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Travel nurse salary

Travel nurse salary  (also know as traveling nurse salary ) depends on many factors such as specialized certification, geographic location, professional nursing qualification, work experience and working agency. Travel nurses usually earn more salary when compared to non-traveling nurses however the salary of travel nurse can be more  in a larger city. Apart from earning more. travel nurse can have more benefits from the working agency such as dental insurance. travel insurance, food. accommodation facilities and much more.

Travel nurse job description

Travel nurse career provides an opportunity for a nurse to work in hospitals, research facilities, nursing homes, medical or nursing schools and as a staff in cruise ship. The travel nurses travel all across the country to temporarily replace the shortage of nursing staff. The job of travel nurse includes multi-tasking. For instance, if the general staff nurse is on a leave then travel nurse will be temporarily posted to handle the work. Travel nurse performs jobs like obtaining blood pressure, monitoring the vital signs of critical patients, takes care of patients affected by natural disasters and so on. In addition, travel nurse may temporarily replace the nurse in a specialized field of nursing like oncology, psychiatry, nephrology to name a few. Hence, travel nurses can earn high hourly wages and they are usually hired by travel nursing agencies or multiple agencies. Keep reading for more information about travel nurse salary .

How much does a travel nurse make ?

Average travel nurse salary

On an average, the median salary for a registered nurse is about $66,530 per year or $31.99 per hour.  The upper 10 percent of them receive a salary of more than $93,700 per year while the lowest 10 percent of them earn $43,970 per year.

Travel nurse salary in USA

Travel nurse with good experience can receive a high hourly wage of $40 however a low hourly wage of $30 can be paid for beginners. The employment agencies may pay up to $3000 for a single contract based on the length of the contract.  The average hourly rate of registered nurses is about $30.85 and the average nursing salary is $67,525 annually. In addition, a travel nurse earns 20 percent more than the non-travel nurse and gains comprehensive travel nurse salary benefits like agency sponsored location, utilities and renewal bonus.

On an annual basis, the highest paid salary of a registered nurse is around $90,000 and the lowest paid registered nurse receives less than $44,000. In addition to that, median salary of a registered nurse is $31.99 per hour. The upper 10 percent of them receive more than $45.05 per hour while the lowest 10 percent receive up to $21.14 per hour. Some of the agencies provide attractive bonuses for nurses to sign on as well as to complete the contract. In such cases, the bonuses may go up to $6,000.

travel nurse salary

Travel nurse salary by state

Some of the top paying states for registered nurses include Massachusetts $81,780, Maryland $76,330, California $85,080, New Jersey $74,990, and Hawaii $80,020.  Read about more  different  nursing salaries  and professions.

Travel nurse salary in UK

In the UK, newly registered travel nurses receive a salary of around £17,000 which can be increased by up to £30,000.

Travel nurse salary in Australia

In Australia, the salary of a re-entry nurse ranges from $52,092 to $70,091 per annum while the hourly wage ranges from $26.27 to $35.35. The clinical nurse receives the salary ranging from $71,297 to $76,376 per annum while the hourly wage ranges from $35.95 to $38.51. Read also about more different nursing salaries .

Travel nurse education, training and certification

A travel nurse should complete an entry-level education (academic training including bachelor’s degree) and pass a state licensing exam to obtain a license in a particular state.

Conclusion about travel nurse salary

The travel nurse salary depends on various factors like professional qualification, experience, working company, location and any other specialized certifications. Moreover, the travel nurse salary is based on the length of an assignment.

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