What Should I Do If the IRS Freezes My Bank Account?


What do I do if the IRS freezes my bank account?

The IRS cannot freeze and seize monies in your bank account without proper notice. This is another tactic by the IRS to get your attention. Once your bank receives a notice of seizure of your funds, your bank has an obligation to hold the money for at least 15 days before paying it over to the IRS. You must contact the IRS immediately to negotiate either a partial or a full release of your funds.

When is the IRS Required to Release My Bank Account?

Under federal law, the IRS must release your bank account if:

  • You pay the tax, penalty, and interest you owe.
  • You discover that the time for collection (the statute of limitations) ended before the levy was served.
  • You provide documentation proving that releasing the levy will help them collect the tax.
  • You have an installment agreement, or enter into one, unless the agreement says the levy does not have to be released.
  • You determine that the levy is creating a significant economic hardship for you.
  • The fair market value of the property exceeds such liability and release of the levy on a part of such property could be made without hindering the collection of such liability.

The IRS may consider releasing your funds when:

  • They levy before they send you the two required notices, or before your time for responding to them has passed (10 days for the Notice and Demand, 30 days for the Notice of Intent to Levy, and the Notice of Right to a Hearing).
  • They did not follow their own procedures.
  • They agree to let you pay in installments, but they still levy, and the agreement does not say that they can do so.
  • Returning the property will help you pay your taxes.
  • Returning the property is in your best interest and the government’s best interest.

If the IRS has frozen your bank account and is threatening to seize the monies in your account, it is in your best interest to consult a tax attorney.

Free Legal Advice – Get Informed

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Environmental Science Degree Online – Bachelors of Science – University of


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

This program is not available based on your location. Please edit your location above or search for an alternative program that is available in your current location.

Campus Locations

If you prefer face to face interaction, there’s a good chance we have a campus location near you.

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science offers the interdisciplinary education you need to become a well-rounded professional and start making a difference in the world. With a science background, you can prepare for unique roles in government or the private sector, helping combat today’s environmental challenges.

This curriculum — through courses that cover current environmental events, concerns and controversies — will help you develop a deep understanding of how scientific principles and the environment impact each other. You’ll study topics like biology and chemistry and take courses that reveal the nuances of environmental issues like environmental law and risk assessment. Additionally, you’ll expand your critical thinking, information utilization and analytical skills.

If you’re looking to help governments or businesses tackle environmental issues or prepare to pursue a graduate degree, explore the program offerings and information below to see how this program can help.

Requirements and prerequisites

You’ll need XXX credits to complete this program, which may be earned from a combination of required and elected courses. However, required courses may vary based on previous experience, training or transferable credits. View general requirements.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Get started here

Introduction to Environmental Sciences

00:17 Are you looking for a career that reflects that passion?

00:20 How much do you know about environmental science and its related careers?

00:24 Let’s explore the field and talk a little about what you can expect from a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from University of Phoenix.

00:31 Environmental science is an exciting area that brings together the natural sciences, environmental law, policy, and ethics to improve the way we interact with our world.

00:39 Throughout your degree program, you’ll learn about environmental protection, restoration, sustainable energy, and pollution control.

00:46 Increasing interest in environmental issues, combined with a growing need for sustainability, have expanded opportunities in this already thriving field.

00:54 Let’s take a look at some of the areas you’ll be learning about.

00:57 Ecology is the study of the interaction between living things and the environment.

01:02 Through research, ecologists provide vital information for the preservation and restoration of species and landscapes.

01:10 This basic information is essential for land managers and policymakers as they make decisions regarding species and ecological communities.

01:18 There is currently a huge need for this research.

01:20 Only 15 percent of species in the United States have been studied accurately enough to judge whether they’re endangered.

01:25 At a time when extinction rates are on the rise, understanding the ecology of species and landscapes is essential to their preservation and restoration. 01:34 A career in ecology might take you to a private consulting firm or government agency.

01:38 You may help monitor plant and animal communities, restore degraded landscapes, or provide data for construction and other projects to ensure they’re environmentally safe.

01:47 Keeping our environment safe isn’t always easy.

01:50 Pollution affects our ecosystem and human health.

01:54 Fortunately, efforts over the last 50 years, including the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, have reduced the release of pollutants in the atmosphere and waterways.

02:02 Prior to the Clean Water Act, only one-third of waterways in the United States were clean enough to swim in. 02:07 Forty years after the act’s passage, 65 percent of waterways are safe for swimming.

02:12 This is thanks in part to the work of environmental scientists employed both by industry and agencies to ensure compliance with the law.

02:18 Jobs in pollution monitoring and mitigation include stormwater and wastewater management.

02:23 In these careers, you may guarantee compliance by collecting samples in the field for lab analysis.

02:28 Some positions focus on administrative roles, ensure that projects follow procedures and meet expectations.

02:35 You may even be asked to create a remediation plan for polluted sites. 02:39 Our society is dependent on energy.

02:41 Without energy, there can be no electricity, refrigeration, or transport. 02:46 Produce, meats and dairy, could not be shipped.

02:49 Businesses and hospitals could not operate effectively, and computers cannot function.

02:55 Energy is essential for our way of life.

02:58 Over half of our energy comes from nonrenewable fossil fuels, which contribute significantly to air pollution.

03:04 Coal fired power plants provide an incredible 40 percent of our electricity, making it the single biggest source of air pollution in the United States.

03:12 Our overdependence on nonrenewable sources has become more apparent in recent years.

03:17 When combined with the effects of global climate change, renewable clean energies such as hydropower, wind, and solar have become very attractive, but even these energy sources have their drawbacks.

03:27 Environmental scientists play a role in promoting such clean energies from their positions in industry, nonprofit organizations, and agencies.

03:36 Potential careers in energy include consulting about energy management and efficiency, as well as ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

03:43 An environmental scientist is a critical thinker who analyzes problems, collects and interprets data, and works in teams.

03:51 You’ll learn how to improve these skills through collaborative and analytical projects.

03:55 As you pursue your degree, faculty will encourage you to think critically and holistically about environmental issues.

04:01 You’ll also receive a lab kit for chemistry to provide you with hands on experience in data collection and interpretation.

04:07 A degree in environmental science will allow you to use your passion for the environment in the best ways possible.

04:12 There are many opportunities in this field, and they can all make an impact in the protection of the environment.


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Discover Spas Near You with the Spafinder Wellness Gift Card #travel

#spa travel

Wellness Deals

Wellness Lifestyle

Beauty & Grooming 2015-11-03 09:55:51 Kate Phillips

Skin Care: 4 Tips for Healthy Skin This Fall

I don’t know about you, but it seems any time the seasons change, so does my skin—and not always for the better: When the cooler temps of autumn come around, cue my seriously dry and dehydrated complexion. So suffice it to say when Pat Dutcher, spa director of SiSpa, located at Palm Beach Marriott S.

Read more Explore More Beauty & Grooming Nutrition 2015-11-26 09:41:15 Kate Phillips

3 Thanksgiving Hangover Cures to Curb Turkey Tiredness

Got a case of Turkey Day blues? Must be the tryptophan (or so the myth goes). To cure turkey overindulgence, sleepiness, and plain old heavy belly-ness, here are a few Thanksgiving hangover cures from culinary chef and holistic nutritionist Tricia Williams, founder of Food Matters NYC, diet coach, a.

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Shop Sales: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

The height of the holiday shopping season has begun, and the sales this year are superb. So skip the lines and skip the stress: Several resort spas and beauty brands are featuring Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and for a  majority of these promotions, all you have to do is click. Save y.

Read more Explore More Travel & Play Fitness 2015-11-17 14:02:38 Kate Phillips

Take a Hike: Top Hiking Trails to Explore This Fall Winter

You’ve heard the phrase, “take a hike”—and the fall and winter are excellent seasons for doing just that. Get amped to explore a few of the world’s top hiking trails, plus, the destinations that promote them. They’re perfect for providing invigorating exercise as the weather cools down. Ranch.

Mindset 2015-11-21 09:12:38 Spafinder Wellness 365

Your Guide to a Stress-Free Season: 5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress

by Dr. Mark Pirtle, Stress-Illness Specialist at Miraval Arizona Resort Spa While the holidays signify a joyous time of family togetherness and giving, we often find ourselves becoming stressed with the pressures of it all – from crowded shopping malls to an onslaught of holiday parties and.

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Child’s Play: Spa and Wellness for Kids

Who says the adults should have all the fun? Spas and wellness centers worldwide are incorporating healthier options specifically for children. We call it child’s play. The Virgin Active Health Clubs collection boasts nearly 100 clubs in the UK, and children of all ages are welcome with thei.

Read more Explore More Relationships Caring 2015-11-07 07:31:16 Kate Phillips

Good Karma: Island Spa Catalina Supports Sports Community

This past summer marked the second-annual Community Open House and Appreciation Evening, hosted by Island Spa Catalina in support of its area Avalon High School Athletics. Approximately 200 local residents and visitors attended the evening event, where they enjoyed complimentary mini services such a.

Read more Explore More Caring Healing 2015-11-30 09:45:43 Kate Phillips

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More “Well”

When Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady put their $20-million, eco-friendly L.A. home on the market in early 2014, I immediately called my realtor and put a bid on it—nah, totally kidding of course, but a girl can dream, right? Yes, the nearly 14,000-square-foot house, once highlighted in Architectural D.


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Man and Van Salisbury Removals – Phone 07956 116522 #man #and


Your Reliable and Dependable local Man Van Service

We are an independent well established Man and Van Service based in Salisbury,Wiltshire.

We are well known locally for ourreliability and professionalismhaving carried out removals collections and deliveries to both residential and business customers over many years in Salisbury, Wiltshire and Surrounding Counties.

Local or Long Distance – Home or Business

Telephone – 07956 116522

Collections Deliveries
(single items to full van Loads)

Rubbish Clearance (We Are Licenced Waste Carriers)

House Clearance
(Full or part house, shed /garage / outbuildings)

Man and Van Salisbury is an independent established family run business based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. We provide an economical and practical solution for your Small House Removals and Small Move needs to anywhere in the mainland UK.

We carry out door to door collections and deliveries for multiple or single items, including store pick ups, auction and sales-room collections, antiques furniture deliveries and eBay collections deliveries.

We always aim to deliver a professional safe and reliable man and van service transporting goods for domestic and business clients including relocating students, doctors, nurses and military personnel.

Our Man and Van Services –

Small Removals Service (Light removals – 1 / 2 bed house- Man and a Luton Van – Ideal for customers moving home, relocating or transporting personal possessions.)

Option 1 – Driver and Van Only (The customer family / friends carry goods to and from the van, the driver loads and unloads the van from the van)

Option 2 – Van and Working Driver
( Driver assists customer with loading and unloading of the van)

Option 3 – Van and Working Driver / 2 Men(We do all the carrying, loading and unloading of the van)

*Multiple Vans and Porters available for larger moves.

Collections and Deliveries Carried Out Locally

Single Items to Full Loads.

Rubbish Clearance (We are registered and licensed Waste Carriers)

Removals Tips Advice – Avoid Scams

Man and Van Salisbury is based in Salisbury, Wiltshire – Confirmation of orders and invoices will have our letter head with full address details on them. the reason we do not display our full details is because of the constant sales calls and spam emails that we receive each day.


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Cheapest Air Tickets, Domestic Flights with Lowest Airfare – Book Online

#arzoo travels

Looking for cheap flight tickets? Arzoo.com gives you the best deals on air tickets!

Book air tickets of all the airlines on Arzoo.com. Book cheap air tickets at amazing prizes throughout the day. You can always find the best deals of flights with Arzoo.com. It’s never been so easy and convenient to book cheap domestic, discounted air tickets with best deals. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, you can easily compare airfares, flight timings and explore alternative connecting flights to find the cheapest flight tickets to all the destinations in the world. For the travelers with varying requirements in terms of duration, departure time, arrival time or airfare, find suitable options on Arzoo.com.

Search our huge selection of cheap international air tickets

For International travelers, Arzoo.com offers much more than cheap international air tickets. We offer impressive international travel products along with the low-cost air tickets. With Arzoo.com, it becomes easy to book cheap tickets with all the major airlines serving domestic and international hot spots. Find our delightful range of ready-to-go and customized holiday packages to Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. Visa assistance is also offered to ensure hassle-free travel experience for business or leisure travel. Arzoo.com

Compare airfares and explore alternative connective flights to find the cheapest flight tickets. For the travelers with varying requirements in terms of duration, departure time, arrival time or airfare, find suitable options of Arzoo.com. Arzoo.com offers much more than cheap international air tickets. We offer impressive international travel products along with the low-cost air tickets.

Popular International Flight Destinations with Arzo.com

Start your journey and roam the world with Arzoo.com where you can find the best deals on airfares and comfortably plan for that international trip. Flights to Canada, Europe, Asia etc. have never been so easy to research and book. We offer the most popular routes for domestic and international flights and provide other information on airports to help you plan your next trip.

Get complete support at each step from Arzoo.com

Make the air ticket booking process quick, simple and safe with Arzoo.com. Use your cash cards, credit cards or the net-banking facility for convenient booking. View the air ticket search results by ascending order of airline, departure time, arrival time or price and select the cheapest air ticket. We prioritize the search results to ensure that air tickets are booked immediately. Call our 24X7 call centre support for any query or information in booking cheap international tickets or domestic air tickets.


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Microloans: Small Loans for Small Businesses – The Simple Dollar #loans


Microloans: Small Loans for Small Businesses

Microloans and microcredit are a form of business funding that many people often associate with developing countries and particularly impoverished and disenfranchised populations.

That may be due to the fact that microlending is generally considered to have originated in Bangladesh, where Grameen Bank founder Muhammed Yunnus began giving small loans to the rural poor decades ago.

Such microloans, as Yunnus envisioned them, have many noble goals, including providing an alternative to loan sharks, supporting entrepreneurship, alleviating poverty, empowering women, and by extension, uplifting entire communities. All of which led to Yunnus winning the Nobel Prize in 2006 and the concept as a whole spreading around the world.

The moral of the story is that these types of loans are also available in the United States, for small businesses that may not have a substantial credit history or that are perhaps owned by women or minorities populations that typically do not have as much access to financing.

In fiscal year 2016, for instance, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Microloan Program provided 4,472 microloans totaling more than $60 million, and about 40% of the loans went to minority-owned small businesses and nearly 40% went to women-owned businesses.

In addition, more than 40% of all of the microloans closed under the SBA program during 2016 went to small businesses that were just two years old or younger.

“Microloans are more targeted to people who have trouble accessing traditional credit,” explains Joyce A. Klein, director of the Aspen Institute’s Microenterprise Fund for Innovation, Effectiveness, Learning and Dissemination (FIELD). “Microlenders tend to be more flexible then banks are. If someone doesn’t have great credit, if they have thin credit, not that they haven’t performed well, but rather don’t have an extensive credit history, then microlenders are more willing to look at other factors, such as the cash flow of the business.”

If your business fits this description, or if all you’re seeking is a small infusion of cash to carry your business forward, then read on for some of the key details about microloans.

How much money can you borrow using a microloan? The microloan borrowing limit is $50,000, but the average loan size is around $13,000, according to SBA.

