Aug 19 2017

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Travel and Tourism

The opportunities for those with a passion for travel and tourism are practically endless – tourism is not only a huge growth market in New Zealand, it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

Total annual visitor spend in New Zealand, for the year ended November 2014, was NZD23.8 billion.

Tourism generated a direct contribution to GDP of $8.3 billion, or 4.0% of GDP. The indirect value added of industries supporting tourism generated an additional $6.5 billion to GDP.

The industry supports 119,800 direct and some 67,100 indirect full-time equivalent jobs, or 9.6 per cent of the total workforce in New Zealand.

For the year ending November 2014, New Zealand welcomed more than 2.8 million international visitors, an increase of five per cent on the previous year. On average, each international holiday visitor spends NZD2880 on their New Zealand visit.

International tourism expenditure (excluding airfares) is forecast to grow by an average of 3.2 per cent per annum to reach 8.3 billion in 2020.

Otago Polytechnic continues to develop a range of short courses focused on teaching practical hands-on skills for front-line industry and managerial levels of the travel and tourism sector.

Otago Polytechnic is located in Dunedin New Zealand, near tourism hotspots including Queenstown, Wanaka and Fiordland.

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