NTX Garage Doors, Openers – Gates, For Garage Door Repair, Service,


Garage Door Service, Repair and Installation

Garage door dallas tx

Garage door dallas tx

Garage door dallas tx

Garage door dallas tx

Garage door dallas tx

Residential and CommercialGarage door dallas tx

Service and Repair

Custom Doors Gates

Garage Door Openers

Automatic Gates

Garage door won t open.В We are experts at repairing garage doors and garage door openers.В Need a spring replacement?В We carry your choice of garage door springs.В From standard to custom high cycle Lifetime warranty springs.В Call us for all your Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Replacement and Garage Door Openers.В We only use the Best Products available in the market today.В Heavy Duty Hardware, Choice of Garage Door Spring, Premium Ball Bearing Rollers, High Quality Garage Doors and the number 1 selling professionally installed garage door openers.В All Service calls include a Basic Door Tune Up and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Better Parts and Better Service make NTX Garage Doors the Best Choice for Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Replacement, Garage Door Openers and Automatic Gates.

We are a locally owned business serving North Texas, Dallas, Plano, Allen, Carrollton, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Denton and surrounding areas.

Our dedication to Customer Satisfaction, combined with Expert Technicians has made us the Top Choice for all your Garage Door and Automatic Gate needs.


We are the Best Choice for Quality, Accept no Substitutes. We offer garage door service for ALL Brands of Garage Doors, Garage Door Openers and Automatic Gates!

Garage door dallas txProudly Serving the Dallas and the Metropolitan Area Since 2002

For Garage Door Repair and Installation needs.В We are Experts in Garage Door Openers, Broken Springs, Cables, Rollers and Garage Door Replacement.

  • Parts and Labor WARRANTIES
  • Garage Door Repair or Replacement on ALL Makes and Models
  • Automatic Gates Installation, Repair and Replacement
  • Save even more with our exclusive online coupons!


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Heights Hauling and Landscape – Sod Delivered and Installed #drain #cleaning


Height s Hauling Landscape

ST Augustine Raleigh, Bermuda Grass, Zoysia Grass, Palmetto [shade tolerant] turf

Sod/grass delivery and installation

This all inclusive price will get you fresh cut St. Augustine Raleigh turf delivered to your desired location. We will wheel barrel and lay out the sod in a tight blanketed fashion to give you an ‘instant lawn.’ We will make cuts and fit the turf to the shape of the area. Also available if needed, hand grading of the soil and cleaning to prepare the ground for the grass. Grading is essentially a leveling of the ground by raking the soil. If you have heavy weeds or rock and debris then you will need extra preparation before sodding can be done. (Additional Charges may apply for these services.) We reserve the right to have a minimum amount of sq footage. Our typical minimum job size is 900 sq ft or two [2] pallets. On occasion we will install less than the minimum amount and additional charges may apply. Since this web site was established four years ago the price of turf has gone up 15%. To help keep our pricing uniform we have added a travel surcharge to most jobs.

hand grading cleaning

Starting at around $95 per 450 sq ft depending on job size. We provide the service of stripping out old grass or turf by hand and hauling it away. This is followed by raking and smoothing out existing soils or by adding additional soils for proper gradient. This service usually precedes laying of new sod as shown below. We do not preform this as a stand alone service.

Fill Dirt and Top soil Delivery and installation

This inclusive price of $85.00 will get you one yard of bank sand / top soil delivered, dumped, wheeled, and spread at your desired location. [One yard of top soil covers approximately 27 cubic feet of area. (9ft. length x 3ft. width x 1ft.height)] This includes the labor of manually wheel barreling the dirt/soil to the exact site such as a flower bed or garden area. Also includes area clean-up of any loose dirt left behind. We may have a min amount required if this is preformed as a stand alone service.

Mulch delivery and installation

For the price $ 85.00 you will receive one yard of landscape Natural Premium mulch delivered, dumped, wheeled, and spread at your desired location. [One yard of mulch covers approximately 27 cubic feet or area.(9ft. length x 3ft. width x 1ft. height)] Includes clean-up of any loose mulch left behind. Black Colored Mulch is typically 10.00 extra. Min amount is 3 yards as a stand alone service.

Drainage Solutions

Got Mud? Do you have standing water in your back yard?

We professionally install French Drains and other drain solutions for your drainage issues.

Internet Price Special

15.50 Per Linear Foot includes

Labor / Pipe / Drainage Rock /

Weed Cloth / Up to 10 Drains Based on total project Length

2.50 Per Linear Foot for Dirt / Debris Haul Away [additional charge]

Pricing subject to plan and location

Professional tree trimming

Are your trees STORM READY?

Free Evaluation Estimate

Our insured staff have extensive experience trimming and removing trees of all kinds. We specialize in dead trees and trees over a structure that need expert attention. Stump Grinding and Wood Splitting are also available services.

Small Jobs 95.00 per hour – 3 hour min

Large Jobs 125.00 per hour – 3 hour min

Small Jobs $125.00 per hour – 3 hour min

Large Jobs $155.00 per hour – 3 hour min

Hauling Tree Debris – $125 to $175.00 a trailer load

Stump Grinding – $90.00 per stump – please call

PLEASE call with questions or

to set up a free estimate!

Hauling Away Waste

General landscape installation and design

We are now proud to offer professional landscape installation. We can deliver and install all type of plants, color, trees up to 5 caliper or even B B stock for reasonable rates. Flat rate or low priced design is also available for your commercial or residential project. We can also install plants according to your existing plan or design. Please call to email to set up a free meeting to see if we are a match for your project.

Nursery / Floral Certificate Class 2

Typical types of turf grass we install

Sod Varieties we install

St Augustine Raleigh

St Augustine Palmetto

St Augustine Common

Common Bermuda Grass

Tif419 Bermuda Grass

Celebration Bermuda Grass

Specialty Zoysia Turf Grass

Cavalier Zoysia Grass

Emerald Zoysia Grass


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Frontier Internet Service in Plano, TX #internet #plano #tx


Discover the Power of FiOS Internet from Frontier in Plano, TX

Enjoy Frontier Internet Service in Plano

Battling it out with your Internet Provider over constantly-changing rates and long-term contracts can be a serious hassle. But when you switch to Frontier, you can leave these worries behind! Get a 2-Year Price Guarantee, ensuring that the cost of your phone and Internet bundle won t change for two whole years. Plus, you ll get the convenience of free 24/7 tech support included with your Frontier broadband service. You don t even need a phone line with Frontier Internet! You don t have to stand for poor service or inflated rates any longer. You do have an alternative to Charter in Plano. For affordable, high-quality Internet service, the answer is clear: Frontier Communications in Plano. Call now and start saving with an Internet bundle from Frontier!

  • 2-Year Price Guarantee
  • No contract options
  • Fast FiOS Internet

Frontier Internet Bundles in Plano Save You Money

You can save money by pairing your Frontier Internet with your Frontier Home Phone in a Frontier Bundle. Bundling these services allows you to simplify your bill-paying by combining both services into a single statement. And when you bundle, you pay less for each service than you would if you got each service on its own. Plus, Frontier won t lock you into a contract, and your package s price won t change for three whole years, thanks to the 2-Year Price Guarantee. So, get one of the great Frontier deals in Plano by bundling today!

  • Consolidate your bills
  • Save money every month
  • Perfect for families
  • No contract options

Frontier Home Phone Service in Plano

Want to talk as much as you d like without running out of minutes? Sign up for a Frontier Home Phone package! With Unlimited Local and Long-Distance calling, Frontier Home Phone lets customers talk as much as they want so they can save their cell minutes for when they need them. And because landlines usually continue to function during a power outage, you can relax, knowing you ll be able to reach help if there s an emergency or natural disaster. You can experience exceptional service without the dropped calls you get with a cell phone when you sign up for a home phone plan with Frontier in Plano.

  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance Available
  • Phone works during power outages
  • Avoid using cell minutes at home
  • Enjoy reliable, clear phone calls


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Which Nursing Schools are in the Houston, TX Area? #which #nursing


Which Nursing Schools Are in the Houston, TX Area?

Learn about nursing programs in Houston. Get information about programs available and admission requirements to make an informed decision about your education. Schools offering Nursing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Do you need to know what schools in Houston offer nursing programs? Here you can learn about schools in Houston that offer nursing programs and their courses and requirements.

What You Need to Know

A vocational nursing certificate program requires about one year of study, and completing it prepares you to take the practical nurse licensure examination. Associate’s degree programs are also available and prepare you for work as a registered nurse. Associate’s degree programs include general education classes alongside core nursing courses and take about two years to complete. Clinical experiences are an essential component of both certificate and associate’s degree programs in nursing.

Bachelor’s degree programs are also available, and you can complete this program in four years. It prepares you for licensure as a registered nurse, and your coursework includes general education coursework, nursing skills classes and clinical experience.

Certificate Programs in Houston, TX

Houston Community College at Coleman College for Health Sciences

At Houston Community College, nursing programs are offered through the Coleman College for Health Sciences. This program includes stand-alone courses in gerontology, nutrition and pediatric nursing. Sequences in vocational nurse training and nursing in health and illness are also required for graduation.

  • Program Name: Vocational Nursing Program
  • Program Length: 1 year, full-time
  • Tuition: $1,632 per year for in-district students, $3,360 for out-of-district students, $3,756 for out-of-state students (2015-16)
  • Requirements: High school diploma or GED
  • School Type: 2-year, public; 58,276 undergraduate students

San Jacinto Community College – South Campus

This program features classroom and clinical practice to prepare students for the licensure exam for vocational nursing. Some courses train students in a specific form of nursing, such as neonatal, pediatrics and surgery.

  • Program Name: Licensed Vocational Nurse Certificate of Technology
  • Program Length: 3 semesters, full-time
  • Tuition: $1,408 per year for residents in-district, $2,416 for residents out-of-district, $3,688 for non-residents (2015-2016)
  • Requirements: High school diploma or GED, acceptable placement test scores, successful physical examination results and minimum 2.25 college GPA
  • School Type: 2-year, public; 27,911 undergraduate students

Associate Degree Programs in Houston, TX

Houston Community College at Coleman College for Health Sciences

  • Program Name: Associate of Applied Science
  • Specialization Areas: Nursing or Licensed Vocational Nurse to Registered Nurse
  • Program Length: 2 years, full-time
  • Tuition: $1,632 per year for in-district students, $3,360 per year for out-of-district students, $3,756 for out-of-state students (2015-2016)
  • Requirements: Satisfactory HESI scores, TSI scores and pharmacology mathematics test scores, minimum GPA of 2.0, LVN licensure (for LVN-to-RN candidates only)
  • School Type: 2-year, public; 58,276 undergraduate students

These 6-semester programs include more supporting scientific coursework than the certificate program, such as classes in anatomy and physiology, microbiology and human growth. Some general education courses are also required. Clinical training is part of the final five semesters of the nursing program, while the LVN-to-RN program incorporates clinical training into three of its six semesters.

