Nov 13 2017

Travel Management Information Service (MIS) #cheap #flight

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Travel Management Information Service (MIS)

Notice: GSA Travel MIS is offering CO2 Scope 3 Business Travel Report Training !

This training is open to government agencies, departments, and organizations. Topics include:

  • Logging into the GSA Travel MIS reporting tool and navigating to the CO2 reports;
  • Running the CO2 reports for the appropriate time periods;
  • Reading and interpreting the reports;
  • Pulling the relevant reporting information from the reports to populate the FEMP GHG Reporting Spreadsheet; and
  • A basic overview of the data environment and methodology behind the emissions estimations.

What is the Travel Management Information Service (MIS)?

Data is critical for managing travel spend, optimizing travel programs, ensuring compliance to travel policy, and monitoring traveler care. Travel MIS supports effective travel data management and utilization.

Travel MIS is a data management service that aims to identify, isolate, and mine multiple data sources to support agency decision making and travel data utilization across a variety of functions that include:

    Travel management; Policy; Conference planning sustainability; Strategic sourcing; and Much more!

Current aggregation efforts focus on ticketed and reservation data. To date, 103 federal organizations participate in MIS.

What are the benefits for federal agencies?

Travel MIS gives customers access to over 50 reports and dashboards. These tools empower federal organizations to:

  • Utilize data to make decisions that impact travel;
  • Report on travel activities and behaviors; and
  • Meet several annual reporting requirements, including the Premium Class Travel Report and annual scope 3 CO2 accounting exercises.

How can travel managers make it happen?

Agencies currently participating can access their data immediately through a secure, web-based portal.

Agencies not currently participating can be brought into the system within days.

GSA’s Travel MIS welcomes you to sign up for email notifications about the program.

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