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Drug Ratings for XARELTO

Joint pain, itching, hoarseness

I was prescribed Xarelto after an ankle fusion to prevent clots (run in the family, no movement in leg for 3 months). I’m really disappointed with the extra joint pain, when I just had surgery to correct the pain I am having from severe osteo-arthritis. Overall, I guess the medicine is effective, does its job, but the side effects suck. Period.

I was put on Xarelto for provoked blood clots in my leg that went to my lungs. I just had my 1 month checkup and Dr. said the clots look good. So the drug worked on that. But let me tell you the hell I went through. 3 weeks of the worst joint pain I have ever had. I could only walk if I had to. And my knees would not bend. My knees bend about 90 degrees now but being unable to walk for three weeks left me with a lot of muscle lose. I can walk with a cane and the muscles are getting stronger but please don’t put yourself through this. If you feel joint pain talk to your doctor and try something else. You should know in a day or two.

Uncontrollable jerking, drop in BP, general feeling of illness.

Research shows it can cause internal bleeding for which they have no antidote as other blood thinners have. US families successful prosecution for killing family members. Stopped it for several days and felt much better. GP insists it’s okay. He is wrong.

5 weeks
25mg 1X D

hives/rash around torso, under arms, crook of elbow, lower back, thighs with intense itching, seems to make my skin extremely sensitive, can’t even have bedsheet on me. stomach feels sore, headaches, and tired feeling

am taking less and less of this drug to wean myself off w/o any bad effects, now taking every other day and soon bye-bye Xarelto

3 months
20MG 1X D

Multiple idiopathic DVT and 2 PEs

At first, the 20 mg elevated my creatinine in my blood when I had routine blood work done. I dropped down to 15 mg and levels went down to normal range.

A Godsend. Was on Coumadin for 5 years and was never therapeutic and actually had 4 more blood clots in my calves while in Coumadin in 5 years while on that rat poison. Xarelto has been great. Never had a blood on Xarelto (knock on wood) No side effects at all other than always being cold, which I had on Coumadin, as well. So thankful for this drug. No monthly (or more) testing and always therapeutic and no diet restrictions! It’s about time they made something better and less antiquated than Coumadin!

I have terrible muscle and joint aches, gained weight yet have no appetite, extreme fatigue and brain fog. Until I started taking this medication, I was an active and healthy 40 y/o however I found out I suffer from MTHFR, which is a genetic condition which causes my blood to clot, and ever since I have felt as though my body is at least 20 years older than it is. My doctor doesn’t seem to listen or care about my side effects. I’ve never been sick in my life and now I feel like I have the flu every single day.

I wish I never would’ve started this medication and have requested my doctor put me on something different however he is reluctant to do so.

clotting, factor v leiden, lupus

Bruises take a long time to heal, but what do you expect! And I don’t really cut or injure myself, so that’s not a problem.

I LOVE XARELTO. I didn’t want to go on a blood thinner at all and this option was perfect for me to get started. Coumadin, that rat poison, was off the table. Now, I did have a couple of “episodes” called TIAs while on Xarelto because I hate taking medicine and would forget to take my pill. for instance, one weekend, took it Thursday night, didn’t take it Friday night or Saturday night, then took it at 10pm Sunday night, got up Monday morning for work and at 8am had an incapacitating TIA. You definitely have to take it right. ER doctors hate this drug for some reason. My husband would tell them I take Xarelto and they’d trash the drug bc there I was proof it didn’t work. Of course when I came around I didn’t own up to not taking it properly. I’m sorry Xarelto. I did fess up with my regular doctors though. My doctors warned me about riding roller coasters, etc. but I did anyways, never had any problems. It is a great drug and like taking a placebo. No issues at all.

prevent blood clots

I think they were 15 mg. I developed a rash and itching so my doc told me to stop taking it, but the rash and itching continued and became very severe. All over legs, feet, hands and arms. Doctor was treating with prednisone and benadryl with no relief. When it spread to my back after 7 weeks (by this time I was horrible looking, red welts, itching so bad I couldn’t sleep) I went to a dermatologist who said it was from Xarelto, it has a long half life or something, gave me a huge shot of steroids and a prescription, steroid lotions and it finally went away. I will never touch this med again, I suffered.

3 days
15 mg 2X D

I took Coumadin for one year after embolisms back in 2010. The INR testing was a pain but lived to tell about it. Been on xarelto for 2 months and am miserable. Terrible joint and muscle pain, leg swelling, weights gain, insomnia! I can’t live like this so will revert to Coumadin.

Intense headaches (AND I never get headaches) intense muscle aches, intense joint pain. Pain in muscles and joints had become crippling.

I had to take Gavipentin and Norco in an attempt to stifle the pain caused by this drug, which provided some relief, but I shouldn’t have to take drugs to try to cancel out the negative effects of this drug. I have discontinued the drug and never want to go back to it. It was sheer hell of Xarelto.

2 months
30 1X D

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