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Ultramar s Travel Counselors have an average of 20 years experience and 8 years tenure.

Our International Rate Desk specialists have an average of 25 years experience and 20 years of International faring.

Our VIP/VVIP Travel Counselors have an average of 25 years experience and 10 years tenure.

At Ultramar we approach crafting a staffing model for each customer based on our Convergence Counseling

methodology which blends the fulfillment of service expectations from multiple touch points (phone, email, online,

and providing 1st level support for technical questions) resulting in a true “one stop shopping” experience.

Our Travel Counselors are experts in our entire TravelSync technology suite and the industry s leading online

booking tools and are there to ensure your comfort navigating the online universe.

Operating from the strongest Service Level Agreements in the industry, your travelers are managed by our DEDICATED TEAMS – not call centers, meaning WE KNOW YOU. Our front line agents are EMPOWERED to handle most service issues under our NO RED TAPE policy eliminating the need to escalate. Travelers are managed by their same dedicated agent team regardless of the source of the booking (online/offline) and Itineraries are continually monitored to ensure that we can proactively TAKE ACTION in the event of any changes or interruptions to the booking.

Ultramar s large travel spend, long-standing relationships with suppliers and the unique high-yield quality of the travel spend of our clients, provides us with access to great prices and amazing deals that are simply unavailable otherwise. Ultramar offers a LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE. If we fail to secure the lowest available airfare meeting the traveler s criteria and within your travel policy at the time of booking, Ultramar will reimburse the difference between the fare obtained and the lowest applicable airfare.

Perks, Upgrades, Waivers & Favors! Ultramar s close vendor relationships and industry leverage provides for a host of value-added offerings including; Flight & Hotel Upgrades, Flight & Hotel Waitlist Clearance, Concierge, No-Show Bill & Fare Rule Waivers. Ultramar offers the added convenience and efficiency of an In-House Passport & Visa department that maintains standing daily appointments with the U.S. Consulate.

Ultramar continually monitors all active and upcoming bookings, alerting and notifying the traveler of any changes to their reservations. Be it a lost passport, missed flight, or any other unexpected predicament, Ultramar works to proactively find timely solutions to put things right and get you safely on your way.

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