What can the money be used for? Businesses may use the funds as working capital or to buy needed inventory, supplies, furniture, fixtures, machinery, or equipment.

Typical repayment terms. Loans closed under the SBA Microloan Program cannot exceed six years, and generally carry interest rates below 10%, according to Jamie Davenport, the SBA’s acting director of the Office of Economic Opportunity/Capital Access.

The nationwide network of SBA program lenders however, are just one example there are many other nonprofit microloan lenders out there. “Most have traditional loan terms,” says Klein. “But if you were comparing microloans to larger, long-term business loans, the (microloan) rates may seem expensive.”

That’s because, according to Klein, the business borrowing the money may be relatively young, or possesses weaker credit or weaker collateral, which makes the loan riskier in some ways.

Documentation Required to Obtain a Microloan

The SBA suggests having a business plan prepared. If that sounds intimidating, the good news is that the SBA provides resources such as Small Business Development Centers and Women’s Business Centers that can help with writing a business plan, says Davenport.

In addition, microlenders will typically want to look at some financial information from the business, says Klein, of the Aspen Institute. This may be in the form of a businesses’ tax returns, or the businesses’ bank statements.

And depending on the lender, still more financial information may be requested.

“Different microlenders use different criteria,” Klein explains. “They typically look at someone’s personal credit report. But one of the features of microlenders is that they are more flexible in terms of how they look at someone’s credit then a traditional lender, but they still look at personal credit.”

“Like many traditional lenders, they’re trying to get a sense of what the financials of the business looks like,” Klein adds.

How to Choose a Microlender

Through the SBA Microloan Program there are specifically designated intermediary lenders across the country. These lenders are nonprofit organizations that have experience in lending and in providing small businesses with technical assistance.

The SBA website provides a directory of its participating lenders, which are located all across the country, from Alabama and Arkansas to California, Tennessee, and Vermont.

One way for small businesses to find an SBA lender in their area is to use SBA’s LINC tool, says Davenport. A business answers some simple questions about their business and their financing needs, and then we instantly connect or match that small business with lenders in their community.”

The upshot of using an SBA microlender is that in addition to money, the lender is required to provide the business with technical assistance and guidance, such as free management training.

This combination of free training and reasonably priced capital gives small businesses the best chance to grow and be successful, says Davenport.

But the SBA program is just one option there are many other microlenders out there as well. Klein points to the nonprofit Justine Petersen in St. Louis, noting that the organization is doing interesting work helping small businesses build credit, as well as providing a source for funding.

The Opportunity Fund is another well-known and respected name in the industry, and is California’s largest microlender.

And one last organization worth noting, Kiva. is an online nonprofit organization that connects microlenders and borrowers. To date, a total of $936.5 million has been lent through the site, in 82 countries. About 1.6 million borrowers have accessed funding through Kiva and the repayment rate has been 97.1%.

One caveat with Kiva, however: In order to receive an interest-free loan through the organization, borrowers first must have friends and family members contribute to their venture. This helps establish the creditworthiness of the borrower.

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Get rid of high interest debt with a 0% balance transfer credit card


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How to Dry and Preserve Hydrangea Flowers #preserving #flowers #with #hairspray


The Best Ways to Dry Hydrangea Flowers

The Best Way to Dry Hydrangeas

Yann Avril/Getty Images

If you grow hydrangeas and have wished the beauty of their flowers would stick around long past when they are in bloom, you will be glad to hear how easy it is to dry and preserve the flowers. Hydrangeas are one of those flowers that almost dry themselves. Once dry, they can last and look beautiful for years. You can dry hydrangeas several ways, but I’ve found water drying hydrangea flowers, explained in this article, helps them retain their color and last longer.

The biggest challenge in drying. MORE hydrangeas is timing when to cut the blossoms. If you cut them in peak bloom, they have too much moisture and don’t dry quickly enough to retain their beauty. Too late, and they’ll just turn brown.

It can be hard to judge readiness with hydrangeas like Annabelle that only go from bright white to pale green. The following steps should help you out, but in all honesty, some years it s impossible to find flowers that are ready to cut that don t have any spots of brown on them. If that s the case, you can always remove the individual brown flowers, either before or after drying.

Continue to 2 of 5 below.

When to Cut Hydrangeas for Drying

Yann Avril/Getty Images

The ideal time to cut hydrangea blossoms for drying is toward the end of the season, August through October, when the larger petals, which are really sepals, are starting to fade or change color and the tiny flowers on top of the colorful sepals are just beginning to open. If you can t really see the tiny flowers on your hydrangea variety, you can simply judge by the changing shades of color.

Don’t worry too much about being exact. Hydrangeas are very forgiving flowers. In fact, you can simply. MORE let them dry on the plant until the sepals feel papery. You might not get the best color and they won’t last as long as the water dried method explained in this article, but it sure is easy to do. The only time drying hydrangeas on the plant is a bad idea is during a rainy season. The flowers will turn brown before you get a chance to dry them.

Continue to 3 of 5 below.

Prepping the Hydrangea Blossoms for Drying

Drying Hydrangeas – Trim Off All Leaves Before Drying Hydrangea Flowers. Photo: Marie Iannotti

The water drying methods helps hydrangeas retain their color while drying, and stay attractive for months. It sounds counter-intuitive to dry flowers with water, but allowing the hydrangea flowers to desiccate slowly helps them hold both their color and their shape. Even the stems seem sturdier when dried this way.

The first step is to cut each flower with a 12-18 inch stem attached. The length is for ease of handling, it s not a science.

Then, remove all the leaves from the stems.

Continue to 4 of 5 below.

The Water Drying Method for Hydrangeas

Natalia Campbell of NC Photography/Getty Images

Place the freshly cut flowers in a vase with fresh water. Make sure the stems are at least half covered with water.

Move the vase to a cool spot, out of direct sunlight. The flowers will still look attractive, so go ahead and display them.

Don’t add more water as the water in the vase evaporates. It’s just there to allow your hydrangeas to dry naturally, rather than simply dry out. Once the water is totally evaporated, your hydrangeas should feel dry to the touch and be ready to use.

Continue to 5 of 5 below.

Some Final Tips and Other Methods of Drying Hydrangeas

Kevin Summers/Getty Images

If you prefer to air dry your flowers, you can simply hang your hydrangea blossoms upside down, by their stems. Because of their large size, this is best done with individual flowers, rather than bunching them together. Air dried hydrangeas tend to be a bit more brittle than water dried blossoms, but still beautiful.

You can also use other common flower drying techniques. like silica gel and microwaving.

While it s not optimal, you can push the timing a bit and wait until your hydrangea. MORE blossoms have begun to pick up their autumn tones of burgundy, pink, green or blue. It’s not the ideal way to dry hydrangea flowers, but you ll get interesting tones and they will keep for quite awhile.

However you dry your hydrangeas, expect the color to last for about 1 year. After that, it will start to fade out.


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Find Water Leaks with Thermal Imaging, Acoustics and Tracer Gas #water


Leak Detecting Services

How to Find a Water Leak

Our highly trained engineers at L.D.S. Leak Detection Specialists Ltd. will choose the approriate testing and inspection process specifically chosen to suit your home or commercial business to find the leak.

Our engineers at L.D.S. carry all the latest technology in leakage detection. We have listed the main Leak detection methods and equipment below. Inspection cameras. Protimeter mms damp meter survey kits, pressure gauges both hydraulic and digital and salts diagnostic kits also form part of the L.D.S. engineers equipment.

Leak Detection Methods to Find A Leak

Acoustic profiling uses ground and pipe sensitive microphones to enhance the sound of the leak. This method can help in pinpointing precise leak location.

Is a way of finding and pinpointing leaks in water pipes. A leak in a pipe under pressure creates noise that travels through the pipe walls, the surrounding ground and along the contents of the pipe. Correlators are a very accurate sound testing device which are used to identify the acoustic frequency caused when a pipe is leaking. The correlator uses two identical sensors located along the pipe to calculate the leek location by logging the signal delay, sensor distance and the sound velocity.

Tracer Gas
The trace gas, a safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen, is introduced into the pipe with the suspected leak. The gas, is the lightest in the atmosphere and is made up of of small molecules. The gas will exit at the leak and make its way to the surface where it is detected using gas sensitive detection pobes.

Thermal Imaging
Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to see and measure thermal energy emitted from an object. Thermography cameras can identify problem areas that can’t be seen with the naked eye, detecting hidden water leaks. The infrared inspection camera can detect not only hidden water leaks and their origin, but also moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters. Read more

Pipe, Cable and Metal Detection and Tracing
Often the exact position of pipes and cables is unknown due to innacurate or non existant network plans. In order to carry out precise water leak detection and to avoid damage to utilities and operators during excavations, it is essential to know the precise position of all services. We use high performance equipment which can locate and trace buried pipes and cables.

Network Monitoring with Noise Loggers
Noise Loggers are used for early detection of leaks in water supply networks.The longer it takes to identify that a network is leaking the more revenue is lost and the greater the loss of precious water resources. In addition to the more conventional methods of leak detection the installation of permanent noise loggers has proved to be a cost effective tool in early identification of water loss. By permanently monitoring sections of the system, which have previously been proven leak free, it will alert you when a potential leak does develop. Read more .



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What Can I Do with an Associate – s Degree in


What Can I Do with an Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education?

Completing an associate’s degree program in elementary education may prepare graduates for a job as an elementary school aide, or it may just be a precursor to earning more education in the field. Read on to find out what options are available to graduates of an associate’s degree program in elementary education. Schools offering Elementary Education degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What is an Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education?

Most elementary school teachers are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree, as a 4-year degree is needed to gain teacher certification in most states. For this reason, an associate’s degree in elementary education alone cannot provide individuals with the academic credentials necessary to work as educators in public and private schools. However, many community colleges still offer 2-year, associate’s degree programs in elementary education. While these programs alone cannot prepare students to become teachers, they can prepare them for other opportunities.

While enrolled in an associate’s degree in elementary education, students should learn the basics of primary education. They may examine a variety of topics, including educational techniques and classroom technology. Graduates of such a degree program may enter the educational workforce as teaching aides or assistants or pursue higher education in a related field. Below are a couple of employment and educational options available to those with an associate’s degree in elementary education.

Important Facts About Teacher Assistants

Median Salary (2014)

Job Outlook (2014-2024)

Communication skills, patience, and resourcefulness

Career and technical education teachers, childcare workers, library assistants

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Become an Elementary School Aide

Elementary school aides, sometimes referred to as teacher aides or assistants, are responsible for assisting teachers with a wide range of classroom tasks. These tasks allow teachers to focus their energy on planning and implementing lessons. Aides may help move students between school locations, supervise students and prepare materials for classroom lessons. In some cases, aides may assist in the grading of projects and homework. Although many aides only hold high school diplomas, some states require aides to hold degrees from accredited 2-year college programs.

Earn Further Education in the Field

Many graduates of associate’s degree programs in elementary education can choose to continue their studies at a 4-year university. Credits earned in such a program may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree program in the field. Bachelor’s degree programs build upon the knowledge gained in associate’s degree programs and help prepare students to pass a teaching certification exam. Teachers may continue their education by earning a master’s degree in elementary education or in a more specific field. In general, a higher education level translates into higher pay.

To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:


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Opiate Addiction Detox Florida – Opiate Addiction Treatment New Jersey –


Opiate addiction

Help with opiate addiction

Opium Poppy Husks

Opiates are a class of drug that is derived from the opium poppy, most commonly heroin and many narcotic pain medications which are some of the most addictive and harmful of drugs. There are also synthetic opiates that don’t come from the poppy plant, but which have a similar effect. Many prescription drugs are opiates, including Oxycontin, Percocet, Lorcet, Vicodin, Dilaudid and MSContin. People who abuse heroin or pain medications gradually develop a habit, having to take a certain amount of the drug every day in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms. This habit will intensify over time as more drugs will be needed to maintain the same effect.

Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

The length of time these opiate detox symptoms persist also varies. A small habit may result in a short opiate withdrawal period of 3 or 4 days and only produce a few withdrawal symptoms. Larger habits may cause detox symptoms that last for weeks. The typical opiate withdrawal period is around 7 days, with the most intense symptoms peaking about 72 hours after last use. Because of the length of the physical and psychological withdrawal process, it is extremely difficult for people to get through it without the help of a detox center like Sunrise Detox. Most people will break down after 2 or 3 days and return to using the opiates, and feeding their opiate addiction.

Some detox centers do not medicate their patients during withdrawal. This unpleasant method is known as “cold turkey” and here at Sunrise Detox, we don’t believe in it. Opiate withdrawal symptoms can produce potentially dangerous health situations including elevation in blood pressure and dehydration. Left untreated, the pain of the withdrawal symptoms can make it psychologically difficult to stay in the detoxification facility and makes the client more likely to leave detox prematurely.

That said, other opiate detox facilities will overmedicate patients to the point where they are incoherent throughout their stay. They will medicate with large doses of other opiates or methadone for 7 days and discharge the patient with minimal follow-up. Substituting other drugs for the opiates only delays the onset of withdrawal symptoms. The person will leave the program feeling fine, but fall back into full-blown withdrawal as the detox medications wear off.

At Sunrise Detox, we use a mainly buprenorphine-based medication that effectively manages opiate withdrawal symptoms. This medication allows our clients to remain comfortable and alert during their stay with us. We supplement the buprenorphine with a number of other medications to treat any discomfort that may arise. Buprenorphine also allows the client to leave detox with virtually no withdrawal symptoms. This opiate addiction detox even works with synthetic opiates, like methadone.

Help with opiate addiction


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Cheap International Flights with Consolidator Airline Tickets #best #airfare #deals

#travel.com flights

Cheap International Flights With Consolidator Tickets

Welcome to BargainTravel.com. We have searched the internet to find the best deals on domestic flights. international flights . car rentals and hotel reservations . Our community members post their experiences to help make travel easier for everyone. You do not need to sign up to post to our forum . just come on in and post your comment, question or suggestion.

Our domestic and international flights are booked through our flight consolidator database . Consolidator flight tickets offer tremendous savings off of conventional published airfares. Your actual amount of savings depends on the consolidators’ contract with the airlines and your itinerary.

Bargaintravel.com is one of the oldest independently owned travel agencies on the web, we have been operating since 2001 and provide outstanding customer support. We have a very detailed FAQ section that answers your questions regarding airline consolidators or you can reach a travel agent via email.

As a visitor, you can check out and post to our forums . visit our directory of travel information . view all of our destination information pages and you can always Ask A Travel Agent a question. Please enjoy your visit and feel free to email us with any questions you may have. News Sign up for our RSS feed | Follow BargainTravel On Twitter


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Jump over expensive airfares with Airfare Fox – Book Cheap Flight

#find cheap airfare

Welcome to airfarefox.com. Save up to 80% on ANY airline ticket worldwide using airfare search service on our web site completely free. – COMPARE OFFERS FOR SAME FLIGHT and SAVE BIG!

Our built-in engine search for airline tickets on multiple and all major travel sites at once! For latest air fare price and discounts just enter departure and destination city or airport code, select desired date and search with GET CHEAP FLIGHT.

Our FREE search engine cover all airline companies. Simply: enter details once, search all offers at once. TAKE 2 MINUTES OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME AND REALLY SAVE.