San Jacinto Community College – South Campus

Another nursing degree option offered through San Jacinto Community College is the Nursing LVN-RN Mobility Associate of Applied Science. Students prepare to take the registered nursing licensure exam through clinical practice in hospitals and healthcare facilities in addition to classroom learning. Students must have completed a number of health science courses before they’ll be admitted to the LVN-RN program.

  • Program Name: Nursing LVN-RN Mobility Associate of Applied Science
  • Program Length: 3 semesters, full-time
  • Tuition: $1,408 per year for residents in-district, $2,416 for residents out-of-district, $3,688 for non-residents (2015-2016)
  • Prerequisites: Several courses in psychology, composition, mathematics, biology, dosage, health assessment, anatomy and physiology, and pharmacology must be completed prior to admission
  • School Type: 2-year, public; 27,911 undergraduate students

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Houston

Houston Baptist University

At Houston Baptist University (HBU), you’ll prepare for a career in nursing through both clinical and administrative courses, as well as clinical experience. This curriculum offers experience observing flight teams and intensive care units. If you’re interested in graduate studies, you can earn a master’s degree in nursing from HBU. This university offers a 16-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio.

  • Program Name: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Program Length: 4 years, full-time
  • Tuition: $29,800 per year (2015-2016)
  • Prerequisites: University undergraduate admission, minimum 3.0 GPA, no more than 2 ‘D’ or ‘F’ grades on transcripts, all nursing prerequisites completed with a ‘C’ grade or better, all university proficiencies completed, complete the HESI A2 exam, attend Nursing Information Session and meet with a nursing facility adviser
  • School Type: 4-year, private; approximately 3,128 students (2,288 undergraduates)

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

At the Health Science Center at Houston, you have the option to pursue either a traditional or accelerated bachelor’s program. Options are also available if you are either an RN who wishes to pursue a bachelor’s degree or if you already have a bachelor’s degree in another field. This school is comprised mostly of graduate students and offers both master’s and doctoral degree programs. The student-to-faculty ratio is just 5-to-1.

  • Program Name: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Program Length: 4 years, full-time
  • Tuition: $6,846 for residents, $29,043 for non-residents (2015-16)
  • Requirements: Minimum 2.75 GPA in nursing course prerequisites and 3.0 GPA in science course prerequisites, official transcripts submission, at least 40 hours of program prerequisites with eight hours in science prerequisites and 75% score or better on HESI A2 exams
  • School Type: 4-year, public; approximately 657 undergraduates and 3,899 graduate students

To summarize the information here, there are at least four universities in Houston that offer nursing programs at various levels.

To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

The schools in the listing below are not free and may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. Tuition and costs will vary across programs and locations. Be sure to always request tuition information before starting a program.


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Dallas Family Lawyer Jeff Anderson: 23 Yrs Exp – Divorce, Custody,


divorce lawyers in dallas tx

Divorce lawyers in dallas tx


Schedule Appointment

Divorce lawyers in dallas tx

Divorce lawyers in dallas tx

Divorce lawyers in dallas tx


Dallas Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Owen Anderson has devoted his legal career to the demanding and constantly changing area of family law litigation.

“I help people out in their darkest hour,” he says. “And, most importantly, I help children. I’ve been through divorce myself, and I have children, so that experience gave me a valuable perspective. It made me even more committed to helping kids and making sure their well-being is a priority.”

Practice Areas

  • Divorce lawyers in dallas tx


  • Divorce lawyers in dallas tx

    Mediation & Dispute

  • Divorce lawyers in dallas tx

    Child Custody

  • Divorce lawyers in dallas tx

    Joint Custody

  • Divorce lawyers in dallas tx

    Sole Custody

  • Divorce lawyers in dallas tx

    Child Support

  • Divorce lawyers in dallas tx

    Custody Enforcement

  • Divorce lawyers in dallas tx

    Child Visitation

  • Divorce lawyers in dallas tx

    Property Division

    More About Jeff Anderson

    Some would say Jeff Anderson started his career at the age of five, when he started following his father – also an attorney – around the courthouse. He worked in that law office through high school and served process in college. Now Jeff has been a practicing family lawyer for over twenty years. He joined Orsinger, Nelson, Downing and Anderson in January 2012 after seventeen years of running his own firm. He is Board Certified in Family Law, a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and served on the Texas Family Law Counsel for six years. Jeff has been recognized in D Magazine consistently since 2002 as one of Dallas’ best lawyers, been named a Texas Monthly SuperLawyer every year since they started, including being named among the top 100 attorneys in Dallas.

    Jeff has written, lectured, and taught family law and trial techniques around the state. He has a philosophy of integrity, faith, family, service and excellence. Those aren’t just words.

    Jeff is proud of his service as chair of the Special Concerns of Children Committee of the AAML and as a member of the Board of Directors of Kids Matter International, helping children in our community and around the world.

    Every case is different. Every case takes a different set of strategies, a different approach, and a different method of presentation. Knowing that he wanted to be a trial attorney, Jeff got his undergraduate degree in Speech Communications, studying the art of persuasion. His education, his practice, and his entire life has been spent developing himself as the best family law and divorce lawyer he can possibly be. Jeff has over 20 years of experience as a child custody lawyer and takes a special interest in complex adoption, divorce, international custody, and family law cases in Dallas, Texas.




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  • Cedar Park Chiropractic – Acupuncture #chiropractor #in #richardson #tx


    Cedar Park Chiropractic Acupuncture

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 2 months ago

    Dr. Swanson and his team are incredible. I’ve been bringing my 9 week old newborn there to treat her acid reflux since she was 3 weeks old. I was getting worried about her weight gain and didn’t want to resort to medication. The receptionists are so accommodating and friendly. If I miss my appointment, they always squeeze us in when I’m able to swing by.

    Dr. Swanson laid out a plan for us, and sure enough, her acid reflux is significantly reduced and my baby is a happy baby! She even sleeps 7 hour stretches at night, which makes me one happy mama! I HIGHLY recommend getting chiropractic care for your baby (and yourself) at Cedar Park Chiropratic. His adjustments for my daughter are gentle, yet effective, and I trust him with my little girl. I wish I discovered this place for my first born when he was an infant.

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 3 weeks ago

    I had never been to a chiropractor until I met with Dr Swanson. He has helped me twice get control of chronic back pain. He is knowledgeable, professional and kind. I am able to go about my daily activities after his help. Highly recommend.

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 4 months ago

    Dr. Jeff Swanson, and staff have been great for the first month of being a new patient. My back pain issues have been healed and I am back on track. The office atmosphere is very friendly and professional. I am so glad I found you. Thanks!
    I have now brought my son recently in to Dr. Swanson’s office as he was having chronic headaches and general body ache issues. He is totally healed of those issues after going through a good number of adjustments! I am so excited, and now my son is on maintenance visits to keep himself well.
    Thanks Dr. Swanson!

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 4 months ago

    Dr. Swanson has been integral in maintaining the health in my back and neck. As a dentist, it is imperative for my job. His knowledge and understanding of treating the body as a whole and not just the areas that hurt is key to overall long term treatment success. Thanks Jeff for all your help!


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    Five Star Plumbing #san #antonio #plumbers, #plumbing, #plumber, #plumbers, #san #antonio,


    One Year Warranty

    We employ only the best plumbers with a true desire to provide Five Star service to our customers. Our employees all go through extensive background checks and are drug tested. We provide a 1 year warranty on most repairs we perform and a 90 day warranty on any drain we clear. Our trucks are fully stocked and since we respect your time, we will be on time and ready to perform the work when we arrive.

    San Antonio Plumbers

    FIVE STAR TREATMENT: Five Star Plumbing gives you and your home the five star treatment you deserve. We will provide a full assessment of your plumbing system. While other companies might charge for these tests, we do it at no charge because we want to be your plumber today and always!

    UP FRONT PRICING: No Surprises! We provide a written invoice showing exactly what the costs will be for all plumbing repairs before we do anything. We feel that charging by the hour creates a guessing game to the homeowner and is just not fair. A homeowner could be paying more for a plumber that is slow and unfamiliar with their plumbing issues.

    OUR PLUMBERS ARE THE BEST SAN ANTONIO HAS TO OFFER: Our plumbers are time conscious, courteous, highly competent plumbing professionals. Five Star Plumbing employees are experienced, trained, and highly knowledgeable, as well as friendly, clean, and worthy of your trust. All repairs and installations are 100% guaranteed!

    Five Star Plumbing


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    Auto Insurance Katy #auto #insurance, #auto #insurance #katy, #katy #auto #insurance,

    Auto Insurance

    Dagley Insurance knows that your car is more than just a way to get to and from work. Your car represents a major investment of your time and resources, and it’s an essential part of your busy lifestyle. So you’re looking for the wisest way to protect that investment.

    At Dagley Insurance, our team listens to you and your specific needs, then builds an insurance policy as individual as you. Whether you need Texas Auto Insurance or Colorado Auto Insurance. our staff members are seasoned experts at finding you the coverage that makes sense for your individual risk. the age and condition of your vehicle, your driving habits, and your budget.

    In addition to your state’s minimum coverage for property damage or bodily injury, Dagley offers competitive rates with coverages that may include Collision, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist, and Loss of use. We leave no stone unturned in hunting down discounts for your safe driving record.

    Our team doesn’t just sell insurance, they build lasting relationships. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Call today to speak to one of our auto insurance specialists in Cleburne TX, Cypress TX, Houston TX, Katy TX, Plano TX, Sugar Land TX, Aurora CO, Denver Co, or Greeley CO.

    Contact Us Today


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    Breast Implants San Antonio – Plastic Surgeon Austin – Dr #breast



    The Experience and Care YOU Deserve

    From the moment you enter our doors, you know you are in good hands. Dr. Schaffer is frequently named one of the best plastic surgeons in San Antonio, in Texas, and in the country. He was named a “Texas Super Doctor” in the December 2013 issue of Texas Monthly . He will work with you one on one, giving you personal attention to ensure you get the results you want.

