.

    The ovaries produce both testosterone and estrogen. Relatively small quantities of testosterone are released into your bloodstream by the ovaries and adrenal glands. In addition to being produced by the ovaries, estrogen is also produced by the body’s fat tissue. These sex hormones are involved in the growth, maintenance, and repair of reproductive tissues. But that’s not all. They also influence other body tissues and bone mass.

    What are hormones?

    A hormone is a chemical substance. It’s secreted by one tissue and travels by way of body fluids to affect another tissue in your body. In essence, hormones are “chemical messengers.” Many hormones, especially those affecting growth and behavior, are significant to both men and women.

    The amount and levels of hormones change daily. The sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone, are secreted in short bursts — pulses — which vary from hour to hour and even minute to minute. Hormone release varies between night and day and from one stage of the menstrual cycle to another.

    What is estrogen?

    Estrogen is an entire class of related hormones that includes estriol, estradiol. and estrone.

    Estriol is made from the placenta. It’s produced during pregnancy .

    Estradiol is the primary sex hormone of childbearing women. It is formed from developing ovarian follicles. Estradiol is responsible for female characteristics and sexual functioning. Also, estradiol is important to women’s bone health. Estradiol contributes to most gynecologic problems, including endometriosis and fibroids and even female cancers.

    Estrone is widespread throughout the body. It is the main estrogen present after menopause .

    Why do estrogen levels fall?

    There are many reasons why estrogen levels fall, including:

    Drugs that block estrogen include clomiphene, which tricks the body into thinking it has decreased levels of estrogen. Also, women experience low levels of estrogen immediately after childbirth and also during breastfeeding .


    Why are athletes at risk for low levels of estrogen?

    Women with low body fat often do not produce sufficient amounts of sex hormones. This can be a problem for women such as athletes, models, and gymnasts. It can also be a problem for women with eating disorders. These women can experience a cessation of menstruation. known as amenorrhea. They may also develop osteoporosis — thin bones — and fractures as well as other conditions more common in older women after menopause.

    Do estrogen levels fall at menopause?

    Yes. Estrogen levels fall at menopause. This is a natural transition for all women between ages 40 and 55. The decline in estrogen can happen abruptly in younger women whose ovaries are removed, resulting in so-called surgical menopause.

    Perimenopause is the period of transition before menopause. The first natural decline in estrogen levels starts during this phase. Other physiological changes also start. Women going through perimenopause may experience weight gain along with other menopause symptoms. For instance, there may be irregular menstrual periods, hot flashes. and vaginal dryness .

    On average, menopause occurs at age 51. When it does, a woman’s body produces less estrogen and progesterone. The drop of estrogen levels at menopause can cause uncomfortable symptoms, including:

    Some women experience moodiness. That may or may not be related to the loss of estrogen. Lower levels of estrogen may also increase a woman’s risk for heart disease. stroke. osteoporosis and fractures .

    Why do estrogen levels rise?

    During puberty, it’s normal for levels of estrogen to rise. That’s because this hormone fuels changes in a young girl’s body. For example, it plays a role in the development of breasts. a more mature curved figure, fuller hips, and pubic and underarm hair .

    In addition, high levels of estrogen are seen in women who are extremely overweight. Estrogen levels rise during a healthy pregnancy, and increased estrogen levels may be seen with tumors of the ovaries, testes, or adrenal glands.

    Some drugs, such as steroid medications. ampicillin, estrogen-containing drugs, phenothiazines, and tetracyclines can increase estrogen levels.


    What happens when testosterone levels rise or fall?

    If your body produces too much testosterone, you may have irregular or absent menstrual periods. You may also have more body hair than the average woman. Some women with high testosterone levels develop frontal balding. Other possible effects include acne. an enlarged clitoris, increased muscle mass, and deepening of voice.

    High levels of testosterone can also lead to infertility and are commonly seen in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is an endocrine condition that is sometimes seen in women of childbearing age who have difficulty getting pregnant. Women with PCOS have symptoms similar to those produced by high testosterone levels. They include:

    PCOS is associated with:

    As women with PCOS age, the presence of these risk factors increases their risk for heart disease.

    At menopause, women experience a decline in testosterone. That decline may be correlated to a reduced libido. Some findings indicate that testosterone replacement therapy may benefit sexual function in certain perimenopausal and postmenopausal women. Testosterone replacement is unadvised in women with breast or uterine cancer. It also may increase the chances of cardiovascular disease or liver disease. So, experts are cautious about recommendations.

    How do I know if my hormone levels are too high or too low?

    Your doctor can do a physical examination and assess your health situation and symptoms to determine if further laboratory tests are needed to check hormone levels. Those tests may be important if you have a health condition such as PCOS or have stopped menstruating because of excessive athletic training or anorexia nervosa. If the tests show abnormal levels of hormones, your doctor can prescribe effective treatment.

    WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD on November 08, 2016


    MedicineNet.com: ”Women’s Health: Female Hormones.”

    MedicineNet.com: ”Estrogen levels in blood predict breast cancer’s return.”

    Goldberg, N, MD. Women Are Not Small Men, Ballantine Books, 2000.

    Bruce, D, PhD, and Thatcher, S, MD, PhD. Making a Baby, Ballantine Books, 2003.

    Lab Tests Online: ”Estrogen.”

    © 2016 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.


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    CyberSecurity Forensic Analyst Certification #cyber #security, #cyber #security #training, #cybersecurity, #cybersecurity


    CyberSecurity Forensic Analyst CSFA

    Possessing the CyberSecurity Forensic Analyst (CSFA)™ certification is proof that the analyst can conduct a thorough and sound forensic examination of a computer system and other digital/electronic devices, properly interpret the evidence, and communicate the examination results effectively and understandably.

    The CSFA designation is held exclusively by the most qualified digital forensic professionals and is a testament that the holder has the skills necessary to perform a comprehensive analysis within a limited time frame.

    Testing scenarios are based on actual cases and are constantly being reviewed and updated by a team of professionals representing both the public and private sectors.

    One Of The Best Computer Forensics Certs For 2016

    Tied For Third Place – Top Cert For 2015

    According to the Foote Research Group. the CSFA tied for third place along with the GSNA and PMP for a certification earning the highest pay premiums in 2014. This was out of 357 certifications.

    The CSFA was also named one of the 10 Hot IT Certifications for 2015 by [ci]channelinsider. and was also named a top certification to have for 2016 by Tom’s IT Pro .


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    ELearnSecurity – IT Security training courses for individuals and corporations #penetration


    Training professionals from.

    Projects and Events

    eLearnSecurity is a sponsor of Black Hat USA 2017, the leading information security event of the year, bringing together top infosec experts to discuss the latest security research and trends. You can find the eLearnSecurity booth at the Innovation City in BH USA.

    To keep up with mobile s blistering pace, we released a Refreshed version of MASPTv2 with new topics, additional labs, and the much-awaited lab guides. One lucky enrollee was drawn to win a brand-new eLearnSecurity-themed Apple iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED.

    Some of our students were in for a surprise when we got them officially #shirtified with FORGED by eLearnSecurity gear.

    Hack.me, powered by eLearnSecurity, is the one and the only free for all Web Application Security virtual lab where everyone can build, share and run vulnerable web applications.

    Latest videos

    Stepping Through Your First Web App Penetration Test

    Developing Burp Suite Extensions with Luca Carettoni

    MISSION: Black Hat USA | eLearnSecurity

    A security pro s take on eLearnSecurity, pentesting, and the IT security field



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    Seattle CPR, BLS, PALS & ACLS Training Center #acls #training #center


    About Seattle, Washington Training Center

    Get Social

    The Seattle Cascade Training Center was established in 2002 and is conveniently situated just north of downtown Seattle at the junctions of the North Queen Anne/Fremont/Nickerson neighborhoods.

    This location has over 5,500 sq. feet of customized training space which includes a comfortable 36 person classroom, a 14 person classroom and 4 simulation breakout rooms, administrative office space, video conferencing room, fulfillment/shipping center and corporate conference rooms.

    This location serves multiple universities, hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and industrial/workplace entities within the greater Seattle area. We are located on Nickerson Street in between the historic Fremont Bridge and Seattle Pacific University.

    Amenities for our clients include: 4 private in suite restrooms, complimentary coffee and filtered water, private non-restroom space for breast pumping (please inquire about this during office hours prior to your course date), covered exterior walkways, free customer parking lots adjacent to north, south and west sides of the building, disabled parking/ADA compliant configuration throughout training center and a lobby.

    Our office hours are 8:00AM – 5:30PM M-F excluding holidays and conducts courses as scheduled seven days a week.


    The Training Center provides all levels of Basic through Advanced American Heart Association resuscitation training and ENA Classes to the Seattle, WA region.

    These courses include:

    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (AHA ACLS) Initial and Renewal certification courses
    • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (AHA PALS) Initial and Renewal certification courses
    • Healthcare Provider CPR training (AHA BLS/CPR)
    • Trauma Nurse Core Course (ENA TNCC)
    • Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course (ENA ENPC)
    • Pediatric Emergency Assessment Recognition and Stabilization (AHA PEARS)
    • Neonatal Resuscitation Program (AAP NRP)
    • Introduction to ECG and Pharmacology Courses (AHA ACLS/PALS Predatory Courses)
    • Airway Management Curriculums (AHA Airway)
    • Bloodborne Pathogens (AHA Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens)
    • First Aid CPR and AED Courses (Heartsaver AHA FA, CPR and AED)
    • AHA online programs (AHA Online Part 2 & 3) courses

    These courses are tailored for:

    • Physicians
    • Nurses
    • Radiology
    • Respiratory
    • Assistants
    • Technologists
    • Technicians
    • Allied Clinicians/Practitioners
    • Education
    • Industrial
    • Child care

    All courses are available to the public and surrounding hospitals, fire departments and clinics as well as individuals in the community.

    Cascade Seattle also provides private or specialized group courses for:

    • American Academy of Family Physicians ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics and Basic Life Support in Obstetrics)
    • Multiple lay rescuer and public safety courses in including Emergency Medical Responder, and a variety of NAEMT programs.
    • We also offer clinical competency education specific to client settings as well as IV therapy courses as required by WA state law for dental entities involved in conscious sedation.

    All ACLS, PALS, PEARS and CPR courses are official American Heart Association courses. Upon successful course completion, an AHA certification card is issued on site immediately following the course at the course location. AHA credentials are valid for two years.


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    Paralegal Studies #community #colleges #oklahoma, #oklahoma #community #colleges, #oklahoma #colleges, #colleges


    Business Information Technology

    A two-year program offering day and evening classes, it’s designed to prepare a student for employment as a legal assistant or paralegal.

    Approved by the American Bar Association since 1976, Paralegal Studies at Rose State is a two-year program offering day and evening classes.

    A paralegal is an individual who is educated and trained to assist a practicing attorney. Paralegals, also called legal assistants, perform a wide variety of duties and tasks which are professional in nature, distinct from routine clerical tasks. A primary responsibility of a paralegal is to relieve the supervising attorney of routine duties so that the attorney is able to use his/her time in more complex areas of the case. Proper use of a paralegal/legal assistant enables an attorney to handle a heavier case load and increase productivity, thereby resulting in the delivery of legal services to a client more efficiently and economically.

    The Paralegal Studies Program is designed to prepare the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to gain employment as a paralegal/legal assistant and/or to allow the student to advance to positions of increasing responsibility in the legal field. The program is not offered to train attorneys or legal administrators. Objectives of the program are:

    • To provide practical training in legal skills supported by substantive legal theory;
    • To instruct students in legal specialty courses to enable students to perform tasks specific to particular areas of law;
    • To inform students of ethical responsibilities of the legal profession; and
    • To educate students to the role of the paralegal in the delivery of quality services within ethical limitations applicable to a paralegal’s function in the legal profession.

    The Paralegal Studies Program is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education; it is dedicated to providing quality education and current technological skills so that graduates can find employment in the legal community or in a law-related field.

    A person in the Paralegal Studies profession CAN :

    • Interview clients and witnesses
    • Draft pleadings and documents
    • Perform legal research
    • Write legal memoranda and briefs
    • Research public records
    • Prepare discovery requests and responses
    • Prepare exhibit lists
    • Assist the attorney at trial
    • Provide case management
    • Perform law office management tasks

    A person in the Paralegal Studies profession CANNOT :

    • Give legal advice
    • Accept cases or set legal fees
    • Represent a party in court

    ALL legal services performed by a paralegal must be supervised by an attorney.Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.

    Program Admission Requirements

    Option I:
    • High School transcript or GED certificate and transcript
    • ACT Reading score of 19 or COMPASS Reading Test score of 83
    • Eligibility for English Composition I

    Previous or concurrent enrollment in Engl 1113 is a prerequisite for LS 2813, Legal Research and Writing I

    Option II:
    • College transcript(s) reflecting 15 credit hours or more with a 2.5 grade point average or better or an ACT Reading score of 19 or COMPASS Reading Test score of 83
    • Eligibility for English Composition I

    Previous or concurrent enrollment in Engl 1113 is a prerequisite for LS 2813, Legal Research and Writing I.

    Work Setting

    Paralegals work in offices for:

    • Private law firms
    • Banks and corporations
    • Public service corporations
    • Federal, state, and local government

    Tools Materials

    Paralegals work with:

    • Public records, court documents, and other research materials
    • Legal and business documents such as titles, contracts, and mortgages
    • Court cases
    • Computers and software applicable to their area of specialty
    • Clients on a daily basis

    Career Skills

    Paralegals should be able to:

    • Reason clearly and logically
    • Communicate clearly and effectively in speech and writing
    • Be responsible, ethical, and motivated
    • Perform detailed work
    • Analyze information
    • Plan and organize work

    Pros and Cons

    Positive aspects of the career:

    • Working with people as well as data
    • The variety of the work
    • The ability to work on a temporary or freelance basis

    Negative aspects of the career:

    • Performing detailed work tasks
    • Keeping up with changes in laws
    • Working long hours when under pressure to meet deadlines

    Career Information

    For more information regarding the Paralegal Studies profession, contact:

    National Association of Paralegal Studies
    1516 S. Boston, Suite 200
    Tulsa, OK 74119-4013
    (918) 587-6828 FAX (918) 582-6772

    Central Oklahoma Association of Paralegal Studies s (COALA)
    Membership Chairperson or Recruitment Chairperson
    P. O. Box 2146
    Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2146

    The Career Services Office in the Professional Training Center can provide you with more detailed information on the paralegal profession, job markets, salaries, etc. For additional information, contact the Career Services office at (405) 733-7488.

    Apply Today

    Program Director


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    Online Course: Film Appreciation 101 – CEU Certificate #online #film #classes,


    Online Class: Film Appreciation

    Course Description

    ‘Film Appreciation for Modern Audiences’ is intended as a journey through the world of film. It is a sampling of the thought and accumulated critical opinion that forms the basis of the modern stature of 100 years of film-making–as art or culturally important dramatic work.