See example how to pay low airfare using our search – how to pay $363 instead $1362 on single airfare deal!


with our, completely free of fees, cheapest flight finder service


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Cheap Airline Tickets – Compare Flights Fare with #hotel #cheap

#book cheap flights online

Destination of the Month

Cancun Located in southeastern Mexico. Canc n is one of the easternmost points of the country and renowned for its beautiful climate and beaches. The city is one of Mexico s most renowned tourist destinations and, due to its layout in superblocks with walkways and parks, highly bike-friendly. Great beaches, savory Mexican food, interesting Mayan ruins and a great nightlife make this place an absolute dream destination .

The name Canc n originates from the Mayan kaankun , which translates to nest of snakes . However, despite that, the city is no nest of snakes! It still demonstrates the strong and interesting Mayan influence in the region, which you will come to appreciate each time you take a trip outside of the city. You basically get the best of a modern travel destination. in combination with a strong culture and tradition.

Starting in 1974, Canc n was transformed from a fisherman s Island into a tourist destination that won the WTO s Best of the Best award. Ever since, the city has attracted people from all over Mexico, particularly Yucat n, the Americas and Europe. With direct and fast connections to Chich nItz and M rida, it is the perfect place to combine hanging at the beach with trips to the famous Mayan pyramids and cities with a Spanish colonial flair. Indulge in tacos or a typical Mexican horchata while enjoying the ocean view from your balcony, because one thing is sure: in Canc n, everything has an ocean view or at least a view on the lagoon.

Mayan as well as Mexican art and culture are very colorful, vibrant and rich. The Casa de Cultura Art Center and the Teatro de Canc n feature regular arts exhibits, dance performances, concerts and plays. For those who love history, we highly recommend a visit to the Museo Maya with more than 350 archaeological artefacts. And, if you prefer modern culture, there s the yearly Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in November. Also, the Cirque du Soleil Riviera Maya offers a spectacular dining experience to an incredible show about a teenager lost in the jungle inside a magical world. Book in advance, as this event is one of the highlights in Canc n!

Canc n is served by the Canc n International airport. which is located about 20km from the hotel zone. Due to the city having been conceived for tourism, you can easily get around by bus or even bike. Also, you can book tours to the most famous Mexican tourist attractions or catch one of the direct buses headed into their direction.


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Book worldwide flights and holidays with Gifto Travels #travel #republi

#gifto travel

What We Do

With 47 years of trading & a multi-lingual team, the quality, the innovation and the flexibility of the services we provide to customers constantly grows from strength to strength.

At Gifto Travels, we are committed to offer an efficient service together with distinctive solutions for all travel and tourism needs.

Gifto Travels Limited is located in the heart of London and is a privately owned fully licensed/bonded travel agency with ATOL, ABTA and IATA licences.

Gifto was established in 1967 in Warren Street, London, and it prides itself on providing an excellent service together with travel advice to its very wide and loyal client base. Our experienced, friendly, multi-lingual team of professionals are keen to provide that dream holiday.

Financial Protection

All package and flight-plus holidays sold by our Members are financially protected so that if your travel company fails, you will be able to continue your holiday as planned or get your money back. Many ABTA Members also offer additional financial protection, for example for flights or hotels on their own. You should always check what type of protection is in place if you are booking this type of service by asking your travel provider.


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Benefits of Group Travel with United #hotel #and #airfare #packages

#air travel booking

United Groups

United Groups is standing by to meet your travel needs. Groups of ten or more enjoy special pricing and special service when traveling on United Airlines.

Special pricing and more for your group

If you have ten or more people traveling on a common flight to a common destination, take advantage of a guaranteed fare when traveling on United Airlines. With online bid requests, it is easy to obtain a quote for your group travel.

Your group is handled with care

Along with saving money by traveling on United Airlines, your group will enjoy these United Groups features:

  • A group coordinator to assist the group at the airport (Group coordinators are not available at all airport locations.)
  • Priority check-in
  • A guaranteed fare for the group

To set up a group bid and obtain your competitive fare

For a competitive quote on your group’s travel needs, complete our online bid request form. You’ll receive a response via email within two business days. All quotes are subject to availability at the time of booking. Information on confirming your reservation and guaranteeing your price will be provided with the quote.

You may also contact United Groups at 1-800-426-1122 to obtain a quote. If you are outside the U.S. and Canada, please contact your local United Customer Contact Center .


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San Diego and La Jolla Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Before – After


San Diego Cosmetic Surgery Photo Gallery

We would like to welcome you to our before and after photo gallery. This gallery showcases the work of San Diego plastic surgeon, Dr. Tom Pousti.

You can search our gallery using the form, or step through all of the images in a procedure category by selecting a procedure from the index below.


This section contains images of exposed patients that might be considered offensive to some people and are not intended to be seen by minors. Please select another section if you are not an adult and do not have parental consent.

(all categories are optional)



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Air Travel with Pets: Flying, Vaccinations, and Carrier Tips #annual #travel

#air travels

10 Tips for Safe Air Travel with Your Pet

Traveling can be highly stressful, both for you and the four-legged members of your family. But with thoughtful preparation, you can ensure a safe and comfortable trip for everyone.

The ASPCA urges pet owners to think twice about flying their pets on commercial airlines, especially if they plan on checking them in as cargo.

Unless your animal is small enough to fit under your seat and you can bring him or her in the cabin, the ASPCA recommends pet owners to not fly their animal. If pet owners have already committed to transporting their pets on commercial airlines, the ASPCA is offering the following top ten tips for safe air travel with your pet:

  1. Make an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian for a checkup, and make sure all vaccinations are up-to-date. Obtain a health certificate from your veterinarian dated within 10 days of departure. For travel outside of the continental United States, additional planning and health care requirements may be necessary. Contact the foreign office of the country you are traveling to for more information.
  2. Make sure your pet has a microchip for identification and is wearing a collar and ID tag. Breakaway collars are best for cats. The collar should also include destination information in case your pet escapes.
  3. Book a direct flight whenever possible. This will decrease the chances that your pet is left on the tarmac during extreme weather conditions or mishandled by baggage personnel.
  4. Purchase a USDA-approved shipping crate that is large enough for your pet to stand, sit and turn around in comfortably. Shipping crates can be purchased from many pet supply stores and airlines.
  5. Write the words “Live Animal” in letters at least one inch tall on top of and at least one side of the crate. Use arrows to prominently indicate the upright position of the crate. On the top of the crate, write the name, address and telephone number of your pet’s destination point, and whether you will be accompanying him or if someone else is picking him up. Make sure that the door is securely closed, but not locked, so that airline personnel can open it in case of an emergency. Line the crate bottom with some type of bedding-shredded paper or towels- to absorb accidents.
  6. Affix a current photograph of your pet to the top of the crate for identification purposes. Should your pet escape from the carrier, this could be a lifesaver. You should also carry a photograph of your pet.
  7. The night before you leave, make sure you’ve frozen a small dish or tray of water for your pet. This way, it can’t spill during loading, and will melt by the time he’s thirsty. Tape a small pouch, preferably cloth, of dried food outside the crate. Airline personnel will be able to feed your pet in case he gets hungry on long-distance flights or a layover.
  8. Tranquilizing your pet is generally not recommended, as it could hamper his breathing. Check with your veterinarian first.
  9. Tell every airline employee you encounter, on the ground and in the air, that you are traveling with a pet in the cargo hold. This way, they’ll be ready if any additional considerations or attention is needed.
  10. If the plane is delayed, or if you have any concerns about the welfare of your pet, insist that airline personnel check the animal whenever feasible. In certain situations, removing the animal from the cargo hold and deplaning may be warranted.

WebMD Veterinary Reference from the ASPCA


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Affordable Travel Insurance with Medical Health Conditions #travel #auction #sites

#worldwide travel insurance

Specialist travel insurance for the Senior Traveller with or without medical conditions

Travellers often have trouble obtaining travel insurance, especially if they have pre-existing medical conditions. Many insurance policies provide travel cover, but exclude those medical conditions.

Worldwide Travel Plan has agreements in place with various Insurers who do not preclude cover being available for pre-existing medical conditions.

An additional medical premium can be paid to cover the condition, and the standard travel insurance policy conditions will be maintained for all other aspects of your trip.

It is important to telephone us to discuss your requirements as you must ensure your medical needs are fully covered at the time you purchase to holiday

Single trip travel insurance policies are available up to and including aged up 99 travelling with the UK or to Europe or Worldwide, with All Medical conditions can be considered.

Persons aged up to 90 can be covered for annual multi trip policies for Europe and worldwide.

PLEASE READ If you are under the age of 85, with no existing medical conditions, and would like an instant online quote then please click the Quote Me button.


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Activities for People with Disabilities- Services for People with Disabilities #cheap

#arc travels

Personal and Leisure Services (PALS)

Leisure Express Local

The Arc of San Diego’s Leisure Express Local provides community based therapeutic recreation activities for teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in San Diego. The goal is to provide recreation activities that aide in improving skills such as: socialization, communication, health wellness, independence, and self-esteem. Each activity maintains a minimum 1:3 staff to participant ratio to ensure safety and personal needs are met. Activities are held Friday evening to Sunday evening. A monthly calendar is published and contains activites such as: rock climbing, Padres baseball games, kayaking, arts crafts, cooking classes, hiking, movies, dances, plays, Chargers football games, trips to the San Diego Zoo, and much more.

Leisure Express Trip Travel

The Arc of San Diego’s Leisure Express Trip Travel offers a wide range of quality vacations for teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disablities. Our goal is to provide diverse travel opportunities to support and empower individuals to achieve their life goals. Each trip maintains a minimum 1:4 staff to participant ratio to ensure safety and all personal needs are met. If additional assistance is needed, we can provide more personalized support for an additional fee. The cost of each vacation includes airfair and/or transportation from San Diego, hotel/lodging accommodations, tour packages, admission to events selected by the travelers, and all meals. Payment plans can be arranged.

The Arc of San Diego’s traditional resident summer camp for children, teens, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities offers a relaxing week at a local residential camp. Days are filled with swimming, hiking, sports, field trips, sing-a-longs, talent shows, dances, arts crafts, and carnivals. Staff to camper ratios are based on each individual’s needs, but do not exceed a 1:5 ratio. Camp-A-Lot is accredited by the American Camp Association. Developed exclusively for the camp profession, the ACA focuses on program quality, health and safety issues, and requires us to review all areas of our camp program yearly.

Internship Opportunities

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of adults with disabilities? The Arc of San Diego’s Personal Leisure Services department is offering an internship for undergraduate and graduate students studying recreation therapy, community recreation, psychology, special education, and other related fields.


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Australia – New Zealand With Go Ahead Tours – Go Ahead

#australia travel packages

Specialty Tours

Experience the world with all your senses, on tours that include market visits, wine tastings and cooking classes.

Journey through sacred landmarks and iconic sites, learning about the history of the world while connecting with faith.

Get up close to the stunning wildlife of the world while discovering untouched natural beauty at every turn.

Take in the view from the deck of a ship, whether you’re cruising down the Yangtzee or around the Galápagos.

Get to know a single city on tour and enjoy plenty of free time to add optional excursions or explore on your own.

Set off across the endless plains of Africa, in search of the elusive Big Five: lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo.

Celebrate local culture by visiting a destination at its most vibrant, during a special event or festive season.

Explore your destination on foot, winding through hidden alleyways and traversing over paths worn from centuries of use.

Enjoy the attention of your own dedicated Tour Director, pick your own date and even add a special excursion or inclusion.


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Become a Travel Consultant with Conlin-Hallissey Travel School – Conlin Travel

#travel agent school

Become a Travel Consultant

Conlin-Hallissey Travel School

Class Description

The CHTS program is divided into multiple units covering:

  • Orientation to the Travel Industry
  • Geography
  • Domestic Air
  • Hotels and Surface Transportation
  • Customer Service and Sales Skills
  • Fare Construction and Ticketing
  • International Travel
  • Cruises and Tours
  • Professional Development
  • Computer Reservation System Training

The entire course is 196 hours and is offered in both day and evening sessions.

About Conlin-Hallissey Travel School

The limited class size at Conlin-Hallissey Travel School allows us to keep our student to instructor ratio to a very manageable level. Every student will spend individual time with the instructors, getting to know them on a first name basis and receive hands-on computer training.

Conlin-Hallissey Travel School is a state licensed school and is approved to accept:

  • MEAP Scholarship Awards
  • UAW Union Tuition Assistance Programs
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Funds
  • Workforce Investment Act Funds
  • School payment plans
  • Credit cards

Conlin-Hallissey Travel School is an approved test site for The Travel Institute/ASTA Tap Test. For more information visit www.thetravelinstitute.com .

For additional scholarship information, Tourism Cares provides professional development scholarships for current travel industry professionals, and those looking to enter the travel industry and planning to complete travel certification programs. These scholarships are awarded on an annual basis with an application period in the fall. To be notified of application availability and deadlines, click here .

Start Your Travel Career With Our Travel Agent Online Courses

The Travel School also offers an Internet delivered travel agent online course program that allows you to study at your convenience, 24/7. Sign up for the online program!

  • Travel Career Development
  • Independent Agent (How to Become a Home-Based Travel Agent)
  • Sabre Automated Reservations Event and Meeting Planning – NEW!
  • Small Group Tour Leadership
  • Front Desk Agent


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Cyber Monday Airfare Sale Kicked off with $44 Ticket Deals at

#best deals on airfare

Cyber Monday Airfare Sale Kicked off with $44 Ticket Deals at Alaska Airlines

The first Cyber Monday 2015 airline ticket deals are on sale. The Alaska Airlines Cyber Monday 2015 sale is live now.

Tickets start at $44 in the Alaska Airlines Cyber Monday 2015 sale. For $44 you can fly from Boise to Sacramento. A ticket from San Diego to Monterey sells for $59 one way. The tickets must be purchased before December 7. Dates will sell out quickly at the most popular routes.

You can find all offers now on alaskaair.com .

Last year, Alaska Airlines ticket cyber deals started at $49 for one way trips between Seattle and San Jose. Flights from Seattle to Reno were $69 and Salt Lake City to Maui were $199. The airline took another $5 off compared to the ticket deal offered last year.

Find the best Deals now in the Cyber Deals Tracker

Most Airlines keep the ticket fares and discounts offered on Cyber Monday secret until the last minute. Most Airlines have not even announced a Cyber Monday 2015 sale yet. Many more airlines will offer Cyber Monday ticket deals starting in the morning of Cyber Monday.

We will keep you updated on new Cyber Monday airline ticket sales and deals as they surface. Find the latest Cyber Monday 2015 news in our Cyber Monday Hub .

You can also watch the social media channels of you favorite airlines to catch the Cyber Monday sales announcement. It is key to shop as early as possible to get the best deals at the flight times you want.

Alaska Airlines, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group (NYSE: ALK), together with its partner regional airlines, serves more than 100 cities through an expansive network in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico. Alaska Airlines ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Traditional Carriers in North America” in the J.D. Power North America Airline Satisfaction Study for eight consecutive years from 2008 to 2015.

The latest Cyber Monday 2015 deals are released in our Cyber Monday Hub .