    His warm, caring, and knowledgeable staff will put you at ease and make you feel at home. They will inform you about whatever procedure you choose. Dr. Schaffer works with you, answering all your questions in detail. He encourages you to bring a friend to your appointment to make sure you address all your concerns.

    Total Care From a Respected Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

    After your procedure, he personally follows up with you, paying attention to every detail. Dr. Schaffer believes that the after care is just as important as the surgery itself. So many clients are pleased with the results they get, they frequently come back for one of his many other procedures, such as breast augmentation (breast enlargement), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), or face lift (cervicofacial rhytidectomy).

    Dr. Schaffer is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He trained at Harvard Medical School and Yale Medical School, and found his love for plastic surgery while he studied under a Nobel Laureate Plastic Surgeon. Accepted into medical school at the age of 18, he has two decades of experience helping people look and feel their best.

    Dr. Schaffer invites you to visit with him and experience the Schaffer Difference – personal attention by one of the top plastic surgeons in Texas and the country. Your journey into the world of cosmetic surgery can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!


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    TV Repair Houston, TX – LCD, LED – More #foundation #repair


    Introduction: Why We re The Best Television Repair Service Houston TX

    Hello! And welcome to Bammel TV Tech Services’ TV Repair Houston Page. We’re Houston’s Super TV Repair Shop! We’re the city’s leading TV repair and TV service experts. For all Television technologies—from the super-duper latest-and-greatest 4k, Smart LED and OLED sets, through the range of plasmas and LCD’s, as well as legacy technology sets with projection chassis and direct-view, traditional CRT-based foundation—we’re your go-to guys.

    Many CRT-style sets are still in service, look cool, have fine pictures, and can often be repaired at reasonable prices if they develop faults. We repair vintage TV’s, vintage audio, and vintage electronics, too. As for the newer sets, you can rest assured that when you’re dealing with Bammel TV Tech Services, you’re getting the very best.

    Adopting a Texas parlance, you might could just call us TV repair Houston TX. Our Gold Standard Service warranty offers triple the industry standard labor warranty, and more.

    “Bammel TV Technology has performed repairs for my family via both in-home and drop-off service…for me, Bammel TV Technology, in baseball terms, is batting 1000 and without reservations, at this time, I fully and wholeheartedly recommend them for repair work! Kudos for multiple jobs well done!” Tech Control, October 2016 (read the full Google review at https://goo.gl/ekdCx2)

    Economizing Your Repair/Finding a TV Technician Near Me

    The most economical TV repair service is typically achieved by bringing the product in to us. We also offer in-home or on-site service for larger televisions, if you prefer that option. Rates vary by proximity or locale, class of product and season. We repair TV’s and do TV repair in the entire Houston metropolitan area: in the north, from Katy – Cypress – Tomball – Magnolia – Montgomery – Conroe – Porter – Kingwood – Humble; through the Spring/Woodlands area; through the city proper; and from the northwest, Crosby – Huffman, down through South Houston, League City, through Pearland, and over to the Southwest: Bellaire – Sugarland – Missouri City – Richmond – the Med Center – Rice University area, the Montrose — just call 281-444-0287 and ask to speak with Dispatch for more details.

    We can even fix backlight panel faults and failures! Here, flat screen tv repair: an LG tv repair we fixed the television s faulty backlight array.

    Getting Free Repair Cost Information at our TV Repair Houston Free Information Links

    Even more information on our repair process is available at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Summary: Houston TX Television Repair

    Houston TV repair, at Bammel TV Tech Services: Houston’s local TV repair shop. For Sharp – Sony – Samsung – LG – Toshiba – Vizio – Panasonic – Mitsubishi – Pioneer – Magnavox – Funai – Sylvania – RCA – Planar – Runco – Sunbrite – and more. LCD TV repair, LED TV repair, Plasma TV Repair – big screen TV repair, flat screen TV repair – and yes, Smart TV repair – you name it – we fix it. Fix TV near me? We TV fix for you!

    Thanks for visiting our site! And remember… when you need TV Repair in Houston, Call the Professionals: Call Bammel TV Tech Services.


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    Plano foundation repair, Hargrave Custom Foundation Repair Dallas Metroplex, TX REVIEWS


    You guys did a great job! I am very happy with the work that was performed. Your crew demonstrated your dedication to making sure the job was done properly by installing an additional pier without charge, and the way you left the job site was as if no one had ever been there; just like new. I was referred to you by our Ebby Halliday realtor who assured us that Hargrave has a great reputation for quality and integrity in the community.

    Thanks! Jacob, Frisco

    As a realtor in the Collin county area for the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity to refer your company for foundation repair numerous times. The situation looked a little different when I was put in the position of having to go through this myself on our personal home. I was worried that the landscaping would look beat up afterwards, that the dirt would be all over the place and that we would be able to take one look at the house and think “whew, that house had a foundation problem”. I was so wrong! It was the most painless repair I have ever had on a house. The crew was efficient and careful all at the same time. Nick was so concerned that it was done just right. Thank you so much for getting us through this so quickly and easily. I will be able to refer your company “first hand” in the future and calm the fears of so many of my clients.

    Claudia Kelley, Ebby Halliday Realtors

    I just wanted to let you know what a great job Russ and the crew did on two cold days in December. When the lift to the chimney started (it was leaning out about 9 inches), it was being held by the roof sheathing. After cleaning out the debris left by squirrels, Russ climbed up on the second story roof and cut back the plywood that had stopped the chimney. This was clearly above and beyond the call and resulted in the chimney rotating back into plumb. I just wanted to say “thank you” for the professional way the crew worked and for the experience that Russ brought to a tricky problem.

    Thanks again. Bill, Dallas


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    El Paso Home Insurance – Homeowners Insurance Quotes in El Paso


    Homeowners Insurance in El Paso TX

    Homeowners Insurance Quotes in El Paso Texas

    Coverage for most Home and Condo Property Risks are available at this time. Texas Homeowners Insurance Quotes for HOA, HO1, HO2, HOB, HOC, DP1. Fire.

    Our programs for El Paso Home Insurance are available with Credit Score or Non Credit Scored factoring. Good or bad credit is not an issue with our new non scored “Hassle Free” El Paso HOA program.

    Fast policy issue for El Paso. Home Insurance in El Paso TX area and most of Harris County coverage can be effected same day or following day in most cases.

    Your El Paso Insurance coverage can not start before we have received your completed insurance application. For your convenience, an online El Paso Home Insurance application is in th e forms pa ge of the website. The form can be printed or submitted over the web. Some of our Texas insurance programs allow you to complete your insurance purchase from the website.

    Direct bill is now available on select personal lines insurance programs in Texas.

    El Paso Homeowners living on 1 or more acres, with or without hobby animals, can now qualify for our personal lines homeowners insurance program, No need for a Farm and Ranch type insurance policy. If AG sales are less than $5000/yr- you can still go in our Homeowners personal insurance programs.

    We now offer $10,000 of accidental water damage insurance coverage on a DP1 on a standard Fire, EC, Vmm home insurance El Paso policy for a flat $100 AP. This applies to a tenant or owner occupied.

    Tips to get discounts on Homeowners Insurance Quotes in El Paso TX

    1. Update your heating, electrical and plumbing systems to modern standards and you may qualify for a discount of as much as 15% off your El Paso homeowners insurance policy. Texas building technology has advanced in many ways to make an older residence much safer. Even though you may like the old-fashioned fire place, it may not be as fire-safe as a modern heating system. You’ll in addition to being a lower home insurance risk, make your House more valuable in terms of its worth in the marketplace.

    2. Many El Paso homeowners do not know half the insurance discounts that are available to them with their insurer. If you don t know something exists you cannot position yourself to take advantage of it. Tell your insurance agent about any updates to your home or major repairs to get possible discounts and find out what you need to do to take advantage of them. Insurers do not always advertise all available discounts but that doesn t mean they don t have them. Don t forget, you could also save some money and moreover, you have nothing to lose by asking.

    3. The material you use in the construction of your House or Condo in El Paso can go a long way in affecting your home insurance rates in El Paso. Buy a frame house if you want more resistance to earthquakes or buy brick if you want better resistance to high winds like those encountered in Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Homeowners building with the appropriate material for your state can easily save you a 5%.

    4. You could save hundreds of dollars by evaluating various Policy types. Texas HOA policies are often cheaper home insurance policies but may offer less coverage. The HOB broad form property insurance policy is the most popular and may offer the best value for the money. The HOC, All Risk Insurance Policy is the Gold Standard Cadillac of home insurance policies in the Market. It s not the cheapest insurance policy but will offer the most coverage.

    El Paso Property Insurance programs are available for:

    1. Bad credit risk
    2. Protection class 1-9
    3. Older properties
    4. Rental properties
    5. Low valued homes
    6. Farm and ranch exposure
    7. Poor loss record
    8. Homes on Acreage

    Limits to $7,000,000 are available for Home Insurance in El Paso with coverage deductibles as low as $500.

    9. Coastal without EC (Beach property)
    10. Schedules of rental Homes
    11. Vacant Property Insurance Quotes
    12. Non standard construction 13. Remodel

    and new construction

    14. Lake or weekend homes
    15. Ski or mountain homes
    16. Homes with businesses
    17. Cattle or horse exposures

    18. Windstorm Insurance for Hurricane Wind and Hail.

    Apartment House Insurance in El Paso

    This homeowners insurance program is for Apartment Buildings and Rental House insurance in El Paso Tx. El Paso area clients that operate Apartment Houses with between 10 and 50 units. This program is a package or BOP type insurance policy covering Basic, Broad or Special perils and with values of $25,000 to $3.5 Million per location in all counties except tier 1.

    We can provide Building, Contents, Rents, Liability insurance and Crime insurance as well as the tenants contents extension clause. Risks do not need to be loss free.

    Our Homeowners insurance Quotes in El Paso are very competitive with other insurance underwriters of this business trade group.

    Commercial Property Insurance Program – Free Quotes

    We have a new Texas insurance facility available that will accept most any types of El Paso Texas commercial property insurance risks where the property values are up to $5,000,000 per location.

    This Program is principally for:

    The facility is available in El Paso and Most of Harris County. Coverage can be Fire Insurance, Ec. Vmm or All Risk Insurance coverage with and without flood or earthquake insurance coverage available under this program in tier 1 and 2 areas. This is a property insurance only program but we can most likely write the general liability and products insurance also if you need that written along with the property coverage. This new program will offer El Paso area property insurance coverage at competitive pricing and the rates will not be up rated unless the risk is substandard or surplus lines.

