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Travelodge – Home Away from Home

When we travel to a new place we hope to find a nice and safe place where one can relax and feel like home. One such place which has almost become synonymous with this concept is the Travelodge. Travelodge is a franchise of budget hotels which provide cheap rooms with the advantage of hygienic and pleasurable surroundings. Our homes are the place which signifies us and provides an environment where our body and mind can both relax and reenergise. The same privilege being available to us when we are travelling to a new place not only helps to acclimatise with it but also enables the body and mind recharge to enjoy the place. Travelodge makes for the perfect stay which helps its residents in accomplishment of their objectives of travelling to their destination.

Budget Stay while travelling:

The way the economy has been on a spiral at a steady pace for the past decade, there has been a steep rise in budget travellers. Budget travellers are no different from normal ones only that they tend to be more prepared about their expenses during the trip. They plan their itinerary in advance so as to avail best hotel deals with their hotel reservations, organise group activities to enjoy different special attractions of the destination as well as arrange the best transportation options to travel within and around the place. There are so many deals available with Travelodge every day that all travellers are bound to find their choice and preferred deal to accommodate their needs. The increase in the trend of budget living also helps with the purpose of optimal utilisation of resources such as Travelodge only allows lodging and does not include breakfast. This helps with minimising the options of a breakfast buffet which usually includes a large amount of food and human resources to prepare the food. The franchise has recently introduced an extra paid packed breakfast service for the residents who prefer to opt for it. Such measures have helped a great extent towards Travelodge being a huge success and gaining immense popularity to keep up with budget travelling lifestyle.

Promotional Strategies :

Travelodge has become immensely popular within the masses as a comfortable gateway at ports of their travel. This has been majorly contributed to the vastly available discount hotels deal and packages at almost all of the franchises. The usual promotions are made available through the official Travelodge website along with on their social media links such as on Facebook and Twitter. The franchise also benefits hugely from its relations with the popular travel booking sites and travel agents of all aspects which includes both personal and corporate. Corporate deals are slightly different from the deals available to personal guests as the magnitude of requirement is different and displays the flexibility of Travelodge according to the needs of the customers. The corporate deals range from availability of a particular room at discounted price for an extended period of time or special bookings for certain number of rooms at short notice. The benefit of such relations with corporations help promote the name of the franchise and being associated with one of the firms help bring in more business with other corporate firms. It is a cycle which helps both parties with their needs and Travelodge gets promotion on their websites and other insights. Travelodge have accumulated a lot of press popularity by associating as official partners for special events like Olympics and World Cups which bring them in contact with a huge number of people.

Benefits of Travelodge:

There are quite a few benefits of staying with Travelodge besides the obvious affordable rooms with comfortable surroundings. The location of Travelodge branches are usually within the reaches of the local attractions and are very well connected. This gives them the edge with their tourist residents who get the advantage of skipping extra transportation costs travelling to and from their abode. Also there are a number of branches of the franchise available within a single city depending on their size which makes it suitable for the travellers to choose the one which is most convenient to them. There are always extra features like the availability of local tourist information, rental car services and guided tour information within the hotel premises. These services are not part of the paid package but rather the investment by the franchise to help their residents in order to improve the relationship with the customers. Travelodge has become synonymous with budget living for travellers because of the extra efforts that the management makes towards their customers to build personal bonds on individual basis.

Travelodge has been around the hospitality market for a while and recently become a household name. They have become a part of the routine to be checked for availability and deals when people plan vacations and outings. The first thing that comes to mind when one mentions Travelodge is the comfort of relaxing in peace and safety within affordable prices. They have such a huge franchise with such a huge network that availability of rooms and deals on them are usually guaranteed. The popularity of Travelodge is also affected quite positively from their association with top travel booking sites and agents who manage to snap collective packages at amazing prices for living and travelling. The beauty of living in Travelodge is that a person gets to enjoy the luxury of staying in a hotel with the comforts of being at home.

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