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Sugar Addiction Facts: Cravings, Hidden Sugar, and More in Pictures #slideshow,


Slideshow: The Truth About Sugar Addiction


1) Hue/amanaimages
2) Philippe Psaila/Photo Researchers, iStock
3) Zephyr/SPL, Jean Claude Revy/Phototake
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5) Imagebroker
6) iStock
7) Chris Stein/Stone
8) Gustoimages/Photo Researchers
9) Christian Hacker
10) iStock
11) iStock
12) iStock
13) Enrico Calderoni/Aflo
14) Steve Pomberg/WebMD
15) Martin Barraud/OJO Images
16) Steve Pomberg/WebMD
17) WebMD
18) Creativ Studio Heinemann
19) David Sacks/The Image Bank

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American Academy of Family Physicians.
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Welsh, J. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. September 2011.
Johnson, R. Circulation. September 2009.
Ahmed, S. Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition Metabolic Care. July 2013.

American Heart Association.
American Diabetes Association.

This tool does not provide medical advice. See additional information.

THIS TOOL DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.

WebMD Slideshows

View our slideshows to learn more about your health.

  • 04/09/2017

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  • Cheap Military Flights and Vacation Planning with Easy Military Travel #how

    #military travel discounts

    Cheap Military Flights

    Easy Military Travel offers many discounts on flights across the US and around the world. Whether you’re heading home, needing to fly in a friend or planning a vacation with your family, we have exclusive military flight deals.

    Some flights may not carry a military discount and/or there are a limit to the number of military fare seats available on that flight. In this case, our search engines and Military Travel Representatives will switch from searching military fares and automatically search the regular fares offered to all travelers to find you and your family the lowest fare available. This allows EasyMilitaryTravel.com to offer you the best of all travel options available!

    You can book a flight to Las Vegas, Orlando, Honolulu, Mexico City and other incredible cities at affordable prices. Enjoy a romantic vacation with your loved one in the most diverse locations around the world like Paris, London, Nassau, St. Lucia, Hawaii and many more. Enjoy a worry free vacation with cheap military flights to all the top destinations across the globe. Take advantage of the discounted military flight deals and save huge on your next flight.

    EasyMilitaryTravel.com offers a unique travel assistance program offering affordable monthly payment options for former and current US Military Personnel, dependents, and many forms of Federal, State and Local Government employees. Most flights are eligible to be ticketed today, with no upfront cost and repaid monthly.

    To book now:

    • Select your flight
    • Complete the program eligibility application
    • Confirm travel itinerary and accept program terms via email
    • Select your preferred method of monthly repayment (Example: Debit/Credit Card)
    • Receive itinerary confirmation via email


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    Cheap Car Hire Australia – Compare Car Rental with Nova #traveling

    #cheapest car rental

    Other Rental Car locations in Australia

    If you ve browsed through our top rental car locations in Australia and haven t found your ideal pick-up point – don t worry! We at Nova are a thoughtful lot.

    Car Hire Australia

    We know we are stating the obvious here, but Australia really is huge. There is absolutely no point depending on public transport, especially if you are on a whistle-stop tour, so pick out the bits you want to see first and arrange your car hire to suit. You’ll be so impressed with the otherworldly landscapes, incredible culture, and laid-back atmosphere that you’ll soon be back for more.

    Why Should I Book Car Hire in Australia with Nova?

    Nobody has time to hang around waiting for the ideal car hire, so make life easy for yourself by getting a quote from Nova Car Hire today. We will do a quick but thorough search of the best prices available to bring you a car rental package that suits your needs, whichever of our 26,000 locations you choose.

    Car Hire Requirements in Australia

    You’ll need to make sure you have both your full driving licence and booking confirmation with you when you are collecting your hire car in Australia. The main driver must pay the balance (rate less deposit) using their own credit card. Keep your licence, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration documents in the rental car at all times.

    Airports in Australia

    Australia Driving Rules & Regulations

    When you rent a car in Australia, remember to drive on the left and overtake on the right. Retain your driving licence, proof of insurance, and vehicle documentation with you in the car. Seat belts are essential for all car occupants. Speed limits range from 100 – 110kmh for national highways and main roads to 50kmh for built-up areas.You’ll find further information on Australia’s rules of the road here .

    I Have More Questions. Whom Do I Ask?

    About Nova

    We’ve made renting a car easier and cheaper, so you don’t have to spend hours chasing down the best price. Just tell us where and when you want to rent a car and we will search hundreds of suppliers to bring you a great rate.

    Joanna Davidson Head of Car Hire

    No stranger to popularity contests, Sydney has been voted the World’s Best, Favourite, and Friendliest City.  Then again, it’s easy to be in demand when you have the world’s best beaches, balmy weather, a vibrant cosmopolitan culture, and great shops and restaurants.

    Australia’s most populous city, Sydney lies on the south-east of the continent, on the shores of the Tasman Sea. Australia centres on Sydney, gleaming harbour city with a dazzling, oceanfront setting and the best possible blend of outdoor and indoor attractions. Explore the capital of New South Wales, from the opera house to the harbour bridge and the world-leading Bondi Beach, with car hire in Sydney .

    The Economist Intelligence Unit rated Melbourne the most livable city in the world, and with a vibrant cafe culture and some of the world’s best food, music, art, fashion, theatre, and design, it’s easy to see why. Sophisticated but with a gritty streak, Melbourne is a multicultural metropolis you will love.

    The city offers refined Victorian architecture and elegant streets, together with cutting-edge developments like Federation Square. Car hire in Melbourne means you can appreciate the stunning variety of wildlife and scenery at Wilsons Promontory National Park, and see the monumental 12 Apostles – a series of magnificent rock stacks that rise up from the Southern Ocean on Victoria’s shores.

    Australia’s third-biggest city and its fastest-growing economy, Brisbane has a unique personality that has developed on the back of a complex history and a steady stream of exotic imports.  This friendly city with a wonderful climate is full of delights best uncovered with car hire in Brisbane .

    It may have been dubbed Bris Vegas as an ironic comment on its perceived sleepiness, but there’s nothing dull about Brisbane today.  In fact, Queensland’s capital is the perfect place to base yourself for a range of adventure activities from skydiving to abseiling and jet boating.

    Discover Australia with your smartphone. Here are a few apps we think you might find useful when driving around Down Under.

    Australian Road Trips

    Discover the best of Australia, with everything from coastal road trips to stunning mountain drives through world heritage rainforests and remote outback 4×4 expeditions. iOS

    Sygic Australia & New Zealand

    Excellent TomTom maps stored on your smartphone (no internet connection needed) combined with a powerful set of navigation features help you drive around Australia & New Zealand with confidence. Android | iOS

    Australia Travel Guide (Triposo)

    Suggested attractions and activities in Australia, depending on time, weather and your location. Guide to restaurants and accommodation in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Launceston. Android | iOS

    There’s Nothing Like Australia

    The official Australian tourist board app features videos, stunning images, descriptions of holiday ideas, and destination information for your next trip to Oz. iOS

    Aussie Slang

    Don’t be confused by Australian slang. This IOS app includes more than 700+ phrases. iOS


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    Booking with a Travel Agent vs. Booking Online Which is Better?

    #online travel agent

    Booking with a Travel Agent vs. Booking Online Which is Better?

    A recent vacation purchase has me thinking of what appears to be the continued downfall of the travel agent. We all have the choice through a growing number of online travel portholes to do all the research and travel booking ourselves with a click of the mouse or a quick phone call to a ready and waiting online booking agent. Most of you are doing just this and the numbers are growing so exponentially that it is putting many travel agents out of business but the question is Is it better to book travel online or through a travel agent?

    I recently booked an all-inclusive vacation online after a friend convinced me she had no issues using them before (more details on this experience in a later post, best not to name names until after the vacation is over) she showed me the super low prices, we researched the hotels and decided to go ahead and book it. The site offered a price drop protection on our package so we figured what the heck we have nothing to lose. We called the site s number and an online booking agent took are details and we were super excited. People book online all the time no worries right?

    Well it wasn t so simple after all and it really got me researching all the pros and cons of booking a vacation through a Travel Agent vs. booking a trip with an online travel site. So I put together some of my findings below.

    Convenience   A Pro for Online Booking or Booking with a Travel Agent?

    Is it really as convenient as we think?

    So it is undeniable that it is far easier to go online and search for travel options and buy them more quickly than calling an agent, waiting until they are free to talk, discussing your needs, waiting for them to get answers as they search and so on. However, there is a downside to this convenience the searching.

    When booking flights the search may not be an issue but when booking packaged vacations and cruises or more complicated trips this is where the online booking loses its stronghold. Personally I love the searching, checking reviews and digging out my next vacation from all the information, however not everyone has the time for this. You are not only looking for the best price, but a place with a good reputation, the amenities you desire and the locations you want to visit during your trip. You might need answers to questions like is it the best time to travel here? Are there any travel advisories I should be aware of. If you are not into spending the time doing this research then a Travel Agent may be the best choice here. They have experience and information that you may not be digging up from an online site.

    Do You Get The Same Treatment? Pro for the Travel Agent Con for Booking Online

    You are more likely to get bumped flights or booked in a lower-end room when booking through an online travel site.

    Personally I m starting to believe this statement more and more. How can this be true? Well the fact is that when booking your flight online the online travel agency will not remove your seats off the availability list as quickly as a travel agent does. The travel agent does it immediately at the time of booking so if the flight is overbooked the last tickets issued are the first ones bumped off the flight. Since customer service with online travel sites is less than stellar the airline may feel it is easier to bump an online booking over an agent booking which will be more quick to respond on behalf of their client.

    With regards to hotel room bookings a room booked online is put in a less desirable class than one booked by an agent. So if you book an Oceanview room online you will get an Oceanview room but probably in the oldest wing of the hotel and next to heavy machinery or in a loud part of the resort. This would be an interesting survey of trip-advisor reviews if you book online vs an agent is your room worse than the agent customer? A travel agent booking includes special notes and requests, so if you want a second floor room, in a quiet part of the hotel or resort you will be more likely to get it than if you book through an online site.

    Customer Service Pro for the Travel Agent Con for Booking Online

    From my own personal experience and the many many complaints I ve read online this is where the online booking sites fail miserably. If you book your trip online and there are no issues or changes then consider yourself lucky, but the moment something goes wrong, a clerical or accounting error is made, the price changes, the flight changes or you are not satisfied with something getting a customer service representative at the online booking site may prove difficult.

    Many of these sites put their resources in bookings rather than dealing with issues. Once the trip is booked you will have a hard time getting a customer service agent to help. A few examples you might encounter:

    • You Don t Like the Room You get to the resort and hate the room you got, so you head to the front desk and they don t seem to want to help you. Why? Well you bought the cheapest hotel room, remember? Why would they want to help you? So by some miracle you get through to a customer service representative at the online booking site, they too have little luck with room selection, because they are selling the cheapest deals not the best vacations. On the other hand a travel agent whose direct number and email you have will be far more easy to reach and much better equipped to handle the situation for you. In fact the front desk knowing the travel agency s representatives may encourage them to be more helpful in the first place.
    • Your Flight Schedule Changes Online travel agencies are famous for this one. They don t inform you of any changes to your flight. According to their fine print You are responsible for checking your flight times 24 hours before you leave. Again an online agency is putting its resources on new bookings, they don t always look back and forward any new relevant information for an old booking. A travel agent on the other hand will be more likely to send you the flight change notice and be there to handle any concerns you may want to discuss.

    The Lowest Prices are Guaranteed Online? Or Are They?

    Have you ever gone online and found the most amazing deal on a flight and then when you start going into the actual booking the price just goes higher and higher? Online travel sites are well known for the bait and switch tactic. They have all done clever marketing campaigns to get the word out that you will get the lowest prices for the same packages that agents sell and if you travel often then you may be discovering that this is just not the case. In fact every agent I have talked with about a price I found online has matched and further reduced the online price, so why doesn t the Agent have the upper hand here?

    There are some unbelievable travel deals to be found on an online site but is what you see always what you get? You purchase the trip and then the online site says oh we are sorry the tour operator changed the flight, or cancelled it all together. It isn t our fault but the charter flight company changed the flight. Is it just me or are these changes happening more with online bookings than with agency bookings?

    The Bottom Line Travel Buyers Beware

    In response to my recent online booking issues, I m questioning if I ever want to book a flight or trip online again. Having a relationship with a good travel agent means experience, expertise, information, customer service and someone that has my back. I m starting to wonder why consumer reports have not been compiled on issues of using Online Travel Sites for bookings and is it really true that they offer the lowest price for the same vacations you get with an Agent? Just sayin !


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    Best Online Graphic Design Programs for 2017 #colleges #with #graphic #design


    Top Online Colleges for Graphic Design for 2017

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio and Digital Arts will give you exposure in a variety of artistic techniques and challenge you to develop your conceptual planning, aesthetic eye, and critical thinking. It provides you a solid platform to launch into a Master of Fine Arts program. Learn from the great artists of the past and present as you seek to become a great artist in the future.

  • With a high-tech campus just outside of Orlando, FL, Full Sail University has been offering programs in entertainment and design for more than 30 years. The online bachelor s program in design emphasizes real-world experiences and helps students develop an impressive portfolio. Full Sail received acclaim for its programs from Tips Tricks, Rolling Stone, and Unleashed Magazine. The university also closely charts the success of its graduates, and many go on to work on major motion pictures, TV, games, and advertising.

  • Herzing s online programs provide flexibility to work with today s busy lifestyle. Earn your degree in some of today’s fastest-growing career fields from your home, work, or wherever it s convenient. At Herzing, we believe that providing you with a caring, supportive community will have a positive impact on your learning experience. We know our students by name and are committed to your academic, personal, and professional success. Discover why Herzing s student-first approach, individual attention, and caring community set us apart from other colleges and universities.

  • Rasmussen College has over 20 campuses in six different states and offers numerous degree programs, so the school comes with a serious reputation. The college boasts an 85% student satisfaction rate and high graduate success rate. Fully online associate s and bachelor s programs are available with specializations in either animation and motion graphics or web and interactive design. Both programs focus on mastery of relevant software and concepts and help students create a comprehensive portfolio. The Rasmussen College career center helps online students find internships and jobs during their studies and after graduation.

  • Realize your artistic potential. Enroll in Penn Foster s Computer Graphic Artist Career Diploma Program and learn to use Adobe© Illustrator© software to create digital art. Your comprehensive lessons include color theory, computer graphics, elements of design, graphic design and production, and the home-based business. With Penn Foster, you train at home and at a pace that s right for you, and you can complete your program in as little as four months.

  • To determine the best online Graphic Design programs, we looked at the most important factors prospective students, mainly common predictors of future success and a school s commitment to online programs. This boils down to admissions rate, student loan default rate, retention rate, graduation rate, and the percent of students enrolled in online classes. All data points are taken from information provided by colleges and universities to the National Center for Education Statistics.

    Each factor is weighted evenly in order to give an objective view and determine the 4 best online Graphic Design programs. To calculate our rankings, we looked at a school s ranking when organized by a single factor, and then averaged each category s ranking to find an overall score: Admissions Rate (20%) + Default Rate (20%) + Retention Rate (20%) + Graduation Rate (20%) + Percent of Students Enrolled in Online Classes (20%) = Final score.