    El Paso Rental Property Insurance

    Residential Rental Property insurance ” For Let ” El Paso area Single Family Homes, 2 Family Homes in most cases can be covered on the DP1. 3 Family, 4 Family Homes and Multi-family up to 8 unit properties can be covered on our El Paso Commercial Property insurance lines. see the commercial Commercial Insurance section. Up to a 4 family home owners insurance policy can be placed on our Personal Lines tenant occupied Dwelling or Homeowners Policies.

    El Paso Homeowners Insurance Discounts

    New TX home. Up to a 10%

    Loss Free History. Up to a 10%

    If electrical wiring. plumbing and roof have all been updated in the last 20 years then you can get a rating homeowners discount for your El Paso Home Insurance by using the first remodeling date as the age of the home. Up to a 10% credit on your homeowners insurance Quotes in El Paso.


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    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy #bankruptcy #attorneys #dallas #tx


    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Dallas, TX

    Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides debt relief for qualified individuals and businesses. While Chapter 7 does not enable you to restructure secured debt or catch up on past-due payments or taxes, experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help clients in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and throughout Texas discharge unsecured debt, providing them with a clean slate.

    Determining who qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

    Persons with income below or near their state median income may qualify for Chapter 7. This is determind by the Means Test. This test is more complicated than it appears. It takes experienced bankruptcy attorneys to assess your situation and help select the appropriate bankruptcy solution. As an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney, I have helped thousands of individuals and businesses in Dallas, Plano, Frisco and throughout north Texas.

    The means test determines which chapter you qualify for

    Personal bankruptcy begins with a means test that estimates your ability to repay your outstanding debt. In the first phase, the test compares your income to a median income defined by the state of Texas. If your income is above the median, the second phase compares your income with your outstanding debt. If you have a sufficient amount of excess income above your basic expenes, you typically qualify to begin the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

    How Chapter 7 bankruptcy works

    As in any bankruptcy, a person (or business) filing Chapter 7 must list all assets, all liabilities, disclose average monthly income and expenses and answer questiona pertaining to your financial affairs. In personal bankruptcies in Texas, most or all of a family’s assets are exempt- which means that you get to keep them. A trustee is assigned to the case. The trustee will take and liquidate any non-exempt property, liquidate it and disburse the proceeds to creditors. All debtors must attend a Meeting of Creditors between 20 and 30 days from the day the case was filed. I will be with you and must ask you a list of questions about your financial affairs. The trustee will also ask similar questions. In most personal Chapter 7s, creditors do not appear; in business cases, creditors often do appear. Creditors can also ask questions. In most personal Chapter 7s, this meeting will take about 5 minutes; business cases can last much longer. Approximately 75 days after this meeting, if no objections are filled (generally, none are filed) the Court will issue your discharge- which releases you from personal liability for all dischargeable debts. In a Chapter 7, there is no court repayment plan.

    Chapter 7 is generally quicker, easier and cheaper than a Chapter 13 or Chapter 11. If your only problems are general unsecured debts and you qualify for Chapter 7, it is usually your best choice.

    The current economic environment has created financial strife for many individuals and businesses in Dallas, Plano, and Frisco. As a Dallas bankruptcy attorney. I have the skills and experience to help find the right solutions and help clients work toward financial freedom. By the end of your free consultation, you can gain a clear understanding of whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy or another solution is right for you and exactly what to do next. Call me at 214-696-6200, send an email. or stop by my office to find the fresh start you need.

    A message from Judith.


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    San Antonio TX Home Insurance #auto #insurance #quotes #san #antonio #tx


    Use this FREE self-help tool to quickly shop for the best auto insurance rates available, right online. Unlike many other auto insurance websites you may have come across, TexStar Insurance Services, Inc. will NEVER sell your information. That means you get fast and accurate quotes without any hassle.

    Use this FREE self-help tool to quickly shop for the best home insurance rates available, right online. Unlike many other home insurance websites you may have come across, TexStar Insurance Services, Inc. will NEVER sell your information. That means you get fast and accurate quotes without any hassle.

    Use this FREE self-help tool to quickly shop for the best health insurance rates available, right online. Unlike many other health insurance websites you may have come across, TexStar Insurance Services, Inc. will NEVER sell your information. That means you get fast and accurate quotes without any hassle.

    Welcome to TexStar Insurance Services!

    Since 1989, we have provided our clients with the highest quality insurance products available along with the most competitive rates in the state of Texas. Whether you’re shopping for auto, home, life or business insurance, we can help get you the best coverage available at the lowest possible rate.

    We specialize in the following insurance products and services:


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    Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners #plumbers #houston #tx


    The Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners renews licenses for Master Plumber, Journeyman Plumber, Tradesman Plumber-Limited and Plumbing Inspector. All licenses renew annually and require continuing professional education, by a Board-approved provider, for each license year. Upon issuance of your first license, an expiration date will be selected at random for anywhere from 6-18 months from the date of your successful examination. The only exception to this is for Plumbing Inspector licenses, which expire in January.

    The Board renews endorsements for Medical Gas Piping Installation, Multipurpose Residential Fire Protection Sprinkler Specialists and Water Supply Protection Specialists. These endorsements renew in three-year cycles and the expiration dates (month/day) are the same as the Master or Journeyman license. Continuing Professional Education, by a Board-approved provider, is required for the Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsements and the Multipurpose Residential Fire Protection Sprinkler Specialist Endorsements. Upon issuance of your first endorsement, the expiration date will be set for approximately three years to match the expiration date (month/day) of your license.

    The Board also renews Plumber’s Apprentice, Drain Cleaner, Drain Cleaner-Restricted and Residential Utilities Installer registrations. All registrations renew annually. Upon issuance of the initial registration for Plumber’s Apprentice, an expiration date will be selected at random for anywhere from 6-18 months from the date of your application. Drain Cleaner, Drain Cleaner-Restricted and Residential Utilities Installer registrations expire on the same date as the Plumber’s Apprentice registration. Continuing professional education is required for Drain Cleaner, Drain Cleaner-Restricted and Residential Utilities Installer registration renewals.

    Frequently asked questions regarding renewals:

    1. How do I renew my license or registration?
    An individual may renew their license or registration online, by mail, or in person:

    • Online renewals – renew your license or registration at the following link: State of Texas Licensing System
      You need to create a secure online account in order to renew online. Instructions can be found on our Online Services page. You may renew online if your license/registration is expired for 275 days or less. You may pay your renewal fee by credit card or check (ACH). You may update your address information online while renewing.
    • Renewal by mail – in order to renew by mail you must submit a renewal form. There is not a blank form that you can use to renew your license
    • Renewal in person – renewal payments may be made in person at the TSBPE office located at 929 East 41st St. Austin. Our business hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. You will need to provide photo identification. You may pay for your renewal fee by check, money order, cashiers check, or the exact amount of cash.

    2. How long does it take before my license or registration card will be mailed to me?
    You should allow 7-10 days for processing of your completed renewal application. Your license or registration pocket card will generally be mailed no later than 7-10 days from the time that ALL renewal requirements have been met. Payment of your renewal fees is only one of the renewal requirements. Processing of the payment (either online or by mail) takes approximately 3-4 days. It is important to consider the processing time and not wait until the last few days of your renewal period to renew your license or registration. Your license or registration is not considered renewed until the entire renewal process has completed.

    3. What if I lost my renewal form, or did not receive one?
    Your license or registration cannot be renewed without a completed renewal form. You may either renew online (if eligible) or you may contact our office at 800-845-6584 ext. 65248 to request a duplicate renewal form.

    5. When and where are Continuing Professional Education classes in my area?
    The Board approves the Continuing Professional Education Providers, Instructors and Course Materials but does not schedule classes or set prices. The Board does not have information regarding dates, times and location of classes. Please contact the Continuing Professional Education Providers directly for information regarding class dates, times, locations, course materials used and prices charged. Board-approved Continuing Professional Education Providers are listed on our web site under the link titled “Continuing Education”.

    6. How do I get a duplicate license or registration pocket card, or paper wall certificate?
    To request a duplicate license or registration pocket card or paper wall certificate (for licenses only), a licensee or registrant must complete the Board’s form titled “REQUEST FOR DUPLICATE LICENSE/REGISTRATION CARD OR LICENSE CERTIFICATE”. This form is available on the agency’s website under the link titled “Applications and Forms “. The form must be signed before a notary public and submitted by mail or in person with the appropriate fee. Please allow 7-10 days for processing.


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    Garage Repair Pearland, TX #garage #repair, #overhead #door #repair, #garage #door,


    Garage Repair Pearland

    Pearland TX Overhead Door Repair

    Whatever your garage door needs may be we are here to provide you the repairs and installations you require. Not only are garage doors the biggest and heaviest doors of a house or business, in many homes the garage is the primary entrance, making it an even more vital part of your life. Your garage provides protection not only to your cars but to the items in your garage as well, and when your garage gets broken it can be a serious inconvenience, especially if it occurs at the worst time.

    If you require overhead door repair we are the experts to call to get the job done right. There are a variety of problems which can occur in your overhead door which may need repaired, and you may need installation. Homes are not the only place which house a garage door, as businesses often do as well. Whether you need residential or commercial garage door repairs or replacements we can provide you the service which you need.

    Residential and commercial garage doors serve different purposes and often sport their own styles and materials. Whether you have a standard residential garage door which does the basic job, or you have something a little higher grade—or you are looking to upgrade–we can help to keep your door in optimal working condition. Commercial garage doors are generally used for storage sheds, frame buildings, oversize garages, and a variety of other commercial buildings. These garages are used to protect a business as opposed to a family and home, and they are designed to provide efficient commercial operation. Whether you are a business owner or manager, or the member of a home and family, your garage door matters to us and you will be safe in the hands of our experienced experts.

    There are several reasons you may want to replace your garage door—you may want an upgrade and think it is time for something new or you may be tired of the problems you’ve had with your old garage. Installing a new garage door can provide a beautiful, fresh new look to the appearance of your home. It is a great way to revive the image of your house and make a statement that sets you apart from the rest of your neighbors. When it comes to garage door installation we are thoroughly rehearsed in the procedure and can ensure safe and fast replacement.

    Do you need garage door panel repair? This is a common issue which garage doors suffer from over time. A lot of things can happen to your garage door panels, anything from breaking to warping. Unfortunately issues with your panels can lead to other problems such as misalignment, so it is best to get them repaired quickly before other damage occurs. Aside from garage door panels your garage door springs can also be a fairly serious and often dangerous issue. It can be hazardous to continue to use a door which has broken springs, and fixing them on your own without the proper training or tools can lead to injury.

