Aug 11 2017

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The Primary Care Center is a new concept of providing comprehensive acute and chronic medical care in the same environment, with maintenance in continuity of care and physician-patient relationship.

In short, it s like going to your own physician, who stays open seven days a week, with extended hours until nine at night, weekends and holidays, who treats acute problems such as injuries, cuts and bruises, cold symptoms and also treats chronic problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems, and performs pap smears and prostate exams, employment physicals and treats work related injuries.

Primary care center is one of the largest primary care practice in the Atlanta area. We have been in business for over 14 years. More than 60,000 patients in the Atlanta area have been using us for their ongoing medical care, some for acute, some for chronic, and some for their annual physicals. We are a primary care physician office and charge your PCP copays, but we stay open urgent care hours,including weekends and Holidays. We have more state of the art medical equipment than most primary care practices, so our patients don’t have to drive all over town getting things done and pay more in copays and parking and take time off from work. We do physicals and routine care in the evenings and weekends and on holidays, so our patients never have to miss work for medical care and the cost is still at the primary care level. We make ourselves available to the community all the time with a one stop place for medical needs and cost effectiveness. We are leaders in the use of information technology in our practices in patient care, testing and documentation charting. We have been a model practice of the future of healthcare and have the opportunity to expand to all 50 states and WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE COMMUNITY FOR THEIR SUPPORT.

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