Mar 20 2018

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Rail appeal: a natural addition to the connected journey

It’s estimated to be a $1.3 trillion market and companies from across the travel spectrum are waking up to it, writes Sally White

EyeforTravel spies something beginning with B

Hello 2018, hello high-end, mobile-focused hotel

The age of anxiety and why too much choice is a.

EyeforTravel On Demand Content

Panel – Michael Childers, Chief Consultant – Content and.

Tomas Laboutka, CEO and Co-Founder- HotelQuickly

Kenneth Purcell explores how personalization is key to the.

EyeforTravel Blog

In today’s homepage story we publish the first in a two-part Q A with Winding Tree founder and CEO Max Izmaylov. In conversation with him this week, he recommended a fascinating.

On Nov 15 (11AM EST), senior executives.

Travel sites online

Upcoming Events

Smart Travel Data Summit North America 2018

Feb 27, 2018 to Feb 28, 2018

EyeforTravel San Francisco 2018

Apr 9, 2018 to Apr 10, 2018

EyeforTravel Europe 2018

Jun 4, 2018 to Jun 6, 2018

EyeforTravel North America 2018

Oct 25, 2018 to Oct 26, 2018

EyeforTravel Data Digital Europe 2018

Nov 28, 2018 to Nov 29, 2018

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EyeforTravel North America Summit 2017 Round-up

The Future of the Online Giants: Expedia

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Latest Webinars

Webinar: Create Apps that Engage the Travel Customer

With mobile purchases on the rise, the travel industry is making great strides to be more relevant, but what could we be doing to become more engaging? Hear, Heathrow Airport and App Annie discuss app engagement

Webinar: How Can Travel Brands Evolve and Integrate as Fast as the Technology

We bought together experts from Hilton, Google and the Travel Corporation to discuss how, in a fast changing technology landscape, travel brands can evolve and integrate, keep up and thrive

How Travelbots are shaping the future of the traveller experience

EyeforTravel webinar from June 20 with [24]7 and Edwardian Hotels where we discuss how travelbots can improve your customer experience while reducing costs, as well as how chat bots are currently being used in the travel industry.

Webinar- Loyalty in Travel – The Changing Paradigm

EyeforTravel webinar with speakers from Wyndham and Expedia where they discuss increasing customer loyalty through effortless experiences

Drive Direct Bookings through Partnerships

GCH Hotel Group, Loco2 and Travelaer discuss how to make your customers drive direct through business-savvy partnerships.

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