Nov 14 2017

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Travel to Puerto Rico

Flying to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has no national airline. Most airlines originate from the US mainland and major carriers with daily flights to Puerto Rico include American Airlines ( ), Delta ( ), JetBlue ( ), and US Airways ( ).

Most international arrivals to Puerto Rico originate from the mainland USA and land at San Juan ‘s Luis Mu oz Marin International Airport (SJU). Airports in Aguadilla (on the northwestern coast), Ponce (on the southern coast), and Mayaguez (on the western coast) also handle incoming international flights, but the volume and frequency are significantly lower. Departures to Puerto Rico from other countries (Canada and Spain ) are typically seasonal; air service is not year-round.

The cheapest times to fly to Puerto Rico are late spring to early summer. Fares are typically more expensive during winter, particularly around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.

Air notes:

Note that unlike many major airports, SJU is in metropolitan San Juan and is a short taxi ride away from major hotels and tourist attractions.

From London is 14 hours (including stopover) and from Madrid is 8 hours 30 minutes. From New York is 3 hours 45 minutes and from Miami is 2 hours.

Other major US cities that serve as departure hubs to San Juan include Charlotte, North Carolina ; Atlanta. Georgia ; Boston. Massachusetts ; Chicago. Illinois ; and Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Travellers coming from the Midwest or west coast of the USA will probably have at least one stopover in transit from the mainland to Puerto Rico.

Star Alliance North America Airpass: allows travel to over 300 destinations in 20 countries including Puerto Rico. Participating airlines include Air Canada, United Airlines and US Airways. You can buy between three and 10 flight coupons and the price varies according to the number of coupons and your point of origin. Full details are available from .

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