Aug 16 2017

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Term Life Insurance

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Why choose term life insurance?

Term life insurance is simple to buy and easy to afford. This makes it the ideal way for young families to get the financial security they need.

Our plans provide protection for 10 to 40 year periods. If you die within the covered period (3). your beneficiaries receive the amount of the policy tax-free (4) and can use this money any way they want. For example, they can use it to:

  • Maintain their lifestyle and pay day-to-day expenses
  • Pay for your children’s education
  • Pay off loans and debts
  • Cover expenses like funeral costs

Select the term that’s right for you.

Term life insurance covers you for 10 to 40 year periods. Coverage automically renews annually after the initial Term until age 100 at which time coverage continues but premiums are no longer required.

You can also convert our term life insurance policies into permanent life insurance or universal life insurance until you are 71 years old without answering questions about your health or taking a medical exam (2) .

How much coverage do you need?

A general rule is 5-7 times your salary. So if your annual income is $40,000, you may want to purchase at least $200,000 in term life insurance.

We offer the following coverage options:

  • RBC Simplified Term Life Insurance
    Coverage under $500,000, with any term between 10 to 40 years.
  • Your Term Life Insurance
    Coverage from $500,000, with any term between 10 to 40 years.

Get Your Quote Today

Start your quote or call us today to apply for the life insurance protection your family needs. After getting a quote, you may be eligible to buy your coverage online.

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