    Post navigation


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    Booking airline tickets with no lastname #lastminute #travel

    #book airline tickets

    Booking airline tickets with no lastname

    I wanted my mom to visit me here in the US. She applied for the passport and got one but with no last name. I noticed its significance when I was filling her application for the US visa as Last name was mandatory on the application. After checking the FAQ found that in such cases mention whatever name you have in SURNAME column and just print FNU (first name unknown) in the first name column. VISA will be printed as FNU,LastName.

    Now the visa was done and I was all excited to got ready to book the tickets. The airline websites too need the last name and also it mentions that the name on passport should exactly match the name on the ticket. What do I do now. Spent hours talking to agents, customer service of the Orbitz,Expedia,Cheaptickets,Lufthansa etc etc and everyone gives different information every time you call them. No precise answer. Asked my brother in India to better book the tickets in India via travel agent. He was charging 50$ more but he said he would just enter same name both in FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME fields. (Air India mentions this in its T C). After doing so much research and with no firm answer from anybody, I have booked the tickets having same FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME = Passports s Given name.

    I just hope that she does not run into any problems with airline/TSA or security.  If anyone had this problem. let me know what you did.

    Update. She was able to travel to the US with tickets having the same name both in First Name and Last Name fields. Did not face any hurdles anywhere during the travel. She transited Via Abu Dhabi and Paris.


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    International Factoring Association – International Factoring Association is a resource to



    Certification: The Certified Account Executive in Factoring (CAEF) designation is the first professional certification of its kind that recognizes professionalism within the Factoring Industry. Certification.

    Vendor/Attorney Directory: Find a Vendor or Attorney to assist you with your needs. The most comprehensive listing of vendors and attorneys serving the Factoring community. Vendor/Attorney Directory.

    Factor Search: This area is designed to let businesses that are seeking a factoring firm to e-mail specifics
    regarding their business to the factors. Find a Factor.

    Events: Learn about upcoming educational meetings, conference calls and our annual Factoring Conference.
    Find relevant courses and conferences for the Factoring Industry. Read more.

    IFA Magazine: The quarterly IFA Magazine, along with back issues will be posted here. IFA Members
    with an e-mail address will receive the quarterly Magazine. Read more.

    IFA Store: Factoring Software and Books from Factor Help, Dash Point and more. Find Factoring Articles,
    Forms, Books Reports. Purchase & download past IFA Conferences and Teleconferences. Shop now.

    Code of Ethics: This document outlines the goals and objectives that all members of the International
    Factoring Association must adhere to. Read more.


    Membership is open to all banks and finance companies that perform financing or factoring through the purchase of invoices or other types of accounts receivable. All members must adhere to the IFA’s Code of Ethics. To join the IFA, please download the membership application and submit it to the IFA via email at: or fax at: 805-773-0021

    IFA Profile Survey:

    The IFA conducts a biennial Business Profile Performance Survey of its members, which is conducted by an independent market research firm. The survey provides information about members, operations, client details, business development practices, human resources

    Upcoming Events

    Learn about upcoming educational meetings, conference calls and our annual Factoring Conference in the Spring of each year. Also included in this section are relevant courses and conferences for the Factoring Industry.


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    Israel Vacation Packages, Travel Israel with Holy Land Tours. #travel #checklist

    #travel to israel

    Israel Tours – Escorted Travel

    Escorted tours of Israel feature a professional English-speaking tour manager to handle all of your needs. Maximize comfort and value, while taking advantage of the camaraderie that comes with traveling as a group.

    Air & Land: $1349* Land Only: $729 1 Tel Aviv, 2 Tiberias, 3 Jerusalem Tour Type: Escorted Season: Jan – Mar ‘ 16

      9 Day Affordable Israel
      Air & Land: $1819* Land Only: $1179 4 Jerusalem, 2 Tiberias, 1 Tel Aviv Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’15 – Mar ’16
      9 Day Affordable Israel

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $1979* Land Only: $1149 4 Jerusalem, 2 Tiberias, 1 Tel Aviv Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’16 – Mar ’17

      9 Day Israel, A Journey for the Believer
      Air & Land: $2129* Land Only: $1349 1 Tel Aviv, 2 Tiberias, 4 Jerusalem Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’15 – Mar ’16
      9 Day Israel, A Journey for the Believer

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $2029* Land Only: $1199 1 Tel Aviv, 2 Tiberias, 4 Jerusalem Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’16 – Mar ’17

      10 Day Affordable Israel
      Air & Land: $1869* Land Only: $1199 4 Jerusalem, 2 Tiberias, 1 Tel Aviv Tour Type: Escorted Season: Sep ’15 – Mar ’16
      10 Day Affordable Israel

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $2029* Land Only: $1199 4 Jerusalem, 2 Tiberias, 1 Tel Aviv Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’16 – Mar ’17

      11 Day Classic Israel
      Air & Land: $2329* Land Only: $1649 4 Jerusalem, 1 Dead Sea, 2 Galilee, 2 Tel Aviv Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’15 – Mar ’16
      11 Day Classic Israel

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $2429* Land Only: $1549 4 Jerusalem, 1 Dead Sea, 2 Galilee, 2 Tel Aviv Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’16 – Mar ’17

      12 Day Israel, Ancient & Modern Culture
      Air & Land: $3199* Land Only: $2499 2 Tel Aviv, 1 Haifa, 2 Galilee, 1 Dead Sea, 4 Jerusalem Tour Type: Small Group Season: Aug ’15 – Jul ’16
      12 Day Israel, Ancient & Modern Culture

      Book By Mar 25, 2016 & Save!

      Air & Land: $3379* Land Only: $2449 2 Tel Aviv, 1 Haifa, 2 Galilee, 1 Dead Sea, 4 Jerusalem Tour Type: Small Group Season: Sep ’16 – Jun ’17

      13 Day Affordable Israel with Eilat
      Air & Land: $2429* Land Only: $1749 4 Jerusalem, 2 Tiberias, 3 Eilat, 2 Tel Aviv Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’15 – Mar ’16
      13 Day Affordable Israel with Eilat

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $2529* Land Only: $1699 4 Jerusalem, 2 Tiberias, 3 Eilat, 2 Tel Aviv Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’16 – Mar ’17

      14 Day Classic Israel & Jordan

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $3269* Land Only: $2349 4 Jerusalem, 2 Dead Sea, 2 Galilee, 1 Tel Aviv, 2 Petra, 1 Amman Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’16 – Mar ’17

      14 Day Affordable Israel & Jordan
      Air & Land: $2879* Land Only: $2199 4 Jerusalem, 2 Tiberias, 2 Amman, 2 Petra, 2 Dead Sea Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’15 – Mar ’16
      14 Day Affordable Israel & Jordan

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $3189* Land Only: $2299 4 Jerusalem, 2 Tiberias, 2 Amman, 2 Petra, 2 Dead Sea Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’16 – Mar ’17

      15 Day Classic Israel with Eilat
      Air & Land: $3029* Land Only: $2349 4 Jerusalem, 1 Dead Sea, 2 Galilee, 3 Tel Aviv, 3 Eilat Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’15 – Mar ’16
      15 Day Classic Israel with Eilat

      Book By Dec 18, 2015 & Save!

      Air & Land: $3029* Land Only: $2199 4 Jerusalem, 1 Dead Sea, 2 Galilee, 3 Tel Aviv, 3 Eilat Tour Type: Escorted Season: Apr ’16 – Mar ’17


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    International Holiday Tour Packages from India – Travel abroad with #cheap

    #international travel deals

    International Holidays

    A holiday in a foreign land is an everlasting memory. Who does not harbour the wish to visit a foreign land, get a chance to acquaint with the people, learn about their past, appreciate their culture and wonder at the natural and manmade creations. International holidays are no longer things to be dreamt about but to be embarked upon.

    We, at Yatra.com, bring you the best deals on standard as well as tailor-made tours, covering almost all parts of this planet, permitting you to actualise your dream of visiting any destination around the globe. Check out this city-wise organized directory to find the various associated international holiday packages and realise your long held dream of an international vacation.

    Everyone dreams to see the world and why not, it has so much to offer. There is always something that waits to be explored, whether it is the ultramodern cities of the US, golden sand dunes of the Sahara Desert or the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. If you have been thinking about going to a foreign land to learn and explore different cultures and landforms, then wait no longer.

    Yatra.com offers numerous standard and customised international tour packages that will surely suit you. Not just transfers, you are also provided with comfortable accommodation as well as guided sightseeing opportunities so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Whether planning a trip to Europe, Australia, Africa or the Americas, world tour packages from India will take you to the destination of your choice.

    A great thing about these international tour packages from India is that you can choose from different itineraries. Some last for a few days, and others well over 2 weeks; just pick the deal that suits you the best and embark on a journey which will give you everlasting memories. We have prepared a comprehensive directory for you, scroll through it and you will surely stumble upon the destination that has been tempting you for long.


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    The 10 Cheapest Places to Travel (with Pictures) #travel #to #thailand

    #travel for cheap

    The 10 Cheapest Places to Travel


    Sana a, this Middle Eastern country s capital city, enjoys the lowest cost of living in the world, according to Xpatulator. Comprised mostly of desert scenery, Yemen enjoys a hot climate and is bordered by the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. Eating out in restaurants, recreational activities and buying alcohol and tobacco are significantly cheaper than most other international destinations.


    One of Europe s cheaper destinations, Portugal is known for its Mediterranean climate, cheap food and the relaxed, unhurried manner of its locals. Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in the world for luxury accommodation; a five-star hotel room only costs around $150 per night. Lisbon is one of Europe s major airports, meaning it s straightforward to get to.

    Texas, United States

    While traveling to far-flung destinations may be an option if you re on a budget, you may prefer to stay closer to home and avoid long flights. Costs in Houston have recently been falling in comparison to other cities in the United States; the average cost of a meal in Houston is $32.50, which is more than $2.50 cheaper than the national average. Houston is also home to the biggest shopping mall in Texas, has thousands of acres of green space and the Houston CityPASS offers access to your choice of six Houston attractions for only $39, as of 2011.


    An emerging eastern European travel destination, travelers costs are much cheaper in Estonia than in some of the more established destinations in the region. Alcohol is very cheap too; a shot of Estonian vodka costs $1.75 and a bottle of local beer costs approximately $2.50. Capital city Tallinn is the 2011 European Capital of Culture and has numerous historical sites, museums and festivals for visitors to enjoy.


    Shanghai is a particularly cheap destination in China. Home to the World Expo in 2010, the city had $45 billion of work done to it in preparation. Now that the demand for hotel rooms has fallen after the Expo, there are a number of cheap offers available. Shanghai also offers a high-speed train service for travelers to visit other parts of the country.


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    London, Paris – Rome With Go Ahead Tours – Go Ahead

    #europe travel deals

    Specialty Tours

    Experience the world with all your senses, on tours that include market visits, wine tastings and cooking classes.

    Journey through sacred landmarks and iconic sites, learning about the history of the world while connecting with faith.

    Get up close to the stunning wildlife of the world while discovering untouched natural beauty at every turn.

    Take in the view from the deck of a ship, whether you’re cruising down the Yangtzee or around the Galápagos.

    Get to know a single city on tour and enjoy plenty of free time to add optional excursions or explore on your own.

    Set off across the endless plains of Africa, in search of the elusive Big Five: lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo.

    Celebrate local culture by visiting a destination at its most vibrant, during a special event or festive season.

    Explore your destination on foot, winding through hidden alleyways and traversing over paths worn from centuries of use.

    Enjoy the attention of your own dedicated Tour Director, pick your own date and even add a special excursion or inclusion.


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    Madrid, Spain – Travel to Madrid with CheapOair #kesineni #travels

    #travel to spain

    About Madrid

    Madrid Travel Guide & Information

    Madrid, the capital and largest city of Spain, has long been known for its exquisite art, music and epicurean delights; so much so, Madrid has become a cosmopolitan, modern urban center while preserving its traditions. Madrid is a lively city; activities and sightseeing are plentiful and readily available just about any time of the day.

    Madrid can be traced back to Arab Emir Mohamed I, who ordered the construction of a fortress on the left bank of the Manzanares River. Book flights to Madrid and visit a destination that represents that perfect harmony between old and new. The city possesses a modern infrastructure paired with a rich sense of history. Landmarks like, Royal Palace of Madrid; the Teatro Real with its restored 1850 Opera House; the Buen Retiro park, founded in 1631 and the grandiose 19th century National Library containing some of Spain’s historical archives and much more.

    Travel to Madrid, a city that boasts some of the liveliest nightlife in the world. From tapas bars to nightclubs, the nightlife in Madrid is exciting. While vacationing to this incredible destination, you’ll have much to do and see by day and night.

    Things to do in Madrid


    Madrid has a host of museums, which are the focal point of Madrid’s history in the arts and culture of Spain and Madrid.

    National Archeology Museum: The museum was founded in 1867 by a Royal Decree of Isabella II. Originally, it was created as a depository for numismatic, archaeological, ethnographical and decorative art collections compiled by the Spanish monarchs. The current collection includes, among others, Pre-historic, Celtic, Iberian, Greek and Roman antiquities and medieval objects.

    Museum of the Americas: The Museum of America in Madrid is a National museum that holds artistic, archaeological and ethnographic collections from the whole American continent, ranging from the Paleolithic period to present day.

    Museo del Prado: The Museo del Prado features one of the world’s finest collections of European art, from the 12th century to the early 19th century based on the former Spanish Royal Collection. Founded as a museum of paintings and sculpture, important collections of more than 5,000 drawings, 2,000 prints, 1,000 coins and medals, as well as almost 2,000 decorative objects and works of art can be enjoyed.

    Must See:

    Besides world class museums, Madrid has other sightseeing options to keep everyone entertained and during their vacation to this world class destination.

    Palacio Real: The palace is located on Bailen Street, in the Western part of downtown Madrid, East of the Manzanares River, and is accessible from the Opera metro station. The palace is partially open to the public, except when it is being used for official business. The palace also has the distinction of being the largest royal palace in Europe, with a combined area of over 135,000 m² and more than 2,800 rooms.

    El Retiro: El Retiro often described as the “Lungs of Madrid”, is the main park of the city of Madrid, a magnificent park, filled with beautiful sculptures and monuments, galleries, a peaceful lake and host to a variety of events, it is one of Madrid’s premier attractions. The park is entirely nestled amidst a bustling city. It’s a perfect place to rest on a sunny afternoon after sightseeing.

    La Transhumancia: La Transhumancia is one of Madrid’s popular attractions. Farmers in Madrid move their livestock between grazing areas. The sheep parade through the city of Madrid, this attracts a large crowd.

    Where to Stay in Madrid:

    Being a premier travel destination, Madrid offers full range of hotels varying from cheap hotels to 4-Star Hotels Under $99 to hostels, resorts, and Bed and Breakfast Inns.

    Retiro & Paseo del Prado: The area is filled with grand hotels located close to Madrid’s greatest attractions: the Prado Museum; the Thyssen-Bornesmiza Museum; the Reina Sofia Museum, the Botanical Gardens and Buen Retiro Park. You’ll find notable chains like, the Ritz Carlton, The Four Seasons and Hilton hotels, to name a few. It’s a perfect choice for travelers looking to stay at luxury hotels close to all the attractions.