    If you love film, then this course will help you learn more about film analysis, film reviews and discussions, period genres and movements in film style, and more. It will provide you an informed opinion that will hopefully make your enjoyment of the film medium deeper.

    This course may be useful for professionals who need to be informed and conversant about the film-industry; for the layman who wants to know as much as he/she can about the world of film for personal enjoyment; or for the student, hoping to become familiar with the ‘lay-of-the-land’ for film-criticism.

    Lessons include discussions on the following:

    • How you can get real enjoyment from the films you watch, and why you should care
    • Early film-history
    • The process of film-making and how it relates to understanding the films you watch
    • A look at 100 years of film-styles, genres and movements
    • A discussion of film-psychology, and some fascinating aspects of the perception of films
    • A review of ‘films to watch’, taken in 20-year periods starting in 1900, and moving through 2007, featuring all the classics from each era
    • General ideas about film and art-theory as a consumer habit
    • Film composers to know
    • Film directors to know
    • How to get your twenty-dollar’s worth at the movie-theater
    • New ways to enjoy film and new audience technologies
    • And much more

    Lesson 1: The Value of Film Viewing

    This lesson asks the question, “Why do we enjoy watching movies?”

  • Lesson 2: Early Film History

    This lesson describes the evolution of filmmaking, the inventors, and early actors.

  • Lesson 3: The Filmmaking Process

    This lesson describes the different phases of the filmmaking process.

  • Lesson 4: 100 Years of Film Styles and Movements

    This lesson describes how technology, culture, and current events affect movie making.

  • Lesson 5: Film Psychology

    This lesson describes how writers and directors can get reactions from movie goers.

  • Lesson 6: Films To Watch:1900 — 1960

    This lesson explores the popular, classic, and well-made pictures of this era.

  • Lesson 7: Films to Watch 1960 — 2007

    With new technology, popular movies are changing. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Lesson 8: General Ideas on Art Theory as a Consumer Habit

    This lesson focuses on questions of art theory. What makes movies “art” or “classic?” What makes a picture “good” or “bad?”

  • Lesson 9: Film Composers to Know

    This lesson lists many of the most popular movie composers, and some of their greatest hits.

  • Lesson 10: Film Directors to Know

    This lesson lists influential film directors of the past and the present.

  • Lesson 11: How to Get Your Money’s Worth at the Movies

    This lesson examines how box office receipts are influenced by the reviews, and by consumer likes and dislikes.

  • Lesson 12: New Ways to Enjoy Film, Technology, and the Future

    This lesson examines some of the new technology available for watching movies.

  • Lesson 13: Personal Enrichment as a Film Audience Consumer

    This lesson provides insight into “reality” versus “big screen.”

  • Additional Course Information

    • Document Your Lifelong Learning Achievements
    • Earn an Official Certificate Documenting Course Hours and CEUs
    • Verify Your Certificate with a Unique Serial Number Online
    • View and Share Your Certificate Online or Download/Print as PDF
    • Display Your Certificate on Your Resume and Promote Your Achievements Using Social Media

    Course Title: Film Appreciation

    Course Number: 7550484

    Languages: English – United States, Canada and other English speaking countries

    Course Type: General Education

    CE Accreditation: Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

    Grading Policy: Earn a final grade of 70% or higher to receive an online/downloadable CEU Certification documenting CEUs earned.

    Assessment Method: Lesson assignments and review exams

    Duration: Continuous: Enroll anytime!

    By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

    • Describe the value of film viewing.
    • Know early film history.
    • Know the filmmaking process.
    • Define 100 years of film styles and movements.
    • Define film psychology.
    • Describe general ideas on art theory as a consumer habit.
    • Describe new ways to enjoy film, technology, and the future, and
    • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

    Student Testimonials

    • “I appreciate the availability and the comments made on my work.” — Carlos G.
    • “I liked the summaries of the different film, directors,and composers. Some of the aesthetic principles were interesting also.” — Linda B.

    Related Courses


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    Ppct training #ppct #training



      Course Description: 5 days, 40 hour course

      The PPCT Defensive Tactics System is the first subject control system developed
      through tactical, legal and medical research. Tactically, the system addresses the most
      common types of resistance officers encounter, allowing the instructor to maximize training
      on job related techniques. Legally, the PPCT System teaches a simple use of force
      continuum that clarifies the appropriate force level for every level of resistance. Medical
      research was conducted on every PPCT technique to refine technique efficiency and to
      ensure the medical implications were proportional to the level of resistance.

      Course Goals:
      1. To examine survival learning research in an effort to enhance survivability in combat
      2. To instruct a subject control system that is compatible with the effects of survival stress.
      3. To teach a subject control system based upon the four most common types of
      4. To refine student technique to the instructor level.
      5. To teach instructional methods designed to enhance a student s ability to learn survival
      techniques, increase his/her confidence level, and assist in the successful application
      of physical techniques.

      Course Topics:

      Use of Force Human Factors
      This chapter examines survival stress research and provides students with information that
      will enhance their survivability in combative situations and recommendations
      regarding issues related to critical incident management.

      Instructor Development and Training Protocols
      This chapter reviews instructional methods designed to enhance a student s ability to
      learn survival techniques, increase his/her confidence level, and assist in the successful
      application of physical techniques. Topics covered include the psychology of survival
      training, motivational factors for learning survival skills, the neural basis of learning, and
      the stimulus response training principle. This chapter also introduces PPCT training
      protocols, including certification procedures, course protocols and registration
      requirements, and classroom safety concerns.

      PPCT Control Principles
      This chapter introduces the basic training principles that form the foundation on which all
      PPCT training systems are based. Topics discussed include components of acceptability,
      the PPCT Resistance/Control Continuum, common types of resistance, principles of
      controlling resistive behavior, survival reaction time, the reactionary gap, and tactical

      PPCT Tactical Handcuffing System
      This chapter presents the PPCT Tactical Handcuffing System, a highly effective process
      that emphasizes a commonality of technique for application from the various handcuffing
      positions standing, kneeling and prone. Also discussed are the types of subjects students
      will encounter, the proper handcuffing grip, tactical considerations, handcuffing liability,
      handcuffing myths, and handcuff selection and maintenance.

      Escort Position and Joint Lock Control
      This chapter provides students with the skills and knowledge required to control escort
      position resistance and teaches techniques for follow-up control. It examines the escort
      position, the most common forms of escort position resistance, joint locks, and follow-up
      control techniques.

      Escort position Transport wrist lock
      Transport wrist lock take down Straight arm bar take down
      Inside take down
      Iron wrist lock take down

      Pressure Point Control Tactics
      This chapter teaches students how to effectively and justifiably utilize pressure point
      control tactics for subject control. Topics include methods of application, nerve pressure
      point of the neck and head.

      Defensive Counter strikes
      The defensive counterstrike chapter provides students with the skills and knowledge
      required to not only determine when it is appropriate to strike a subject, but to deliver the
      strike effectively as well. Topics include the tactical methodology of PPCT counter strikes,
      the Fluid Shock Wave Principle of striking, defensive stances and blocks, and counter
      strikes with the hands and legs.

      Straight Punch Knee strike
      Palm Heel strike Angle Kick
      Brachial stuns Combinations of strikes into a take down
      Radial strike All strikes are directed a nerve motor points.
      Median strike Supra scapular strike
      Brachial plexus tie-in Superficial strike

      PPCT Shoulder Pin Restraint System
      This chapter introduces the PPCT Shoulder Pin Restraint System as an alternative to the
      traditional bilateral neck restraint, pursuant to PPCT s goal of simplifying all aspects of
      training by utilizing gross motor skills. A highly versatile technique, the PPCT Shoulder
      Pin Restraint can be used as a low-level restraint to pin a subject to the ground, or it can
      be used to render a subject unconscious in incidents of high-level resistance. The
      chapter discusses the different types of neck restraints, the physiological factors of
      vascular restraints, technical aspects of the Shoulder Pin technique, and force

      PPCT Impact Weapon System
      This chapter presents the PPCT Impact Weapon System, a highly effective process that
      targets the PPCT nerve motor points. It examines the advantages and disadvantages
      of collapsible batons, legal considerations of the PPCT nerve motor point system, the Fluid
      Shock wave Principle of striking, and blocking.

      PPCT Weapon Retention and Disarming System
      This chapter examines the PPCT Weapon Retention and Disarming System, a simple
      system based on gross motor skills. It examines the issues a student needs to consider
      in preparing mentally and physically to disarm an assailant and the basic steps in the
      PPCT retention and disarming procedures.

      Holster retention
      Weapon retention when weapon is out of the holster
      Weapon take aways


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    Georgia Blue Card – SECURITY GUARD TRAINING #armed #security #training #atlanta,security


    Blue Card|Security Guard License| Guard Card|Security Guard Certification|Armed Guard License|Blue Card Application|State Security License|Licensed Instructor|Firearms Instructor|Self Defense Training|Unarmed Security Guard Certification|Body Guard Certification|

    Georgia Security Guard Blue Card information:

    This information listed is posted as a courtesy to assist you with information gathering regarding Georgia Blue Cards. This in no way represents all information on the subject and is just an overview. For more information please visit http://www.sos.georgia.gov/plb/detective/

    1. A Georgia Blue Card is needed only if you are interested in becoming an Armed Guard.

    2. The only way you can register for a blue card is if you have completed the State Certified Armed Guard Training Course. ( The State Certified Training has to be completed prior to Applying for the Blue Card License.

    3. You cannot be a convicted Felon and Obtain a Blue Card License but you can Get your Unarmed Guard Certification and can be employed as an unarmed guard.

    4. Prior to applying for a State Blue Card you must

    A. Complete and pass the State Certified Training through a Licensed instructor. Contact Us.

    B. Get your digital fingerprint payment made to Cogent Systems – see link below for GAPS $52-$60

    D. Get your application completed by a Licensed Georgia Security Agency and notarized. Make Copies of State Certificates and mail with application.

    E. Mail application with State Fee of $70 to the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies.

    F. Wait for Approval of Blue Card License from the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies. http://www.sos.georgia.gov/plb/detective/

    Training and registration cost on this site do not go towards any State or Government Licenses. The payments on this site are for training and certification only.

    READ! To Apply to the State of Georgia for a Armed Guard Blue Card, you must Complete the Armed Guard Training through A State Certified, Licensed Training Instructor! You Cannot get a State Blue Card any other Way! BLUE CARDS ARE NOT ISSUED BY ANY ORGANIZATION EXCEPT THE GEORGIA BOARD OF PRIVATE DETECTIVE AND SECURITY AGENCIES http://www.sos.georgia.gov/plb/detective/


    Need a Job in Security? Ask for the Security Job Consultant. Must have State Certification completed prior to applying.

    Atlanta|Marietta|SandySprings|Lawrenceville|College Park| Forest Park|Stockbridge| Conyers| Alpharetta|Norcross| Loganville| Decatur| Mabelton| Peachtree City| Savannah| Kennesaw|Commerce|Gainesville|Fulton|Forsyth| Gwinnett|Dekalb|PeachtreeCity|Winder|Athens|Georgia|Stone Mountain|Lilburn|Augusta|

    Dacula|Rome|Huntsville|East Point|Jonesboro|Rockdale|
    Buford|Gainesville|Dawsonville|Newnan|Clayton|Monroe|Social Circle|Woodstock|
    Oakwood|Duluth|Columbus|Savannah|Canton|Acworth|Johns Creek|Georgia

    Georgia Security Agency.com 2010


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    CNC Machine Training #machinist #training #online


    CNC Machine Training Schools

    Machine Technologies Programs

    CNC machine training offers the chance to gain job-ready abilities for an engaging career that can provide a real sense of pride and accomplishment. By becoming skilled at working with computer numerical control (CNC) machine technologies, you could soon be making tools, dies, molds, and other objects using high-tech lathes or milling equipment. It’s an opportunity to learn one of today’s most appealing and dependable trades.

    Explore how a machinist training program might help you begin building a more reliable career for yourself right now. Check out the CNC machining schools below or use your zip code to find one close to you!

    Featured Schools

    • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Computer Numerical Control Machinist

    • Arlington, Texas
    • Computer Numerical Control Machinist

    • Indianapolis, Indiana
    • Mahwah, New Jersey
    • Grand Prairie, Texas
    • CNC Machining and Manufacturing

    • Louisville, Kentucky
    • Advanced Manufacturing Technology

    Top Five Reasons to Pursue a Career as a CNC Machinist

    Getting machinist training is an educational investment that often comes with many rewards. This field can offer a lot of benefits to highly trained workers. Here are just a few reasons you should get more information about programs for machine technologies:

    1. Projected Growth

    Nearly 39,200 machinist jobs are expected to become available between 2014 and 2024 an increase of 10 percent over ten years.*

    2. Widespread Opportunity

    Computer numerical control machinist jobs are available in almost every state in the country.** So you probably won’t have to relocate to enjoy a career in this trade.

    3. Good Pay

    In 2015, the median annual wage for a full-time CNC machinist was $48,990, or roughly three times as much as the national minimum wage.**

    4. Transferrable Skills

    Many of the skills you can learn from your CNC machine training are applicable to other jobs in the broad machine technologies field. This can make it easier for you to find jobs and give you more opportunities to advance your career.

    5. Fast Training

    It’s possible to complete a CNC machining program in less than one year. Not only is the specialized training fast, but it can also give you a real competitive edge in the job market.

    Make a Smart Move Forward Right Now

    Does the idea of starting a new, well-paying career in a reliable industry sound exciting? If it does, make sure to request information from a nearby school. For your convenience, this page includes some great options. Or to quickly pinpoint schools near you offering machinist training, use the search tool below!

    * Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook . 2016-17 Edition, website last visited February 23, 2016.


