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Continuing Education Providers

Rule Review – TDLR is reviewing the Continuing Education Requirements located at Title 16, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 59 for re-adoption, revision, or repeal. Read the Notice of Intent to Review

Reduced Fees for Continuing Education Providers – On November 21, 2013, the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation approved a reduction in the application fees for Continuing Education Providers. The initial and renewal application fees were reduced from $250 to $200, a savings of 20%. The fee reductions are effective March 1, 2014 for initial applications and April 1, 2014 for renewals. The Commission also changed CE provider registrations so that they are no longer required to register for each occupation. One provider registration covers all TDLR programs. TDLR estimates these fee reductions and changes will result in a savings of $34,450 annually, with an estimated five-year savings of $172,250.

These savings result from the fee review we conduct each year, as part of our vision of Smaller, Smarter Government , said TDLR Executive Director William Kuntz. TDLR license fees must be reasonable and necessary only to cover the costs of administering its programs. With these fee reductions, our licensees and the public will receive the same high level of service but now at a lower cost.

At their November 21st meeting, the commission lowered fees for more than 400,000 TDLR licensees. TDLR estimates the total savings for all licensees will amount to nearly $6 million each year, with an estimated five-year savings of $29,661,245 .

I m proud that TDLR is leading the way to lower economic barriers for entry into the Texas workforce while helping businesses grow and keep more money in their pockets, said Commission Chairman Mike Arismendez. With these fee reductions, TDLR licensees will save real money now and for years to come.

TDLR continuing education providers use a web-based system enabling them to submit course completion documentation on the TDLR web site. Visit the Continuing Education Completion Reporting Site .

The roster system allows licensees to obtain credit almost immediately once a course has been completed. It also reduces data entry requirements for providers and allows for quick verification that the information provided to TDLR is accurate.


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Seltzer Law Firm Employment lawyer Washington DC Maryland Northern Virginia attorney


The D.C. Bar s unique and extremely successful Continuing Legal Education ( CLE ) Program is the subject of a feature article in the June 2017 Washington Lawyer Magazine. Diane Seltzer Torre, Chair of the CLE Committee who teaches numerous CLE programs each year, is quoted throughout the article regarding the courses offered and what sets the CLE.

Happiness is not an automatic by-product of practicing law for many reasons. Maybe going solo is right for you

The Judges of the United States District Court of Maryland gave Diane Seltzer Torre their Exceptional Service Award

Employment law and civil rights law are constantly evolving areas of law. By focusing its practice on employment and civil rights matters, the Seltzer Law Firm is able to stay abreast of the latest developments in these fields, which best ensures that the firm s clients receive advice based on up-to-the-minute changes in the law.

The Seltzer Law Firm concentrates on employment law and civil rights litigation. The Firm s philosophy is to provide practical solutions to complex, as well as common, workplace issues. We appear before all federal and state trial and appellate courts in the District of Columbia and Maryland, as well as before administrative agencies

Diane Seltzer Torre earned her J.D. from American University s Washington College of Law in 1991, where she was a member of Law Review. She clerked for the judges of the Circuit Court for Washington County, Maryland after graduating from law school. She received her B.A. in Sociology, cum laude.

The Seltzer Law Firm concentrates on employment law and civil rights litigation. The Firm s philosophy is to provide practical solutions to complex, as well as common, workplace issues. We appear before all federal and state trial and appellate courts in the District of Columbia and Maryland, as well as before administrative agencies


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Owensboro Industrial Injury Lawyer #workplace #accident #attorney

Industrial Injury Attorneys in Owensboro, Kentucky

Industrial Injury Attorneys in Owensboro, Kentucky Ever Effect 2016-07-06T12:04:37+00:00

Industrial Workplace Injuries in Kentucky

Industrial workplace injuries hit a record low in 2014, the result of aggressive efforts to improve Kentucky’s abysmal death and health rankings. The Kentucky Labor Cabinet ’s Occupational Safety and Health Program has worked diligently to increase access to high quality training and education for workers and managers. Though these efforts have shown initial success, industrial injuries still occur on a regular basis, and it is important to understand your options if you or a loved one are injured.

Industrial injury law is closely related to workers’ compensation. as it’s the method of compensation for most workplace injuries. The exceptions to this rule are injuries caused by an employer’s proven neglect or violations of law, which can be resolved through personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits. Determining how best to pursue compensation for your injury can be tricky, and it is always a good idea to seek the advice of experienced industrial injury attorneys.

At Rhoads Rhoads, we have helped many injured workers restore financial stability to their lives by recovering the damages they are owed. We have been protecting the rights of the injured throughout Western Kentucky for over 39 years. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of an industrial accident, our team of experienced trial attorneys and knowledgeable support staff are available to help you through this difficult time and get you the financial recovery you deserve.

Employers Are Responsible for Maintaining a Safe Workplace

Employers across the U.S. including in Kentucky, have a responsibility to create a safe work environment for their employees. This responsibility requires employers to provide proper training on equipment and safety protocol, as well as protective gear appropriate to the job being done. Employers must also inspect and repair equipment regularly and as is necessary to ensure the soundness of the equipment for operation.

Kinds of Industrial Injuries

Most workplace injuries fall into one of three categories. Repetitive injuries are those caused by ergonomic hazards and result from a repetitive stressor or motion over a prolonged period of time. Repetitive injuries have become more and more common, even in office settings, which we do not normally think of as carrying a high risk of workplace injury.

Physical injuries are still a major problem, especially in manufacturing and construction. These types of injuries make up a large percentage of serious industrial injuries, especially those involving heavy machinery and manufacturing processes. There are infinite causes of physical injuries in the workplace, but some examples would include:

  • Machinery breakdown or malfunction;
  • Incomplete training on a piece of equipment;
  • Objects falling due to improper storage;
  • Failure to take proper safety precautions;
  • Falls from height;
  • Slip and fall accidents caused by obstructions or spills;
  • Malfunction of industrial vehicles, such as forklifts.

The last of the three most common types of workplace injury is caused by chemical hazards. Exposure to chemicals or dangerous substances such as asbestos, pesticides, paint, solvents, or acids can cause injury in multiple ways. Depending on the workplace and the chemical, it is possible to be injured through skin contact, inhalation, or ingestion. While some injuries may be as mild as a rash, toxic chemical exposure can result brain damage, nerve injury, and serious lung and throat damage.

Owensboro and Madisonville Industrial Injury Lawyers — No Recovery, No Fee

With offices in Owensboro and Madisonville, Rhoads Rhoads represents industrial accident victims throughout Western Kentucky. We offer free initial consultations, and all cases are taken on a contingency fee basis, which mean there is no payment required up front. We get paid only if we win or settle your case, so there is NO RISK involved.

Call us at888-709-9329orcontact us by e-mailto schedule an appointment with one of our Madisonville or Owensboro personal injury attorneys.


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