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A year of slow recovery for travel in 2014

After a complicated time for the Spanish economy and the travel market over the review period, 2014 was a better year and a slow pace of recovery was witnessed in many categories. Inbound arrivals in particular posted positive results in 2014 enabling the travel market to regain strength. However, the average expenditure per visitor did not increase at the same level, reflecting a new trend in which travellers have begun to take trips again albeit with a more limited budget.

Online sales continue to grow in 2014

Online sales continued to grow in 2014 in every category. As social media and new online marketing tools are developed and improved constantly, the online channel was able to reach an increasing number of customers, providing them with a very practical tool to buy and compare various options. Advertising and marketing was strongly targeted and new and more varied payment options were available for customers. Both direct sales and intermediaries sales benefited from the growth of online sales. However, competing against strong search engines and intermediaries was not easy and companies needed to remain at the forefront to remain competitive in this channel.

Low cost services have been part of the market for some time. However, after the period of economic crisis, the concept became even stronger. In 2014, several companies across the travel market including in accommodation, car rental, cruises and airlines, such as Iberia Express, Norwegian Airlines, Transavia and Europcar, among others, modified their policies and services towards this growing trend in order to remain competitive and to satisfy one of the most dynamic trends in the market.

In a market as strongly competitive as travel and tourism, in which sometimes companies are limited by reduced budgets among segments of consumers, especially in 2014 when the economy was slowly recovering, the customer experience was a key differential and retention factor. Most of the categories in travel focused their attention on this concept when defining strategies in 2014. Companies aimed to offer their customers unique experiences intended for high-end segments, even if they were on a limited budget. Different approaches were taken here. The auto check-in service of some airlines or the digitalisation of hotel services were key examples of this trend.

Technology is expected to be one of the most important drivers in the travel market over the forecast period. On the one hand, the development and improvement of online tools for searching, advertising, selling and building a stronger bond with customers is expected. On the other hand, the introduction of technology to the services provided by airlines, hotels, and car rentals, among others, is likely to increase, following the global trend in which consumers are more attracted to these kinds of experiences.


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