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    Zoho CRM and Email Marketing Thailand #zoho #crm, #email #marketing, #thailand,


    • Zoho Campaigns – Set up Education Company UK
    • Zoho Campaigns – Migration from MailChimp
    • Zoho Campaigns – Targeted Lists Using Zoho CRM Custom Views
    • Zoho CRM – Affordable Zoho CRM Implementation
    • Zoho CRM – Salesforce.com to Zoho CRM Migration
    • Zoho CRM – Hosted Email with Zoho CRM Implementation
    • Zoho CRM – Zoho CRM Implementation UK
    • Zoho CRM – Joomla Website, Zoho CRM Integration
    • Zoho CRM – Contact Management
    • Zoho CRM – Online Business App
    • Zoho CRM – Website Integration
    • Zoho CRM – Rapid Zoho CRM Implementation
    • Zoho CRM – Community Website
    • Zoho CRM – Basic Website Design
    • Zoho CRM – Customisation Spain Skydiving School
    • Zoho CRM – Email Marketing Thailand
    • Zoho CRM – Car Club Membership
    • Zoho SItes – Website for Couple Selling Condo
    • Zoho Sites – Cloud Based
    • Zoho Training – Online Zoho Support for IT
    • Zoho Training – Software Distribution Company
    • Zoho Training – Coffee Machine Supplier In Australia
    • Zoho Training – Online Zoho CRM Training U.S.A
    • Zoho Integration – Get Accurate Online Sales Reports
    • Zoho Integration – Online Marketing Company Thailand Hong Kong
    • Zoho Integration – Integration of Zoho CRM
    • Zoho Integration – Online Marketing Company Hong Kong
    • Zoho Integration – Applications For Sydney

    Zoho CRM and Email Marketing Thailand – Training and Process Improvement

    t+b Solutions is a performance improvement company based in Bangkok who operate throughout SE Asia. They needed a way to centralise and categorise their growing client base as well as improve visibility into the sales pipeline and also reach the right people with the right information through effective CRM and email marketing.

    t + b Solutions required a CRM application in order to improve their sales and marketing and contact management. More specifically, they needed manage their sales pipeline and sales closure processes more effectively.

    The Zoho CRM Starter Package was also selected together with an email marketing package, which included

    • Implementation of Small Business CRM Start Package using Zoho CRM
    • Implementation of centralized calendaring and tasks management
    • Implementation of automated workflow and notification triggers
    • Specific emphasis on the use of segmentation in improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns
    • Setup of email templates
    • Distribution of targeted email campaigns

    Key elements of the project were:

    Analysis and Planning

    • Business process analysis
    • Customizing the CRM to match business processes and resolve key contact management issues. This included emphasis on customization of leads, contacts and potential records.
    • Email campaigns stats reporting and recommendations
    • Creation of Sales dashboards
    • Creation of management dashboards and reports.
    • Collaborative calendaring and task management.
    • Set up of communication templates for every team.
    • Set up of web to lead functionality.
    • Set up of top level management reports.
    • Set up of team level sales and weekly work reports.
    • Set up of department and middle management reports.
    • Integration with Existing Systems
    • Integration with website
    • Creation of training materials as required.
    • Liaison between t+b Solutions and Zoho Support

    Following the introduction of Zoho CRM t + b Solutions sales and marketing staff were empowered to more quickly and easily segment their customers for email marketing campaigns and reporting and has enabled improvements in email communications, both in terms of quality and efficiency, between local staff and international clients.

    I needed a CRM package that would provide focus for my business in terms of finding, winning and keeping customers, and allow me to monitor this through user defined reporting. Zoho delivered all this and was easy to implement throughout the business. Without doubt a good investment.

    Peter Bull, Managing Director, t+b Solutions, Bangkok.


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    John Muir Charter Schools #charter #school, #work, #vocational #training, #wioa, #youthbuild,


    2015 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year

    2015 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year

    2015 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year

    2015 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year

    2015 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year

    2015 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year

    2015 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year

    2015 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year

    2015 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year

    2015 Hart Vision Charter School of the Year

    John Muir Charter Schools is an organization like no other. We give young people the opportunity to earn a high school diploma while working with California Conservation Corps. Local Conservation Corps. YouthBuild and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act sites around the state, doing exciting and valuable work for the community. All John Muir Charter School Sites are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

    If you are 16 to 25 years old, you can join one of these great programs and:

    • Earn a high school diploma while learning with great teachers
    • Receive individualized education that integrates with your work
    • Earn a paycheck doing exciting work while learning and earning a diploma
    • Learn vocational, life and leadership skills
    • Help improve your community

    Join other young adults like you on an adventure of a lifetime
    and earn that valuable high school diploma.

    What’s New

    Our School Sites


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    Project Management Courses, Boston City Campus – Business College, project management


    Project Management

    Project management training boston

    • Windows*
    • Word Processing*
    • Spreadsheets*
    • Outlook*
    • Project+ (CompTIA)**
    • Microsoft Project 1**
    • Microsoft Project 2**
    • Project Management 1 (OPRM11615)*
    • Principles of Customer Service*
    • Principles of Business Communication*
    • Business Management Techniques*

    All modules are compulsory and must be passed.

    *Formative Assessments are undertaken and the highest grade achieved in Formative Assessment is retained. The final grade is based on the Summative Assessment only. A maximum of one (1) additional supplementary assessment opportunity is provided for the Summative Assessment, which will be charged for.

    **The Learner may participate in as many non-formal Assessments as are required in order to prepare for the International exam. Once declared ready, the Learner may then sit for the International Summative Assessment. All International Summative Assessments require a learner to be declared competent. There is no supplementary opportunity as the Learner is permitted to sit for the International Summative Assessment as many times as is required, until declared Competent. Each International Summative Assessment sitting attracts an additional fee.

    CompTIA Examination fees will be charged separately.


    Project Management South Africa (PMSA) is a not-for-profit, member-based professional association serving the knowledge, networking and representation needs of practicing project managers in South Africa. Boston Learners will be registered as Student (Associate) Members of PMSA with access to various industry magazines, publications, textbook articles and project management articles. PMSA Membership Fees will be charged separately.

    Well Organised | Meticulous | Able to Delegate | Friendly | Ability to remain Calm Under-Pressure | Responsible | Confident

    • Ability to operate effectively in the workplace using a number of Windows-based end-user applications
    • Ability to assess full extent of particular project
    • Ability to plan step-by-step each phase and delivery point of project
    • Ability to monitor progress, generate progress reports and keep implementation on track throughout process
    • Ability to recognise shortcomings and potential problems during the project, as and when, or even before they occur
    • Ability to stay calm and make the correct decisions, with appropriate consultation with stakeholders, when things need to change during the project
    • Ability to keep all project goals in focus, so as to ensure full delivery of all aims of project
    • Ability to delegate responsibility and monitor appropriately
    • Ability to control budget at all stages and report at regular intervals

    National Senior Certificate; or National Certificate (Vocational) L4; or equivalent qualification OR alternatively Learners can apply for RPL entry into the programme from the Academic Committee at Boston Head Office.


    On successful completion the Learner will be issued a Boston Short Learning Programme Project Management including eligibility ito RPL for a total of 18 Higher Education credits on NQF L5 (HCLT1, HCLP1) and 26 Higher Education credits on NQF L6 (HCLT2, HPRM1)

    CompTIA Project+ Certification (Internationally recognised)


    On successful completion the Learner may apply for admission with advanced placement to an accredited Boston Higher Education Programme.


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    ECTARC – Early Childhood Training and Resource Centre HOME #training #for


    Welcome to the
    Early Childhood Training And Resource Centre

    The Early Childhood Training And Resource Centre (ECTARC) is a leading Australian registered training organisation that specialises in early childhood training and professional development. For over 18 years, passionate educators, progressive managers and people commencing an early childhood career have chosen ECTARC to deliver their training, professional development and consultancy.

    ECTARC is committed to excellence in the delivery of training that fosters educators that can provide high quality education and care to young children. Our Training Officers are all early childhood trained and deliver their training with experience and passion. The core of our business is better outcomes for children. ECTARC supports students not in isolation, but within the context of children, families and the community. Empowering students to be advocates for children and influential community members through learning.

    Distance Courses

    Educators currently employed in early childhood services, school leavers and unemployed people who wish to commence an early childhood career, study with ECTARC as they can do it via distance study from any location throughout Australia, study at their own pace, pay per unit as they progress through the course and know that they will receive a qualification that is well respected by employers in the early childhood sector. Learn more.

    Trainee and Apprentice Training – NSW, QLD, ACT

    ECTARC is also a leading provider of training to trainees and apprentices in early childhood services in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote services throughout NSW, ACT and QLD. ECTARC is a Smart and Skilled approved provider in NSW and an approved traineeship and apprenticeship provider in QLD and the ACT. With over 18 years experience of delivering traineeships and apprenticeships, we understand the importance of supporting our students and employers throughout the training to achieve successful outcomes. ECTARC is proud of the long term relationships we have with employers and the high number of quality graduates that successfully achieve early childhood qualifications. Learn more.

    Professional Development

    ECTARC specialises in early childhood education and care and brings a vast range of experience and knowledge to educators throughout Australia via live webinars. Professional development keeps educators feeling alive and at the top of their field. Our team of trainers enjoy bringing their passion for excellence in early childhood education to the webinars and sharing information that can be used on-the-floor in services. See our upcoming webinar calendar here.

    Exceptional Student Support

    ECTARC is well known in the early childhood sector for the exceptional support given to students and employers while they are completing their studies with our organisation. The team of ECTARC Training Officers are available at all times 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 5pm to 7pm Tuesday nights to answer your questions. ECTARC Training Officers also go to services to visit trainees and apprentices.

    ECTARC Student Management Portal

    To further support our students, we offer an online Student Management Portal that allows students to:

    – view assessment results – students are notified as soon as an assignment is marked.
    – upload assessment tasks
    – view marked assessment tasks
    – access resources – additional information and documentation to support learning.
    – send messages to Training Development Officers
    – receive messages from Training Development Officers
    – update personal details

    The Student Portal is available through secure market leading technology and students find it very easy to use. The Student Portal increases communications with students and ensures valuable information is available when required and provides access to their student records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We invite you to come and train with ECTARC if you:

    • want to upgrade your qualification from a Certificate III to Certificate IV or Diploma.
    • are interested in gaining an accredited qualification to work in a long day care, preschool, occasional care or after school care service.
    • wish to train with a team of caring, professional women who are dedicated to supporting their students to achieve their goals, that understand what it is like to work on the floor in an early childhood service and who are passionate about early childhood training.
    • want to learn what is best practice and how to deliver high quality experiences to children as an early childhood educator in an Australian early childhood service.
    • want to pay for one unit at a time as your progress through your studies.
    • want to study with an organisation that been recognised for outstanding achievement in the vocational education and training sector with multiple awards, such as the 2012 Small Training Provider of the Year, by the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC).
    • want to be part of an organisation that has been delivering training for over 18 years and has an outstanding reputation with employers and managers of early childhood services across Australia.

    Current Government Funded Training available

    Government funded training can significantly reduce the cost of achieving a qualification. Some courses are offered for free. Educators already working in the industry, Nominated Supervisors, unemployed and school leavers are just some the groups of people that funded training targets from time to time. Please take the time to view the funded courses in your state as you may be eligible to participate. Call ECTARC today to find out how you can participate in a funded course.


    Certificate 3 Guarantee


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    Nurse Assistant for Nursing Homes Training, nurse training courses.#Nurse #training #courses


    Nurse Assistant for Nursing Homes

    Nurse training coursesThis open enrollment training program for nurse assistants meets requirements of the Missouri Omnibus Nursing Act. The course exceeds the required 75 hours of classroom instruction and 100 hours of supervised on-the-job training. Class meets twice a week for 20 sessions; each four hours in length. The 100 hours of on-the-job training are in addition to the scheduled class time. Upon successful completion of the course the student is eligible to take the state examination. A strict attendance policy is enforced throughout this training. Intermediate proficiency in English or higher is recommended.

    For more information on this program, please call 314-984-7777.

    Course Content Includes:

    • Training in basic nursing skills
    • Fire safety
    • Disaster training
    • Nursing home resident safety and rights
    • The social and psychological problems of nursing home residents
    • Methods of caring for mentally confused residents such as those with alzheimer’s disease and related disorders
    • Food service
    • Personal care
    • Elimination
    • Restorative nursing
    • Infection control
    • Special procedures

    For the current class schedule, view the catalog.

    Clinical And Field Work:

    Some degree and certificate programs offered by the college require students to obtain clinical or other field experience as part of their course work. Students with criminal convictions or drug use may have difficulty progressing in these programs. Hospitals and facilities may mandate that a criminal background check and/or drug screening check (at the student’s expense) may be conducted prior to placement in a clinical or field setting. Students not passing these checks may be prohibited from participating in the clinical or field experience thus rendering the student ineligible to satisfactorily meet the course/program requirements.

    To enroll in this state approved training program; the student must be employable in a skilled nursing facility or intermediate care facility in direct resident care.

    Prerequisites required at time of registration:

    • Student must be 18 years of age
    • Family Care Safety Registry-Worker Registration letter. The letter cannot be older than 6 months. You must bring the letter from DHSS not proof of payment. Register online at http://www.dhss.mo.gov/


    *Prices are subject to change.

    How To Register:

    Registration dates are determined each semester; please see the online catalog for current registration dates for this program.

    Register in person only at the Forest Park campus Continuing Education office at the student center.

    Bring ALL prerequisites required at time of registration (listed on first page)

    Payment is due at time of registration.

    Withdrawal And Refund:

    Requests for withdrawal must be submitted in writing at the Forest Park campus Continuing Education office at the student center. The refund/withdrawal deadline for this Health Occupation program can be found in the current course schedule. Information is subject to change.

    Nurse training courses

    Nurse training courses


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    Leading Health & Fitness Training Courses, training in accounting.#Training #in #accounting


    Welcome to Future Fit Training

    Our constant focus is towards delivering the highest standards of training to the health fitness industry #raisingthebar. Read more

    Study with the UK’s number one Training Provider

    0% finance available*

    View Diplomas

    Your future starts here.

    Training in accounting

    Personal Training

    Training in accounting


    Training in accounting


    Welcome to Future Fit

    Training for the serious health and fitness professional.

    Start your fitness career

    Choose from our wide range of accredited courses and diplomas from three specialist schools. Gain industry recognised qualifications, expertise and credibility when you train with Future Fit Training, not to mention first class support to guide you through your qualifications and into your dream career as a skilled fitness professional.

    Choose your school

    Join our specialist schools of either Personal Training, Pilates or Nutrition and find the perfect course to launch your new career, or to help develop your existing career. There are many different options available within each school, including full immersion diplomas and shorter CPD courses – Continuing Professional Development to improve your career potential. Earn more as you learn more with specialist CPD courses.

    Qualify – Develop – Excel

    Our status as a leading fitness training company is built on putting you at the centre of everything we do, going above and beyond to make certain that you have the skills required to do your job well. Your career goals become ours, so you can rest easy knowing that every measure is taken to ensure that we get there together.

    Free Health Fitness Careers Advice

    Call our expert Careers Advisers for advice on training courses on 01329 829444 or 0800 458 1388 or alternatively, Live Chat with us. Our team will guide you through from start to finish, from enrolment to graduation.

    • 25,000 students 24+ years’ experience
    • You are supported every step of the way

    0% Finance Options Available

    * Subject to terms and conditions. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.


