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Win it: The Bonobos Jetsetter Blazer in Navy

Bonobos Jetsetter Blazer in Standard or Slim $398.00

Consider this week five days of saying thank you. Without your readership, your emails, your terrific comments, and your willingness to spread the word, Dappered wouldn’t exist. The collection of good guys who frequent this corner of the internet is by far the greatest achievement of this website. And to say thank you, we’ve put together five, splurge-worthy giveaways that’ll hopefully express our gratitude. Welcome to Dappered’s Reader Appreciation Week.  Good luck, and thanks a million.

You could buy a ton of different blue and/or navy blazer s for your wardrobe, each with a different purpose. A super casual cotton blazer with tons of rumple, a traditional brass-button wool number for the more dressed up occasions, maybe a clean chino for wearing with jeans, and a smooth wool that s been cut trim for nights out on the town.

Or, you could buy one blazer that does most, if not all of those things, in one simple package. The Jetsetter from Bonobos is one of those blazers. Not cheap at full retail, but highly versatile, plus Bonobos does run sales every so often.

Size shown: 40R in their standard fit, on a 5 10 / 180 lb frame

Lightweight but not flimsy, the fabric is a 70% wool / 29% cotton / 1% elastane blend  which should be a great companion on the road, and a go-to workhorse in the stable that is your closet.

There s a bit of texture to the fabric, and when combined with the patch pockets, there s no confusing it for an orphaned suit jacket blazer. No (cheesy to some) brass or gold buttons are necessary then, and sleeker, more modern medium to dark brown buttons get the nod. Button stance is slung in the on-trend lower-ish position, and the tail seems shorter but not wildly chopped.

Dual vents in the rear help make it easy to move in, the non functioning sleeve buttons make it easy to tailor, and the Bemberg lining keeps it draping nice, while offering breathe-ability. Official word on the interior construction is light use of half-canvass but is fused . But it certainly isn t stiff, and it moves pretty well. Must be a hybrid-type of deal in there.

Up close with the wool/cotton fabric, non functioning sleeve buttons.

Wear it with jeans. Wear it with trousers. Wear it casually to a bar, on a flight where you want to be comfortable but not sloppy, or to a big event or meeting where a suit might be overkill. It should look not only right, but good, real good, in all of those situations.

Enter here to win  a Bonobos Jetsetter Navy Blazer in your size. Standard or slim, that s up to you. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 9/13/14. Thanks to Bonobos for providing this brand design for Reader Appreciation Week.

UPDATE: Congrats to Chris M. from South Bend who won the drawing for the Jetsetter blazer! Many thanks to Bonobos for providing one of their newest blazers for Reader Appreciation Week.

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