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The Top 7 Disney World Vacation Planning Websites

If you re trying to plan a trip to Disney World, it s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information available on the web.

A Google search for Disney World vacation planning pulls up approximately 462,000 sites!

But, lucky for you, I ve already waded through the web and found the top 7 Disney World vacation planning websites .

All Ears . This is my favorite Disney information website. It s so comprehensive it s scary. It even has sample menus from restaurants and reviews on everything from hotels to tours. Check out the Reader Tip Archive , as it s full of hidden gems.

Touring Plans. This website goes along with the book, the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. I highly recommend the book, as well as the website. If you buy the book from 2009, you get a free subscription to the site which includes specific touring plans to help vacationers beat the crowds.

Mouse Planet . I love their bi-weekly podcasts that usually provide trip planning advice. They also have great trip reports and articles. Mike Scopa s Scoping the Parks series of articles provides several helpful tips on planning a trip to Disney World.

WDW Luxury Guide . This site is for those wanting a more luxurious experience of Disney World. It focuses on the most exclusive resorts, dining, and entertainment that Disney has to offer. Worth a glance to see how good Disney can be.

Mouse Savers . This is my top website for finding deals for vacationing in Disney World. It provides coupon codes and has a section on preferred non-Disney hotels. It also provides deals on other things Disney, so check it out if you re a Disney fan.

Passporter . This website goes along with the book, Passporter s Walt Disney World. The book is awesome, but I love the website as well. The website has a very active forum with knowledgeable Disney fans willing to answer any of your burning questions. Plus, for just $4.95, you get access to their helpful e-books and customizable trip planning e-worksheets.

Tour Guide Mike . Mike was an actual Disney World VIP tour guide for 10 years. It was his job to know everything about Disney World. Most of his site is a paid service called the Automated Vacation Planner that helps you plan your trip in detail. I ve used it, and it s definitely worth the money, only $21.95 at the time of writing. He is an expert at saving time and beating the crowds.

I truly believe these websites are the best of the best, and will help you plan the perfect trip for your family. Be sure to keep this list handy, because once you return from Disney World, you ll want to start planning another trip back.

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