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    Free CompTIA A Essentials: A Certification Exam Study: Comptia A Certification


    FREE CompTIA A+ Certification Online School

    Our FREE Comptia A+ Certification Exam Resources

    ProProfs.com Academy provides free quality resources on A plus certification exam. Our CompTIA A+ school provides you online access to resources required to gather skills and knowledge to quickly become A+ certified. All resources and study material are totally free to all A+ certification candidates learners.

    Comptia A+ Certification Exam Review

    CompTIA A+ certification (also known as CompTIA A Plus) is an international industry credential that validates the knowledge of computer service technicians.

    The skills and knowledge measured by the CompTIA A+ exams are vendor neutral and are derived from an industry-wide and worldwide job task analysis.
    Two exams are necessary to be certified:

    • CompTIA A+ Essentials, exam code 220-701
    • CompTIA A+ Practical Application, exam code 220-702

    Comptia A+ Exam Specifics:

    Exam Cost: $168 each. Download more information on exam prices
    Exam Location: You can register for the exam at any Pearson VUE and Thompson Prometric center.
    Time Allocated: 90 minutes per exam
    Total marks: 900
    Minimum Pass Marks: 675 for CompTIA A+ Essentials, 700 for CompTIA A+ Practical Application on a scale of 100-900
    Number Of Questions: 100 questions per exam.
    Exam format: Linear format; computer-based test (CBT)
    Prerequisites: None
    Validation Period: As of January 1, 2011 the A+ certification will be valid for three years from the date the candidate completes their certification. A valid through date will appear on all certificates and certificate holder ID badge.
    Score Report: Delivered immediate on test completion
    Languages: The languages offered for the exams are English, Spanish, German, Turkish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and soon to be added Korean.

    Exam Pattern

    The question types found on the A+ exam are:

    • Multiple Choice with Single answer: Student is required to select a single answer from a range of options (generally 4-5) by clicking on a radio button.
    • Multiple Choice with Multiple answer: Student is required to select a range of options. The number of options to select is specified.
    • Fill in the Blank: Student is required to select the missing text to complete the sentence (multiple choice style).

    Benefits Of Passing Comptia A+ Test

    The CompTIA A+ Certification Exam is considered the industry standard in terms of measuring a technicians hardware and software knowledge. Those possessing the certification are more likely to receive higher salaries and 85% of these individuals choose to further their careers. By adding more certifications to your portfolio the career paths become even more valuable and diverse.

    Here are some of the benefits of pass the APlus exam.

    • Satisfaction: Passing A+ certification test is great morale booster. New employers will take you seriously and your current employer will take notice.
    • More Career Options: The possibilities for advancement are almost endless once you begin your career in the IT industry with the CompTIA A+ Certification. These include Help Desk Technician, PC Technician, Field Service Technician, Manufacturing etc
    • Higher Salary: On average, certified professionals make 5-15% than their non certified peers.

    What are Company benefits for the A+ Certification

    • Increased customer satisfaction repeat business
    • Use of the A+ logo
    • Increased productivity due to skilled workers
    • Measurable competence standards
    • Simplified recruiting and hiring
    • Lower training costs

    Read more about the benefits of passing the Comptia A+ test in our free articles section. You need to pass the A+ Essentials exam and one more test to become certified.

    FREE CompTIA A+ Certification Test

    Our many FREE online A+ practice tests will help you pass by familiarizing you with the material and the ensuring that you know the structure of the A+ test. Each A+ practice test is timed to give you a feel of the pressures of the real exam. The tests are designed to reflect your score on the final exam. Visit our A+ practice exam section and start your A+ practice now! We have many tests for the latest A+ Essentials exam. You can also take an A+ quiz at our quiz school or create your own flashcards

    FREE A+ Study Guide

    Our FREE A+ Study Guide is available to all! Visit the study guide section and start learning now!


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    Driving School in Virginia #driving #school #in #virginia,driving #school #in #alexandria,


    Keys Driving School in VA

    Driving is a risk-taking activity! Keys Driving School helps to eliminate the risk that’s involved in driving.

    “Keys Driving School” offers a protected and friendly environment and the experienced Keys Driving School staff is ready to provide you with superior training programs that are modified to meet your needs.
    “Keys Driving School” offers defensive and safe driving training. Ours instructors are always there to help improve your child’s driving skills, knowledge, and also teach them, how to prevent accidents and become a safe drive on the road.
    Keys Driving School not only helps you become a safer and smarter driver but also protects others on the road by following the rules of the roads and tries to minimize the mistakes that are made while driving. We offer defensive driving courses, which are designed to be highly effective and easy to learn.

    We pick up students from various areas of Northern Virginia which includes Alexandria, Arlington Fairfax, Falls Church, Burke, Springfield, Woodbridge and most of Prince William areas.

    There is one more benefit of learning driving from professional driving school that is, the driver will feel more confident after learning driving as he/she has learned it from the professional and confidence plays a vital role in driving any vehicle.

    Upon completion of the driving course the students make themselves and their families safer on the roads, by using the driving principles learned in Keys Driving School .

    Driving is a hazard taking action! driving school alexandria kills the hazard that is included in driving. “Driving School” offers an ensured and amicable condition and the accomplished Driving School staff is prepared to give you better preparing programs that are adjusted than address your issues. “Driving School” offers cautious and safe driving preparing. Our own educators are dependably there to help enhance your tyke’s driving abilities, learning, and furthermore show them, how to forestall mischances and turn into a sheltered drive out and about. driving school alexandria not just helps you turn into a more secure and more astute driver additionally ensures others out and about by taking after the guidelines of the streets and tries to limit the oversights that are made while driving. We offer guarded driving courses, which are intended to be exceptionally compelling and simple to learn. There is one more advantage of taking in driving from expert driving school that is, the driver will feel more certain subsequent to learning driving as he/she has taken in it from the expert and certainty assumes an indispensable part in driving any vehicle. Endless supply of the driving course the understudies make themselves and their families more secure on the streets, by utilizing the driving standards learned in “Keys Driving School”. Drive Safe. It is highly important that these driving tests are taken and not only taken but aced as well. It is due to these tests that the roads can be safer for everyone. In these times when everybody is in a rush on the road and to reach on time has become a major requirement and people are always in hurry. This is one of the main reasons of the tragic road accidents that happen. Such is the intensity of these incidents that they can be highly fatal and the victims leave his friends and family to bear the consequences in the end. It is highly recommended that proper driving lessons are taken for the safety of all that are present on the road. “keys Driving school would help you to learn the proper road signs and would also give you a better understanding of the road and a better sense of the road. Our expert drivers and educators or what we like to call the “facilitators” are always there to help and to make you an expert on driving as well. Reflexes are needed A good driver can be a solution to many problems and can always play a huge part in getting you somewhere on time. Although skilled and expert driving takes experience and time on the road. Fortunately our drivers have both and are willing to pass on their skills to the people who come to learn. Many things are connected with this art f driving for example the reflexes and it is of utmost importance that the drivers has quick and agile reflexes so that he can use them in time of need and also has a good sense of anticipation while he or her is on the road. To get successful results our experts are always there to guide you and make you as good as they are.

    Why Choose Us?


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    Doctrine degree #army, #training, #doctrine, #tradoc, #publications, #school, #recruitment, #soldier, #instruct,


    Victory Starts Here!

    The four TRADOC functions of DESIGN. ACQUIRE. BUILD and IMPROVE are crucial to enable the Army to meet specific Army strategic aimpoints. These aimpoints are defined in the Army Strategic Plan between now and 2050 for the three chief of staff of the Army priorities of Readiness (Current Fight), Future Army (Future Fight) and Take Care of the Troops (Always). These aimpoints describe Army capabilities and conditions for the Current Fight, Next Fight and Future Fight.

    TRADOC designs the future force to ensure that the United States Army remains the dominate land power in the world.

    Multi-Domain Battle is the concept that will allow the Army, with the Joint Force, to maintain military dominance by developing both greater self-sufficiency and deeper joint integration to fight and win without assured air, sea, space and cyber dominance.

    TRADOC recruits the next generation of Soldiers and leaders.

    Improve Accessions Enterprise: The Army is Soldiers. The Army requires an accessions system that finds and recruits the best future Soldiers across the nation.

    TRADOC trains the next generation of Soldiers and leaders.

    Soldier 2020 will ensure all entering Soldiers have the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to succeed in their MOS. It maximizes the Army’s use of available talent.

    Lessons learned, refined doctrine and leader development merge at TRADOC to improve the Army .

  • Adapt the Institutional Army: the Army must change for the information age. New methods of training, education, career management, logistical support, financial management, communication–internal and external, and a host of others will improve the Army.
  • New Doctrine: battlefield experiences combined with new concepts require new doctrine that effectively describes how the Army will accomplish its assigned missions.
  • Talent Management: the Army must transcend its industrial age personnel management systems to fully develop and employ the talents each Soldier brings to the fight.
  • Army University: TRADOC is reforming and systematizing the Army school system to make it both more effective and more efficient.
  • NCO 2020: the future will place greater demands on NCOs. NCO 2020 ensures that NCOs have the skills, training and experiences to continue to lead the Army into the future.

    Please Note: You may have disabled JavaScript and/or CSS. Although this news content will be accessible, certain functionality is unavailable.

    WASHINTON The U.S. Senate voted unanimously Tuesday to confirm former Army Ranger Ryan McCarthy as the next under secretary of the Army. President Donald J. Trump nominated McCarthy in June. [read more ]

    JOINT BASE LANGLEY-EUSTIS, Va. – U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command graduated the second class of the Intermediate Leader Development Program July 21, establishing itself as a model Civilian D. [read more ]

    ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. The U.S. Army is implementing a plan to update mission command network software and hardware across 400 Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard units beginni. [read more ]

    WASHINGTON As Medal of Honor recipient Jim McCloughan was inducted into the Hall of Heroes Tuesday, he reflected on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and the bond he formed with his fel. [read more ]

    After accepting the TRADOC colors, I understand the responsibility placed in my rucksack. As we design the Army, we also design the future of our nation, and that is a responsibility I will not take lightly.

    General, U.S. Army


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  • Online HealthCare Training Courses, OSHA Training, HIPAA Trainings-MentorHealth, business analysis training


    business analysis training online

    source for healthcare professionals

    Business analysis training online

    Get healthcare aces to

    address to your pain area

    Business analysis training online

    Interact with industry experts!

    Upcoming Webinars

    HIPAA, Ransomware Cyber Criminal Chaos Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover

    Structuring and Auditing Medical Director Arrangements Key Stark Law Considerations

    Developing HIPAA Policies and Procedures

    How to Conduct a HIPAA Risk Assessment

    HIPAA and the Practice Manager

    HIPAA and Personal Devices

    Business analysis training online

    Speaker Opportunity

    Online learning gateway for compliance practitioners while providing a forum for expert speakers/panelists to render their services

    Business analysis training online

    Suggest a Topic

    If you feel that there is a particular topic or area of healthcare that you would like our trainers to cover, we will consider your idea seriously.

    Business analysis training online

    Subscribe Newsletter

    By clicking on “Subscribe” button, you agree to receive mail notifications on the latest updates on training sessions about the healthcare industry.

    Business analysis training online

    Download Training Catalogue

    By clicking on Training Catalogue, you will be able to download all the upcoming and past trainings as a pdf document

    Business analysis training online

    Webinar Sponsorship Opportunity

    MentorHealth is pleased to offer you additional marketing opportunities via a webinar sponsorship program.

    Featured Speakers

    Business analysis training online


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    Top North Carolina Athletic Training Schools: Programs, Colleges, Degrees, Courses, Classes,


    Athletic Training Schools in North Carolina

    North Carolina contains 29 schools that offer athletic training programs. North Carolina State University at Raleigh. the highest-ranking athletic training school in NC, has a total student population of 33,819 and is the 70th highest ranked school in America.

    Of the 29 athletic training schools in North Carolina, only 6 have a student population over 10k. After taking into account tuition, living expenses, and financial aid, Elon University comes out as the most expensive ($26,867/yr), with North Carolina Central University as the lowest recorded at only $5,700/yr.

    Athletic Training students from North Carolina schools who go on to become athletic trainers, trainers, sports trainers, gymnastics instructors, etc. have a good chance at finding employment. For example, there are 15,260 people working as athletic trainers alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $44,020. Also, Coaches and scouts make on average $35,740 per year and there are about 179,830 of them employed in the US today. In fact, in the North Carolina alone. there are 5,030 employed coaches and scouts earning an average yearly salary of $36,440. Athletic trainers in this state earn $40,290/yr and there are 280 employed.

    Also, within the athletic training schools in North Carolina, the average student population is 3,455 and average student-to-faculty ratio is 15 to 1. Aside from athletic training, there are 6640 total degree (or certificate) programs in the state, with 3,218 people on average applying for a school. Undergraduate tuition costs are normally around $2,155, but can vary widely depending on the type of school.

    Athletic Training Programs in North Carolina

    Program ID: 58736

    Levels offered: Bachelors

    University of North Carolina-Wilmington

    • Program ID: 185073

      Levels offered: Bachelors

      Program ID: 55001

      Levels offered: Bachelors, Masters

    University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    • Program ID: 184770

      Levels offered: Bachelors

    University of North Carolina at Greensboro

    Alabama Health Information Technology Schools #alabama, #health #information #technology, #training, #schools,


    Alabama Health Information Technology Schools.

    A health information technology degree can be obtained through many accredited schools in Alabama. Options for this program major include an associate s degree in health information technology and a bachelor s degree in health information technology management. These courses of study blend IT and healthcare subjects, showing how information technology can be applied to healthcare. Topics include communication, legal aspects of healthcare information technology, medical coding, medical terminology, physiology, healthcare information management, and medical billing. Possible entry-level jobs for graduates of this program include medical records management, medical coding supervisor, data quality management, and IT management in a healthcare setting.

    List of Schools Offering Health Information Programs in Alabama

    Matching School Ads

    Selected Programs:

    • Master of Health Informatics
    • BS in Health Information Management
    • More Programs.

    Selected Programs:

    • MSN Informatics Specialization
    • MS Health Informatics

    Selected Programs:

    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Selected Programs:

    • Diploma in Medical Billing and Coding

    Selected Programs:

    • Computer Information Systems (Bachelor of Science) – Online

    Selected Programs:

    • DIP – Medical Billing and Coding

    Selected Programs:

    • Health Information Technology
    • Medical Billing and Coding

    Selected Programs:

    • Bachelor’s (BIT) – Software Analysis and Development

    Selected Programs:

    • Master of Business Administration – Health Care Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Health Care Management


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    Criminology school #justice,institute,bc,british #columbia,new #west,new #westminster,jibc,ji,public,safety,police,sheriffs,corrections,fire,paramedic,physicians,nurses,health,medical,security,emergency,driver #training,motorcycle,counnselling,aboriginal,leadership,conflict #resolution,courses,programs,certificates,degrees,school,post-secondary #institution



    American Society of Criminology
    This international organization brings together practitioners, academics and students of criminal justice focusing on the “prevention, control and treatment of crime and delinquency”.

