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USA travel insurance

A country as vast and diverse as the USA has something for everyone. Whether your American adventure takes you on a coast-to-coast road trip, on a fun family holiday to Disneyland or to the bright lights of Vegas – you won’t be disappointed. Therefore, the last thing you want to be worrying about is travel insurance.

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What is the minimum level of cover I should go for?

Thinking about what could potentially go wrong is not likely to be top of your list when planning your trip to America. Unfortunately some things are beyond your control, and if they do go wrong, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared.

Travel insurance will give you peace of mind that you are covered for eventualities such as illness, lost baggage and stolen items – but it’s essential that you check the amount of cover your policy entitles you to.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll automatically be covered for every eventuality – often things like baggage have to be added on to policies. Whatever you do, don’t scrimp on cover. You may have to pay a bit extra to have the added peace of mind a more comprehensive policy offers, but paying a few additional pounds now could save you thousands in the long run.

When travelling to the States it is imperative you check the amount of medical cover you get .This is because healthcare in America is notoriously expensive, so you’ll need to make sure the amount of cover the insurer offers is high enough.

For example, if you were you to fracture your hip while on the other side of the Atlantic, you could expect it to set you back an extortionate 22,000. Therefore make sure when you are choosing your policy that this is a priority. MoneySupermarket recommends medical cover of at least 2million.

What type of policy is best for the USA?

There are different types of policy so you’ll need to decide which is going to be the most useful for you. A single trip USA policy is recommended if you’re only likely to be taking one or two holidays in the year. But if you’re planning on more than this then an annual multi-trip could be more economical. It’s also useful if you’re someone who is likely to take advantage of last minute deals. You’ll be covered for 12 months and can take an often unlimited number of trips a year. Bear in mind that annual travel insurance can be European only or worldwide so make sure you have the right one for you.

There is also the option of family insurance which takes the hassle out of having to sort out separate policies for each person – the last thing you’ll have time for when trying to organise everyone ahead of your holiday. Some companies offer a ‘kids go free’ option so this is definitely worth looking into.

Tips for travelling with kids

Going away on a family holiday takes more planning than if you are alone or in a couple, especially if you have young children to keep entertained during a lengthy flight. Here are some tips to keep them occupied:

  • Don’t pay extra for a priority boarding option. If you’re not flying with an airline where you have designated seats, most will allow parents with children to get on to the plane first so you can sit together anyway. However, make sure you double check with your airline before setting off.
  • Flight times to the USA can be long – especially to the West coast. Therefore make sure you have plenty for the kids to do. Magnetic board games, colouring books and handheld computer games should help hold their interest. Make sure you bring snacks to have on the way – not only can in-flight food be expensive; it can also be quite limited.
  • Make sure your children are drinking plenty of water throughout the flight to prevent dehydration.
  • Even if your kids have started walking, bringing a buggy on holiday can help as you may under-estimate the amount of walking you’ll do, especially if you are going to theme parks and attractions. It also means you have somewhere for them to rest or sleep in if you are having long days.
  • For older children, suggest they do a holiday scrapbook diary so they can write about what they are doing each day and collect souvenirs/leaflets/tickets to stick in. It means they’ve got an activity to concentrate on at the end of the day – and you get some peace!
  • When going for days out, make sure at the beginning of the day you decide on a meeting point if anyone gets lost. With all the excitement and crowds at children’s attractions it’s a good preventative measure to have in place.
  • Remember to always make sure you and your children wear sun-cream when going out for the day. Some children’s sun-creams have in-built insect protection which offers further protection from things that could potentially ruin a day out.

How is it to find a policy with MoneySupermarket?

Finding a great deal on your USA travel insurance is easy with our comparison tool, just a couple easy steps and a few facts about your trip – such as the dates you will be travelling, where to and how many of you are travelling – and you’ll soon be receiving a variety of quotes from many UK insurers.

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