    Plaza de las Cortes & Argüelles: The area offers select, budget hotels with a slightly quieter ambience as does the Arguelles area, just west of the Plaza Espana. A number of newer hotels away from the center, especially on the streets just off the Paseo de la Castellana, a particularly popular choice for business and leisure travelers.

    Passport & Visa Requirements

    * If you are traveling for any other purpose, you may need to obtain a visa.

    * Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay.

    * The 90-day period begins when you enter any of the Schengen group of countries.

    For Canadian Citizens:

    A tourist visa is not required for stays of less than 90 days within a 6-month period.

    * A Canadian passport is required for Canadians intending to visit the Madrid.

    * The passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the date of the expected departure from the country.

    This requirement applies to all travelers, regardless of age, including children.

    We strongly recommend that you check the latest travel alerts, various airlines baggage policies and travel safety tips, before planning your travel.

    * Kindly note that we take the utmost care in providing you with correct information at all times. However, the passport and visa regulations are subject to change and we strongly urge you to check the requirements directly with the US passport office and, or the Canadian Passport Office before traveling.

    When to visit Madrid

    Madrid has a lovely climate, attracting scores of visitors throughout the year. The most popular times to visit are spring and fall.

    The weather during spring and fall is perfect for outdoor activities, such as outdoor sightseeing. Summers are hot and many places close for the holidays and in August and September. Temperatures and prices are lower in the winter, when fewer people visit.

    Planning your Visit

    High season: (March to May, September to November)

    Low season: (July to August, December to February)

    Madrid Weather

    The climate in Madrid is dry, warm and pleasant. It’s high altitude and proximity to the mountains causes some variations in temperature during the winter and summer months.

    * Summer tends to be hot with temperatures that consistently surpass 30 °C in July and rarely reach 40 °C.

    * Precipitation levels are low, but precipitation can be observed throughout the year. Summer and winter are the driest seasons, with most rainfall occurring in the autumn and spring.

    Currency and Language:


    The currency used in Madrid is the Euro or €.

    Money can be exchanged at any bank, and at most travel agencies, major hotels and airports.


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    Montego Bay, Jamaica – Travel to Montego Bay with CheapOair #european

    #travel to jamaica

    About Montego Bay

    Montego Bay Travel Guide & Information

    Montego Bay is the capital of St. James Parish and the second largest city in Jamaica. The premier tourist destination has long been known for its duty free shopping, cruise line terminals and the sheltered Doctor’s Cave beach; with clear turquoise waters. In fact, it’s one of the most famous beaches on the island. Montego Bay is the gateway to lots of tourist activity on the north coast. The city is located on the bay with mountains rising in the background.

    Travel to Montego Bay, a city that offers lots of shopping, dining, sightseeing, and the beaches are lined with all-inclusive resorts. Flights to Montego Bay are your passport to a cosmopolitan vacation, offering a wide choice of amenities. Due in part to its location on the island’s north shore, Montego Bay has earned the title as the “Tourist Capital of Jamaica.” Montego Bay has miles of shoreline filled with coral reefs and aquamarine blue lagoons. All of this beauty has a backdrop of the green hills masked in sugar cane, banana palms and lush tropical vegetation.

    The beaches in the area are picture postcard perfect. Visitors can choose from a variety of activities, from bird watching, to music festivals, golfing, riding a river on a bamboo raft, sailing, swimming and much more. Montego Bay is a world class destination for family vacations, romantic travelers, students, seniors and adventure travelers. Montego Bay has something for everyone.

    Things to do in Montego Bay


    A vacation to Montego Bay must to include visiting at least one of the museums highlighting the city’s past.

    Blue Hole Museum: is an 18th century estate and former sugar mill with a Great House and boiling house, among other things. The property has much history and offers insight into some of the island’s history. The museum’s exhibits also include a reconstruction of an Arawak village and a mini-zoo.

    Montego Bay Museum: is a fairly new attraction located in Sam Sharpe Square. The exhibits highlight the rich history of the island; particularly those who helped build and cultivate Montego Bay. The museum specifically focuses on what has driven Montego Bay’s economy for over a hundred years.

    Prominent Attractions:

    Besides museums, Montego Bay has several other attractions that deem the city a world class tourist destination.

    Doctor’s Cave Beach: has been one of the most famous beaches in Jamaica for nearly a century. The beach is known for its crystal clear turquoise waters and nearly white sand. Its sheltered location provides calm waters, encouraging even the most hesitant swimmers to practice safely; fringed by trees with numerous facilities: bars, restaurants, well appointed changing rooms & showers and more.

    Montego Bay Marine Park: is a large area of sea and shore located adjacent to the city of Montego Bay, designed to protect some of Jamaica’s best coral reefs and marine life. This is Jamaica’s first national park and the very idea of it being completely underwater makes it an even more fascinating excursion.

    Bob Marley Experience & Theatre: Known as the “Bob Marley Experience”, the center carries an enormous collection of Bob Marley t-shirts, music, gifts and souvenir items. Considered the largest in the world, the experience gives travelers an opportunity to discover the legend and spirit of Bob Marley. Visitors can watch a film on the life and work of Bob Marley on the big screen at the air-conditioned theater.

    Where to Stay in Montego Bay:

    Montego Bay has cheap hotels, 4-Star Hotels Under $99, spas and resorts, beach hotels and quaint inns.

    Gloucester Avenue: Gloucester Avenue is a trendy section of Montego Bay with art galleries, cafes and shops. The area is lined with tourist attractions, hotels, shops and restaurants; it is an ideal place to take a leisurely stroll.

    Sam Sharpe Square: The Square is one of the busiest sections of the town, as it forms the intersection of two major streets: Market Street and St. James Street. The area is a cobblestone square in Montego Bay and is filled with some great hotels to suit every travelers taste and budget. One can also find some renowned hotel chains in this area.

    Passport & Visa Requirements

    For US Citizens:

    As per the latest travel information available to Montego Bay, here are the following passport and visa guidelines to assist you further.

    * All U.S. citizens must have a valid U.S. passport for all air travel, including to and from Montego Bay.

    * Visitors to Jamaica may be asked to show onward/return tickets, proof of sufficient funds and proof of lodging accommodations for their stay.

    * Visit the Embassy of Jamaica website for the most current information about Jamaican visas for Americans.

    For Canadian Citizens:

    * A Canadian passport is required for Canadians intending to visit the Jamaica.

    * The passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the date of the expected departure from the country.

    * Canadians must also have proof of sufficient funds in order to buy a return airline ticket.

    This requirement applies to all travelers, regardless of age, including children.

    We recommend that you check the latest travel alerts, various airlines baggage policies and travel safety tips, so that you do not miss out on any of the fun while visiting Montego.

    *Kindly note that we take the utmost care in providing you with correct information at all times. However, the passport and visa regulations are subject to change and we strongly urge you to check the requirements directly with the US passport office and, or the Canadian Passport Office before traveling.

    When to visit Montego Bay

    Beautiful beaches, year round festivities and great weather, Montego Bay is an ideal travel destination all year. However, the best time to travel to Montego Bay is during mid-December to mid-April, when the city hosts several world-class festivals, like Air Jamaica’s Jazz and Blues Festival in January.

    Budget travelers can also choose to travel during the off season of May to November when visitors will find considerable discounts on flights and hotels.

    Planning your Visit:

    High season: (Mid-December to Mid April)

    Low season: (May to November)

    Montego Bay Weather

    Montego Bay lies on the northwest coast of Jamaica, on the Caribbean Sea and has a tropical climate, with the year divided into a rainy season and a dry season.

    * There is very little range in temperatures throughout the year, though on average the hottest months of the year are July and August.

    * Due to its location, Montego Bay experiences slightly more rainfall than the south coast, though the rainy season is from May through until October, with September and October generally being the wettest months.

    Currency and Language:


    The official currency of Montego Bay is the Jamaican Dollar or JMD

    The US Dollar is widely accepted and can be exchanged in banks. Be sure to let your bank know your dates of travel and find out what the cost is for cash withdraws.


    * The official language of Jamaica is English.


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    CRM Solution Comparison #crm #in #business, #crm #in #marketing, #crm #for


    Written By: Cliff Ford on November 17, 2013 No Comment

    STEP ONE in any CRM Evaluation is to gather a checklist of CRM Requirements If you aren t careful, the process of gathering requirements becomes tactical and not strategic. Obviously every feature costs money. So it pays off to initially determine what you are trying to accomplish as a business. CRM is not just Sales and [. ]

    Written By: Cliff Ford on October 16, 2013 800 Comments

    STEP TWO of every CRM Evaluation is to select the right CRM implementation partner. We won t bore you with the obvious details of due diligence. Instead, we offer a few tricks of the trade that will hopefully divide the sheep from the goats. CRM Due Diligence within your CRM Implementation First, check out the [. ]

    Written By: Cliff Ford on September 15, 2013 700 Comments

    STEP THREE of a successful CRM implementation is to select the appropriate deployment model. The Trend is toward CRM in the Cloud It is clear that the global CRM market is becoming more and more focused on Cloud CRM, aka On-line CRM. In 2010 Cloud Computing became the number one CRM trend. Salesforce.com has been [. ]

    Written By: Cliff Ford on August 14, 2013 1,482 Comments

    STEP FOUR in a successful CRM project is to select the proper CRM software system. CRM Pricing and costs At the end of the day, it usually comes down to price. So why not start with this obvious point. Be careful though with the free versions, because over time you will surely want to [. ]

    Written By: Cliff Ford on December 11, 2012 No Comment

    STEP FIVE in a successful CRM project strategy is having an adoption-oriented CRM Implementation. User Adoption: The Key Ingredient in CRM Project Implementations Keystone Strategy penned an excellent paper on the value of end-user productivity and usability in ERP software implementations. They note that an AMR Research study has shown that merely 15% of employees are [. ]

    Written By: Cliff Ford on September 13, 2015 No Comment

    When it comes to business marketing it has become much more complex over the last few years. How do you stand out in a crowd? Simple: by selling your service in a non evasive way. In order to do that you need to find tools that help you.

    Written By: Cliff Ford on December 11, 2013 No Comment

    In this blog we review and compare SugarCRM Community Edition (free) vs Professional Edition (paid). We include a video and discuss the features and differences.

    Are you a user of SugarCRM Community (free) Edition? Then you may be wondering if you should upgrade to the Professional Edition. Our partners, Accent Gold Solutions, created this video comparison to help our readers distinguish between the Community Edition (free) and the Professional Edition (paid) of SugarCRM.

    We cover Sales, Marketing, Support, Reporting, Database Structure and more topics in detail.

    Written By: Cliff Ford on November 17, 2013 No Comment

    STEP ONE in any CRM Evaluation is to gather a checklist of CRM Requirements If you aren t careful, the process of gathering requirements becomes tactical and not strategic. Obviously every feature costs money. So it pays off to initially determine what you are trying to accomplish as a business. CRM is not just Sales and [. ]

    Written By: Cliff Ford on October 16, 2013 800 Comments

    STEP TWO of every CRM Evaluation is to select the right CRM implementation partner. We won t bore you with the obvious details of due diligence. Instead, we offer a few tricks of the trade that will hopefully divide the sheep from the goats. CRM Due Diligence within your CRM Implementation First, check out the [. ]

    Written By: Cliff Ford on September 15, 2013 700 Comments

    STEP THREE of a successful CRM implementation is to select the appropriate deployment model. The Trend is toward CRM in the Cloud It is clear that the global CRM market is becoming more and more focused on Cloud CRM, aka On-line CRM. In 2010 Cloud Computing became the number one CRM trend. Salesforce.com has been [. ]


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    Expression Factoring Calculator #factoring #calculator #with #steps


    Expression Factoring Calculator

    Quick-Start Guide

    When you enter an expression into the calculator, the calculator will simplify the expression by expanding multiplication and combining like terms. At this point the calculator will attempt to factor the expression by dividing a GCF, and identifying a difference between two squares, or factorable trinomials. Use the following rules to enter expressions into the calculator.


    Any lowercase letter may be used as a variable.


    Exponents are supported on variables using the ^ (caret) symbol. For example, to express x 2. enter x^2. Note: exponents must be positive integers, no negatives, decimals, or variables. Exponents may not be placed on numbers, brackets, or parentheses.

    Parentheses and Brackets

    Parentheses ( ) and brackets [ ] may be used to group terms as in a standard expression.

    Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction

    For addition and subtraction, use the standard + and – symbols respectively. For multiplication, use the * symbol. A * symbol is optional when multiplying a number by a variable. For instance: 2 * x can also be entered as 2x. Similarly, 2 * (x + 5) can also be entered as 2(x + 5); 2x * (5) can be entered as 2x(5). The * is also optional when multiplying parentheses, example: (x + 1)(x – 1).

    Order of Operations

    The calculator follows the standard order of operations taught by most algebra books – Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, Addition and Subtraction. The only exception is that division is not supported; attempts to use the / symbol will result in an error.

    Division, Square Root, Radicals, Fractions

    Division, square root, radicals, and fractions are not supported.


    Looking for someone to help you with algebra? At Wyzant, connect with algebra tutors and math tutors nearby. Prefer to meet online? Find online algebra tutors or online math tutors in a couple of clicks.

    Sign up for free to access more Algebra resources like. Wyzant Resources features blogs, videos, lessons, and more about Algebra and over 250 other subjects. Stop struggling and start learning today with thousands of free resources!


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    Sell Timeshare. Selling Timeshares with Travel – Leisure Group. Sell My

    #travel and leisure

    Selling Timeshare

    Sell your timeshare properties through a world network  Travel Leisure Group s aim is to sell your timeshare quickly, at the best possible price.

    Call 0800 071 1372 (free from the UK)

    or +44 1787 881111 (from abroad)

    Developing the most successful methods of selling timeshare property

    People ask How do I sell my timeshare The key to success is presenting the concept in a professional manner to as many potential clients as possible.

    With a budget of over £200,000, we can now be seen throughout the day, by millions of people around the world on ITV, Channel 4, top Sky channels such as Sky News, Discovery Living, Discovery Real Time and The Travel Channel.

    Having worked for a number of years in the timeshare industry, at Travel Leisure Group we have developed one of the most successful methods of selling timeshare.

    How we work for you

    • At Travel and Leisure, we register your timeshare absolutely free of charge .
    • We do however offer additional advertising options as we find maximum exposure is the best way to sell your timeshare.
    • Advertising with Travel and Leisure gives you your own web page. with your own personalised description and photographs. Click here to see how we operate and our additional guarantees
    • Placing your timeshare advert in front of as many people as possible in a professional manner is the perfect way to attract potential buyers.
    • We invest considerable money in advertising campaigns to raise our profile and grow our reputation as the true timeshare selling network which, in turn, heightens exposure for our clients.
    • We strictly follow the European Union Directive on Timeshare and the UK Timeshare Act of 1992; offering buyers and sellers complete protection .
    • We have our own legal department who will take care of full legal transfers in a stress-free manner.
    • Clients monies are deposited into an ESCROW account, administered by an independent lawyer or Barclays Bank.
    • The agreed selling price is net to you  there are no deductions   buyers pay the legal costs and our commission.

    Our brand

    Our brand comes highly recommended by resorts such as Diamond Resorts, Macdonalds, Club La Costa, Heritage and many, many others.