    Australian Institute of Criminology
    The Institute aims to provide criminal justice information services, to publish criminal justice information in a variety of formats, and to inform government, the media, and the general public of issues relating to the work of the Institute and the Criminology Research Council. Criminal justice research, publications, conference information, and statistics are just some of what’s available at this impressive site.

    Canadian Criminal Justice Association
    The Canadian Criminal Justice Association is an independent national voluntary organization working for an improved criminal justice system in Canada.

    Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence
    Blueprints for violence prevention, a collection of other violence-related resources on the Web, and access to VioLit (the Violence Literature Database) are the highlights of this site created at the University of Colorado.

    Crime Free Multi-Housing Program
    The Crime Free Multi Housing Program is a Crime Reduction Program designed specifically to help residential owners, managers, employees, police and other agencies to work together.

    Discover Criminal Justice – Criminology Programs
    An database of accredited criminology programs available in the U.S.A.

    Florida Department of Corrections – Criminal Justice Links
    A listing of governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations in the areas of criminal justice, law enforcement, police, forensics, corrections, and other miscellaneous links. A very comprehensive site from the Florida Department of Corrections.

    Institute for Intergovernmental Research – Criminal Justice Links
    Site organized into categories: National/Federal and State/Local – Florida. From the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) in Florida, USA. Check out the IIR home page for other IIR projects of note.

    Justice BC – Criminal Justice Information and Support
    B.C. government’s new web-based gateway for British Columbians who want information about the criminal justice system and resources.

    LawCentral Canada
    A portal or collection of links to law-related information and educational resources on justice and legal issues of interest to Canadians.

    National Crime Prevention Council
    NCPC is an American initiative whose Mission is to enable people to create safer and more caring communities by addressing the causes of crime and violence and reducing the opportunities for crime to occur.

    National Criminal Justice Reference Service
    This is definitely the place to start your criminology research as the NCJRS is one of the most extensive sources of information on criminal and juvenile justice in the world. Includes resources on Corrections, Courts, Crime Prevention, Criminal Justice Statistics, Drugs and Crime, International, Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement, Victims, and more.

    National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
    The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) “is the research, development and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice and is dedicated to researching crime control and justice issues. NIJ provides objective, independent, evidence-based knowledge and tools to meet the challenges of crime and justice, particularly at the state and local levels.”

    Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
    The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics brings together data about all aspects of criminal justice in the United States. Includes tables and figures from several sources. Sourcebook is organized into topical sections including system characteristics, public opinion, offenses known, arrests, judicial processing, and corrections.

    United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
    The UNODC is a global organization focused upon fighting illegal drugs and international crime by strengthening international action using programs, projects and the exchange of information. Links also included to UN Treaties and Resolutions.

    VERA Institute
    A comprehensive site with links to pages covering all aspects of criminal justice in the United States, including government and legal information. Very up to date.

    Wanted by the FBI
    Features fugitives and missing persons.

    World Criminological Directory
    Published by the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), The World Criminological Directory covers almost 500 institutes in some 90 countries, including academic institutions, governmental institutes, NGOs, private institutes, and international organizations. The World Criminological Directory covers almost 500 institutes in some 90 countries, including academic institutions, governmental institutes, NGOs, private institutes, and international organizations.

    Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies Library
    The Library provides the leading Canadian research collection of criminological material. Links to the UTCat, the University of Toronto’s online library catalogue; also provides free access to Crimdoc, a unique database of difficult-to-obtain criminal justice grey literature; and Juristat, the primary source of Canadian crime statistics.


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    Everest College – Skokie, IL – Colleges – Universities #insurance, #financial


    Everest College

    High School, Secondary.

    Everest College was established in 2015, in SKOKIE, IL – Cook County and is a business listed in the categories Colleges & Universities, Business, Vocational & Technical, Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Miscellaneous Government, Elementary And Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities, And Professional Schools, Schools, Vocational, Business, Executive Offices, Colleges, Universities, & Professional Schools, Government Offices, School Colleges & Universities, School Secondary & Elementary and School Business & Vocational and offers Insurance, Financial Aid Available, Career Planning, Financial Aid, Financial Assistance, Financing etc. If you did business with Everest College, please leave a review and help us improve and help other people. Also, don’t forget to mention Hubbiz.

    Colleges Universities, Business, Vocational Technical, Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Miscellaneous Government, Elementary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools, Schools, Vocational, Business, Executive Offices, Colleges, Universities, Professional Schools, Government Offices, School Colleges Universities, School Secondary Elementary, School Business Vocational

    Insurance Accepted, Apply by Mail

    Financial Aid Available, Career Planning, Financial Aid, Financial Assistance, Financing, Tuition Assistance, Dentistry, Massage Therapy, Accounting, Business, Day, Pharmacy, Pharmacy Technician, Body Work, HANDS-ON CAREER TRAINING IN. Medical Administrative Assistant, MEDICAL ASSISTANT, Medical Insurance Billing and Codin Pharmacy Technician, CAREER SERVICES ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE TO GRADUATES, Hands-On Training Learn by Doing, HIGHER EDUCATION


    Dental Assistant, High School Programs, Medical Administration, Pharmacy Technology, Graduate Degrees, Health Medical, Medical Assistance, Training Programs, medical office administration, Health Care, Medicine, Medical Office Administration


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    Online Training System: Definition #training #management #system, #lms, #build #online #courses,


    Online Training System

    Our training was up and running right away. FlexTraining really hit it out of the park!

    FlexTraining has set the standards for the industry; all others fall short of its quality and appearance.

    Got Courses?

    Over three million online learners have learned with FlexTraining, with a growing customer base on six continents.

    Our flexible, secure management framework has been adopted by companies from the Fortune 500 to emerging startups, and by government departments and non-profits of every size.

    Your custom online courses can be created by our experienced team, or you can easily build them yourself using the integrated, simplified FlexTraining tools.

    Let us help you choose.

    Deliver Online Courses Without Programming

    • Optimized for both small and large organizations .
    • User-defined lessons and features put YOU in control.
    • Unlimited courses for about $3 per student per month.
    • Flexible and scalable from 100 to 100,000 users.

    Industry Briefs: Download/View These Short White Papers

    Train in the Cloud

    Reducing Training Costs

    What To Look For

    E-Learning Features List

    Advanced Learning Management

    • The ability to multi-brand login and training screens to support multiple organizations, clients or product brands.
    • Built-in course authoring tools and templates, including multimedia and narration support
    • Completion certificates within the LMS with dynamic real-time name, date and course information.
    • Pre-requisite designation and enforcement, with assigned curriculum per student or group of employees with similar job duties
    • Integrated E-commerce for course fees, activated in the learning management system on a course-by-course basis
    • Skill groups and tailored learning plans, with completion tracking, assigned dealines, and warning notifications
    • Flexible e-learning software, learner import and export facilities for integration with outside systems and personal spreadsheets.
    • Our narrated online demos will show you what a streamlined Learning Management System with advanced features looks like.

    Choosing the Right Learning System

    • How easily can you change the learning system’s behaviors and options – without programming?
    • Is there robust analysis reporting, and can you easily track the progress of individual students against a training plan?
    • Are you able to mix and match instructor-led courses and self-paced education in the same LMS?
    • Can the online learner track his progress and interact with subject matter experts?
    • Can you choose between hosting your training solution and keeping it “in the cloud”?
    • Will you be able to manage training for multiple departments with a single administrator, or with very few resources and no technical staff involved?
    • FlexTraining software and services have also been specially bundled for large enterprises, an option which we call FlexTraining-X.
    • Does the LMS occupy a very small piece of the cost-benefit analysis, as it should?
    • Everyone’s needs are different. Before you make a decision, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free no-obligation consultation.


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    Online Marketing System and Internet Marketing Tips #online #marketing #system, #lead


    Create Unlimited Ad Co-ops!
    The founder of MyiSystem.com has been putting together company specific lead generation campaigns for years. Now you have the exact tools and knowledge to run your very own co-ops. Create as many different co-ops as you want. Each with it’s own participant list. This is how heavy hitters earn big checks quickly. Are you ready to step up and start organizing these co-ops so you can be a heavy hitter too?

    Your Ad Co-op System includes:

    • Create unlimited co-ops
    • Unique Participants for each co-op
    • Hits/Leads/Conversion Tracking
    • Easy Set-up

    Publish Unlimited Articles
    Your MyiSystem includes an easy-to use article creator. Simply type the article title, a short summary and your content and click one button and your article is automatically displayed on ALL of your Online Profile Pages. Create search engine friendly articles in no time to help your site get ranked according to YOUR search terms.

    Your Article Creator includes:

    • Create as many articles as you wish
    • Search Engine Friendly pages
    • Easily build optimized pages
    • Easy to use content editor
    • Easily insert YouTube code
    • Easily add images and links

    Start Generating Leads Immediately
    Are you ready to get a flood of new traffic to all of your new capture pages? We’ve got over 80 videos that show you EXACTLY how to get loads of traffic. All FREE! We’ve combined top-notch training with ALL of the necessary tools for YOU to succeed in ANY company!

    Your Traffic Training Videos include:

    • How to generate loads of traffic – free!
    • How to use social networking sites
    • How to create and market your own video
    • How to set up and market a blog
    • And much, much more!


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    SAP Training Courses – Course Details, SAP Modules Catalog, Prospectus #courses


    Select Your Desired Level


    You will learn General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Receivables, and Accounts Payables configuration as well as end-user training. This course also covers Cost Center Accounting, Cost Element Accounting, and Internal Orders within the Controlling Module. We assume that you have no prior knowledge nor experience of these business processes and that is why we begin with the very basics.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP HR

    Organizational Management, Personnel Administration, Time Management, Payroll. The time that employee performs to work and their availability in the enterprise are essential elements in Time Management.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP MM

    SAP MM (Materials Management) is a module of the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package that is used for procurement handling and inventory management, it forms the basis for all other modules of SAP Logistics area. We cover all of the mm master data, procurement process, inventory management, and material requirement planning.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP SD

    SAP SD module belongs to logistics area in the SAP software. Sales systems are crucial functions in today’s businesses. SAP SD helps to manage shipping, billing, selling, and transportation of products and services of a company. This module will be useful for professionals who aim to understand the basics of SAP SD and implement it in practice.

    Duration: 40 hours


    It is the programming language used for the thousand of tiny embedded programs called transactions that make up the SAP application.

    Duration: 40 hours


    SAP Basis is the technological platform that supports the entire range of SAP applications, now typically implemented in the framework of the SAP Web Application Server.

    Duration: 40 hours


    In the end of the training, you will have enough knowledge to become a successful SAP Project.

    Duration: 40 hrs


    This FICO course is a continuation of the Basic FICO course. It builds more skills and knowledge from the Basic SAP FICO course as well as adds new skills and topics to your resume. The course is intensely hands-on which is why most of our students are confident during the interview process.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP TM

    Specialization in SAP Time Management, Benefits, and Payroll. Benefits offer you a comprehensive method of administering employee benefits in an enterprise.

    Duration: 40 hours


    SAP Employee Self-Service / SAP Manager Self-Service Module. SAP ESS features include allowing.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP SuccessFactors

    SuccessFactors cloud-based Human Resources (HR) or Human Capital Management (HCM) software based in the USA. SuccessFactors was founded in 2001 by Lars Dalgaard.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP PM

    Plant Maintenance support activities associated with planning, performing repairs and preventive maintenance. It compliments the SAP MM and SAP PP modules.

    Duration: 40 hours


    With the SAP Order Management Module, SAP customers benefit from end-to-end capabilities for receiving, entering and tracking inbound customer orders.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP BW

    SAP BW is now part of a suite of SAP applications called SAP NetWeaver. SAP NetWeaver BW allows you to group together and format large amounts of business data in an enterprise data warehouse. SAP NetWeaver BW helps optimize business processes and enables you to act quickly and in line with the market creating decisive competitive advantages for your company.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP PI – NetWeaver PI

    SAP Exchange Infrastructure (now SAP Process Integration) is SAP’s enterprise application integration (EAI) software, a component of the NetWeaver product group used to facilitate the exchange of information among a company’s internal software and systems and those of external parties.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP EP

    SAP Enterprise Portal (EP) offers users role-specific, Web-based and secure access to all relevant information, applications and services.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP Security with GRC

    This course will prepare you to understand the SAP Security concepts User Administration, Role Administration, Central user Administration, Trouble Shooting SAP Security Problems, SAP BW and BI Security, SAP GRC RAR and Fire Fighter, Authorizations and SAP GRC.

    Duration: 40 hours

    Select Your Desired Business Area


    SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM) provides functionality that allows you to upgrade the financial and information flows within a company and between business partners.

    Duration: 40 hours


    The SAP APO training that we shall provide is based on a new concept, the UPPER-1 Approach.

    Duration: 40 hours


    In an environment where many companies have lost sight of the real meaning of customer relationship management (CRM), it’s critical to remember what CRM is about.

    Duration: 40 hours


    SAP SRM helps organizations optimize procurement operations with an integrated, scalable platform and business user interface that enables the full source-to-pay process.

    Duration: 40 hours


    In short it is in-memory solution from SAP. Stands for High-Performance Analytic Appliance and basically it is appliance (plus its software components) that can absorb large volumes of data (e.g. tera bytes) into its “operational” memory.

    Duration: 40 hours


    SAP BPC a robust planning and consolidation application that can meet all of your budgeting, planning, consolidation, and reporting requirements. You can generate consolidated financial and managerial reports for a globally distributed business or entity.

    Duration: 40 hours

    SAP Fiori

    SAP Fiori is a new user experience (UX) for SAP software and applications. It provides a set of applications that are in regular business functions like work approvals, financial apps, calculation apps and various self-service apps.

    Duration: 40 hours


    SAPUI5 is SAP’s own formula for its user interface. It is a collection of libraries that developers can use to build desktop and mobile applications.

    Duration: 40 hours


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    Accredited Online Art Degree Programs #medical #transcription #training #online #accredited


    Accredited Online Art Degree Guide for 2015

    The main accrediting organization for art programs is the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). NASAD’s objective is to ensure that art schools maintain the highest standards for their students and faculty.

    The United States Department of Education has designated NASAD to accredit schools that offer both degree and non-degree training in art and design. A school with an NASAD accredited online art program is encouraged to consistently provide students with the motivation to succeed in their future achievements.




    Bachelor s Degree

    Students can obtain either of Bachelor of Arts in Art, Graphic Design or a related field. Many schools offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). Note that a combination of online and brick-and-mortar classes may be necessary for a BFA.