    Copyright 2014 Garage Repair Pearland


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    San Antonio Steel Company – The Best in Agricultural Fencing #pmi


    San Antonio Steel Company | The Best in Agricultural Fencing

    San Antonio Steel Company

    Your source for service, price inventory.

    San Antonio Steel Company is the nation’s largest wholesale distributor of agricultural fencing and construction reinforcement products. We provide lumber yards, cooperatives and feed stores across Texas a full-range of agricultural fencing supplies and construction reinforcement products. The field fence, panels, t-posts, barbed wire, rebar and accessories we carry come from a variety of domestic and international manufacturers. San Antonio Steel Company is the exclusive distributor of The 50-Year Fence .

    Our model is known as the SASCO Advantage. Our mission is to give our customers the opportunity to be successful against large chain stores while outperforming our competitors in the areas of service, price and inventory.

    This website is designed as a resource to help our dealers, and their customers, learn more about us and the products we carry.

    Do you have questions regarding a specific product or project? Contact one of our sales representatives at 800-375-4040 or click here .

    Product Finder

    Product Finder

    Choose the application that best describes your next fence project from the dropdown menu below. Our product finder will list several fence recommendations that best suit your job.


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    Cheap Auto Insurance in Houston – Average Rates from $55 #houston


    Texas Auto Insurance Quotes Cheapest Rates from $29/mo

    Texas Auto Insurance Quotes Cheapest Rates from $29/mo

    Believe it or not, you could easily find cheap auto insurance in Houston, TX. And you do not have to leave your house. Just visit the website txautoinsurancequotes.com to gain access to and compare up-to-date quotes.

    Begin Saving by Knowing the Average Houston Auto Insurance Quotes

    Houston residents might be better off buying their vehicle insurance off-site. The average rate is $1,748, which is just slightly lower than the $1,767 average of Fort Bend-Harris County. The good news stops there, as both figures are higher than the average for Texas as a whole, which is at $1,731. The national average of $1,725 is the lowest figure.

    Factors that Make Car Insurance in Houston, Texas High

    The specific amount that a vehicle owner pays depends on a lot of things. The specific type of vehicle and the circumstances of the owner are taken into consideration in coming up with the final price. There are also factors, such as the following, that make the rates in Houston generally higher compared to other areas.

    • Location This is not as much as where but more on how many people are living in an area. More often than not, a higher population count and population density will equate to higher rates. Not surprisingly, the rather higher rates in Houston can be partly attributed to its high population. As of 2010, there are 2,099,451 inhabitants in Houston. This makes the population density at a slightly cramped 3,623 residents per square mile.
    • Driving To Work The average Houston resident s daily commute is 27.4 minutes one way. If you spend more time than this average, then expect higher rates. More so if your daily drive is during the peak hours of traffic. The possibility of getting into an accident increases the more time you spend on the road. It increases exponentially during the rush hour period. In 2009, there were 8.5 fatal accidents recorded in Houston per 100,000 residents.
    • Auto Thefts Larger cities will most likely have more counts of auto-thefts. In Houston, there were 12,817 vehicles reported to be stolen just in 2010. The probability of having your vehicle being stolen increases if it is a 2003 Dodge Ram, as it has been reported as the most stolen vehicle in Texas. You can try to avail of lower rates if you put in gadgets that prevent your vehicle from being stolen.
    • Education 20.4% of Houston residents have earned their high school diplomas, and 17.3% have further earned their college degrees. Compare this to the higher number of high school graduates, 24.8%, but a lower percentage for bachelor s degree holders, 15.6%, for the whole of Texas. These numbers matter because you can expect better rates if you have finished your high school studies and much better rates if you have earned your bachelor s degree or even higher.

    Houston residents are already disadvantaged because of certain circumstances they cannot control. Do not let that stop you from trying to find the cheapest automobile insurance you can get your hands on. By answering a few questions on the widget provided by txautoinsurancequotes.com. you can easily compare available rates so that you end up with the cheapest that applies to you.

    If you don’t live in Houston, that’s okay; you can still save money if you live in Dallas. Austin. or Ft. Worth !

    Footer menu


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    McKinney-Lumber Co #north #texas, #lumber, #lumber #yard, #custom, #product #lists, #quotes,


    Since 1982


    A few things that separate us from the rest.

    • The Yard
    • Our People
    • Custom Product
    • Our yard is over 12 acres making us one of the largest privately owned lumber yards in the state of Texas. This gives us a few advantages.
      • Easily accommodate larger orders
      • Quicker delivery
    • Many of our employees have spent 5, 10, and even the full 30 years we have been in business with us. When you are working with a representative of McKinney Lumber you will always receive:
      • Knowledgeable assistance from experienced professionals
      • Courteous service from people who care about getting you exactly what you need
    • For those high end finishes that require custom product; we can help. If we do not have it here we will get it for you as quickly as possible; just let us know what you need!
      • Onsite Custom Inventory
      • Rush Ordering Available

    Of course there’s more; just give us a call at (972) 838-4100 or stop by today!

    Have Drawings & Need A Quote?

    We have engineers ready to look over your prints to ensure you will get what you need.

    About Us

    We will keep it short

    How It Started

    Founded by Roy Dale in 1982; McKinney Lumber served its customers from the original location on Chestnut Street in McKinney, TX; making a name for itself based on top notch product & service.

    The Move

    Due to growth and expansion; McKinney Lumber spent several years searching for a new location. To ensure continued growth and the focus on top notch service a new location was selected moving the yard from it’s home of 21 years to Melissa, TX.

    Our Promise

    Since we opened our doors in 1982 and as long as we are around; McKinney Lumber will always deliver the best service & product available to its customers. There is a reason why individuals & builders alike have come to know, trust, and use McKinney Lumber over the last 30 years.

    Contact Us


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    Medical Assistant Schools in San Antonio #medical #assistant #schools #in #san


    Medical Assistant Schools in San Antonio
    (found 15 schools)

    Are you looking for a way to serve people and their many health care needs in the San Antonio area? Starting a medical assisting career in San Antonio may be a good move for you. With a population of over 1.3 million people, San Antonio is one of the largest cities in Texas. A medical assisting degree can prepare you to help patients of all ages and needs, making it a worthwhile and rewarding career choice.

    You can start by looking for medical assistant schools in San Antonio. You may be able to train at a local hospital, community college, or technical college. You will find a full listing of all the schools that offer medical assistant programs on our site, and you can contact them directly for more information.

    Schools and Jobs in San Antonio

    There are several medical assistant schools in San Antonio, TX. These schools offer a range of programs, but the most common options include a one-year certificate and a two-year Associate’s degree. While a one-year certificate focuses solely on medical assisting courses, an Associate’s degree program may include general education courses as well.

    After completing your education, you may be able to earn a rewarding salary as a medical assistant in this area. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( 2016 ) reports that the average salary for a San Antonio medical assistant is $ 30,130 per year. MAs in Texas can also benefit from an excellent job outlook. O*Net expects the demand for medical assistants to increase by 32 percent between 2010 and 2020. which works out to thousands of new jobs per year throughout Texas.

    The experience you gain as a medical assisting student can be put to use in facilities all over San Antonio. Local employers include UnitedHealth Group, Sunrise Nursing & Rehabilitation, Concentra, and University Health System.

    Transportation and Networking in Texas

    When you study in San Antonio, you can take advantage of the city’s public transit system. The VIA Metropolitan Transit offers a student pass that costs just $35 for five months. Using this can save you from travel expenses like parking passes, gas, and car insurance.

    You may want to begin your networking efforts before you even begin your career as a medical assistant! The Texas Society of Medical Assistants can allow you to meet potential employers, learn more about medical assistant programs in San Antonio, TX, and earn continuing education credits.

    Applying for scholarships can be a great way to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. The St. David’s Medical Center Healthcare Scholarship is worth $1,000.

    Getting a Medical Assistant Degree

    Depending on which school you choose to attend, you may be able to choose a diploma, certificate, or Associate’s degree program in San Antonio. An Associate’s degree generally requires two years of study, while the other two programs may only take one year. When it comes to medical assistant training, San Antonio has quite a few options.

    Your curriculum can delve into several areas: anatomy and physiology, medical office procedures, medical terminology, and medical procedures. Your curriculum may include courses like Medical Terminology I, Exam Room Procedures, Drug Therapy, Administrative Office Procedures, and Medical Insurance Coding. Many of these courses include a hands-on component that allows you to gain valuable practical experience.

    In combination with an internship or clinical hours, these courses can prepare you for the many duties you may face as a medical assistant. You can gain experience working behind the desk, billing insurance companies, and working directly with patients in exam rooms. To learn more about all of the options for medical assistant training, San Antonio schools can be contacted directly from our site. Once you have an idea of which type of MA program you would like to apply to, you can take the first steps to entering this valued and rewarding career.

    Here are the Medical Assistant schools.

    Kaplan University – Online (Featured)
    Campus Locations in: Online,
    Matching Programs: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science. BS in Health and Wellness. BS in Health Care Administration. BS in Health Information Management. BS in Health Science. Medical Assisting. Medical Billing and Coding Certificate. Medical Office Administration
    Program Types Offered: Associate Degree, Certificate

    Keiser University eCampus (Featured)
    Campus Locations in: PF Online,
    Matching Programs: Associate of Arts in Health Services Administration, Associate of Science in Medical Administrative Billing and Coding, Associate of Science in Medical Assisting, Bachelor of Arts in Health Services Administration
    Program Types Offered: Associate Degree

    Liberty University Online (Featured)
    Campus Locations in: Online,
    Matching Programs: Associate of Applied Science – Medical Office Assistant
    Program Types Offered: Associate Degree

    Request More Info


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    Which Nursing Schools are in the Dallas, TX Area? #which #nursing


    Which Nursing Schools Are in the Dallas, TX Area?

    Find out which Dallas schools offer nursing programs. See requirements and school information, like tuition frees and enrollment statistics for schools in the area. Schools offering Nursing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

    Students looking for nursing schools in the Dallas, TX area, will find that there are several options available depending on their desired education level and specialization.

    What You Need to Know

    Nursing programs in the Dallas area are offered at the associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. The associate’s degree program takes two years to complete; prerequisite classes are required. The bachelor’s degree programs take four years but earning advanced standing is possible, as is online learning. Graduates of these programs may be prepared for advanced study or nursing licensure exams. The master’s degree program accepts applications from working, licensed nurses, and joint degree programs are offered, too. Keep reading to learn more.

