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Travel Insurance

However long your trip, don’t spend a lifetime paying for it.

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A medical emergency abroad can do you serious damage. Especially at home.

As a physician, you know the value of having the right protection when travelling – from anti-viral shots to stomach medication to sunscreen. But it’s just as critical to protect your finances, especially considering the staggering costs of a medical emergency outside your home province or your home country – expenses that can come home to haunt you for years to come.

That’s why travel insurance made available through OMA makes a world of sense for both you and your loved ones. After all, travel is meant to enhance your lifestyle, not drain the funds you rely on to maintain it.

Your travel essentials should include peace of mind.

Travel with the ease of knowing you’ll be covered. OMA members enjoy preferred pricing 1 and convenient access to a wide range of flexible solutions with a variety of features from OMA Travel Insurance

    Worldwide family coverage is in effect for the first 4, 9, 16, or 30 consecutive days of each trip, for an unlimited number of trips, for one entire year
  • Top up coverage is available should you decide to travel longer
  • Up to $5 million coverage in emergency medical benefits 2
  • No age limit for coverage
  • $0 deductible, so all eligible expenses of a claim are covered from the first dollar
  • 24/7, toll-free, multilingual assistance around the world
  • Access to Doctor-On-Call™ services

​Emergency Medical Benefits 2 ​

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