    Master s Degree

    Candidates for these programs typically should have either a bachelor s degree in art or in a related field, such as Studio Art, Communications, Theater, Media Studies, Multimedia Communications. Many people have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

    A variety of master s degrees in art are offered. In the Master of Arts (MA). students pursue concentrations in order to become an expert in a specific discipline. A Master of Fine Arts (MFA) is considered a terminal degree (the most advanced) and will qualify students to teach art at a college level. Most MFA programs have portfolio requirements.

    Common areas of focus for an MA offered online include:

    • Art History tracks the evolution of Eastern and Western art forms. You will develop your skills combining key parts of different art genres to create original, compelling works.
    • Creative Writing focuses on specific disciplines and study prominent examples of great fiction. Expect to dissect narratives, trace literary motifs and discuss characterizations in order to refine your craft.
    • Art Education teaches students to build curricula that promote exercises including short story composition and illustration, which will help students grasp artistic concepts such as theme and characterization. You may also identify and develop your unique form of visual or written expression.
    • Music Education examines how musical theories and works differ among diverse cultures. This specialization focuses on how to develop students’ musical competencies from a technical standpoint at early grade levels or to teach more complex musical concepts such as combining music genres and lyricism at the post-secondary level.
    • Media Design teaches brand development through the use of broadcasting and social media tools. Students will evaluate promotional tools used by individual artists as well as large business enterprises including social media and viral marketing.


    Students at the undergraduate and graduate level can expect courses in:

    • Art and Design History. Students gain an understanding of the practices, criticisms and societal implications of art. Major art movements such as Realism, Impressionism and Cubism are discussed as well as the emergence of graphic design in the twentieth century.
    • Studio Practices. Students concentrate on best practices for producing art in a studio. This involves hands-on work, such as creating storyboards for animation or preparing plates for printmaking.
    • Graphic Design: Students experiment with theories of design and their applications in commercial settings. Students learn about page layout, color theory and typography.
    • Color Theory: Students learn how to manipulate color in their work to produce a variety of visual effects.
    • Criticism: Students learn how to generate new ideas and perspectives while analyzing, investigating and seeking meaning behind works of art and design.
    • Drawing: Drawing classes cover a wide range of styles and teach students to translate 3D space onto a 2D surface using texture, depth, line and value.
    • Art Marketing: Students will analyze PR strategies, media relations and social networking tools. They will learn how to clearly promote the content of their art and generate public anticipation using new viral marketing techniques and mobile technology.
    • Art and Public Policy: This course introduces students to different public institutions and policies that protect artistic expression and provides a promotional platform for specific works. They will learn about the processes and politics surrounding ratings boards, location scouting and the creation of public art installations.


    Students pursuing an art degree often seek work in advertising, film production, television production and interior design. All of these industries need art directors, animators web designers, graphic designers and fine artists with bachelor’s degrees. Although accreditation is not mandatory, a company is more likely to favor a job candidate with a degree from an accredited program. Students interested in graduate school should know that jobs that require a graduate degree in art are mostly in the museum and education fields.

    A student with an online masters degree in art can become an art instructor in higher education, an art historian or a curator in a museum. To become an art professor or museum director, students should pursue an advanced degree.

    Some careers graduates can choose from include:

    • Art Directors: Art directors work with creative departments and clients to develop the visual style of films, magazines, newspapers and products. The median annual wage for this profession is approximately $80,600. By 2020, this field is expected to grow by 9 percent as less directors are needed for print publications and more are needed for digital media and graphic design firms.
    • Museum Curators: Museum curators acquire, store, trade and display large collections of art and historic artifacts. The median annual salary is roughly $42,300. Over the next ten years, this field will grow by 25 percent since museum attendance is expected to grow and more curators will be needed to coordinate renovation and restoration projects.
    • Post-secondary Art Teachers: Postsecondary art teachers teach a variety of artistic disciplines – including drama, music and graphic design – to college students. The median annual salary for this profession is approximately $62,300. Over the next decade, this field is expected to grow between 10 and 19 percent, as postsecondary enrollment is expected to increase and more aspiring artists turn to a formal education to further train in their craft.


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    The Academy of HVAC Engineering – Advanced Training #hvac #training #program,


    New Course ‘Building Energy Retrofit Design’

    Updated: Feb, 2017

    The Academy’s team is pleased to offer a new training platform developed in response to the building industry’s demand in specialists skilled in developing investment-grade energy retrofit and renewal programs for commercial and institutional buildings. The platform was prepared based on the unique experience of the Academy’s leaders in designing energy retrofit programs in Canada.

    The course will provide the streamlined sequence of practical design procedures and methods, tools and resources used by large energy service companies to develop comprehensive energy retrofit projects. The course will teach you the energy conservation measure conceptual design, energy modeling, cost and benefit analysis, and rationale involved in the design process.

    You will develop your own project for an industry size building. The resources will include:

    • Design guide that will lead you through the development process.
    • A set of professional mechanical drawings for buildings of different category.
    • An industry accepted software tool, ‘Hourly Analysis Program’ (HAP) developed by Carrier Inc.
    • A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet coded with various project-related calculations.

    The course will be highly beneficial to engineers and graduates from university and college building science related programs as well as university and colleges seeking for an advanced course curriculum and training materials in energy management.

    Advanced HVAC Design Training Course and MS Excel HVAC Design software

    Updated: March, 2016

    All of our products are highly flexible and teach deep understanding of HVAC design methodology, built to the latest ASHRAE Standards.

    HVAC Design Software is developed by practicing professional engineers to provide for rapid, transparent and verifiable design.

    Software is compatible with any MS Excel – no additional software is required!


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    Business Management Courses – LONDON CORPORATE TRAINING #structured #finance #training


    Business Management Courses

    LCT specialises in short business management courses between three days and three weeks in length. At LCT, our primary objective is to help develop the skills of delegates to enable them to tackle existing challenges and grow within their organisation. Our training courses cover virtually all aspects of management, including Strategic Management, People Management (see the Management Skills section), Operations Management, Finance, Human Resources, Public Relations, Sales and Secretarial skills. We also specialise in technical and non-technical Oil and Gas training. Our courses have been designed to provide the very best training for staff of all levels from junior personnel, to senior managers, to directors of organisations. Courses are delivered in London (UK) and overseas.

    • Advanced Management
    • Law
    • Oil Gas
    • Management Skills
    • Operations Management
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Public Relations
    • Sales
    • Secretarial Skills

    LCTs understanding of different cultures really made us feel at home during the training. The catered lunches, which included halal dishes from the Middle East, were particularly enjoyable. We were also pleased to find out that LCT has a Prayer Room for delegates. I would like to thank you all so much. I will certainly recommend LCT to others.

    HR Specialist
    Saudi Food and Drugs Authority (SFDA)


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    Colleges in Jackson, MS – Vocational Career Training School – Antonelli


    Welcome to Antonelli College – Jackson, MS

    Welcome to Antonelli College !

    You have begun the search for colleges in the Jackson, MS area, and we are glad that Antonelli College is high on your list. We provide our students with a variety of degree and diploma programs, all taking place in a warm learning environment, with instructors who have one goal: providing you with classroom instruction and training that could increase the chances of you having a successful career in the industry that you have chosen to enter.

    Why Antonelli College?

    If you are wondering why you should choose Antonelli College in Jackson, MS, the answer is: Why not? Our classroom sizes are small, giving each student the chance to have a more one-on-one type of learning experience. We also help our students prepare for the various certification exams that they may be required to take before they can begin working in the career of their choice. In addition to the great instructors that we have, along with our professional staff, the Jackson campus also provides students with assistance pertaining to finding career opportunities once they have successfully completed their degree or diploma program.

    Antonelli College in Jackson goes that extra mile to make sure our students have the opportunity to receive a quality education.

    Our Degree and Diploma Programs

    The Jackson campus offers students a variety of degree and diploma programs. Each program at Antonelli College was designed to give you the classroom instruction and training that could be helpful in real-life work settings. The programs that we offer on our Jackson, MS campus include:

    The representatives at Antonelli College in Jackson are available to help you learn more about each of these programs, which could help you choose the program that is best suited to meet your educational interests. You should learn as much about the industry that you could potentially work in, which is why we provide our students with information that pertains to the overview of our degree and diploma programs, in addition to the objectives, outcome, and job outlook for the industry that you are choosing to study.

    Taking the Next Step

    When you contact us to learn about the degree and diploma programs offered at our Jackson, MS, campus, you are taking the next step in your educational journey. We are conveniently located miles away from the airport on Lakeland Drive. You can begin studying at an excellent college, while enjoying the rich culture and entertainment that Jackson, MS, has to offer. We offer our students affordable housing while they are enrolled in the degree and diploma programs at Antonelli College in Jackson, MS.

    Antonelli College – Jackson Campus
    2323 Lakeland Drive
    Jackson. MS 39232

    This is your Dream, along with our Mission, and together, we could help you meet your Goals. Contact Antonelli College in Jackson today to get started!


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    Computer Networking Degrees #computer #networking, #online #degrees, #career #training, #colleges, #universities


    Online Computer Networking Degree Programs

    In our high-tech world, technology is constantly changing — a factor that fosters growth in job opportunities for qualified computer professionals. Many types of businesses and organizations need support from those with specialized training as computer networking experts. Professionals with this skill set:

    • Design and implement an organization’s computer networks
    • Protect computer systems from security breaches
    • Troubleshoot and fix problems that arise in a computer network

    In order to prepare for these positions, online degree programs in network administration in computer networking combine the theoretical foundations of the field with real-world applications for these concepts.

    Overview of Computer Networking Degrees

    Students enrolled in online computer networking degree programs learn the fundamentals of the field and the everyday challenges that computer professionals face. Program curriculum includes:

    • Networking Fundamentals: Students can learn about technologies used in different kinds of networks — wireless, local area, and wide area — and explore both how these technologies work and their similarities and differences. Classes focused on fundamentals typically address the essential vocabulary of networking; network design, protocols, management, and security; the history of the computer networking field; and network troubleshooting and documentation.
    • Concepts of Network Security: Courses on this topic look at assessing networks to determine how safe they are, steps that should be taken to mitigate security threats, and how to evaluate and choose technologies designed to keep network securities safe. Other subjects covered include infrastructure security, types of internal and external security threats, and regulations and laws that impact network security.
    • Network Communication: This aspect of the curriculum helps students learn about IP traffic management and IP routes, how to create point-to-point network connections, VPNs, VOIP, CATV, and relay frame connections. Students may work on projects that give them hands-on experience with the network communication concepts they learn in the classroom.

    In addition, depending on the school they attend, undergraduate students may have the opportunity to get real-world experience in computer networking through internships. Students who pursue graduate degrees may be required to complete a thesis, dissertation, or comprehensive examination.

    Computer Networking Career Outlook

    Thanks to the growing need for qualified professionals, graduates with computer networking degrees can pursue a number of different career options, such as:

    • Computer Support Specialists: Also known as network support specialists, these professionals advise workers in an organization on how to use their computer equipment. Job duties typically include evaluating, testing, and maintaining network systems; troubleshooting network systems and finding solutions for problems in a timely manner; and ensuring that users know how the company’s systems work. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this career is on the rise — a 17 percent increase in jobs nationwide is projected between 2012 and 2022. The salary range for computer support specialists is between $59,090 and $96,850.
    • Network and Computer Systems Administrators: Those who chose this career option are responsible for maintaining a company’s computers systems, including duties such as analyzing the computer and network needs of a company; installing software for employees to use; troubleshooting and repairing systems when something goes wrong; and training employees how to use the systems. The BLS reports that these professionals make a national average salary of $72,560. This profession is expected to grow approximately 12 percent between 2012 and 2022.

    Those with computer networking degrees have additional options, and may find jobs as information security analysts, network architects, computer programmers and software developers.

    “Computer Support Specialists,” Occupational Outlook Handbook (2014-15 Edition), Bureau of Labor Statistics, January 8, 2014, http://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/computer-support-specialists.htm
    “Network and Computer Systems Administrators,” Occupational Outlook Handbook (2014-15 Edition), Bureau of Labor Statistics, January 8, 2014, http://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/network-and-computer-systems-administrators.htm


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    Dog Training: Puppy and Adult Dog Training Classes #dog #training, #puppy


    dog training classes

    intermediate training:

    MnSCU Farm Business Management – Welcome to Farm Business Management #minnesota,


    Welcome to Farm Business Management

    In today s world, farming is a complex business with many facets. From the traditional family owned farm to the corporate farm, bookkeeping, profitability, tax planning and many other skills are required to complement traditional farming duties.

    Agriculture is the number two industry in Minnesota, and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities offers many programs for farm owners and employees.

    This site will help you explore the many possibilities that await.

    Farm Business Management Education Programs

    Minnesota State Colleges and Universities farm business management education programs are administered through eight college campuses at 46 different sites across the state. There are a total of 62 farm business management instructors.

    Farm business management programs are designed to provide education to farm owners and operators or persons interested in farming. The purpose of the program is to assist students in meeting their business and personal goals. This is best accomplished through the use of quality records and sound business decisions. Effective financial management in the business is the best way for the business to maintain that competitive edge.

    Instructors in Minnesota s farm business management education programs deliver the program using a variety of methods. The primary delivery method is through individualized instruction at the student s farming business. Instructors meet with the students on a regular basis to evaluate the business and develop individual educational plans. Instruction is also delivered in the traditional classroom, small group meetings, field trips and tours.

    Farm business management education is managed at the state level by the senior system director for workforce development and customized training. The state of Minnesota is divided into six regions which are managed by five regional deans of management education.


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    Welcome to Open Campus! #mcse, #mct, #mcp, #microsoft #certified, #systems #engineer,


    Our Mission.

    The mission of RCCD Distance Education (formerly Open Campus) is to extend access to learning through distance education. Objectives: To facilitate learning at a distance, Distance Education provides:

    • Educational technology to the colleges, faculty, and students to support the delivery of online-based courses and services
    • Professional development and training for faculty
    • Expertise and experience
    • Blackboard management, production and problem solving.

    As of April 21, the Open Campus department has changed its name to Distance Education. We thank you for your patience as we work to complete the changes to website by the middle of summer.

    What Are Online Based or Distance Education classes?

    Online-based courses, also called Distance Education classes, may take two different forms:

    Online classes are taken exclusively over the Internet. Please note that, while some online courses provide all instructional content over the Internet, others may require some on-campus meetings. Please see the course schedule or WebAdvisor for more information.

    Hybrid classes meet both on campus and online. Think of them as a combination or blending of online classes and face-to-face classes.

    In a hybrid class, you will attend meetings on campus during the dates and times listed in the schedule of classes. Since the on-campus portion of hybrid classes could take place at any of our three colleges (Riverside City, Norco or Moreno Valley), hybrid classes are listed in the schedule by the college where the on-campus meetings will take place.

