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ZigBee Home Automation

ZigBee Home Automation (HA) is a global standard for the flexible control of appliances in the home, including lights, heaters, curtains, blinds and door-locks. Appliances can be controlled wirelessly from a wide range of devices, such as switches, sensors, remote control units, mobile phones and computers. ZigBee HA can be used to equip the home with innovative functionality, allowing fully integrated control through existing consumer technology such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. A ZigBee HA system is implemented in the home using the ZigBee PRO protocol with the ZigBee Home Automation application profile.

NXP ® provide a complete ZigBee Home Automation software solution for the JN5169 and JN5168 microcontrollers, including the ZigBee PRO protocol, HA application profile, ZigBee Cluster Library (ZCL) and JenOS (Jennic Operating System). A ZigBee Home Automation solution may use HA-specific ‘clusters’ from the HA profile and general clusters from the ZCL.

Home Automation Software

ZigBee PRO with the Home Automation profile is available for the JN5169 and JN5168 microcontrollers. The protocol, profile and associated support software are supplied in the following Software Developer’s Kit (SDK):

The above SDK must be installed on top of the BeyondStudio for NXP toolchain (JN-SW-4141). Installation instructions are provided in the BeyondStudio for NXP Installation and User Guide (JN-UG-3098).

ZigBee Home Automation demonstration applications are provided and described in Application Notes (see below). These demonstrations can be programmed into and run on the boards of the JN516x-EK001 or JN516x-EK004 Evaluation Kit.

Software, Documentation and Support Resources

A wide range of user resources are provided to aid in the development of custom HA solutions, including an SDK, User Guides and Application Notes. Those resources that are relevant to HA are listed below.

Hardware-related resources can be found on the Support Resources for JN516x MCUs page

Legacy software is listed at the bottom of the page.

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