    The Travel Leisure Group brand has become synonymous with timeshare, where the potent combination of UK national press, online and TV advertising and a network of international offices has led to our website attracting millions of potential customers. It is this unique blend which makes us one of the most effective places to market and sell your timeshares and realise the best price for your property.

    • Along with high-profile advertising mediums such as the Daily and Weekend Telegraph, Daily and Sunday Mail and Daily Express, we also place adverts with more specialised publications such as Easyjet, Monarch, Medlife (British Airways) and Voyager (British Midland) in-flight magazines.
    • We re easily found online with over 15 website domains totalling over 150,000 indexed pages in all major search engines.
    • Around 2,000,000 unique visitors each month  how s that for advertising coverage?
    • Thousands of pounds spent on Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising per year.
    • We re also the largest corporate timeshare reseller on eBay.


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    Thailand Discount Hotel Rates – Online Hotel Reservation with Great Offers

    #cheapest hotel prices

    Thailand Hotels Resorts Special Discount Rates

    Are you seeking for hot deals on your up-coming holiday in Thailand? Then HotelThailand is the right choice for you. Here, we gather popular hotels and resorts that offer great price. You can find up to 80% discount from hotels’ walk-in rate. Book with HotelThailand.com and enjoy huge saving on hotels and resorts in Bangkok, Phuket, Samui, Pattaya and more.

    Why book with HotelThailand’s Discount Hotel Rates?

    • Cheap Our discount hotel rates can be up to 80% lower than walk-in rate.
    • Quick With our Instant Confirmation system, you can check room availabliity and make online reservation round the clock, making your holiday arrangement experience convenient and stress-free.
    • Secure Site Our secure server encrypts all of your personal information (including name, address, credit card number and travel itinerary) so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

    Hotels in Bangkok with Special Discount Rates

    Hot Deal Room Only with 60% OFF


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    The Real Deal with Amazon Travel #delgado #travel

    #travel deal

    Blog Post

    Travel News

    If you’ve heard the rumors about Amazon’s new travel site. you’re not alone. Buzz is big surrounding the e-commerce company’s aggressive appeals to hotels across the nation. But Amazon’s plan isn’t to compete with TripAdvisor or Expedia. Instead, the changes are a part of a massive build-out of the burgeoning Amazon Local .

    Whispers about Amazon Travel arose when the group began to more forcefully approach hotels for exclusive offers and partnerships. While this is true, the end-goal is not an Amazon-powered hotel booking site.

    “We’re not launching a travel site ,” said representative Tom Cook.  ”All the work that’s being done [is with] Amazon Local. We’re continuing to curate…great hotel deals and pricing.”

    You’re not alone if you’re unfamiliar with Amazon Local. The marketplace has been quietly building its arsenal of services and Groupon-like deals for those interested in tapping into their neighborhood markets. Just the other day, Amazon Local launched a food delivery operation with the potential to rival Seamless and GrubHub: hundreds of restaurants are already onboard.

    The travel component of Amazon Local is simply a microcosm of the project at large.

    “The focus for the travel section…is to [provide] more getaway hotel locations [around] the major metros.” Cook explained further.

    Great hotel deals—some just a three-hour drive from cities including Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles—are being offered for those seeking an easy, quick getaway.

    By offering daily deals and discounted rates, Amazon Local is encouraging people to explore top finds in and around their home cities. New Yorkers, for example, can take advantage of The Pitcher Inn. a Relais Chateaux property near Sugarbush we love, with enormous savings through Amazon Local.

    If you’re planning a major international vacation, Amazon Local won’t be much help. But if you’re inspired to hop in the car and get out of town for a night or two, it’s worth browsing the listings to find a hot deal just a stone’s throw from your neighborhood.


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    Traveling to Thailand with Pets: Travelfish Thailand travel forum #tasmania #travel

    #travel to thailand

    Traveling to Thailand with Pets

    Joined Travelfish

    8th November, 2013

    Posts: 5

    Hi Everyone,

    We moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand about 8 months ago. We had an awfully hard time getting straight answers about shipping our cat to Thailand. We decided to write an in depth post that should prove helpful for anyone that wants a one stop place to prepare themselves and their pet for airline travel.

    Make sure you try to lock down a solid travel date 2 months in advance to allow you time to take care of all of the required tasks.

    We link to official forms, include important contact info, required exams, vaccinations, and preferred airlines, as well as pet friendly hotels. Hopefully this helps prospective expats out there. If you have any questions at all post here or comment on the post and we will be more than happy to help. We have been there before and know what you are going through! Best of luck


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    Vacations with American Express Travel #travel #sweepstakes

    #book travel

    American Express Travel

    A world of reasons to book with American Express

    Earn 1 additional Membership Rewards ® point for every $1 you charge to your eligible Card on eligible ± hotels or car rentals.*

    * Conditions Apply

    Terms and Conditions

      Featured Hotels Terms and Conditions

    All featured hotel prices and availability are accurate at the time first displayed on the American Express Travel website. While every effort is taken to ensure hotel inventory remains accurate, prices and availability may change at any time, and are dependent on third party inventory. Hotel pricing and availability are not guaranteed until the receipt of your booking confirmation email. Bookings subject to availability and respective cancellation policies of the hotel provider. You can view the hotel’s cancellation policy when you review your itinerary prior to check-out. All bookings subject to the American Express Online Travel website terms and conditions. Rules, restrictions and blackout dates may apply.

    American Express Terms & Conditions

    TM, : Used by Amex Bank of Canada under license from American Express.

    Additional Membership Rewards point Offer

    Basic Cardmembers enrolled in the American Express Membership Rewards® Program that book travel through the American Express Travel website will earn one additional bonus Membership Rewards point for every dollar charged to their eligible card for hotel and car rental bookings (less credits and adjustments) where American Express Travel (not the hotel or car rental company) is the merchant. The number of bonus Membership Rewards points is calculated by multiplying each eligible transaction by one subject to rounding. Terms and Conditions of the Membership Rewards Program apply.

    Eligible Cards include: The American Express Card, American Express Gold Rewards Card, Platinum Card . Centurion Card. Choice Card from American Express TM. ChoicePlus Card from American Express TM. Business Platinum Card TM from American Express, American Express Business Gold Rewards Card, American Express Corporate Card, American Express Corporate Gold Card, American Express Corporate Platinum Card, and the Platinum Credit Card.

    Hotel bookings under the FINE HOTELS & RESORTS or The Hotel Collection programs are not eligible for this Bonus Membership Rewards points offer.

    In order to redeem points for any travel booking, the Membership Rewards Program account must be active and the Card must be in good standing.

    Bookings are also subject to American Express Travel Terms and Conditions. To view these please visit americanexpress.ca/termsandconditions


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    Visitors Insurance Reviews. Buy visitors insurance with confidence for your relatives

    #travel insurance reviews

    You must enable java-script to continue.

    Hey guys. My husband and I are half way there. We recently got his EAD and SS card so I figured I would share our experiences thus far. Please ask us any questions you want because reading this site was a HUGE help for us.

    8/29/2015 – Mailed our AOS Packet to the Chicago Lockbox for packages requiring a signature

    8/31/2015 – USPS tracking confirmed Delivery in hindsight I wouldn t of paid extra for faster mailing

    9/8/2015 – Email confirmation of package receipt

    9/14/15 – Received paper receipts by mail. Priority date Sept. 1st.

    9/18/15 – Received Biometrics appointment notification by mail. Date 9/28

    9/21/15 – Completed Biometrics Walk In appointment at the Jamaica, Queens Application Support Center. Came at 1:30pm and the place was pretty empty. Security guard was firm but didn t give us any real problem. He had to check with his supervisor to let us go.

    For a month we received no news and no updates. We called USCIS and they said that was completely normal not to have any updates in this period and for us to expect the EAD w/i 75 days of our priority date.

    10/30/2015 – EAD/ Advanced Parole approved!

    11/4/2015 Online update EAD mailed

    11/7/2015 – Received EAD in the mail

    11/9/2015 – Brought EAD card and Passport to Social Security office in Mineola, NY to apply for SS card Free

    11/18/2015 – Received Social Security Card in the mail

    11/19/2015 – Took EAD card, Social Security Card, Passport and Bank Cards to DMV to apply for learner s permit. Approved.

    Big things we worried about and what we did.

    My husband came to the US on a B1/2 visa and he overstayed by 10 years. During that time he did work without authorization, got a Tax Identification number and filed taxes 2 of those years, and actually received a return. haha. On the forms we were truthful and did admit that he worked and did put down where he worked. So far so good and we haven t had any problems. We havent had our interview yet.


    Form I-130 – Petition for Alien Relative

    o Attach copy of petitioner s passport me, the wife

    o Attach copy of marriage certificate

    o Attach 1 passport photo of beneficiary and 1 passport photo of petitioner, write the name in PENCIL on back of photos and place each in a separate sandwich bag. I wrote in black marker the name of the person and what form picture belonged to on the sandwich bag.

    o Attach Form G325A for Beneficiary and Form G325A for Petitioner. G325A.A.A.A.A. make sure it ends in A :

    o Submit proof of bona fide marriage

    We submitted APARTMENT LEASE and I made sure my landlord added my husband to the lease although she was only given financial information about myself. Be firm and just tell them its important. you don t have to explain yourself. Most will comply.

    – Photocopy of health insurance card which had my husbands name on it.

    -Photocopy of credit cards that had my husbands name on it. Discovercard and JCpenney will send you a second card if you add them as an authorized user. So on the same paper we copied my husbands card and my card which had the same number on it.

    – Photocopy of joint bank statement which showed both of our names and address. Wells Fargo will open a bank account for someone without a SSN. I made sure to make deposits in his account from my bank account and pay some of our bills from his account to show a paper trail.

    – Photocopy of about 30 pictures of us together in different situations wedding, pictures of him and my mom, pictures of us doing a backyard project, pictures of him and my best friend. if you don t have a lot of pictures just start taking pictures randomly together and write a short blurb describing the pictures.

    – Place all supporting documents in a manilla envelope and label Proof of Bona Fide Marriage. Put in i-130 folder

    FOLDER 2

    Form I-864 – Affidavit of support under section 213A – Make sure to include a photocopy of your ENTIRE tax return for most recent two years INCLUDING all of your W-2 or 1090 s. Since my salary changed drastically from last year to the current year I also included copies of my last 6 months pay stubs.

    FOLDER 3

    Form I-485 – Adjustment of Status

    o Medical examination report must be included in i-485

    o Attach copy of birth certificate

    o 2 passport size photos of the beneficiary. Follow the same instructions for the previous photos.

    o Attach a copy of i-94, passport with all biographical data pages and visa pages copied.

    Attach copy of marriage certificate which is the basis of the i-485

    Form G-1145 e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance. Put this form as the first page in the i-485 folder.

    Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization no additional fee if filed together

    Form – 131 Advanced Parole

    Include 2 passport style photos of the Beneficiary. label and place in baggy as before

    Form I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record separate fee paid to the civil surgeon. We paid around $130

    For the medical examination. Look up all the age appropriate vaccinations that you will need. And then go to a free clinic or community sponsored clinic if you don t have insurance and get all those vaccinations or ask for a TITERS test which will prove that you already received those vaccinations and are immune. If your childhood copy is available bring it. Ask for a printed copy of the lab reports and vaccination record of all vaccinations you get. A copy of the report should be free or minimal cost. Dont say that you need the vaccinations for immigration purposes because insurance and free clinics are not allowed to provide that service just for immigration. Bring all of these records to your medical examination appointment because if you do not have these records they WILL CHARGE YOU EXTRA to do these test. A LOT EXTRA. I recommend starting the vaccination record process about 3 months before you plan to file.

    Good luck guys. We are from Long Island so our interview probably won t be for a few months. Will update you about our interview.


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    Gurwin Jewish- Fay J #gurwin #rehab, #gurwin #jewish #fay #j #lindner


    Gurwin Jewish- Fay J. Lindner Residences – Commack, NY

    From the Office

    Gurwin Jewish provides a menu of options all on one campus. Gurwin pride shines through in all we do.

    Assisted Living by Gurwin: At Gurwin Jewish

    Fay J. Lindner Residences, you can have it all: the ultimate in luxurious assisted living in an environment that embraces the traditions of Jewish heritage. Celebrate with us in our beautiful, on-site synagogue, where we hold religious services and observe all holidays. A secured unit for memory impairment is available.

    Additional amenities include an elegant private dining room, where you can entertain family and friends in grace and style; luxurious town car takes you to local physician appointments;24-hour security monitoring; emergency response call system; movie theatre; spa suites; and complimentary membership to the adjacent Suffolk Y-JCC,with full use of facilities including Olympic-size swimming pool, indoor fitness track and theatre.

    Short-Term Rehabilitation and Long-Term Care by Gurwin: The Lindner Residences shares a 47-acre campus with Gurwin Jewish Nursing Rehabilitation Center, a 460-bed premier provider of excellence in patient care. An 80-bed subacute rehab program offers daily intensive PT, OT and Speech therapy. The Rehab Center stands out with a full complement of physicians on staff, on-site hemodialysis, a state-of-the-art ventilator dependent unit and hospice care. Gurwin is distinguished by its clinical excellence and commitment to quality of life.

    Home Care by Gurwin: Gurwin provides nurses, aides, therapists and social workers directly in the patient’s home.

    Adult and Child Day Care by Gurwin: Gurwin’s medical model Adult Day Health Program provides services from Sunday through Friday. Door through door transportation services are arranged. On-site child care is available for staff’s children.

    • 4.5 stars – Excellent
    • Leslie Schertzman
      Verified by SeniorAdvisor.com

    The place is very carefully and successfully run with an attentive and caring staff who makes an effort to remember everyone’s name! It is a most compassionate environment. In general, it seems to have residents in the age group of 80-100’s. At lot of residents are somewhat physically disabled but extra effective services are available for this. Guests can sleep over if necessary and get meals as well.
    Overall, I think it’s a great place.

    Was this review helpful? Yes 0 No 0

    very good

    • 5.0 stars – Excellent
    • Gurwin Jewish- Fay J. Lindner Residences – Commack, NY Family
      Verified by SeniorAdvisor.com

    I do think they could have done a little more in terms of the activities. The major problem was that my mom felt it was too Jewish, but we can’t really fault them for that.

    She could not get used to being in a more regimented area like that. Now we have her living at home with an aid, but the decision to leave Gurwin had everything to do with my mom and nothing to do with Gurwin. They were very good.

    Was this review helpful? Yes 0 No 1

    There are many senior living options out there. Which one is right for your family?

    Our service is completely free.

    They were good.

    • 4.0 stars – Excellent
    • Wife
      Verified by SeniorAdvisor.com

    They have long term nursing here but we used the rehab services. They provided good care and were clean. They were not primarily for patients with dementia. In terms of the physical care and the staffing everyone was good. The place was good. They were maybe a little too big to give a patient who needed extra care the attention that would take and when my husband was there I would be there six or eight hours a day. He was just beside himself when I would leave.

    Was this review helpful? Yes 0 No 0

    I liked it

    • 5.0 stars – Excellent
    • Gurwin Jewish- Fay J. Lindner Residences – Commack, NY Visitor
      Verified by SeniorAdvisor.com

    Unlock Reviews, Prices, and Ratings.