    Associate Degree Programs in Nursing in the Dallas Area

    El Centro College

    The Associate Degree Nursing program at El Centro College has received accreditation and approval from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and the Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas. After taking the necessary prerequisite classes, you’ll be able to complete the requirements for the nursing major. You can expect to take courses on lifespan growth and development, clinical registered nursing, integrated care of the patient with common healthcare needs and integrated care of the patient with complex healthcare needs.

    • Program Name: Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)
    • Program Length: Two years, full-time (71 credits)
    • Tuition Fees: $1,770 for in-district students, $3,330 for in-state students and $5,220 for out-of-state students per academic year (2015-2016)
    • Prerequisites: Classes covering basic health profession skills, college algebra, composition, anatomy and physiology, and general psychology
    • School Type: 2-year, public; just over 10,500 undergraduates

    Brookhaven College

    Once you’re admitted to Brookhaven College’s Associate Degree Nursing program, you’ll need to acquire liability insurance. You must also provide proof of medical insurance and possess CPR certification. As a graduate of this program, you’ll be qualified to transfer to a 4-year university and/or pursue a registered nurse license. You should be able to use critical thinking skills to provide safe nursing care to patients of all ages and have a legal and ethical framework in your mind when it comes to applying nursing care.

    • Program Name: Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)
    • Program Length: Five semesters, full-time (72 credits)
    • Tuition Fees: $1,770 for in-district students, $3,330 for in-state students and $5,220 for out-of-state students per academic year (2015-2016)
    • Prerequisites: Courses in composition, chemistry, psychology, and anatomy and physiology
    • Admission Requirements: Background check, drug screening
    • School Type: 2-year, public; just over 12,400 undergraduates

    Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Nursing in the Dallas Area

    Texas Woman’s University

    Texas Woman’s University is located in Denton, but the school has a Dallas campus that offers nursing programs. The requirements for this school’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program differ based upon your previous education. For example, if you have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing subject or you’re already a registered nurse with an associate’s degree, you would apply for advanced standing. There is a standard option for freshmen as well, which normally takes four years to complete. After completing the core classes, you can explore nursing subjects like adult health competencies, nursing assessments across the lifespan, critical competency integration, leadership and management, and promoting wellness in the aging family.

    • Program Name: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    • Program Length: Four years, full-time
    • Tuition Fees: $6,948 for in-state students and $16,308 for out-of-state students per academic year (2015-2016)
    • School Type: 4-year, public; almost 9,700 undergraduates and around 5,400 graduate students

    University of Texas at Arlington

    The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has recognized the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at the University of Texas at Arlington as a high performing program. Located near Dallas, this program has online and on-campus options. As a student here, you’ll have access to the Smart Hospital. This is a hospital in a virtual environment with simulators serving as patients. A learning laboratory is also available that can help you gain competence and confidence in delivering patient care safely. You normally complete an introductory nursing class in your freshman year before being allowed to advance in the nursing curriculum in the following years.

    • Program Name: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    • Program Length: Four years, full-time
    • Tuition Fees: $9,208 for in-state students and $19,104 for out-of-state students per academic year (2015-2016)
    • School Type: 4-year, public; almost 30,000 undergraduates and almost 10,000 graduate students

    Master’s Degree Programs in Nursing in the Dallas Area

    Texas Woman’s University

    The nurse practitioner master’s degree program at Texas Woman’s University has several different focal points. The family nurse practitioner program at this school has increased in popularity in recent years, so the admission process for this path is competitive. About half of your curriculum is dedicated to the same core classes regardless of your concentration choice. These courses are on research in nursing, differential diagnosis, advanced pathophysiology, health promotion and primary prevention, and pharmacotherapeutics for advanced nursing practice. The rest of your coursework is dependent upon your specialization.

    • Program Name: Master of Science in Nurse Practitioner
    • Concentration Areas. Adult nursing, acute care nursing, family nursing, women’s health nursing and pediatric nursing
    • Program Length: 46 credit hours
    • Tuition: $4,380 for in-state students and $11,400 for out-of-state students per academic year (2015-2016)
    • Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree
    • Admission Requirements: Clinical experience, GRE scores, GPA considered, registered nurse license, CPR certification and liability insurance
    • School Type: 4-year, public; almost 9,700 undergraduates and around 5,400 graduate students

    University of Texas at Arlington

    To graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington’s Master of Science in Nursing program, you’ll have to complete classes in nursing research, research and theory application in nursing, and analysis of theories for nursing. From there, you must take classes in nursing administration, nurse practitioner, nursing education and executive nursing administration. There are also several dual degree options if you’re interested in acquiring a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration or a Master of Business Administration. A joint degree also exists if you want a Master of Science in Public Health.

    • Program Name: Master of Science in Nursing
    • Program Length: Minimum of 36 semester hours
    • Tuition: $6,959 for in-state students and $14,713 for out-of-state students per academic year (2015-2016)
    • Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree
    • Admission Requirements: GPA considered, GRE scores, clinical experience, registered nurse license, personal essay and CPR certification
    • School Type: 4-year, public; almost 30,000 undergraduates and almost 10,000 graduate students

    To summarize the above information, the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas Woman’s University, Brookhaven College, and El Centro College are all nursing schools in the Dallas, TX area.

    To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:


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    Kingwood Air Solutions – Air Conditioning Repair – Heating Repair #air


    Our fully licensed and insured technicians are prepared to expedite your air conditioning repair needs to prevent long, uncomfortable delays for your family.
    Call Kingwood Air Solutions for same day service.

    Approximately 50% of the energy used in your residence is consumed by your HVAC systems. Our Service Agreements will help ensure your equipment is properly maintained for operating efficiency. Call 281-358-2422 .

    New System Quote We offer free, no obligation quotes on new equipment and installation. Tax Credits Available Find out more about qualifying for federal tax credits on new HVAC systems.

    Kingwood Air Solutions

    Value. Comfort. Delivered.

    Kingwood Air Solutions is a locally owned, full service air conditioning and heating company dedicated to providing exceptional service to Kingwood, Humble, Northeast Houston, and the surrounding areas. With years of experience serving customers in the Houston area, we offer repair, preventative maintenance, and new installation services for residential and commercial equipment. Our team takes great pride in our commitment to deliver value and comfort to every customer. Kingwood Air Solutions has become the HVAC company that is consistently recommended by our customers to their family and friends.

    Contact one of our friendly service representatives at 281-358-2422 for honest, reliable, and qualified service.

    Experience Our Service

    “Bryan and his entire Staff are a PLEASURE to do business with. He is VERY professional, trusting, and his rates are FAIR! He will ALWAYS be my choice for ANY a/c or heating work that I need. I would encourage you to call him anytime you need him.”

    Mike – Kingwood, Texas

    “I can’t say enough about the FAST, excellent service we got from Bryan! Within an hour of him getting here, my A/C was up and running. On a Saturday morning I might add. Extremely nice and reasonable. If I ever have another A/C problem, I will definitely use him again.”

    Kim – Humble, Texas

    “We have used them in the past to change out all of our 1984 duct work. So when we had a problem tonight I called Bryan, (after hours on a weekend) he and his brother were at our house quick and got us back running in no time without charging an arm and a leg. “

    Todd – Kingwood, Texas


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    Austin Garage Door Repair – Services #garage #doors #austin #tx


    Diego Cruz Austin

    Prompt, professional, financially feasible, courteous, and all around what a true company who considers a customer’s business valuable – phenomenal. Thank you Danny! Need more honest hard-working business men like you in the world. Greatly appreciate your dedication, and not cliché up-sale I’ve received in my 38 years of life. God bless.

    Prompt, professional, financially feasible, courteous, and all around what a true company who considers a customer’s business valuable – phenomenal. Thank you Danny! Need more.

    Kim Breakey Austin

    I highly recommend Precision Overhead Garage Door. My installer Danny, was very professional and did an excellent job in a timely fashion.

    I highly recommend Precision Overhead Garage Door. My installer Danny, was very professional and did an excellent job in a timely fashion..

    Lynn Butler Austin

    I am so very happy with the speed and quality of service. Billy answered all my questions, gave me a quote immediately, and fixed my problem right away. He was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. Extremely pleased with everything Billy and Precision provided.

    I am so very happy with the speed and quality of service. Billy answered all my questions, gave me a quote immediately, and fixed my.

    Ron Buffum Austin

    Today Brian Rykowski, Technician, serviced our garage door. His recommendations were accurate and he carried out my decision in a highly professional manner. He brought great credit to your company and I would highly recommend your services to my friends and colleagues.

    Today Brian Rykowski, Technician, serviced our garage door. His recommendations were accurate and he carried out my decision in a highly professional manner. He brought.

    Dena Davis Mike Butson Team Austin

    Bryan came out to fix my garage door. It was 19 years old. Totally messed up. He quickly got it serviced. Really liked that I was able to call that morning and get them over the same day and get the new garage door system installed that day as well. This town is so busy its hard to get vendors.

    Bryan came out to fix my garage door. It was 19 years old. Totally messed up. He quickly got it serviced. Really liked that I.


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    Texas Isuzu & UD Truck Dealer #hayes, #truck, #trucks, #medium #duty,


    Welcome to Hayes Truck Group in Houston, Texas

    New Used Commercial Trucks – Medium Duty Work Trucks

    Serving Houston, Galveston, Katy, Sugar Land, Huntsville Conroe, TX

    If you know the difference between a light duty, medium duty heavy duty truck, you need to know the difference between Hayes Truck Group other truck dealers.

    Medium duty trucks are all we have for sale we do them better than any other commercial truck dealer – for more than 60 years. We specialize in Isuzu trucks UD trucks that WORK – for every commercial truck purpose. We know how to “spec” work trucks deliver a “turn-key solution” in the literal sense. We install the most popular types of vocational bodies equipment in-house which allows us to expedite putting them into service. Let us know the details about your plumbing, electrician, mechanic, landscaping, delivery, heating cooling or other business we’ll fit a work truck to meet your needs. All you’ll have to do is turn the key go to work.

    In addition to our large selection of new commercial trucks in Houston, we stock a huge inventory of used commercial trucks for sale. including used rollback tow trucks.

    Hayes Truck Group is your one stop truck destination. We offer on site truck repair, service, maintenance to help you keep your work truck in top condition. Our commercial truck technicians will properly diagnose repair your medium duty truck at our state-of-the-art service center. If you are interested in making a repair yourself, we stock a full inventory of Isuzu truck parts. A member of our parts team is ready to help you find the part your medium duty truck needs. At Hayes Truck Group we can also help you get approved for a truck loan in Houston. Our finance professionals work with a network of lenders to get you approved for an truck loan today.

