Aug 9 2017

Wellness Toolbox: Plan for Life Sample – Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance #care #plan #for #bipolar #disorder


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Crisis Plan and Plan for Life Samples

Because thinking during a crisis is difficult sometimes feels impossible it’s important to have a course of action ready before thoughts of suicide occur. Here are a couple samples to help organize your contact information in case of emergency, as well as warning signs you should watch for and actions to take if you feel that you’re slipping into suicidal thoughts.

Wellness Options

OUR MISSION: DBSA provides hope, help, support, and education to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders.

The Power of Peers

DBSA envisions wellness for people who live with depression and bipolar disorder. Because DBSA was created for and is led by individuals living with mood disorders, our vision, mission, and programming are always informed by the personal, lived experience of peers.



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