    Are there Face-to-Face classes that use the Internet?

    Web-Enhanced classes are traditional face-to-face classes that are supplemented with course websites and the use of Internet resources. Unlike hybrid or fully-online classes, all web-enhanced class meetings take place on campus.

    Where Do I Start?

    For more information about Blackboard and support, visit
    Students page


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    Expository Counseling Training Center #expository, #counseling, #center, #nouthetic, #nanc, #certified, #houston,


    Expository Counseling Training Center

    Expository Counseling Training Center is the training portion of the Expository Counseling Center. ECTC (Expository Counseling Training Center) seeks to provide online and onsite based training for Biblical Counseling. ECTC provides 5 basic biblical counseling training courses that are developed by Dr. Nicolas Ellen. Each l evel of teaching is 14 weeks in length. There are also outside class readings, Scripture memorization, make-the-connection assignments, and case studies. Tuition is $350 per Level. The 5 basic biblical counseling training courses developed by Dr. Ellen have been recognized by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and are used by an ACBC Training center (The College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas) as part of their process to move individuals into ACBC certification.

    Since the Expository Counseling Center respects and appreciates The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (also known as ACBC), the ECC provides a 6 week training to prepare individuals to take the ACBC exams (which must be passed in order for one to move into ACBC certification), and 12 hours of counseling observations for individuals pursuing ACBC certification (10 hours is required in order for one to move into ACBC certification). Since Dr. Nicolas Ellen is a Fellow with ACBC, The Expository Counseling Center offers counseling supervision via Dr. Ellen for those entering phase 3 of the ACBC certification process. Tuition for the ACBC Exam Prep is $150 and $500 for phase 3 ACBC supervision. (Go to http://www.biblicalcounseling.com/ to find out more about their process for biblical counseling certification).

    The Expository Counseling Center also respects and appreciates The International Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. So much so that the ECC is a certified training center with the International Association of Biblical Counselors (Go to www.iabc.net to find out more about their process for biblical counseling certification). The Expository Counseling Center has been sanctioned by the IABC to lead individuals into complete biblical counseling certification with their organization via The Expository Counseling Training Center. The ECTC will provide the biblical counseling training via the 5 basic biblical counseling courses developed by Dr. Nicolas Ellen and provide the theology and counseling exams which are produced by the IABC. ECTC will also grade the exams, and provide the 50 hours of supervision via Dr. Nicolas Ellen, in order to certify individuals as IABC Biblical Counselors. Tuition for IABC Exam Prep is $150 and $350 for IABC counseling supervision.

    You will be able to purchase most of your course material through the ECC online bookstore.

    In this level, students will learn the connection between systematic theology and biblical counseling. Students will evaluate the doctrine of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Man, Sin, Salvation, Sanctification, various others doctrines and learn how genuine biblical counseling comes out of these doctrines. Students will also learn the history of the biblical counseling movement in the United States.

    (14 Weeks) Tuition is $350

    In this level, students will learn the basic principles of Biblical Counseling and be able to distinguish it from secular counseling and counseling that integrates psychology and the Bible. Students will learn how the Bible has it s own framework by which we can address any and all non-organic problems from the Scriptures. This includes those issues that the world would describe as psychological or mental disorders. Students will learn how to analyze issues from a biblical framework, categorize issues through a biblical framework, and provide biblical solutions through a biblical framework.

    (14 Weeks) Tuition is $350

    In this level, students will explore issues such as the fear of man, idolatrous lust, depression, divorce, separation, abuse, remarriage, death, trials, suffering, psychotropic drugs, biblical view of self esteem, dealing with the past and many other issues and learn to deal with them from a biblical perspective.

    Level Four:Marriage and Family Basic Training Course

    (14 Weeks) Tuition is $350

    In this level, students will learn the foundations for marriage and family as God designed. Students will explore God’s design for marriage as well explore some basic parenting skills.

    Level Five: The Dynamics of Biblical Counseling

    (14 Weeks) Tuition is $350

    In this level, students will learn the mechanics of biblical counseling. Students will observe 12 hours of biblical counseling as well as do some case studies. Students also will learn concepts of biblical analysis, categories of biblical change, phases and stages of biblical change, and categories of homework for counselees. Moreover, students will learn policies and procedures for governing a counseling ministry, how to use a personal data inventory form, how to use a consent to counsel form, how to organize and structure a counseling session as well as how to fill out a case report form after a session.

    (6 Weeks) Tuition is $150

    Students will go through each question on the ACBC Exam and learn how to answer those questions. Students will learn which resources are available to answer each question. Students will learn how to cite their sources for the answers they find from those sources provided by the training.

    (6 Weeks) Tuition is $150

    Students will go through each question on the IABC Exam and learn how to answer those questions. Students will learn which resources are available to answer each question. Students will also learn how to cite their sources for the answers they find from those sources provided by the training.

    Students will spend 2-3 hours in class listening to a lecture and participating in small group interactions pertaining to the course. During this class time students will be able to ask questions and discuss matters pertaining to the course.

    Outside Class Reading

    The students will be required to read John, Hebrews, Romans, James, 1 John, 1 Peter, Ephesians, Proverbs, 2 Peter, and Galatians. Students will also be required to read The Heart of Man and The Mental Disorders. Deceptive Diagnosis. Understanding and Developing a Biblical View of Life. Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand. So You Want to Get Married (for singles), Happy Even After (for married couples), Shepherding a Child’s Heart. With All Your Heart. Coming to Know and Walk with God. How People Change. Pursuing Godliness through the Disciplines of the Christian Faith. Every Christian a Counselor. Peacemaker. The Biblical Counseling Movement. Theology of Christian Counseling. Counseling by The Book (Revised and Expanded Edition). Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology and A Theology of Biblical Counseling:The Doctrinal Foundations of Counseling Ministry (Heath Lambert).

    Students will memorize 16 Scripture verses to enhance their counseling.

    Make-the-Connections and Case Studies

    In order to teach students how to analyze problems through a biblical framework and to categorize problems through a biblical framework, students will be given 50 make-the-connection assignments over the course of study. These assignments will challenge the student’s skill in connecting various characteristics to a biblical framework. Students will be assigned 30 counseling cases over the entire training period to teach them how to analyze, categorize and solve problems from a biblical framework perspective.

    50 hours of counseling supervision via Dr. Nicolas Ellen, will be provided for IABC students and for students in Phase 3 of ACBC certification. This will entail filling out case report forms and counseling logs, tape recording five of one’s counseling sessions to be listened to by Dr. Ellen for evaluation of one’s skill, discussing the dynamics of various counseling cases, and developing in biblical counseling methods through the 50 hours of supervision.

    Attached below is a syllabus that lays out the details of each course.

    Most of the curriculum for each level can be purchased online through our bookstore. The syllabus for the course will let you know what books you need for each level and when you need them. (Review the syllabus for more details.)

    Special Offer To Churches

    For a limited time, we have a special offer to churches who are interested in this program. Please contact us for more information.


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    Florida Medical Training, Nursing Courses, ACLS, PALS, IV Certification #clinical #solutions


    Florida Medical Training, Nursing Courses, ACLS, PALS, IV Certification

    Clinical Solutions Medical Training provides all the medical training, educational, and certification needs throughout Florida in conjunction with the American Heart Associaton, Florida Board of Nursing, Emergency Nurses Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, and CE Broker. Our ACLS, PALS, IV, Phlebotomy, Critical Care and all other courses can be taken online or throughout our locations in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Fort Myers.

    Clinical Solutions Medical Training educational programs are delivered by top clinicians and include cutting edge research and practice implementation. Advanced simulation equipment and elite instructors make our training center stand out among other programs. Training initiatives are customized for clients, and may include basic CPR, first aid, pre-hospital education, American Heart Association courses and many Continuing Education nursing courses.

    Clinical Solutions Medical Training programs include ACLS. BLS. PALS. CPR/AED if you cannot find the course you need please contact us at 1-877-828-8723 we can get it for you! We can also customize any curriculum for your specific needs and can bring any of our programs to your facility. Please click on “Private Course Link” to request a private on-site course proposal for training at your facility.

    Click on Courses Below for More Information!

    For the full list of our available courses view the Nursing. Homestudy. Paramedic/EMT Tabs

    What a Relief…..
    “What a relief it is to have finally found a company that provides QUALITY online courses. No need to find the time in my hectic schedule. Now I can take ACLS and PALS at the time that’s most convenient for me. CLINICAL SOLUTIONS has successfully exceeded my expectations. Thank you.”

    Swanson, MD- Plantation, FL

    “I’m sure any Nurse Educator can relate to the headache of meeting the scheduling demands of the facility and employees in which they work….much less their own schedule. I highly recommend Clinical Solutions courses for being successful in providing quality and updated material to our hospital. Clearly they value the significance of quality education and by doing so, has made my job easier for over 10 years. Thanks again for all that you do!”

    “ACLS online was not only reasonably priced but also informative and successful in providing me with current information. I wish eHeartcode was around when I began my career as a Anethisiologist 3 years ago.

    Riccardo, DO- Ft Lauderdale, FL

    “I must recommend the ACLS and PALS recertification courses offered by Clinical Solutions. Their accuracy in providing consistent scientific findings and precise information in a convenient, affordable and stress-free experience!”

    Jonas. RN- Jacksonville

    “It is refreshing to finally have found ACLS and PALS medical education courses that is offered stress-free and has a top notch, professional staff with comprehensive and up to date information. My experience with qualified education started with my first ACLS and PALS course taken with Clinical Solutions 5 years ago! They have proven themselves to be, time and time again, competent in providing stress free courses.

    Fanning, RN – Tampa

    “Clinical Solutions offers convenient course schedules for TNCC and NRP that not only allows me to book the courses at my convenience but continues to offer promotional discounts! Reduced rates, quality representation of information and an easy to navigate website makes continuing education hassle-free! This company can meet the needs of any facility by making medical education convenient, affordable and stress-free!”

    Kendall Regional Medical Center, FL

    “We have been taking your ACLS and PALS courses for the past nine years and it is evident that my staff is much more confident and show significant improvement in their competencies with cardiac emergencies. Thank you for always providing quality education, our group discounts and by contributing to the success of my practice!”

    Plastix Surgery One-Brooksville, FL

    “Superb IV Certification courses that are painless, stress-free and by far the most informative IV course I have experienced!” The online study guide was able to present difficult material while utilizing real-life clinical scenarios to a degree that I was surprisingly engulfed with useful information. I will certainly be back in the future for all of my medical educational training needs.”

    “All medical professionals that I know have been impressed and surprisingly pleased with your ACLS and PALS training programs. Not only is it effective in teaching me the information needed as a supervising nurse but I actually enjoyed learning all the new AHA ECC guidelines. Thanks again!”

    J. Torres Pembroke Pines. FL


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    Online Cruise Training #namibia #travel

    #travel agent training

    Learning at Home

    Cruise training makes it easy for agents.

    When you re juggling bookings for multiple clients, trying your best to close sales or networking to promote your business locally, sometimes the easiest place to train is at home. Fortunately, cruise industry and cruise line training is available online 24/7 so it s easy to take the training on your own schedule, and often, at your own pace.

    Most courses are free, and you ll learn new skills, earn credit toward certifications or even qualify for perks and prizes from suppliers. So what s new for online cruise training in 2011? Here s a sampling of highlights.

    Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) fields a robust portfolio of online courses targeted at agents selling cruise. Three new CLIA courses will debut during live conference training at cruise3sixty in Fort Lauderdale in April.

    While the courses only have working titles at this point, the topical focus of the three-hour course will be specialty or niche cruising, and the two new 90-minute classes will focus on 20 Best Practices for Home-Based Agents and Clever Ways to Close the Sale. By the third quarter, the new courses should be online.

    In addition, the online Fleet Review Seminar is being revised for 2011. A new course introduced in 2010, the three-hour Getting Connected: A Primer to Social Media Networking class, is already available online, while many other classes will be added online by year s end.

    Agents may also tackle CLIA courses that focus on effective presentation skills, understanding the luxury market, group sales or creation of a cruise marketing plan.

    Beyond Cruising

    When it comes to online training and business resources, why not expand your reach beyond the cruise or travel industry? Here are some web-based resources to hone your business skills.

    The BizToolKit at the James J. Hill Reference Library delivers a wealth of helpful resources, research data and tips. One neat perk? It offers ideas based on the stage of your business whether exploring, beginning, growing, managing, developing or maturing.

    If you already have a robust business and want to expand, check the growing section for links focused on an e-mail marketing metric report or a video podcast about Relationships Not Rules: Client Talk 101. Many linked resources are free; some carry a fee. Visit www.jjhill.org/business_stages .

    SCORE, a volunteer-based business organization, has both working and retired executives and business owners donating time and expertise as business mentors. And they ll help you for free. Visit www.score.org .

    The SME Toolkit, developed as a public service by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and IBM, provides essential business tools designed for Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American and women-owned businesses. But the messages benefit all businesses. Visit www.us.smetoolkit.org/us/en .

    For each three-hour online course a CLIA member agent takes, he or she will earn 15 credits toward Cruise Counselor Certification; 90-minute courses earn 10 credits. Completing any of CLIA s Online Sales Training programs and exams also fulfills the training requirement for CLIA ID Card renewal.

    In many cases, courses also count toward elements of a degree program at the University of Phoenix, an option CLIA introduced a few months ago. And, if you re a CLIA member, you may access the CLIA Member Cruise Line Travel Agent Training Benefits Center, which displays online links to individual cruise-line member sites and their training.

    Those individual lines have a wealth of substantive online information and training. Princess Cruises (www.one sourcecruises.com) fields more than 40 courses at its Princess Academy. Meanwhile, Holland America Line (www.hollandamerica.com ) has both introductory and advanced courses, including instruction on how to grow your business through group sales and how to write a marketing plan. Regent Seven Seas Cruises (www.rssc.com ) says it has just updated the RSSC University site and added a new area with premium line comparisons.

    What s new on the class front? This spring, Azamara Club Cruises will launch the Azamara World Academy, an online training tutorial for agents. With topics that heavily focus on the line s product, the Azamara Academy will have four major sections The Brand, Voyage Highlights, Selling Tools and Policies with multiple classes in each.

    Carnival Cruise Lines launched its comprehensive Carnival Cruise Line University (CCLU) last August and the line told Travel Agent it will introduce a revamped CCLU this spring. Approximately 900 travel agents took Carnival s online Social Media Webinar last year; a new version of that popular course will be introduced during the next few months.

    Beginning in March, Celebrity Cruises will post podcasts on its Five Star Academy portal (http://celebrity5staracademy.com ), a learning certification tool for agents. Also new for 2011, Celebrity will be adding new learning games and updates to reflect new experiences across the fleet.