    At Hayes, we understand that your commercial truck is your business. We also understand that you have a choice for your local Isuzu UD truck dealer in Houston. Let us know your requirements allow our experienced sales staff put together the exact truck for your needs. We encourage you to browse our online medium duty truck inventory, schedule a test drive investigate financing options. We have a great selection of new used commercial trucks including rollback tow trucks, reefer trucks, Reach vans your next used NPR truck. You can also request more information about a vehicle using our online form or by calling (888) 576-3014.

    Better yet, click on Map/Hours for directions to our dealership. We serve customers from around the Houston, TX metro including, but not limited to Conroe, Katy, Huntsville, Galveston, Sugar Land. We look forward to serving you!

    Contact Our Parts Service Departments at 888-576-3014 For All Of Your Repair Maintenance Needs!


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    AC Repair #ac #repair,air #conditioning #repair,hvac,fort #worth #tx


    Air Conditioning Repair Fort Worth TX

    We are fully capable of repairing and maintaining any manufacturer’s HVAC system in your home or office. We are a top AC Repair Fort Worth company, and provide services and products to residential and commercial customers all over the Fort Worth area.

    Whether your air conditioner quits in the middle of July or August, your heater dies in December, or you’re just looking for some routine maintenance, we promise to respond to your call promptly and send a qualified professional to your home or business as soon as possible. We will do everything in our power to make sure that the job is done quickly and efficiently.

    As part of our dedication to your comfort, we’re also committed to keeping our prices as competitive and fair as possible. HVAC repairs and maintenance can get very expensive, but with our expertise, we can often repair the broken parts, rather than replacing an entire unit. We’ll keep you cool without breaking the bank.

    When you hire 1st Response, you can rest assured that you’ve contracted with a qualified, professional air conditioner repair service. We will diagnose the problem with your air conditioning unit. Then we’ll give you a concise and accurate explanation that you can understand for why it failed, and we will walk you through your best options for repairing or replacing your system.

    We offer full service ac repair in Fort Worth TX, and we will always seek out the most cost effective repair for your system. No job is too big or too small for our experts to diagnose and find a cost effective solution. We have the expertise to diagnose problems, their causes, and we know how to solve them at the least cost to our customers.

    Argyle, Arlington, Azle. Bedford, Benbrook, Burleson, Colleyville, Crowley, Dalworthington Gardens, Denton, DFW, Edgecliff Village, Euless, Everman, Flower Mound, Forest Hill, Fort Worth. Grapevine, Haltom City, Haslet. Hurst, Irving, Keller. Lake Worth. Mansfield, Mira Vista, North Richland Hills. Pantego, Richland Hills, River Oaks, Roanoke, Saginaw. Sansom Park, Southlake, Stockyards, TCU, Tarrant County, Trophy Club, Watauga, Westlake, White Settlement, 76137 Zip Code

    Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-8pm

    Preferred Authorized Dealer

    1st Response AC and Heating

  • 8101 Boat Club Rd. Ste 240-249
    Fort Worth. TX 76179

    Copyright 1st Response AC and Heating © 2017 – Sitemap


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  • Fixit Garage Doors #garage #door #repair #spring #tx


    Auckland Garage Door
    Repair Services

    Download Manual

    About Us

    Fixit Garage Doors is a service and repair company serving in the Auckland area.

    The people at Fixit have years of experience in the garage door industry and are committed to customer service and know how important the garage door is to your day to day quality of life.

    The garage door can often be overlooked or taken for granted. Like your vehicle it can also require repairs and maintenance.

    Fixit Garage Doors gives your door the attention it needs so that you are free to go about your daily routine.

    Fixit Garage Doors is also an Authorized Agent for Windsor Doors Ltd and can provide you with a competitively priced New Zealand made garage door.

    Common Solutions

    Garage Doors

  • Garage Door Alignment
  • Track Alignment
  • Cable Adjustment
  • Cable Repair or Replacement
  • Panel Replacement
  • Replace torsion and tilt springs

    Garage Door Openers

  • Motor Calibration
  • Motor Reconditioning
  • Motor Replacement
  • Stripped Gears
  • Chain Repair

    Garage Door Remotes

  • Remote Calibration
  • Remote Replacement
  • Sensor Installation
  • Thank you for your excellent work and being very quick to respond. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who has a garage door problem. – Janice

    Herb you are a champion. Thanks very much for such quick service. Really took the pressure off a busy day. – Hilton

    Thank you so much for coming to fix the garage door for me this morning, you are such a life saver. – Hong

    Thanks so much for your very prompt attention. Also will add you to my list of tradesman for my house. – Chris

    Thank you for your very efficient service. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends. – Rosselle

    Hi – thanks Herb – we appreciate your work and prompt service. – Dale

    Many thanks Herb for an efficient job. – Patrick

    Thank you for your attendance and work in such a timely and friendly manner. – Tony

    Thanks to Herb and Steven for Excellent, helpful advice and service. Within 24 hours we had our garage door working perfectly again. Would highly recommend Fixit-Garage-Doors. – Sue

    We service: Merlin/Chamberlain – Guardian – ATA Securalift – CAD4-Controla Door – Superlift – Parker – Windsor – Tilt-A-Matic – Easylifter – Garador – B D – TRV-300 – W2000

    Ph: 0508-933-494 2017 Fixit Garage Doors


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    Certified Nurse aide training, CNA School, Nursing Assistant, Austin, TX #cna,school,nurse,aide,training,austin


    A State approved school that provides
    comprehensive training to become a Nurse Aide
    Serving Austin, TX. And the surrounding area.

    Becoming a Nursing Assistant, Nurse Aide is one of the best career choices someone can make.
    Not only do Nurse Aides perform vital, helpful services, but they earn great pay, can always find a
    job, and have the personal satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from a career devoted to
    helping others.

    After You Graduate :

    We arrange for you to take the Texas State
    certification examination .

    The CNA ( Certified Nurse Aide ) skills test and exam is given to students in order to test their
    knowledge and understanding of the fundamental skills and concepts needed in order to become a
    Certified Nursing Assistant ( Nurse Aide ).

    Once you pass the State exam, you will be a Certified
    Nurse Aide, (better known as a CNA)!

    Nurse Aide Training offers unparalleled opportunities for those who are motivated and
    want to make a difference. Do you like to help people make their lives better? Do you
    enjoy working with people on a one to one basis in their home or at work? With the
    economy in the tubes and our population aging as we speak the health industry
    seems to be a great place for employment opportunities. The only problem is that you
    usually need some kind of training and certification for health care jobs that pay more
    than minimum wage.

    • State of the art training facilities!

    • State of the art training equipment!

    • State of the art teaching methods!

    • State of the art results!

    • ServingTheRound Rock,Austin,TX.AndThe

    • Nursing Assistant
    • Nurse Aide
    • Nurse AideTraining

    Nurse Aide Training offers unparalleled opportunities for those who are motivated and
    want to make a difference. Do you like to help people make their lives better? Do you
    enjoy working with people on a one to one basis in their home or at work? With the
    economy in the tubes and our population aging as we speak the health industry
    seems to be a great place for employment opportunities. The only problem is that you
    usually need some kind of training and certification for health care jobs that pay more
    than minimum wage.

    • Contact Healthcare Career CentersInc.For training as a Nurse Aide.Comevisit
      our school located in Austin,RoundRockTX.Area(512)246-NURSE (6877)


    Dear Students:
    This school has a Certificate of Approval from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).
    The TWC-assigned school number is: S 2972.
    The school s programs are approved by TWC, as well as the Dept. Of Aging And
    Students must address their concerns about this school or any of its educational
    programs by following the grievance process outlined in the school s catalog. Schools
    are responsible for ensuring and documenting that all students have received a copy
    of the school s grievance procedures and for describing these procedures in the
    school s published catalog. If, as a student, you were not provided with this
    information, please inform school management.
    Students dissatisfied with this school s response to their complaint or who are not able
    to file a complaint with the school, can file a formal complaint with TWC, as well as
    with other relevant agencies or accreditors, if applicable.
    Information on filing a complaint with TWC can be found on TWC s Career Schools
    and Colleges Website at http://csc.twc.state.tx.us/.

    Search Key Words: Certified Nurse Aide Training,
    CNA School,
    Nursing Assistant,Austin,TX.Med-Aide,
    Medication Aide,


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    Travel Agency Austin, Tx #best #airfare #deals

    #travel agencies

    Latest Posts

    200 S Bell Blvd, Suite #6

    Cedar Park, Texas 78613

    Tel: 512-585-7108

    515 W Southlake Blvd


    Alaska Like You Have Never Experienced it Before

    Have you dreamed of Alaska and its lush green forests, massive glaciers, abundant and diverse wildlife and picturesque beauty? Have you considered going, but are not sure exactly what type of trip to take; cruise, tour, train, etc.?

    Alaska is a hugely diverse state, but for visitors the two most popular areas to visit, since time is usually limited to a week or two, are the interior around Denali National Park (tour) and the Inside Passage (cruise). For the sake of this article let me introduce you to a remarkable means of seeing Alaska s Inside Passage in an up close and personal way.

    Most visitors experience the beauty of the area on board one of the many wonderful large cruise lines that sail the waters from Skagway to Vancouver/Seattle from May to September. They visit a few ports and venture out on excursions that give them a glimpse of Alaska s wonders. The ships are large and have every amenity imaginable. As remarkable as they are, there is another way to get even more intimate with the Alaska we all dream about; an option you have probably not heard of before the small ship cruise.

    These cruises don t often leave from the distant ports in Vancouver, Seattle, Seward, Whittier or San Franscisco. They leave from Juneau, Sitka or Ketchikan and you are immediately in the heart of adventure. You can visit locations little known to outsiders. Places like Kuiu Island where in the early 2000s, the census reported 10 residents on the island, with the main residents being black bears, deer, wolves, sea lions, salmon, seabirds, and birds of prey, or Chichagof Island which has the largest population of bears per square mile of any place on earth.

    Icy Strait will likely be a stop along your journey, where you will set your course for arguably the richest whale waters in Southeast Alaska. Keep watch for the telltale blow of the humpbacks as you scour the nutrient-rich waters in search of whales, porpoise, sea lions, and other wildlife. Join the Captain on the bridge, or go on deck with your Expedition Leader. In the late afternoon they’ll drop the skiffs and kayaks for closer inspection of the remote coastline for possible bear sightings.

