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Travel Solutions (TS) provides advertisers in the travel and hospitality sector with an innovative creative financing package. Clients who utilize the TS programs to trade excess inventory or capacity for media advertising and other expenditures consistently lowering their cash out of pocket requirements.   Some programs offer up to 100% trade.  T S ’s innovative media programs enable our clients to save up to fifty to eighty percent (50%-80%) on their media budgets. The result is our clients are now able to preserve cash thus adding to their bottom line.

Travel Solutions (TS)  specializes in structuring large trade or barter advertising campaigns, alternate financing  and creating trade divisions and programs within companies.

Travel Solutions (TS)  gives you great rates and the ability to leverage your excess inventory as a payment — but what makes us different?  We take a more comprehensive, precise approach that combines our great media rates with sophisticated strategy, delivering better value. Our customer service, combined with our media and barter expertise, cutting edge programs and non-dilutive distribution channels for your trade will help grow your business.

Travel Solutions (TS)  then monetizes airline tickets, hotel and resorts stays as well as packages through a variety of prestigious membership only travel outlets.  In this manner TS is able to keep distribut ing travel inventory  at considerable savings while maintaining rate integrity for the travel providers since the savings are only disclosed to members of travel clubs or organizations.  Please note that we do not sell directly to the public and that the savings we provide are only available through special membership organizations that we have preferred relationships with.

Travel Solutions (TS) Distribution Partners’ Cancellation Policy:

TS rates are special, advance purchase rates. To get these great rates, hotels require full payment in advance. No cancellations, refunds, exchanges or date modifications are allowed for any reason. All of our bookings are subject to availability.

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