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EALL 203/503/LITR 197 The Tale of Genji

A reading of the central work of prose fiction in the Japanese classical tradition in its entirety (in English translation) along with some examples of predecessors, parodies, and adaptations (the latter include Noh plays and twentieth-century short stories). Topics of discussion include narrative form, poetics, gendered authorship and readership, and the processes and premises that have given The Tale of Genji its place in “world literature.” Attention will also be given to the text s special relationship to visual culture.

No knowledge of Japanese required. A previous college-level course in the study of literary texts is recommended but not required.

Course Type: Undergraduate

Term: Spring 2015

Day/Time: T/Th 9:00-10:15AM

EALL 351/651 Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese Literature

An introduction to literary criticism and history using texts in the original language. Fiction and nonfiction written in Chinese in different parts of the world, with a focus on the period from the nineteenth century to the present. Readings in Chinese; texts in both simplified and traditional characters.

EALL 803/CPLT 545 Sympathy and Its Limits

It is said that the study of literature, unlike other disciplines, has the power to inspire and hone our capacity to feel for others. It trains us by putting us in hypothetical, affectively compelling but controlled worlds where we can experience, reflect, and analyze how we respond to those around us. This seminar tests that view by drawing on literary, social, archival, and theoretical texts, as well as modern accounts of atrocities and disasters in Western and non-Western contexts. Readings include Adam Smith, Lu Xun, Charles Darwin, Carlo Ginzburg, Mo Yan, Samantha Powers, Tokushi Kasahara, Yang Jisheng, Hannah Arendt, and Raul Hilberg.

Course Type: Undergraduate

Term: Spring 2015

Genders and Sexualities in Japanese Literature and Culture, 1600 to the Present

Overview of how genders and sexualities developed in a particular, non-Western society, offering a survey of Japan from the early modern period (1600-1868) to the present. Select themes based on literary readings (in translation), supported by visual materials and film clips, and situated within the broader socio-political, cultural, and historical field.

Prior knowledge of Japanese is not required; readings are in English.

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