    With these cruises there is no binding agenda, so you might cruise the waterfall coast of Chichagof Island. Marvel at the grand scenery of Alaska’s wilderness as the crew expertly guides you through those “not in the guidebook” places known only to the locals. They will likely sail up a waterfall-laced fjord, where there will be time for skiffing, beachcombing or treks ashore. You may choose to explore by kayak to look for sea otters and bears before calling it a day near Baranof Island and tucking the ship in for the night.

    Many out of the way fjords are sliced into the mountainous mainland. Depending on your itinerary, your ship may slowly slip into an area widely acclaimed as the most beautiful in Alaska Endicott Arm and Fords Terror. You can explore this majestic fjord by kayak or skiff, a unique opportunity indeed. View rugged ice-covered mountains gleaming high overhead and a glacier that actively calves into the ice-filled fjord of Endicott Arm. You will get much closer to them on this cruise than from balcony, or rail, of the large cruise ships.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a moment to watch this video it is worth much more than a thousand words. And if you would like more information about these grand adventures give us a call we love Alaska and would welcome the opportunity to share our enthusiasm with you.


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    Home Security #home #security #system #austin #tx


    Our systems are designed from the ground up to provide complete, affordable, and customizable protection for your family. And it all starts at just $19.99 per month.

    Adding security to your small business or restaurant has never been easier. Live video, Door Sensors, and Glass Break Detection all starting at 46.99 per month.

    Your security system will have several flexible monitoring options. Between Landline, Broadband or Cellular Monitoring, you’ll choose the option that best suits your needs.

    Alarm systems are the starting point for a truly protected home. From the control panel to lifestyle accessories, discover the elements that make your perfect home security system.

    Your security system could save your life. With our life safety equipment, you’ll extend your home security system to protect you and your family.

    Your vehicles need protection, too. With our Driveway Sensors, you’ll extend your security beyond the home.

    Why Get Home Security?

    Home security is an investment in yourself. When you get home security from Protect America, you’ll immediately enjoy several benefits.

    Local Crime Stats

    How prevalent is burglary in your community? Learn about the crime rates in your city with this helpful resource.

    Home security can be complicated. Learn the basics of protecting your home and family.

    Complete Home Security

    Other home security companies don’t want you to have Complete Home Security. Find out what makes Protect America different.

    About Protect America

    Protect America is a leader in technology-enabled, self-installed home security and automation, dedicated to the protection of our customers.

    Advantage Over ADT

    We are driven to provide only the highest quality products and dedicated service at an affordable price. See why we’re the right choice.

    Home and Life Blog

    Learn what’s new in the world of home protection in Protect America’s home security blog.

    Home Security

    Secure your home with the latest wireless alarm technology.

    Simon XTI Touchscreen

    Liquid crystal display touch screen, wireless connection and user-friendly features give you instant and total control.

    Learn More

  • Simon XT Control Panel

    Command your entire home’s security from this keypad. The panel monitors and reports on all security and home automation sensors.

    Learn More

  • Door / Window Sensors

    Secure any vulnerable door or window with micro sensors that trigger an alarm when breached.

    Learn More

  • Video Security Camera

    Night or day, video security cameras allow you to monitor your home from anywhere.

  • Simon XT Touchscreen

    Use easy touschscreen technology to secure and monitor your system. This LCD screen makes controlling your home’s safety simple.

    Learn More

  • Garage Door Sensor

    Triggers an alarm when your garage door is opened without your permission. This device is automatically armed when you arm your system.

    Learn More

  • Glass Break Sensor

    Detects the sound of broken glass within a 20 ft. radius and sounds an alarm. Perfect for areas with vulnerable windows and glass doors.

    Learn More

  • Motion Detector

    Capture movement in a 90 degree arc with this wireless sensor. Place in a high-traffic hallway or living room for an extra layer of defense

  • Mini Pinpad

    Put this mini keypad anywhere in the home for a second arm/disarm point. Press the “stay” and “away” buttons at the same time to sound a panic alarm.

    Learn More

  • Two Button Panic Alarm

    Place this small panic button anywhere in your home as a backup plan. Arm and disarm your system and sound the alarm during an emergency.

    Learn More

  • Other Security Accessories

    Add to your security system and make your home airtight with security signs, window stickers and much more.

    Alarm Systems: Protecting your Home

    When choosing home security, be sure the alarm system fits your home. You should never be boxed into small number of sensors or specific monitoring types. Protect America offers various sized packages that are affordable and can be customized to fit your needs. Secure your home and achieve peace of mind – all for the lowest price in the industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What equipment is right for my home?

    This depends on what your goals are. Do you want every door and window secured? Is camera surveillance an important addition to you? Would you rather have two arm/disarm points instead of one? You can customize a security package to fit your needs exactly. Speak with a Protect America security expert to build a security system that’s perfect for your home.

    I’m an existing customer and I have a question about my equipment.

    No problem! We’re here to help. Call a Care expert at 1-800-951-5111 Option 4. We’re also available for chat over the web on our Support page.

    Can I add some smoke detectors?

    Absolutely. Our safety options can protect your home in many ways including carbon monoxide, fire and smoke, flood, freeze and more. Even add home automation devices like interactive lighting and digital door locks for complete control.

    What if my equipment breaks?

    Our Limited lifetime Warranty covers every system! Nearly every extra piece of equipment is covered as well.

    How do I install my equipment?

    Protect America security systems are wireless and incredibly easy to install. The DIY process takes less than an hour on average and doesn’t require an expensive professional installation by a technician. A security expert will walk you through the whole process over the phone and test your system to ensure it is working properly. Call 1-800-951-5111 Option 3 if you’re ready to install!

    How do I Arm and Disarm my wireless alarm?

    Simply press one button to arm your system, and enter your master code to disarm it. Protect America wireless home security systems are also interactive, so you can arm and disarm from a smartphone with our free app!


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  • Best Personal Injury Attorney in Houston, Texas with Reviews #injury #lawyer

    Houston, TX Personal Injury Attorney

    Free Attorney Consultation

    From Business: Gary S. Tucker, P.C. is a reputable attorney located in North Houston and specializes in both large and small auto accidents and 18-wheeler accidents. There are no up-front payments once your accident case is accepted and if there is NO recovery, there are NO out of pocket fees. When hiring the Gary S. Tucker, P.C. legal t…

    Added to your services collection!

    Error when adding to services collection

    This business was removed from the services collection

    5. Crim Law Firm PC The

    4900 Travis St Houston, TX 77002

    Added to your services collection!

    Error when adding to services collection

    This business was removed from the services collection

    Click here for coupon details

    From Business: For over 35 years, Houssiere Durant Houssiere, LLP, has fought for individuals and their families. Our lawyers and staff are uniquely qualified to win and have demonstrated a legacy of success, no matter how complex the case. Unlike other firms, we have deep in-house expertise and experience in a variety of areas. HD H h…

    Added to your services collection!

    Visit our website csbrownlaw.com

    From Business: We work as a team, not just in the courtroom, but also at home. We are BOTH former Harris County Assistant District Attorneys (a distinction most firms cannot claim). We have prosecuted cases like yours, and are able to offer our knowledge and experience to help defend and protect your rights. Because of our years of exper…

    Added to your services collection!


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    Insurance Agency in Bryan #auto #insurance #irving #tx


    Service Insurance Group, Inc.

    Welcome to the Service Insurance Group, Inc. of Bryan-College Station, your locally owned and operated independent insurance agency. Service Insurance Group, Inc. is a Trusted Choice® agent and has been insuring Texans for over 30 years. Our customers are currently served from Texas sales offices in Boerne, Bryan, Chico and Wake Village and affiliated offices in Irving and Lewisville.

    The Service Insurance Group, Inc. offers excellent insurance coverage at fair prices for contractors, builders, tradesmen, and commercial property owners as well as homeowner and auto coverage for Texas families. Our very experienced agency staff also offers comprehensive coverage for professionals, general projects, service companies, and businesses of all types. Whether for your family or business, let us to be your chosen agency for insurance coverage.

    For your convenience, we offer online forms accessible on your tablet, smart phone, or other device. Please complete an Online Certificate Request or our Online Homeowners Insurance Request today and receive a prompt response.

    Whether it s online, e-mail, phone, or in-person we appreciate your interest and business! For more information about SIG. complete the Contact Form on the right side of this page or call us at:

    Visit our Facebook page!


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    Travel Vacations Agency – Full Service travel agents located in Dallas,

    #travel vacations

    About Travel Vacations

    Travel Vacations is a full service travel agency handling travel arrangements worldwide since 1994! We sell WHOLESALE travel packages with payment plans. Since our doors were open in 1994, we have positioned ourselves with incredible buying power and have a strong presence in the travel industry. Our agents stay abreast on new developments within different countries, cruise lines, islands and resorts. Destinations have been personally visited by our agents and so that we may offer first hand insider information that cant be found on the Internet. There is so much information about islands and resorts that cannot be found on the internet. We provide insider information and reviews. Travel Vacations offers numerous travel tips, service and insight most Internet giants cannot offer. It is our goal, every time, to provide outstanding customer service of 110%. We don t look for the immediate sale but a lifelong customer!


    Why book online with an Internet based company that doesn t provide you with the top level of service you expect when you visit any store. Travel Vacations prides itself on its customer service whether its planning your vacation, assisting you while on vacation, and handling any situations you experienced on your trip, when you return.

    Travel Vacations skilled agents qualify their customers first. Its important we learn about you, our valuable customer, in order to help make recommendations for your upcoming trip. We compile your feedback with other clients reviews, coupled with our own personal experience, and match a vacation just right for you and snug right into your budget.

    The Internet can be information overload! Let us, the experts, handle the research and arrangements for you. You wont be disappointed in our service and you will love our price!

    • Accredited by IATAN
    • Accredited by ARC
    • 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Best of the Best Recognition Star with Sandals Beaches Resorts. PLATINUM Certified Agent for Sandals Beaches Resorts, Sandals Beaches Resorts Preferred Specialist
    • Weddingsolutions.com Certified Destination Wedding Specialist

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    Julie Chaump- President is a 1998 Graduate of the University of Memphis Business School with a degree in Business Administration and minor in Marketing. She currently resides in Dallas, TX where she lives with her husband and 3 children. Julie has over 20 years experience in the travel industry and has traveled to the French Polynesian Islands, Canada, Asia, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe! She has a primary focus on leisure travel, family and adults only, groups and destination wedding planning. She has completed a rigorous and comprehensive course from WeddingSoltions.com to receive her Destination Wedding Specialist Certification. She is also a PLATINUM CERTIFIED, highest ranking, Sandals Beaches Resort Specialist.


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