    Crystal Cruises unveiled a new Crystal Cruises: A Perfect Choice course late in 2010, and has already updated it this year. Separately, more than 800 agents who have taken the line s extensive training have been certified by the line as a Crystal Cruises Expert Travel Agent since the beginning of January.

    Agents who look up Cunard Line s Academy will notice that the luxury line has updated The Grills Experience course, which describes amenities available to Princess Grill and Queens Grill Suites guests. Cunard also says other updates will be completed by July.

    MSC Cruises USA plans to expand its free online training offerings this year with a new online Exotic Arabia Webinar, but the date for that course s release has not yet been announced. In addition, the line has enhanced its Yacht Club Webinar.

    Norwegian Cruise Line s NCL U now includes an updated Caribbean elective course and the line will also add a new comprehensive Europe elective this year. Agents who complete and pass the course will be eligible to win a European cruise and other prizes. In addition, our three courses for CLIA credit are being updated and refreshed and will all be relaunched in the first half of 2011, says AnneMarie Mathews, NCL s director of public relations.

    But it s not just the basics. Increasingly NCL and other cruise lines are adding more advanced courses. Mathews says agents can take courses that directly benefit their business, including Social Networking, Public Relations and Marketing. Plus, very soon we will be launching a very helpful SEO/SEM (search engine optimization and search engine marketing) course, says Mathews. To take NCL U courses, agents must first register for an NCL ID at www.bookncl.com .

    New for 2011, Royal Caribbean International s Training Certification portal on CruisingPower.com consolidates all the line s training resources in one location. For example, its full-bodied webinars are now here.

    The line s newest training module, The Royal Advantage will launch this month. Among other new University of WOW! enhancements is a more interactive and graphically pleasing experience, including the ability to virtually tour a ship, and fun games and activities. A new training resources page is also now loaded; it ultimately will have interactive training demos and simulations.

    On the specialty cruising side, Larry Dessler, executive director, Niche Cruise Marketing Alliance (www.nichecruise.com ), says NCMA will recreate its online training modules during 2011; there won t be any cost element changes, he adds.

    Uniworld says its River Cruise Specialist training program has been redesigned this year with better technology and updated product information. It previously was six modules and is now seven. Now agents may also leave and come back at a later time to complete their training.

    Viking River Cruises plans to create some specific webinars this year that focus on helping agents sell more with a hefty focus on such sales tools as the line s travel-agent portal, co-branded websites and Constant Contact e-mail programs. We will focus on how to navigate each of them, how to get signed up, plus insider tips and tricks on how to use them, says Julie Rosoff, senior director, marketing services. We have had great success in getting agents signed up for these programs. We are now taking the next step in helping them use these resources to maximize their marketing efforts in a cost-effective and time-effective way.


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    CTDLC Home #connecticut #distance #learning #consortium, #ctdlc, #connecticut, #distance, #learning, #consortium,


    CTDLC ANNOUNCES THE WINNERS OF THE 2016 DIANE J. GOLDSMITH AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ETUTORING Newington, Conn. U.S.A. (October 3, 2016) – The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC), whose online tutoring program serves an international community of 2-year and 4-year colleges and unive.

    CTDLC ANNOUNCES THE WINNERS OF THE 2016 DIANE J. GOLDSMITH AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ETUTORING Newington, Conn. U.S.A. (October 3, 2016) – The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC), whose online tutoring program serves an international community of 2-year and 4-year colleges and unive.

    May 25, 2016 at Fairfield University Our Featured Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Robbie Melton “Education On-Demand and In Your Hands” The Internet of Things or IoT will not be gently knocking at higher education’s door, it will be banging on our doors with an army of devices in tow, and sooner.

    Call for Proposals Deadline Extended! The Conference will be held on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016, at Fairfield University. The DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS has been extended until Friday, March 18th. The Connecticut Distance.

    The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC), a division of Charter Oak State College and a member of the Connecticut Board of Regents of Higher Education, recently completed development of a series of online courses offered in American Sign Language (ASL) by the Connecticut Bureau of Rehabi.

    The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC), whose online tutoring program serves an international community of 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities, is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Diane J. Goldsmith Award for excellence in

    Today we are pleased to be the focus of the WCET Frontiers blog. Our Call Center is very proud of all they have accomplished and are now able to offer to our clients. Here’s the link. We are always open to new cli.

    If you are new to online learning, instructional design, eLearning course development, or would simply like to learn more about the world of online education, this course is designed for you. Discounted rate for eTutoring.org Schools. A Two-Week Course Starts Monday, July 27th, 2015 Registration.

    CTDLC is proud to announce its latest partnership with Connect-Ability, Department of Services (DORS). and the Bureau of Reh.


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    Business Sell Canada – Find Businesses For Sale sorted by Category


    • Accommodation Recreation (63)
      Hotel, Resort, Camping, Trailer Park.
    • Advertising Directories (3)
      + Marketing, Printing, Signs, On-line.
    • Animals Pet Care (8)
      + Grooming, Supplies, Ranches, Training.
    • Art, Antiques Gifts (13)
      + Collectables, Souvenirs, Art Gallery.
    • Automotive Sales Service (19)
      + Car Rentals, Salvage, Tires, Garages.

    • Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals (-)
      + Drug Store, Medical/Sports Clinics.
    • Building Materials Hardware (19)
      + Lumber Yard, Construction Equip’t.
    • Business Services Supplies (28)
      + UPS, Print, Junk, Cleaning, Office Prod.

    • Chemicals Plastics (-)
      + Chem Manuf, Cleaning Prods, Die Mold.
    • Children Youth (15)
      + Pre-school, Playground, College, Toys.
    • Cleaning Decorating (21)
      + Maid Serv, Renos, Janitor, Painter.
    • Clothing Textiles (12)
      + Fashion, Bridal, Dry Clean, Manufacture.
    • Computer Hardware Software (3)
      + Games, Programs, Cellular, Websites.
    • Construction Maintenance (38)
      + Inspect, Landscape, Renos, Plumb/Elect.
    • Consumer Goods Services (14)
      + Bottle Depot, Ink Refill, Sears, Vacuum.
    • Contracting Trades (38)
      + Reno, Inspect, Elect/Plumbing, Carpentry.
    • Customer Service (8)
      + Cleaning, Restore, Snow Remove, Taxi.

    • E-Commerce Internet (9)
      + Websites, On-line stores, Web services.
    • Education Training (13)
      + Learning Ctr, Career Coll, Tutoring.
    • Electronics Electrical (5)
      + Industrial Ctrls, Automation, Audio Eq’t.
    • Energy Environment (4)
      + Power prods, Recycling, Furnace/Wood.
    • Entertainment Arts (12)
      + Pub, Playground, Paintball, Theatre.

    • Farming, Fishing Forestry (8)
      + Outfitting, Fences, Nursery, Ranch.
    • Financial Services Investing (3)
      + Franchises, Tax prep, Investments.
    • Food Related Products (93)
      + Supermarket, Bakery, Food Package.

    • Health Beauty (30)
      + Fitness, Gym, Health Food, Wellness/Spa.
    • Home Based Business (34)
      + Handicraft, Vending, Cleaning, Inspect.
    • House Garden (19)
      + Clean, Lawn, Garden Ctr, Furniture.
    • Hospitality Food Service (95)
      + Banquet, Bar, Resort, Hotel, Food Trk.

    • Industrial Manufacturing Service (26)
      + Machine Shop, Sht Metal, Quarry, Ctrls.
    • Information Technology (2)
      + Computers, Office Prod, System Int.
    • International Business Trade (2)
      + World-wide, Export Distrib, Website.

    • Management Human Resources (1)
      + Employment Agency, Business Mgmt.
    • Marketing Advertising (11)
      + Real Estate Agency, Printing, Sign Mfg.
    • Media, Graphics, Film Video (3)
      + Sign Mfg, Graphic/Web Design, Photo.
    • Mining, Metal Resources (2)
      + Oil Field Servs, Quarry, Gravel Haul.

    • Personal Services Products (35)
      + Spa/Tan, Health, Flowers, Hse Clean.
    • Professional Services Consulting (15)
      + Bookkeep, Invest, Engineer, R.E.
    • Publishing, Printing News (9)
      + Newspapers, Print Shop, Web Blog.

    • Real Estate Rental Buildings (26)
      + Apt, Storage, Motel, inc Home/Land.
    • Recreation, Resorts Camping (22)
      + Trailer Pk, RV Rents, Marina, Travel.
    • Repairs Maintenance (22)
      + Garage, Transmission, Builder, Mech.
    • Retail Stores Trade (91)
      + All stores, E-commerce, Malls, Kiosk.

    • Sports Leisure Products (20)
      + Bar, Golf, Gym, Marina, Power Toys.

    • Telecommunications (1)
      + Cellular, VOIP, ISP, Phone Sales.
    • Transportation Travel (49)
      + Car/Truck, RV, Taxi, Travel Agy.

    • Warehousing, Moving Storage (4)
      + Trucking, Freight, Mini-Storage.
    • Wholesale Trade Distributor (28)
      + Food Mfg, Chem Mfg, Warehouse.

    • Accommodation Recreation
      Hotel, Resort, Camping, Trailer Park.
    • Advertising Directories
      + Marketing, Printing, Signs, On-line.
    • Animals Pet Care
      + Grooming, Supplies, Ranches, Training.
    • Art, Antiques Gifts
      + Collectables, Souvenirs, Art Gallery.
    • Automotive Sales Service
      + Car Rentals, Salvage, Tires, Garages.

    • Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals
      + Drug Store, Medical/Sports Clinics.
    • Building Materials Hardware
      + Lumber Yard, Construction Equip’t.
    • Business Services Supplies
      + UPS, Print, Junk, Cleaning, Office Prod.

    • Chemicals Plastics
      + Chem Manuf, Cleaning Prods, Die Mold.
    • Children Youth
      + Pre-school, Playground, College, Toys.
    • Cleaning Decorating
      + Maid Serv, Renos, Janitor, Painter.
    • Clothing Textiles
      + Fashion, Bridal, Dry Clean, Manufacture.
    • Computer Hardware Software
      + Games, Programs, Cellular, Websites.
    • Construction Maintenance
      + Inspect, Landscape, Renos, Plumb/Elect.
    • Consumer Goods Services
      + Bottle Depot, Ink Refill, Sears, Vacuum.
    • Contracting Trades
      + Reno, Inspect, Elect/Plumbing, Carpentry.
    • Customer Service
      + Cleaning, Restore, Snow Remove, Taxi.

    • E-Commerce Internet
      + Websites, On-line stores, Web services.
    • Education Training
      + Learning Ctr, Career Coll, Tutoring.
    • Electronics Electrical (-)
      + Industrial Ctrls, Automation, Audio Eq’t.
    • Energy Environment
      + Power prods, Recycling, Furnace/Wood.
    • Entertainment Arts
      + Pub, Playground, Paintball, Theatre.

    • Farming, Fishing Forestry
      + Outfitting, Fences, Nursery, Ranch.
    • Financial Services Investing
      + Franchises, Tax prep, Investments.
    • Food Related Products
      + Supermarket, Bakery, Food Package.

    • Health Beauty
      + Fitness, Gym, Health Food, Wellness/Spa.
    • Home Based Business
      + Handicraft, Vending, Cleaning, Inspect.
    • House Garden
      + Clean, Lawn, Garden Ctr, Furniture.
    • Hospitality Food Service
      + Banquet, Bar, Resort, Hotel, Food Trk.

    • Industrial Manufacturing Service
      + Machine Shop, Sht Metal, Quarry, Ctrls.
    • Information Technology
      + Computers, Office Prod, System Int.
    • International Business Trade
      + World-wide, Export Distrib, Website.

    • Management Human Resources
      + Employment Agency, Business Mgmt.
    • Marketing Advertising
      + Real Estate Agency, Printing, Sign Mfg.
    • Media, Graphics, Film Video
      + Sign Mfg, Graphic/Web Design, Photo.
    • Mining, Metal Resources
      + Oil Field Servs, Quarry, Gravel Haul.

    • Personal Services Products
      + Spa/Tan, Health, Flowers, Hse Clean.
    • Professional Services Consulting
      + Bookkeep, Invest, Engineer, R.E.
    • Publishing, Printing News
      + Newspapers, Print Shop, Web Blog.

    • Real Estate Rental Buildings
      + Apt, Storage, Motel, inc Home/Land.
    • Recreation, Resorts Camping
      + Trailer Pk, RV Rents, Marina, Travel.
    • Repairs Maintenance
      + Garage, Transmission, Builder, Mech.
    • Retail Stores Trade
      + All stores, E-commerce, Malls, Kiosk.

    • Sports Leisure Products
      + Bar, Golf, Gym, Marina, Power Toys.

    • Telecommunications
      + Cellular, VOIP, ISP, Phone Sales.
    • Transportation Travel
      + Car/Truck, RV, Taxi, Travel Agy.

    • Warehousing, Moving Storage
      + Trucking, Freight, Mini-Storage.
    • Wholesale Trade Distributor
      + Food Mfg, Chem Mfg, Warehouse.


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    Dental Assistant Schools in Toronto, Mississauga – Hamilton #dental #hygenist #training


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    The Dental Schools in Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton at the National Academy of Health Business offer 3 comprehensive and industry recognized career training dental programs. Dental courses are College level and approved by The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities as well as the National Dental Assisting Examining Board. The Dental diploma programs combine comprehensive learning objectives, focused classroom time and practical hands-on training, preparing graduates for work in dental offices, dental clinics, health units, hospitals and educational institutions.

    Please click on the following links for program specific information or continuing reading this page for additional information on our Dental Faculty.

    Taught by experienced dental industry experts, students interested in dental assisting, dental administration, dental office management and dental treatment co-ordinator careers will develop a professional skill set in dental office responsibilities, dental patient scheduling and flow, communications, dental insurance claim administration and recall systems. We strongly recommend that new students to the industry begin by enrolling in our Intra-Oral Dental Assistant Diploma (Level 1 2) program and then consider taking our Dental Treatment Co-ordinator program after some industry experience. Our Dental Treatment Co-ordinator program is also a perfect compliment to existing Dental Hygienists.

    Career in Dental Assisting, Dental Office Administration and Dental Treatment Co-ordination

    Graduates of the Dental Assistant programs will be encouraged to write the National Dental Assisting Examining Board ( NDAEB ) exam. With this thorough combination of theory, practical experience and certification, Dental Faculty graduates will be technically proficient, confident and extremely well trained to succeed in any Dental environment. We encourage our graduates, as well as Dental Hygienists to consider our Prenatal Treatment Co-ordinator / Office Manager Diploma for those looking to take on a managerial role.

    Please click on the links above for diploma level program specific information.

    For More Information of Dental Programs Training


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