    Gurwin is a nice facility, especially if you are Jewish. Plenty of activities and I saw that the residents were generally happy. The price is the going rate in my area. Nursing home is next door if and when needed.

    Was this review helpful? Yes 0 No 0

    4 Reviews on Gurwin Jewish- Fay J. Lindner Residences – Commack, NY

    Thank you for requesting senior living
    information from SeniorAdvisor.com


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    2017: The Year That Data and Analytics Go Mainstream – Smarter


    2017: The Year That Data and Analytics Go Mainstream

    To support a ‘data and analytics everywhere’ world, IT professionals need to create a new end-to-end architecture built for agility, scale and experimentation. Today, disciplines are merging and approaches to data and analytics are becoming more holistic and encompassing the entire business.

    Forward-thinking organizations are already on this path. The value created will leave less-prepared competitors trailing in their wake in everything from customer analytics to data monetization to operations planning and more.

    Shifting the way organization uses data and analytics more toward driving business operations requires a new approach to data architectures

    Ted Friedman, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner cites three key trends that will drive this profound change in the use of data and analytics:

    • Data and analytics will drive modern business operations, and not simply reflect their performance.
    • Organizations will take a holistic approach to data and analytics. Businesses will create end-to-end architectures that will allow for data management and analytics from the core to the edge of the organization.
    • Executives will make data and analytics part of the business strategy, which will allow data and analytics professionals to assume new roles and create business growth.

    Shifting the way organization uses data and analytics more toward driving business operations requires a new approach to data architectures, which many organizations are already building. Last year Gartner research found that 45% of IT professionals had indicated that new data and analytics projects were in the “design” and “select” phases.

    However, existing data architectures are in most cases not ready for the future of data and analytics. Digital business requires architectures that are purpose-built and flexible to adapt to an organization that expands its data and experiments with it. The rapid scalability of cloud computing infrastructure can make this possible. It’s no longer a question of “if” for using cloud for data and analytics, it’s “how.”

    Key Recommendations

    Gartner recommends data and analytics leaders work proactively to spread analytics throughout their organisation, to get the largest possible benefit from enabling data to drive business actions. This means that analytic capabilities need to be embedded widely: at the points where user interactions and processes are taking place.

    Data and analytics professionals also need to embrace the new roles created by this increased demand, and develop both technical and professional skills that support the end-to-end architecture vision. They can act as vanguards, expanding proven skills and techniques into new business units and areas in the organization.

    As data and analytics become more widely adopted than ever before, the potential for business growth is truly exponential rather than just cumulative. Those who fail to act today will suffer not just in 2017, but also hugely limit their potential for growth in 2018 and beyond, as the returns from increased insight, responsiveness and efficiency snowball.

    Get Smarter

    Gartner Data Analytics Summits
    Gartner analysts will provide additional analysis on data and analytics leadership trends at the Gartner Data Analytics Summits, taking place February 20-21 in Sydney. March 6-9 in Grapevine, Texas. March 20-22 in London. March 23-24 in Tokyo. June 6-7 in Mumbai and June 20-21 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Follow news and updates from the events on Twitter using #GartnerDA .

    Additional Resources

    Read Complimentary Relevant Research

    Data and Analytics Programs Primer for 2017

    The convergence of data and analytics is driving business value and changing decision-making processes enterprisewide. Data and analytics.

    View Relevant Webinars

    Align Marketing & Customer Experience to Build Loyal Advocates

    EDT: 10:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. | PDT: 7:00 a.m. & 10:00 a.m. | GMT: 14:00 & 17:00 Great customer experience design demands data-driven.


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    Need help with drug addiction #need #help #with #drug #addiction


    In this cutting edge publication, a professional substance abuse counsellor talks directly to young people about effects of alcohol and drug use and addresses contemporary trends in youth substance use.

    This outstanding resource is acclaimed by teachers, police services and mental health and addiction counsellors as an effective teaching tool.

    By sponsoring a classroom set of the magazine you are making it possible to put this valuable resource into your community, where educators and young people will receive it for free. You re directly supporting the professionals who work closely with youth in assisting them in making healthy choices.

    Adolescents who are smokers are twice as likely as non-smoking adolescents to suffer from an episode of major depression, and teens with long-term depression are more likely to be smokers than teens without depression.

    Marijuana contains many of the same chemicals found in tobacco smoke. People who smoke marijuana over a long period of time often develop the same breathing problems as smokers do.

    When an energy drink is consumed along with alcohol, the high levels of caffeine in these drinks can boost heart rate and blood pressure.

    Cocaine taken over time and in large doses can cause aggressive, hostile, erratic behaviour, hallucinations, rapid and irregular heartbeat, increased paranoia, impotence and depression.

    Inhalants can lead to brain damage, organ damage or death cause by choking, damage brain cells beyond repair and can lead to permanent abnormalities in thinking, learning and memory.

    Using bath salts can increase the risk of heart attack, kidney failure, liver failure and suicide.

    Doctors say that smoking alcohol increases its addictive qualities, which means that people who repeatedly use alcohol this way will experience powerful cravings and will require higher volume to get the same high.

    Kids who know the facts on drugs make healthier choices

    Involve Your Business!

    By sponsoring a classroom set you are bringing this invaluable and acclaimed resource directly to the kids who need it most free of charge. Make no mistake about it, without the participation of the local business community, this outstanding magazine geared to help kids stay off drugs would not be available to the schools, police services and many counselling agencies who see these kids directly.

    The parents of these children, fearful that their kids are either thinking about trying drugs or already have, want and need this invaluable resource to assist them. By sponsoring a classroom set you are telling the community that YOU CARE.

    Play a part in
    keeping our schools
    and streets drug aware.

    About Us

    At Drugs and Addiction Magazine, we are a small dedicated group of people who really believe in what we are doing. The principal author of this cutting edge resource for young people has written a magazine that really connects with teenagers at a time in their lives when they are most susceptible to drug use; she herself is an Addictions and Mental Health clinician. You will also find articles written by other professionals in the field dealing with crucial issues facing teens and their parents, and providing a unique magazine that deals effectively with one of society s most troubling concerns.

    Our Author Elana Sures

    Elana Sures is a Clinical Counsellor within a Public Health Authority. She has worked in the field of Addictions and Mental Health for over ten years, with youth, adults, and families. She has a Master s Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. In addition to counselling, Elana has made frequent public presentations and lectures in the areas of substance abuse and mental health. She lives and works in Vancouver, BC. To connect directly with Elana, please Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

    Contact Drugs and Addiction Magazine

    Online Ordering:

    Local Resources




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    Emergency Air Travel and Bereavement Airfares, compassionate airline ticket with #travel

    #flight for cheap

    Book Cheap Flights & Save BIG!

    Bereavement Fares

    Unfortunately, there are times of emergency when you have to fly to see a terminally ill relative or to attend a family funeral. At times of grief and bereavement like these the last thing you want to have to deal with is finding discount airfares for your travel. Because most of these events are unexpected it is almost impossible to plan ahead for them. In order to help individuals who qualify as bereavement travelers, many airlines and agencies offer special bereavement fares help in a time of suffering. This fare is most commonly called a bereavement fare, but some companies call it a compassionate fare or illness fare. Here are Eros Tour and Travel we offer a special bereavement fare for those traveling to attend a funeral or to see a terminally ill relative.

    Most people do not ever have to inquire about a bereavement fare, which means that most people know very little about it. We are here to help you, so here are some things that you should know about bereavement fares.

    Bereavement fares are typically discounted off of a full fare or unrestricted fare. Bereavement discounts are almost never offered off of a sale or other special offer fare. It may be that a special offer sale fare may be lower than the advertised bereavement fare, so be sure to compare the two. The problem with special sale prices is that they sell out very quickly and are not always available for last minute travel.

    Some airlines and travel companies will only offer a refund for bereavement after the travel has been completed. In this case there is usually some required information for the bereavement refund to be given. Here are some of the things that airlines require from time to time: the name of the deceased, your relationship to that person, the name address and phone number of the funeral home or church, the date of the service, and a copy of the death certificate. Some agencies ask for only one of these while others ask for all of them. Be sure to inquire about this before you purchase your bereavement ticket.

    Some airlines and travel agencies have requirements about bereavement flight changes and postponements. Most of the time these agencies will work with you as you try to plan your return travel. Plans change, funeral arrangements need to be made, and the last thing you want to worry about is getting everything done before the day that your flight leaves. Check with the agency or airline ahead of time about their postponement policy for the return flight of a bereavement fare. Most companies will allow flexibility within 30 days after the scheduled return flight.

    Please contact one of our customer service agents to book flights to your bereavement fare. We offer cheap flight tickets for all kinds of travel. Our company, Eros Travel Incorporated, is a travel agency that has been in business for 28 years and is based in Los Angeles, California. We are an internet search engine that provides cheap flight tickets, and we specialize in finding deals on last minute travel. We understand that this is a very difficult time for you and your family and we are here to help you make this as easy as possible.


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    Use content in a sentence #content #addressed #storage, #how #to #use


    He was more than content to spend his first day of skiing on the bunny slope.

    Pregnant Martha abstained, content with an iced tea.

    Well, I’m sure Fred wasn’t a hooker but I’m content to accept him on a present day basis, regardless of why he’s so protective of his past.

    He was content with his life, and yet, at her words, he remembered what it was like when he truly was happy.

    He was far too content holding the petite woman he didn’t dare trust.

    The pay per click (PPC) business is a way to advertise online to people who did a specific search in a search engine like Google or who are viewing content on a certain topic.

    She added, We didn’t know the content of the notebook at that time.

    But old Adolph could rest in peace beneath the crabgrass in Pine Grove Cemetery, content in the knowledge that his handiwork had held up well while more than quadrupling in value.

    She smiled up at him, content to be with her mate.

    We were content to allow him this small title of uniqueness knowing it was killing him to be so close to a scientific miracle with hands tied and mouth gagged against announcing his findings to the world.

    He had made his leap, he had seen the great world, and was content to stay in his pretty glass house under the big fuchsia tree until he attained the dignity of froghood.

    Apart from these two concepts which in their union mutually define one another as form and content. no conception of life is possible.

    The sense of peace descended upon her again, and she relaxed against him, content to her soul to be surrounded by his scent and heat.

    He understood that for him the storm had blown over, and that Kutuzov would content himself with that hint.

    Howie remained silent during verbal our exchange, looking form one of us to the other, content to let us orchestrate the production.

    Quinn and Martha perpetually had their hands full with their baby and Betsy stayed home, content to have extra time with our expanding garden.

    Most of the guests seemed content in the parlor, listening to Pumpkin Green ramble away about his upcoming Fourth of July water fight.

    Instead, he rose—a suggestion they go inside—but Cynthia and Mrs. Lincoln were content together, as if oblivious to Pumpkin and Westlake.

    He knew what she was, and he was content to call her nishani, the title given to a warrior’s lifemate.

    Evelyn knew she didn’t deserve to feel at peace after the mess she dragged Kiera into, but she did feel it, and it made her genuinely content for the first time since she’d kidnapped her best friend.

    I’m content to give them fair value for their bucks and try my best to see that they enjoy themselves.

    Dean found the deep powder beyond his limited abilities and Donald Ryland seemed content to stay with him and ski the packed trails, sometimes cutting off to test the moguls and deeper snow at the trail’s edge.

    Only by separating the two sources of cognition, related to one another as form to content. do we get the mutually exclusive and separately incomprehensible conceptions of freedom and inevitability.

    He remained content to leave such criminal havoc in the hands of the police.

    For now, he was content to make her life miserable while she fed him information about Gabriel.

    For instance, I could hand carve bird calls and then advertise them only to people who are looking at online content about hand-carved bird calls or who search the Internet for information about hand-carved bird calls.

    I was persuaded, however, to content myself with the gifts from the tree and leave the others until morning.

    At the same time Dr. Bell added that I could rest content and fight my way through Radcliffe in competition with seeing and hearing girls, while the great desire of my heart was being fulfilled.

    From the first she was not content to be drilled in single sounds, but was impatient to pronounce words and sentences.

    I see these men every day go about their business with more or less courage and content. doing more even than they suspect, and perchance better employed than they could have consciously devised.

    Are you content with yourself and with your life?


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    No Exam Life Insurance #life #insurance #with #no #medical #exam,no #exam


    Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

    Normally, if you’re applying for life insurance you are required to submit to a medical examination with regards to issues that may affect your insurance rates. For instance, you may be liable to pay more for life insurance if, during the medical exam, a doctor finds that you have a condition that indicates that you should be in a higher risk category.

    Heart problems, high cholesterol or a history of strokes are some examples of issues that might put you in a higher risk category. For many individuals seeking relief from constant worries about their health, no exam life insurance is the perfect choice.

    Who else might benefit from a no exam life insurance plan?

    • Those who need immediate coverage
    • Individuals suffering from health conditions, such as cancer
    • Senior citizens

    Pre-existing Conditions

    Many life insurance companies charge exorbitant fees if you have what they call a pre-existing condition which puts you in a higher risk bracket. Life insurance companies want to make more money off of you than you give them in the long term, so if they expect your death to be a drain on their company’s finances in the near future, they want you to have paid in as much as possible. Life insurance with no medical exams provides the perfect solution for individuals who would have to pay a huge amount of money for a traditional term or permanent life insurance plan. It may even be possible to get whole life insurance without a medical exam .

    Of course, you have to compare the monthly rates of each. Generally no exam life insurance is more expensive than the average life insurance plan and it offers the same services. However, it’s more of a one-size-fits-all insurance plan, making it a great choice for people who do have “pre-existing conditions” like a heart condition or who are significantly older. If this describes you, a traditional life insurance plan may ask for higher rates than a no exam insurance plan

    Enhanced Privacy With No Medical Exam Life Insurance

    Another benefit of purchasing life insurance with no medical exam is that you can keep your medical information private. Many of us feel a little bit leery that our private information is being viewed by some insurance executive or technician in a suit with nothing but dollars on the brain.

    We’d like to know that information about our bodies is kept between ourselves and trusted physicians and doctors. Additionally, no exam life insurance is great for people who don’t enjoy doctors’ offices, needles or exams. They’re simpler, they are processed much more quickly, and they leave your family with more money to help with funeral expenses.

    2017 www.lifeinsurancerates.com
    925 Peachtree Street NE Ste 615
    Atlanta, GA 30309
    Call Center (877) 407-6153

    All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders.

    LifeInsuranceRates.com is not a covered entity for the purposes of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPPA”). In turn, the additional privacy and security protections provided to individuals under HIPPA do not apply. There are certain state laws which may offer additional rights with regard to disclosure of information. If you are covered under these laws, you may have additional rights and some or all of the above disclaimers, exclusions and restrictions may not apply to you. LifeInsuranceRates.com is an insurance provider referral service and not a life insurance broker or provider. Not all insurers can or will offer you a quote. Rates and fees will vary between insurers and may be dependent on the state in which you live so be sure to compare the associated costs. You may receive a call from a LifeInsuranceRates.com affiliate to determine which policy will offer you the best coverage. None of the companies and/or brands referenced on this website either sponsor, endorse or are in any way affiliated with our company.


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