Jul 9 2017

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Meet your new EHR

New design, new features, no downtime

Your award-winning new EHR was designed with input from clinical professionals like you every step of the way, and we’re continuously releasing new enhancements and top-requested features .

Because your new EHR is cloud-based, there’s no hardware to install and your software is always up to date. It also means you can use your new EHR from anywhere and on any device, including iPads or Android tablets. Whether you’re treating patients in the office, reviewing charts from home, or just going over your upcoming day, Practice Fusion is always available on any desktop or tablet device
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Your new EHR is more than clinical, it’s personal

You can fully customize your new EHR to fit your needs with a comprehensive set of practice management tools and streamlined clinical workflows.

FAQs about your new EHR

Is my new EHR really free?

Yes. 100% free, and always will be.

Then how do you make money?

Practice Fusion generates revenue by making health care better for everyone — not only for doctors and patients, but also for labs, imaging centers, health plans, biotechs and other members of the healthcare ecosystem. These partners pay Practice Fusion for the efficiency we create and for implementing innovative programs that are only possible on our platform.

Why is my new EHR so fast?

We built your new EHR in HTML, which allows faster loading compared to Flash and other programming languages, and provides us the flexibility to make your EHR available across all devices. HTML also makes it easier for us to quickly make improvements, reduce downtime, and implement new features based on your feedback.

What if I need help with my new EHR?

Practice Fusion is ranked the #1 EHR for customer satisfaction and support. Your new EHR comes with 100% free and unlimited support from our team that’s dedicated to the success of your practice. If you ever need help, reach out to us by:

Calling (415) 346-7700 on Monday Friday, 6am – 5pm Pacific.

Starting a live chat for quick answers to any EHR questions.

Submitting a Help Ticket for any non-urgent or after-hours support.

Switching to your new EHR is fast and easy. We’ll help you every step of the way by implementing your new EHR in your practice, transitioning your patients and importing patient demographic data.

I have other questions about my new EHR

Find answers to most every question about your new EHR in our Knowledge Base .

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