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Why Visit Croatia

Croatia is blessed with Europe s most glorious coastline which has miraculously escaped the over-development of some other Mediterranean vacation and holiday destinations. Situated in Southern Central Europe,Croatia is a roughly horseshoe-shaped country with a coastline 1,777 kilometers long. No less than 1,185 islands lie offshore, but only 66 of them are inhabited. Slovenia lies to the north, Italy to the west.To the east and south are Bosnia and Montenegro, both peaceful, and newly independent countries of the former Yugoslavia. Croatia s stunning coastline is on the Adriatic Sea, one of the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean and wonderfully warm.

Why your next vacation should be in Croatia?

Because here you will find hidden treasures of untouched nature; in Croatia three thousand years of history waiting to be discovered; in Croatia you will make your vacation an adventure full of passion; you will discover the beauty of the authentic Mediterranean; Croatian hospitality, high quality of service and accommodation will make your holiday unforgettable! In one word, you will have memories for a lifetime!

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Did you know?

As you put your tie before a business meeting or a theater performance, as you write with your ball point pen, do you ever think of Croatia? Our guess is that you don t. Why should you? But let us press the point. Your tie is a direct descendant of the very same cravat that Croatian soldiers, as the French encyclopedia tell us, used to tie around their necks in the 17th century.

And the ball-pen you write with, was invented by Slavoljub Penkala, a Croatian engineer who constructed the first ball point and the first fountain pen in 1906.

Did you know that Agatha Christie spent her honeymoon in Dubrovnik ?

Did you know that Marco Polo, famous world traveler and explorer, was most probably born in 1254 on the island of Korcula ? Even today there are people on the island who bear the same family name.

Did you know that in its summer issue US women’s magazine Marie Claire has declared Dubrovnik’s Banje beach to be the third most beautiful beach in the world?

Did you know that American television journalist and producer Ashley Colburn has WON a prestigious Emmy Award for her documentary WOW Croatia ? Yes You can watch the documentary here:

Spend your next vacation in Croatia and you will have memories for a lifetime!

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